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Fall 2013
A teen overcomes
trauma and pain
To boost or
not to boost?
A generation
A publication of Kosair Children’s Hospital and Children’s Hospital Foundation
Heart care history
Speedy CT scans
Chasing the pain
A family’s heart care spans
two decades
State-of-the-art imaging helps
pinpoint diagnoses
Young patient finds relief
through fun
Returning to the
great outdoors
Teen overcomes hurdles
after burning hand
Quad mom
Booster seat safety
Upcoming Events
NICU nurse Lindsay Sauer
becomes NICU mom
When you must ‘boost’ —
and when you should
News and Notes
Annual Report
On the cover: Devin O’Keefe
See page 10
Continually striving for better
In this issue of Cart Wheels, you will find the Children’s Hospital Foundation
2012 annual report. The Children’s Hospital Foundation exclusively raises millions
of dollars for Kosair Children’s Hospital, Kosair Children’s Medical Center –
Brownsboro and Norton Women’s and Kosair Children’s Hospital (opening in 2014
on the current Norton Suburban Hospital campus). These funds support programs,
equipment and facilities, research, advocacy and education at Kentucky’s only
full-service, free-standing pediatric hospital and its sister facilities.
Thanks to donations from the community in 2012, the Children’s Hospital
Foundation was able to provide more than $11.4 million to drive improvements
and support the needs of Kosair Children’s Hospital and Kosair Children’s Medical
Center – Brownsboro, which serve more than 155,000 children annually from
throughout Kentucky and Southern Indiana.
Looking ahead, the community’s dollars are at work more than ever before. This
year, Norton Healthcare has committed more than $35 million toward a $70 million
renovation project that will improve the hospital’s neonatal and pediatric intensive
care units, upgrade pediatric cardiac surgery operating rooms, revamp the main
entrance and add a new elevator.
A nearly $90 million, two-year project is transforming the 373-bed
Norton Suburban Hospital on the St. Matthews campus into a new women’s
and children’s hospital, which will change the face of health care in our region.
Norton Women’s and Kosair Children’s Hospital will write a new chapter in our
community’s history book. It will be the first facility of its kind in our region —
a testimony to the evolution of health care.
Improving patient care always has been — and will always be — our top priority.
And that could not happen without your support. Thanks to the community’s
generosity, we have many accomplishments and milestones to celebrate and be
thankful for; but we have even more to strive for in the future.
On behalf of everyone at Kosair Children’s Hospital and Kosair Children’s Medical
Center – Brownsboro, we thank you for partnering with us as we move forward.
Thomas D. Kmetz
Lynnie Meyer, MSN, R.N., CFRE
Division President
Women’s and Children’s Services
President, Kosair Children’s Hospital
Executive Director
Children’s Hospital Foundation
Dean Lavenson Photo
Ike, Edie, Bess and Annie Johnson
Heart Care History
Family witnesses two decades of heart care advancements
Edie is a gifted 21-year-old, a junior at the University of Louisville studying art
William Ehrig
Children’s Hospital Foundation
Board of Trustees
and psychology with aspirations of becoming an art therapist. Bess, 17, is a
soccer player attending Bellarmine University and studying physical therapy.
Ike is 14 and loves to golf, listen to music and play the drums. And then there
is Annie, 11, the Johnson family’s “greatest miracle.”
As Kosair Children’s Hospital grows, personalized care continues
Ahead of the times
Dean Lavenson Photos
Kentucky requires newborn heart
screening, a longtime practice at
Kosair Children’s Hospital
ess is the only child of Todd and Lee Margaret Johnson
born without a heart condition. Todd and Lee have spent
numerous evenings — 14 months’ worth by their calculations — at
Kosair Children’s Hospital. That doesn’t include all the day trips from
their Bardstown home for their children’s chest X-rays, lab work,
outpatient cardiac catheterizations, surgeries and more.
Edie was born with a hole in the center of her heart, Ike has
half a heart and Annie had her first heart transplant when she was
just 1 year old. From Edie’s heart repair in 1992 to Annie’s second
of two heart transplants in 2010, the Johnsons have personally
experienced something rare — two decades of advancements in
pediatric heart care.
None of our children think [the
hospital is] a big scary place. Annie
thinks it’s the biggest treat in the
world. She is treated like a queen.”
–Lee Margaret Johnson
“Edie was the beginning of a very long continued relationship with
Kosair Children’s Hospital and the group of special people there who
take care of heart kids,” Lee said. “The first eight months of Edie’s
life was spent trying to keep her out of heart failure. We spent many
nights on ‘4 West’ that summer and fall.”
4 West is the surgical floor at Kosair Children’s Hospital. Back
during Edie’s first visit, the hospital had five floors, and physicians
performed surgeries across the street at Norton Hospital.
Today, surgeons operate on patients at Kosair Children’s Hospital,
which now has eight floors. The 26-bed “Just for Kids” Critical Care
Center will soon be expanded. It is the only pediatric intensive care
unit of its kind in Kentucky. Located on the fourth floor and adorned
with colorful ceiling murals, over the years the center has evolved
into a place that is equipped to care for the most fragile patients.
“A year’s time in the medical field and the cardiac advancements
are huge,” said Lee, a first-grade teacher. “For us, it is extremely
And now — spurred by substantial growth — Kosair Children’s
Hospital is entering an unprecedented time in its care for young
heart patients. The hospital, with support from the University of
Louisville, has committed to bringing four additional cardiologists to
Louisville in the next two years along with a third heart surgeon and
support for an existing cardiologist’s training in heart failure/heart
Pediatric surgery suites will be upgraded, and 17 new beds in
the “Just for Kids” Critical Care Center will become a new pediatric
cardiac intensive care unit (CICU). Physicians, nurse practitioners,
nurses, nurse educators, respiratory therapists and pharmacists will
be specifically trained and dedicated to providing the best care to
patients with heart conditions and those requiring surgery. The CICU
should be completed by 2016.
“The recent growth here is unparalleled,” said Erle H.
Austin III, M.D., chief of cardiothoracic surgery at Kosair Children’s
Hospital and professor of surgery at the University of Louisville
School of Medicine. “Together with the University of Louisville,
Kosair Children’s Hospital is committed to helping shepherd
pediatric cardiology through this exciting stage of growth and
expansion — to save hearts of more young patients.”
Lee has no doubt that as Kosair Children’s Hospital continues
to grow, it will continue its legacy of personal care.
“As medicine has advanced and operating rooms have moved,
there are staff members who have been there the whole time,” she
said. “There are so many people who have been through this with
us from the beginning. They truly are our family.”
Once a month, for example, Annie visits Kosair Children’s
Hospital for treatment to help her immune system. Each month,
she announces her arrival and excitedly roams the halls in her
“None of our children think it’s a big scary place,” Lee said.
“Annie thinks it’s the biggest treat in the world. She is treated like
a queen.”
The Johnson family also is part of Brave Hearts, a support
group of local families united by their children’s fight for life after
being born with complex congenital heart defects that required
surgery. As a team, supported by the Children’s Hospital
Foundation, the Brave Hearts parents and children provide
support for other families.
–Stephanie Doyle
The medical staff at Kosair Children’s Hospital has
long understood that infants’ lives are saved through early
detection of serious conditions. For the past two years,
clinicians in the nurseries at Norton Hospital and Norton
Suburban Hospital have been screening all newborns for
congenital heart disease using pulse oximetry, a simple,
low-cost and noninvasive test.
If congenital heart disease is not detected shortly after
birth, the results can be devastating. Fortunately, through
the Congenital Heart Center at Kosair Children’s Hospital,
a dedicated team of expert cardiovascular surgeons and
cardiologists can provide exceptional care for infants
diagnosed with congenital heart defects, which are often
life-threatening and require treatment within the first year
of life.
Thanks to Kentucky Senate Bill 125, clinicians
throughout Kentucky will soon be using the simple but
critical pulse oximetry test to help save the lives of more
newborns. During a celebration at Kosair Children’s
Hospital, Gov. Steve Beshear signed the new law
requiring the screening of all newborns. The bill was
sought by the American Heart Association and the
Kentucky Department for Public Health.
“Every baby deserves a healthy start to life,”
Gov. Beshear said. “This measure builds on the success
of our newborn screening expansion and is a great step
forward for the health of Kentucky’s infants.”
By the numbers
Heart care at Kosair Children’s Hospital
fetal echocardiograms performed each month
(on average), a 50 percent increase in one year
20% increase in heart surgeries in the past year
specialty heart surgeries per year
420 heart catheterizations per year
12,000 noninvasive heart diagnostic studies per year
Dean Lavenson Photo
hree-month-old Jase Poppke quietly looked around inside the large doughnut-shaped
computed tomography (CT) scanner, his tiny fingers wrapped around the thumb of Suzanne
Loew, lead CT technologist at Kosair Children’s Hospital. Seconds later, on the other side of
a glass window, Jase’s tiny heart appeared as an image on a computer screen. With the
click-and-drag of a mouse, the image grew larger and incredibly detailed.
The scanner uses a rapidly spinning X-ray tube inside the circular housing that takes
images of the body as it moves through the opening, or “doughnut hole.” CT scans are a
common diagnostic imaging tool used to examine everything from the head, heart and abdomen to the
spine, pelvis and even major blood vessels.
“CT imaging helps us make important diagnoses and provide important information to the physicians
taking care of our pediatric patients,” said Philip Dydynski, M.D., pediatric radiologist. Dr. Dydynski is the
new chief of pediatric radiology for Kosair Children’s Hospital and Kosair Children’s Medical Center –
Brownsboro. He leads Norton Healthcare’s team of 11 pediatric radiologists.
Jase’s CT scan was performed using a new piece of equipment called the Siemens 256-slice
SOMATOM Definition Flash CT scanner. It is the latest in a series of advancements aimed at reducing
radiation exposure to the hospital’s smallest patients. Kosair Children’s Hospital was the second freestanding children’s hospital in the United States to install this state-of-the-art technology.
The new scanner detects the size of the patient and adjusts the radiation level of the X-ray beams
accordingly, making diagnostic imaging tests even safer for children. Because these scans are sensitive
to movement, children often need to be sedated to remain still during the test. However, the new
scanner’s high speed allows for shorter tests, so children may not need sedation. Many tests can be
completed in just a few seconds.
