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User Manual
Important Safety Information
The InStyler® Rotating Iron has been carefully engineered for both effectiveness and safety. However, basic safety precautions should always be
followed when using any product, especially when children are present.
DANGER - As with most electrical appliances, electric parts are
electrically live even when the switch is off.
To reduce the risk of electric shock:
ALWAYS unplug it immediately after using.
DO NOT use while bathing or showering.
DO NOT place or store InStyler® Rotating Iron where it can fall or be
pulled into a tub, toilet or sink or any other water.
DO NOT use InStyler® Rotating Iron near water.
DO NOT place in or drop into water or other liquid.
If InStyler® Rotating Iron falls into water, DO NOT REACH INTO THE
WATER. Unplug it immediately.
Use InStyler® Rotating Iron only for its intended use as described in this
manual. Do not use attachments not recommended by the manufacturer.
Never operate the InStyler® Rotating Iron if it has a damaged cord or
plug, if it is not working properly, if it has been dropped or damaged
or if it has been dropped into water. If the power supply cord or plug is
damaged, the InStyler ® Rotating Iron must be replaced by the manu
facturer or it’s service agent in order to avoid a hazard.
Keep this product and the cord away from water and heated sur-
faces. Do not wrap the cord around the InStyler® Rotating Iron.
This product has moving parts. Please keep children and pets away
from this product when in use or when unattended.
The InStyler® Rotating Iron should never be left u n a t te nde d w he n
plugged in.
Never use while sleeping.
Never drop or insert any object into any opening or hole.
Do not operate outdoors or where aerosol (spray) products are being
used or where oxygen is being administered.
Do not use an extension cord with the InStyler® Rotating Iron.
10. The InStyler ® barrel and unit bottom may be hot during use. Do not
allow eyes or skin to touch the heated surfaces.
11. Do not place InStyler ® on any unprotected surface while it is operat
i n g or co o l i n g d o w n a f t e r u s e , e x c e p t f o r the I nSt y le r ®
car r i er /mat provided.
12. Do not operate with a voltage converter.
13. This product is designed for hair styling. Do not use for any other
14. This product is a personal care device and is not intended for commercial use.
15. Do not use this product if any parts become damaged. Inspect the
InStyler® product prior to beginning hair styling to ensure all parts are
secure in their place.
16. Do not subject this product to excessive force or shock that may result
in malfunction, shorter life span or distorted parts.
17. Do not tamper with this product’s components. Doing so may cause
unnecessary damage. This product contains no user-serviceable
18. Do not use liquid cleaners, aerosol cleaners, or any cleaner containing alcohol, detergent, abrasive or corrosive materials.
19. The InStyler® Rotating Iron should be used only on clean and dry hair.
The InStyler® should never be used with any type of
synthetic hair extension. If you do have extensions and wish to use the
InStyler®, make sure they are real human hair extensions. If your extensions
are sewn in, you can use your InStyler® up to the scalp. If your extensions
are glued in, make sure you start with your InStyler® below the glue.
The InStyler® Rotating Iron is for household use only. The InStyler® Rotating
Iron has a polarised plug (one blade is wider than the other). As a safety
feature, this plug will fit in a polarised outlet only one way. If the plug
does not fully fit in the outlet, reverse the plug. If it still does not fit, contact
a qualified electrician. Do not attempt to defeat this safety measure.
InStyler® Features
On/Off Button
Professional Swivel Cord
LED indicators for temperature and rotation settings
Hot Rotating Barrel (90 to 140 RPM)
Matching heated brush for fast, even heat distribution
Auto shut off – The InStyler® Rotating Iron will automatically shut off
after 45 minutes of inactivity.
3 Temperature Settings
3 Bars, 196 ˚C
For thick, coarse hair
2 Bars, 157 ˚C
For thin to medium-textured hair
1 Bar, 140 ˚C
For fine, thin hair
No Bar
Voltage: 220 Vac/50Hz
Power: 45 W
InStyler® Rotating Iron
Easy Start-Up
Plug the InStyler® into an electrical outlet.
Push once for high heat (3 Bars, 196˚C) for thick, coarse hair.
Push a second time for medium heat (2 Bars, 157˚C) for thin to
medium textured hair.
Push a third time for low heat (1 Bar, 140˚C) for thin, fine hair.
Push a fourth time to turn the InStyler ® Rotating Iron off (LED will
turn off – NO bars)
The LED bars will flash while reaching heat; once the temperature
is reached the LED will stay lit.
InStyler® Introduction and
Getting Started
You’ve just chosen the most versatile hair
styling product you have ever used. Whether you are looking for a sleek,
straightened style, a glamorous curled look, or anything in between, the
InStyler® is the one tool you need for dynamic and fabulous looks every
day of the year!
Getting Started...
“Go Slowly!”
