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Ins tauratioD® Majority Renegade of the Year
(see back cover)
In keeping with Instauration's policy of ano­
nymity, most communicants will be identified
by the first three digits of their zip code.
o Is it really insignificant that the Vietnam
Memorial was paid for, lock, stock and barrel
by private donations and that the Holocaust
Memorial in Washington is being constructed
on land donated by the federal government?
o Congress has made Israel's financial obli­
gations to this country a farce, partly by forgiv­
ing a huge chunk of it, partly by guaranteeing
aid payments to Israel be equal to the amount
of Israel's debt service to the U.S., which itself
has been put on concessionary (below-the­
market interest rate) terms. This latest twist,
the handiwork of Senator Alan Cranston, more
or less guarantees that Israel will always be
able to Umeet the mortgage. H
o I resubmit my nomination of our pusillani­
mous Prez for Renegade of the Year, Decade,
o Ms. Anita Hill belongs to a category of
feminists known as Hbubble-headed ditzes. H
Some people are prejudiced against the preju­
diced and intolerant of the intolerant. They
hate the haters and discriminate agai nst the dis­
criminators. Thafs what makes them bubble­
headed di tzes.
o I am now trying to fix up Anita Hill with
Mike Tyson and/or William Kennedy Smith.
o Instaurationists treat the Russkies all too
nicely. They are an unhappy, unhandsome,
downright lazy lot who excel in suffering and
causing suffering. Without Nordic creativity
and manners to ape, these cruel and over­
emotional ubuffer people" would soon lapse
into their natural barbarism. uSlav" and HslaveH
I nstau ration
is published 12 times a year by
Howard Allen Enterprises, Inc.
Box 76, Cape Canaveral, FL 32920
Annual Subscription
$30 (third class)
$39 (first class)
$40 Canada
$44 foreign (surface)
$56 foreign (air)
Single copy price $3, plus $1 postage
Wilmot Robertson, editor
Make checks payable to Howard Allen.
Florida residents, please add 6% sales tax.
Third-class mail is not forwarded. Advise change of address well in advance. Cl1992 Howard Allen Enterprises, Inc. PAGE 2-INSTAURATION-JANUARY 1992
are mutual derivatives. For every Solzhenitsyn
the Russians boast, they belch out a hundred
mole-mottled monsters. I'd take a true Mediter­
ranean any day over a Muscovite. How can
they always be starving while displaying such
Canadian subscriber
o Our favorite magazine should ask its Loui­
siana correspondent to check David Duke's
birth certificate. The media seem to think his
parents named their offspring, "Former Klan
leader and neo-Nazi David." Thafs one helluva
first name.
o Most Instauration readers are well aware
of the poor leadership provided by Southern
politicians during the Civil Rights revolution.
Politicos like Orval Faubus of Arkansas have
admitted that they never intended meaningful
opposition to integration. We can now add the
name of onetime Governor John Patterson of
Alabama to the list of betrayers. It turns out
that Southern leaders did not really fail after
all. They accomplished the only two things they
set out to do: provide some meaningless delay
and hang on to their jobs.
o Democrats would be smart to bankroll Da­
vid Duke as an independent candidate for the
White House. Like George Wallace in 1968, he
could play the spoiler (Wallace's vote in New
Jersey gave the state to Nixon). Duke could
draw votes from Bush in the South and, in a
close race, in the Midwest. Bush should have
helped Duke win the Louisiana governor's race
in exchange for Duke's taking a pass on 1992.
o It seemed deja you the other night on the
Larry King show. H. Ross Perot was complain­
ing, HThere are not enough dedicated people in
the U.S. to mount a serious campaign for the
presidency.H I thought for a moment that I was
watching an articulate Instaurationist venting
frustration in the Safety Valve. Unless someone
like Perot stands up for the American people,
we are doomed to go all the way down to the
bottom. [Editor's note: See following letter for
a different opinion of H. Ross Perot.]
o Ifs pretty obvious that ZOGmeisters had
their strategy to defeat Duke carefully planned
and choreographed early on. They knew damn
well that he would be in the runoff. My father
is in the petroleum business and was attending
the Oil Show in Lafayette last October at the
time of the primary. Although most of the rank
and file types told him they would publicly de­
clare for Governor Roemer, but actually vote
for Duke, a bigwig oilman my father has had to
deal with over the years assured him "things
were under control.H Since it would be "busi­
ness as usual,n he told my father that the com­
pany he works for should give the Husual gener­
ous donation" to the Edwards campaign to be
in good standing come the fourth Edwards ad­
ministration. At that early date this petrocrat
was already saying that the Neconomy card"
would be played in the final two weeks of the
Don't expect any political miracles in this
country as long as all it takes to cow the Major­
ity is a threat to take away federal trough jobs
and sporting events! Edwards had Duke in re­
treat simply by having fat cats like H. Ross Per­
ot threatening a South African style mini.
embargo on Louisiana to be carried out by right­
wing capitalists, the same guys who are always
screeching for IIfree trade!" As long as our peo­
ple value sporting events and Federal Reserve
notes more than their own racial survival, there
is little hope for us.
Zip withheld
o In its editorial supporting Bush's delay on
the Israeli $10 billion loan guarantee, the N.Y.
Times referred to the IIcustomary $3 billion
yearly aid," as though it should continue forev­
er. Indeed, it -probably will, although why it
should be IIcustomary" is a topic the Times pre­
ferred to avoid.
o I nominate Bush for Renegade of the Year
for giving attention and stature to an undeserv­
ing man like Clarence Thomas, for bestowing
tacit approval on a miscegenational marriage
and, worst of all, smiling as black Tom gives
white wife a soul kiss in the Rose Garden.
o The great and perpetual moral conflict is
between nomads and nativists. Nomads are
cosmopolitans without allegiance to any collec.
tive good. They seek only to advance their own
private"good. They have been in control of Rus·
sia since Peter the Great. Russia's great cities
and Russian politics are still dominated by no­
mads-Jews, half.Jews, half-Germans and half·
Tartars. Nomads are continually making a nice
calculation: should I stay and exploit the na­
tives or flee with my chattel wealth? Nomads
consider the temper of the natives, how well
they are camouflaged as natives, and whether
opportunities for grazing are better elsewhere.
The Semitic proportion among the nomads in
Russia is now only a bit lower. All this means is
that the control will be less ruthless and com­
petent. The natives will have a chance, only a
CONTENTS American Graffiti (V)...................... 6 Propping Up the Esthetic Prop........ 8 Lenny's IISyndrome" ............... ........ 10 The Case for Racism......................... 12 Book Reviews................................... 1 5 The Battle Is Joined ......................... 16 European Outtakes .......................... 1 7 Cultural Catacombs.......................... 18 Inklings.............................................. 19 Waspishly yours................................ 20 Notes from the Sceptred Isle........... 21 Satcom Sam..................................... 22 Primate Watch................................ 24 Talking Numbers............................. 25 Elsewhere........................................ 26 Stirrings........................................... 27 Majority Renegade of the year....... 28 chance, to regain control. Even assuming a na­
tivist instauration, Russia will need centuries to
heal the physical and spiritual wounds inflicted
by its nomadic ravishers.
In some wars a government may surren­
der, but the population fights on, guerrilla­
style. That seems to be what is happening in Eu­
rope. Most leaders don't dare criticize mass im­
migration, but the populace has other ideas.
o There is nothing as puffed up on this entire
earth as the chest of a conservative when he
finds a Negro he can be proud of. The certainty
that conservative Clarence Thomas was telling
the truth when he denied uttering obscenities
to Anita Hill is appalling. We'd better write this
crowd off for good. I was inclined for a while
to support Thomas-after all, the alleged dirty
talk took place in a typical government cafete.
ria, noisy and crowded. A couple of bureaucrat
friends of mine told me that they have over·
heard Negroes always talking that way at
lunchtime. It is typical Negro behavior and Ne.
gro women take it in stride. So now I tend, but
only tend, to side with Anita. I suppose what
happened is Clarence vented some vulgar stuff
to Anita, though probably not the exact words
she recollected. later on she said, "Clarence,
you offended me." Clarence: "I'm sorry, Anita,
I didn't really mean it." Anita, uOkay, I accept
your apology. No big deal!' That Anita passed
a lie detector test is worth a little, but not very
much. We don't know who paid for the test
and whether, if she had flunked it, the results
would have been made public. I recall that Jack
Ruby passed a lie detector test when he denied
that he shot Oswald. Be that as it may, Clar·
ence was an absolute liar when he denied hav.
ing ever discussed Roe v. Wade.
o Contemplating Magic Johnson, Gary Hart
must ask himself, if he had had the stamina to
bed thousands instead of (probably) dozens,
whether he too could've been a world hero.
o Being a racist today is almost proof that
one is objective. Those over 50, which I am
not, may be racists out of "tradition."
o In his Nov. 6 harangue, while boarding a
plane to go play statesman overseas once
again, Bush stated, "lWlhen someone asserts
that the Holocaust never took place, then I
don't believe that person ever deserves one
iota of public trust ... .lt is inconceivable that
such a person can legitimately aspire to leader.
ship in a leadership role in a free society." So I
gather no Instaurationist better dare run for
public office because he won't be getting
Bush's blessing. Merely thinking a certain way
on a certain issue in Bush of Arabia's mind is
not a matter of philosophical or political differ.
ence. No, such a thought.crime renders a per.
son ineligible for public office! After Bush's
ringing endorsements of Louisiana Democrats
Johnston and Edwards, plus his signing of the
1991 Civil Rights Act, one wonders why he
didn't simply save himself a lot of trouble and
endorse Dukakis in 1988 and not bother to go
through the motions of running for president.
o Remembrance Day in Canada was a me·
dia-sponsored celebration of hate against Ger·
mans and the Third Reich, which alone were
blamed for all the evil doings of 1939-45. Com­
pletely ignored were Germany's allies: Italy, Ja.
pan, Hungary, Romania, Finland, Bulgaria,
Croatia, Slovenia and at least a million young
and idealistic European freedom fighters, fully
half of whom served with great distinction in
the Waffen SS. Nor was there any talk of Ko­
rea, Granada, Afghanistan, Falklands, Cuba, In·
dia, Pakistan, Mideast, Panama, Vietnam, the
Gulf and other such happenings. No sir, only
WWII meant anything, with no shared guilt nor
f npathy, no mention of the 60 million mur­
oered by the noble Stalin and Mao.
Canadian subscriber
o The destiny of humanity should have been
to reach the stars. As we descend into a new
Dark Age, future historians will probably re­
gard the moon landings as mankind's apogee.
o During the Louisiana gubernatorial cam­
paign I've cut out perhaps 30 or 40 of the most
vicious political cartoons smearing Duke. I plan
to go through Der Sturmer at the University of
Texas library and copy the cartoons which
most resemble the anti-Duke ones. Then I'm
going to put the American cartoons side by side
with the German ones. I think the "pictures
will be worth a thousand words" in showing
who really has a monopoly on hate.
o In addition to the Majority Renegade of
the Year award, I propose that Instauration es­
tablish a Majority Activist Hall of Shame. This
way we can police ourselves. Nominees in.
cI ude those among our ranks whose character
flaws, greed, envy, grudges or whatever, lead
them to sell out their fellow activists and conse·
quently all white people. I know we've had
plenty of these in the past, white divisiveness
and individualism being the scourges they are
in our race, but we have to begin somewhere.
So, for starters, may I nominate Tom Metzger
for "coming forward" the day before the Loui­
siana gubernatorial election, and attacking Da­
vid Duke with preposterous allegations. What
an "Ides of November" surprise. NEt tu, Tom."
o Re the young ladies who wrote Instaura.
tion complaining white males are not manly.
They can blame themselves. If the males were
fed better, they would be more virile. NTake the
guts out of a man's food and you take the guts
out of the man."
died in Africa, or that Milwaukee alderman Mi­
chael McGee was also a member of that racist
and terrorist organization.
o I just got laid off again, losing my third job
in less than two years. Anyone who believes
what Bush and his staff of paid liars say about
the economy is mentally ill. Mud people are
everywhere, and the glazed-eyed white cap­
tives of the videodrome keep on shuffling along
to the edge of the precipice.
o The media went into a bizarre frenzy over
a black basketball celebrity disclosing he had
the HIV virus. From hoi polloi to Bush all you
heard was somber, sad nonsense about "the
tragedy." Think of all the renegade bimbos who
boasted of having sex with that Magic fellow.
Overnight the current crop of white bed part.
ners of Negroes will be shunned as disease·
carrying outcasts. Any young white female with
a shred of racial consciousness should now
have no trouble understanding that sex with
Negroes is chancy.
o He may have lost the election, but he
made 'em sit up and take notice! Is there a
paper in the country that didn't carry an edito.
rial on David Dukel
o The millions of welfare dependents in the
U.S. and the billions in aid poured into the bot·
tomless pit of black Africa would seem to indio
cate that Negro deficiencies cannot be correct­
ed with money.
South African subscriber
o It is offensive and insulting to me and
many other Americans to see our presidents,
vice presidents, cabinet heads and congress­
men wearing yarmulkes and kowtowing before
Jewish congregations and banging their heads
against the Wailing Wall-all for the purpose
of cozying up to American Jews, from whom
campaign money is always available, if the reo
cipients vote the right way and are properly
subservient to the dictates of Israel.
o Probably no group in the world is not hat.
ed by another group. But in all history only one
group has been so universally disliked that the
disaffection has been given a generic name:
anti·Semitism. Like a parade where all are out
of step but one, it makes you wonder why.
o There is a profound difference between be·
ing fundamentally opposed to Jewish domina­
tion and being pathologically and violently
anti.Semitic. Instauration has chosen the for­
O In November the Chicago CBS affiliate ran
mer, wiser course.
two stories back to back. One was on "former
Ku Klux Klansman and Nazi.sympathizer" Da·
vid Duke. The other was the announcement ~~ 0 Fordice's campaign in Mississippi was even
that city councilman Bobby Rush would run for
more strident than Duke's. At one point the
the U.S. House of Representatives. Not a word
new Republican governor even called for the
was said about Rush being a former Black Pan­
repeal of the Voting Rights Act. Yet George and
ther. But then, I don't remember anything be.
Barbara had no trouble calling to congratulate
ing said about Representative Mickey Leland
him on his victory.
(D·TX) being a former Black Panther when he
aires of both parties buried him in greenbacks.
Canadian subscriber
South Africa has some things terribly
wrong with it-too many dgarette smokers and
a phone system more worthy of Zaire. But it
will be a sad day for the wildlife, the children,
women and aged, the environment as a whole,
and for the intelligence and organization which
have gone into the making of South Africa, if
the blacks are allowed to further interrupt and
obstruct the evolutionary processes of the one
civilized nation on this continent.
White Tip tourist
o The unrelenting practice of hyphenating
Duke's name with II forme r Nazi and KKK
Grand Wizard" increases my resolve to refer to
the senator from Massachusetts only as Teddy
Chap paken nedy.
o The Jewish.oriented media are busy lIout·
ing" everyone who gave money to Duke. My
local newspaper apparently got my name and
address from the local ADl office who got the
contributors' list from the state·run Campaign
Finance office. looks like future Duke contribu.
tors, if they want to avoid being harassed half
to death, will have to send cash.
o Joseph Harris, the mass murderer of four
people in the Ridgewood (NJ) post office, is
one of 25 illegitimate children of the same
black mother!
o Secretary Baker recently promised the Bal.
tic States $14 million in aid. Not long ago I
read that U.S. aid to Israel in recent decades
has exceeded $77 billion. If you add to that
huge sum the upcoming payment of the annual
$3 billion baksheesh, you get a figure roughly
5,700 times the aid offered to the Baltic States.
I am not the only one who wonders whether
the fate of Israel is 5,700 times more important
to the U.S. than that of the Baltic States. In·
deed, if you judge by money spent per capita, it
would seem that the single most vital interest
of the U.S. is the protection and welfare of Is·
rael. I can recall when the justification for this
was that Israel would defend U.S. interests in
the region. Now the justification is that the Zi­
onist state refrained from doing so!
o My apologies to those who may have been
annoyed with my comment ("rid the genetic
pool"), depending on how they read it, in the
November Safety Valve. The comment, in its
original context, referred not to the best·
looking of our women, but instead to the mis·
cegenators, who (whether pretty or not) consis­
tently represent the least bright, least IIkempt,H
least conscious and least able of our race. Yet
surely we may all agree, a world without angels
would be worse than a world without spring.
o I suspect N.B. Forrest is perpetuating a
false myth in liThe Civil War Didn't End in.
1865" (Nov. 1991). The original KKK did not
utilize cross.lightings. They were first seen in
D.W. Griffith's The Birth of a Nation. The sec·
ond KKK incorporated cross-lightings into their
ceremonies as a result. Also, few know that
among the small group of former Confederate
officers who formed the original KKK was a
Jew, who was the group's treasurer. See Invisi­
ble Empire: The Story of the Ku Klux Klan by
Stanley F. Horn Oohn E. Edwards, 1969).
o Congratulations to Instauration for being
picked out by the Shreveport Times as "the
neo.Nazi pUblication ... II I am honored to know
you. If I had a spare $20, I'd buy you a lunch.
o Is the Tribe's control over production and
distribution of crossword puzzles causing right.
ists to give up the hobby in disgusH Puzzles reo
quire more and more knowledge of Jewish
food, Jewish calendar, Jewish organizations,
Jewish entertainers and stage plays, Jewish
films and their makers as well as Jewish authors
and their works-anything even remotely to do
with Jews and the trendy lib·left. Here are
clues contained in a crossword by Eugene Shef.
fer (who else!) for Oct. 10: Synagogue VIP,
George's brother, IIlf you knew Suzie... " singer,
Bagel topping, _ _B'rith, Marx or Malden.
Answers are: rabbi, Ira (brother of George
Gershwin), cantor, lox, B'nai, Karl. It's just a
matter of time before crosswords are loaded
with such clues as IIMideast terrorists" and
IIGod's Chosen"--clues you better answer
please Take Notice
Going into its 17th year of publica­
tion, Instauration would like to take
this occasion to say thanks to its
friends and supporters who continue
to send in newspaper and magazine
clippings to fatten its files and who
add a little monetary seasoning when
they resubscribe. Though time and
staff limitations make it impossible to
acknowledge every contribution, each
is important to Instauration's survival
and well-being. So again, many thanks!
o Those who lower case IIjew" may have a
point. Since the lower case is increasingly used
in reference to other racial groupings-black,
slav, white, mongol and oriental-why not
jew? After all, the term does not properly de.
note nationality as does IIlsraeli" or IIAmer;.
can." Also, it must refer to race since the Unit.
ed Nations and most others agree that the
expansionist enclave of Jews or jews in Pales.
tine is a IIracist society."