“The end result is a radiation dose significantly less than CT machines from even a decade ago,”
Dr. Dydynski said. “The new CT is fast enough to scan the entire chest in between heartbeats with
great accuracy. This results in a decreased need for sedation, even in infants such as Jase.”
Because Jase did not need sedation, he was back in his mother’s arms in less than 15 minutes.
Pediatric cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons will review his images to determine what type of
surgery he will need to correct a congenital heart defect called tetralogy of Fallot.
“The more detailed images have made it easier to diagnose congenital
heart disease among other serious conditions,” Dr. Dydynski said.
The scanner at Kosair Children’s Hospital is housed in a room designed
specifically with children in mind. It is decorated with a soothing color
scheme and has an overhead “window” that looks out onto a serene outer
space scene. These help distract young children and ease their anxiety.
Reducing radiation exposure is a top priority for Norton Healthcare. The
new CT scanner and room design are part of several upgrades at Norton
Healthcare facilities that total more than $5 million to date. The X-ray
The Poppke family
room in the emergency department at Kosair Children’s Medical Center –
Brownsboro was updated with a digital X-ray that acquires and transfers
images in less time, reducing radiation exposure.
“This allows for faster turnaround and less wait time in the emergency room,” Dr. Dydynski said.
Other improvements slated for Kosair Children’s Hospital include upgrading a second digital
fluoroscopy room and adding additional portable digital X-ray units.
“The portable digital unit has been extremely well-received, especially by the emergency department
physicians and pediatric surgeons,” Dr. Dydynski said. “It is a tremendous benefit, especially in the
trauma setting, as physicians caring for the patient are able to see the X-rays instantly.”
Speedy CT scans
Dean Lavenson Photo
Pinpointing diagnoses with
state-of-the-art imaging
Philip Dydynski, M.D.
–Stephanie Doyle
How you can help
The Children’s Hospital Foundation raises funds for new and safer diagnostic imaging technology
as well as services in other areas. To find out how you can help, call (502) 629-8060 or visit
The game features “Mo,” a good monster, who travels through a
land filled with pain-causers. Colored cards ask players to act, draw,
practice or talk about pain coping techniques in order to advance
through the game. “Distraction Drive” and the “Land of Stinking
Thinking” are two examples of places that players encounter along
the way.
“My favorite part about watching patients play the game is when
their eyes light up and smiles appear on their faces as they enjoy
the playful aspects of the game, while at the same time learning
very valuable coping skills,” Dr. Carter said.
Milayzia had an opportunity to play the game with Dr. Carter.
“My favorite part was watching Dr. Carter act out what could
happen when I don’t use belly breathing to help calm me down,”
she said. “He threw a fit. It was hilarious!”
Milayzia said the game helps her relax.
“For a minute, I feel like a normal kid again,” she said. “I think any
kid who has pain would enjoy playing this game. It is a good way to
take your mind off what is going on.”
“Milayzia readily began to use the coping language and strategies
as she talked about her pain,” Dr. Carter said. “She began to focus
on functioning more than disability.”
normal kid again. I think
any kid who has pain
would enjoy playing this
game. It is a good way to
take your mind off what
is going on.”
–Milayzia Shouse
–Lauren Davis
Watch a video of Milayzia demonstrating the Monster on
the Move game at the Kosair Children’s Hospital Coping Club
website, www.copingclub.com.
Milayzia Shouse and
Bryan D. Carter, Ph.D.
Dean Lavenson Photos
For a minute, I feel like a
ome say laughter is the best medicine. For others, laughter can simply
help someone get through the day. For 9-year-old Milayzia Shouse,
laughter — and a game that chases “pain monsters” away — helps her enjoy
life until her doctors make the pain disappear.
Milayzia’s pain is attributed to a condition called tethered cord syndrome,
which will require spinal surgery. She has visited Kosair Children’s Hospital
several times in search of help for excruciating pain in her legs. During many
tests and visits, caregivers searched for ways to help her manage her pain in a
way that medicine was not able to do. Milayzia began learning how to cope with
her pain through techniques such as “belly breathing” and “creative imagery”
thanks to the help of Bryan D. Carter, Ph.D., pediatric psychologist and director
of the Pediatric Consultation-Liaison Service for Kosair Children’s Hospital, and
his team of child psychologists and psychiatrists.
To help her practice her new coping skills and distract her
from pain for short periods of time, Milayzia was introduced to
a board game called Monster on the Move.
Monster on the Move, also known as the pain coping
game, was developed by Dr. Carter and Brooke Threlkeld,
Psy.D., Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio, to help kids
learn and actively practice pain coping techniques in a way
that helps them turn it into something fun. The game also
is a complementary therapy, which is based on the belief that care should
be provided for the whole person — body, mind and spirit. Complementary
therapies use the connection between a person’s mind, body and spirit to
enhance total well-being. Other related techniques may include meditation,
yoga and clinical biofeedback.
“The game indirectly engages kids in the process of learning coping
strategies for dealing with chronic pain while also respecting and validating their
pain and distress,” said Dr. Carter, who also is professor of pediatrics in the
Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychology at the University of
Louisville School of Medicine.
Though Milayzia will be glad to have her tethered cord pain
addressed by a talented neurosurgeon, in the meantime she is
learning coping skills with the help of a special monster named Mo.
For more information on the pain coping program at
Kosair Children’s Hospital and the University of Louisville Bingham
Clinic, call (502) 852-6941.
Teen back to favorite hobbies after burning hand
Dean Lavenson Photos
Devin O’Keefe
evin O’Keefe’s camping trip to Marshall County, Ky., last
December turned out to be quite different than previous
Boy Scout trips.
While sitting around a campfire — admittedly with one leg swung
over an armrest of a foldable chair — the 13-year-old fell out of his
chair when its front legs collapsed. His left hand broke his fall but
plunged into the fire pit. Although it had prevented his head from
falling into the fire, his hand was severely burned.
Devin got himself up and began to run for help but quickly
realized his coveralls were on fire. He did what he had been taught
— stop, drop and roll — and was able to extinguish the fire.
A local hospital told the O’Keefes that Devin needed advanced
burn care. He was transported to the Kosair Children’s Hospital
pediatric burn unit — the same place that treated the survivors of
the Carrollton, Ky., bus crash 25 years ago. The burn unit cares for
about 3,000 pediatric and adult patients each year.
Devin was treated for second- and third-degree thermal burns.
Thermal burns are caused by any external heat source, such as fire,
steam, hot liquid, or by direct contact with a hot object, such as a
hot oven rack or cooking pan, according to Mary E. Fallat, M.D.,
chief of surgical services, Kosair Children’s Hospital.
The more severe the burn, the more difficult it is to heal. Thirddegree burns are the most serious and involve all layers of the skin.
They cause permanent tissue damage and may affect fat, muscle
and even bone.
Two areas of Kosair Children’s Hospital care for children with
major burns: the “Just for Kids” Critical Care Center and the burn
unit. Both areas are fully equipped to manage traumatic injuries and
have specially trained nurses and physical therapists. Devin was
admitted to the “Just for Kids” Critical Care Center.
“His hand was basically a giant blister, even between his fingers,”
said his mother, Lisa O’Keefe.
During his 12-day hospital stay, Devin underwent two surgical
debridements, a procedure to remove dead, damaged or infected
“Debridement improves the healing potential of the remaining
healthy tissue and is an important part of the healing process for
burns,” said Dr. Fallat, who also is division chief, pediatric surgery,
University of Louisville School of Medicine.
Because so many layers of tissue are affected by burns, they
are very painful. Devin’s burn was particularly painful because of its
“Burns on the surface of the palm of the hand are very painful.
There are many nerve sensors in that part of the hand,” said
Janice Bickett, APRN, clinical coordinator of trauma services at
Kosair Children’s Hospital.
Many of these types of burns are grafted, meaning the damaged
areas are covered with healthy skin from another part of the patient’s
body. In Devin’s case, they opted for hydrofiber dressing, which
helps keep the wound moist while the skin heals.
“When deemed appropriate for the patient, hydrofiber dressing
can be very useful,” Bickett said. “It provides an opportunity for
increased pain control, as the dressing remains intact until the injury
is healed and peels off of the affected area. It also has the potential
to decrease length of stay in the hospital. For Devin, we achieved
excellent results — and didn’t have to graft him.”
Nine months after his injury, Devin is wearing a pressure glove
to help improve circulation and prevent scarring. Soon he can stop
wearing the glove, but the high school freshman is already back to
his favorite outdoor pastimes — hunting, fishing and, yes, camping
— although he enjoys the campfire a little differently now.
“I learned my lesson about how to sit properly in a chair,” he said.
–Stephanie Doyle
Organization supports burn patients
Nineteen years ago, 40 members of the Kentucky Fire Sprinkler
Contractors Association (KFSCA) decided to do something for the
“Kosair Children’s Hospital’s pediatric burn unit seemed like
a perfect fit,” said Angela Underwood, event planner for the
association. “The entire focus of our industry is on minimizing death
and property loss with our technology. The pediatric burn unit holds
a special place with our members because it eases the suffering of
young fire victims.”
As a way of giving back to Kosair Children’s Hospital, the
organization began holding a golf scramble and silent auction to
raise funds for the pediatric burn unit.
The 19th annual KFSCA Foundation Golf Outing will be held
Oct. 7, 2013, at the Cardinal Club in Simpsonville, Ky. Since
its inception, this event has raised nearly $400,000 for various
organizations whose focus is fire prevention and safety.
You can get involved with the golf outing by participating,
becoming a sponsor or purchasing raffle tickets for a chance to
win an iPad Mini. Tickets are $5 each, and only 200 will be sold.
“We hope to have many attractive items up for bid this year at
our charity silent auction,” Underwood said.
For more information on the event, call the KFSCA office at
(502) 223-5322.
or two years, Lindsay Sauer cared for babies in the Kosair Children’s
Hospital neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), a special nursery
for premature infants and babies born with conditions requiring
advanced care or surgery.
“I came to the NICU straight from nursing school and plan on
staying there — I love it,” Sauer said.
While working in the NICU, Sauer had cared for dozens of babies
— singletons, twins and triplets. Little did this registered nurse know,
however, that her own babies — quadruplets — would be cared for
in that same NICU, which happens to be one of the largest in the
United States.
