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Letter From The President
Dear Friend,
The Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley is a place where the
dedication and passion of the staff and hundreds of volunteers and
supporters make a difference in the lives of the kids we serve every
day. None of this would be possible without the financial support
and the countless volunteer hours we receive from our community.
To you all, we are forever grateful.
Our Mission…
For over 42 years, the mission of the Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley has been
to provide a positive, safe, healthy and fun environment that empowers our
youth to become responsible individuals and citizens of tomorrow.
In the life of a child can make
a huge impact on his or her
It has been, and will continue to be, my personal mission to ensure
the long term success and sustainability of the Boys & Girls Club
for the future generations of Simi Valley. I hope you will join me
in this mission; to leave a lasting legacy in each young life that is
touched by those who invest their time, talent, and treasure in this
vital community resource.
Can create an unbreakable
bond with a vulnerable child
that will last throughout his
or her lifetime.
On behalf of all the children the Club serves, I would like to thank
you for your support during my Presidency, and of this important
organization that is vital to the health and wellbeing of our
children and the future of our community.
Can offer hope to an entire
Fred Thomas
President of the Board of Directors
Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley
From you can open the door to
a brighter tomorrow for more
of our children.
Chief Executive Officer
2012 Full Time Staff
2012 Employee of the Year
I am honored to serve as Chief Executive Officer of the Boys & Girls
Club of Simi Valley.
We have an excellent board and caring staff who are extremely committed
to being a vital resource in our community for families by providing safe,
positive and life-enhancing after school and summer programs.
It is our goal to work in a collaborative effort with our community
partners and local agencies to help all youth reach their full potential as
productive, caring, and responsible citizens.
However, none of the good work being done here at the Club would be
possible without the generosity of our countless donors, sponsors and
volunteers. So, I would like to say thank you to all of our supporters for
the many ways you make all of this possible and for being the positive difference in the lives of the youth we serve. You truly provide life-changing
results for thousands of youth.
Virginia Hayward
2012 Board of Directors
In December of 2012, the Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley was
honored to dedicate the Learning Center to Sam Taylor, the
28-year-old Team Leader who had worked in the Learning Center
for five years.
Fred Thomas, 2010-2014 Board President
Aaron, Thomas & Associates
Shari Schultz, V.P. Board Development
New Directions Event Planning
As the Learning Center Team Leader, Sam was the guiding force
that broadened the minds of hundreds of children over the five
years that he worked at the club with responsibilities that included
planning and implementing the after school curriculum, offering
homework assistance and tutoring, and communicating with
families regarding progress of member’s homework all of which
contributed to the success of achieving our mission.
Harry VanDyck, V.P. Finance/Treasurer
Century Tax & Accounting Services
Wayne Schultz, V.P. Property Management
Alex Gandel, V.P. Marketing
Troop Real Estate
Virginia Hayward, V.P. Programs
Access TLC Hospice & Home Health Care
Chief Executive Officer:
Virginia Hayward
Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley
Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley
Sincere Congratulations to Lauren Guynes
(center), Employee of the Year in 2012.
Sharing Lauren’s celebration are Kaileen
McLeod (R)and Marisa Lomeli (L).
Sue Means
Earle Okamoto
Chuck Theobald
Susan Valenzuela
Beth Welden
Bruce Yi
In Loving Memory of Samuel A. Taylor
Liz Pitman, V.P. Resource Development
Pitman Plumbing
Jackie Caldwell
Sandee Covone
Mailani Fernandez
Lauren Guynes
Virginia Hayward
Jim Lucas
Mary Bibb, Planning Commissioner City of Simi Valley
Ron Chambers, Simi Valley Police Department
Jay Collatie, Lost Canyons Golf Course
Susan Deese, Union Bank
Jeff DiJulius, Simi Valley Town Center
Trudi Friedman, Mailbox Plus
Thomas J. Hartfield, Hartfield Financial Insurance Services Inc.
Deb Holler, Retired
Phil Isbell, Simi Valley Buick GMC
Joe Ravens, Wells Fargo Bank
Stephanie Shannon, Simi Valley Police Department
Scott Tignac, Waste Management
Ted Weiner, TRC Medical, LLC
Bill Werner, Simi Valley Hospital
Dan White, InterDealer Trading Solutions
Born with muscular dystrophy, Sam earned two degrees from
Moorpark College and a bachelor’s degree in geology from CSUN. Sam passed away unexpectedly a few days before
Thanksgiving after bravely battling the longstanding illness. Sam was a very giving, kind and generous soul who often
placed the needs of others ahead of his own. He had a keen sense of humor and depth of patience that is necessary to
successfully work in our field.
Sam was loved by his peers and all of the children that he served at our Boys &
Girls Club. Ten-year-old Naha Davaluri knew Sam Taylor for almost four years.
“He made a difference in my life because he taught me things I never knew,” Naha
said. “The thing I miss most about Sam is that I won’t be able to look forward to
talking to him every day.” “I miss all of the ways Sam would make me feel better
and how he was always there to help me,” 10-year-old Meggan Stebbins said.
Sam was a great instructor who helped so many of our children be their very best.
He was truly extraordinary and has made such an impact on the children here at
the club, as well as the staff. We all miss him very much, and are grateful for the
time we shared with him.
Core Programs
Character and Leadership Development
Junior Leaders / Leaders In Training
Club members have always had a place to go and a
place to grow at the Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley.
For members who set higher goals for themselves, the
Club offers our Junior Leader and Leader-In-Training
volunteer programs. Both programs focus on character
and leadership development through volunteerism at
the Club and within the community. Members receive
the two-fold benefit of gaining valuable job skills and
experience while completing community service hours
to fulfill their volunteer requirements for school. We
have proudly helped thousands of teens achieve personal
growth by setting a firm foundation of hard work and
good ethics which also helps our community by providing
a high quality workforce in the years to come.
Torch Club / Builder’s Club
Sponsored by the Kiwanis, teens develop leadership skills and partake
in opportunities for planning, decision-making, contributing to Club
and community as a Torch/Builder’s Club member. These small-group
leadership development clubs are for young people ages 11 to 13 whose
members elect officers, choose their own activities and plan and implement
community service projects. This “student-led” community service group
also provides an opportunity to develop positive self-esteem, listening and
speaking skills, and respect for elders, peers, community, and country.
Keystone Club
Keystoning is the Boys & Girls Club’s most dynamic teen program.
Keystone is a service and leadership club for ages 14-18. This unique
leadership development experience provides opportunities for teens to
participate in activities in three focus areas: Academic Success, Career
Exploration and Community Service. Keystone Club aims to have a positive
impact on members, the Club and Community.
Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley
Education & Career Development
Power Hour
The Boys &
Girls Club of
Simi Valley
offers afterschool programs to help our members
achieve academic success by encouraging
them to complete their homework and
school projects while at the Club. Our
Learning Center Library provides a study
hall atmosphere where members can do
homework, read, and study in a quiet
space. Members also receive homework
assistance from staff members and volunteer
tutors from local colleges and high schools.
PowerPoints are awarded to children who complete their homework,
which can earn them admission into our weekly PowerParty. Our
members look forward to the prizes, goodies, and rewards given out
at the PowerParty which continually motivates them to correctly
complete their homework assignments each day.
Health & Life Skills
Money Matters
You’re never too young – or too old – to learn
how to manage money and make smart financial
decisions. It’s a proven fact that people become
the best money managers when they have the
chance to develop these skills early in life. Money
Matters is a nationally recognized program that
is proudly sponsored by the Charles Schwab
Foundation that empowers our young members
by teaching them practical money management
skills, allowing them to become financially independent by setting and
achieving personal financial goals.
