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M O R E T H AN 1.6 million copies sol d!
Now Completely Revised and More Romantic Than Ever
“Greg Godek explains how to get the Woo in wooing.”
—C o s m o p o l i t a n
Here are hundreds and hundreds of ideas and resources for transforming your
relationship into a vibrant, exciting love affair, including gifts and gestures, setting
the atmosphere, surprising your partner and the author’s personal notes on the best of
the best when it comes to romance.
Are you getting enough love, passion, fun and romance?
1w a 0y s t0o b1e
“This book is different. It is practical. Pick it up. Pick a number
between 1 and 1001. Do it…it will change your life!”
—W e s l e y g . , n e w y o r k
all the ways to supercharge
your relationship
filling every day with romance
ideas from the wildly extravagant
to “the best things in life are free”
how to make the little (but
meaningful) gestures that count
when to go wild and wacky, and
when to stay simple and sweet
where to find every romantic gift
you’ll ever want to give
the most important things you
need to know about romance
unique ways to say “i love you”
Gregory J.P. Godek, known worldwide as “America’s Romance Authority,” is a
best-selling author and popular speaker. He has appeared on Oprah and Donahue,
and has taught his acclaimed Romance Class to groups as diverse as the U.S. Army,
women’s groups and business organizations.
ISBN13: 9781402210044
ISBN10: 1402210043
$16.95 U.S. / $21.95 CAN / £9.99 UK
60789 21688 6
9 781402 210044
1w a 0y s t0o b1e
The #1 National Bestseller
Gregory J.P.
“ W
Gregory J.P. Godek
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
4:55 PM
Page i
Title Page
Theme Song:
“In the Name of
Love,” U2
Gregory J.P. Godek
Life is simply
too short not to
be romantic.
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
4:55 PM
Page ii
Copyright © 1999, 2008 by Gregory J.P. Godek
Cover and internal design © 2008 by Sourcebooks, Inc.
Cover photo © Corbis
Sourcebooks and the colophon are registered trademarks of Sourcebooks, Inc.
1001 Ways to be Romantic® is a federally registered trademark of Gregory J.P. Godek.
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accurate at the time of publication. Be
advised that addresses, phone numbers, and
web addresses may change and that companies
may go out of business or change products
or services.
“Greg Godek should be
nominated for the Nobel
Peace Prize for teaching
Ways To Be Romantic.”
—Boston Magazine
Originally published in 1999 as 1001 Ways to
be Romantic—Author’s Annotated Edition.
This is a revised edition.
Published by Sourcebooks Casablanca, an imprint
of Sourcebooks, Inc.
P.O. Box 4410, Naperville, Illinois 60567–4410
(630) 961–3900
Fax: (630) 961–2168
ISBN-13: 978-1-4022-1004-4
ISBN-10: 1–4022-1004-3
Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data:
Godek, Gregory J.P.
1001 Ways to be Romantic/Gregory J.P. Godek—
Authors Annotated Edition
p. cm.
ISBN: 1-57071-481-9 (pbk: alk. Paper)
1. Courtship Miscellanea. 2. Dating (Social customs)
Miscellanea. 3. Love Miscellanea.
I. Title
HQ801.G554 1999 646.4’7—dc21 99-36946 CIP
Printed and bound in Canada
TR 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
“The book is a wellthumbed romantic Bible
that I consult often.”
—B. Wicker, Reader
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
4:55 PM
Page iii
• To the romantics—who simply want more.
• To the cynics (the romantics of tomorrow).
• To those who want to fall in love again.
• To those who want to save romance
from the scientists and psychologists—and put it back into the hands
of the poets and dreamers and
• To my son, the future author,
Thomas Valentine Godek.
• And to my bride, my best friend, my
soul mate, Karyn Lynn Godek…(Who is
more fun than you and me? Nobody.)
“I like your book 1001 Ways
To Be Romantic ! It will fill
your brain with all kinds of
wonderful romantic ideas. I
like number 584!”
—Oprah Winfrey
Dedication Page
Theme Song:
“[This One Goes Out
To] the One I Love,”
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
4:55 PM
Page iv
Also by Greg Godek
• 10,000 Ways to Say I Love You
• Love Coupons
• I Love You Coupons
• Romantic Questions: 264 Outrageous, Sweet and
Profound Questions
• Your Relationship Report Card
Theme Song:
“Paperback Writer,”
The Beatles
“These books are worth
—Boston Herald
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
4:55 PM
Page v
• Deborah Werksman
• Bruce Jones
• Kate Broughton
• Dale Koppel
• Mary Ann Sabia
• Mary-Lynne Bohn
• Bonnie Robak
• John & Jean
• Warren & Judy
• Steven Jobs
• Lou Rizzo & UPS
• Sam & The Group
• Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Page Theme Song:
“Thank You,”
Christina Aguilera
“1001 Ways To Be Romantic.
That seems like an awful lot! I
mean, guys, if the first thousand
ideas don’t work—what are the
chances she’s going to stick
around when you say, ‘Okay, just
one more’?!”
—Jay Leno, The Tonight Show
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
4:55 PM
Page vi
Once Upon a Time ................4
They Lived Happily
Ever After ..........................5
Little Things Mean a Lot ..........7
Bigger Is Better ......................8
Creative Gifts ........................9
Creative Gestures ..................10
Romance on a Budget.............12
Spare No Expense..................13
The Most Important Things
I’ve Learned in Twenty
Years of Teaching Romance....14
The Ten Commandments
for Loving Couples..............15
I Do ..................................35
Do’s & Don’ts ......................37
Don’ts & Do’s ......................39
Do ....................................41
Don’t ................................42
You Must Remember This ......43
A Kiss Is Just a Kiss ..............45
A Sigh Is Just a Sigh ..............47
The Fundamental Things
Apply ..............................48
As Time Goes By ..................50
(Play It Again, Sam) ..............51
Love Notes (I)......................52
Love Notes (II)......................53
Left-Brained* ........................16
Right-Brained* ....................17
Freshman Lessons ..................55
Sophomore Lessons ..............56
Junior Lessons ......................57
Senior Lessons......................58
Romance for Dummies ............19
Romance for Smarties ............20
Le Boudoir............................59
La Cuisine............................61
What’s Your Romantic “Style”?
(Men) ..............................21
What’s Your Romantic “Style”?