Canadian subscriber
o The land of Ifs and Buts is a sad land. If but
a tenth of David Duke sympathizers­
worldwide-had bothered to send him just a
few paltry bucks (let's say $10 times 10 mil.
lion), he would be governor of louisiana, and
Edwards would be back at the Vegas crap tao
bles. Money wins elections these days. Million.
truly believe that the seeds are being
sown for another War of Secession. If Duke
can survive federal trickery and venomous TV
and news media spittle, we will be on our way
to beneficial change. Should a few states in the
South join forces with Duke, they might well
emulate the breakup taking place in the Soviet
'-0 The desire not to lose control of one's
country and have it taken over by immigrant
aliens is not abnormal. It is galling to find posi.
tions of power and prestige in politics, in busi·
ness and in the media in the control of aliens.
The native inhabitants for the most part have
become servants in the strangers' homes or
workers in their factories. The restrictive laws
in Czarist Russia and Poland against Jews were
not based on mere prejudice. They were enact·
ed after Jews had acquired excessive control of
land, the economy and commerce. I recall
reading a book printed before WWI where an
American had pointed out to a Russian official
the lIunfairness" of subjecting the Jews to legal
restrictions. The Russian official's answer was
that the American simply did not know the
Jewish character and that without these restric.
tions Jews would gain inordinate power and
control. Since this had not yet happened by
1916, these warnings were treated with ridi.
o The definition of heroism has changed. It
used to be that VD was something shameful.
Now, trumpet it to the world-just before the
news would have come out anyway. Presto,
you're a hero!
o The idea that Jews favor Israel over other
countries of which they are citizens is regarded
as vile anti·Semitism. But what about Robert
Maxwell, IIBritish" enough to have been an
M.P.? Before his corpse was hardly cold, he
was buried in Israel with unusual state honors.
Francis Parker Yockey's Imperium, written
in 1948, describes the coming state of Europe
IIwhose home·soil is co.terminous with the
boundaries of the West: Scandinavia, England,
France, Germany, Italy, Spain." This authoritar.
ian state, the llfinal Western State.form" will
demolish capitalism and bring back heroism
and honor. After reading this, I was struck with
the feeling that our vital task must be to keep
America out of a war with this new, united Eu·
rope, a war our race's enemies will foment.
- 0 How can we instill sexual morality in our
children when the only opprobrium attached to
compulsive copUlation is to blame "society" for
not having made it risk-freel
o In Duke's defeat, one can once again dis­
cern the fine hand of Sen. Phil Gramm (R.TX),
he of the Asian wife and IIconservative" philos­
ophy. Gramm engineered the Roemer party
switch last spring, as well as the defeat of the
liberal populist and Jesse Jackson endorser,
pride was his own daughter Svetlana's first hus­
Texas Agriculture Commissioner Jim Hightow­
band, a Jew named Kaplan," appears to be erro­
er. As with Duke, the Gramm strategy to defeat
neous, according to the following list in a book
about Svetlana: (1) Alexei Kapler, Svetlana's
Hightower was to grossly outspend him on
highly defamatory 1V pitches. It worked and
first love; (2) Tasya Slatogorova, Kapler's first
wife; (3) Tokaraskya, Kapler's second wife; (4)
Hightower, considered a front-runner, was nar­
Julia Drunina, Kapler's third wife; (5) Grigori
rowly defeated by a little.known pretty boy Re­
publican named Rick Perry, who had hil'rBelf
Morozov, Svetlana's first husband.
recently switched a la Roemer from the Demo­
British subscriber
cratic Party to the Republican. Gramm is defi­ nitely looking forward to having an Oriental --- [j-What of the 45% of Louisiana's white vot­
ers who did not vote for Duket Well, they were
first lady in the White House by 19971
anxious to get back to their 1V sets with a fresh
can of sugar water, happy that the devil had
o A few decades in the future, as they strug­ been beaten, and glad that everyone would
gle to master Japanese or Spanish, American
know they were goody-goody citizens.
blacks and Jews will be sorry they don't have
us to kick around anymore.
o In a recent debate the leaders of all seven
parties in Sweden's Parliament gave their opin­
---c:f Since race is a root cause of so many of
ions on the causes of the anti-immigrant vio­
lence sweeping Western Europe. A left-wing
America's problel'rB, the lack of commentary
on the part race has played in perpetuating the
party called for criminal penalties for anti­
national debt is surprising. When white liberal
immigrant opinions, and despite a recent histor­
ic turn to the right in Sweden, all condemned
politicians were giddy about the so-called
peace dividend a couple of years ago, not one
these attitudes as irrational and inexplicable.
black politician was standing in line for his
Prime Minister Carl Bildt called for redoubled
share. Normally, they are not shy about de­
efforts to indoctrinate children from their first
manding handouts, but military cutbacks would
day of school.
Kansan on Grand Tour
hit them where it hurts. Fewer troops mean
fewer Negro soldiers and sailors. It also means
fewer black civilians needed to staff all the civil
o As a general principle I have less than no
interest in Tom Clancy and his works. But since
service positions that spring up around military
bases, home ports and air stations. And, if the
I haven't been living on Pluto, I'm well aware
of his great popularity and the Cold War pot­
government ever got serious about balancing
the budget and cutting back on domestic
boilers that are his speciality. With the Cold
War's end, I found myself wondering what he
spending, that would also mean no more make­
work projects for black bureaucrats.
would now do for a living. Clancy's latest tome,
The Sum of All Parts, allays this wonderment.
Apparently it has a plot centered in ""the Middle
o The statement in Instauration Ouly 1991, East" and on the book's cover is a picture of an
p. 30), "Perhaps the biggest blow to Stalin's
Israeli jet. Out of malignant curiosity, I asked
an acquaintance who had read the book about
the story line, which has to do with a group of
""terrorists." Just who, I inquired, made up this
group of terroristst ""Arabs and Germans" was
my friend's thoroughly unsurprising reply.
Right then and there I realized that Tom Clan­
cy's mama didn't raise no fool!
o Magic johnson's real problem was that he
wasn't content to be the all-time NBA assist
leader. He had to be the all-time scoring
champ too. Obviously, he makes a great AI DS
poster boy. I suspect, as Negroes go (and, boy,
don't we wish they would go!), he was not.a
bad chap. But the way the media are lionizing
him, you would have thought he had found the
cure for AIDS. The reality is that he just rolled
dem bones too many times, and the odds
caught up with him.
o The other day I passed a group of black
teenagers who were waiting around at a down­
town bus stop (a rather common American ur­
ban experience). One girl caught my attention.
Something was different about her-her eyes!
She was most obviously half-Negro and half­
Oriental. Even in an era when the streets of
America are gradually filling up with what
seems to be every conceivable racial and eth­
nic type and combination thereof, to see this
particular racial mixture is still a startling-and
depressing-experience. Since America and Eu­
rope are now almost wholly subservient to dan­
gerous and false doctrines of racial egalitarian­
ism, which ultimately seek to promote wide­
spread and irreversible racial mixture, I found
myself silently making one demand on these
Apostles of Racial Destruction, ""Let them look
at that girl!"
Boy, Do They Learn Fast!
The latest Toyota
coupe is obviously
aimed at a certain
upscale, upmarket
population group.
The Japs did not
make clear if the
hot new import
comes with a six, a
sixty-six or a
Six Million cylinder
American Graffiti (V) The Destiny of Youth
There was an interesting and sadly amusing story in a
recent issue of The Monitor, a newsletter put out by an At­
lanta-based antiwhite hate outfit called the Center for Dem­
ocratic Renewal. (Chairman of the Board of this group is an
elderly Negro preacher; Executive Director is one Daniel
Levitas; Director of Research, Leonard Zeskind. Anyone
care to venture a guess as to who makes the big decisions?
The title of the article, "My Children Are Racists," de­
tails how the author, a Nancy Flanigan, felt as if she "had
been kicked in the stomach and was going to vomit" when
she discovered "hate literature" among the personal be­
longings of her bright and well-adjusted teenage sons. The
boys, she reports, had been turned away from Catholicism
to the race-centered Identity rei igion.
Mrs. Flanigan defenSively explains that she had never
raised her children to be like that. A school teacher in Ma­
laysia while in the Peace Corps, in the 1960s, she had been
a fervent peacenik in Pittsburgh, where she had met her
husband, a poli-sci teacher active in numerous equalitarian
groups, including the National Conference of Christians
and Jews.
Being an aware child of the 60s and knowing that the
tree grows as the twigs are bent, she sent her "healthy and
wonderful sons" off to "an innovative preschool which nur­
tured the whole child, and which provided an environment
that was raCially, ethnically and SOCially mixed."
Despite all this brainwashing, the kids had upped and
joined a racist religion and were reading all that hate litera­
ture. No wonder mother was "unspeakably sad and could
not stop crying."
Well, Mrs. Flanigan, I might suggest you calm down
and think things over a bit. After all, you're not the first par­
ent whose kids didn't turn out according to parental master
plans. Consider those "straight" parents of the 60s, who
watched their own pride and joys rioting, taking dope, mix­
ing races and doing other things that don't come natural to
old folks.
Yes, I know, it was all so chicly radical, so hip; so much
fun to change the world. Some parents of that era thought
their kids had adually become raging revolutionaries.
Well, not to worry; they hadn't. "Radical" means "root./I
Those kids never went to the root of anything, except per­
haps to discover better living through chemistry. Far from
being radical, Ma Flanigan's generation of world-savers
were merely the shock troops of the New World Order of
Money Rule, where race, culture, spirit and soul are worth
nothing-where the passport to happiness is having fun,
doing one's thing, and owning a stash of clever consumer
goods. Remember that shocking 60s "radical" Jerry Rubin,
whose mouth foamed with outrageous sou nd bites? RePAGE 6-1 NSTAlIRATION-JANUARY 1992
member how he later became a stockbroker and entrepren­
eur? What a revolutionary! Mrs. Flanigan's sons are true
radicals, for they have gone to the heart of the matter,
where a genuine, revolutionary change has taken place.
Race and cultural consciousness is the only answer to that
spiritual hunger created by the enormous vacuity of the
New World Order of Money, MTV and do-good ventures
in imperialism like the Peace Corps.
You say, Mrs. Flanigan, that you "want to be the vessel
for restoring them to goodness." I would suggest you forget
such schemes and be proud of your boys. In terms of the
21 st century, they already are "good." They have fought
their way to sanity and health in a world gone nuts. You'd
serve yourself and your family best by ceasing to live in the
past and taking pride in having given birth to the Future.
The children of the "children of the 60s" will turn their
backs on the desolation of what has gone before and build
a strong new world that will guarantee that our Kind-the
world's most endangered species-will survive and flourish
light-years into the future.
On Identity
Because I think it puerile and presumptuous that type­
writer jockeys and armchair generals should criticize from
on high those who are out front and fighting the Whiteside
wars, I generally try to refrain from censuring either the be­
havior or the beliefs of the activists. This is, after all, an age
of action and polities, not of contemplation. Admittedly,
some adherents of the Identity religious movement are cer­
tainly doers, reaching youth, visiting prisoners and making
themselves visible wherever possible. On the other hand­
and here I wi II shelve my reluctance to criticize-it would
be an error and a problem if Identity adivists insisted upon
pushing their peculiar beliefs on others who are in accord
with racial politics, but prefer to pass on religion.
For ultimate victory we need to be smarter than our en­
emies. Unfortunately, when you come right down to it,
Identity, as religions go, is as rough-hewn as they come.
Perhaps this very lack of refinement is a reflection of the
American psyche. The roots of Identity lie in Low Church
English eccentricism of the last century, when it was theor­
ized that the people of Britain (and, presumably, most other
northern European nations) were descended from the "lost
tribes" of Israel! In other words, that we are the biblical
Jews(!), that very unpleasant tribe whose countless foul and
non-Aryan deeds fill the pages of the Old Testament. It
may even be that the British Israelites, as the 19th-century
disciples of this credo were called, trace their theology to
the great poet, painter and mystic, William Blake. In his
poem from the preface to Milton, untitled but usually
called Jerusalem, he writes:
And did the Countenance Divine/ Shine forth upon our
clouded hills?/ And was Jerusalem builded here/ Among
these dark Satanic Mills?
Joseph Smith founded the uniquely American creed of
Mormonism after a visit from an angel with the ironic name
of Moroni, who claimed to be a member of an American
tribe called Nephites, who in turn claimed descent from an­
cient inhabitants of Jerusalem.
Some of the items from the Holy Book are unseemly to
northern Europeans: the patriarchs Abraham and Isaac both
passed off their wives as their sisters, thus setting the tone
for millennia of Jewish dissimulation. David, a Jewish short
person, abandoned the Nordic tradition of single combat.
Instead he chose to defeat the "giant" Goliath by slinging
stones from a distance. Then there's the nasty business of
Joshua employing a whore as a spy in order to take Jericho.
I omit many other seamy items unlikely to be found in the
Icelandic sagas.
I'll pass on Identity. However, one can understand its
appeal to the masses. It permits worship in the faith of our
fathers without feeling guilty about the jews, since, after all,
we are the Jews, or Israelites, and the Jews who dispute
these claims are all Khazarian imposters.
Duke and Kipling: Immaturity on the Whiteside
[A]/though I am far from expert in the politics of the Pel­
ican State, I have to wonder why Duke chose to run for a
statewide office, rather than for Congress from his own fair­
ly safe district. Or better, for president in 1992. Can he real­
ly expect to make a significant improvement in the 44%
total vote he pulled in his [1990 Senate] race, now that he
has completely lost the surprise element and now that his
antagonists have their heavy artillery in place?" (/nstaura­
tion, July 1991).
I commit the gaucherie of quoting myself, not to broad­
cast my prescience, but rather to point out that, although
the above was technically correct, I had actually miscalcu­
lated on one important factor, that of national attention.
Duke may have lost in his two tries for statewide office, but
his name and message are now known throughout the
land. A critic of Duke, one Tertium Quid, used these pages
(April 1990) to plead with Duke to forego politics in favor
of becoming a "symbol." Quid's wish has come true; Duke
is now a national symbol of white resistance, but he could
not have become that without first diving into the murky
waters of pol itics.
Although Duke was defeated by that powerful old alli­
ance of pro-minority liberalism, Jewish self-interest and the
Money Power, the cracks in the crazy structure are now so
wide that even the blind can see that the edifice is crum­
bling almost everywhere.
This is being written shortly after the November elec­
tion, so by the time it appears, in January, Duke may be
gearing up or at least thinking about taking some action­
most likely in the presidential primaries-against George
Bush, who traded in his Thousand Points of Light for a
Thousand Insults and Smites in his anti-Duke commentary.
These primaries, if Duke enters them, will be the first
time in the U.S. that a well-known candidate representing
the Future will contend a presidential election against one
who embodies the dead Past. And whi Ie Duke is not likely
to win anywhere, he may garner enough delegates in those
states that grant proportional representation to make his
presence felt at this summer's Republican Convention.
In any case, Duke is now the focus of powerful histori­
cal forces that must of necessity lift him from the state are­
na into the national one. Nor does it really much matter
whether Duke personally is a saint or a sinner. Politics in
the broad cultural sense goes beyond petty personal morali­
ties. History forgives the transgressions of those in its ser­
vice, as the tasks, the hardships and the dangers they are
obliged to endure is chastisement enough.
That pol itics is not small-scale moral ity is a fact that
some on the Whiteside seem not to be able to grasp. If a
white resistance leader covets his neighbor's wife or uses
organizational money for personal expenses, is this suffi­
cient to invalidate his political message? (There is no rea­
son why party funds should not be used to defray living ex­
penses-because without them few candidates can afford
to devote full-time to party activities.)
This is war, in which the enemy will say and do any­
thing in order to prevail. In such conflicts, political or oth­
erwise, there really are no rules, except perhaps the dictum
of Hobbes that "in war, force and fraud are the two cardi­
nal virtues."
If Kipling was correct that "single men in barracks don't
grow into plaster saints," that is equally true of those whom
History has-at this juncture-selected as the point men in
the fight for the White West. We're not likely to find any
Francises of Assisi in the pool of candidates. But, if we wish
to continue to confound morality with politics, we can note
that most of the prominent Whiteside leaders seem to fall
significantly short when measured against that four-square
war hero and one-woman straight arrow, George Bush.
However, in a hundred years Bush will be forgotten, while
Duke and others in the Whitefight will be remembered
with awe and respect.
Those who think Duke is an "opportunist" should wait
until they see the kind of candidates that will be spawned
in the wake of Duke's amazing electoral showing. They'll
all be "clean," and they'll all be out to grab off all those an­
gry white voters, while, of course, "broadening" their con­
stituency to include as much human mud as possible.
They'll denounce white activist groups as they go after their
potential memberships. But neither Duke nor any of his up­
coming clones-even if a few are elected to high office­
are going to be able to re-inflate that sinking ship called Ci­
vitas Americanus. That great task will ultimately fall to the
activists who will organize in the wake of these campaigns,
a job that will be made much easier ifothers on the White­
side don't waste their time attacking Whiteside candidates
on moral grounds.
Propping Up the Esthetic Prop W
hen I first read and perused Wilmot Robertson's
ish Americans dominance and control over their own coun­
The Dispossessed Majority in 1973, what im­
try, culture and destiny. Like his book, it was to be a publi­
pressed me most was its recogn ition of the role of
cation that championed the rights and interests of the "Ma­
Nordish beauty in the chapter, liThe Esthetic Prop," and its
jority" (j.e., members of the Northern European or Nordish
racial group). From the beginning Instauration recognized
recognition of the existence, rights and interests of the
Nordish race as distinct from the Caucasian subspecies (or
that the process of Nordish dispossession was not limited to
Nordish Americans, but was threatening the Nordish race
"white race") as a whole. Although the term "Majority" is
properly a demographic rather than racial classification, the
as a whole in all its homelands. A major theme of my own
work has been to show
author devoted several
that the Nordish or North­
chapters to defining the
ern European race is not
"Majority" in racial terms
only undergoing a process
as Americans of Northern
of racial dispossession,
European racial ancestry.
but a process of racial de­
He then suggested the use
as well, and that
of the term "Northern Eu­
are in
ropean" as a racial name
for the "Majority." I fol­
sequence, my concern ex­
lowed that suggestion in
tends beyond racial inde­
my fi rst two books before
pendence to racial preser­
adopting the term "Nord­
vation. The Nordish race
ish" in my third book. I
does not on Iy need to re­
made the change because
gain the right of self­
it seemed to me that
determination; it needs to
Northern Europeans, a peo­
be saved. In practice these
ple without a proper racial
two goals are inseparable.
and national name, des­
This theme has been
perately needed one. How
voiced in Instauration, by
can we expect that the ex­
others as well as myself.
istence of a people-as
In my opinion it has be­
well as their rights and in­
come as important as the
terests-wi II be recog­
nized and defended if they
original theme of restora­
lack a name? The term
tion. Again the two are in­
separable, for a race can­
"Majority" referred to a
not be restored unless it is
demographic status that is
preserved and continues
to exist.