The Arts
Career Launch
Together with the support of
community partners, the Boys &
Girls Club of Simi Valley continued
our successful Career Launch
program. Career Launch is a fun
and exciting teen job readiness
program that prepares teens to
enter the workforce by developing
essential skills to finding success in
the working world. Career Launch
sessions include resume writing,
interviewing skills, proper attire,
effective communication and more.
In the spring of 2012 many of our
Career Launch participants attended
the annual Job & Career Expo
hosted at the Club in collaboration
with the city’s Youth Employment
Services Department. It was the
most successful expo to date, where
dozens of local employers conducted
on-the-spot interviews with hundreds
of candidates, many of whom were
Career Launch graduates.
TNT Drama Matters
Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley
We offer weekly, separate hip hop dance classes for
ages 6-8, 9-11, and 12 and up. The members learn
basic hip hop and modern dance moves and routines
in which they will get to perform at various Boys &
Girls Club special events including our Annual Family
Dinner and Talent Show. Members not only have fun
dancing but build confidence, overcome stage fright,
make new friends, and learn how to work as a team.
Glee & Drama Club
Sing, Dance, and Perform! Glee Club is a choir club where members learn
the basics of performing through learning some of their favorite songs
alongside some simple dance routines. The Glee Club performs at various
Boys & Girls Club special events throughout the year.
Zumba Fitness Classes
Zumba is all about getting up, being active, and having fun. Once a
week we have a Zumba dance fitness class offered to all members, which
provides a fun and positive environment for youth to be active and
exercise. Each week our members learn new fun and challenging routines.
Creative Writing
Creative writing is a club where members meet weekly to learn basic writing
skills and learn how to use their creativity to tell a story. Members can
choose to write any type of story under the guidance of our supportive
Learning Center staff. Members discuss and share their writings with their
peers and with the staff, giving each other feedback. The creative writing
club is a great way for our members to showcase their creativity and develop
their writing skills.
Music Club
Every summer we have our music club where members learn basic skills in
guitar and keyboard. Practicing twice a week, members learn to play some
of their favorite songs.
Passport to Manhood/Sisterhood
Passport to Manhood and Sisterhood are character building programs
that concentrate on a specific aspect of character taught over 14 sessions
including Values in Personal Decision Making, Code of Ethics, Personal
Wellness, Responses to Authority, Employment and Careers, Personal
Leadership and Community Responsibility and more. Each young teen
member receives their own “passport” to underscore the notion that they
are on a personal journey of maturation and growth. The purpose of the
program is to engage youth in discussions and activities that reinforce
character, leadership and positive behavior, and includes a service project
where they learn the importance of giving back to the community.
Hip Hop Dance Club
The TNT Drama Matters
program gives kids an opportunity to
pursue their interests in acting and
the performing arts. Each week teens
meet and go through drama and
improv exercises, acting workshops,
and learn theatre lingo. Week by
week the new actors will add to
a collectively written script, to be
featured in a final performance at
the Club.
Jr. Chef’s Cooking Club
This fun and tasty club teaches kids how to prepare
healthy snacks and meals in addition to kitchen safety
and proper equiment use. This club also emphasizes
good nutrition and healthy eating habits, which help our
members make good food choices. Our kids love to cook
and share their culinary creations with their friends who
are always more than happy to test the tasty treats!
Sports, Fitness & Recreation
Specialized Programs
This past year, the SPARK physical education curriculum has
been implemented in all of our after school and day camp
programs. The SPARK curriculum focuses on the development
of healthy lifestyles, motor skills, movement knowledge, social
and personal skills. The fun activities are in alignment with
California and National Physical Education standards. This
highly active and engaging program has been implemented in all
of our sites, reaching over 500 Club members!
Hockey Club
Hockey Club gives members the chance to meet other members
with similar interests, share talents with one another, and just
play hockey together! Hockey club meets weekly in the gym and
is open to all members of all skill levels.
Dodgeball Intramural Sports League
This year we had our first Dodgeball League. Weekly practices
prepared the team for their weekly games against other local
Boys & Girls Clubs. Dodgeball is a very popular game and
creates a new chance for members to be a part of a team and
compete while having fun playing a game they enjoy.
Flag Football Intramural Sports League
Our Club hosts weekly flag football tournaments with our own
club members, and during the flag football season, our team will
compete in weekly games. Our Flag Football team travels and
competes against other local Boys and Girls Clubs.
Spring & Summer Basketball
Intramural Sports League
One of the most competitive and engaging youth basketball
recreation leagues in town, our spring and summer basketball
league grows each year. Many of the local high school players
got their start in our league, competing at a young age!
All players receive a game jersey and trophy, with playoffs
culminating each season. We continue to offer a structured, fun
and competitive league for all youth ages 7 to 15 years old.
Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley
After School Education and Safety Program
Extended Teen Night Hours
Specialty Camps
Lock - Ins
Since 2007, the Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley in
conjunction with the Simi Valley Unified School District and
the California Department of Education has offered free after
school care, transportation, homework assistance, physical
education, healthy afternoon snacks and much more. Our
After School Education and Safety or A.S.E.S. programs serve
over 250 students from Simi Valley’s Title I schools, Berylwood
Elementary, Parkview Elementary and Santa Susana Elementary
each day. Caring counselors assist students to reach academic
and personal success during the after school time. With the
help of local school staff, the Club has helped support students
and their families since 2007 in the areas of academic assistance
and parental/family support.
Our van transportation program is second
to none, providing safe pick-up for our
members from every elementary and
middle school in Simi Valley. Our drivers
safely transport over 300 children each day
to the Club and are trained and certified
according to strict California Highway
Patrol requirements. Each child is greeted
and assisted into our Youth Bus and is
safely transported back to the Club where
members check in and participate in our
wide range of program activities. For a
minimal fee, we provide our parents with
the peace of mind of knowing that their
child is being picked up and cared for
during the after school hours until they
are able to pick them up after work. To
working parents – it’s priceless!
Teen Programming
This summer we had a variety of specialty camps offered to our
members. Some camps included were Mad Scientists Camp,
Cooking with the Stars, and Young Hollywood Camp.
Mad Scientists Camp
The Mad Scientists Camp was designed for the inquisitive
young minds at the Club. Members were encouraged to
investigate and inquire as to how everyday things work.
They then explored varied scientific principles through
demonstrations and experiments, helping the kids “connect
the dots” in their head. Members left with a sense of the
over-arching rules of our world and the organized chaos of
our universe.
Over the summer the Club was open after
hours every night to teens only. For a flat
fee for the entire summer, members would
receive a “Summer Pass” giving them access
to any and all extended nights of their
choosing. Every week Mondays and Tuesdays
were Sisterhood and Passport to Manhood,
respectively, Wednesdays were Teen Movie
Night, Thursdays were Tween Night
(age 11 only), and Fridays were Leaders’
Choice Night, where standout teens
were allowed to choose the activities or
programming for the night.
Twice over the summer the Club hosted a
Teen Lock-In. During a Lock-In, teens are
“quarantined” to the Club from 8:00PM
Friday to 8:00AM Saturday. With constant
games, food, and activities, the kids are
encouraged to stay up all night without
missing a beat. Previous Lock-In’s have
included Dodgeball, hide-and-go-seek
throughout the entire building, make yourown-taco and -waffle bars, and late-night
cosmic bowling!
Cooking with the Stars Camp
The Cooking with the Stars camp members learned new recipes
daily from members of the community or Boys and Girls Club
management. Each guest instructor taught the members three
new recipes in one day. After the members made their own
delicious foods they got to eat them and bring some home
to share with their families. At the end of the camp each
member got their very own recipe book full of pictures and
all the recipes they learned to make.
Young Hollywood Camp
The Young Hollywood camp is a movie maker camp that
taught our members how to be creative and create a movie.