Knowing that my babies were being
given excellent care by the amazing
NICU staff helped ease my fears.
I’ve never met a group of people
who care so much for others. I get
emotional just thinking about how
great everyone was to us. We are so
very grateful.”
–Lindsay Sauer
“The hospital stay was long but absolutely worth it,” said Sauer,
who was cared for by Thomas N. Tabb, M.D., perinatologist with
Kosair Children’s Hospital Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialists.
“Dr. Tabb checked on me almost every day and his positive, upbeat
attitude gave me the confidence to keep hanging on.”
“We’re so thankful for meeting with Dr. Tabb and cannot say
enough good things about this man and his nurses,” said new dad
Brandon Sauer. “We are a family of six now — such a crazy thing to
say. But six it is, and we’re in this together and have been since that
first day in Dr. Tabb’s office.”
Despite Lindsay Sauer’s experience working in the NICU, seeing
her own children in the unit’s tiny beds proved challenging.
“Having them in the NICU was definitely difficult,” she said. “It
gave me a different perspective on things. It’s nearly impossible
to explain how hard it is to leave your tiny newborn babies in the
hospital and go home.”
Sauer’s first night at home without the babies brought many tears.
“Nothing can make that separation easier,” she said. “But knowing
that my babies were being given excellent care by the amazing
NICU staff helped ease my fears. I’ve never met a group of people
who care so much for others. I get emotional just thinking about how
great everyone was to us. We are so very grateful.”
Sauer has headed back to work in the NICU with a new viewpoint
on what it’s like for families with babies in the hospital.
“I will be able to better relate to the parents of my patients since
I’ve been on the opposite side of care now,” she said.
–Stephanie Doyle
Nick Bonura Photo
“I could have never expected my kids to end up in the NICU, but
everything happens for a reason,” Sauer said. “Maybe they were
given to me because I have experience with premature babies.”
After six weeks on bed rest at Norton Hospital, Sauer’s babies
arrived prematurely via cesarean section. At 8:42 p.m. on Saturday,
March 9, Lucas George entered the world as the biggest Sauer
baby at 4 pounds, 4 ounces. He was followed by brothers Silas
Cole at 3 pounds, 13 ounces; and Maxwell Carter at 3 pounds,
14 ounces. Then the Sauer family welcomed little sister Avery
Catherine, the smallest of the babies at 2 pounds, 9 ounces.
How you can help
The NICU is currently undergoing a major renovation to improve
care and facilities for our tiniest patients. To help support the NICU at
Kosair Children’s Hospital, call the Children’s Hospital Foundation at
(502) 629-8060 or visit HelpKosairChildrensHospital.com.
Lindsay Sauer with her quadruplets (clockwise from bottom left),
Maxwell, Silas, Avery and Lucas
Big kids
For more information on events listed below, call (502) 629-KIDS or
visit HelpKosairChildrensHospital.com.
need a boost, too
Getting on board with booster seat safety
National guidelines
children should ride in a
booster seat if they are:
8 years old
57 inches tall
80 pounds
our 7-year-old may pout over having
to sit in a booster seat in the car, but
doing so reduces the risk of injury if he or
she is involved in an accident, according
to the American Academy of Pediatrics
“Moving a child to a less restrictive
seat too soon can be a step backward
in terms of safety,” said Sharon Rengers,
R.N., supervisor of the Children’s Hospital
Foundation Office of Child Advocacy of
Kosair Children’s Hospital.
All children under age 8 should ride in
a booster seat until they reach 57 inches
tall or weigh more than 80 to 85 pounds.
At that time, an adult should check that the
car’s seat belt fits correctly, according to
the AAP.
An adult seat belt that does not fit a
child properly can actually cause injury
rather than prevent it because it doesn’t
fit over the strong parts of the child’s
body. If the shoulder strap touches the
neck or abdomen — as it often does
with seat-belted younger children — the
likelihood of serious injury from a collision
increases. A booster seat raises and
positions the child so the lap and shoulder
belts fit properly over the stronger parts of
a child’s body.
“The seatbelt cannot be one size fits
all,” Rengers said. “The belt that fits a
6-foot-2-inch, 220-pound man doesn’t fit a
52-inch-tall child.”
Kentucky state law is more lax than the
AAP’s recommendations, requiring children
40 to 50 inches tall and younger than 7
years old use a booster seat.
Advocates of more stringent booster
seat laws that match national guidelines
have been pushing for tougher laws —
and are planning to continue pushing.
Approximately 25 states, including Indiana
and Tennessee, have implemented stricter
booster seat laws.
“A bill was introduced last year in
the Kentucky legislature, but failed to
pass,” Rengers said. “If another bill is
introduced in January 2014, we will
support it and encourage parents to
contact their legislators and ask them to
protect Kentucky’s children. A new law will
decrease the number of severe injuries.”
–Stephanie Doyle
Now through
Nov. 23
Win a house. Help a child.
Purchase a ticket for the Kosair Children’s
Hospital Home & BMW Raffle for your
chance to win a 2014 BMW 3 Series
convertible from Sam Swope BMW
plus $10,000 and a home in Norton
Commons valued at approximately
$350,000. Tickets: $100 each; only
8,000 will be sold. Purchase at
HelpKosairChildrensHospital.com or
(502) 559-KIDS. Sponsored by Norton
Commons, The Ramage Co., Sam Swope
BMW, WAVE 3, Burdorf’s Furnishings &
Flooring, Main Line Broadcasting and
Wal-Mart Stores Inc. Purchase by
Sept. 13 for a chance to win groceries
for a year from Wal-Mart.
William J. Ehrig
Civic Volunteer
Retired Senior Director, Government Relations
Yum! Brands Inc.
Vice Chairs
Cindi Shrader
Financial Planner, MetLife
Peter Tevebaugh
Director of Finance, Mytex Polymers
Jane Allen
President, Kosair Children’s Hospital Auxiliary
Hoyt Almond
Civic Volunteer
Retired Community Bank President, BB&T
Lee Ashton
Vice President & Director
International Human Resources &
Global Talent Acquisition, Brown-Forman
Terrian C. Barnes
Civic Volunteer
Retired Chief Diversity Officer, Yum! Brands Inc.
Ryan Bridgeman
President & Owner, RJE LLC
Ashley Novak Butler
Director, Lift a Life Foundation
Mitchel Denham
Assistant Deputy Attorney General
Commonwealth of Kentucky
Jose Neil Donis
Publisher, Al Día en América
Bike to Beat Cancer, powered
by Republic Bank and benefiting
Norton Cancer Institute, including
cancer services at Kosair Children’s
Hospital. Three distance options plus
a 5-mile Family Ride sponsored by
Bluegrass Family Health. Sign up at
Louisville Concours d’Elegance,
noon to 5:30 p.m., French Lick
Resort in Indiana. A showcase of rare
historic and collector automobiles,
featuring the Packard Experience. Visit
LouisvilleConcours.com for details.
Jonathan E. Dubins
Pilot, UPS
Bruce Dudley
Partner, Wyatt, Tarrant & Combs LLP
Robert D. Evans
Project Manager, Actus Lend Lease
Amy Garlove, M.D.
Pediatrician, Kosair Children’s Hospital
Medical Associates – Dupont
Connie Hayes-Badon
Assistant Treasurer, Yum! Brands Inc.
Keith Johnson
Vice Chairman, First Federal Savings Bank
Karen L. Keith
Attorney, McMasters Keith Inc.
Jim Lacy
Chief Financial Officer & Counsel, ZirMed Inc.
Martin Laffoon
Market Manager, Wal-Mart Stores Inc.
Dana Bynum Mayton
Vice President, Government Relations
University of Louisville
Elaine Morgan
President, TWIGS of Kosair Children’s Hospital
American Girl Fashion Show®,
12 and 13
Car seat checks
Be an advocate
Schedule a car seat check by a
certified child passenger safety technician.
For an appointment, call the Children’s
Hospital Foundation Office of Child
Advocacy of Kosair Children’s Hospital at
(502) 629-7358.
Let your elected officials know that
you support tougher booster seat laws
that match national guidelines. To
contact your elected officials, visit
15 to 17
The Seelbach Hilton. Hosted by the
Children’s Hospital Foundation with
funds being raised for the neonatal
intensive care unit at Kosair Children’s
Festival of Trees & Lights,
presented by Republic Bank,
at Louisville Slugger Field. Visit
FestivalOfTreesLights for details.
Kosair Children’s Hospital
Radiothon, 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. by Main
21 and 22
Children’s Hospital
Foundation Board of Trustees
Line Broadcasting stations B96.5, 99.7
WDJX, 102.3 The Max, Magic 101.3
and 105.1 FM Talk. Hosted through the
Children’s Miracle Network.
Wayne Mortenson, DMD
President & Owner, Mortenson Family Dental
Nicole Moseley, APRN
Civic Volunteer
Paul Oberst
Senior Vice President & Business Development Officer
Argent Trust
G. Hunt Rounsavall Jr.
Attorney, Rounsavall Title Group
Eddie Smith
Regional Vice President of Restaurant Operations
White Castle
Debbie Waiz
Civic Volunteer
Marita Willis
President, eHome Network
Community Ventures Corp.
Richard S. Wolf, M.D.
Retired Medical Director, Kosair Children’s Hospital
Thomas D. Kmetz
Division President, Women’s & Children’s Services
President, Kosair Children’s Hospital
The Rev. Ronald C. Oliver, Ph.D., BCC
System Vice President, Mission & Outreach
Norton Healthcare
Lynnie Meyer, MSN, R.N., CFRE
Executive Director
Children’s Hospital Foundation
Former patients, families reunite
with caregivers at NICU reunions
Visitors checked out the planes at the Wings for Kids Radio-controlled Air
Show at E.P. “Tom” Sawyer State Park.
Wings for Kids event soars
Planes took to the skies over the Steve Henry Airfield at E.P.
“Tom” Sawyer State Park for the Wings for Kids Radiocontrolled Air Show. The June 1 and 2, 2013, event, hosted by
the River City Radio Controllers, featured pilots with their
radio-controlled aircraft, including aerobatic airplanes, vintage
airplanes and Warbirds from World War I and World War II.
The 14th annual event raised funds for Kosair Children’s
Parents and children gathered with caregivers at the Louisville Zoo for the
Kosair Children’s Hospital NICU and 3N reunion.