Since the mid-70s a major­
ity of the children born in
As pointed out in The
this country have minority
Dispossessed Majority, the
Nordish esthetic ideal is
parents. The term North­
Blondes are still preferred
one of the few things still
ern European-aside from
being grammatically awk­
going for the Majority.
The more this ideal is valued and admired, loved and ven­
ward-was geographically obtuse. Today, almost half of
erated, the more it is regarded as important and worthy of
the people of Northern European race live outside northern
Europe. The term Nordic properly refers only to a minority
preservation-and the more effective it is in resisting and
of them.
slowing the process of Nordish dispossession and destruc­
When Wilmot Robertson began this publication in De­
tion. Beauty being a form of power, the most proper use of
cember 1975, he named it Instauration, an erudite syno­
that power is to inspire and motivate loyalty and devotion
nym for restoration, consistent with its purpose of reverSing
to the cause of its preservation and continuation. It follows
the process of Nordish dispossession and restoring to Nordthat the worst abuse of that power is to promote the cause
of its own destruction.
The Nordish beauty I sawall around me in Scandinavia
inspired me to write an article ("Save the Angels," Feb.
1990) both celebrating it, and calling for its salvation from
the increasing multiracialization now threatening it . Need­
less to say, to save the "angels" (j.e., beautiful Nordish
women) also means to save the Nordish race. Make no mis­
take about that. The two go together and share the same ex­
istence. To save or not to save one is to save or not to save
the other. They are inseparable. That is why the "esthetic
prop" helps to prop up the Nordish race as a whole, be­
cause that which props up one also props up the other.
I believed that my "Save the Angels" article was consis­
tent with the central message and purpose of Instauration,
and would evoke a sympathetic response among its read­
ers. But the actual response was quite the opposite, reveal­
ing a deep well of negative and even hostile feelings to­
ward beautiful Nordish women-and by extension toward
the Nordish race as a whole. The angel bashing began with
A.F. Svenson's group libel that they are prone to miscegen­
ation (August 1990). The explicitly hostile level was at­
tained by Zip 752 (Oct. 1991), who refers to my love for
the beauty of my race and my desire to preserve it, some­
thing which should be considered very natural and proper,
as a "blonde fetish," implying something unnatural and im­
proper. (Following Svenson, he wrongly assumes my use of
the term "angel" applies only to blondes.) In Zip 752's anti­
blonde diatribe he infers that his state of Texas has an ex­
cessive supply of beautiful blondes, although his complaint
that they are "stuck up" and know they have "that in­
demand look" is an implicit admission that the demand ex­
ceeds the supply. He further claims "as has frequently been
remarked in the pages of Instauration, they are the ones
most likely to cross over to the dark side."
Except for A.F. Svenson, Zip 752 and Zip 113 (March
1991), I haven't noted any other Instauration writers mak­
ing these unsubstantiated claims. Are they true? I don't
think so. In fact, in my original article I twice made the
point that the miscegenating Scandinavian females I saw
were not from the more attractive elements of the popula­
tion. I have come across no evidence in Instauration or
elsewhere to convince me that beautiful Nordish women,
blonde or not, are intellectually, morally or emotionally in­
ferior to other Nordish women, or that they are more likely
to miscegenate than any other Nordish group, male or fe­
The Esthetic Prop has not had its proper effect on Zi p
752. Quite the opposite. He exudes ill-will toward the con­
cept and apparently wishes to demolish it. He readily dis­
plays his anti-blonde bias by his anger at my praise for
Nordish beauty and my call for its preservation. Such bias
could perhaps be an expression of "sour grapes"­
criticizing what he has been unable to obtain-or an over­
stated defense of his own differing preferences. If Zip 752 is
Nordish, his loyalties certainly are not. His antipathy for the
beautiful women of his own race, and self-declared prefer­
ence for the women of other races, must be regarded as un­
natural and perverse. Far from having a "blonde fetish," he
declares his preference for Spanish and Italian women over
"any all-American blonde," and is attracted by the "lustrous
sheen" of the hair of Mexican girls with "a dash of Indian
blood." (One would expect him to be pleased with the
demographic changes in his state of Texas, where the
Nordish race is being dispossessed and replaced by fa
Perhaps Zip 752 misinterprets any praise of beautiful
Nordish women as an indirect slight or criticism of the
women he prefers. Perhaps he was stung to make disparag­
ing and defamatory remarks about beautiful Nordish wom­
en by my definition of the Nordish race (consistent with
Robertson's "Majority") as excluding most Spaniards and
Southern Italians. After all, making such a racial distinction
marks his marital preference for the "off-white Mediterrane­
an look" as miscegenationist. In fact, most of the raCially
destructive miscegenation now suffered by the Nordish
race is with the non-Nordish races Robertson refers to as
"unassimilable white minorities." It hardly needs to be add­
ed that it is common for miscegenators (or those so in­
clined) to resent any racial distinction that does not accom­
modate their errant libidos.
Others have also objected to Robertson's defining Medi­
terraneans as "unassimilable." But this is the very heart of
the matter: our identity, how we define ourselves, what it is
we want to preserve or save and are unwilling to see lost or
destroyed. The distinction is a valid one, necessary for
Nordish racial preservation and independence. It is not ar­
bitrary, nor intended as a slight to any group it identifies as
unassimilable. The intent is not to stigmatize or criticize
these groups, or to imply that they are inferior, but simply
to recognize the readily observable fact that they are not
Nordish and that intermixture with them is racially destruc­
tive rather than preservative. As stated at the beginning of
this article, the position The Dispossessed Majority took on
this very issue is one of the things that most impressed me
with the book's importance. There are those who would
prefer to delete those sections from The Dispossessed Ma­
jority, and their continuing echoes in Instauration, as well
as any reference to the Nordish or Northern European race
as distinct and separate from other elements of the "white
race." It is up to those of us who want to preserve the Nord­
ish race to defend its existence as a distinct branch of hu­
manity. If it disappears from the pages of Instauration, it
may disappear from our thoughts as well, and then-losing
what may be its best or only hope for salvation-disappear
from life.
As for myself, I will come to the defense of Nordish
women and the Nordish race whenever and wherever I
can. But I also support the preservation and independence
of the non-Nordish races, bear them no ill-will, wish them
well, and urge others to do likewise. I hope Zip 752, and
others of his inclination, will do no less for the Nordish
lenny's "Syndrome" humbing through a recent issue of Time, I was
reminded once again that mainstream publications,
whatever their intent, are packed cover to cover with
the confirmation of our own racialist views. On this
occasion it was "Fighting the Failure Syndrome," a short
piece on "a radical proposal" that young black boys be
taken out of their regular classrooms in order to receive
special training in the three R's.
The article voiced, of course, the usual concern of white
liberals over such an idea: Did the proposal fly in the face
of some 25 years of "gains" in school desegregation? Might
classroom separation only serve to intensify the black boys'
feelings of anger, alienation, and so on, that had inspired
the proposal in the first place?
One of the problems, the article explained, is that black
boys often lack a male role model at home. A few such
models do exist-paragons like Bill Cosby and Jesse
Jackson-but these, alas, are "too remote" to be effective:
Can the models be white? Should they be mixed? The
whole "concept," Time explained, is "to get the kids to
look at themselves." All of this is complicated by the fact
that to many blacks academic success is deemed "white"
or even "effeminate." What to do? The dilemma is
presented as if it were some great puzzle to be solved by
social engineers.
Time's article begins with the usual observations about
black problems; with the soaring rate of crime and violence
among black males and the hugely disproportionate
numbers of them on parole, on probation and in
penitentiaries. This is all described, either implicitly or
explicitly, in terms of alienation, mental disturbance and
"social pathologies." No one and nothing is blamed, unless
it be the system, which fails year in and year out to
accommodate the special needs of troubled youths. One
Jewelle Taylor Gibbs, a social scientist at Berkeley,
observes, by way of diagnosis, that young black males get
negatively "labeled" and are "perceived as being"
hyperactive and aggressive by their teachers.
In reading the article I thought for a moment of my days
in grade school, when a truly magnificent young man
named Mr. Haines sat repeatedly one-on-one in tutorial
sessions with a black boy named Lenny in an effort to
improve his reading skills. It was the sixth grade, and Lenny
had begun the year reading at barely the level of a second­
grader. Haines sat with him time and again, making a
snail's progress until near the end of the year when Lenny's
reading expertise reached third-grade level. The scene
stuck in my mind for several reasons. One was that Haines
was probably the best teacher I ever had, his patience and
generosity with Lenny being just one example. Another was
that, as years passed, I came to see that Lenny was in some
broad way representative of his race, as Haines was
representative of his. This puzzled me a little in the midst of
all of the claims about the equality of the races that had
become so fashionable. I saw, too, that local area papers,
radio and television were being deluged with black
complaints about the "racist" methods of education in a
nearby metropolitan area. On top of this was the late­
summer ritual of a threatened black boycott of the public
schools if certain appointments were not made and certain
demands not mel. Before long I was wondering aloud why
whites did not just allow the boycott and devote their
energies to the cultivation of white talent, which seemed to
flourish so much more easily without the presence of
blacks. Inevitably some of my friends began to say that I
was a "racist." In rebuttal I would ask them if there was any
serious difference between racism and racial common
sense. (It is a question I ask no longer.)
The Racial Angle
Time, a fairly literate mainstream publication with
mountainous resources, refuses to deal in any forthright
manner with the crisis it purports to diagnose. It uses every
sociological device possible to explain why Lenny can't
read, ignoring the obvious answer that Lenny, and others
like him, are simply not inclined, on the average, to spend
long hours in cognitive activity and that no amount of
sophisticated, academic "studies" has ever given us the
faintest reason to think otherwise. Time simply won't admit
that this problem is perpetuated by the trend, in so-called
inner cities and elsewhere, toward crazily dysgenic
overbreeding at the expense of those who earn their living
by their own industry and intelligence.
How elegant is the racial answer by comparison! It
makes perfect sense of Lenny and of his ongOing failure
"syndrome" in the nation's urban combat zones. It not only
fits the facts, but accounts for them with about one­
hundredth of the epicycles presently allowed to the social­
equalitarian account.The failure to see the evidence is
nothing short of phenomenal. I, for one, can no longer
believe that the refusal to take it seriously is anything but
White activists make much of the parallel between
today's situation and the scenario of George Orwell's 1984,
in which a totalitarian regime exerted brutal control over
the minds and bodies of its subjects. Manipulation was
ruthless. Facts were horribly distorted. Even logic itself was
bent to the wishes of those in power. Words like "love,"
"truth" and "freedom" were turned around to mean their
exact opposites.- History was instantly unwritten and
revised. Those who did not believe the party line with
sufficient enthusiasm were duly punished. In the end,
thought processes and even bare emotions were malleable
to the wishes of those in power.
The comparison of Time's article with Orwell's novel is
not invidious. Black males, Time informs us, are a problem
because they are perceived as being hyperactive and
aggressive, owing to the structure of SOCiety, which
allegedly gives rise to the high black crime rate. Blacks fare
badly in education, we are told, because they suffer from a
poor self-image. Their failure results from an anti-scholastic
"ethic." Their teachers ensure black failure because they do
not have sufficient confidence in their pupils. On it goes
without end, even to the extent of asserting that our own
women are attractive because historically they have been
"glamorized" more than women of other racial types.
None of this falls trippingly on our ears, and none of it
should. For what is happening here is that we are being
asked, at every turn, to accept a flat reversal of the causal
relationships in question. These analyses present the cause
as if it were the effect, and vice versa: Do blacks misbehave
because they are perceived as being a prcb!,em? Or is it the
other way around? Does a poor environment cr·22.te black!
white differences in achievement? Again, it is more apt to
be the reverse.
The trend is pervasive. What holds for causality holds
also for language: Movement toward social ruin is called
"gain." The denial of justice and the work ethic, as well as
the squandering of our greatest genetic resources, is called
"affirmative." That writers as sophisticated as those at Time
are unable to perceive this moral and intellectual absurdity
is hard to believe.
Needless to say, indictments of the media are nothing
new, and I have neither the time nor the inclination to
develop a case that has been made elsewhere by persons
with far more documentation at their disposaL I will be
satisfied if I have pointed out one more way in which the
establishment, or a part of it, has tried to warp reality to fit
its agenda. Take care, reader, lest your mind be a thing laid
to terrible waste.
P.S. I ran into Lenny a few years ago, back in our old
neighborhood. We exchanged pleasantries. He asked what
I'd been doing. I replied a little self-consciously that I'd just
acquired a new degree and had done a bit of writing. He
said he had not been around lately and that he had been
trying to stay out of trouble since "coming back." I didn't
ask for details. But no one could ever say that Mr. Haines
hadn't tried.
Dear Fellow Citizens:
I'm agai nst cr i me-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------­
I'm against pornography --­----------------------------------------------------------------------­
I'm against prost itut i0 n---------------------------------------------------------------------------­
I'm for my people and their continuance-----------------------------------------------------­
I'm agai nst miscegnation and mongrel ization-----------------------------------------------­
I'm for an Israel i state for Israelis---------------------------------------------------------------­
I'm for Germany for Germans------------------------------------------------------------------­
I'm for the sanctity and furtherance of the family-------------------------------------------­
I'm for personal excellence----------------------------------------------------------------------­
I'm agai nst permissiveness and crass material ism------------------------------------------­
I'm against homosexuality and all such corruptions-------------------------------------­
I'm for full employment and a thrivlng eocnomy--------------------------------------­
I'm against communism, Marx, Freud and the Big Lie--------------------------------­
I'm for National Socialism, Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh--------------------­
I'm against drug abuse and abortion on demand--------------------------------------­
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The Case for Racism R
acism, boiled down to its essentials, is simply the thesis
that race matters, that a substantial part of the explanation
of the divergent histories of different peoples and of the
differences in individual achievements is due to innate, biological
differences. This article attempts to pull together the many argu­
ments that have been advanced in favor of this thesis. Racism, un­
derstood as a set of beliefs about the physical anthropology of the
brain, is not a doctrine of hatred or intolerance. It is just a recogni­
tion of facts.
Geographical isolation formed races in the past, an isolation
which, since the peopling of the New World, has been increasing­
ly breaking down. During the next century, if accelerating migra­
tions and the increasing integration of the global economy contin­
ue, the breakdown stands to increase exponentially. Instinctual
barriers to race-mixing will still remain, but as in the past they will
not be all-powerful. It takes just a small fraction of the people in
each generation to destroy the distinctive features of a race in sev­
eral generations.
If men come to accept racial factors as importa~t in under­
standing their history and come to cherish the spe:.::';k strengths of
their own races, they will seek to prevent or reduce the amalga­
mation of races and subraces, especially their own. Members of
one race will look down their long noses at the achievements of
another race, but preference for one's own does not have to esca­
late into hatred. Still, if each race is to forge its own unique desti­
ny, instinctual barriers to race-mixing must be strengthened with
environmental (social) pressures against mixing.
Evolution Is a Good Thing
It has produced us, after all. We may not be much on a galac­
tic scale, but we're way ahead of the other primates. (E.O. Wilson
says the total biomass of people is about to exceed that of the
ants.) Some races, subraces, and ethnic groups forge ahead of oth­
ers in some respects, but that's the name of the game. There is
room for much argument here. Japanese claim to be #1 in the IQ
race. Jews claim to be #1 in the morality department, while others
will lower this to #1 in the moralizing department. I hold the
Northern Europeans to be #1 in individualism and lfle republican
virtues. All these claims, as well as many others, need to be ad­
Racism Can Be a Benign, not a Hateful, Doctrine
Racism is such an elastic anti-concept that its bare mention
practically stops intelligent discussion. It's broadly defined when
used as an argumentative club. It's less broadly defined when it
advocates oppression and even genocide. For me, racism is the
recognition that certain innate racial differences are in large meas­
ure responsible for the varying social and personal achievements
of different races (and different subgroups within races, too,
though this additional doctrine would be more accurately called
A recognition of biological facts, my definition of racism, does
not imply anything at all in the way of politics. If race A excels in
X, race B in Y, and race C in Z, then in order for politics to creep
in, the respective merits of X, Y and Z have to be evaluated and
ranked. When they are, it frequently turns out we rank our own
merits higher. Problems arise when racial self-preferences get to
the point that members of certain races object to being displaced
demographically, as has been happening at an accelerating pace
since 1492. Sometimes conquest and exploitation have taken
place; today racial displacement is more a matter of differential re­
production. Even those who are not racist hold that differences in
achievement are a matter of historical circumstance and accident,
object to cultural displacement and dispossession.
Racio-culturalism (Raymond Cattell's term) can be a forward­
looking doctrine. It often seems that no one learns any lessons
from history, except how to keep festering resentments alive,
which is what happens when groups demand reparations for past
exploitations by long-dead ancestors (a dubious exercise in the
collectivization of guilt). I can well understand the sentiment for
giving blacks the benefit of the doubt or a "fighting chance" when
it comes to employment, but this sentiment must be coupled with
an awareness that our ancestors did remove blacks from the sav­
agery rampant in their African homelands. Not many blacks go
back! Besides, continuing affirmative action (especially under
government decree) at this late date makes every black who man­
ages to "make it" wonder whether his achievements are truly self­
propelled. A majority or near-majority of blacks has already come
to realize this.
It is a fact that, for innate racial reasons, black excellence does
not extend to earning a good income. My own observations,
watching them laze around, a's that they are happier, on the
whole, than whites, whc -car, be rather compulsive about work.
This compulsiveness is an over-all benefit in the long run. But
there is nothing wrong with a happy-go-lucky race, so long as its
members realize such an attitude won't make them rich.
The problem is that our culture will in subtle ways pressure
blacks to adopt our ways and will inevitably result in a kind of un­
intended and unavoidable domination. Should we encourage
them to move elsewhere, to live under their own rules and in a
more congenial environment? Perhaps, but it is more important
that we preserve our own ways, which are now being threatened
by demographic displacement. This latter type of racism has teeth
to it, modest teeth, but teeth nevertheless. If it isn't benign, let us
make it so by subsidizing black separatism and compensating
them for using birth control. A certain unsentimental toughness is
required in such matters, but not nastiness, not exploitation, not
bigotry or hatred.