Members learn the process of writing a script, directing,
filming, editing, and acting in their own movie. This
summer our young Hollywood campers had a blast making
the hit movie “Attack of the Lunch Lady “.
Thank you Jim Vigdor and Alcoa Fastening Systems
for many years of support.
Youth of the Year
Eric Borbely
Each year the Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley recognizes
an exemplary Club member as our honored Youth of the
Year. Through hard work, dedication, and service to our
organization, Eric Borbely was recognized before his club,
community and peers at our annual Recognition Luncheon
as our honored 2012 Youth of the Year.
Eric is kind, considerate, and respectful to club members and staff alike. He
demonstrates solid leadership qualities through his positive attitude and hard work.
Staff members admire his responsibility and reliability, and Club members look up to
him and see him as a helpful, friendly, and caring person. He leads by example and
encourages members to participate and have fun in daily program activities. Eric
takes every opportunity to help make the Club an enjoyable and positive place for
everyone he comes in contact with and has made many friends along the way.
Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley
Girls Club
Beyblade Club
Glee Club
Bookworm Club
Hip Hop Club
Cheer Club
Hockey Club
Chess Club
Journalism Club
Cooking Club
Keystone Club
Dance Club
Mad Scientists
Diversity Club
Drama Club
Every Monday
Matters Club
Eric first became a member of the club at the young age
of seven years old. Now at the age of 14, Eric attends
school at Valley View Middle School where he maintains
very good grades and aspires to attend Washington State
University and become a teacher. He enjoys sports and loves to
work and play with computers. When not in the gym, you can be sure to find him
in one of our computer labs where he is always eager to help other members.
At the age of 12 Eric enrolled in the club’s Junior Leader volunteer program which
is designed to assist teens in becoming productive and responsible citizens where he
regularly worked more than the 5 hour weekly requirement. Being very generous
with his time, Eric always offered his help to the staff in various program areas,
making him a very helpful, friendly, and reliable club member. His motivation,
strong work ethic, and genuine desire to be helpful led him to be accepted into our
Leader-in-Training program where he also served as a Keystone Club member.
Animation Club
Nature Club
Rhythm Club
Skate Club
Fine Arts Club
Serving Club
Fitness Club
Soccer Club
Football Club
Torch Club
Gamers Club
Yu-Gi-Oh Club
Mayor Bob Huber and Eric
After spending time getting to know this
exceptional young man, we realize once again
how our organization shapes our youth, helping
them to create their own positive futures. The
Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley is very proud to
have Eric Borbely represent our organization as
our honored Youth of the Year for 2012.
The Borbely Family with Mayor Huber
Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament
An evening of fun and Vegasstyle excitement was had by
all at the Club’s 6th annual
Party-goers enjoyed a variety
of casino style games including
blackjack and roulette, as well
as Texas Holdem Poker where
the top tournament winners
went home with fabulous prizes
including a seat in the World
Poker Tour World Series and
a large screen HDTV.
Many thanks to our
generous sponsors who
were instrumental in
creating an exciting event,
and congratulations to our
tournament champion Hank
Salazar who went home a winner!
23rd Annual Swing For Kids Golf Classic
The Club’s 2012 Swing For Kids Golf Classic held
on October 15th was a great success thanks to the
leadership of our Event Chairperson Ted Weiner
of TRC Medical LLC as well as his dedicated cochairs Phil Isbell of Simi Valley Buick GMC and
Jay Colliatie and his amazing staff at Lost Canyons
Golf Club. They all did a fabulous job rallying the
support of friends and associates throughout the city
to make the tournament a
tremendous success! Special
thanks are also due to our
many generous sponsors and
golfers who made it a fun day
for everyone that participated.
We hope that everyone left
feeling good knowing they
helped hundreds of children
in Simi Valley at the Boys & Girls Club while having
fun with their friends out on the course!
Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley
Thank you to our Golf Committee Chairs Jay Colliatie, Ted Weiner and Phil Isbell
The Boys & Girls Club of Simi
Valley hosted their first ever
Kruzin’ For Kids Car Show on
Sunday, October 14, 2012 at
the Simi Valley Town Center
Mall. Chaired by Liz Pitman
of Pitman Plumbing with lots
of help from our volunteers at
the Simi Valley Corvette Club,
this fun event offered
attendees a pancake
breakfast, lots of vendor
booths to browse, and
a variety of cool classic
and contemporary cars,
trucks and motorcycles
on display. And
admission was free!
Awards included Best
In Show, Kids Choice
Award and Mayor’s Choice
Award. It was a great day that
is sure to be a big hit again this
year! So be sure to save the
date for the 2nd Annual Kruzin’
For Kids Car Show on Sunday,
October 13th, 2013 at the
Simi Valley Town Center Mall!
An Evening In Tuscany
34th Annual Dinner & Auction
Very special thanks is also given to our generous sponsors, volunteers,
board members and staff who dedicated their time to help create a truly
magical evening for everyone who attended.
We feel tremendously fortunate to have so many friends and partners
who continually give their time and hearts to help create better lives
for the children in our community. Thanks to you, our 34th Annual
Auction was a tremendous success!
For the second year in a row, the Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley hosted
our annual auction at the beautiful and exclusive Hummingbird Nest
Ranch nestled in among the foothills of Simi Valley.
From the sweeping vistas to the finest details, Hummingbird Nest Ranch
simply takes your breath away. This extraordinary property boasts an
exquisite main villa with regal Spanish architecture, a gorgeous array
of outdoor spaces, shaded groves of olive trees, sparkling fountains,
romantic accommodations, all in a stunning canyon setting that is
absolutely one-of-a-kind.
Auction Chairs Fred and Debbie Thomas
The 2012 Auction again featured BidPal®, a fun
and exciting way for guests to bid on items. Each
guest received a BidPal® handheld wireless bidding
device that was pre-loaded with over 300 fantastic
auction items. Guests were able to browse the silent
auction area, view items on their BidPal® and bid from
anywhere at any time during the event. Guests loved
using the BidPal® which enabled them to continue
bidding during dinner or while they were enjoying the
company of friends and family right at their table.
All of these enhancements drew record numbers to the event,
with over 500 guests enjoying the beauty of the venue, the
excellent live entertainment provided by the Club’s Teen Hip
Hop Dancers, and the excitement of the BidPal® bidding
system. It was truly the most elegant and extravagant auction
the Club has hosted in its entire 42 year history.
None of it would have been possible without the dedicated
leadership and boundless generosity of our amazing Auction Chairs,
Fred and Debbie Thomas. They were truly instrumental in creating
an extraordinary experience for all of our guests as well as generating
thousands of dollars to support Club programs throughout the year.
We are again tremendously grateful to them for the many months of
time, energy and financial support they provided to make the 34th
Annual Auction an extraordinary and memorable event.
Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley
Save The Date
35th Annual Auction
Friday, June 28, 2013
Dollars & Sense
Corporate Sponsors &
Major Donors 2012
2012 Income
Our Financial Stewardship
The Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley is a state chartered
non-profit organization formed to promote the health, social,
educational, vocational and character development of the
young people in Simi Valley. As a member of a nationally
recognized organization, The Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley
is exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)3 of
the Internal Revenue Code. The financial stewardship of the
Club rests with the Board of Directors who review the Club’s
financial statements on a monthly basis. The Club also performs
a yearly audit with a Certified Public Accountant in accordance
with the standards and practices established by the American
Institute of Certified Public Accountants.
Sources Of Income
The Club generates income from many sources, including
membership fees, program fees and transportation fees.