(Women) ........................22
Love Notes (III)....................62
Love Notes (IV) ....................63
Flowers ..............................23
Chocolate ............................24
Jewelry ................................26
Lingerie ..............................30
Be Creative..........................67
Be Prepared ..........................68
It’s Not What You Do— ............31
—But How You Do It................33
To Do ................................34
“I Love You” ........................64
“Ai Shite Imasu” ....................66
Always, Always, Always ..............70
Never, Never, Never................72
Gifts, Gifts, Gifts ..................73
Sex, Sex, Sex........................74
Love Notes (V)......................76
Love Notes (VI)......................77
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
4:55 PM
Page vii
Prescriptions for Love ............79
A Month of Romance:
Week 4............................117
Help for the Hopeless............80
Hope for the Helpless ............82
Travel Tips ..........................83
A Suitcase Full of Romance ....84
The Golden Rules
of Romance........................118
Rules Were Made to
Be Broken........................119
Fun & Games ......................85
Weird & Wacky ....................86
Be My Valentine!..................121
Kiss Me, You Fool! ..............122
Cats & Dogs ........................87
Satin & Lace ........................89
The Mathematics
of Romance ....................123
The Calculus of Love ............125
Strategies & Examples ............90
Bed & Breakfasts ..................92
Gifts & Presents....................94
Presents & Gifts....................96
Daily & Weekly ....................97
Monthly & Yearly..................98
Yin & Yang ........................99
Yang & Yin........................100
Mozart ..............................101
Elvis ................................102
Lame Excuses (#’s 1-4)..........104
Lame Excuses (#’s 5-8) ........105
Lame Excuses (#’s 9-12) ........106
Lame Excuses (#’s 13-14) ......107
For Men Only ....................108
For Women Only ................109
For Singles Only..................110
For Marrieds Only ................111
A Month of Romance:
Week 1 ............................113
A Month of Romance:
Week 2............................114
A Month of Romance:
Week 3............................116
Couplehood ......................127
Parenthood ........................129
Exotica ..............................131
Creating an A+ Relationship ..132
The Relationship
Report Card ....................135
Common Sense ..................137
Uncommon Sense ................138
It’s the Thought That Counts ....139
Actions Speak Louder Than
Words ............................141
S.W.A.K. ..........................142
G.M.F.L. ..........................143
Can’t Buy Me Love................144
I Want to Hold Your Hand ....146
All You Need Is Love ............148
At Home ..........................150
At Work ............................151
Sweet Stuff ........................152
Kid Stuff ..........................153
Funny Stuff ........................154
Cool Stuff..........................155
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
4:55 PM
Dirty Stuff..........................157
Celebrate! ..........................160
Games People Play ..............164
Games Lovers Play ..............165
Off the Wall........................166
On the Wall........................167
The Myths of Romance (I) ......168
The Myths of Romance (II) ....169
Men Are from Mars ............170
Women Are from Venus ........172
Men Are (Not)
from Mars* ......................173
Women Are (Not)
from Venus* ....................175
Tuning In ..........................176
Fine Tuning........................178
Lovestruck! ..........................181
I’m in the Mood for Love ......183
I’m in the Mood
for Chocolate ..................184
The Gospel According
to Godek ........................186
The Gospel According
to Godek (Revisited)..........187
Getting Down To Business ....188
Funny Business....................189
Resources (I) ......................190
Resources (II) ....................192
Resources (III) ....................193
Resources (IV) ....................195
Page viii
Slightly Outrageous..............196
Quite Outrageous..................197
Slightly Naughty ..................198
Quite Naughty ....................200
Shopping for Dummies ........201
Advanced Shopping
Words of Love/
Shakespeare’s ..................204
Words of Love/Poetic............206
Words of Love/Your Words......207
Words of Love/
the Ancients ..................209
Memorize This List..............210
Memorize This List, Too ......212
Togetherness ......................213
Twogetherness ....................215
Two (II) ............................218
Gift Ideas (I) ......................237
Gift Ideas (II) ....................238
Gift Giving for Dummies ......239
Gift Wrapping
for Dummies ..................240
Television ..........................241
Radio ..............................242
1-800-ROMANCE ............244
www.romance.com ..............245
Concepts (I) ......................246
Concepts (II) ....................248
Erotica (I) ........................250
Erotica (II) ........................251
Happy Birthday! (I) ............253
Happy Birthday! (II) ............254
Money Makes the
World Go ’Round ............256
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
4:55 PM
Page ix
Love Makes the
World Go ’Round ............257
Do-It-Yourself ..................276
Hide-and-Seek ..................277
Do It Outside ....................258
Do It in Public ..................259
Creativity Exercises ..............278
Exercising Your Creativity ....279
Just Do It! ........................260
Just a Little Bit Naughty ........261
Go Away! ..........................281
Bon Voyage! ......................282
The Gift of Time ................263
Time for Love ....................264
Cars ................................283
Sports ..............................284
For Singles Only (I) ............265
For Singles Only (II)............266
Dining In..........................285
Dining Out ......................286
For Marrieds Only (I) ..........267
For Marrieds Only (II) ........268
By the Number ..................287
By the Book ......................288
Merry Christmas ................269
Happy Hanukkah ................271
Happy Anniversary ..............272
Happy Birthday ..................273
Engaging Ideas ..................289
Will You Marry Me? ............290
Custom-Made ....................274
(More) Kid Stuff ................294
(More) Funny Stuff ............295
Marriage Matters ................291
Monogamy—Not Monotony..........292
Bonus Pages: Beyond 1001
The 99 Best Love Songs of the
Twentieth (and Twenty-First)
Centuries (#’s 1-25) ............220
The 99 Best Love Songs of the
Twentieth (and Twenty-First)
Centuries (#’s 26-50) ..........221
The 99 Best Love Songs of the
Twentieth (and Twenty-First)
Century (#’s 51-75) ............222
The 99 Best Love Songs of the
Twentieth (and Twenty-First)
Century (#’s 76-99) ............223
Songs to Help
Express Your Feelings ..........224
Best Love Song Duets ..................230
Best Broadway Love Songs..........232
Best Romantic Movies & Best
Romantic Movie Couples......233
Best Romantic Comedies ........234
Great Date Movies ................235
(More) Great Date Movies ......236
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
4:55 PM
(More) Cool Stuff ..............296
(More) Concepts ................297
(More) Do-It-Yourself ........298
(More) Custom-Made..........299
(More) Surprises ................300
(More) Flowers ..................301
(More) Romance
on a Budget ....................302
(More) Bubble Baths ..........303
Thinking of You ................304
Think Different..................305
Choreography ....................306
Creativity ..........................307
Lovin’ ..............................310
Please, Mr. Postman..............311
You’ve Got Mail*..................312
Mindset of a Romantic..........313
Thinking Like a Romantic......314
Love Is…............................316
“Love Is…” ........................317
The Way to a Man’s Heart* ....319
Recipes for Romance ..........320
(More) Recipes
for Romance ....................323
Classic Romance..................324
Classical Romance................325
Classic ..............................326
Classy ..............................327
Picture This ......................328
Picture Perfect....................329
Flower Power ......................331
More Power!* ....................332
Greg & Karyn ....................333
Page x
Heart & Soul......................334
Moon & Stars ....................336
Science Fiction ..................337
Wonderful Weekends............339
Mark Your Calendar............340
February 14th ....................342
Valentine’s Day ..................343
For Lovers—of Books ..........344
Sex—by the Book ................346
Married…with Children ......347
Kid Stuff ..........................348
Rituals of Romance ............349
Romantic Rituals ................350
Oldies but Goodies..............352
Oldies but Goodies: Movies ..354
Movie Madness ..................355
Mad About You ..................356
Great Escapes ....................357
Getting Away from It All ......358
An Anniversary Gift List ......360
A Romantic Basics Checklist ..361
Generating Ideas ................362
Romantic Brainstorming ......364
A Kick in the Pants ..............365
Motivating Your Partner
to Be More Romantic ........366
Motivating the
Romantically Impaired ......367
Attitude Adjustment
Section ..........................368
License to Love ..................369
Baby, You Can
Drive My Car ..................371
Little Love Stories (I) ..........372
Little Love Stories (II) ..........373
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
4:55 PM
Notes from an
A+ Relationship ..............374
Recipe for an
A+ Relationship ..............376
Romance Across America ......377
Romance Around the World ..379
The Right Stuff ..................381
The Write Stuff ..................382
Real Men Are Romantic ........383
Real Women
Are Romantic..................384
Guy Stuff ..........................386
Gal Stuff ..........................387
Characteristics of
True Romantics ..............388
Characteristics of
Crazy Romantics ..............390
Page xi
How to Bed & Breakfast ........414
Soundtrack to a Love Affair....415
Guidelines for a Love Affair ..417
Bubble Baths (I) ..................418
Bubble Baths (II) ................419
A Touch of Class ................420
A Touch ............................421
Play ................................424
Sex Tips for Gals ................425
Sex Tips for Guys................426
Romanti¢¢¢ Ideas................426
Romantic Idea$$$ ..............427
Lawyers in Love ..................429
MBAs in Love ....................430
Hearts (#’s 1-75)..................431
Speaking of Love ................391
Speaking of Romance ..........392
In My Humble Opinion ......435
My Personal Favorites ..........436
What’s in a Name? ..............394
The Meaning of a Name ......395
Best of the Best ..................438
Best Brief Advice ................439
And Now for Something
Completely Different* ......397
What Is Your Quest?............398
Top 10 Reasons
to Be Romantic ..............440
Top 45 Reasons
to Be Romantic ................441
Getting to Know You ..........400
Staying in Touch ................401
Messages ..........................402
Massages ..........................404
ABC ................................405
XYZ ................................408
FYI ................................409
Gift Ideas ..........................410
Coupon Ideas ....................411
How to Understand
Each Other ....................412
The End ..........................442
The Beginning ..................443
Index ..............................445
About the Author ................451
Bye! ..........................Last Page
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
4:55 PM
Page xii
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
4:55 PM
Page 1
Love may make the world go ’round, but it’s romantic love that makes
the ride worthwhile. We need love, but we crave romance (just like you
need broccoli, but you crave chocolate!). It’s romantic love that allows
you to say emphatically “I’m in love with you,” instead of merely, “I
love you.”
This book is about re-igniting passion and deepening intimacy.
It is for young and old, singles and marrieds, men and women. It
is for you if you want to turn your relationship into a love affair.