The Accomplishments of European Races
Europeans and Euro-Americans have always been interested in
the rest of the world, an interest that has often grown to faddish
dimensions. Most of the earth's people's have reciprocated by
adopting or trying to adopt our science, technology, mathematics,
logic, philosophy and political institutions.
To understand European accomplishments, let's start with the
most argued case of racial difference, that of whites and blacks in
intelligence. If we accept this basic difference, we are on the road
to filtering all human history through a racial lens. This does not
mean that we are rigid racial determinists, merely that we are
aware of racial factors in the shaping of events.
Europeans Are More Intelligent than Blacks
Intelligence comes at a high evolutionary cost, for the brain is
an expensive organ. In humans it comprises 2% of the body's
weight, but consumes 12% to 20% of its calories. The brains of
primates are bigger than need be for handling their physical envi­
ronment. It is the social environment (getting along with other pri­
mates) that requires the extra intelligence. This mutual process of
tying an increase in sociality with an increase in intelligence has
gone farthest in the roaring success known as Homo sapiens. The
evolutionary pressures that enabled Caucasoids and Mongoloids
to pull ahead of Congoids (Negroids), Capoids and Australoids are
not very well known, though the challenges of a colder and more
vigorous environment must have played some crucial role.
The evidence, positive and negative, for the mental inferiority
of the average black compared to the average white is multiple.
• The comparative selection pressure for intelligence, as op­
posed to pressure to use mutations to combat tropical diseases.
• As documented by Carleton Coon in The Origin of Races
(1962), all the five races of man evolved from Homo erectus to
Homo sapiens at different places and times. Congoids and Ca­
poids reached the sapiens level only 35,000 years ago, compared
to 250,000 years ago for Caucasoids. The process of convergent
or parallel evolution, which Coon documents with the hardest of
all hard evidence (bones), is quite common. Coon's thesis is wide­
ly, though often privately, shared among contemporary physical
anthropologists. A perusal of Science will quickly reveal this,
though Coon himself is only rarely mentioned. The main compet­
ing thesis, that of an "African Eve" being the mother of all current
humans, is based upon evidence from mitochondria (non-genetic
information passed only through the female line, he:-.::e the Eve in
African Eve). Handling such biochemical evidence is a very tricky
job. The whole business is based on the alleged constancy rate of
the mitochondria.
• IQ differences have persisted despite more than three dec­
ades of civil rights and other programs to uplift blacks.
• Many earlier studies have shown differences in relative brain
sizes of whites and blacks. While not up to modern techniques of
brain scanning, their cumulative results cannot be ignored.
• Millennia of contacts between Caucasoids in Northern Afri­
ca and Congoids further south have resulted in little achievement
by Congoids.
• The decline of Portugal is directly due to race-mixing. The
mixture of various Caucasoid subgroups of Europeans, North Afri­
cans and Asians fi rst weakened, then destroyed, the Roman Em­
pire. Readers of Tenney Frank's History of Rome, still a standard
source, will learn that the cultural reasons for Rome's decline (bad
government and military weakness) are themselves the product of
racial decline. The only civilization that has recovered from peri­
ods of decay, according to Carroll Quigley, The Evolution of Civil­
izations (1981), is that of Western Europe. It is also the only one
to have preserved much of its racial base.
• No plausible educational or other theories account for more
than a fraction of the IQ deficit between whites and blacks. Nur­
turists might well claim that blacks have innate IQs of 120 but
that environment depresses them to 80. Anyone can put forward
any preposterous theory he wants in this area. Conversely, there is
nothing to prevent a social scientist from claiming that oppression
(or whatever) induces people to struggle all the harder. In fact,
there is no good evidence or even bad evidence that education
actually promotes reasoning. It is more plausible that, as the brain
matures, teachers can instruct their students at increasingly more
abstract levels.
• Despite the huge economic investment in uplifting blacks,
despite the whole-hog environmentalists being awash in funds,
not a single scientific study has ever indicated that whites and
blacks are equal in intelligence. Carl N. Degler, author of In
Search of Human Nature (Oxford University Press, 1991), tried
but failed to find one. Arthur jensen has also stated he has never
seen such a study. This in spite of the vast army of environmental­
ists that would like to show him the error of his ways. jensen refut­
ed every environmentalist claim put forward to account for racial
differences in his Educability and Group Differences (1973).
• American Indians, weighed down more heavily byenviron­
mental burdens than blacks, still outperform them on IQ tests.
• The heritability of intelligence is high within every popula­
tion so far studied. The brain's capacity is comparable to other in­
herited physiological factors like height and weight. More recent
research of jensen and others has found high correlations between
basic intelligence and the speed at which neurons communicate
with each other (the so-called evoked potential response). It is im­
portant to become statistically minded about genetic factors, be­
cause reality often conflicts with intuition. Since human weight
goes up and down with eating and exercise habits, heredity does
not seem to be important. But across a whole population, heredity
does play the greater role. The same is true of intelligence, which
varies from person to person, as do IQ scores. Still, our own
scores are much closer to the scores of our relations than to those
of the population at large.
• Blacks are less intelligent than they appear. When it comes
to storing large numbers of simple facts (or alleged facts, as less
intelligent people are not so critical of what they take to be true),
the races are roughly equal. Most interchanges are kept at that
level. It is only when conversation gets to the point of involving
reasoning ability (intelligence proper) that the differences become
• Since blacks mature faster than whites, they reach puberty
sooner. Black children are initially more intelligent than whites
but fall increasingly behind. Raw scores on intelligence tests re­
main pretty much constant for blacks after the age of twelve.
• The pattern of mean regression of whites and blacks on in­
telligence tests presents perhaps the most decisive evidence for in­
nate racial differences. Children of high IQ parents generally have
IQs lower than their parents, but still above average. Likewise,
children of low IQ parents generally have IQs higher than their
parents but still below average. (Mean regression is true of all oth­
er physiological variables, such as height and weight.) The averag­
es in question are the racial averages, not those of all races mixed
together. As it happens, children of blacks of the highest socioeco­
nomic class (professional and managerial) have lower IQs than
those of whites of the lowest class (unskilled, unemployed or wel­
fare recipients). No one has ever proposed an environmental ex­
planation for mean regression.
Europeans Have a More Scientific Mentality
It is plausible to conjecture that the right and left hemispheres
of the upper cerebral cortex are uncommonly coordinated among
Europeans. The right hemisphere specializes in larger patterns,
while the left specializes in detail. We also know Europeans con­
fuse left and right in the visual field less than other groups do.
Intelligent non-European Caucasoids are too theory-oriented.
Mongoloids are too little theory-oriented. Their Nobel prizes go to
experimentalists. A physicist friend, after spending a year in japan,
reported that the japanese attitude is that "theory is for Ameri­
cans." Far Eastern theology consists largely of platitudes, aphor­
isms and slogans. East Asians are intelligent enough to learn West­
ern science, but only rarely make fundamental advances in it.
European Jews (who seem to be about one-third Aryan) usual­
ly get their Nobel prizes for their contributions to pure theory.
There are very few Jewish engineers. The overall racial point is
that, while non-Europeans can contribute to a developed Western
science, only Europeans have evolved a culture that struck the
proper balance between theory and fact that enabled science to
emerge in the first place.
What were the biological pressures in evolution that led to this
integration of hemispheres? My own highly conjectural candidate
is prehistoric and early historic warfare. Europeans alone were
fighting Caucasoids on all sides. North Africans, by contrast, had
Congoids to their south, and Near Easterners and Mongoloids to
their east. War demands an integration of strategy (theory) and
tactics (facts). Victory requires an integrated understanding of the
total situation. Warfare selects for brains attuned to science.
Why can't Europeans retire from the scene now that scientific
civilization is in place? Why not let Near Easterners do the theory
and Far-Easterners the experiments, and let every person meet in
conferences? The brown races are out of the running altogether,
as well as subgroups of Caucasoids whose IQs have evidently
shru nk, I ike those of Arabs and I nd ians.
Conferences, however, are not enough. Integration has to take
place in individual brains if revolutionary advances are to be
made. Without Europeans, Big Science could well lumber on, but
great scientific advances would become far fewer. The probability
is that there wou Id be retrogression, not just stagnation, because
the cultural base for scientific activity would erode considerably.
The demand for science would continue (it pays handsomely), but
the supply of scientists would go down. Among other things, they
require that the "masses" (non-scientists) supply what Richard
Swartzbaugh calls friendly terrain.
Europeans Have Free and Progressive Temperaments
General mental ability and the more specific ability to blend
fact and theory won't work at maximum throttle without tempera­
ment. There are two very good classification schemes for tempera­
ment. The late, great William Sheldon developed a tri-polar
scheme for classifying temperaments that corresponded to his
well-known tri-polar body types. The fat man (endomorph) loves
good food and company; the muscular man (mesomorph), physi­
cal action; the thin man (ectomorph), solitude and contemplation.
Everyman and woman is a mixture of all three temperaments and
all three body types. Sheldon found 80% correlations between the
relative physical strength of each body type and the correspond­
ing temperament type. He also found that there is little change in
any of the six categories beyond the age of three, although to a su­
perficial observer weight gain or loss may affect the body type. As
might be expected, environmentalists (who itch to run everyone's
lives) have attacked Sheldon. As with most deep thinkers, he an­
ticipated these attacks and projected the image of a kindly, con­
genial man, who was only establishing plausible truths and had
no other agenda.
The other scheme of classifying personalities is that of Carl
Jung, whose ideas have been elaborated into the Myers-Briggs
Personality Inventory, which uses four dimensions: extraversion
vs. introversion, intuition vs. sensation, thinking vs. feeling and
judging vs. perceiving. Sheldon's The Varieties of Temperament
(1942) is mostly forgotten, but the Jung system is still expounded
in detail, with tests enclosed, in the Widely available book, Please
Understand Me (1984), by David Keirsey and Marilyn Bates. Per­
sonality types defined in this system are also stable during the life
of the individual, though character can be altered to some extent,
as Sheldon also found out. People of the same type often respond
very differently to success and failure, but the very broadest as­
pects of personality do not much change. It is the broad aspects
that are the object of Sheldon's and Jung's studies. Small but im­
portant adjustments within these broad constraints are the subject
of books like Please Understand Me.
Both systems of personality classification and others of a simi­
lar nature badly need to be studied from a racial perspective. We
know that Nordics tend to be mesomorphic ectomorphs (contem­
plators who do get about in the world) in Sheldon's system and
tend to cluster toward the more enterprising types in Jung's. Com-
bining the two systems, Europeans tend to be self-reliant, individ­
ualistic, not too respectful of authority and of the old ways of do­
ing things. This is what is necessary for progress, the reason again
being that genuine breakthroughs are made by individuals, not
committees. We can share ideas, but our brains are a long way
from being wired together in some sort of collective mind. At best,
several people hit upon the same new ideas simultaneously. But
each man who comes up with a new idea has to sell it. What is
more, the men who buy the idea have to be of a nonresistant
frame of mind. Though every innovator confronts the inert mass­
es, the fact is that Europeans have built societies where there is
less such resistance than elsewhere. The businessman, for exam­
ple, has been on the bottom of the social totem pole in the Far
East, at least until modern times-which has never been the case
in Europe. Europeans have provided friendly terrain for entrepren­
eurs, though the Industrial and Medical Revolutions did not take
off until a body of practical science had been developed.
Europe has always been the seat of world change, a theme
that shines forth in William McNeill's The Rise of the West
(1963), although this was not his intention. His purpose was to
contradict Spengler by stressing the interaction among civiliza­
tions rather than their separate development. His book cycles
through regions of the world and does a superb demystifying job
on the "organic" theory of civilizations by elucidating various so­
cial and economic mechanisms. The history of ancient Mesopota­
mia, for example, is largely that of shifting coalitions of city states,
not some grandiose Idea manifesting itself through Destiny. Chi­
nese development, to give another example, is mostly a result of
its climate and the appropriate crops. Yet every time McNeill cy­
cles back to Europe, events begin to move. Europeans make histo­
ry; history happens to everyone else. This is the unavoidable les­
son of his book, but again it is not what he set out to prove.
Colin Renfrew's Before Civilization (1973) details the dyna­
mism of Europe in prehistoric times. The constancy of the muta­
tion rate in mitochondria, as mentioned above, is open to dispute.
This is also true of the rate of cosmic ray bombardment. If it re­
mains constant, uncalibrated Carbon-14 tables can date bones
and other materials by using a simple formula. The initial, uncriti­
cal use of Carbon-14 dating led to some surprising changes in ar­
cheology. Most notably, the Egyptian chronologists had to be
wrong. Stonehenge had to have been bui It after the Egyptian pyra­
mids. The first attempts at Carbon-14 dating supported the diffu­
sionist thesis, Ex oriente lux (out of the East, light). When scientists
began to question this assumption, they found it was false. By
both Carbon-14 dating and by counting tree rings on a series of
overlapping living and dead fir trees in California, they replaced
naive Carbon-14 tables with cal ibrated ones. The upshot is that Ex
oriente lux is now dead, that Stonehenge is older than the pyra­
mids, that the Egyptian chronologists could count after all, and
that Europeans repeatedly invented things on their own indepen­
dently from each other and without any help from the East. This
spirit of repeated innovation and activity is so persistent that it can
only be racial.
Racism Is Good for the Individual
I have stated why a social order recognizing the importance of
race benefits society. Here are three reasons why it is good for the
• Children of mixed race will always be uncertain of their
• Taking pride in one's race stimulates the desire to be worthy
of one's race, not a discredit to it.
• In a world of accelerating change and multiple role-playing,
race is a stable anchor.
Book Reviews *-The Secret Six: The Fool As Martyr by
professional. Anti-Klan from the word go,
bon, Goethe, Mill, Dickens and Carlyle.
Otto Scott (Southron Press, 1979) is a step
she nevertheless tells it like it was. Her
Although basically a half-baked neo­
back in history. This excellent study of the
subject was the bloody 1979 Klan­
con, the Asian-born author does score career of crazy old John Brown of Harper's
Communist battle in Greensboro (NC). An
some major hits against the levelers who Ferry fame shows that a significant part of
excellent cautionary tale, it exposed the
have entrenched themselves in the groves the American population has been mental­
tragic consequences brought about by po­
(graves) of academe. In way of retaliation, ly disturbed for most of the Republic's his­
lice bungling in racial matters.
liberals trashed the book in the N.Y. tory. It also proves that the liberals of the
Times, Los Angeles Times and Time, treat­
Civil War era were very similar to the race
*-White Power by George Lincoln Rock­
ing it as a sort of cheap cut-and-paste job. traitors and mindless dolts that swarm
well was published in 1967. The Com­
Roger Wi Iki ns, the Negro egghead, de­
about us today.
mander was surely not a pantywaist.
scribed it as "pamphleteering." The Secret Six was the gang of New
While some white activists will agree with
The book's major plus is its expose of England intellectuals and clergymen who
much of what he had to say, others will be
the radical social reformers who go about financed Brown and provided the where­
amused by his quaint concerns. If he could
converting the unconverted under the withal for his armed rampage. To read
only see the country now! The most im­
guise of a "broad" and "inclusive" colle­
their incendiary words and then compare
portant items in the book are chapter and
giate curriculum. Six of the book's eight them to the words of Southern leaders like
verse, quotations and names, dates and
chapters examine race-related problems Lee and Davis makes it perfectly clear why
places on Jewish, black and liberal outrag­
on different college campuses and the ad­
the South wanted to secede. By remaining
es from the 1950s and 60s--all now large­
min istrations' response in each case. The in the Union, Southerners were letting
ly forgotten in the flood of news that
author has a distinct knack for describing themselves be shackled to the financial
makes those early attacks on America's ra­
the absurd, as demonstrated by his report and political power of Northerners who
cial structure seem positively wholesome.
of a visit to Zombie-like, zoned-out Berkeley: were low, wicked, fanatical and without
honor. The book demolishes the idea that
*-The latest and perhaps most damaging
Once the platform for the Free Speech
Movement, Berkeley's famous Sproul Plaza
of the books exposing the perils of minori­
the Union crusade had idealistic roots.
is now a veritable ethnic smorgasbord, with
New England Instaurationists can take
ty racism and "pol itical correctness" that
many students speaking to each other in
heart, however, in the fact that up to the
plague academia is Illiberal Education:
Spanish, Vietnamese, Swahili and Tagalog. It
The Politics of Race and Sex on Campus
very outbreak of the war there were plenty
is apparent to visitors that the 1960s have
of good, solid, sensible, antiwar Yankees,
by Dinesh D'Souza (Free Press, $19.95).
not really left Berkeley. There is a thriving
even in Massachusetts. These people, the
The author presents a problem to Third
street trade in tie-dyed shirts. On the plaza, a
salt of the earth, were dragged into a war
World aficionados. A dark-skinned gentle­
man with flashing eyes was reading poetry
cleverly brought about by monetarists and
man born in Bombay who somehow be­
he said he wrote in San Quentin; admiring
ideologues who opposed the true interests
came an editor of the quasi-conservative
students applauded every time he managed
a rhyme or obscenity. A group of middle­
of average Americans, North and South.