Membership is affordable to all at only $15 per year and allows
our members to participate in Club programs as often as they
wish. Program revenue comes from daily fees, sports programs,
and transportation fees for daily van service which picks up
from 22 elementary schools and 3 middle schools in Simi
Valley. Aside from these sources of revenue, the Club relies
heavily on donations from individuals, corporate sponsors,
fundraisers, government and foundation grants, event sponsors,
and in-kind donations. We are very grateful to our friends in
the community whose contributions make a difference in the
lives of our young members.
Presidential Sponsors
Harriet H. Samuelsson Foundation
Aaron, Thomas & Associates
Wood Claeyssens Foundation
Walmart Foundation
Chairman Sponsors
Alcoa Fastening Systems
Hummingbird Nest Ranch
2012 Expense
Club Expenses
Expenses for the Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley run the full
breadth of any business. The administrative staff focuses on
maximizing return on investment and is conservative in their
spending. The Board of Directors are key in maintaining our
budget, always finding ways of reducing costs by using in-kind
services for many of our administrative needs. The distribution
of expenses is based on the activity being charged and includes
arts & crafts, sports, computer technology, educational
supplies, etc., and attempts to show a representative picture of
expenses. As you can see from the expense chart, our greatest
investment is made toward the many youth programs that
directly benefit our members.
Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley
Patriot Sponsors
Waste Management
Brian & Kristi Troop,
Troop Real Estate
Wells Fargo Bank
TRC Medical, LLC
Humanitarian Sponsors
Lost Canyons Golf Course
Production Gear Rentals
Southern California Edison
Kiwanis Club of Simi Valley
Union Bank
Ventura County Star
Scott & Mary Ann Wales
Master Cooling
Meggitt Safety Systems Inc.
InterDealer Trading Solutions
Welcome to the Neighborhood
Benefactor Sponsors
Program Services
Macy’s West
AMA Waterways
K & J Auto Exchange
Randy & Kathleen Adams
Howard & Debra Taylor
American Vision Windows
Alex & Janet Gandel, Troop Real Estate
Mid Valley Properties
Kleiner Cohen Foundation
A Rental Connection
Balloon Décor & More
Volt Services Group
Simi Pacific Building Materials
Century Accounting & Tax Service
Anderson Rubbish
Mailbox Plus
Mark Daniel Photography
Simi Valley Hospital
First Automotive Group
Catalina Spas
Sukut Construction Inc.
Gary & Kathi King
Kirby Chrysler Jeep Dodge
Party Blitz
New Directions Event Planning
Marcie Wolford
Wm. L. Morris Chevrolet
Stephanie Shannon
Bob & Ann Mosch
Stephen Douglass
Coronado Manufacturing
Amir Amirghahari
FB Productions
Roy’s Towing
KB Home
Video Equipment Rentals
California Community Foundation
Kaiser Permanente
Simi Valley Ford
Hoffer Auctions
Green Acres Market
Kristen Roof - Valladares
Gold Sponsors $1,000+
Silver Sponsors $500+
Magnavino Cellars
Pitman Plumbing
Simi Valley Buick GMC
S & J Fleet Services LLC
Wayne & Shari Schultz
Insurance West
JMYO Entertainment
Bob & Mary Bibb
Martronic Engineering Inc.
Hydrex Pest Control
American Technologies Inc
Jerry & Michelle DiCanio
Pure Swim
Engage Marketing
Cardio Barre
Santa Barbara Bank & Trust
Oakridge Athletic Club
Walmart (Simi Valley)
Albertson’s (Sycamore Plaza)
Aloha Carpet Cleaning
Pete & Sue Means
Command Performance Catering
Iris International
Mark Chavez
Simi Valley Police Dept.
Jemstreet Properties
G & I Enterprises
Grand Vista Hotel
Bill & Sally Grant
Bob Huber & Deb Holler
Kris Morelock
Ron & Jan Meek
Access TLC Healthcare
Kim & Helen Schulte
James Forsyth, Morgan Stanley
Dr. Victor Muradian, DDS
Mike & Judie Sedell
All Valley Escrow Inc.
Sharon Austel
Ron & Kristi Chambers
Simi Valley Town Center
ProfitPoint Management Group
Jim & Maggie Licate
Swink’s Simi Valley Towing
Harold Pump Foundation
Posada Royale Hotel & Suites
First California Bank
Ecology Landscape
Kent Keith
EDM Services Inc.
Urban Strategies
Bill & Sandy Werner
SLD Awards
Ventura Cigar Company
Mayz Kitchen
Walter & Linda Morgan
Case Paper
Rothbart Development
Underwood Insurance Services
Great Western Packaging
David Finley
Lynda Nickolai Designs
Investors In Youth 2012
20/20 Network Relations
3M Company
A Rental Connection
A Top Banana
Aaron, Thomas & Associates
Abramson, Marc & Jacqie
Abruzzese, Pat & Joanne
Access TLC Health Care
Acuna, Chris
Adams, Randy & Kathleen
Adams, John
Adams Premium Car Care
Adelstein, Alan
Aflac Insurance
Aguayo, Kevin
Ain, Diantha
Albertson’s (Sycamore Plaza)
Albrecht, Ed & Dot
Alcoa Fastening Systems
Ali Baba’s Mediterranean Cuisine Café
All About Printing
All Pro Automotive & Transmission
All Valley Escrow Inc.
Allen, Doug
Allied Insurance
Aloha Carpet Cleaning
Altaffer, Joyce
Alterman, Mike
Alton, Eric & Britany
Alva, Leanne
AMA Waterways
American Recorder Tech
American Technologies Inc
American Vision Windows
Ames, Brad & Mary
Amirghahari, Amir
Amore-Mueller, Karen
An, Chae Sun
Anderson Rubbish
Angela N. Spagna, D.C.
Angels Baseball
Animal Rescue Volunteers
Anita Mawer
Appell, Rich
Apple-Coolures, Dana
Armstrong, Janet
Arnold, Dan
Astolpho, Rafael
Atlantis Casino Resort
Augustine, Manny
Austel, Sharon
Auto Body Unlimited
Automotive Consultants Int’l
AV Graphics, Inc
Avian Entertainment
Badalich, Cyndi
Baker-Wilkinson, Jarrett
Ballard, Dave
Balloon Décor & More
Bank of America Foundation
Bannon, Jeff & Kelly
Barba, Jose
Barba Landscaping Maintenance
Barbarino, Francisco
Barbee, Dennis & Phyllis
Barber-Tracey, Susan E
Barenblatt, Jason
Barker, Brent & Karla
Barkey, Joe
Barmache, Evan & Phyllis
Barnes, Ted
Barona, Leo
Barrera, Sheila
Barry, Judy
Bartel, Angie
Baskets n’ Bows
Bass, Sandy & Sharon
Bayer, Kimberly
Bear Creek Rentals
Beaux Bebe LA
Becerra, Glen & Sally
Becerra, Salvador (Chuck)
Becker, Craig
Beckerle, Joe
Belfield, Chet
Bella A’More
Belmonte, Nick
Belmonte, Phil
Belmonte, Vince
Bennett, Marie
Bennett, Michele
Berlin, Monica
Bernstein Financial Services
Besson, Jerry & Gwen
Best Little Hair House
Best Western Posada Royale
Hotel & Suites
Bezign Design
Bibb, Bob & Mary
Biggs, Doug & Jennifer
Bill’s Quality Auto Care
Bitting, Myron
Black, Ron
Blackshaw, Marianne
Blackwell, Kathleen
Blackwell Elevator Company
Blackwood, Duke
Block, Larry
Block Surf
Blue Finn Grill & Sushi
Bodhi Spa
Bodnar, Michael & Linda
Body Works By Myrna
Bogeberg, Joel
Bonfiglio, Ross
Bongeorno, Richard
Boost Athletics & Sports
Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley
Borow, Steven & Jen
Borow, Steve
Boyd, Carol
Boynton, Mr & Mrs Chris
Boys & Girls Clubs of America
Bradbury, Cheylee & Katie
Bradley Electric
Brennan, Joe & Kindah
Brent’s Delicatessen
Brotherton, Rick & Teri
Broussard, Alfred
Brown, Tonya
Brown, Mike
Bruce, Gerald & Judy
Bruce Clay, Inc.