Why are so many marriages mediocre and boring? Not because
they lack love, but because they lack romance. Love is lukewarm,
comfortable—while romance is hot, exciting!
Everyone wants passion and romance in his or
her life. But—
• Some people are uncertain how
to create romance. This book
shows you how.
“I respect and recommend
• Some people are stuck in
Greg Godek’s writings on
cultural stereotypes. This
love right along with William
book helps you appreciate
your partner as a unique
—Margie LaPanja, Author of
and special individual.
The Goddess’ Guide to Love
• And some people have given
up the search for romance out of
frustration or cynicism. This book
will re-inspire you.
Love in the twenty-first century is about practicing old-fashioned
values with a modern twist. It is about honoring the timeless values
of honesty, commitment, and caring, while expressing them creatively, uniquely, and passionately. And this is where romance comes
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
4:55 PM
Page 2
2 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
in. Romance, you see, is the expression of love. Romance brings
love alive in the world. Without romance, love is a sweet but empty
I believe that expressing love is our purpose as human beings.
Therefore, anything that helps you achieve this purpose is a good thing.
There are thousands,
millions of ways of
expressing love. These
1001 ideas are just the
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
4:55 PM
Page 3
Gregory J.P. Godek • 3
Arlo & Janis © 1993. Reprinted by permission of Newspaper Enterprise Association, Inc.
“Greg Godek explains
how to get the woo in
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
4:55 PM
Page 4
4 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Once Upon a Time…
…two people fell in love. Just like you. They did all
the classic romantic things. But the passion faded
after a few months. Is this inevitable??
1a He gave her a dozen roses and a box of
chocolates on Valentine’s Day.
1b She wrote him long, romantic love
The “Classics” of
romance are fine
in the beginning.
Then what??
letters. He sent her greeting cards.
1c They talked and cooed on the phone.
During work. And late at night.
1d He took her to see every romantic movie
that year.
1e He gave her perfume. She gave him cologne.
1f They celebrated special occasions with a bottle
of champagne.
Infatuation and
what I call “Generic
Romance” only go
so far.
She served dinner by candlelight.
He served breakfast in bed.
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
4:55 PM
Page 5
Gregory J.P. Godek • 5
…They Lived Happily Ever After
Go beyond “Generic Romance.” Couples with A+
Relationships* know the secret of creating unique and
personal ways to express their love.
*How would you grade your relationship?
A = Passionate, exciting, loving, fulfilling; not perfect—
but clearly excellent.
B = Very good, solid, better-than-most, consistent,
C = Average, acceptable, status quo, okay—but static, ho-hum,
sometimes boring.
D = Below average, unhappy, dismal; bad—but not hopeless.
F = Hopeless, depressing, dangerous; tried everything, it
didn’t work.
2 Give your lover a dozen roses—and do it with a creative twist. Give
eleven red roses and one white rose. Attach a note that reads:
“In every bunch there’s one who stands out—
and you are that one.”
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
4:55 PM
Page 6
6 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
3 Sending a birthday card isn’t just a good idea, it’s an obligatory
romantic gesture. But how about doing something different this
year? On your lover’s birthday, send a “thank you” card to his or
her mother.
4 Gallantry never really goes out of style. So every once in a
while kiss her hand with a flourish. Note: The proper way to kiss a
woman’s hand is to lower your lips to her hand. You don’t raise her
hand to your lips.
5 Thoughtfulness is merely the beginning! True romantics know
how to go “above and beyond the call of duty”: Following a bubble
bath you’ve prepared for her, wrap her in a towel that you’ve warmed
up in the dryer.
These are the
secrets of
turning your
relationship into
a love affair!
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
4:55 PM
Page 7
Gregory J.P. Godek • 7
Little Things Mean a Lot
6 Gift wrap a wishbone in a jewelry box.
Send it to her with a note that says, “I wish
you were here.”
Theme Song:
7 Unplug the TV. Put a note on the
screen saying, “Turn me on instead.”
“Love Don’t
Cost a Thing,”
Jennifer Lopez
8 Go through revolving
doors together.
9 Keep candles in the
Pick wildflowers
from a field
or the side of
the road.
car. Eat dinner by candlelight
the next time you go to McDonald’s.
10 Run your hands under hot water
before joining your partner in bed(!)
11 Look—no, gaze—into each other’s eyes
more often.
12 Write him a little love note.
Insert it into the book he’s reading.
The relationship
secret that’s not
really a secret:
Express your love in
lots of little ways.
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
4:55 PM
Page 8
8 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Bigger Is Better
13 Go for it in a BIG way. Pull out ALL the stops. Don’t tip-toe
into being more romantic. Be outrageously romantic.
14 GIANT BANNERS are available
from Supergram. The banners are
Make a gesture that’s
printed on white or colored paper, and
as big as your heart.
lamination is optional. The banners are
about a foot tall, and tend to run from
twelve feet long to thirty feet or more, depending on your message.
Call 800-3-BANNER, or visit the website at www.supergram.net.
15 Make a GIANT greeting card out of a big cardboard box.
16 Make a custom banner—a BIG banner—to welcome him home
from a trip (or just to say “I love you!”). Use construction paper and
crayons, or poster board and markers, or old sheets and spray paint.
17 Craig liked doing things in a big way. He was a dramatic and
loud (though lovable) kind of guy. Mary, on the other hand, was
proper and quiet (and just as lovable). Craig sometimes criticized
Mary for not being expressive or outrageous
enough. Until…one day when Craig
You, too, can
returned home from a business trip and was
probably hire your
greeted by Mary—and two hundred fortylocal high school
three members of the local high school
marching band for
marching band on their front lawn. (Most
a relatively modest
people don’t consider John Philip Sousa
donation to its
marches to be romantic—but Craig does!)
band fund!
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
4:55 PM
Page 9
Gregory J.P. Godek • 9
Creative Gifts
18 Roses are fine—but a simple daisy can really communicate
your feelings if you give it with flair. Pick a single daisy. Attach a
note that says: “She loves me—she loves me not.” (But don’t leave anything to chance: Trim the daisy so there is an odd number of
19 You can create a theme gift-and-gesture by selecting the
right love song:
• Get the song “I Dare You to Move,” by Switchfoot—
And rent the movie A Walk to Remember, featuring the song.
• Get the song “Northern Sky,” by Nick Drake—
And rent the movie Serendipity, featuring the song.
• Get the song “I Love You,” by Sarah McLachlan—
And rent the movie Message in a Bottle, featuring the song.
20 Here’s how you can create
a love note that never comes to an end.
Structure a short love note or love
poem so that it loops back on itself
(where the last word leads back to
the first word). Then write it on a
Möbius strip.*
• First, cut a strip of paper about
two inches wide and eighteen
inches long.
• Now, compose your special love
note. (See example on right.)
An “infinite” love note:
I love you,
And you love me;
This is as it ought to be.
Ask me why
And I’ll reply—
I love you,
And you love me…
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Page 10
10 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
• Then write it on both sides of the strip of
• Then twist one end of the paper strip
180 degrees and tape it to the other
• You’ve just created a Möbius strip.
*A Möbius strip is a curious geometric
phenomenon through which you can literally turn a common two-sided piece of paper
into a surface with only one side.
Get your honey:
Two small gifts and
one big one. Two
red gifts and three
green ones. One
funny gift and two
sweet ones.
Creative Gestures
Fake a power outage at
home. (Loosen the fuses or
throw the breaker switches.) With
no TV to tempt you…with no
computer to occupy you…with
no furnace to heat you…you
pretty much have no choice but to
get out the candles, huddle
around the fireplace and be romantic!
This is why the birth rate
always rises nine months
after every major power
outage. True!
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Page 11
Gregory J.P. Godek • 11
22 Being a liberated gal, the bride wanted to use a hyphenated
last name when they got married. Being a romantic guy, the
groom observed that the hyphen is also a minus sign. Hmmm—what
to do?? The creative couple now writes their name like this: Mr. &
Mrs. J. Smith+Brown.
23 When she’s traveling alone, arrange with
an airline attendant to have a gift or flower
delivered to her after the flight is airborne.
24 Her husband is a handyman.
He loves to take things apart and put
them back together again. She gave
him a fancy DVD recorder for his
birthday. Here’s the creative twist:
She took it apart and gave it to him
wrapped in sixteen different boxes!
Copy a romantic
poem onto fancy
parchment paper.