Dartmouth Review (affirmative action?),
aged veterans was selling buttons and T­
D'Souza casts a critical eye on what is be­
shirts protesting the Vietnam War almost two
*-A word should be added about a crop
ing passed off these days as non-Western
decades after it ended.
of anti-Majority activist books, some old,
"diversity." One of his favorite examples is
some new, which has recently come into
I, Rigoberta Menchu, the tale of a young
The biggest shortfall in D'Souza's rea­
my possession. They range from the hilari­
woman in Guatemala who found true hap­
is his attempt to sweep racial differ­
piness in dialetical materialism:
ous, My Life in the Klan by pudgy Jerry
ences under the rug: Thompson, to the pathetic Brotherhood of
[l]ntegrated into the story, and impossi­
Murder by Thomas Martinez, the snitch
No doubt history and culture have con­
ble to miss, is the development of Rigober­
artist largely responsible for destroying The
tributed to somewhat different group inter­
ta's political consciousness. She begins to
Order. Talked to Death by Stephen Singu­
ests and characteristics, but these seem to be
see her cause as intertwined with the strug­
lar inspired the wretched Oliver Stone mo­
not natural but conventional. It is not human
gle for self-determination of South American
vie, Talk Radio, featuring the murder of
beings who differ intrinsically, but their envi­
Indians .... She becomes first a feminist, then
Alan Berg, the rabidly Jewish Denver radio
a socialist, then a Marxist. By the end of the
blabbermouth. James Coates' Armed and
book Rigoberta is attending Popular Front
Dangerous covers-and defames-white
The author's downsizing of ethnic dif­
conferences in Paris, discoursing on "bour­
activist groups other than The Order. For a
geois youths" and "Molotov cocktails" [and
ferences is the rite of passage of neo­
denouncing] Marriage and Motherhood.
scholarly book based on a famous incident
conservative acceptance. If decades of involving a white organization, see Code
welfare, social, educational and nutritional D'Souza explains that the multicultu­
Name: Greenkill by EI izabeth Wheaton,
reforms have failed to eliminate racial dif­
ralism which affected Rigoberta provides
who toils for the North Carolina Civil Lib­
ferences, when is D'Souza and others of students with a "diverse" education (indoc­
erties Union. I was prepared for a nonstop
his ilk going to admit that the equalitarian trination) far removed from the Eurocentri­
leftist harangue from a liberal shrew, but
idea, let them howl it from the rooftops cism of Shakespeare, Bacon, Hobbes, Gib­
was surprised to find the lady author a true
from here to eternity, will never, never wash? INSTAURA"nON-JANUARY 1992-PAGE 15
The Battle Is Joined ble conservatism" (i.e., the kind controlled by the Jews and their
ost Instaurationists and other racially conscious whites
are probably ex-conservatives. I know I am. There was
goy trenchermen). Lamentably for Abe, hardly anybody paid any
a time, long ago, when the arcane infighting of the dif­
attention to his maledictions and he was loudly rebuked by more
ferent conservative schools of thought actually meant something
than a few of Buchanan's many friends. The Jewish community re­
to me. My interest died as the quarrels of those people began to
sounded with much gnashing of teeth and rending of garments. It
degenerate into a cacophony of idiotic contradictions from the
did not help matters that Buchanan's boss, the eccentric, nonko­
mouths of paid puppets for the big Washington "Think Tanks,"
sher TV mogul Ted Turner, showed no inclination to fire him. On
with kosher moneybags and Majority trucklers pulling the strings.
the contrary, Pat is as popular as ever.
Still, I have retained a tad residual concern for what goes on in
That Buchanan is
conservative ranks. Many of our recruits will have to come from
merely one of a grow­
that camp, and most of them are decent, honest folk. Confused,
ing number of tough­
mixed up, out of touch with the real world, obsessed with a dying
minded traditional con­
Communist dinosaur, but nevertheless basically okay. Surprising­
servatives starting to
ly, a few brave conservatives are now starting to speak hard truths
speak their minds has
and ask hard questions, the kind of forthright interrogation that
set off alarms in the
makes the Chosen break out in a cold sweat.
yarmulke crowd. Chron­
While most of us may not be aware of it, a vicious intellectual
icles, the magazine of
war is brewing in the ranks of American conservatives, a fight that
the Rockford Institute,
has implications for all of us. It could revolutionize American par­
has been gaining more
ty politics by shifting the focus of national debates to nitty-gritty issues.
and mIJre attention, in
The basic issue is the vision of America. Is the country a mere
and out of the conser­
abstraction, waiting to be twisted and pulled into any shape imag­
vative community. The
inable in the mind of whatever Jew, Chicano or Laplander who
Southern Partisan, a
drops in from outer space? Or is it a true nation, with a distinct
sharp-tongued, unconpeople and a native land? Needless to say, Majority Americans
America Firster Buchanan
ventional Southern jour­
are the vital component of the presumptive "American people" in
nal of opinion, has
the view of the so-called "Paleoconservatives," the Old Right, the
been veering towards the Chronicles line, even though a few of its
America First crowd, represented these days by the likes of Pat
scriveners, unable to bring themselves to answer rudeness with
Buchanan and Thomas Fleming of the Rockford Institute.
rudeness, have let the Neos off much too easily. The Conservative
The other "conservatives," the Neo-Cons and their fellow trav­
Review, a relatively new magazine, is a hard-right publication
that makes no bones about the Neo-conartists. Meanwhile grass­
elers, reject the very idea that there is any such thing as the Amer­
ican people, except in the legalistic definition of the term. To
roots conservatives throughout the country are starting to wonder
whatever happened to their movement and how a band of intel­
them, anything that walks on two legs, grunts a few sounds and
has some pettifogging claim to an American passport is an "Amer­
lectual poseurs, ragpickers and reformed Trotskyites managed to
take it over.
Like it or not, Paleo-Cons are Americans. The provenance of
Bill Buckley, who deserves much of the blame for this ideolog­
ical horseplay, has fallen back on his familiar role of circus mas­
the Neo-Cons is, to say the least, murky. To be sure, many are
simply befuddled George Wills and Jack Kemps, thinking that if
ter, giving gentle rebukes to both sides, but clearly coming down
they can just put some bizarre economic plan into practice or
much harder on the Paleos. Bug Eyes always knows where to
"bring back traditional values," the barbarians will be repulsed at
brown-nose. His National Review, having been through rough fi­
nancial times, must curtsy lower than ever to those who hold the
the gates, and we'll all be able to settle down and live out Ozzie
and Harriet lives. Most Neo-Cons, however, are kosher ex-Reds or
pursestrings. His posturings are as shameful as they are predictable.
ex-liberals, who have undergone a miraculous conversion.
The latest blast in the Paleo-Neo war, a most dastardly one,
came from The American Spectator Uuly 1991). This issue con­
Irving Kristol is the chief guru of this bunch, with William F.
Buckley the titular head of the would-be "respectable" conserva­
tained both a scabrous article by one David Frum, assistant fea­
tives, a category which now includes Neo-Cons and their friends.
tures editor at the Wall St. Journal and certainly no stranger to ge­
filte fish, and a toadying editorial by R. Emmett Tyrrell, the
Essentially a rum lot!
Spectator's editor, an Irishman whose soul is shaped like a mezuzah.
The first skirmishes of the Paleo-Neo war broke out several
Of late the Spectator has come to resemble a house organ of
years ago, but only recently have the gunshots been heard by
mainstreamers. The Fort Sumter of conflict was Abe Rosenthal's
the ADL. Nothing half so sadly funny or funnily sad as a goy who
has gone completely off his rocker and doesn't know it. It must be
column in the N.Y. Times, written as the Gulf crisis was heating
up. Abe's diatribe was a crude attack on Pat Buchanan, who had
a treat watching him jerk, roll, gape and drool around the copy
suggested the blitz on Iraq was a scam engineered by the Israelis.
room. Frum's article goes far beyond the bounds of decency, but
Pat also had the effrontery (or lack of common sense) to also point
since when has decency ever restrained the outpourings of an en­
out the role American Jewish dual loyalists were playing in this
terprising Chosenite, especially one in the service of a conserva­
tive sellout?
dirty game.
The holy teeth of Rosenthal, a latter-day Neo convert, were set
on edge. His column was an attempt to read Pat out of "respecta­
European Outtakes
From an Irish subscriber. Irish Premier
Charles Haughey has banned President
Mary Robinson from giving talks in Britain.
He is piqued by her popularity and the
way people flock to see her. IThey don't
flock to see him.) He is also unhappy
about her habit of entertaining all kinds of
people at the presidential palace, where
she gives vent to all kinds of un-Irish ideas.
The situation is a bit like that between
Charles and Diana, in which an older man
feels his nose is being put out of joint by a
pretty and popular young woman.
Nearly a fifth of Ireland's workforce is
now unemployed. Government ministers
blame it all on the ancient enemy. If Brit­
ain ran its economy properly, Irish officials
complain, there would be plenty of jobs
for young Irishmen-as there were in the
old days. But because of the recession,
they find no jobs in Britain. So they go
home again, now that EEC subsidies pro­
vide basic welfare services in Eire.
In a new book, Ireland 1912-1985,
Professor J.J. Lee of Cork University points
out that, when the country became inde­
pendent in 1922, per capita income was
higher than that of Finland. Since then the
Finns have fought and lost two costly wars,
paid massive war reparations and resettled
10% of the population from areas seized
by the U.S.S.R. Though Finland has had no
subsidies from anyone and no emigration
to speak of, it now has a per capita income
four times that of Ireland's and one of the
world's best and most efficient social wel­
fare systems. Eire has fought no wars. Until
recently its social welfare system was the
fare to England and Britain's generous wel­
fare payments. Its problems were simply
exported. Now, although it receives very
considerable EEC subsidies, its economic
standards are still those of southern Medi­
terranean countries.
Professor Lee also points out the main
source of expensive and turbulent difficul­
ties in the new states that came into being
after the First World War was from minori­
ties. Partition meant that Eire was spared
this problem, enabling it to create a state
completely in keeping with the wishes of
the majority, or at least the majority's
Dr. Noel Browne, former Dublin cabi­
net minister, in a speech to students of
Queen's University, Belfast, was equally
pessimistic: "[A]t the conclusion of over
75 years of Ifreedom,' we have created an
unjust, ineptly run society in which close
to 20% are.•. unemployed and one in three
of our people live at or below the poverty
line-this in spite of a continuous emigra­
tion of our unwanted young men and
women to the four corners of the world."
From a British tourist in Italy. Macerata,
a town in Italy which few tourists visit, is a
former papal fief, located south of Ancona,
not far from the Adriatic. Arriving from
smart Milan (those slim women, those
wonderful clothes!) was like stepping back
a hundred years. The taxi driver was a
good-looking, laid-back character who
knew quite a lot about the region's two
most famous sons: Baldassare Castiglione,
whose book, The Courtier, had a European­
wide reputation in the 16th century, and
was the bible of both Sir Philip Sidney, the
Renaissance poet, and Beniamino Gigli,
the 20th-century opera singer. The taxi
driver's female companion, who came
along for the ride, explained that Mussolini
was in many ways an excellent leader, but
events had proved too much for him. The
two were such a cheery couple that I treat­
ed them to drinks at the hotel bar.
Macerata is on the border between
northern and southern Italy. Many of the
people are part-Nordic, whi Ie the peasant­
ry tend to be of the squat type we often
call Mediterranean, but is actually pre­
Mediterranean. Their folk music and danc­
ing is repetitive but has a certain simple
charm. The furniture in the public build­
ings of the town was mostly made of solid
oak and of high quality. The food is really
excellent, showing what the Italians can
do for very little money where there are no
tourists to raise prices. Service in the res­
taurants was stylish but slow, because so
many townspeople eat out. In Milan, by
the way, there is a great deal of excellent
food to be found even in self-service eater­
ies-something unheard-of in an English­
speaking country.
Urbina, which I visited after Macerata,
is a jewel of a city. It left me with the im­
pression that the modern, united Italy
could never match the great past of its city
states. As Pope Pius IX once remarked,
"Italy is a geographical expression." When
applied to nations, bigger is by no means
necessarily better. In fact, bigger today is a
synonym for vulgar. In the arts and in the
quality of life, economies of scale do not
I departed from Urbina one opalescent
dawn, well satisfied with my stay, in this It·
alianissimo part of Italy.
From the vacationing John Nobull.
Germans suffer a lot from what I call the
Karl May syndrome, because all of them
have read Karl May's stories of the Ameri­
can West, in which Old Shatterhand, a
German, defends the rights of the Red Man
against his white dispossessors. Not a very
admirable character. May spent seven
years of his life in prison, mostly on ac­
count of his proclivities for swindling. He
certainly does not qualify as a rival to Jack
London. But I regard the Karl May syn­
drome as a natural psychological reaction
to the endless succession of novels about
the dreadful Germans, and their persecu­
tion of the poor Jews, Poles, et al.
Germans are often very concerned for
the American Negro, except when they
have been exposed to his activities near
U.S. Army bases. They teach children all
about the wickedness of the Old South,
implying that at least in Germany anti­
black bias is rare.
Some Instaurationists may recall Ste­
phen Foster's old sentimental song, Uncle
Dere was an old darky, and his name was
Uncle Ned,
He lived long ago, long ago,
He had no wool on de top ob his head
In de place where de wool ought to grow...
Den lay down de shubble and de hoe-oe-oe,
Lay down de sickle and de bow-ow-ow...
Well, I recently found the German ver·
sian in an American edition of Foster's
songs, published just after WWII. It quotes
an earlier German version that came out in
the 19th century. Evidently condemnation
of the Southern plantation system is not
such an old tradition in the Heimat:
War einst ein alter Neger, genannt der Onkel
DafS er starb, das ist lange schon her,
Mit Freude sagte der Welt er Valet,
Denn die Ruhe bedOrfte er sehr.
Legt drum die Spaten aus der Handl
Hangt eure Fiedel an der Wandl
Denkt zurock an den Alten Ned,
Der langst seine Ruhe schon fand.
Der alte Ned hatte kein Haar auf dem Kopf,
Seine Wolle, die fehlte ihm sehr,
Er hatt' keine Zahne, der arme alte Tropf,
Und das BeifSen, das fiel ihm drum schwer,
Legt eure Spaten aus der Hand ...
Der Tod Onkel Neds, der bereitete Schmerz
Seinem Herrn, denn er trauerte tief,
Seinem Herrn ging's wie ein Stich durch das
Aus den Augen manches Thranlein lief.
Legt drum die Spaten aus der Hand ...
Seigneur Willie
In olden days it was Ie droit de seig­
neur, the right of feudal lords to break in,
so to speak, peasant brides. Today, it's Ie
droit de Kennedy, which was exercised one
balmy Palm Beach night last March by
Willie Smith, the nephew of Fat Face. The
recipient of the latest spasm of Kennedy Ii­
bido was a 30-year-old single mother who
was not averse to pub crawling in the wee
What exactly was done to the raped by
the rapist and whether it was a rape at all
was chewed over by a six-person jury,
which eventually came out with a verdict
of not guilty. It was not a great surprise.
Though Ms. X made a somewhat credible
and extremely emotional spiel in the wit­
ness box, Kennedy money and clout over­
awed everyone, including Mary Lupo, the
dark Mediterranean Catholic judge.
Willie Kennedy Smith, a specialist in
rough love (three other victims of his maul­
ing caresses were willing to, but not al­
lowed to, testify against him), had an army
of high-priced legal talent and experts go­
ing to bat for him, but in the long run his
guilt or innocence largely hinged on what
happened to a pair of panty hose and on
some inconsistencies in the testimony of
the alleged victim. Some of the proceed­
ings were triple x-rated, the kind of mere­
tricious fluff forbidden on daytime TV.
Fat Face's testimony was meaningless.
Key questions about his part in the affair
were ruled irrelevant, though it was estab­
lished he had rounded up Willie and son
Patrick after they had gone to bed and
dragged them out to a late-night watering
hole. Later, back at the Kennedy beach­
front palazzo, where Willie and his one­
night stand were rolling around in the Ber­
muda grass or on the sand (depending on
who was doing the accusing), and Patrick
and a waitress were rolling around in bed,
Father Ted, the aging roue, fluttered about
wearing a long shirt but nothing else as he
checked out the action.
Publius Clodius, one of the richest and
most despicable rakes in the late Roman
Republic, lived a life of vice, which the
Marquis de Sade would have envied, by
pandering to the proles. When tribune, he
coddled the masses with an endless string
of welfare giveaways. Fat Face has long
been playing the same game in Washing­
ton. He knows very well that as long as he
remains the Senate's raging liberal he will
be able to get away with just about any­
thing, just as Publius Clodius did until he
was killed in a street brawl by a mob comPAGE 18-INSTAURATION-JANUARY 1992
dia treat Soviet-Jewish gangs now engaged
in million-dollar tax frauds in New York
City and environs. The Zoo City press is
careful to call the gangsters Russians.
posed of the very people he pretended to
No Semitic Tags, Please
Alan Dershowitz, author of Chutzpah,
a work that urges Jews to be more brazen­
ly Jewish, is unhappy with James B. Stew­
art, author of Den of Thieves, a work that
exposes the flimflam artists of Wall Street
and Los Angeles-flamboyant figures of
fancy financial finagling like Michael Milk­
en, Ivan Boesky, Martin Siegel and Dennis
Levine. An all-tensed up Harvard law pro­
fessor, Dershowitz claims Den of Thieves
is anti-Semitic because practically all the
crooks mentioned in the book are Jewish
and so identified.
Since, with but few exceptions, all the
leading insiders and junk bond dealers
were in fact Jews, what was author Stewart
supposed to do in his account of what he
called the "greatest criminal conspiracy
the financial world has ever known"? Was
he supposed to hide the origins of the
thieves? Call them Christians? Launch into
a long, apologetic spiel excusing Jews for
their congenital itch to con goys by pin­
ning the blame on anti-Semitism? Discuss
the possibility that their noted lapses of im­
morality have been forced upon them by
ancient pogroms or the Holocaust?
Michael Milken made $550 million in
one year (1986) by peddling junk bonds
that fueled the bulging bank accounts of
Jewish corporate raiders who took over
and frequently ruined successful non­
Jewish companies. Insider Ivan Boesky
was a masterful market rigger, whose ille­
gal trading cost honest investors huge loss­
es. Smaller Jewish fry scurried up and
down Wall Street stealing more in one day
than a West Virginia coal miner makes in
a lifetime. Yet Dershowitz demands nary a
mention of the stock manipulators' biologi­
cal and cultural provenance.
If 20 Jews and one non-Jew take part in
a hold-up, the Harvard prof would forbid
bringing out the Jewish connection. But if
20 Nazis and one non-Nazi burned down
a Jewish business, Dershowitz would insist
that the arsonists be described as Nazis.
At any event, Dershowitz should be
thanked for indirectly exposing the censor­
ship that has obscured a great deal of U.S.
history in this century-namely, that Jews
are loudly and proudly identified as Jews
when they do something good. But when
they do something bad, they are labeled
Americans, Britons, Frenchmen and the
like. The most glaring example of this du­
plicitous nomenclature is the way the me­
Milken and Pals
Michael Milken, both before, during
and after he was violating just about every
securities law in the book, had a lot of
friends in high places. Steve Ross, CEO of
Time Warner, was one of his biggest boost­
ers, as was Martin Peretz, owner of the neo­
conservative New Republic. When Milken
began to worry about facing a New York
City jury, which would certainly include
some blacks, he suddenly became a Neg­
rophile. After he gave $70,000 to Los An­
geles Mayor Tom Bradley's campaign
fund, Bradley returned the favor by calling
him "that man of genius, that man of cou­
rage, that man of vision, that man of con­
viction./I Milken managed to get Jesse Jack­
son, whom he hardly knew but called "a
close friend," to liven up a party he was
hosting for black junior high-school stu­
After Milken received his 10-year jail
sentence in a Manhattan court, he and his
wife hurried into an adjacent witness wait­
ing room, whereupon they both emitted
"bloodcurdling screams." The self-proclaimed
predator then proceeded to collapse on
the floor and had to be revived with oxy­
gen. Not a very inspiring and tasteful per­
formance by the man who was once salut­
ed as America's most powerful financier.