Brunswick Zone Bowl
BS Hand & Sons Construction
Buchanan, Buck
Buen, Holiday
Buenrostro, Christina
Buono, Tony
Busy Bodies Personal Assistant
Byrne, Paul
Caal, Johnny & Lourdes
Cabuyadao, Loretta
Cain, Michael & Lori
Calderon, Milagros
California Assembly (38th
California Community Foundation
California Electronic Waste
California Pizza Kitchen
California Pizza Kitchen - Simi
Callaway, Timothy
CaminoSoft Technologies
Campeau, Morrie & Pam
Cantin, Joe
Capaldi, Catherine
Caputa, George
Cardio Barre
Cardkey Systems Inc.
Cardservice International
Carolyns Creation
Carsey, Riley
Casco, Don
Casebolt, Cheryl
Casey, Kevin
Casino Entertainment Industries
Cassar, Mark
Cassella, Joe
Castellano, Diane
Catalina Spas
Cavanaugh, Anna
Cavanaugh, Dee Dee
Century 21 Hilltop
Century Accounting & Tax
Century Customs
Chamberlain, Larry
Chambers, Ron & Kristi
Chambers, Ron
Chapin, Ron
Chavez, Mark
Chernoff, David
Cherry on Top Frozen Yogurt
Chi Chi’s Pizza
Christine Haws Photography
Christopher Curtin
Church, David & Shannon
Chuy’s East
Ciccel, Denise
Circiarelli, Steve
City of Simi Valley
Clark, David
Clark, Jennifer
C-ME Construction
CMR Enterprise Handyman
Cobian, Enrique
Coene, Tom
Cohen, Tom
Coldwater Creek Spa
Coletto, Darrell
Colley, Jim
Colliatie, Jay & Jodi
Collins, Melissa
Collins, Cindy
Collins, Rob
Collis, James
Command Performance Catering
Congressman Elton Gallegly
Conlon, Katherine
Conn, Roy
Conn, Robert
Connole, Gregory
Coogan, Candra
Cook, Nathan
Cook, Michael
Coop, Rick
Cornell, Paula
Coronado Manufacturing
Corporate Point Executive
Correlli, John
Costello, Rich
Courtyard by Marriott in Simi
Cowan, Steve & Sheila
Cowles, Ovie & Catherine
Cox, Tony & Diana
Craven, Catherine
Crosby, Michael
Crosson, Steve
Crowe, Doug & Charlene
Crowley, Frank
Cudahy, Steve
Cueto, Fred
Culbertson, May
Cummings, Jim
Cunningham, Jacque
Curnel, Jason
Curtin, Christopher
Curtis, Ryan
Custer, Gary
Cynderella Pools
Cypher, Dennis & Nancy
Dado, Craig
Dager, Mike & Wendy
Dager Associates
Dagliolo, Richard
D’Andrea, Janet
Danzek, Thomas
Dapello, Ken & Ann
Darby, Debra
Davey, Bob & Renee
Davidson, Tammy
Davis, Scott
Dawson, Leslie
Day, Brady & Christy
DDP Film & Television
Deal, Jerry & Jane
Dee’s New Image
Deese, Gary & Susan
Del Mar Thoroughbred Club
Del Rio, Bernadine
Delang, JR & Cynthia
Deleo, Phil & Kristina
Deleo Group
Denton, Nancy
Desert Valley Hospital
Di Julius, Jeffrey
Diamonds and Champagne
DiCanio, Jerry & Michele
Dick Kranzler Signs
Dickey, Kelly
Diekmann, Dennis
DigThis Vegas
Dill-Olmsted, Cathy
Dillon, Bob
DiPrima, Tom
Ditzler, David & Martha
Dixon, Robert
DJ’s California Catering
Dobbins, Debbie
Dodson, Claude
Donchka Travel
Donner, Linda
Dougherty, Gerard
Dougherty Law Firm
Douglass, Stephen
Doung, Angelica
Dowhan, Kenny & Lori
Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream
Dukes, Christoper & Kristina
Dulcich, Vincent
Dulek, Gerald
Dulek, Thomas
Duncan, Jim & Michelle
Dundee, Vince
DVS InteleStream
East Coast Pizza Company
Ecology Landscape
ECOsmarte Planet Friendly
Edger, Jodi
EDM Services Inc.
Edward Jones
Edwards, Bill & Rose
Egbert, Robert & Tami
Eggebrecht, Bill
Eggs ‘N Things
Ehlers, Bob
Eidman, Rich & Lisa
El Sorbante Landfill
Electric Etc.
Elephant Bar
Elite Fitness Plus
Elkins Ranch Golf Course
Ellis, Roger & Marilyn
Elvenstar Farms
Emma, Henry
Endres, Richard
Engage Marketing
Epstein, Peter
Erbe, Dick & Marion
Escobar, Armando
Esser, Nick
Euodia Salon & Day Spa
Extra Space Storage
Eyers, Jimmy
Fackelmann, Amy
Famous Dave’s Pit BBQ
Famularo, Bill
Far West Plywood
Farias, Oscar & Sonia
Farmers Insurance
Faulwell, Marita
Fazzolare, Ronald L.
FB Productions
Fearon, Dave
Felder, Ashley & Neil
Fernandez, Mailani
Fierro, Angel
Fils, Lisa Marie
Fink, Dan & Susan
Finley, David
First Automotive Group
First California Bank
Flame, Jason
Flannery, Nicole
Follin, Michael
Fong, Cecila
Forsyth, James
Foster, Craig & Michelle
Foster, Steve
Four Brix Winery
Four Seasons Hotel Westlake
Foy, Peter
Franson, Chad
Frasier, Jeremy
Fredrickson, Don & Janet
Freeman, Jack & Elaine
Freeto, Ron & Julie
Fried, Larry & Kathy
Friedman, Mauri & Trudi
Friedman, Jonathan & Sonja
Friedman, Lesli
Friedman, Steve
Frost, Judy
Frova, Barbara
Fullbright & Jaworski
Fuller, Jane
G & I Enterprises
Gallagher, Mary
Gallo, Rich
Gallo, Russ
Galtress, Eric
Gandel, Alex & Janet
Garcia, Bill
Garcia, Christie
Gary & Kathi King
Gayles, Christine
Geiger, Charlie & Sue
General Electric
George, Tom
Geraci, John
Gibas, Kim
Gibson, Caroline
Gilansar, Darius
Gilbert, Ben & Kid
Gilbert, Carolyn
Gilbert, Ernest
Gilgenberg, Robert
Gill, Tyler
Gilliland, Korey & Jamie
Gilmore, Chris
Gilmore, Chris
Gilpatrick, Brian & Gloria
Girad, Mark
Giroux, Scott
Give with Liberty
Glade, Robert
Golden Tiger Restaurant
Goldstein, Lewis Carolyn
Golf N Stuff
Gomez, Eddie
Gomez, Elana
Gonzales, Nathalie
Gonzales, Rudy
Gooch, Tracy
Gooch, Tracy
Goodwin, David & Maureen
Gould, Troy & Kim
Gowing, Al
Grace, Peter
Graham, Paul & Peggy
Graham, Shannon
Grahame, Alan
Grand Vista Hotel
Grandchamp, Denice
Grandchamp, Katherine
Grandinetti, Phil & Diane
Grant, Bill & Sally
Grant, Lora
Grant, Ron
Grattan, David
Great Western Packaging
Green Acres Market
Grodsky, Jeff
Grooters, Jim & Shirley
Grubb & Ellis
Guaranty Residential
Guzman, Joel
Gymboree Play & Music
Haag, Annette
Haglund, Seth
Haley, Linda
Hampsted, Jeff
Hand, Gary
Hand & Hand Total Body
Haney, Jill
Hanft, M. Isabel
Hardy, Dave & Patty
Harlan, Karen
Harley’s Simi Bowl
Harold Pump Foundation
Harper, Tony & Margo
Harriet H. Samuelsson Fund
Harris, Hendon & Helene
Harris, Shelah
Harrison, David
Harrison, Jeremy
Hartfield, Thomas J.