Greathouse/Shryock principal Karla Davis congratulated students on
their service learning project, which raised more than $53,000 for
Kosair Children’s Hospital.
Eighteen chefs and one great
Eighteen volunteer chefs — up from eight chefs just four
years ago — prepared gourmet hors d’oeuvres for
approximately 600 guests at Bourbon & Bowties: A Taste of
Corbett’s on June 13, 2013, at Corbett’s: an American place.
This year’s event honored 13-year-old Owen McMasters,
who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in
November 2011 at the Addison Jo Blair Cancer Care Center
at Kosair Children’s Hospital. Special thanks to presenting
sponsor Northwestern Mutual.
Chefs stopped to pose before preparing for Bourbon & Bowties at
Corbett’s: an American place.
Crane represents growth,
Streets around Kosair Children’s Hospital were closed for three
days in July to allow for the installation of a 15-story construction
crane. The crane is necessary for completing renovations to the
hospital that will include the addition of a new trauma elevator on the
Chestnut Street side of the building. This is the first phase of a $70
million renovation project that will improve the hospital’s neonatal
and pediatric intensive care units, upgrade pediatric cardiac surgery
operating rooms, revamp the main entrance and improve mobility
around the hospital.
Some high-profile guests helped more than 600 students at Greathouse/
Shryock Traditional Elementary School celebrate the completion of a
successful service learning project that raised more than $53,000 for
Kosair Children’s Hospital. In attendance was Jefferson County Public
Schools Superintendent Donna Hargens, Sen. Morgan McGarvey,
Bellarmine University men’s basketball coach Scott Davenport, Olympic
swimmer Caroline Burckle and Olympic silver medalist in judo
Grandmaster Jung Oh Hwang.
During the school’s four years of participation in the Children’s
Hospital Foundation’s Kids for Kids program, the students have raised
more than $165,000. Funds raised from this year’s project will go toward
the Wendy L. Novak Diabetes Care Center and the neonatal intensive care
unit through the Piggies for Preemies Program, sponsored by BB&T. This
year’s fundraising amount was the highest yet and put the school at the top
of the Jefferson County Public Schools system for overall charitable
fundraising for the 2012-2013 school year.
From left to right: Natalie Gupton, Amanda Current, Kevin Virgin, JC Williams,
Master Mimi Hwang, Tad Abney, Lance Bruns, Grandmaster Jung Oh Hwang,
Ian Schultz, Dana Vetrano, Brandon Purcell, Leslie Smart and Sarah Clark
Hwang’s Martial Arts kicks up
fundraising for Kosair Children’s
Hwang’s Martial Arts continues to support Kosair Children’s
Hospital and has given $200,000 to support the future Norton
Women’s and Kosair Children’s Hospital, as well as the neonatal
intensive care unit and Addison Jo Blair Cancer Care Center at
Kosair Children’s Hospital.
Jamie Rhodes Photos
More than 1,200 neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)
“graduates” and their families gathered at the Louisville Zoo on
May 18, 2013, for the seventh annual Kosair Children’s Hospital
NICU and 3N reunion. Graduates and families spent the day
visiting with nurses, physicians and others who cared for them
during their first weeks of life. Attendees enjoyed White Castle
sliders and fruit provided by Meijer, GFS and Green BEAN
On June 9, 2013, Norton Suburban Hospital hosted a reunion
and ice cream social for graduates of the Kosair Children’s
Hospital NICU at Norton Suburban Hospital. Graduates, families,
NICU staff and physicians spent a sunny afternoon on the front
lawn of the hospital catching up and enjoying music, games, face
painting and ice cream from Blue Bell.
Greathouse/Shryock celebrates big
A 15-story crane looms high above Kosair Children’s Hospital.
C h i l d r e n ’ s
H o s p i t a l
F o u n d a t i o n
2 0 1 2
A n n u a l
Creating a legacy
‘Just for Kids’
Children’s Hospital Foundation
2012 financial information
A look back at 2012
Ways to give
• The Belita and Norman Noltemeyer Excellence
R e p o r t
Children’s Hospital Foundation 2012 donors
*Denotes Norton Healthcare employee
**Denotes 10-year consecutive donor, 2003 to 2012
There are numerous ways you can support the vital, lifesaving work provided
by the caregivers at Kosair Children’s Hospital and Kosair Children’s Medical
Center – Brownsboro, such as through gifts of cash, appreciated stock or
naming the Children’s Hospital Foundation as a beneficiary in your will or trust.
in Education Center at Kosair Children’s
Hospital celebrates its grand opening.
The center provides easy access to health
Net assets
resources that help families better understand
their children’s medical conditions.
Temporarily restricted*
Permanently restricted*
Total net assets
• Kosair Children’s Hospital
is recognized as a Level I
Pediatric Trauma Center,
a national designation that
requires high-quality care
Contributions other than bequests
and continued innovation
and research in the field
Total philanthropic support to the Children’s Hospital Foundation
of trauma.
• Tres Chic Shelbyville raises more than $20,000
Hospital programs/services
Foundation expenses:
to support a year’s worth of “end of chemo”
– Personnel and benefits
parties for children in the Addison Jo Blair
– Supplies and postage
Cancer Care Center at Kosair Children’s
– Occupancy
– Fees, special services, other
• Brave Hearts, a group of
heart patients cared for
at Kosair Children’s
Change in net assets
Hospital, and their
Net investment activity
families decorate
Total increase/(decrease) in net assets
Valentine’s Day
fundraising cards and
Kosair Children’s Hospital; direct support from Kosair Charities
cookies for friends, family and children in the
Total operating expenses
Total philanthropic support for
Kosair Children’s Hospital
*Temporarily restricted net assets are limited by donors to a specific time period or purpose. Permanently restricted net assets have been restricted by donors
to be maintained by the foundation in perpetuity.
For information about giving to Kosair Children’s Hospital or
volunteering, contact the Children’s Hospital Foundation at
(502) 629-8060 or [email protected], or
visit HelpKosairChildrensHospital.com.
For a list of memorial and tribute donations,
visit HelpKosairChildrensHospital.com.
Red Wagon Hall of Fame,
$1 million and above lifetime giving
Established in August 2005, the Red Wagon Hall of Fame
honors donors who have given a gift of $1 million or more to the
Children’s Hospital Foundation. Donors are recognized with a
special red wagon panel on the Children’s Hospital Foundation
Wall of Light and Life in the lobby of Kosair Children’s Hospital.
The following donors are members of the Red Wagon Hall of
Fame thanks to their generous lifetime giving.
2012 inductees
Kentucky State Poison Grants
Kohl’s Cares for Kids
Speedway LLC
Other members
Leo & Edris B. Atkins Estate
Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Blair/Addison Jo Blair Foundation
Robert E. Brennan Trust U.W.
Children’s Miracle Network
Claiborne Pirtle Trust Fund U.A.
Crescent Hill Woman’s Club
Bernadine Deis Estate
Elizabeth Turner Campbell Foundation
Rob & Jennifer Evans & Family/Hanna’s Day of Hope
Festival of Trees & Lights
Lewis & Margaret Herndon Trust Fund
Highland & Associates
Frances R. Jeffress Trust Fund
Kosair Children’s Hospital Auxiliary
Mr. & Mrs. William T. Mills & Family
Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Nunn/Ellie’s Cat Crew
Republic Bank & Trust Co.
Irvin S. Rider Jr. Estate
Robert W. Rounsavall Jr. Family Foundation Inc.
Jeanne V. Spicker Estate
Charlotte Silver Thompson & Margaret L. &
Howard Thompson Estate
TWIGS of Kosair Children’s Hospital
Wal-Mart Stores Inc.
WHAS Crusade for Children Inc.
Wade Mountz Heritage Society
Established in 2008, the Wade Mountz Heritage Society
recognizes individuals who have made irrevocable planned
gifts of $100,000 or more to support the mission and vision
of Kosair Children’s Hospital through the Children’s Hospital
Foundation and/or the adult-service hospitals and service lines
of Norton Healthcare through the Norton Healthcare Foundation.
The following donors are members of the Wade Mountz Heritage
Mr. Max Baumgardner
Ms. Dorothy Beaulieu
Mr. & Mrs. Wes Blair
Mr. & Mrs. Russell F. Cox*
Dr. Elizabeth P. Cressman
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan E. Dubins
Mr. & Mrs. William John Ehrig Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas J. Eighmey Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Evans
Mrs. Glenda L. Ford
Drs. James M. & Erin Frazier
Mrs. Shelley* & Mr. Keith J. Gast
Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. Gough*
Mr. & Mrs. Craig Gruebbel*
Mr. & Mrs. Rick Guillaume
Mr. & Mrs. John D. Harryman*
Mrs. Mary Hass & Mr. Ray Hass
Mr. & Mrs. Albin B. Hayes Jr.
Ms. Charlotte Hemann
Dr. & Mrs. Steven T. Hester*
Mr. & Mrs. Rob Ipsan* & Mr. Ian Ipsan
Ms. Debbie Irwin
Mr. & Mrs. Todd A. Johnson
Mr. Jeff Knight
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Kmetz*
Mr. & Mrs. Jason Kron
Ms. Mary Lynn Meyer* & Family
Mr. & Mrs. David H. Miles
Mr. & Mrs. William T. Mills III & Family
Mr. & Mrs. Wade Mountz
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen G. Mullins
Mr. & Mrs. Gouverneur H. Nixon
Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Nunn
Mr. & Mrs. George O’Rourke
Mr. & Mrs. Tonii Rizzo
Mr. & Mrs. G. Hunt Rounsavall
Mr. & Mrs. Todd Schmiedeler
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Shaw*
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Shrader
Mr. & Mrs. John L. Smart Jr.*
Mr. & Mrs. Gary L. Stewart
Mr. Samuel G. Swope
Mrs. Charlotte & Mr. L.E. “Sonny” Tharp
Mike & Debbie Waiz
Ms. Amy Walton
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Wardell*
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Watkins*
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Williams*
Mr. & Mrs. Dick Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas A. Winkelhake*
Dr. & Mrs. Richard S. Wolf
Dr. & Mrs. Stephen P. Wright*
Col. Clancy B. York†
Circle of Innovation,
$500,000 - $999,999
Children’s Miracle Network
Mr. & Mrs. Robin Ipsan*
WHAS Crusade for Children Inc.