Mike got 1 0 years, plus a $600 million fine
All the big-time Jewish crooks are now
out of jail except Milken. Despite their
huge fines, none has been reduced to eat­
ing in a soup kitchen. Boesky spends most
of his time commuting from his apartment
in Paris to his villa on the French Riviera.
Siegel and a few other raiders have moved
to Florida where a homestead law protects
their property in civil suits. Siegel's new
home is valued at about $3.5 million.
The Rift Keeps Rifting
It's fair to say that if there had been no
Jews in this country, there would never
have been the monstrosity of reverse ra­
cism that goes by the name of affirmative
action. Knowing this to be true, Majority
members can be forgiven for having fris­
sons of malicious joy when Negro buf­
foons like Dr. Leonard Jeffries Jr., professor
of African-American Studies at the City
University of New York, who owes his
$71,OO-a-year-job to affirmative action,
ungraciousiy and ungratefully bites the
hands that have fed him. The Jeffries­
Jewish ruckus is all the more ironic, since
it is taking place in a college that was once
a beehive of Hebrew ethnocentricism and,
as such, the educational springboard that
propelled tens of thousands of second- and
third-generation Jews into government, the
professions and the Big Money.
Jews swallowed Jeffries' nuthouse theo­
ry that ancient Egypt was a black society
with hardly a belch of protest. After all, he
was only following the perverse, anti­
Greek fulminations of Martin Bernal, a
Jewish professor of government at Cornell.
But when Jeffries, who prefers colorful Af­
rican robes to a three-piece suit, started
concentrating his routine antiwhite tirades
on that special category of whites known as
Jews, the media blew up. He had broken
the unwritten rule of contemporary Ameri­
can race relations: Hit the un-Chosen as
hard as you want, but layoff the Chosen.
On occasion Jeffries' anti-Semitism has
blossomed into homophobia. He de­
nounced a prominent black Harvard pro­
fessor, Henry L. Gates Jr., as a "faggot and
a punk." But he never neglected his main
theme. "Rich Jews," he asserted, had fi­
nanced the slave trade of yesterday and
produced the antiblack(?) Hollywood films
of today. For these and similar statements,
such as calling Diane Ravich, Assistant
Secretary of Education, a "Texas Jew," and
threatening to kill a Harvard student who
had offended him during an interview,
Jewish organizations demanded he be
fired from his post as chairman of CUNY's
African-American Dept. After a little back­
ing and filling ("some of my best friends
are Jews"), Jeffries, unfireable from his pro­
fessorate because he is tenured, managed
to hold on to his chairmanship, though the
normal extension period of his renewed con­
tract was reduced from three years to one.
The racial scene at CUNY is further
complicated by the presence of a Jewish
professor, Michael Levin, who, after being
mugged six times, seems to be trying to
atone for the sins of his fathers by coming
out strongly against affirmative action and
even going so far as to say that Negroes
are less intelligent than whites. Levin op­
posed the effort to get rid of Jeffries and
said that in many respects David Duke is
"absolutely right."
King of the Snoops
Hal Upset is inarguably the nation's
foremost "private eye." He has worked for
(not against) Angela Davis, the murderous
Soledad Brothers, the screw-loose, suicidal
Jim Jones of Jonestown and the Hispanic­
dominated United Farm Workers Union.
Perhaps his biggest claim to fame was his
behind-the-scenes derring-do with Wash­
ington Post reporter Bob Woodward in the
duo's masterful manipulation of the Senate
Watergate hearings. Upset, now 72, has
broken into hotel rooms to photograph
adulterous bed partners, tail-gated ambu­
lances until he ran out of gas, kidnapped
kids in contested child custody cases and
bribed prison guards. Despite this orgy of
lawbreaking, he was only indicted twice
and found guilty once-on a misdemeanor
charge. The Jewish boy from Brooklyn
who married the daughter of a Mennonite
farmer is the subject of a new biography
by Pricilla Holt entitled, The Bug in the
Martini Olive (Little Brown, 1991, $21.95).
Demythologizing Ollie
Oliver North may be a hero to deluded
conservatives, but not to Instauration. Us­
ten to these queasy quotes from his new
book, Under Fire, co-authored by William
Novak, one of America's busiest and high­
est-paid ghostwriters. The U.S. govern­
ment, states Ollie, has "an ingrained streak
of anti-Semitism." Many federal officials
"are sons and grandsons of the great elite
American fami lies, where a genteel, dis­
creet anti-Jewish prejudice was often taken
for granted." The State Dept. has "a long­
standing and barely hidden pro-Arab tilt."
,rrhere seemed to be a constituency that
actually relished any antagonism that
could be fostered between us and the Is­
raelis." As for David Duke's brand of poli­
tics, North, in a radio interview with Larry
King, asserted, "I think it's an outrage."
Looks like Ollie, who intimated on sev­
eral pages that ex-idol, Ronald Reagan,
knew all about Iran Contra, is planning to
run for office as a neocon Republican. It
also appears from the Semitism that seeps
out of more than a few paragraphs of Under
Fire that William Novak, a Canadian-born
Jew, was more than a co-author.
Novak has ghostwritten bios of Nancy
Reagan, former Speaker of the House
Thomas O'Neill, auto magnate Lee laccoca
and Sidney Barrows, the Mayflower Mad­
am. He is now ready to help AIDSter Mag­
ic Johnson compile his memoirs. Novak
went to Brandeis University, where he ac­
quired a master's degree in Jewish studies.
His wife, Linda, once ran a Jewish match­
making service.
Chilling Doggerel
In his new album, Death Certificate,
black rapper Ice Cube has some advice for
Niggers With Attitude, his old group,
which is having a dispute with its Jewish
manager, Jerry Heller:
Get rid of that devil real simple. Put a bullet in his temple. 'Cause you can't be the nigger for life crew. With a white Jew telling you what to do. It's hard to make out the "lyrics" above
all the African gruntin~ but that seems to
be what Ice Cube is saying. His "advice"
to Koreans is equally explicit.
Oriental one penny [incestuous epithet] Pay respect to the black fist Or we'll burn your store right down to a crisp. If a white had uttered such threats, he
would be in the slammer before you could
say Morris Dees.
Wordy Dispute
A federal jury has ordered Random
. House, owned by the gigantesque New­
house media empire, to pay more than $2
mi II ion to Merriam-Webster for dust jacket
plagiarism. Sworn testimony revealed that
the Random House Webster's College Dic­
tionary intentionally copied the jacket de­
sign of Webster's Ninth New Collegiate
Dictionary published by Merriam-Webster.
The idea was to trick buyers of the former
into believing they were buying the latter,
a much superior lexicon.
Sol Steinmetz, executive editor of Ran­
dom House Dictionaries, boasts that his
word definitions contain warnings about
using sexist speech. Sol is also against all
sorts of gender-based words and prefers
humankind to mankind, business person to
businessman and homemaker to house­
wife. He doesn't stop short of trying to leg­
itimize such tortured pronouns as he/she
and s/he.
Simon & Schuster, another Jewish pub­
lishing house, has its Webster's New World
Dictionary. Editor-in-chief is David Guralnik.
It is hard to believe, but Merriam­
Webster Inc., the publisher of what are still
the best American dictionaries, is owned
and operated by non-Jews.
Waspishly Yours E
rstwhile editor of the New York Times, A.M. Rosen­
thal, let fly a burst of angst, wailing and gnashing of
teeth in his regular "On My Mind" column in his
house organ (Sept. 3, 1991). Entitling his tirade, "Pogrom in
Brooklyn," Rosenthal sputtered on at length about the
black-Jewish confrontation in the Crown Heights neighbor­
hood of Brooklyn. The column was worth reading for a
number of reasons, not the least of which was the amuse­
ment afforded to this Instaurationist at seeing Rosenthal and
his tribe chivvied on their own turf.
There were other more cogent reasons for hearkening to
the aging mediacrat. First, the column showed that the
Chosen are getting seriously worked up about the situation.
The lid is boiling off the pot. Unlike a great many of our
more pessimistic Instaurationists, Rosenthal knows very
well that violent manifestations of anti-Jewish feeling are
only the tip ofthe matzoh ball. He is also keenly aware that
such feelings are not restricted to ghetto blacks like Rev. AI
Sharpton. If such violence becomes generalized, it is only a
matter of time before reporters and editorial writers will be
forced (against their will, to be sure) to examine the reasons
for the violence. Even with slanted coverage, there will be
no way to stop the airing of views that Rosenthal and his
friends want smothered at all costs. Time and again history
has shown that once these thoughts get out in the public
forum, there is no telling what will happen.
What really concerns Rosenthal & Co. is the obvious
loss of control by the New York Jewish political establish­
ment of blacks in general and black leaders in particular.
Doddering old Toms like Mayor Dinkins can no longer be
depended on to maintain even a semblance of order
among the schwarzers. Worse, more than a few Toms show
signs of getting out of hand.
Another interesting pOint, one which should be noted
by all those who think that Jews are potential allies of the
Majority against the blacks, is Rosenthal's crude and clum­
sy attempt to use the phantom of Southern whites as a club
to beat the blacks back into line. It is a familiar tune: 'We
Jews helped you out against those red necks, you owe us."
Unfortunately for Abe, the younger blacks no longer buy it.
Not that they have developed kind feelings for whites; on
the contrary, they hate us more than ever. It is just that the
blacks dump the Jews in the same boat with whites. What
Rosenthal and his tribesmen sawy very well is that there
are strong anti-Jewish feelings stirring in that pot also,
which will eventually leave them with nowhere to go, now
that the left is folding up like a rotten watermelon rind.
But what has old Rosie worried more than anything is
the willingness of the blacks to use strong-arm tactics. As
long as the Jews feel confident that they can wrap things up
in a bundle of lawyers, legal briefs, "interracial councils,"
prosecuting attorneys, pliant politicians and sellout black
"leaders," they feel safe. They know they hold the strings.
What the Jews can't handle, what they have never been
able to handle, is primal rage, war and racial instincts on
the loose. I am not claiming that the blacks were in the
right in the Crown Heights affair. I don't know if they were,
and I really don't care. What is important is that they are fi­
nally hitting back at Rosenthal and his racial cousins in a
way Jews can't answer. All the sneering, arrogant lawyers
in the world won't save you when a lynch mob is knotting
the rope. Rosenthal is clearly in a state of panic over what
the future portends.
In the final paragraphs of his column, Rosenthal blusters
about "actions which can be taken" against the people in­
volved in the Crown Heights riots. "Effective pol ice action
and then ... all available legal punishment of the rioters and
their manipulators ..... Political and social ostracism can be
an effective weapon." And so on. We have seen this before
when whites, not blacks, tried to put the brakes on the Cho­
sen. What Rosenthal does not understand is that matters
have reached the point in this country where all the police
and lawyers and judges and "social ostracism" in the whole
world won't put his Humpty-Dumpty back together again.
The young black street thugs who attacked the Hassidim
laugh at the cops and look at a stretch in jail as a badge of
honor. The United States is moving towards total racial and
ethnic polarization.
Welcome to America in the 90s, Abe! You ain't gonna
like it one bit!
Very Ponderable Quote
I do not remember a time when Americans have complained
more-about the visible and seemingly unhealable wounds in
American society. Crime rates are regularly beyond those of all
but the worst previous years. Drugs are a pestilence afflicting
all classes and every age. Public education in America has
been setting easy and dithering standards. The popular infer­
ence is that the politicians are not "doing anything about it."
The feeling is epidemic that daily life, in every sort of commu­
nity, is getting more squalid, expensive and dangerous.
So what is the likely outcome? There appear to be three pos­
sibilities: the second American civil war, triggered by ethnic
and regional uprisings; the arrival of a populist dictator (under
the banner of liberty); an emergency return to the benevolent
form of national socialism created by Franklin Roosevelt in the
first New Deal. At the obvious risk of being wrong three times
(and I devoutly hope I shall be), these seems to me to be the
real possibilities if the social dangers, deprivations and frustra­
tions cannot be placated by the present political system and
become too much for most Americans to bear.
Alistair Cooke, Financial Times, London
Notes from the Sceptred Isle-John Nobull John Nobull is on a well-earned vacation and will return next
month full of his genetic vim and vinegar. In the meantime a tal­
ented confrere of the noble Nobull is filling in for him.
In the 1990 drought, when the English faced heavy fines for
watering their lawns, the Sultan of Oman was allotted 3 million
gallons of water for the ornamental lake on the grounds of his
Berkshire manor. For this veritable flood of H20 he paid only £5.
G. K. Chesterton's autobiography, first published in 1936, the
In an article in the Times, Conor Cruise O'Brien described the
year of his death, is chock full of interesting apen;us. Having
extent to which Muslims are above the law in Britain today. He
lived in the heyday of imperialism, he points out how appealing
predicted, if Salman Rushdie was murdered, the government
it was to all segments of society. The Fabian Society and left-wing
would not pursue the murderer too intensely, knOWing that the
organizations agreed with Marx that small nations were
killer would then become an instant martyr and the focus
lithe debris of history" and should be swept up into larg­
of violent Muslim demonstrations and riots. Many Brits
thought the reason it took the government so long to act
er, more efficient political groups, such as empires,
which would all be eventually taken over by the work­
against the BCCI banking scam was fear of Muslim reac­
ers. For lesser folk, it was a matter of national glory.
tions, not to mention what the drippingly rich Sheik of
GKC and his friends were considered to be little bet­
Abu Dhabi might do with his large investments in the
United Kingdom.
ter than rustics when they opposed imperialism on na­
tionalist and patriotic grounds. They said that a love of Brent was once famous as a looney left borough. Now
empire would replace and destroy rooted national tradi­
tions. To drive the message home, they wrote a book, two Nigerian lady councillors, Poline Nijaga and Nkeihi
Amahu-Johnson, after a spat in the council chambers la­
England a Nation. GKC was misunderstood in Germany where he was dies lavatory with two West Indian Labour lady council­
lors, have deserted to the Tories. An Asian councillor in
believed to be saying that England was part of "Deutsch­
tum" and should be a German province. Patriotic nation­
trouble for dubious financial dealings is supporting them.
The fact is, the Tories have been drastically cutting the ra­
alism, most Germans believed, should always support the territorial expansion of the nation. They did not get cial subsidies handed out by the old council, while mak­
his point that this would dilute British power by spread­
ing an exception for Africans. The Nigerian counci Ilors
ing it too thin. He told those who spoke of a "Greater are great admirers of Idi Amin who, they assert, knew
how to protect his own people. What would happen to a
Britain" that Magna Graecia in southern Italy had long white Tory councillor who said that?
since vanished, leaving Greece with its old boundaries and with a watered-down Greek culture. There is a large Irish population in Brent which stages
In a famous article on Britain's imperialist, GKC at­
parades to celebrate the 1916 Easter Rising. Enraged by
tributed Kipling's great weakness to his lack of national­
the massive loss of subsidies, Irishmen occupied the
ism and patriotism. He talked about "palm and pine"
council chamber and were denounced by the Nigerian la­
and burdens in faraway countries, but was not tied to
dies as a lot of racialists. Most of the educational budget
in Brent has been spent on ethnic subsidies. What this
any country or place. Kipling seems to have taken this
criticism to heart. Not long afterwards he bought a house
shambles demonstrates is that looniness in local govern­
in Sussex, where he lived for the rest of his life, writing stories
ment is not a matter of leftness but of minority racism.
about the country and how libecause our hearts are small" we
must always love one place more than any other.
In The Financial World Tonight on Radio 4, the police officer
who liaises with London's Chinese recounted the rapid growth of
Unlike Kipling, the Tories, the "patriotic Party," did not get
-GKC's message. As late as the 1950s they were putting out litera­
the power of the Triads, which are bolstered by large numbers of
wealthy Chinese coming from Hong Kong. As the Chinese gang­
ture boasting about and drooling over the Empire's exotic peo­
sters put down deep roots in England, he surmised the situation
ples. The Empire died in two world wars, but the exotic popula­
tion groups are still around.
would eventually become uncontrollable.
GKC blamed the Quakers for WWI. Although numbering only
20,000, they were immensely rich pacifists and the paymasters of
An interesting program on BBC Radio 4 highlighted men's
and women's attitudes towards fashion advertisements. Women
the Liberal Party. Consequently, the Liberal government dared
not make any firm and definite alliances or agreements, but had
are quite ready to admire and discuss the clothes that other wom­
to make do with non-binding "ententes" and "understandings."
en are wearing. Most men, on the other hand, seem to find it dif­
So no one could ever be sure where the British government
ficult to look at another man without, so to speak, pawing the
ground and attempting to place him lower than themselves in the
stood. The Central Powers believed the British would take no un­
friendly action towards them, especially in view of the Ulster cri­
pecking order. Seeing photographs of men in various fashion ad­
sis. It was a reasonable deduction, but wrong. If there hadn't
verts, a man's reaction is not to look at the clothes, but at the face
and try to put the model down with some such thought as, "He
been so much Quaker clout in the Liberal Party, firm commit­
ments could have been made and understood by everybody.
might be quite handsome but he's probably only a pooL" Or,
WWI would have been avoided.
"He must be a bit dim with that vacuous grin." To avoid this reac­
Not surprisingly, G KC detested the nebu lous liinner light/'
tion men's fashion adverts do not show the model's head, unless
which the Quakers claimed guided their actions. He points out
they are aiming to influence girlfriends to pressure their boy­
that Lucifer is "the Light Bearer."
friends to buy the shirt, suit, sweater or whatever.
Creepo Corner: You'd think that a TV kiddie show im­
presario arrested for indecent exposure in an adult theater
would crawl off into some corner and hide his head in
shame from here to eternity. You'd think wrong if the per­
son in question was the obnoxious, bow-tied, Pee-wee
Herman, who got off with a wrist slap and didn't spend
one day in jail. Pee-wee (real name, Paul Reubens) has
been riding a wave of showbiz adulation ever since he was
caught, so to speak, with his pants open. He's been offered
a part in the next Batman movie, and MTV is planning to
telecast reruns of his CBS show. In his first public appear­
ance since his arrest-at the 8th Annual MTV Video Music
Awards--Pee-wee was greeted, the Associated Press re­
ported, with "loud screams and thunderous applause."
Could it possibly be that Pee-wee's affiliation with a cer­
tain population group have something to do with his Tef­
lon status?
The taste of the television audience is not only deplora­
TV is not merely limited ble; it is inexplicable. To wit: Roseanne was the top-rated
to the tide of melanism darkening the boob tube. Audience size and viewing time is becoming an increasingly impor­
show last fall-this, despite the roly-poly, mud-wrestling
tant factor. The average Rastus Brown watches about 48% Jewess's crotchety antics while belting out the National An­
more TV than the average Joe Blow. One noticeable differ­
them last year, to be followed some months later by a low
blow that set a new record in creephood. Ms. Barr, now
ence in viewing habits is that only three of the ten top­
rated shows in the 1989-90 season were the choice of Mrs. Arnold, publicly accused her father of incest and her
blacks: A Different World, the Cosby Show and Cheers. mother of sexual harassment.