Roll it into a scroll,
tie it with a red
ribbon, and present
it to your lover.
25 Play Trivial Pursuit. (In preparation for the game, create some custom cards that
ask trivia questions about your relationship.)
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Page 12
12 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Romance on a Budget
26a Write a love letter. Mail it. Cost: 41¢.*
26b Pick flowers from the side of the
road. Cost: Zero.
Watching falling stars together.
Cost: Nada.
26d Walk hand-in-hand together. Cost:
You can be
romantic on
a budget
without being
26e Memorize her favorite poem or passage
from a book—and recite it during lovemaking. Cost: Zilch.
26f Kiss for five full minutes. Cost: Absolutely free.
26g Go to vacation spots off-season. Cost: 20
percent to 50 percent less than usual.
Frugal travel tip:
When the U.S. dollar
is strong compared
with foreign currency,
travel abroad. When
the U.S. dollar is
weak, travel within
the country.
*Postal rates subject to the whims of
the U.S. government.
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Page 13
Gregory J.P. Godek • 13
Spare No Expense
27a The best way to spend the most money
for the smallest gift is to buy diamonds.
27b The best way to spend the most money
for food is to dine at a five-star restaurant.
Play Monopoly
together. Use
real money!
27c The best way to spend
the most money for lingerie is to
buy an outfit from La Perla.
27d The best way to
spend the most money to fly
is to travel first class.
La Perla has three shops in
New York, Miami, and Los
Angeles. Call 212-459-2775,
or visit the website at
27e The best way to
spend the most money on men’s clothing is to have a suit custom-made.
27f The best way to spend
“True love is eternal, infinite,
and always like itself. It is
equal and pure, without
violent demonstrations: it is
seen with white hairs and is
always young in the heart.”
— Honore de Balzac
the most money on women’s clothing is to buy her haute couture.
27g The best way to
spend the most money on a
hotel room is to reserve the
honeymoon suite.
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Page 14
14 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
The Most Important Things
I’ve Learned in Twenty Years
of Teaching Romance
• How is more important than why.
• Gender stereotyping blinds you to your partner’s uniqueness.
• The speed of love is 1.7 mph.
• Everybody wants an A+ Relationship.
• Love has no reason. It never needs to
be explained or defended.
• “Good chemistry” has nothing to
“Love, like a river,
will cut a new path
whenever it meets an
—Crystal Middlemas
do with compatibility.
• You can’t keep the infatuation—
but you can keep the passion.
• The process must be respected.
(There ain’t no shortcuts.)
• Everyone is an amateur when it
comes to matters of the heart.
• The metaphors of love you use create your reality.
• Romantics are happier than most people.
• “Communication” is, maybe, 10 percent of an A+ Relationship.
Creating a loving long-term relationship is the most
difficult, time-consuming, and complicated challenge you will face in your entire life. Also the
most rewarding.
• The passion is more important than the
Life is too
happy ending. Life is too short not to be
short not to
be romantic.
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Page 15
Gregory J.P. Godek • 15
The Ten Commandments
for Loving Couples
1. Thou shalt give 100 percent.
2. Thou shalt treat your partner as the
If love is really
unique individual he or she truly is.
3. Thou shalt stay connected through
your top priority,
word and deed.
then you never
4. Thou shalt accept change and support
really “sacrifice”
growth in yourself and your mate.
for it.
5. Thou shalt live your love.
6. Thou shalt share: the love and fear, the work
and play.
7. Thou shalt listen, listen, listen.
8. Thou shalt honor the subtle wisdom of the heart and listen to
the powerful insights of the mind.
9. Thou shalt not be a jerk or a nag.
10. Thou shalt integrate the
purity of spiritual love with
the passion of physical love
and the power of emotional
“There is nothing holier in this
life of ours than the first
consciousness of love, the first
fluttering of its silken wings.”
— Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
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Page 16
16 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
30 For those of you who like to
analyze and compute things:
• Spend 10% more time together.
• Generate 33% more laughter in your
*Left-Brained people
life together.
tend to be logical and
• Focus 100% of your attention when
practical. They think
listening to him or her.
first and feel second.
• Create a 10% increase in the
amount of fun you have together.
• Give up 10% of your hobby time,
and give it to your partner.
• Reduce your complaining by 50%.
• Reduce your criticizing by 62%.
• Say “I love you” 300% more often.
• Spend 10% as much time kissing as you spend watching TV
every day.
• Be 25% more creative in your relationship.
• Be 10% more thoughtful/considerate.
• If you’re talkative by nature, talk 20% less, and listen 20% more.
• If you’re quiet by nature, open up and talk 20% more.
B.C. © 1978. By permission of Johnny Hart and Creators Syndicate, Inc.
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Page 17
Gregory J.P. Godek • 17
31 Analyze the number of your sexual encounters as a function of the frequency of your romantic gestures. Is there a correlation? (Hmm…There just might be a lesson here!)
32 Characteristics of True Romantics:
• Taps into his or her creativity regularly.
• Is just a little bit “naughty.”
• Takes love seriously—
• But has a great sense of humor.
• Makes his or her intimate love relationship
people tend to be
creative and
They feel first and
think second.
a top priority. Makes romantic gestures
without ulterior motives.
• Is flexible.
• Celebrates sexuality.
• Appreciates his or her partner’s uniqueness.
• Celebrates both the masculine and the
• Is a pretty good mind-reader.
• Sees the world in a slightly offbeat way.
• Maintains a deep, spiritual connection with his or her partner.
• Is spontaneous.
• Defines him or herself as a “lover”—regardless of other roles.
• Remembers important dates and anniversaries.
• Continuously learns and grows.
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Page 18
18 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
• Is in touch with his or her feelings.
• Pursues new and different experiences.
• Gives of himself or herself without expectations.
• Does lots of little things.
• Gives without being asked.
33 One morning, for
no particular reason, Susan
quietly slipped out of bed,
tiptoed to the stereo,
selected “Fanfare for the
Common Man” (by Aaron
Copeland), cranked the volume all the way up, started the
music, and gleefully leaped
on a very surprised (but delighted) Michael.
Additional music that gives the
same effect:
• “The William Tell Overture,”
Gioacchino Rossini
• “The 1812 Overture,”
Peter Ilych Tchaikovsky
Who are the better romantics:
right-brainers or left-brainers?
Everyone thinks it’s the right-brained,
creative types by a long shot. But a great
many left-brainers are tremendously
romantic. It’s just that the right-brainers
are louder and more spontaneous about
it. But those logical types are great
planners of surprises and great at
noticing little but important things
about their partners.
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Page 19
Gregory J.P. Godek • 19
Romance for Dummies
34 Practice “Even-Day/OddDay” Romance: On even days it’s your
turn to be romantic, and on odd
days it’s your partner’s turn.
Variation on a theme:
“Flip-a-Coin” Romance
35 No time—or too lazy—to wrap those gifts? Buy fancy bags and
pre-decorated boxes for gift-wrapping presents.
36 Ask her best girlfriend—or her mother—for help. Ask her to
go shopping with you (secretly!). Tell her you want to spend one afternoon shopping for a year’s worth of gifts for your partner. Establish a
budget, let her think about it for a week, then go shopping together.
37 Place a standing order with a local
(Shhh! Keep this one
florist. Give him your anniversary date,
under your hat!)
her birth date, and instruct him to send
flowers automatically on those dates. Also on
Valentine’s Day, and (if it’s appropriate) on Mother’s Day, and—just
to be safe—have him send a bouquet once a
month. Give the florist your charge card
number and have him bill you auto“For it was not into
matically. This technique is for the
my ear you whispered,
forever-forgetful and the terminally
but into my heart. It
unorganized! I know that the true
was not my lips you
romantics out there will be aghast at
kissed, but my soul.”
this suggestion, but hey, sometimes
—Judy Garland
the end justifies the means.
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Page 20
20 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Romance for Smarties
. . / . _ . . _ _ _…_ . /
_ ._ _ _ _ _ . . _
Efbs mpwfs:
J mpwf zpv, J bepsf zpv,
J offe zpv, J xbou zpv,
Mpwf boe ljttft,
Write a love letter in code.
Give your lover a challenge:
• Try a message in Morse Code
(See the message at left.)
• Next is a simple code, created
by shifting all of the letters in
the alphabet one place to the
right (A becomes B; B becomes
C, etc.).