Circle of Progress,
$250,000 - $499,999
Children’s Hospital Foundation Annual Golf Classic
Festival of Trees & Lights**
Helene M. Goldman Estate
Mr. & Mrs. Todd A. Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. George O’Rourke
Wal-Mart Stores Inc.
White Castle
Mary Lafon Circle,
$100,000 - $249,999
Ms. Dorothy Beaulieu
Bourbon & Bowties: A Taste of Corbett’s
Robert E. Brennan Trust**
Fifth Third Bank
Ms. Sandra Anne Frazier
Mrs. Shelley* & Keith J. Gast
Mr. & Mrs. Craig Gruebbel*
Lewis & Margaret Herndon Trust**
Dr. & Mrs. Steven T. Hester*
Humana Foundation
Hwang’s Martial Arts
Jarrett’s Joy Cart Derby Fundraiser
Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
Kohl’s Cares for Kids
Northwestern Mutual Financial Network
Claiborne Pirtle Trust**
Robert W. Rounsavall Jr. Family Foundation Inc.
Republic Bank & Trust Co.
Brenda J. Shofner Estate
Mr. Samuel G. Swope
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
Vivian & Frank A. Van Overbeke Jr. Trust
Ms. Amy Walton*
Mr. & Mrs. Dick Wilson
Dr. & Mrs. Stephen P. Wright* **
• Annual University of
Louisville Dance
Marathon, sponsored by
Chili’s Grill and Bar,
raises funds to support
the mission of
Kosair Children’s Hospital.
• Family and friends of the O’Rourke family
celebrate the completion of the new Aidan
Brody O’Rourke Family Room next to the “Just
for Kids” Critical Care Center, made possible
with funds donated through the Children’s
Hospital Foundation.
• Hundreds of kindergarten students, parents
and teachers attend Children and Hospitals
Week, an event hosted by the Children’s
Hospital Foundation Office of Child Advocacy
of Kosair Children’s Hospital to help lessen
children’s fears about hospitals and provide
education on health, wellness and safety.
• The American Association of Critical-Care
Nurses honors the “Just for Kids” Critical Care
Center at Kosair Children’s Hospital with a
silver-level Beacon Award for Excellence.
• Speedway gives $1 million to the Children’s
Hospital Foundation to fund the purchase of
two new mobile intensive care units for the
“Just for Kids” Transport Team as well as
an emergency department play area at the
future Norton Women’s and Kosair Children’s
Hospital on the Norton Healthcare –
St. Matthews campus.
• Derby-time events and fundraising initiatives
through the Children’s Hospital Foundation
raise $329,037. These events and initiatives
were the “Just for Kids” marathon/
mini-marathon team, the Children’s Hospital
Foundation Golf Outing and the Marriott Oaks
Bourbon Brunch.
H o s p i t a l
C h i l d r e n ’ s
•Ten families join the
Wade Mountz Heritage
Society after making
gifts totaling more
than $4.85 million to
the Children’s Hospital
Foundation and/or Norton
Healthcare Foundation. Established in 2008,
the society recognizes individuals who have
made irrevocable planned gifts of $100,000
or more to the foundations, which benefit the
hospitals and services of Norton Healthcare and
Kosair Children’s Hospital. To date, members
of the society have donated more than $29.2
million toward the future of health care in our
• Students and faculty
at Greathouse/Shryock
Traditional Elementary
School raise $50,000 for
Kosair Children’s Hospital
during the school’s third “Kids for Kids”
fundraising initiative.
• Wal-Mart Stores Inc. launches a six-week
Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals campaign.
During 2012, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. generously
donated more than $300,000 toward the
expansion of the Kosair Children’s Hospital
trauma program.
• The River City Radio
Controllers’ Wings for Kids
Air Show raises more than
$22,000 for the “Just for
Kids” Transport Team.
• Fifteen local chefs help
raise more than $187,000
in honor of Maxwell
Johnson at the third annual
Bourbon & BowtiesTM:
A Taste of Corbett’s.
• Microsoft, Innovative
Medical Systems, Norton Healthcare employees
F o u n d a t i o n
Circle of Life/Champions
for Kids, $50,000 $99,999
American Girl Fashion Show
Mr. & Mrs. Greg T. Blakemore* **
Circle K Midwest
Mr. & Mrs. Bryan A. Clemons
Orville Coulter Estate
ERJ Dining LLC dba Chili’s Grill & Bar
Greathouse/Shryock Traditional Elementary
Mickey Hackett Estate
Frances R. Jeffress Trust**
Konica Minolta Business Solutions
Mary Catherine Louden Estate**
Louisville-Jefferson County Metro
The McMahan Family
Qdoba Mexican Grill
Mr. & Mrs. W. Kent Taylor
The Commission for Children With Special
Health Care Needs
University of Louisville Dance Marathon
Mr. & Mrs. John L. Zehnder Jr.
President’s Circle,
$25,000 - $49,999
Anonymous (2)
Mr. Andrew & Dr. Maria M. Beck
Bluegrass Family Health
Bluegrass Pain Consultants
BluePrint Technologies Inc.
Martha Burtenshaw Estate
Carol B. McFerran Memorial Fund**
Commonwealth Bank & Trust
CVS Caremark Charitable Trust
Faulkner Real Estate Corp.**
Mr. Kevin J. Hable
Jack in the Box
Mr. & Mrs. Todd A. Johnson
Mary Butler Longest Foundation
Love’s Travel Stops
L. Clark Madison Estate
Marriott Oaks Bourbon Brunch
Premier HomeCare Inc.
Process Machinery Inc.
Schmidt-Messmer Charitable Trust**
Team Shaan Foundation
Texas Roadhouse
Trilogy Health Services LLC
TWIGS of Kosair Children’s Hospital
Yum! Brands Inc.**
Circle of Care, $10,000 $24,999
3D Exhibits
Ace Hardware Corp.
Active Network
Bee Line Courier Service Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Greg Bironas
Blue Grass Motorsport
Mr. & Mrs. Allan M. Bond III
Breland Group Realtors
Opal Godfrey Brennan**
Dr. & Mrs. William C. Britton
Brown-Forman Corp.**
Camp BraveHearts
CDW Healthcare
Community Health Charities of Kentucky
Costco Wholesale
Mrs. Michele Crockett
Dairy Queen Corp.
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen E. Diebold
Mr. Thomas E. Dunbar
Mr. & Mrs. William John Ehrig Jr.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car of Kentucky**
First Kentucky Bank
Ms. Virginia S. Frazier
2 0 1 2
A n n u a l
French Lick Resorts
FTI Consulting Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Gahm Jr.
Garth Brooks Teammates for Kids Foundation
Opal G. Green Estate
Heacock Insurance Group Inc.
Heaven Hill Distilleries Inc.
Honors Student Council –
Etscorn Honors Center
HRC Portfolio Solutions LLC
Hussung Mechanical Contractors
IHOP Restaurants
ING USA Annuity & Life Insurance Co.
JPMorgan Chase Foundation
Kentucky Derby Festival MiniMarathon
Kentucky Planning Partners LLC
Kentucky Wireless Association
Adeline M. Kimmel Estate
Mr. & Mrs. Lee Kirkwood
Laboratory Supply Company Inc.
The Laurel Foundation
Lockton Cos.
Long John Silver’s
Louisville Convention and Visitors Bureau
Louisville Baseball Club Inc.
Louisville Marriott Downtown
Loren L. Mann Estate
Felix E. Martin Jr. Foundation
Martinrea Heavy Stamping
McLane Company Inc.
Meijer Inc.
Mr. Tony Morgan
Morrison Management Specialists**
Mountjoy Chilton & Medley LLP
Neonatal Associates PSC
Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Nunn
Omnicare Foundation
Corneille Overstreet Trust**
Owsley Brown Frazier Family Foundation
Pediatric Cardiology Associates PSC
Rite Aid Corp.
River City Radio Controllers
River Road Asset Management
Mr. & Mrs. Proctor G. Robinson
Sam & Bonnie Rechter Family Charitable Trust
Sam Swope BMW
State Farm Insurance
Tafel Motors Inc.
Tres Chic of Shelbyville
United Graphics of Louisville
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Watkins* **
Wings for Kids
Circle of Light,
$5,000 - $9,999
Abel Construction Company Inc.**
Ameresco Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Barzun**
Blue & Co.
H. F. Boehl Trust**
Boice Enterprises
Mr. & Mrs. Don Boyle
Charlotte Bullock Trust**
Mr. John Burke
Davis Burrus Estate
Calamos Advisors LLC
Cardinal Uniforms Inc.
CB Richard Ellis/Louisville LLC
Centra Credit Union
Charity Golf International
Flora B. Cherry Trust Fund**
Chico’s FAS Inc.
Ms. Mildred Clark
Community Foundation of Southern Indiana
Credit Unions for Kids
Cross Country Distributing Inc.
DaRob Inc.
Dixie Properties
Dr. & Mrs. Kimathi Doss*
Duke Realty Services
Equus Energy Group LLC
The Estopinal Group LLC
Mr. & Mrs. Delbert T. Farmer
Dr. & Mrs. David S. Foley*
GE United Way Campaign
Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. Gough* **
R e p o r t
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey B. Greenberg
Dr. & Mrs. Diller B. Groff
Shirley J. Hayes Estate
Mrs. Connie Hayes-Badon
Dr. Steven J. Heilman*
Henderson Services LLC
Highland & Associates
Hills Developers Inc.
HMS Host International Airport
Drs. John & Kristi Horlander
Humana – Kentucky Market
O. H. Irvine Trust**
Karen S. Jackson Estate
Kentucky Fire Sprinkler Contractors
Kentucky Hospital Association**
Kosair Charities Committee Inc.**
Kosair Children’s Hospital Auxiliary
Lamkin Wealth Management
LFM Service LLC
Lillibridge Healthcare Services Inc.
Limestone Farm, Lawn & Worksite
Ms. Diane Loy
The Maplewood Foundation
Medline Industries Inc.
Middleton & Reutlinger
Morrison Management Specialists
Mortenson Family Dental
Mytex Polymers US Corp.
OrthoPediatrics Corp.