Number 4 on the black TV hit parade was the Fox net­
The most vulgar TV male showman is Geraldo Rivera.
work's In Living Color, which hardly made it to 68th place Although only a half-Jew, Geraldo considers himself a
in the overall ratings. practicing Zionist and has a blue Star of David tattooed
above the joint of his right thumb. Geraldo boasts that his
Hispanic TV Tastes: A dark-skinned Hispanic has a bet­
son, Gabriel, going on 12, "is more Jewish than I am ..."
ter chance of making it in American TV than in Mexican
Apparently oblivious to the sewage that flows out of his TV
televisi6n. In Mexico City practically all TV announcers are
productions, Geraldo's chutzpah passes all understanding:
gDeros (blonds and blondes). Since I, Satcom Sam, can get
"I have a sensibility I treasure, as I do my privacy, and I
several Mexican stations on my dish, I can testify that I see
think that this comes from my Jewish values./I
more Nordics on Mexican TV than in the electronic offal
Another Jewish disgrace to the human condition is brut­
that emanates from New York and Hollywood. As Zip 101
ish TV talking head Larry King, who left a mountain of un­
writes: "If your TV receives Latin programming, you know
paid bills behind him when he fled north from Miami some
what most Latinos refuse to otherwise admit: the Hablo
years ago. In the midst of his fifth divorce, the 57-year-old
crowd worships the European racial look. Most Spanish­
King was accused of sexual harassment by blonde, 27­
lingo soaps resemble a street scene from Merry Old Copen­
year-old Lisa Bradfield, a journalist who interviewed him
hagen-blondes (long and lean) supplanting the classical
after he had given a speech in a Philadelphia synagogue.
'beaner' look (soft and square) to a degree that must pose
While he kept pressing her for a date and she kept turning
gigantic problems for Latino Central Casting. Where to get
him down, he suddenly blew up and insinuated she was a
all those flaxen-haired, blue-eyed Yo Hablo Espanols?"
lesbian. This modish sexual ploy is a favorite of men who
try to embarrass women into succumbing to their advances
Jews Out Front: Jewish characters are now strutting
in order to prove they are not dykes.
about TV screens, no longer with phony Aryan names and
phony Aryan behavior, but as pure Jewish Jews. Northern
Latest TV Stats: The big three networks are now length­
Exposure has Dr. Joel Fleischman; Seinfield, Jerry Seinfield;
ening their commercial time to 41/2 minutes per half hour;
Anything But Love, Marty Gold, the magazine writer; Mur­
some cable channels to 10 minutes per hour; syndicated
phy Brown, Miles Silverberg; the now cancelled thirty­
shows to 13 minutes per hour....Prime time TV writers
something, Michael Steadman, the non-observant Jew with
number about 150; average age 41,90% male, 98% white.
the Episcopalian wife. Most of these characters, in true
Most come from the East and Northeast. Some make more
Jewish fashion, have WASPy wives. But this doesn't mean
than $1 million a year. Not mentioned was that at least
that all the Jewish roles are played by real Jews. Marion
75% of these TV scriveners are Jewish.... According to
Ross, the immigrant, super-Jewish Jewish mother in Brook­
TV Guide (Aug 10, 1991), the 5th, 9th and 10th most beau­
lyn Bridge, is a Scotch-Irish lady from Minnesota. Despite
tiful women on TV are, respectively: Phylicia Rashad,
her superior acting, the CBS show is not doing too well in
Oprah Winfrey and Connie Chung....Black influence on
the ratings. It comes across as "too New Yorkish." Never-
the less, it may be kept on because Laurence Tisch, CBS's
chief executive officer, has developed a special racial af­
fection for it.
The Censors Are Coming: Whenever hi-tech makes it
easier for ordinary people to ventilate their thoughts, the
ADL monitor team kicks into high gear. A bulletin board
service provided by a computer program called Prodigy,
owned jointly by IBM and Sears Roebuck, has allowed
subscribers to modem in their opinions, some of which,
such as denying the Holocaust, were not well received by
Jewish hackers. Quick as a pixel, the Jewish censors de­
manded a meeting and, after some initial resistance, Prodigy
officials promised to be more censorious in the future ..•.
Another band of professional Jewish censors, this time the
Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, was dismayed to
discover a video program with animated biblical charac­
ters depicting Jews, who were not converted to Christiani­
ty, with exaggerated Jewish features. At great expense the
producer of the Christian program has agreed to re-edit
and cut and paste large portions of his film to satisfy the
demands of non-Christians who hold a Damocles' Sword
over American TV.
Satcom Sal Has This to Say. In October, 60 Minutes de­
voted a full segment to an AM-radio talk show host, Rush
Limbaugh. He calls himself a satirist for the "rich and con­
servative," but his gibes must have struck more than a few
network nerves to have warranted such expensive atten­
tion. The 60 Minutes reporter ruefully admitted, "There's
an audience who loves him and will pay to have a picture
taken with him on his personal appearance tours." His
principal bugaboos are the standard bleeding hearts, such
as animal rights groups. Keep an ear out for him! I believe
under that startlingly large frame-he weighs 300 Ibs.­
beats the heart of an Instaurationist!
Though it's not yet 7:00 a.m., I have already heard the
top news story of the day on all major networks: Magic
Johnson, the black Goliath of the L.A. Lakers, has the HIV
virus and is retiring from basketball. Tom Bradley, Los An­
geles's black mayor, is urging all citizens to send Magic let­
ters of support. George Bush, contacted in Europe, com­
mented tersely, "Damn shame. Good man." It's no wonder
we're going down the tubes (not just the TV variety) when,
with the country falling apart, the health of Magic Johnson
is our paramount concern.
Sometimes I watch the early news on NBC, though I
tune out when the Today Show comes on and serves up
Bryant Gumbel. This morning, having exhausted their lam­
entations about Magic Johnson, the early newsbirds select­
ed as their next item a heart-tugging bit about Donna and
Ricardo Johnson. Who dey? I'll give you a hint. They're not
all white. Donna is, but hubby is about as black as you can
get this side of Upper Volta. Both are retarded, though the
reporter gratuitously pointed out that "many people" today
prefer the term "mentally challenged." The weird couple's
mulatto son is enrolled in the local school. His teacher as­
sures us that he is completely "normal," despite a minor
speech defect.
From Zip 121. The three guests on the Sally Jessy Ra­
phael show were a 16-year-old girl, her mother and her
grandmother. The teenager only wanted to date black
boys. She let it be known that white boys were "stupid"
and "no fun." Mom and Grandma were strongly opposed
to the girl's color-blindness.
I suppose that once upon a time (if such a show would
even be imaginable in the first place) the weight of opinion
would have been squarely and overwhelmingly in support
of Mom and Grandma in their efforts to prevent their 16­
year-old daughter and granddaughter from irreversibly
ruining her life, while negating tens of thousands of years
of evolution in the process. But these are not normal times.
Sure enough, for the next hour Mom and Grandma were
scorned and mocked as "intolerant" and "narrow-minded."
Watching this atrocious show brought to mind another
media outrage on a related theme. A number of years ago I
was listening on the car radio to a psychologist named Dr.
Susan Forward. One day a woman called in with a prob­
lem rarely discussed on such programs. The caller said her
daughter attended a newly integrated junior high school,
where she was an object of constant and unwelcome atten­
tion from cohorts of black students. It was obviously a
deeply troubling issue for both mother and daughter.
What followed was most interesting. From an ideologi­
cal standpoint the "politically acceptable" response from
any good liberal shrink would have been to pooh-pooh
and generally dismiss these maternal fears with a dose of
treacly egalitarian rhetoric. Over the airwaves you could
almost feel these words struggling to get out of Dr. Susan's
throat. As a professional psychologist, she obviously recog­
nized that both mother and daughter were wrestling with a
profound problem and that a sappy lecture on "brother­
hood" would just not do. Accordingly, for one strange, re­
markable moment, Dr. Forward was literally speechless!
This from a woman seemingly never at a loss for words.
Dr. Forward finally managed to say something relevant,
mindful that she was not on a private phone line, but on a
national radio network. She spoke of the problems of "in­
terfaith" dating she had observed when a teenager. Howev­
er well-intentioned, this seemed like a weak and inade­
quate response. Sensing that she couldn't come up with an
appropriate answer, she closed with a tepid suggestion to
"see the school administrators."
After hearing Dr. Forward's cop-out, I found myself
gripping the steering wheel of my Volkswagen much too
tightly, as I fantasized about slowly and painfully strangling
a score or more of the liberal-minority mind-benders who
have scared the commonsense out of the few psychologists
and religionists really capable of providing advice and
counsel to those of us worried to death about the future of
this country. Just as the liberal-minority coalition first cam­
paigned for "racial equality," but then rapidly moved on to
its real goal of racial superequality, so, too, it no longer
bothers to emit soothing words to quiet white fears about
the inevitable and ultimate consequences of "integration."
Now the lib-minners snarlingly attack us for even having
these fears and for even considering opposing those ulti­
mate consequences.
authors, Professor Valerie Babb concen­
trates on how their writings were influ­
enced by their racial and sexual prejudices.
Barbara Brandon, a cartoonist on the
way up, is not afraid to race bait. One of
her female characters speaks these lines,
lilt was the white slavemasters who raped
my ancestors that mixed my heritage."
Felicia Horton, a black lady of the eve­
ning, delivered a premature two-pound
baby daughter in a Chicago hospital with­
out bothering to tell anyone she had AIDS.
Five months earlier she had walked away
from a treatment center, after vowing to in­
fect as many customers as possible before
she cashed in.
Doug Wyatt is the unlikely grandson of
bankrupt Houston retai ler Bernard Sako­
witz. According to a former friend's depo­
sition, he belongs to Eternal Values, a cult
that subscribes to the notion that homos
are the highest forms of life and Jewish
women the lowest. Doug is now suing Un­
cle Robert Sakowitz for $8 million, an
amount the latter has been accused of
filching from the overpriced, upscale, hoi­
ty-toity and now defunct emporium. Eter­
nal Values was once headed by Frederick
von Mierers, a gay anti-Semitic blade who
died in 1990 of AIDS.
Anthony McKnight, a Negro h igh­
school dropout, confessed to murdering
Jesse Hernandez, a motorist stranded on a
Houston (TX) freeway with a flat tire. An
hour or so later, McKnight phoned the dead
man's family and threatened to kill other
family members unless he was paid $500.
Miami Beach Mayor Alex Daoud, ac­
cused of racketeering, extortion, corrup­
tion, money laundering and tax evasion, is
the third mayor in Dade County (FU to be
indicted or convicted for extortion in the
last two years. The other two were Hispanics.
George W. Russell, black, is standing
trial in the King County Superior Court
lWA) for killing three white women. Be­
fore the murders, Russell allegedly at­
tacked his victims sexually. After the mur­
ders, he positioned their mangled bodies
in various "signature poses." He apparent­
ly wanted to prove beyond a shadow of a
doubt that he was the serial killer. One
victim had 223 stab wounds.
The Delta Democrat Times of Green­
ville (MS), the scalawag paper that editori­
alized for Negro empowerment in 1946
and received a Pulitzer Prize for so doing,
has been charged with showing "arrogant
contempt for black employees" by the CoPAGE 24-INSTAURATION-JANUARY 1992
alition of Media Workers. The late Hodding Carter Jr., the suspiciously darkcomplected white editor of the paper,
campaigned for the North against his native South in the civil rights ferment. His
son, Hodding Carter III, though not as
much of a race-mixer as Pa, is a fixture on
the TV talk show circuit. Occasionally he
shows signs of being one of those rare
birds known as honest liberals.
Supreme Court David Souter is getting
in the swing of the Beltway. For his law
clerk last summer he chose Peter Rubin,
28, a close associate of hyper-Jewish Harvard professor Laurence Tribe.
The New York State Correctional Servic­
es Dept. put in an order for six pairs of
"fluffy slippers" at $26 per for Willie Bos­
ket, who at age 15 killed two white New
York City subway riders "for fun." Bosket
has the reputation of being the most vio­
lent inmate in the New York State prison
Recent AIDS deaths: Cedric Sandiford,
41, one of the black victims of white ire in
the Howard Beach brouhaha; Tony Richardson, 63, British movie director, once
married (1962-67) to Vanessa Redgrave,
filmdom's greatest living actress.
Sid Davidoff, close friend and tennis
One of the very few single black women --partner of New York City Mayor David
in town and one of three black employees
Dinkins hasn't paid any state taxes since
at the Eveready Battery plant in Benning1976. He currently owes $73,016.66.
Davidoff is the lobbyist for a minuscule
ton (VT), Elizabeth Teague, shot and killed
company, Vanguard Meter Service, that
her white boss and wounded two other coworkers. Teague, an electrical engineer,
since 1987 has been getting more than
was so hipped on race her fellow employ$50 million a year for installing water me­
ees were "always walking on eggshells
ters in Zoo City.
around her." Local bleeding hearts quickly
forgot the murdered man and worried
What the press called a ''Texas couple,"
whether enough had been done to make
l(odolfo Infante, 28, and Ana Maria Ruiz
Teague happy in her job.
Villeda, 20, were arrested by Mexican po­
lice and charged with robbing and killing
seven girls lured into their clutches by
Roving gangs of blacks, aged 15 to 23,
promises of work as maids. Before he
have been running around Urbana and
Champaign (lU, attacking lone whites
killed them, police said Infante raped
("polar bears" in the local black patois) on
the University of Illinois campus. One
white was punched so hard he was __ Out on parole after serving ten years of
knocked unconscious. It's all part of a
a 30-year sentence for murder, Simon Megang initiation ritual.
dina of Dallas raped a four-year-old girl. A
Hispanic Willie Horton for the 1992 presidential campaign?
A case worker for the state of Washing#
ton's Child Protection Services, Bernardo
Rodriquez, 38, was arrested in October
He was convicted of severely beating a
and charged with molesting a 14-year-old
four-year-old girl in 1975, but he only got
probation. So Willie King, a black unem­
white boy. When apprehended, Rodriquez
was investigating the sexual abuse of chi!ployed construction worker, was free to
dren for the state agency.
beat three-year-old Charles jones to death
because he was not properly "potty trained."
An unnamed female sophomore claim#
ed she had been attacked twice and briefly
Bad black seed: Gregory Ward, son of
kidnapped for trying to join an elite unit of - former New York City Police Commissioner Benjamin Ward, was arrested in early
Texas A&M University's corps of cadets.
After she had ignited a long, drawn-out inNovember and charged with tying up, fon­
vestigation of campus genderism, she suddling and assaulting a female pickup. Back
in 1981, Gregory had to give up his cop's
denly admitted, "It never happened."
badge after losing his gun and sleeping on
Hawthorne, Melville, Twain and James
the job. Another November arrestee: Andrew Young III, son of the former Atlanta
Fenimore Cooper have been defined as
mayor, booked for driving under the influ­
"one small group within a large body of litence in late November. Two months earli­
erature" in a Georgetown University English course, depreciatingly called "White
er, Young suffered a broken ankle in a tusMale Writers./I Instead of exploring the litsle with cops who had been summoned to
erary prowess of these first-class American
a party that was turning into a riot.
913 male farmers, 71 farm women, 96
farm chi Idren and 177 farm workers com­
mitted suicide in the upper Midwest in
1980-88, reports the National Farm Medi­
cine Center. The male deaths were nearly
double the national suicide average for
white males.
A key section of the 1991 Crime Bill, ap­
proved by the Senate but not by the
House, required that judges imposing capi­
tal punishment consider the racial makeup
of the court district. If it's 25% black and
75% white, then not more than lout of 4
criminals sentenced to death can be black.
If the new Congress should decide to pass
what is perversely called the Fairness in
Death Sentencing Act, racial quotas will
have come to Death Row with a ven­
Effective Oct. 1, the state of Michigan
snipped 81,000 off its welfare rolls, saving
$246 million a year. Only the childless
and the able-bodied stopped receiving
checks that averaged $145 a month. Shi r­
ley johns, a community group councillor,
urged those without food or shelter to
"commit a simple larceny." She reminded
them they could get free food and a roof
over their heads by going to jail.
50% of the members of youth gangs op­
erating in 125 American cities are black;
35% are Hispanic; 15% white or Asian,
according to a Justice Dept. estimate.
Young thugs under 18, most of them
linked to gangs, murdered 2,555 persons
in 1989.
The median income of 391 Soviet­
jewish immigrants who came to the U.S.
in 1979 is currently $34,000. Twenty-one
have incomes of more than $60,000.
(Council of Jewish Federations poll)
20% of Rev. Martin Luther King's docto­
ral dissertation, written while a graduate
student at Boston University in the 1950s,
was plagiarized. In the words of an aca­
demic council, he stole direct quotes and
altered passages from other works without
attribution. In September the National Civ­
il Rights Museum, which cost state and lo­
cal taxpayers $9.2 million, opened in
Memphis in the refurbished Lorraine Mo­
tel, where the copycat doctor of theology
met his maker.
Tests of more than 2 million civilian ap­
plicants for U.S. military service (Oct.
1985 to Dec. 1989) revealed black males
were 7 times more likely to be HIV posi­
tive than white males; black females 5
times more likely than white females.
Black children, 15% of the total U.S. child
population, accounted for 51 % of all AIDS
cases. Hispanic children, 8% of the total
child population, accounted for 26% of
children with AIDS.
More than 10,000 blacks joined the Brit­
ish forces in the Revolutionary War. They
fought in segregated regiments in return for
promises of freedom.
Blacks are much less likely than whites
to donate organs. 80% of the organs do­
nated to black Howard University are from
whites, states Dr. Clive Callender, the Ne­
gro who directs Howard's Hospital Trans­
plant Center. The black shortfall may be
due partly to superstition. One elderly Ne­
gress believed that if she arrived in heaven
with only one kidney, st. Peter would give
her only one wing.
, Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald, founder of
the National Jewish Outreach Program,
has come up with some horrendous-at
least to him-statistics. He claims that of
America's 6.3 million jews, 1.1 million are
irreligious and "secular/ and another 1
million "inactive." 57% of Jewish marriag­
es, the rabbi wailed, are "interreligious."
This is not exactly good news to non-Jews,
since half-Jews, Jews married to shiksas
and "secular" Jews are often more strident­
ly Jewish and Zionistic than the true-blue
jews that Rabbi Buchwald prefers.