U Become familiar with how the InStyler® works with your hair. Your instinct
will be to glide the InStyler® through hair quickly, but you will get much
better results by going slowly. Even though you’re moving the unit slower,
you will still get results faster than using a curling iron or a flat iron. The
unique rotating barrel does so much of the work for you.
UÊExperiment with it and be creative. You will quickly see what this innovative tool can do. The styling tips on the following pages will help
give you some ideas of what is possible. You will become more efficient
at styling your hair each time you use your InStyler®.
NOTE: It is recommended that you use your InStyler ® with the included
Thermal Shield, to help prevent burns while you are getting used to this
unique new hot styling tool.
To attach, snap the Thermal Shield onto the side of the unit directly under
the ring below the barrel.
Rotate the Thermal Shield until tabs are seated in the indentations on the
body of the InStyler®, and the Thermal Shield is facing out.
Once it is snapped in place, you can use your InStyler ® as you normally
To remove the Thermal Shield, firmly grab the Thermal Shield, making
sure the barrel of the unit is cool. Twist to unseat it and pull to remove.
Allow the InStyler® to cool before storing.It’s that simple!
NOTE: It is important to keep your InStyler® clean, as hair product build-up
can accumulate on the barrel and bristles. With the unit unplugged, wipe
the outside surface only with a lightly damp cloth. Bristles can be lightly
scrubbed if necessary. Make sure the InStyler® is completely dry before
plugging into any power source. Please see page 20 of this manual for
more detailed instructions on cleaning.
Hair Types
The way you use your InStyler ® depends on what type of hair you have.
You’ll get the most out of your InStyler® if you use the techniques best suited
to your hair type.
The three main types of hair are:
Fine - Set the InStyler® at Low to Medium heat setting. With fine hair,
you should only need 1 to 2 passes with the InStyler® to achieve your
desired results.
Medium or Normal - Set your InStyler ® to the Medium to High heat
setting. You should only need 1 to 2 passes with the I n S t y l e r ® to
achieve your desired results.
Thick or Coarse - Set your InStyler® at the highest heat setting and style
as desired. With coarse hair, 2 to 3 passes with the InStyler® should
be enough to set your style. Don’t rush! Remember to Take your time
and move slowly through the hair.
NOTE: For colour treated hair, we also recommend a lightweight shampoo
and a light leave-in conditioner.
Volumising products can be used to hold the style.
To hold your style, end with a professional light finishing spray.
Although the InStyler ® uses less heat than other hair appliances, we
recommend using thermal protectant products before use.
The Basics - Preparation For All Hair Types
Before using your InStyler®, you should always start with clean and dry
Your hair should also be detangled first with a brush, and all sections
should be combed out for optimal results and shine.
Sections of hair to be styled should be no wider than the length of the
InStyler® barrel. We recommend starting with 1 to 3 inch sections at
a time for whichever style you want to achieve.
Style your under layers of hair first. After under layers are completed, style your top layers.
You may use any salon quality styling product with your InStyler®,
however we do not recommend the use of any oil-based products
with your InStyler®.
For better hold, you can use your favorite light styling spray on each
section of hair before using your InStyler®.
Go Slowly! The most important lesson is to glide the InStyler® slowly.
Don’t worry if you see “steam” coming off your hair when you use
your InStyler®. This is not damaging your hair, it is simply excess product that is evaporating from the hair shaft.
Sectioning Hair
To achieve the style you want with your InStyler®, it is important to know
how to properly section the hair you want to style.
With longer hair, clip up your top layers of hair first, and begin by
sectioning and styling your under layers of hair.
For best results, do not use fingers to gather a section of hair. You
can gather a much “cleaner” section with a sectioning comb.
Start with 1 to 3 inch sections working around each side of the head
to the nape of the neck.
When styling hair, grip the InStyler ® firmly but not too tightly. Let hair
glide through it. Let the InStyler® do the work.
InStyler® Techniques
For even more styles and techniques, please see the InStyler® Look Book.
1. Three Levels of Volume
Depending on what style you want to achieve, there are different ways to
gather a section of hair.
Use a horizontal section of hair for general straightening and soft curls.
For extra body and volume, use a vertical section of hair.
For even more body and volume, use a “square” section of hair. Use a
sectioning comb to make a square shaped section of hair.
2. Straighten
To straighten hair using the InStyler®:
Section your hair using a sectioning comb.
Position the InStyler® so the rotating barrel side is next to your scalp as
illustrated in the picture.
Gently close the InStyler® on your section of hair starting at the roots, and
let the InStyler® slowly glide straight down through the ends of your hair.
TIP: To straighten at the root, simply glide just the hot barrel over the root
area (see illustration). Do not close the unit. Be cautious to avoid burning your scalp.