Owen Funeral Homes Inc.**
Oxmoor Toyota Scion
Patrick Calhoun Jr. Charitable Trust**
Penn’s Pace
PharMerica Corp.
Phillips Parker Orberson & Arnett PLC
Mr. Robert C. Poynter
Questcor Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Ready Electric Company Inc.
Mr. Steve L. Ready Jr.*
RecoverCare LLC
Mrs. Deborah F. Rickert*
Riverside Parking Inc.
Securitas Security Services USA Inc.
Mr. James C. Shircliff
The Joseph Beverly Shore Foundation
Siemens Medical Solutions USA Inc.
Dr. & Mrs. William M. Skaggs
Dr. Christopher E. Smith
Stengel-Hill Architecture Inc.
Dr. & Mrs. James L. Sublett*
Mr. & Mrs. Tres Teague
Gladys Thacker Estate
Mary Nell Thompson Estate
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Torp
Kathryn H. Trumbull Trust**
United Fund Drive of Calvert City
United Mail Sorting Inc.
University Pediatrics Foundation Inc.**
Mr. & Mrs. David A. Velander
Mr. & Mrs. Doug Velander
Juanita R. Wade Estate
Walmart #4450
Wick’s Pizza
Mr. & Mrs. Brian C. Yarberry*
Yellow Ambulance Service
Mr. & Mrs. Greg Young
ZirMed Inc.
Circle of Miracles,
3M General Officer
Actus Lend Lease LLC
Air Methods Corp.
Ms. Dana Allen*
William C. Almstedt Foundation**
The American Bottling Co.
AmeriHealth Mercy/Passport Health Plan
AmerisourceBergen Services Corp.
AmStar Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Arnett
Mr. & Mrs. William Beach
Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer
Foundation Inc.
Bellarmine University
Bingham, Greenebaum & Doll LLP
Broadway Across America Louisville
Brown Bros. Cadillac
Mr. & Mrs. Terry Bryant
Charlotte Bullock Trust
Mr. & Mrs. David J. Burianek
Mr. Brian P. Butler
The Century Foundation
Mr. Raymond M. Conrad
Mr. & Mrs. S. Dean Corbett
CoventryCares of Kentucky
Mr. & Mrs. Russell F. Cox* **
Crounse Corp.
Crowe Horwath LLP
Mr. Karl J. Danielson*
Dean Dorton Allen Ford
Mr. & Mrs. Bryan M. Denham
Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. Dickman
Robert B. Diehl Fund
DNS Marketing Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan E. Dubins
Ernst & Young LLP
Eye Associates
Family Allergy & Asthma
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew S. Floyd
Mrs. Glenda L. Ford
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Douglas Ford
French Lick Resort Casino
Mr. Lee Garlove & Dr. Amy Garlove*
Gatti & Young LLC
General Electric Foundation
Dr. Julie L. Goldman
W. L. Gore & Associates
Mr. Bob Gunnell
Healthcare Strategy Group LLC
Ms. Pauline L. Helwig
Mr. Michael A. Hendricks*
Mr. & Mrs. Jacob J. Hepp
Dr. Paige Hertweck*
Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Heuser
HKS Inc.
Jim Beam Brands
Kindred Foundation Inc.
Klosterman Baking Co.
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Kmetz*
Koch Filter Corp.
Mr. & Mrs. Steven D. Koonter
Mr. & Mrs. Jason Kron
Laughlin Millea Hillman Architecture
Logan’s Healthcare Linen Service
Maker’s Mark Distillery Inc.
Malco Theatres Inc.
Mastiff Firestop LLC
McMasters Keith Butler Inc.
Dr. & Mrs. Kelly McMasters
Mrs. Esther B. McNerney
Medtronic Inc.
Messer Construction Co.
Midwestern Auto Group
Mine That Bird the Movie LLC
Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Murray
Mr. Austin Musselman Jr.
The Oliver Group
Ollie’s Bargain Outlet
Pediatric & Perinatal Pathology
Associates PSC
Pediatric Anesthesia Associates PSC
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Pine Tree Mechanical
Ponder & Co.
Dr. Maria R. Puno
River Valley Middle School
RLJ Lodging II REIT Sub. Inc.
Rockin’ for Kids
Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Roth
S & J Lighting/Lense Supply Inc.
Save-A-Lot Food Stores
Sisters of St. Joseph
Mr. James Smith
Mr. & Mrs. John L. Smart Jr.*
Smith Manus
Kristin Spalding Memorial Fund
Steel Technologies Inc.
Stock Yards Bank & Trust
Strata Decision Technology LLC
Mr. Glenn Sullivan
Elbert G. Sutcliffe III Memorial Trust Fund**
Mr. & Mrs. Dick Swope
Elizabeth C. Thomas Fund**
Toyota Dealer Match Program
U.S. Foods
UBS Financial Services Inc.
University Cardiothoracic Surgical
University of Kentucky
University of Louisville
University Pediatric Surgery Associates
U.S. WorldMeds LLC
W.W. Grainger Inc.
Walgreens Infusion Pharmacy
Mary Ann & Rick Watkins* **
Wehr Constructors
Dr. & Mrs. Gregory West
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Williams* **
Ms. Tracy E. Williams*
Mr. Kenneth C. Wilson*
Wyatt Tarrant & Combs LLP**
Circle of Hope, $1,000 $2,499
Acudent LLC
Advanced Health Media LLC/Novartis
AI International
Akins Company Inc.
All About Kids Foundation Inc.
James T. Alton Middle School
Mr. Joseph D. Ammerman
Mr. Randall L. Anderson
Anheuser-Busch Inc.
Anonymous (6)
Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield
Mr. Jack Antle
Mr. & Mrs. Ray W. Arensman
Atrium Centers LLC
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew P. Ayers*
Mrs. Jeanne Baize
Ballard High School
Mrs. Tina E. Ballard* **
Bank of New York Mellon Corp.
Baron Capital Foundation
BB&T Highlands
The Bellamy Student Apartments
Biagi, Chance, Cummins, London,
Titzer, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Blair
Mr. & Mrs. Ivan E. Blankenship Jr.
Boehl Stopher & Graves LLP
Mr. Charles A. Bohn Jr.*
Mr. David J. Boome*
Dr. & Mrs. James W. Boone
Mrs. Christine Borders
Mr. Rick Borowick
Bostik Inc.
Mrs. Mollie R. Boyle
Bows for Brenda
Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP
Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.
Brutal Benevolence Inc.
Ms. Barbara Campbell
Capital Access Corp. – Kentucky
Mr. & Mrs. Terry D. Carter
Dr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Casale
Mrs. Nancy Cassis
Central States Coca-Cola Bottling
Century Mortgage Co.
Mr. Stephen E. Cernich
Charlestown VFW Post #1427
Mrs. Deborah Charlton
Mr. & Mrs. Naveed Chowhan
Chris Nunn Electric Inc.
The Community Foundation of
Mr. Steven Conway*
Mr. & Mrs. Sam Corbett*
Tim & Patty Coury
Mrs. Lois U. Davis
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick L. Debes
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew L. DeSmit
Dinsmore & Shohl LLP
DKH Inc. – Chicken King
Mr. Steven Downey
Ms. Laura Dunbar
Mr. Peter J. Edwards
Mr. Craig A. Eibel
Electromed Inc.
Mr. James A. Ellis
Ms. Lauren Esterly*
Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Evans
Dr. Mary Fallat* & Mr. C. Thomas
Walker Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Faludy
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Feller
Ms. Ginger L. Figg* **
Mr. David Figge*
Mr. Donald D. Finney
R. Fischer
Mr. John L. Flynn
SWS Charitable Foundation Inc.
Dr. C. Bryan Fox
Mr. Patrick Francis
Ms. Tina A. Franke*
Ms. Marcia Friend
Ms. Arlene L. Fritsche
FS2 Capital Partners LLC
Mr. James D. Garmon
Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence Gettleman
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Gold
Mr. Alejandro Govea
Ms. Phyllis L. Grube
Mrs. Lindsay Guess
Mr. & Mrs. Jacob S. Gumer
Mrs. Ann S. Gustafson**
Mr. & Mrs. Basil Hall**
Ms. Teresa B. Hall
Ms. Caroline Hammond
Mr. John Hammond*
Hardin Memorial Hospital
Harry Doss High School
Mr. John D. Harryman*
Mr. Prentice A. Harvey**
Mr. Samuel C. Harvey
Mr. Blane Scott Hawkins
Mr. John H. Hays
Mr. George Y. Hersch* **
Mrs. Kristina K. Hoerter*
Dr. Kirby C. Hoetker
Honeywell International Charity
Mrs. Tabitha Hornback
Mr. Gene W. Hovendon
Mrs. Christina M. Huey
Mrs. Leslie G. Hyslop*
IEC Foundation
Innovative Mattress Solutions
Integrated Information Systems
Interim Healthcare
Jefferson Community & Technical
Dr. Ann M. Jirkovsky & Dr. William E.
Jung Family Charitable Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Kokai
Kokosing Construction Co. Inc.
Alex Kron
Kyana Region Antique Automobile
Club of America
L.A. Promotions Inc.
Ms. Dawn M. Lange*
Mr. Greg Leffingwell
Miss Allie Lesher
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory L. Levinsky
LG&E & KU Services Co.
JUNE (continued)
• Kosair Children’s Hospital ranks among
the top children’s hospitals nationwide
in oncology, orthopaedics, pulmonology,
cardiology and heart surgery, nephrology,
urology, and neurology and neurosurgery in
U.S. News & World Report’s 2012-13 Best
Children’s Hospitals listing.
• More than 3,500 people
attend the sixth annual
Kosair Children’s Hospital
NICU and 3N Reunion at
the Louisville Zoo.
• Kohl’s Cares provides a grant of $167,302
to the Children’s Hospital Foundation to
continue obesity prevention education as
part of the Kohl’s “Just for Kids” CARE
(Child Advocacy Regional Education)
Program at Kosair Children’s Hospital.
• Citibank provides a gift through the
Children’s Hospital Foundation in support of
the continuation of Safety City, a child safety
education program at Bates Elementary
School for second-graders in Greater
• The Bike to Beat Cancer
raises $340,000 for Norton
Cancer Institute, including
pediatric cancer initiatives at
Kosair Children’s Hospital.
and the Children’s Hospital Foundation team
up to create Xbox carts for patients at
Kosair Children’s Hospital.