Hartfield Financial & Insurance
Services, Inc.
Hartley, Kathleen
Hatch, Mark
Hawes, Faye
Hawkins, Chris
Hawkinson, Diane
Haws, Christine
Hayward, Jeff & Virginia
Hazy Mills Productions
Healing Touch Holistic Massage
Healsip, Debbie
Hearn, Bill
Hearst Castle & National Geographic Theater
Hedglin, Steve & Danya
Heffron, Laura
Heit, James
Hemenway, Lisa
Hibbler, Larry & Robbie
Hicks, Russ & Lyell
Highlights For Children
Hill, Bobby & Joyce
Hillman, Jeff & Kathy
Hines, Michlyn
Hirsch, Josie
Hitner, Lori
Hoffer, Bill Sr.
Hoffer Auctions
Hoffer Jr., Bill Jr.
Hoffman, Jim
Hoffman, Heather
Hoffman, Michael
Holler, Deb
Hollywood Park
Holmquist, Jerry & Saralyn
Holt, Sue
Hooper Camera & Imaging
Hopper, Kenneth
Horn, Larry
Horton, Randy
Howard, Shirley
Huber, Bob
Hughes, Heather
Hummingbird Nest Ranch
Hunter, Jeff & Cathy
Hurst, Carlton
Hutterer, Karl
Hyatt, Eric & Stephanie
Hydrex Pest Control
Hyrchuk, Ron
Imagine Hair Salon
Imagymnation Gymnastics
Indian Wells Resort Hotel
Inn at Deep Canyon
In-N-Out Burger
Insurance West
InterDealer Trading Solutions
Iris International
Isbell, Phil & Janice
Island Packers
Iverson, Brian & Deborah
Iverson Construction
Iwansky, Dave & Allison
Jacobe, Piamor
Jacobellis, Tom & Cathy
Keith, Kent
Keller Williams Realty
Kellogg, Kristi
Kemple, Patty
Kerr, George & Patty
Kesner, Jeanne
Kesselring, Tina
Kestly, Maggie
Killips, Kyle
Kilmartin, Timothy
Kimberly Bayer Photography
King, Gary & Kathi
King, Bob & Kim
King, Shannon
Kirby Chrysler Jeep Dodge
Kirkman, Casey
Kirkpatrick, Brian
Kitchenmaster, Christine
Kitzmiller, Tony
Kiwanis Club of Simi Valley
Klein, Justin
Kleiner Cohen Foundation
Kleintob, Larry & Daryl
Klimisko, Susan
Klussman, Timothy & Marilyn
Knight, Vincent
Knudsen, Shireen
Jacobs, Jim
Jacobsen, Melvin
Jaffe, Robert
Jajko, Keith
Jard Company Inc.
Jauregui, Alice
Jean Rudny, ARS Investments,
Jeff & Terry Walson
Jeknavorian, Jim
Jemstreet Properties
Jensen, Vincent & Shida
Jeries, Ted & Lori
Jersey Jim Magic
JMYO Entertainment
John R Young Capital Mgmt
Johnny & Lourdes Caal
Johnson, Steven & Marsha
Johnstone, James & Lisa
Jolovich, Megan
Jons, Jayson
Joseph, Jack & Michelle
Josie Hirsch Consulting
Judge, Mike & Sarit
Just Trudi’s Boutique
Just Visiting LLC
Justin Klein’s Pool Service
K & J Auto Exchange
Kaehler, Thom & Michelle
Kaiser Permanente
Kake Kreation
Kamikawa, Tracy
Karen’s Flower House
Karl, Paul
Katz, Heidi
Kawasaki, Lance
KB Home
Keefe, Shonnie
Knuth, Bill
Kohl’s Associates in Action
Kokotos, Jim & Ellie
Kolarek, Kelly & Angela
Kole, Arlene
Kolesar, Frank & Jennifer
Kolgen, Chris
Kolodziej, Ed & Madeline
Kolz, Kenneth & Sherrie
Kopy King
Korean Konnection
Kotch, Roger
Kovacs, Elizabeth
Kranzler, Dick
Kreiskott, Richard
Kuder, Kenny
Kunicki, Dean
Kuntuzos, Ken
Kurtze-Bischoff, Kaycee
Kussoy, Bradley
La Couture, Jean
Lackey, Jan
Lado, Marlon & Maria
Laetitia Vineyard & Winery
Lake Casitas Recreation Area
Lambdin, Scott
Landy, Jeff & Sara
Lange, Eric
Lanning, David
Lansden, Vida
Larkin, Bob
Larsen’s Steakhouse
LaRue, Rick
Laspina, Pete & Barbara
Lasure, Tim
Law Office of Robert O. Huber
A Professional Law Corporation
Law Offices of Jennifer Monroe
Lea, Greg & Elaine
Leafdale, Dennis & Joyce
Lee, Tom & Nancy
Lefton, Sally
Lefton Court Reporters
Lemmo, Rick & Lou Ann
Lents, Loretta
Leone, James
Leste, Mary
LeVasseur, Kim
Levlad, Jennifer
Lewis, Ron & Mary Ann
Lewis, Pat
Lewis Galleries
Liberty Drycleaners
Liberty Mutual Insurance
Licate, Jim & Maggie
Liewen Law
Limardi, D.J.
Lindsey, John
Lindsey, Karen
Linne, Lyell
Little Oaks
Litvak, Alan & Kerstin
Lofton, Ed
Longshore, Renee
Lopez, Julie
Lopez, Tim
Lorenz, Danny
Lori Whatley, Bella A’more
Los Angeles Dodgers
Los Angeles Kings
Los Angeles Lakers
Los Serranos Country Club
Lost Canyons Golf Club
LoVerme, Sherry
Lowry, Jim & Kathy
Lowry Quickbooks Consulting
Lu, Tom
Lucas, Jim
Lunsford, Arvon
Lyden, Thelma
Lyndy Lyn Designs
MacDonald, Kristen
Mackel, Tom & Adele
Mackel, Ted & Cathy
Mackel, Thomas & Martha
Mackel Wallis Development
Macy’s West
Magnavino Cellars
Magness, John & Laura
Magnum Power Clean
Mahoney, Bill
Mahony, Geogrann
Mai, Young
Mailbox Plus
Maldoon, Loren & Susan
Malkin, Jerrold
Mandor, Kevin
Manoukian, Sun
Marcus, Margaret
Marder, Andrew
Marie, Lisa
Mark Daniel Photography
Markarian, Darin
Markarian, Tony
Markowitz, Marvin & Libby
Maroney, John
Marsh, Richard & Ellen
Marshall, Lee
Martin, John
Martin, Lani
Martinez, Carlos
Martinez, John
Martinez, Priscilla
Martronic Engineering Inc.