3. Soft Curl
For soft curls using the InStyler®:
For the curling technique, you may find it easier to remove the Thermal Guard while keeping in mind to be cautious and avoid burning
your face or scalp. (See page 7 for Thermal Guard removal instructions.)
Being careful to not burn your fingers, wrap a section of hair around
the barrel of your InStyler® from root to ends, with the barrel side fac
ing your scalp (see illustration).
Gently close the InStyler® onto your section of hair. Rotate your wrist
slightly to ensure the ends of your hair are included.
Let the InStyler ® rotate for 5 to 10 seconds on each section of hair,
then gently open the unit letting hair fall from the barrel.
For tighter, more defined curls, you can let your InStyler® rotate for a
few seconds longer than 5 to 10 seconds. Let hair cool completely
before running fingers through it to separate.
4. Curl Under
For Flip Under style using the InStyler®:
Gently close the hair section in the InStyler ® with the barrel side- to
wards the face.
Slowly glide the InStyler® down through the hair section from the roots
to the ends (see illustration).
Near to the ends of the hair section, rotate your wrist so the InStyler®
brush turns in towards your face. Allow the barrel to rotate 3 to 5
seconds in place on your ends before releasing the hair.
5. Flick Out
For a Flick Out Style using the InStyler®:
Gently close the InStyler ® on your hair section with the barrel on the
“outside” of your hair section. Glide the InStyler® down slowly through
your hair from roots to the ends.
Near the ends of your hair section, rotate your wrist so the InStyler®
brush turns out away from your face. Allow the barrel to rotate for
3 to 5 seconds in place on your ends before releasing your hair
(see illustration).
The more you rotate your wrist, the more tension you put on the barrel
of the unit creating a more dramatic flick. For extra coarse or thick
hair, it may take up to 3 passes to achieve your desired results.
6. Advanced
To create extra body and volume using your InStyler®:
With the InStyler ® barrel facing towards the back of the head, close
the InStyler ® on your section of hair, and draw the InStyler ® in the- op
posite direction you want your hair to lay. In other words, on the
crown of your head, grab a section of hair with the InStyler® and push
the unit forward towards your forehead.
To boost the volume on the sides and back of the head, gather a section of hair and push the InStyler® upwards towards the crown of your
head. Draw the InStyler® through the ends of your hair section. This
technique gives extra body in the root area making hair look fuller.
This technique can be used anywhere you need extra body, volume
or height.
For a height boost at the fringe , wrap your fringe with the barrel to wards your scalp and let the InStyler® rotate for a few seconds directly
over the root. Open the unit and let your fringe gently fall from the
barrel (see illustrations below).
NOTE: For maximum body and volume, lightly spritz each section
with one pump of your favorite light styling spray in a single, sweeping motion from root to end approximately 8 to 10 inches away
before using the InStyler®
7. Volume Boost
To give your hair even more dramatic volume and boost, you can try a
technique called “On Base Styling.”
To begin, wrap a section of hair around the barrel down to the root.
Place the InStyler® barrel directly over the root and close the unit and
let the barrel rotate for a few seconds (see illustration).
Open the InStyler® and let the hair fall from the barrel (see illustration). Do not loosen newly styled sections with fingers or comb until
the hair is completely cool to the touch. This technique can be used
anywhere you want an extra volume boost.
Frequently Asked
How do I use the InStyler® as compared to my flat iron?
A: The technique is similar in that you put your hair into the InStyler®, you
close the product on your hair, and then slowly move down the length of
your hair. That is where the similarities end!! The rotating heated polishing
barrel and bristles will do most of the work for you. Plus, you’ll find that
you can do much, much more with your InStyler ® than you could ever do
with your flat iron.
My hair is coming out frizzy when I use my InStyler®. What am I doing
A: Go Slowly. It helps to completely dry, comb and detangle your hair
as well as possible. Position the InStyler® so that the barrel rotates with the
direction of your hair. Also, keep in mind to put as little tension as possible
on the barrel. This will help keep frizz to a minimum.
My InStyler® doesn’t seem to be working on my hair. What am I doing
A: It is very important to go slowly when styling with your InStyler®. You
will find that your styles are more likely to be achieved when you work
slowly and not pull your InStyler® through your hair quickly.
Does the InStyler® work on natural African American hair?
A: Absolutely. You will get best results if your hair is combed and detangled first. The InStyler® is a great tool for Afro Carribean Hair because
it will not leave crease marks like flat irons, and the polishing barrel and
bristles will leave the hair looking shiny and beautiful. The InStyler® is safe
for any type of hair when used properly.
Should I dry my hair first before using the InStyler®?
A: It is recommended that you do dry your hair completely before using your
InStyler®. The style will hold better and longer if you start with fully dried hair.
Damp hair will take longer to style, and will not hold a style as well as dry hair.
Can I use styling product before or after I use my InStyler®?
A: You can use any salon quality product with your InStyler®, although we
do not recommend using any oil-based products on your hair beforehand.