C h i l d r e n ’ s
H o s p i t a l
• Sixth annual American Girl
Fashion Show, presented
by Bluegrass Pain
Consultants PLLC, raises
more than $80,000 for
Kosair Children’s Hospital.
• The Louisville-area offices
of Northwestern Mutual
donate $100,000 for
pediatric cancer care at
Kosair Children’s Hospital.
Northwestern Mutual raised
the funds through an
online auction of pieces of the floor on which
the University of Kentucky won the 2012 NCAA
national basketball championship.
•Annual Festival of Trees &
Lights, Snow Ball and
Kosair Children’s Hospital
Home and BMW Raffle
raise $415,793 to support
the Addison Jo Blair Cancer Care Center.
• Fourth “Just for Kids” Radiothon raises
$291,000. The 26-hour radiothon aired on Main
Line Broadcasting stations 99.7 DJX, B96.5,
Magic 101.3, 102.3 The Max, 105.1 FM Talk
and La Poderosa 105.7 FM.
• White Castle donates
$500,000 to the Children’s
Hospital Foundation to
allow for the creation of
an expanded family space
at Kosair Children’s
Hospital, named the White
Castle NICU Family Center. White Castle also
served more than 2,000 hamburger sliders to
F o u n d a t i o n
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey E. Lilly*
Dr. & Mrs. Harold J. Livera
Mr. Michael J. Logsdon
Louisville Collegiate School
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence D. Lowe III
Lundbeck Inc.
Lynnville Community Church
Mr. Steve Maiden
Mildred Y. Manning Estate
Dr. Michael Marshall
Dr. Robert S. Mattingly
Ms. Breanne McCubbin
Mr. Derek R. Meehan
Meijer Inc.
Mellow Mushroom
Merrill Lynch & Co.
Ms. Mary Lynn Meyer*
Michael Koch & Associates
Microsoft Corp.
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Ms. Debra Lee Miller
Mr. Van G. Miller
Mimi’s Cafe
Miss Amber Jo Mingus
Miss America Organization
Mister P Express Inc.
Ms. Christine H. Moll
Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Money
Morgan Stanley Foundation
Mortenson Family Dental
Mr. Thomas D. Mueller
Mr. Kevin L. Muench*
Ms. Theresa T. Murphy
National SAFE KIDS Campaign**
The Nehemiah Group
Mrs. Jacinta L. Nelson*
Mr. & Mrs. Clark Neuman*
New Horizons Office Interiors Inc.
New Vision Therapy & Rehab
Newcomb Oil Co.
Norton Commons LLC
Mr. Tom F. O’Callaghan
Ms. Justine O’Flynn* **
Mr. & Mrs. James V. Oppel Jr.
Mr. Patrick W. O’Rourke
Paradigm Yachts
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Paris
Drs. Chandrakant and Tarangini Patel
Ms. Laura Petry
Mrs. Anna Berry Pfeil*
Mr. Curtis Phillips
Mr. & Mrs. Mark R. Pierce
Porsche Club of America – Kentucky Region
Ms. Melissa Power
Programming Services Group LLC
Ms. Julie Pugliese
Quest Diagnostics
Mrs. Amanda D. Quire
Mr. & Mrs. Emmett C. Ramser*
Mr. Paul H. Ratcliffe
Mr. & Mrs. Willard T. Reese
Mrs. Elizabeth M. Reutlinger**
Mrs. Jane E. Rice
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Rivers
Mr. & Mrs. Alton H. Roberts Jr.*
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Roccisano
Ms. Mary Rogers
Ms. Dianne Rowan*
Ms. Brenda J. Runner*
Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Sakulich
Savoyard Baptist Church
Mrs. Mabel Scherzer*
Dr. Thomas A. Schlindwein
Dr. Loretta T. Shearer**
Mrs. Courtney Shewmaker*
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Shipp
Ms. Melanie Shook
Mrs. Cindi M. Shrader
Signature Healthcare
City of Simpsonville
Mr. Paul Smith
Snowy Owl Foundation
South Oldham High School
Southeastern Specialty Vehicles Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Donna Spahl
Mr. Jerry J. Speck
Mrs. Debbie M. Spinner
Stoll Keenon Ogden PLLC
2 0 1 2
A n n u a l
Mr. Caleb Stone
Ms. Patricia G. Swope
Mr. & Mrs. Roy W. Taylor Jr.
Ms. Debra Bryant*
Mr. Robert E. Thieman
Thomson Reuters
Thoroughbred Contractors LLC
Transgenomic Inc.
UBS Americas PAC Charity Match Program
United States Drug Testing Laboratories Inc.
University Psychiatric Foundation Inc.
Mrs. Mary D. Vetter*
Mrs. Teresa Vincent
Mrs. Debbie H. Waiz
Mr. Gary L. Walls
Mr. & Mrs. Lev Weinstein
Wells Fargo Bank
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Westerman**
Whayne Supply Co.**
Mr. & Mrs. Ryan P. Wigginton*
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas A. Winkelhake*
Mr. William B. Yarmuth
Jodi Yates
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Yates
Mr. Patrick R. Yates
Mr. Samuel J. Young
Circle of Joy, $500 - $999
3rd Street Development – Master Tenant LLC
A.J. Seibert Company Inc.
Ms. Mary Adams*
Advance Auto Parts
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Aguera
Mr. & Mrs. Hoyt Almond
Mr. Bryon Alsop
Mr. Carl A. Amorose Jr.*
Anchorage Public School
Anonymous (13)
Mr. Andy W. Arnold
Ms. Denise E. Ashby*
Auburn Automotive Heritage Inc.
Dr. S. Pearson Auerbach
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Aull
Dr. & Mrs. Erle H. Austin III*
Mr. & Mrs. Carsten Bach
Ms. Tamara Baer*
Ms. Cynthia A. Bailey
Baptist Hospital Northeast
Mr. & Mrs. Terrian Barnes
Mr. Ned M. Bass
Ms. Mary Jo Bean*
Mr. Mark J. Becker
Ms. Kimberly Beckett
Mrs. Rebecca Ann Beld
Mr. Walter R. Bender Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Bernard
Mrs. Beth & Mr. David Birchman-Scholla
Mr. & Mrs. John V. Blalock
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Blandford**
Dr. & Mrs. Harold W. Blevins
Mrs. Beth M. Blythe
Mr. John Bollman
Mr. Richard Borowick
Mr. Mike Brady
Mr. Brough Breeland
Brian Flora Photography
Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Brinegar
British Sports Car Club
The Brook Hospital at KMI
Brothers Lodge #132 IOOF
Ms. Julie A. Brown
Mrs. Lisbeth A. Brown*
Mr. George Buisson
Ms. Angie Burchett
Mr. Albert J. Burton**
Ms. Jacquelyn Burton*
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Busack
Ms. Ashley Butler
The Café
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Cain
Mrs. Billie Campbell
Mr. & Mrs. Steven L. Cannon*
Cardinal Health Foundation Inc.
Mrs. Susan W. Carey*
Mr. Darrell Carlisle*
Mr. & Mrs. Tim Carrigan
Mr. Bobby Carter*
R e p o r t
Mrs. Jeanette B. Carter*
Mr. Billy Cashion*
Mr. Paul Casi II
Mr. Jay Charnes
Christmas Cheers for Kids
Citizens Union Bank
Mrs. Mary K. Clift
Drs. Jonathan & Rebecca Cohen*
Colgate-Palmolive Co.
Mr. Terrence M. Colley*
Mr. & Mrs. Buddy W. Collins
Combined Federal Campaign
Communicare Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher M. Coomes
Mr. David W. Cooper
Corbett Construction Co. Inc.**
Crahan Wealth Management Inc.
Dr. Laurie B. Craycroft
CSX Good Government Fund PacMatch
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Darrah
Mr. & Mrs. Rob Davenport
Dr. Robert Debski*
Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Decker
Ms. Janice Demoisey
Mr. & Mrs. Randy D. Denchfield
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Deno
Derby City Mustang Club
Mrs. Connie. R. Dettlinger
Mrs. Judith Dicken*
Mr. Brad Dillon
Directors Staff Ladies
Dr. Elizabeth M. Doyle*
Drake’s Restaurant
Mrs. Camila Duke
Ms. Lynn G. Dunbar
Mrs. Agnes G. Eckhoff
EIC Technologies Inc.
Mrs. Charlotte G. Ekart*
Mr. Anthony D. Elmore
Mrs. Sharon M. Elsesser*
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Englehart**
Mr. Michael P. Esposito Jr.*
Ms. Robyn Evans*
F.B. Purnell Sausage Co. Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Lonnie Fallin
Family for Success Inc.
Ms. Elizabeth Farley
Ms. Rebecca Farris
The Fashion Post Inc.
Ms. Deborah A. Fentress
Mr. Sergio Feria
Ms. Elizabeth Ferreri
Ms. Lynna Fischer*
Mr. & Mrs. Mike P. Fischer
Mrs. Judy L. Fisher*
Mr. Richard J. Forest*
Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Fox
Franklin County High School
Ms. Laura L. Frazier
Mr. James Fuqua
The Gardner Foundation Inc.
Mrs. Marea B. Gardner & Family
Ms. Krista Garza*
Mr. Harold Gast
Mr. & Mrs. Kurt C. Gessner*
Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana Troop #1069
Ms. Deborah S. Givens*
Ms. Beverly Glascock
Mr. Cody Glenn & Ms. Janice Hamm
Golden Corral Corp.
Mrs. Cathy Gooch
T.J. Graven
Graves County High School
Greek Partners – Phi Mu Sorority
Green River Area Development District
Mr. Richard Grenon
Mrs. Helen B. Grenough*
Mr. & Mrs. Charles B. Griffin
Mrs. Michelle Hafling
Hager’s Gifts for Angels
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Hale
Mr. & Mrs. Bill E. Hall
Mrs. Bonnie B. Hall
Mr. & Mrs. George E. Hart
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Hawkins
Mr. & Mrs. James Haynes
Mr. Jay Hedges*
Mr. William Heil
Mr. Louis Hettinger
Dr. & Mrs. Owen K. Hitt*
Mr. Pui Man Ho*
Mrs. Sharon Hobbs
Mr. Pat Hoehn
Ms. Sharon Hollkamp
Honeywell Hometown Solutions
Mr. Gene Hornback*
Mr. & Mrs. Tommy Hornback
Mr. Day W. Horner
Mr. Aaron Howard
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Howard**
Mr. Jim Hughes
Mimi Hwang
Imagine Nation Books Ltd.