In France attitudes towards Jews are
72% favorable, 14% not favorable; In Ger­
many, 52% favorable, 24% unfavorable.
In Slovakia and Poland, lout of 3 had un­
favorable attitudes towards Jews. (Times­
Mirror poll)
Before the abortive Soviet coup in Au­
gust, 69% of Russian males favored a multi­
party democracy; only 54% of women. Fe­
males are interested more than men in
hanging on to what they've got, even
though what they've got is not much.
(Times-Mirror poll)
100,000 died in captivity or were exe­
cuted in East Germany during the 44-year
reign of the Kremlin's German stooges.
(German Family Ministry report)
Nearly one-third of male high-school
students carry a gun, knife or some other
weapon to school at one time or another.
20% of those surveyed said they had car­
ried a weapon in the preceding month for
protection or because they might need to
use it in a fight. Hispanic males were the
most common weapon carriers, followed
by black males and white males. Knives
and razors were the weapons of choice for
55% of the "armed" students. 24% pre­
ferred clubs; 21 % guns. (Centers for Dis­
ease Control report)
397 couples and individuals with in­
comes of $200,000 a year or higher paid
not a cent of federal income tax in 1987.
The average income of these gi It-edged tax
dodgers was $575,000.
Married couples with children com­
prised 44% of U.S. households in 1960;
26% in 1990.
Statistically there should be 100 million
more females in Asia and Egypt than
showed up in recent head counts. Females
in many benighted Asian and Muslim
countries are aborted or killed at birth.
Men get served first in times of famine and
are first to receive needed medical care
when sick.
At Cornell University, a black or Hispan­
ic student from a fam ily with an annual
$19,000 income will get $1,760 a year
more in grants than a non-minority student
from a family with the same income.
New York City has between 40,000 to
70,000 homeless, from 13,200 to 18,150
of them severely mentally ill. Some 3,300
to 4,500 of the mental cases are drug ad­
dicts or alcoholics.
Zoo City's Human Resources Adminis­
tration estimates welfare cheats are bi Iking
city taxpayers out of $750,000 a month.
2 Hispanic sisters stole $287,280 in food
stamps and from the Aid to Dependent
Children agency by faking IDs and Social
Security numbers.
Nearly twice as many whites as blacks
were victims of hate crimes in New York
State in 1990. Of 825 personal "hate at­
tacks," 58% were directed against whites.
(Richard Girgenti, N.Y. Criminal Justice
In 1995 more minority than white stu­
dents will graduate from high school in
California, New Mexico, Mississippi and
The 1990 median household income in
the United States by race: Asians, $38,450;
white, $31,231; Hispanic, $22,330; black,
Canada. Jews are gravely nonplussed
by a SOO-page book mailed free to Cana­
da's 295 M.P.s by author Jud Cyllorn, who
intelligently and spiritedly urges white An­
glo-Saxon Protestants to "stop apologizing
for racism." Some recipients want to have
Cyllorn prosecuted under Canada's hateful
hate crime laws. All in all, the book sounds
like it's right up Instauration's alley.
When Calgary Jews were informed that
the investigation of a 1990 cross-burning
ceremony of the Aryan Nations on a pri­
vately owned farm would cost the prov­
ince of Alberta as much as $700,000, they
said it would be well worth it. Since the
Jews, who had originally demanded the in­
quiry, had not bothered to check the tax­
payers' wishes, it seems only right to ask,
"Well worth it, to whom?"
Britain. The official autopsy of Robert
Maxwell concluded his death was caused
by a heart attack which propelled him off
the stern of his 180-ft. yacht, followed by
drowning, even though very little water
was found in his lungs. The autopsy of his
empire was equally hard to swallow. Its
main finding was that he was a crook of
the first magnitude-a Czech-Jewish-Brit
who operated on a scale of thievery that
would have astounded Michael Milken.
Maxwell, a self-proclaimed and self­
acclaimed Labour Party member and for­
mer Labour M.P., always professed a pro­
found love for the working class. Yet he
stole hundreds of millions of pounds from
pension funds intended to comfort and
sustain his workers in their old age. He
also fixed it so that after his death two of
his sons, who had been appointed the
managers of his estate, were forced to put
their inherited companies into receiver­
ship, including the New York Daily News,
Maxwell's last major acquisition.
It's noteworthy that this supercrook,
who once declared he was a member of
the Church of England, was given a hero's
burial in Israel. President Chaim Herzog
called him a "colossus."
Historians have never quite agreed on
when the sun started setting on the British
Empire. Instauration proposes that the dark
shadows first appeared in the reign of Ed­
ward VII, who, when Prince of Wales, was
kept on a tight budget by his parsimonious
mother, Queen Victoria. Often strapped
for cash, the heir to the throne was only
too happy to accept Jewish offers of finan­
cial aid. Baron Hirsch lent him £60,000,
which was later forgiven. The Rothschilds
also pitched in. Sir Ernest Cassell set up a
private fund of £20,000 for Edward after
his coronation. The Jewish connection was
further strengthened by Edward's Jewish
doctor, Sir Felix Semon, and his Jewish
lawyer, Sir George Lewis. Cassell gave Ed­
ward another £10,000 when the playboy
monarch lay on his deathbed.
Anthony Allfrey, author of Edward VII
and His Jewish Court (Weidenfeld & N ic­
olson), writes most incisively about post­
Victorian Britain, but does not see any link
between a British king in hock to Jews and
the decl ine of the British Empire.
Britain, often supposed to be the birth­
place of free speech (the Magna Carta and
all that), barred Fred Leuchter from enter­
ing the country, although in the same
month one of America's loudest-mouthed
blacks, Rev. AI Sharpton, was waved
through customs like a visiting dignitary.
The crime that kept Leuchter out was, of
course, the greatest crime of modern
times-finding holes in the Holocaust.
Leuchter, by his chemical analysis of resi­
dues in the walls of the alleged Auschwitz
gas chambers, found virtually no traces of
cyanide there, but large traces in the walls
of the delousing chambers.
Speaking of unfree speech, the Dowa­
ger Lady Birdwood was put on probation
for two years and fined £500 for distribut­
ing anti-Jewish leaflets claiming the Holo­
caust was a hoax and that Zionists were
masterminding the destruction of the Eng­
lish race by fostering and subsidizing mul­
ticulturalism. One leaflet suggested that
Jews had ritually killed Christian children.
Pretty serious charges, these! But
wouldn't a well-reasoned rebuttal have
been more effective than fines and threats
of prison?
During the trial the frail 78-year-old
defendant told the jury, "The essence of
this case is whether in a free country there
can be free speech, even involving the
most controversial subjects as in the
present case." After the trial, she told re­
porters, "I am very sad and disappointed.
People of my age begin to find what is
happening in this country impossible. I be­
lieve in being able to speak my mind, but
this verdict has militated against free speech."
Hear! Hear!
Germany. Serge and Beate Klarsfeld­
the former a Jew, the latter a Protestant­
have been the leaders of Europe's long-
standing, tooth-and-nail campaign of ven­
geance against alleged war criminals and
Holocaust deniers. Documents now made
available from the files of the defunct East
German Communist regime reveal that the
Klarsfelds collaborated closely with the
Stasi, the East German secret police. The
twosome's connection to Mossad killers is
not known, but they have been known to
endorse the terrorist career of onetime
Prime Minister Menahem Begin who, in
their words, is "a close family friend."
Israel. Anne Pollard, divorced wife of
Jewish spy Jonathan Pollard and herself a
convicted spy, is now an Israeli citizen
and plans to join Shamir's racist Likud Par­
ty. When last heard of she was a patient in
an Israeli mental hospital.
Australia. The total itarian grip on Auss­
ies has both tightened and loosened in re­
cent months. The war crimes mania was
revved up with the indictment of a 78­
year-old Ukrainian and a 67-year-old Ger­
man, two elderly citizen pensioners. Ivan
Polyukhovich, 75, the first alleged war
criminal to be tried-he shot himself or
was shot during the proceedings in July
1990-was hailed back into court again to
determine his competence to stand tria"
though the hearing had to be interrupted
when the semi-invalid had dizzy spells.
The good news was that Doug Christie,
the Canadian lawyer who specializes in
defending the victims of Jewish racism,
was invited by the Australian League of
Rights to relate his court experiences. His
lectures in several Australian cities and on
a radio network were considered both edi­
fying and successful.
In November the Australian League of
Rights was given an unexpected boost. Sir
Walter Crocker, one the country's most
eminent citizens, a former UN official and
Australian High Commissioner to India,
startled everyone by joining League pick­
ets who were protesting the war crimes'
trials. Sir Walter carried a sign saying that
"vengeance and hatred poison communi­
ties as well as persons." Among other
things, he severely criticized the Simon
Wiesenthal group in Los Angeles for never
ceasing to stir up 50-year-old hatreds.
If only a respectable American public
figure would have the same courage as Sir
Walter, the minority lock on U.S. public
opinion might be dealt a severe blow. But
American politicians and public figures
consider respectability so precious that
they wouldn't dare take a chance on los­
ing it, even though respectability in the
West is often a cloak that hides the most
disrespectable and most disreputable polit­
ical chicanery.
We wish that Duke had a cleaner resume and that Pat had
more faith in biology than in theology. We also wish that both
these guys could turn out stem-winding speeches that would lift
their audiences off their seats. Neither has that political plus
Two Against the Pack
known as charisma. But having had next to nothing in the way of
It appears we're going to have an interesting presidential elec­
political champions over the years, we can't suddenly hit the jack­
tion for a change, one that doesn't provoke a continuous, year­
pot. We must stop wishing for the moon and be happy that we
long yawn from the day the early-bird candidates throw their hats
have two fighters like Pat and David in our corner. We must cheer
or yarmulkes in the ring to the first Tuesday in November, the day
them on and give them a financial kicker now and then, even if it
of truth. The Democratic candidates are a nondescript lot except
means getting our names and addresses in the newspapers.
for the still unannounced (at this writing) Mario Cuomo, who
Frankly, both David and Pat are risking more than their reputa­
keeps playing hard to get. If he should run, he will compensate for
tions when they go public with their ideas. Remember the fate of
his droopy, hang-dog phiz with a few sparks of oratorical fire.
Huey Long, George Lincoln Rockwell and George Wallace. Cer­
He's no Cicero or Demosthenes, but he makes the other Demo­
tainly we can run the much smaller risk that we face for support­
cratic wannabes wish they had been born with more vibrant voice
ing them.
boxes. But no matter how well he will ardently woo the boob­
tubers, if he does get into the wooing game, it's hard to imagine
Buckley Loses His Cool
too many Majority members voting for that mug and for the man
In the latest issue of National Review, William F. Buckley Jr.
who has racked up a massive record of failure as governor of New
lets his roving pen stray long and soporifically over America's
York. Moreover, good ole voters are not likely to be impressed by
anti-Semitic landscape. In his half-hearted defense of Joe Sobran,
two names in a row that end with a vowel and Mario's boot-of­
the only columnist who ever dared to say a few kind words· for
Instauration, Buckley writes:
If Cuomo runs and should get the nod at the Democratic Con­
vention this summer, he will be at odds with his party's basic
The column most frequently cited by critics of Sobran as dispos­
itive on the matter of whether he is an anti-Semite is the one in
election strategy-run a Southerner in order to lure Southern Re­
which he Upraised" the magazine Instauration, a wild racist-nativist
publicans back into the fold and stop another GOP presidential
publication whose deranged editor has a certain aptitude for wit
sweep of the South. A Southern governor like Bill Clinton of Ar­
and trenchancy, skills not denied to exhibitionists, as students of
kansas at the head of the ticket would try to sell whites, North and
Gore Vidal will acknowledge.
South, on the idea that the Democratic Party is not the party of
blacks, Harvard eggheads and Jewish fatcats, which, of course, it
At least Buckley must be congratulated for not following the
Most people when they want to snipe at the editor of Instau­
The two candidates to watch, however, are not Democrats but
ration refer to him as a fascist, Nazi, anti-Semite, racist, bigot and
two maverick Republ icans, David Duke and Pat Buchanan, the
even a Holocaust denier, although the editor has iterated and reit­
only White House aspirants who have some hot-button planks in
erated that before he finally makes his mind up on the Six Million
their platforms-and accordingly are looked upon as threats to
he'd like to hear at least one honest and full-scale public debate
that hysterical political religion known as late 20th-century de­
on the subject. Is that too much to ask, Bill?
In the past, Instauration has had some harsh words to say
Both Pat and David are high on name recognition, higher than
about Bill Buckley and the magazine probably deserves a few
any Democratic candidate at this point in time, almost as high as
counter-thrusts. But Instauration has never stooped to calling him
Bush of Arabia. Mainline Republicans can be expected to do their
"deranged." A poseur, a logomach, a 1930s Action Franc;aise
sneakiest utmost to link the two together in the hope of making
type, yes. But even though his obtrusive eyeballs occaSionally
Pat into a Klansman sans sheets. Admittedly, however, they do
give forth a weird glint, never "deranged."
have a lot in common: an America First philosophy, strong oppo­
Instauration has always believed that the founding father of
sition to welfare and a thumbs-down attitude to foreign aid. Each
National Review is ambivalent towards Jews, an attitude he des­
is protectionist. Each worries about the immigrant influx, which
perately tries to conceal in his public utterances. In his 44-page
should be the #1 issue for both. Each would be ten times tougher
National Review piece, he is faintly critical of some of the more
on criminals than any other candidate, Democrat or Republican.
outrageous acts of the anti-anti-Semites, but then he goes on to
But there are differences. Pat is a practicing Catholic, whereas
excuse and even justify them. For this spineless subservience to
Duke's born-again Protestantism came very late in the game, too
Semitism, Instauration feels it has the right to call Buckley a fraud,
late to be credible. Pat, in line with his religion, would outlaw
a more accurate appellation for him than the cheap-shot adjective
abortion. Duke, at least in private, would do almost anything to
he threw at Instauration's editor.
lower the black reproduction rate. More important, Pat is fairly re­
spectable, despite the efforts of fellow Irishmen William F. Buck­
*Sobran's kind words: HI know of only one magazine in America that
ley and R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr., professional Hebrews like windbag
faces the harder facts about race: a little magazine called Instaura­
Abe Rosenthal and sundry Chosen neocons to tattoo him with
tion .... lnstauration is an often brilliant magazine, covering a beat nobody
swastikas. Duke, on the other hand, is most definitely not respect­
else will touch, and doing so with intelligence, Wide-ranging observation,
able. In his callow youth, he was even photographed wearing a
and bitter wit. H Later on, his words became less kindly: II [Instauration! is
Hakenkreuz armband.
openly and almost unremittingly hostile to blacks, Jews, and Mexican and
In last year's Louisiana gubernatorial election it was David vs.
Oriental immigrants.... Furthermore, it is hostile to Christianity," Some
Goliath. In the 1992 Republican primaries it will be David and
weeks later, after some vigorous arm-twisting by Buckley and virtually the
Pat against Goliath. David is prettier than Pat, but Pat, who is just
entire U.S, intelligentsia, Sobran felt compelled if not to eat his words at
about as honest as they come in what has become a totally cor­
least to nibble them: "My column should have denounced Instauration
rupt and dishonest line of work, exudes more intensity on the
more vigorously.... lts racism is serious. What I called its 'bitter wit' is more
often cruel sarcasm, compulsively cruel even when it can/t be funny.H
stump. Duke has to mute some of his more radical ideas in order
not to overheat TV screens.
Edwin Washington Edwards Majority Renegade of the Year A lesser man than the Kingfish moves into Huey Long's old address for the 4th time. • Not because he won his fourth term as Louisiana's governor by outright
electioneering blackmail. He endorsed the media campaign which threatened
that business and tourism would suffer immense losses if Duke should win. Big
corporations promised to punish all Louisianans with higher unemployment
and a deeper recession if Edwards was defeated. Actually Duke, a law-and­
order man, might have boosted tourism because tourists are becoming increas­
ingly wary of staying in hotels in the crime-ridden Vieux Carre.
• Not because he outspent Duke two or three to one and had the electronic
media and the press in his pocket, in what was perhaps the most concentrated
smear campaign in U.S. political history.
• Not because he's three-quarters Cajun and speaks a French patois along
with English. Cajuns split their vote and most are well assimilated. In the TV
debates Edwards kept flashing an old map that a Duke publication had repro­
duced from Instauration (April 1976). The map said nothing about moving Ca­
juns to New England, as Edwards prevaricated. It simply suggested that an en­
clave named Francia would make a good home for 3 million New Englanders
of French Canadian descent who might like to have a country of their own bor­
dering Quebec, Canada's semi-independent, French-speaking province.
• Not because he brazenly sold offices and hospital licenses to cronies in
return for millions of dollars and was the defendant in two federal racketeering
trials. The first ended in a hung jury (11 whites for conviction, one solitary
black for acquittal). In his second trial, he was acquitted.
• Not because of his relationship with Mafia mobster, Carlos Marcello, who
was taped by the FBI. One excerpt: "Edmund [sic] and me [get along] all right,
but I can't see him every day. ... He's the strongest sonofabitching governor
we ever had. He [expletive] with women and he plays dice games, but he
won't drink. How do you like dat?"
• Not because of his execrable statements justifying his wife's acceptance
of $10,000 in cash from a crooked South Korean lobbyist and asserting, while
running for governor in 1983, that he couldn't lose the election unless caught
in bed "with a dead girl or a live boy."
• Not because he is a gambling addict and during 17 trips to Las Vegas and
Lake Tahoe lost $2 million, debts which he paid off to casino collectors with
lest We Forget!
Previous Majority Renegades of the Year
John Wesley Dean III
No nominees
Hamilton Jordan
Mary Cunningham
Rev. Jerry Falwell
Alexander Meigs Haig Jr.
Michael Straight
Stephen Bingham
Newt Gingrich
Richard Lugar
The Informers
George P. Shu Itz
Lee Atwater
George Will
Gruesome as his personal history is, Instaura­
tion selected Edwards, out of a crowded field of
renegades, as Majority Renegade of 1991 for none
of the reasons stated above. To put it bluntly, Ed­
wards is a Judas who served as the frontman for a
black racist voting clique and a cabal of Jewish
and non-Jewish millionaires in an election in which
the majority of his own race voted against him.
There are all kinds of political crimes, but the
worst is winning high office by politicking against
your own people. Edwards may sleep soundly
when he moves into the governor's mansion at Ba­
ton Rouge. Or he may have nightmares and sleep­
walk like the finally unhinged Lady Macbeth. If the
betrayal of her king kept Lady Macbeth awake, the
betrayal of his race ought to cause Edwards to be­
come a certified insomniac.

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