A professional thermal lotion can be applied to the hair before you style,
and any professional firm-up or styling spray can be applied prior to styling and after to hold a style.
The I n S t y l e r ® doesn’t seem to be working on my ends. Am I doing
something wrong?
A: If your ends are not styling, you can let the InStyler ® linger a little bit
longer on the ends to hold the style. The ends of the hair are the dryest
part of the hair, and are a bit harder to style for some. It helps to use a
good conditioner, especially on the ends to help infuse moisture. Also
make sure you don’t have split ends, as they will come out looking frizzy.
I see smoke coming from my hair! Is it burning my hair?
A: No! The InStyler ® is not burning your hair. What you are seeing is
steam that is evaporating from your hair. This is just built up conditioner
or product and is completely safe and normal.
Can I use my InStyler® with real human hair extensions?
A: Yes. Make sure you start with your InStyler® below where the extension
is attached to your natural hair. Do not pull the InStyler® through with any
pressure, as you may pull out your extensions if not careful. Never use
your InStyler® with any synthetic hair extensions.
Frequently Asked Product
and Troubleshooting
What is the InStyler®?
The InStyler® is a new hair styling tool that straightens, polishes and styles
hair by means of a rotating heated barrel and brush bristles. This totally
new design polishes the hair strands individually, and allows the user
to get amazing results that are much better than those they would have
gotten using a flat iron, curling iron, or hot tool. The new design delivers
great results without an extreme amount of heat or heavy styling products.
How is the InStyler® different than my flat iron?
Simple: A flat iron compresses, mashes, and then literally bakes your
hair between two extremely hot plates. By pressing and ironing your hair
strands together, a flat iron makes your hair about as full and bouncy as
a sheet of paper. The InStyler’s rotating heated polishing barrel gives your
hair the heat it needs to help style and straighten – and because the barrel
is constantly moving, it won’t “press and bake” like a traditional flat iron.
The InStyler’s bristles comb and separate your hair, while the rotating motion of the heated barrel literally polishes each hair strand with a smooth
“buffing” action, delivering much more sheen, shine and body. This polishing allows the InStyler® to actually use less heat than a flat iron and get
much better results. Plus, you can actually use the InStyler® as a styling tool
since the curvature of the heated polishing barrel allows you to do flicks,
curls and add volume that you just can’t do with a flat iron.
I need a lot of heat to straighten my hair. Will the InStyler® get hot
We get asked this question a lot, and we’re very proud to say you can
add this one to the old “hair styling myths” column! With the InStyler®, you
don’t need a lot of heat to straighten and style your hair! The InStyler’s
unique design actually allows you to use less heat than you are used to,
and still get better results than you would with a flat iron or other hot tool.
It’s a totally new way of thinking about heat and your hair – you don’t
need the extreme heat to get the results you want. If you decide that you
would like more heat, the InStyler® has three different temperature settings.
Can I use the InStyler® like a curling iron?
Absolutely! Simply by wrapping your hair around the rotating heated
polishing barrel, and closing the InStyler®, you can make great curls!
The heated polishing barrel rotates. Can my hair get tangled?
No. The surface of the rotating heated polishing barrel is totally smooth,
so your hair will not get tangled.
What is the barrel diameter?
The barrels diameter is 32mm.
What are the bristles made of?
The bristles are heat resistant nylon.
What is the power of the InStyler®?
The InStyler® is 220 Vac, 50 Hertz and 145 Watts.
How do I turn the InStyler® on?
Check to make sure your InStyler® is plugged in. Press the Power button.
The LED bars should light and begin flashing. Once the LED stops flashing
the InStyler® is ready to go. You must close the handle to begin the rotation.
How do I get my InStyler® to rotate?
You must close the handle to start the rotation. The rotation will start automatically.
What if my InStyler® does not heat?
Check to make sure your InStyler ® is plugged in. Press the Power button.
The LED bars should light and start flashing. When the LED stops flashing
the InStyler® will be at the set temperature and ready to use.
When I use my InStyler®, why does the temperature LED start to flash?
It is normal for the heat to fluctuate during use. As long as the InStyler® has
been allowed to reach full heat (steady LED) after powering on, you can
continue to use your InStyler® while it is flashing.
How do I clean my InStyler®?
When cleaning your InStyler®, disconnect it from the power source and
make sure it has completely cooled. Wipe the outside surface only with
a soft damp cloth. Be sure to wring out all excess water before applying
it to the InStyler®. Clean more severe dirt by using a soft, damp cloth with a
mild soap. Bristles can be lightly scrubbed if necessary with a damp cloth
to remove any built up product and any residual hair left in the bristles
should be removed. The barrel can be wiped down with a soft, damp
cloth. Use a mild soap if necessary. Make sure the InStyler® is completely
dry before plugging into any power source.
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