Ms. Dawn Jacob
Ms. Gretchen Jarrell
Jewish Hospital & St. Mary’s HealthCare
Mrs. Helen S. Jones**
Mr. Richard Jones & Ms. Ann Walsh-Jones
Mr. Evan Karr
Ms. Karen L. Keith
Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Kelly**
Mr. Adam D. Kempf*
Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy*
Kentucky State Police Professional
Mr. Michael T. Keown
Mr. & Mrs. Herman Key
Ms. Nicole Kirby*
Mrs. Malissa Knear-Mattingly
Ms. Anne Koebel
Ms. Anna Koning-Ogg
Mr. Rick Koscinski
The Kroger Co.
Forrest S. Kuhn Jr., M.D.
Ms. Jaime Kute-Alegnani
L & N Employees Giving Fund
L & N Federal Credit Union
Mrs. Kathleen H. Lamb*
Mr. & Mrs. Mark T. Lamkin
Mr. Clement M. Lange
Mr. & Mrs. Byron T. Largen
Mr. Romeo Laureano
Mr. Kenneth Lee
Casey Lewis
Mr. & Mrs. Byron Riggs Lewis
Mr. Leslie Lindberg
Mrs. Natalie Atwell London
Mr. & Mrs. Russell B. Louderback
Louisville Eccentric Observer
Mrs. Charlotte J. Luney
Kathryn E. Lutz Estate
Mr. & Mrs. Steven MacLauchlan*
The MacLean Foundation Inc.
Mr. William Mahoney
Mr. Tony Malito
Mr. & Mrs. Danny J. Manning**
Mr. & Mrs. Hardison G. Martin
Robert & Sarah Martin
Dr. Michael R. Marvin
Ms. Mary Theresa Massey*
Ms. Pennie Maus-Granholm*
Mrs. Judith A. Maxwell*
Mr. & Mrs. Doyle P. Mayton
Mr. Terry McCurry
Ms. Cora Ellen McKinley
Mr. & Mrs. David McRae
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Meany
Mr. Steven A. Menaugh
Mr. Lloyd G. Miller*
Ms. Elizabeth Minogue
Modern Marketing Concepts
Montgomery County Health Department
Ms. Christine Montgomery
Mr. Mark P. Moussette*
Muhlenberg North Middle School
Ms. Amy Niemann*
Mrs. Pam H. Noel
Norton Healthcare Patient Access
Oertel-Nuetzel Memorial Fund
Oldham County High School
Mr. Ken O’Neil
Mr. & Mrs. Brian W. O’Rourke
The Pampered Chef
Parco Constructors Group LLC
Mr. Allan M. Parnell
Dr. Pradip Patel
Mr. George Patterson
Ms. Lynn A. Pereira**
Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell L. Perry
Mr. Terry E. Peshia
Pimco LLC
Ms. Barbara Pittman*
Pleasant Grove Baptist Church
PNC Foundation
Mrs. Sandra M. Poe
Mr. Douglas J. Pollefeyt*
Mr. Thomas Polson
Ms. Julia A. Popp*
Ms. Tracy Popp*
Presentation Academy
Providence High School
Quads Rod & Custom Car Club
Mrs. Magnolia Quillen**
R & A Jewelers Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Redick*
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Redwine
Ms. Kim Reed
Ms. Sharon J. Rengers* **
Ms. Diane Rigney
Mr. & Mrs. William E. Ritchie*
River View Farms Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen P. Rivette
Ms. Sarah Robbins
Ms. Michelle S. Robey
Roller Die & Forming
Mr. Peter Ronald
Mr. & Mrs. G. Hunt Rounsavall
Mr. Kyle P. Roy
Mr. & Mrs. Neil Rudy
Ms. Kristin Rutledge*
Saul Properties LLC
Mr. & Mrs. Edward P. Schoenthaler
Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Scoggins
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Seiler
Mr. John E. Selent
Mr. & Mrs. Harry J. Shapira
Robin Shea
Mr. Charles Shipley
Mrs. Ivvy P. Shurn
Ms. Kathy W. Simms
Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Sinclair**
Mrs. Heather Singleton*
Mr. Mark Slaughter
Mr. Kenneth J. Smith*
Mr. & Mrs. S. Russell Smith Jr.
South Hopkins Middle School
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory V. Spears
SPEBSQSA Louisville Chapter #1
Mrs. Debbie Spinner
Mrs. Zoe Nicki St. Ledger
Mr. & Mrs. David M. Starck
Ms. Kathy Stenger
Dr. & Mrs. Ishmael W. Stevens**
Drs. Bradley & Michelle Stevenson
Ms. Jane A. Stine
Mr. & Dr. John Clay Stites
Mr. William A. Stone
Ms. Ashley Stroud
Dr. Gerald F. Sturgeon
Ms. Millicent Tanner
Mr. & Mrs. Peter M. Tevebaugh
Mrs. Kim Tharp-Barrie*
Mr. & Mrs. C.J. Theobald
Mr. John Thompson
Throop Elementary School**
Mr. Donald Tilley
Torrey Smith Realty Co. LLC
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Tuvlin
United Way of the Ohio Valley
Augusta C. Van Ruff Estate**
Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. Varga
Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Vaught**
Ms. Rita Vest
Vincenzo’s Italian Restaurant
Mrs. Sally Wade
Mr. & Mrs. George J. Wagner III
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald E. Waldridge II
Trenton Walls/The Three Horsemen
Washington County High School
Water Valley Baptist Church**
Mr. Robert M. Watkins
Dr. & Mrs. Peter H. Wayne III
Wellpoint Inc.
Western Baptist Hospital
Ms. Janice L. White*
Dr. & Mrs. Brad J. Wilhelmi
Mr. & Mrs. Frank E. Wismer III
Chip & Stephanie Woodall
Ms. Grace M. Wooding
Mrs. Amy Woods
Ms. Fran Yarmuth
Ms. Elizabeth Younger*
Mr. Sanok Yount
Ms. Pamela Zaniewski
2012 WRAP-UP
• The Children’s Hospital Foundation invests
more than $10.2 million in Kosair Children’s
• Specialists at Kosair Children’s Hospital
and Kosair Children’s Medical Center –
Brownsboro care for more than 155,000
children from throughout Kentucky and
Southern Indiana.
• Kentucky Regional Poison Control Center
of Kosair Children’s Hospital receives nearly
70,000 calls. From those calls the center
advises nearly 50,000 concerned families
and health care providers from all 120
counties in Kentucky on how to correctly
handle possible poisonings as well as bites,
stings and drug reactions.
• Kosair Children’s Hospital’s child passenger
safety technicians check 685 car seats and
booster seats statewide.
• Kosair Children’s Hospital and Safe Kids
Louisville and Jefferson County conduct bike
safety “rodeos” for 20,000 third- through
fifth-graders throughout Kentucky.
• The “Just for Kids” Transport Team
transports more than 1,800 sick babies
and injured children from across the region
to Kosair Children’s Hospital; the children
are transported via four mobile intensive
care ambulance units, a helicopter and an
• Kosair Children’s Hospital Auxiliary raises
funds for the hospital, primarily through gift
shop proceeds.
• TWIGS of Kosair Children’s Hospital raises
To make a gift to the Children’s Hospital Foundation, return the envelope enclosed in this
issue of Cart Wheels or visit HelpKosairChildrensHospital.com. You also may call the
Children’s Hospital Foundation at (502) 629-8060.
funds for the hospital through various
initiatives, including gift shop sales at Norton
Audubon and Norton Suburban hospitals.
Efforts have been made to include all 2012 gifts of $500 and above. If a name was
overlooked or printed incorrectly, please accept our apologies. You are encouraged to
contact the Children’s Hospital Foundation at 234 E. Gray St., Suite 450, Louisville, KY
40202, (502) 629-8060 or [email protected]
Providing care
that’s “Just for Kids”
Kosair Children’s Hospital is Kentucky’s
only full-service, free-standing pediatric
Cart Wheels
Norton Healthcare
P.O. Box 35070
Louisville, KY 40232-5070
care facility dedicated exclusively to
caring for children and is an advocate
for the health, safety and well-being of
all children. The 271-bed hospital, which
also serves as the primary pediatric
teaching facility for the University of
Louisville School of Medicine Department
of Pediatrics, maintains an unwavering
dedication to the children of this
community and the region. To learn
more about the programs and services
offered through Kosair Children’s Hospital,
visit KosairChildrensHospital.com.
The Children’s Hospital Foundation raises
Piggies are on the move!
funds for Kosair Children’s Hospital to
The Piggies for Preemies program is going statewide in September!
support lifesaving equipment, research,
Thanks to BB&T, more piggies than ever will reach Kentuckians and
clinical care, education, advocacy and
help premature babies at Kosair Children’s Hospital.
state-of-the-art facilities.
Get your free “Penny the Piggy” bank today! Money raised will
For more information about charitable
contributions that help children, call
(502) 629-8060 or (800) 444-2523 or visit
To learn more about volunteer
opportunities at Kosair Children’s Hospital,
call (502) 629-6122.
support the Kosair Children’s Hospital neonatal intensive care unit
through the Children’s Hospital Foundation.
Turn your pennies into a promise for a healthy start to life!
To get your “Penny the Piggy” bank:
•Stop by your local BB&T branch
•Call the Children’s Hospital Foundation at (502) 629-8060
Fall 2013
A quarterly publication of Kosair Children’s
Hospital and the Children’s Hospital Foundation
Contact us at:
Kosair Children’s Hospital information line
(502) 629-KIDS • (855) KCH-KIDS
Children’s Hospital Foundation
(502) 629-8060 • (800) 444-2523
Managing editor – Stephanie Doyle
Medical adviser - Stephen Wright, M.D.
Creative director - David Miller
Designer - Mary Lou Fitzer
Copy editors - Jen Reynolds, Luisa Satterly
Cart Wheels is printed by Publisher’s Press.
Visit us at KosairChildrensHospital.com.
•Visit HelpKosairChildrensHospital.com

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