39 Visit a museum. Visit an
art gallery. Walk a formal garden. Attend a symphony. Attend
an opera.
40 (√144 x 3) + (8/π x π/2)
Attend a lecture. Take a class together at a local
college. Expanding your horizons can
deepen your relationship.
Operas aren’t as
painful as you may
assume they are.
So give one a try!
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Page 21
Gregory J.P. Godek • 21
What’s Your Romantic “Style”? (Men)
Which person or character most closely matches your or
your lover’s style of romance? Identifying the similarities and
differences can help you become more aware of your own
strengths and weaknesses, and can help you express love in ways
that your partner appreciates most.
• The Romeo Type: Passionate and impetuous
• The Fred Astaire Type: Sophisticated and elegant
• The Humphrey Bogart Type: Tough guy with a heart of gold
• The Jimmy Stewart Type: The boy next door
• The James Bond Type: The playboy heartbreaker
• The Indiana Jones Type: Adventurous
and charmingly bumbling
• The Rhett Butler Type: Arrogant
but charming
You romantic devil, you!
• The Don Quixote Type: Irrepressible and outrageous
• The Don Juan Type: Seductive
and charming
• The Cyrano de Bergerac Type: Witty and literary
• The Paul Newman Type: Rugged and quiet
• The James Dean Type: The rebel and bad boy
• The Sean Connery Type: Dashing and experienced
• The Vincent van Gogh Type: Artistic and moody
• The Lord Byron Type: Poet and dreamer
• The Frank Sinatra Type: Tough but suave
• The James T. Kirk Type: The adventurous seducer
• The Clark Gable Type: Smooth and smart
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Page 22
22 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
What’s Your Romantic “Style”? (Women)
Okay ladies, it’s your turn.
What’s your romantic style? (Guys:
What is your gal’s romantic style?)
Is your romantic style
• The Scarlett O’Hara Type: Feisty and
subtle or obvious?
• The Meg Ryan Type: The girl next door,
sweet and adorable
• The Juliet Type: Passionate and impetuous
• The Jane Eyre Type: Romantic and idealistic
• The Marilyn Monroe Type: Sultry and seductive
• The Billie Holiday Type: Artistic and loyal to a fault
• The Jane Seymour Type: Classic and elegant
• The Elizabeth Barrett Browning Type: Poetic and artistic
• The Cher Type: Exotic and creative
• The Mae West Type: Sassy and bold
• The Ingrid Bergman Type: Smooth and intriguing
• The Madonna Type: Bold and fun
• The Greta Garbo Type: Sensual and
“Men always want to be
a woman’s first love—
women like to be a man’s
last romance.”
—Oscar Wilde
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Page 23
Gregory J.P. Godek • 23
43 “A flower a day keeps the divorce lawyer
away.” (Overheard one evening in the
Romance Class.)
44 Did you know…that different
Theme Song:
color roses have different meanings?
• Red roses = LOVE & PASSION
“This Flower,”
• Pink Roses = A Romantic Friendship
Kasey Chambers
• Yellow Roses = Friendship & Respect
• White Roses = Purity & Adoration
You single folks should pay special attention to this. Early in a relationship is often
too soon to send red roses. If you’re not
absolutely certain that you’re both madly, passionately, crazy in love—don’t give red
roses! Send pink or yellow.
Fabulous gift idea
For flower-lovers, naturelovers and art-lovers alike:
Get your partner a beautiful
botanical illustration that’s
personalized with your
message or quote in
calligraphy. Visit
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Page 24
24 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
45 Place a single flower under the windshield
wiper of his car.
It’s hard to go
wrong with
• 1-800-FLOWERS,
• 1-800-580-2913,
www. proflowers.com
• 1-800-SEND-FTD, www.ftd.com
47 Reliable sources report that chocolate just may really be an
aphrodisiac. (Great news for chocoholics!) Chocolate contains large
amounts of phenylethylamine, a chemical
that also is naturally produced by the
body when one is experiencing
feelings of love.
English: “Excuse me, where
is the nearest chocolate?”
Long-stem chocolate
roses! Have a dozen
French: “Excusez-moi, où est
shipped to your sweetie.
le chocolat le plus proche?”
Call Lyla’s Chocolates
German: “Entschuldigen Sie
at 415-383-8887.
bitte, wo ist die nächste
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 25
Gregory J.P. Godek • 25
49 (Inspired by Willy Wonka and the
Chocolate Factory.) Create a custom
contest just for your favorite
“What’s important in
chocoholic. Make a series of Golden
life?” When you poll
Tickets to insert in chocolate bar
people, you pretty much
wrappers. Make the tickets
get these answers—in this
redeemable for romantic gifts
order: 1) Love, 2) Sex,
and gestures. If you use your
3) Money, 4) Chocolate
imagination, this one idea could
supply the two of you with romantic
fun for years to come.
• Ghirardelli Chocolates: 800-877-9338, www.ghirardelli.com
• See’s Candies: 800-347-7337, www.sees.com
• Godiva Chocolatier: 800-9-GODIVA, www.godiva.com
• Hershey: 800-437-7439, www.hersheypa.com
• Harry & David: 800-547-3033, www.harryanddavid.com
• Gevalia: 800-GEVALIA, www.gevalia.com
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Page 26
26 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
51 Get her a diamond cut into a heart
shape. (It’s not the most brilliant cut—but it is
the most meaningful.)
• Hide a diamond ring in a cake.
• Bury a necklace in a pie.
• Drape a pearl necklace around her
teddy bear’s neck.
Note: Talk to your local jeweler before
cooking or baking jewelry or hiding gems
in your food. Why? Because pearls dissolve
in champagne and rubies crack when heated!
When it comes to
jewelry, bigger is
not better—better
is better! In other
words, quality is
what counts.
53 Here are the twelve birthstones—and their
symbolic meanings.
Accompany the jewelry gift with a poem
about the symbolic meaning of his or
her birthstone:
• January: Garnet—faith & conBuying fine jewelry is
unlike any other purchase.
• February: Amethyst—happiness & sincerity
It’s an investment in a gift
• March: Aquamarine—
that should last many
courage & hope
lifetimes! Learn more by
• April: Diamond—innocontacting the Jewelry
cence & joy
Information Center at
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Page 27
Gregory J.P. Godek • 27
• May: Emerald—peace & tranquility
• June: Pearl—purity & wisdom
• July: Ruby—nobility & passion
• August: Sardonyx—joy &
• September: Sapphire—
truth & hope
• October: Opal—tender
love & confidence
• November: Topaz—
fidelity & friendship
• December: Turquoise—success & understanding
Songs to accompany
your jewelry gifts:
“Turquoise,” Vast
“Diamonds and Pearls,” Prince
“Emerald,” Thin Lizzy
“Fields of Gold,” Sting
“Pearl,” Sade
“Sapphire,” The Clash
“Ruby Red,” Jann Arden
“Diamonds are a Girl’s Best
Friend,” Marilyn Monroe
54 There probably would be no such thing as perfume if it
weren’t for the concept of romantic love. Think about it. We’d
still have champagne, chocolate, flowers, and jewelry. But there
would simply be no reason for perfume to exist if it weren’t for
love. So one could say that:
Perfume = Romance
Perfume may be the essence of romance. Romantic love distilled into a bottle. Interesting, huh?
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Page 28
28 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
You could have a special perfume custom-made for your
one-of-a-kind woman! Match the fragrance to her personality: Is
she light and breezy, or sophisticated
and alluring, or sexy and sensual?
• Caswell-Massey, 518 Lexington
Send her a
Avenue, New York City, New
message or create a
York 10017; 212-755-2254 or
theme gift through the
800-326-0500, or visit
name of a perfume:
Get the whole “family of
products” in the fragrance of her
favorite perfume (bath powder,
Cool Water
soaps, cremes, candles, etc.).
Well of course you should get
perfume for her that she simply
loves. And a scent that reflects her
personality. And a scent that you like!
White Diamonds
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Page 29
Gregory J.P. Godek • 29
58 Romantic arithmetic: Champagne = Celebration.
59 Buy a case of champagne. Label each of the twelve bottles:
1. His birthday
2. Her birthday
3. For a midnight snack
4. Anniversary (of meeting)
5. Anniversary (of marrying)
6. For a picnic
7. Before making love
8. Celebrate a milestone at work
9. Christmas/Hanukkah/holiday
10. The first day of spring
11. The first snowfall
12. For making up after a fight
Theme Song:
“Champagne High,”
Sister Hazel
60 Buy wine and champagne by the case. You’ll typically get a
20 percent discount off the per-bottle price. You’ll save money,
and always have a bottle on hand for those “Spontaneous Celebrations.”