Marty Monica Custom Tile
Marvin, Terry
Mashburn, Keith & Shelby
Massage Envy Spa
Master Cooling
Masters, Steve & Sharon
Matlock, Bruce
Maurer, Jeanine
Mawer, Anita
Mayne, Todd
Mayor Bob Huber & Deb
Mayz Kitchen
MB2 Raceway
Mc Allen, Loretta
Mc Innis, Patrick
Mc Linn, Brooklyn
McCaffrey, Michael
McCaffrey Insurance Services
McClellan, Tim
McCook, Tom
McCoy, Ryan
McDonough, Dee
McFarland, Jeana
McGlynn, Josette
McGuigan, Mike & Becky
McHolm, Lindsay
McIntyre, Mike & Coleen
McPherson, Phil
Meadows, Stephanie
Means, Christopher
Means, Pete & Sue
Medina, Anna
Medina, Steve & Chris
Medley, Kathy
Meek, Ron & Jan
Meggitt Safety Systems Inc.
Melcher, Fred & Lyn
Mellanie Thomas Training
Memoli, Kirk
Mendez, Jesus
Mendola, Tony
Menther, Susie
Mercado, Robert
Metz, Mike
Meyer, Robert & Margie
Michael Schwartz, MD
Michael’s Flowers
Michie, Rita
Mid Valley Properties
Mier, Nora
Mike & Alice Sterling
Milgard Manufacturing
Miller, Brian & Muriel
Miller, Richard
Miller, Scott
Mills, Cal
Milstien, Kim
Minaskanian, Peter
Minkow, Howie
Miraglia, Sallyann
Miraglia, Sam
Miraglia, Sam & Joann
Mitchell, Janice
Moe, Kim
Mold Precision Engineering Inc.
Money Mailer
Monica, Marty
Monroe, Andrew & Jennifer
Montoya, Mike
Moo, Adam
Moore, Lisa
Moorpark College Zoo
Morelock, Kris & Leah
Morgan Stanley
Morris, Jeff & Nancy
Morrison, Cathy
Mosch, Bob & Ann
Moss, Myrna
Mountain Geology Inc.
Mountasia Fun Center
Mozee, Jonpaul
Muradian, DDS, Dr. Victor
Murphy, Tom & Pam
Muskat, Al & Patty
Mutal, Michael
Myers, Phil & Shari
Myers, Shari
Nagroni, Guy
NAI Capital Commercial
National Hockey League
National Title
Natures Gate
NBC Universal
Nelson, Patricia
Neubauer, Danny & Madeline
Neveux, Marc
Nevoso, Tony & Pat
New Directions Event Planning
New West Symphony
Newcombe, Michael
NH Ball Bearings Foundation
Nicholl, Tim
Nickolai, Steve & Lynda
Nickroo, Bijan
Nishiyama, Daniel
Nolan, Mike & Lynn
Norris, Don
Novinski, Stefanie
Nowell, John & Renee
Oakridge Athletic Club
O’Beirne, Monique
Ockey, Bob & PJ
Oggeri, Angie
O’Hara, Tom
Ohler, Marion
Ohrt, Anthony
Okafor, Austino Obi
Okamoto, Earle
O’Keefe, Jack
Oki, Danielle
O’Leary, Richard
Olmstead, Richard & Cathy
Olson-Cornell, Paula
Ondrizek, Bob
One Spirit
On-Site Registration
On-Site Studio Rentals
Ortega, Giovanni & Evelyn
Ortiz, Johnny
Oseas, Jeff & Ilene
Oshiro, Randy
Ostowari, Sohrab
Ostrom, Tom & Inger
Owens, Jimmy & Luanne
Pacific Beverage Co.
Pacific Coast Cabling
Pacific Park at Santa Monica Pier
Pacific Rim Grading
Pacific Tech Imaging
Paige, Ashley
Paint A Dream
Palmdale Mobile Park LLC
Panera Bread
Pantiel, Louise
Papotta, Kenneth
Park, John & Esther
Party Blitz
Party Lite Candles
Pat & Judy Barry
Payne, Brian & Lori
Payton, Chris
Pearl, Dr. Jeffrey
Pemberton, Chris
Pennington, Lyell
Perez, Eddie
Perez, Gabriel
Perry, Elisa
Peterson, Deena
Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley
Peterson, Margaret
Petrella, Rosemary
Petry, Jerry & MaryJoy
Petry, Jerry
Pfeiffer, Robert & Jill
Phelps, Debbie
Phillips, Glenn & Janette
Phillips, Jack
Phillips Sproat, Alyssa
Photography by Joel
Pierce, Jack
Piorek, Hank & Karen
Pitman, Greg
Pitman, Dale & Liz
Pitman Plumbing
Planatek Financial Inc
Play Hair Lounge
Play It Again Sports
Polen, Randy & Carolyn
Polimeni, Joe
Porteous, Shannon
Powell, Mary Ann
Pratt, Brian
Predmore, David
Prescott, Ginny
Pridgen, Parker
Prieto, Pete
Pro Signatures Memorabilia
Production Gear Rentals
Professional Referral Networking of S.V.
ProfitPoint Management Group
Provenzano, Darren
Puebla, Laura
Pump, David & Dana
Pure Clean
Pure Swim
Raad, Zuhair
Radford, Bruce
Radosavcev, Eric & Lara
Ramelow, Laurie
Ramelow, Rich & Laurie
Ramey, Terry & Bonnie
Rampton, Jim & Sue
Rampton, Maddie
Rancho Maria Golf Club
Rancho Ventavo Cellars
Raulin, Dave
Ravens, Joe
Reber, Bill & Paula
Red’s Barbeque & Grillery
Reed, Brian
Reese, Chuck
Regal Entertainment Group
Reich, Holly
Reid, Sam
Reisa Ross
Reniger, Hal & Carol
Reniger Planning & Ins Services
Rewers, Doug
Rhoads, Dick
Ribstein, Ron
Rich, Alan
Rich, Brian
Rich Filter Pros
Richards, Vince & Carol
Richardson, Roger
Riley, Jim & Michelle
Riley, Kevin
Rives, David & Charlotte
Roberts, Larry
Roberts, Sharon
Robertson, Debbie
Robertson, Dan
Robertson, Steve & Diane
Robi, Bill
Robinson Ranch Golf Club
Rockey, Todd
Roesch, John
Rogero, Richard & Kimberly
Ron Freeto Construction
Ronald Reagan Foundation
Ronald Reagan Presidential
Roof-Valladares, Kristen
Rosales, Rigoberto
Rose, Sharon
Rosen, Jessica
Rosenbaum, Robert
Rosenfeld, Dr. David & Shaina
Rosenthal, Todd
Rosete, Ben
Ross, Reisa
Ross Stores
Rotary Club of Simi Valley
Rothbart, Stan
Rothbart Development
Rowan, Sheryl
Roy’s Towing
RR Electric, Heating & Air
Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill
Rudny, Jean
Ruedy, Gary & Sharon
Ruedy, Brandon & Brandee
Russell, Lee & Mary
Rustic Canyon Golf Club
S & J Fleet Services LLC
Sack, Marcia
Sadler, David & Peggy
Safechuck, James
Said Khanian, Sylvia
Salah, Khalil
Salazar, Hank
Samuel, Mark
San Fernando Tree Trimming
San Jose, Sean
Sanchez, Linda
Savas, Gary & Christine
Schafer, Don & Zella
Schloff, Kassandra
Schneider, Edward
Schneider, Mitch
Schneider’s Automotive
Schoen, Jay
Schulte, Kim & Helen
Schultz, Marc
Schultz, Wayne & Shari
Schultze, Greg & Debi
Schussman, Nina
Schwarez, Jennifer
Schwartz, Michael
Schwartz, Neill
Schweit, Shari
Scott, Bob
Scott, Kelly
Scotty’s Mobile Services
SCS Engineers
Sea World
Sease, Grigorio
Seaton, Gary & Joanne
Sedell, Mike & Judie
Seymour, John
Seymour, Lee
Seymour & Associates
Shanaghan, Brian
Shannon, Bill & Marylu
Shannon, Stephanie
Shannon, Tim
Shapiro, Barry
Sharp, Mickey
Shaughnessy, Tracy
Shaw, Richard
Shayer, Ken & Joani
Shea, Father Joe
Shedlock, David
Shelah Harris
Sher, Jamie
Sheraton Universal Hotel
Shimizu, Raul and Amanda
Shop Around The Corner
Sibila, Bonnie
Siegel, Barry & Pattie
Sierra’s Restaurant
Silver, Stephen & Heidi
Silver, Christine
Silverman, Bob
Silvertoons, Inc.