61 Always have a bottle of Dom Perignon on
hand. (For those extra-special occasions.)
62 Always have several bottles of
Korbel on hand. (For those spontaneous
little celebrations.)
You do, of
course, have two
crystal champagne
flutes with your initials
on them. Don’t you?!
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Page 30
30 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
63 The topic of lingerie is the one place where love, sex, and
romance all come together. This is why the topic is so enticing, so
sexy, so sensitive.
• Gals: Guys really, really, really, really, really love gals in lingerie.
• Guys: Approach this topic sensitively.
• Gals: When in doubt, wear a garter belt and
• Guys: When in doubt, more foreplay.
65 Go through her Victoria’s
When you’re in Los
Angeles, California:
Visit the Lingerie Museum,
featuring items from
Mae West, Zsa Zsa Gabor
and Madonna, plus four
Guys: Spread out on
decades of lingerie history.
the bed the lingerie outfit
At Frederick’s of
you’d like her to wear.
Hollywood, 6608
Hollywood Boulevard, in
I’ve been asked by several men in the Romance Class to
convey this message to the ladies:
Call 323-466-8506.
“Nothing completes a great lingerie
outfit like a pair of great high heels.”
Special note to gals who have health concerns about high heels: “You don’t need to be on your
feet for more than a minute or two.”
Secret catalog and rate the items
one through ten. Write your
ratings in the margins.
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Page 31
Gregory J.P. Godek • 31
Lingerie Coupon
Nighties! Teddies! Garter Belts!
This coupon is good for a
$100 shopping spree.
Shoppers must be at
least 18 years of age.
It’s Not What You Do—
68 Don’t just walk into the house tonight the way you always
do. Pause on the porch; ring the doorbell; and greet her with one
red rose and a bottle of champagne.
69 Never give a gift or present without wrapping it. Get extranice wrapping paper and fancy bows. If you truly have two left
thumbs, get the store to do your gift-wrapping for you.
70 One woman in the Romance Class told us that her husband always manages to incorporate her favorite teddy bear into
his many gift presentations.
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 32
32 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
• He’s given her diamond earrings by putting them on the bear’s ears.
• He’s strung pearls around the bear’s neck.
• He’s packed the bear inside boxes along with other gifts.
• He’s put funny notes in the bear’s paw.
71 Not that it really matters, but I was just wondering…
• Why do we have birthday cakes and wedding cakes, but no
anniversary cakes or Valentine’s cakes?
• Why do we have Christmas tree ornaments,
but no special ornaments with which to
celebrate other special occasions?
Do it with style
• Why is Columbus Day a national holiday, but Valentine’s Day isn’t?
Do it with flair.
• Why is it crude to tell jokes that
Do it with attention
characterize races and religions in
to detail.
stereotyped ways, but it’s acceptable
Do it with a flourish.
to be a “gender bigot” and stereotype
men and women?
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 33
Gregory J.P. Godek • 33
–But How You Do It
72 Want to jazz up the presentation of a special meal? Buy a
little hunk of dry ice from a local ice house. Put it in a bowl of
water and place it on your serving tray. You’ll create wondrous,
billowing white clouds!
73 Strings of pearls have been
known to appear inside real oyster
shells at fancy restaurants.
How about presenting a
gift of pearls to the tune
of “A String of Pearls,”
by Glenn Miller?
74 And many diamond rings
seem to find their way to the bottom of a glass of champagne.
75 Okay, let’s say you’ve decided to give her the complete collection of The Moody Blues’ (her all-time favorite group) albums.
Let’s now give this gift a creative twist. Instead of simply wrapping the
CDs and handing them to her, do this:
• Remove the CDs from their cases.
Best love songs by The
• Hide the CDs around the house.
Moody Blues:
• Gift-wrap all the CD cases separately.
• Attach a note to each gift…
“Nights in White Satin”
• Each note gives clues to the location
“Watching and Waiting”
of the CD…
“Want to Be With You”
• And each note’s clues are based on
“So Deep Within You”
each album’s title.
“In My World”
• Days of Future Passed is hidden in a
photo album.
• To Our Children’s Children’s Children is in the kids’ toy box.
• On the Threshold of a Dream is hidden in your bedroom.
• Long Distance Voyager is hidden along with airline tickets to Tahiti.
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Page 34
34 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
To Do
76 Write “Romantic Reminders” on your “To
Do” list at work. (What’s the use of being a great
success in the business world if you’re a miserable failure in your personal life?) Romantic
Reminders will remind you that there’s
another part of your life that’s quite important.
A great book:
To-Do Lists of
the Dead, by
Jonathan Katz
• A do-it-yourself romantic Saturday afternoon: 2
bicycles, 5 hours, 1 bottle of wine.
• A do-it-yourself romantic date: 2 movie tickets, 1 Tub-o’-Popcorn, 2 Cokes.
• A do-it-yourself romantic picnic: 1 loaf of bread, 1 hunk of
cheese, 1 bottle of wine.
• A do-it-yourself romantic Sunday afternoon: 1
canoe, 1 lazy day, 2 starstruck lovers.
78 Pay close attention to the subtle signals, the non-verbal clues, the body language
and tone of voice that your lover uses.
79 Anticipate your partner.
• Is he stressed at work? Would he like a
If some form of
romance is not on
your To Do list,
you may want to
re-evaluate your
back rub or time alone?
• Does she need a dinner out or a movie in?
• Does he need extra sleep or a surprise lovemaking session?
• Take extra good care of her during the most difficult days of her menstrual cycle.
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Page 35
Gregory J.P. Godek • 35
I Do
80 Special musical selections for a
“Wedding Day Playlist” for your iPod, for
you to share with your bride or groom
on your wedding day:
• “Life Is Wonderful,” by Jason Mraz,
on the album Mr. A-Z
Theme Song:
• “Untitled,” by Teitur, on the album
“I Do (Cherish
Poetry and Aeroplanes
You),” 98 Degrees
• “You Are So Beautiful (To Me)”, by
Joe Cocker, on the album I Can Stand a
Little Rain
• “Truly,” by Lionel Richie, on the album
Lionel Richie
• “With You I’m Born Again,” by Billy Preston & Syreeta, on the
album Late at Night
• “Reflections in a Summer Pond,” by Paul Winter, on the album
Sun Singer
• “Overjoyed,” by Christine Kane, on the album Right Outta Nowhere
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Page 36
36 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
81 For those of you who do not want a traditional wedding
• Get married on skis—at Heavenly Resort, in Lake Tahoe, California. Call 800-HEAVENLY; or visit www.skiheavenly.com.
• Tie the knot on a beach—on
the tropical island of Fiji.
Get married underwater—at
Call 800-YEA-FIJI; or visit
the Amoray Dive Resort
in Key Largo, Florida.
• Create a truly fairy-tale wedding—at
Call 800-4AMORAY, or
Walt Disney World, in Orlando,
visit www.amoray.com.
Florida. Call 407-828-3400; or
visit www.disneyweddings.com
82 Plan ahead—way ahead! Get a friend to buy fifty of the top
magazines and newspapers that are on the newsstand on your
wedding day. (Everything from The New York Times to The New Yorker;
Cosmo and Playboy; TV Guide and Time; Harper’s and Highlights for Children;
Sports Illustrated and The National Enquirer.)
Pack them safely away (in a dark, dry, cool place) and present
them to your partner—on your twenty-fifth wedding anniversary!
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Page 37
Gregory J.P. Godek • 37
Do’s & Don’ts
■ Don’t buy roses for Valentine’s Day—
❏ Do buy flowers that begin with the first letter of her name.
■ Don’t go to the beach on crowded weekends—
❏ Do go mid-week.
■ Don’t go to popular vacation spots during their busy seasons—
❏ Do go right before or after the busy season.
■ Don’t turn yourself into a martyr—
❏ Do make some sacrifices for each other
■ Don’t read the newspaper at the breakfast table—
❏ Do talk with one another over breakfast.
■ Don’t give him a birthday present—
❏ Do give him seven gifts, one for each day of his birthday week.
■ Don’t leave lovemaking until just before sleeping—
❏ Do schedule more time for foreplay.
■ Don’t make love the same way every time—
❏ Do eliminate distractions for two to three hours.
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Page 38
38 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
• Don’t rush through lovemaking—
• Do slow down! You’ll both enjoy yourselves, and each other,
• Don’t: Negotiate—as if your relationship were a business deal—
• Do: Learn the gentle art of loving compromise.
• Don’t try to change your partner—
• Do accept him or her for the special, unique person he or she is.
• Don’t act your age—
• Do wacky things; express your quirkiness;
be creative.
■ Don’t wait.
❏ Do be romantic.
(I mean now—
right now! Put
down this book and
go do something
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Page 39
Gregory J.P. Godek • 39
Don’ts & Do’s
84 Don’t try to have a “perfect”
relationship. There’s no such
thing. Expecting one will
Chapter Theme Songs
only paralyze you. Once
(and good advice):
you eliminate the goal of
perfection, nothing
“Don’t Change,” Everclear
can hold you back!
“Don’t Stay Home” and
You’ll lose your fear
“Don’t Dwell,” 311
of “doing it right.”
“Don’t Leave Me Alone,” Extreme
You’ll lose your fear
“Don’t Mess with My Love,” M2M
of taking risks. And
people who take
“Don’t Walk Away,” MXPX
risks, who live life
“Don’t Stop Dancing,” Creed
creatively and sponta“Don’t Shut Me Out,” Keith Urban
neously, live more funfilled, passionate lives.
“Don’t Let Me Down,” No Doubt
■ Don’t buy gifts at the last minute.
(You probably won’t find a great gift,
and you probably will pay top dollar.)
❏ Do plan ahead. (Less stress for you, more joy for your partner,
less effect on your wallet.)
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Page 40
40 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
86 Don’t relate to your lover as a
stereotype. He’s an individual, not
a statistic. And she’s a unique
More Chapter Theme
person, not “just like all
women.” Today’s tabloid
Songs (and good advice):
topics, talk-show trends,
“Don’t Be Stupid (You Know
and sex surveys have
I Love You),” Shania Twain
only limited relevance
“Don’t Make Me Love You,”
to you and your lover
Christina Aguilera
and your relationship.
“Don’t Forget About Us,” Mariah Carey
Take it all with a large
“Don’t Stop the Love,” 98 Degrees
grain of salt. You’ll never
lose by treating your partner as a
“Don’t Push Love Away,”
unique and special person.
The Juliana Theory
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Page 41
Gregory J.P. Godek • 41
• Go out of your way for him or her. Being romantic only when it’s convenient is like giving flowers on Valentine’s Day—it’s expected
and, frankly, it’s no big deal!
• Always pick him or her up at the airport after a trip—no matter
what time the flight arrives
• Offer to stop at the store on the way home from work.
• Take care of the kids when it’s not “your turn.”
88 Decide to fall in love all over again. That’s
it—just decide. You don’t need to read books
that analyze your relationship. You don’t
need therapy. You just need to decide.
Just think of the great opportunity
you have: The less romantic you’ve
been, the more dramatic the
change will be! I’ve had guys in
the Romance Class simply make up
their minds to be more romantic.
They’ve reported that this simple
decision led to falling in love with
their wives all over again.
Accompany each other to
doctor appointments. Going along for
routine check-ups gives you opportunities
for quickie coffee dates. And accompanying him
or her when there are difficult problems allows you to provide
emotional support.
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Page 42
42 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
90 Listen! Listen with your ears, mind, and heart. Listen for
the meaning behind his actions. Listen for the message behind
her words.
• Don’t gloat when you’re right.
• Don’t sulk when you don’t get your way.
• Don’t worry—be happy.
• Don’t try to pack too much into the
Theme Song:
“Don’t Save it All for
Christmas Day,”
• Don’t over-schedule your vacations.
Celine Dion
• Don’t make the same mistake twice.
• Don’t undermine your partner’s
authority with your kids.
• Don’t reveal the ending of a movie!
• Don’t spend your “Prime Time” watching TV.
• Don’t drink and drive—not ever.
• Don’t stop.
• Don’t be a “cover-stealer” in bed.
• Don’t interrupt when he or she is talking.
• Don’t wait—express your love right now.
• Don’t hold grudges.
• Don’t take one another for granted.
• Don’t go a single day without saying, “I love you.”
• Don’t let your mind wander during conversations.
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Page 43
Gregory J.P. Godek • 43
• Don’t wait for your partner to read
your mind.
• Don’t just sign “Love” on
your Valentine’s Day card;
be eloquent.
“Spoil your husband, but
• Don’t be so judgmental.
don’t spoil your children.”
• Don’t wait until the last
—Louise Seier Giddings Currey
minute to make Valentine’s
Day dinner reservations.
• Don’t even try to leave the
house during a blizzard. Snuggle together for a romantic day off.
You Must Remember This
92 Remember: Romance isn’t barter!
You’ll lose every time if you use romantic gestures to barter for
favors or forgiveness. The following “unspoken agreements” may have
had some validity in the past, but they don’t cut it anymore: “I’ll take
you to a movie and dinner if you’ll sleep with me,” “I’ll cook
dinner for you if you’ll let me nag you,” “I’ll give you
flowers if you’ll forgive me for being a jerk.”
Romance is the expression of your love for
You must
that special person. It’s not a bargaining
chip. If you use it as one, you cheapen the
her birthday! Or
gesture, devalue your relationship, and up
your name is
the ante for the next round of bartering.
“Mud,” bud!
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Page 44
44 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
• Start saving mementos of your life together.
Create a “Memories Box.”
You must
• Save movie stubs, theater programs, and
restaurant receipts.
your anniversary!
• Save sand and seashells from your beach
Why not take a
• Save labels from wine bottles and corks
personal holiday?
from champagne bottles.
• Save restaurant menus and placemats.
• Save maps from your road trips.
• Save plane tickets, movie tickets, event tickets, theater
tickets, etc.
• Use these mementos to create a unique gift for a
special anniversary. Make a collage, a scroll, a
memory box, or a scrapbook.
You must
Valentine’s Day!
C’mon, spring for
flowers and
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Page 45
Gregory J.P. Godek • 45
A Kiss Is Just a Kiss
• Give her one Hershey’s Kiss.
• Give her one thousand Hershey’s Kisses.
• Remove all the little paper strips (that
Hershey’s Kisses
are made daily.
say “Kisses” on them) from a couple
hundred Hershey’s Kisses. Fill a little
jewelry box with them. Wrap ’em up and
present them to her.
• Write a clever certificate explaining that the little paper slips are
coupons redeemable for one kiss each.
95 Best movie kisses:
• The Notebook: When rain-drenched
Noah and Allie can no longer
deny their feelings and kiss in
the rain.
• Spider-Man: Mary Jane uncovers Spidey’s mouth from
beneath his mask and kisses
him while he hangs upsidedown.
• Gone with the Wind: When
Rhett steals a major kiss
from Scarlett while he’s
helping her escape as Atlanta
FYI—For love letters
and emails:
X’s symbolize kisses;
O’s symbolize hugs.
Use capital X’s for
smooches; lower case
x’s for pecks.
Use capital O’s for
bear hugs; lower case
o’s for squeezes.
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Page 46
46 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
96 Best songs about kissing:
• “Kiss Me,” Sixpence None the Richer
• “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me,” U2
• “A Kiss to Build a Dream On,” Louis
• “Kissing You,” Des’ree
facial muscles
• “Kiss Me Goodbye,” Petula Clark
• “Let’s Just Kiss,” Harry Connick Jr.
are used when
• “The Kiss,” The Cure
you kiss.
• “This Kiss,” Faith Hill
• “Haul Off and Kiss Me,” Caroline Aiken
• “A Little Kiss Each Morning,” Rudy Valee
• “Put That Kiss Back Where You Found It,” Benny
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Page 47
Gregory J.P. Godek • 47
A Sigh Is Just a Sigh
97 Spread rose petals all over the bedroom.
98 Do you think you’re the only one who writes “mushy,”
exuberant poetry? Well, think again…
Miss you, miss you, miss you;
Everything I do
Echoes with the laughter
And the voice of You.
You’re on every corner,
Every turn and twist,
Every old familiar spot
Whispers how you’re missed.
Oh, I miss you, miss you!
God! I miss you, Girl!