Sim, Sol
Simi Hills Golf Course
Simi Lube and Oil
Sandahl, Alan
Sanders, Dick & Sally
Sandpiper Golf Club
Sandy, Chet
Santa Barbara Bank & Trust
Santa Barbara Botanic Garden
Santa Barbara Maritime Museum
Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History
Santa Barbara Zoo
Santoy, Gloria
Sarubbi, Michael
Saulnier, Tom
Simi Pacific Building Materials
Simi Recreation Vehicles
Simi Valley Basketball Academy
Simi Valley Buick GMC
Simi Valley Car Wash
Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center
Simi Valley Financial
Simi Valley Ford
Simi Valley Girls Softball
Simi Valley Hospital
Simi Valley Landfill
Simi Valley Mattress Warehouse
Simi Valley Police Department
Simi Valley Town Center Mall
Simmons, Vern & Sherida
Six Flags Magic Mountain
Skateland & Mountasia
Skifner, Erin
Sky Dive Santa Barbara
SLD Awards
Smart Xposure Tanning,
The Bibb Family
Terror Trucks, Inc.
Thai, Tammy
Thau, Allan
The A Team
The Best Little Hair House
The Body Shop
The Cheesecake Factory
The Habit Restaurants, LLC
The Kitty Letter
The Late Great John Wooden
Smith, Donald
Smith, Gary & Darla
Smith, Rick
Smith, Wayne
Smyth, Cameron
Soares, Sandall, Bernacchi &
Petrovich, LLP
Sobel, Jan
Sobelman, Joyce
Sojka, Steve & Laura
Sol E Mi Hair Design
Sony Pictures Television
Souders, Sonja
Southern California Edison
Spagna, Angela
Speed Zone
Spencer, Jackie
SPEX Graphics
Springer, Ester
Staples (Sycamore Plaza)
State Farm Insurance
Steinfeld, Andrew
Steinfeld, Andrew
Stephens, Vincent
Sterling, Mike
Stewart, Karen
Stiner, Christina
Stockton, Gary
Stout, Ercell
Strapman Packaging
Stratton, Greg
Strickland, Senator Tony &
Su’a, Kelly
Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt
Suffredini, Joe
Sukay, Jeff
Sukut Construction Inc.
Sullivan, Darlyne
Sulzinger, Bob
Summers, Marti
Summit Community Services
Sumner, Scott
Sumpter, Les
Sun Spring Chinese Foot Massage
Sunrise Senior Living
Superior Physical Medicine
Sweet Lizzies Cookies
Swercheck, Hedy
Swink’s Simi Valley Towing
Tabbara, Kelly
Takeuchi, Suzan
Tang Soo Do University
Taylor, Howard & Debra
TBM Associates
Van Dyck, Casey
Van Dyck, Doug
Van Dyck, Harry & Marilyn
Van Houten, Jim & Tina
VanDerGoes, Mike
VanLaar, Steven & Suzanne
Vansloten, Brianna
Varvais, Lauri
Vasquez, David
Vega, John & Tila
Velasco, Simon
Velikanov, Julia
Ventura Cigar Company
Ventura County Community
Ventura County Fire Station 43
Ventura County Sheriff’s Department
Ventura County Star
Ventura County Supervisor
Ventura Cty Firefighters Assn
Vidal, Dan
Video Equipment Rentals
Vigdor, James S.
Viles, Leonard
Villano, John
Vincent Stephens,
The Bibb Family
Law Offices of Richard S. Erbe
The Maids
The Smile Generation
Theobald, Chuck, Angela &
Theobald, James
Thomas, Fred & Debbie
Thomas, Gary
Thomas, Mellanie
Thomas, Sr, Fred
Thompson, Gary
Thomson, Patricia
Thornton, Karen
Thorson Motor Center
Tierney, Jim
Tignac, Scott & Kristin
Torres, Richard
Toth, Craig
TPC Valencia Golf Club
Tranquility Tea Room
Translateur, Max & Vivian
Tratner, Kenneth
TRC Medical, LLC
Tripp, Carl & Toni
Troop, Brian & Kristi
Troop, Karen
Troop, Scott
Troop Real Estate
True, Ed
Tutu’s Hawaiian Shaved Ice
Twine, Ty
Ultimate Body Aesthetics
Underwood, Kevin & Sandra
Underwood Insurance Services
Union Bank
United Parcel Service
United Way
Unleashed by Petco
Urban Strategies
Urpin, Maggie
Valenzuela, Susan
Vintage Simi Hills
Vision Wireless
Viveiros, Linda
Vollmer, Laurie
Volt Workforce Solutions
VonBieberstein, Burt & Pam
Waggoner, Mark & Sue
Wagner, Robert
Wagoner, Jonathan
Wain Industries
Wainess, Michael
Waitkus, James & Janet
Wales, Jim
Wales, Scott & Mary Ann
Walker Thomas, Billy
Walmart Foundation
Walson, Terry
Walters, Gary & Phyllis
Ward, Nancy
Warner, Michael
Warner Bros. Studios
Waste Management
Watkins, Dave
Wechsler, Dave & Sheri
Weigand, Tim
Weiler, Eric
Weimer, Brad
Weiner, Ted & Kathy
Welcome to the Neighborhood
Wellpoint Health Network
Wells Fargo Bank
Wells Fargo Community Support
Welsh, Susan
Werner, Bill & Sandy
Wesley, Chuck
West, Rob
West Coast Coupon
Westlake Golf Course
Weyrauch, Richard
Whalen, Robert
Whalen, Robert
Whatley, Lori
White, Dan & Corinna
White, Linda
White, Shirley
Whitmore, Tim & Randee
Whitney, Ben
Whittaker, Andrew
Wick, Jim
Wiedmeier, Lauren
Wiley, Michelle
Wilk, Scott & Vanessa
Williams, Gary
Williams, Pam
Williamson, Barbra
Williamson, JD
Wimmer, Erin
Wing, Jennifer
Wing, Kevin
Wm. “Al” Muskat, CFP
Wm. L. Morris Chevrolet
Wolf, Franz
Wolfe, Donna
Wolfe, Sam
Wolfe, Emch & Crowley
Wolford, Marcie
Women’s Info Network of Simi
Wood Claeyssens Foundation
Wood Ranch Golf Club
Wooden, John
Wright, Debbie
Wright, Gary
Wright, Jenny
Wright, Steven
Wynott, Jon
Yacobellis, Jivanni
Yacoubian, Greg & Sue
Yallouz, Simone
Yanes, Elizabeth
Yessayan, Vicken
Yi, Bruce
Yolanda’s Mexican Café
Yoraway, Dennis
Young, John
Zagrzejewski, Andy & Mari
Zeller, Linda
Zink, Todd & Mrs.
Zullo, Fred
Thank You
for giving us the gift
of a great future!
Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley
2850 Lemon Drive • Simi Valley, CA 93063
805-527-4437 • Fax 805-527-4516
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