There’s a strange, sad silence
’Mid the busy whirl,
Just as tho’ the ordinary
Daily things I do
Wait with me, expectant
For a word from You.
—David Cory, Selections from Miss You
99 A well-crafted love
letter will bring a sigh to
your lover. Love letters
Write a “five-minute love poem.”
also make treasured keepSet this book down—right now!—
sakes. But many people
and spend the next five minutes
tell me they feel uncomwriting a quick love poem. (Do
fortable or silly when
this once a day for a week and
attempting to write a real
you’ll get pretty good at it!)
love letter. Some think it’s
not cool to express their
true/passionate/insecure feelings.
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Page 48
48 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Maybe you’d feel more comfortable if you could only see someone else’s love letters, huh? How about a selection from an
unabashed love letter from Napoleon Bonaparte to Josephine De
“I wake filled with thoughts of you. Your portrait and the intoxicating
evening which we spent yesterday have left my senses in turmoil. Sweet,
incomparable Josephine, what a strange effect you have on my heart!”
The Fundamental Things Apply
Romantics have their priorities straight.
What are your priorities? What I mean is, what are your true priorities? In other words, how do you spend your time? How you spend your
time reflects your true priorities. (Most people claim that home and
family are most important to them, but their actions don’t reflect this.)
Living a life full of love is about getting
your actions into alignment with your
“The secret to having a good
marriage is to understand
that marriage must be total,
it must be permanent, and it
must be equal.”
—Frank Pittman
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Page 49
Gregory J.P. Godek • 49
• Make an honest appraisal of how you spend your time. Make a
chart of how you spend an average week. You’ll probably make
some interesting discoveries!
• Say to her, “Let’s plan a special outing: A lunch-date, dinner-date,
movie—whatever. You choose the time and place, and I’ll be there—
regardless of my previous plans.” This shows that she has top priority—over
work, friends, hobbies, etc.
• You sometimes work overtime at work, right? Why not occasionally work “overtime” on your relationship?
101 Romantics know that love is a process.
While on the one hand romantics tend to live in the moment, we
also expect to be around for
awhile—so we don’t fret too
much about today’s probYou might also want to read a
lems. We know that love,
book called Love—The Course They
like life, is a process. Things
Forgot To Teach You In School, by
change. Things grow. There
some guy named Godek.
is a future coming our way,
and it’s probably going to
be pretty good!
Adjust your daily schedule in some small way to advance the process
of love in your life.
Read a book to increase your understanding of the process of
love. I suggest Love & Respect: The Love She Most Desires, The Respect He Desperately Needs, by Emerson Eggerichs.
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Page 50
50 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
As Time Goes By
102 Love is timeless—and to prove it, cover
up all the clocks in your house for the entire
weekend. (Remember that one of the best
things about being on vacation is the freedom
from schedules and clocks and appointTheme Song:
ments. You can create a mini-vacation by
“Only Time,” Enya
freeing yourself from the tyranny of the clock
for 48 hours.)
103 Get her a wristwatch. Inscribe it
with: I always have time for you.
104 Get a little bottle.
(Maybe an antique bottle or
quirky jar.) Fill it with sand.
Cork it. Label it: “Extra
Time.” Give it to your partner.
Inspired by Jim Croce’s song
“Time in a Bottle.”
105 He gave her a simple little music box that plays “As Time Goes By.” In the card he
wrote: “As times goes by I love you more and more.”
106 You say you need more time in order to be more romantic? So create more time! The strategies for how to do so are in a
great little book called No Time for Sex: Finding the Time You Need for Getting the Love You Want, by David and Claudia Arp.
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Page 51
Gregory J.P. Godek • 51
(Play It Again, Sam)
Multiple viewings of your lover’s
favorite movie.
107b Multiple honeymoons.
(Not for newlyweds only!)
107c Multiple orgasms(!)
108 Renew your wedding vows.
Theme Songs:
“Let’s Do It Again,” TLC
“Again,” John Legend
You could create a private little ceremony for just the two of you. Or you
could restage an entire formal wedding!
109 Revisit the place where you proposed marriage. Take along a bottle of champagne. Toast your
good fortune in having found each other.
• Re-enact your first date.
• Relive your first night together.
111 When’s the last time you sat on
Familiar gestures—
performed with a
creative twist—are
hallmarks of people
with A+ relationships.
his lap and “made-out” like you did in
high school??
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Page 52
52 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Love Notes (I)
112 Write “I love you” on the bathroom mirror with a piece of soap.
Yes, the writer has to
clean the mirror.
• Write her a love letter or poem on one
sheet of paper. Glue it to thin cardboard; cut it up into puzzleshaped pieces; then mail all the pieces to her.
• Or, mail one puzzle piece per day!
114 Write “I love you” on every page of a pack of Post-It
Notes. Stick ’em all over the house!
• Write little love notes on the eggs in the refrigerator.
• Draw funny faces on the eggs in the refrigerator.
116 Cut out interesting/suggestive/unusual/funny headlines
from the daily newspapers. When you’ve collected about twentyfive of them, simply dump them in an envelope and mail them to
your lover.
117 Write a short note to your lover that’s spread out over
several postcards. Write a short phrase on each postcard, then
mail one at a time. You’ll build anticipation for the romantic
conclusion on the final postcard. (Maybe deliver that last one in
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Page 53
Gregory J.P. Godek • 53
Love Notes (II)
118 Do you remember “passing notes” in
school? Do you remember how to fold them up
so they tuck into a neat little square? If not, find a
teenager to advise you.
119 Put notes on various household
Theme Song:
“Love Letters,”
• Joy dishwashing liquid: “Every day with
Diana Krall
you is a Joy.”
• Cheerios: “Just knowing you love me
cheers me up!”
• Old Spice cologne: “You spice up my life!”
• Ritz Crackers: “Let’s ‘Put On The Ritz’ tonight!
Let’s go dancing!”
• A roll of Lifesavers: “You’re a lifesaver!”
• Caress soap: “This is what I’m going to do to
you tonight.”
• Mail her a pack of matches. Attach
a note: “I’m hot for you.”
• Mail him a pair of oven mitts.
Attach a note: “I’m hot for you.”
• Mail her a bottle of Tabasco sauce.
Attach a note: “I’m hot for you.”
• Mail him a pair of your sexiest panties.
The note: “I’m hot for you.”
Don’t sign your love
letters: “You’re onein-a-million.” (That
would mean that
there are six thousand
of her in the world.)
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Page 54
54 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
121 Send an old-fashioned telegram. Call Western Union at
800-325-6000 or visit www.westernunion.com.
122 Write funny love notes on
a roll of toilet paper.
Write notes on balloons
with markers.
Trace your initials in the dust on
the coffee table.
Write funny notes in the margins
of her Cosmopolitan magazine.
Write sexy notes in the margins
of his Playboy magazine.
Jot love notes in his
appointment calendar.
Write romantic reminders
on her To Do List.
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Page 55
Gregory J.P. Godek • 55
Freshman Lessons
123 Romance is a state of mind. If you have
the right mindset, you can make cleaning the
bathroom romantic. If you have the wrong
mindset, you can turn a moonlit stroll on the
beach into a miserable experience.
Theme Song:
“I’ve Got a Lot
to Learn,”
Brooks & Dunn
124 Romance is a state of being. It’s about taking action on your feelings. It’s a recognition that love in
the abstract has no real meaning at all! Romance is best defined as
“love-in-action.” Love is the feeling—romance is the action. Got it??
Romance often starts as a “state of mind,” but it must move beyond
mere thoughts and intentions, and be communicated to your lover—
through words, gifts, presents, gestures, touches, looks—through action.
125 Romance is about the little things. It’s much more about the
small gestures—the little ways of making daily life with your lover a bit
more special—than it is about extravagant, expensive gestures.
126 There are two kinds of romance: 1) Obligatory, and 2)
Optional. Obligatory romance is required by law. Look, if you forget to
send roses on Valentine’s Day, you’d simply better not show up at
home! But optional romance is really more romantic.
It’s more genuine. It’s making the romantic
gesture when you’re not required to. It’s arriving
Freshman Orientation:
home on a Tuesday after work with a botStart with the basics, be
tle of champagne—just because! It’s masyourself, take it one
sages and messages. It’s cards and
step at a time.
candles and songs and…
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Page 56
56 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Sophomore Lessons
127 Move beyond what I call “Generic
Generic Romance is the stuff that our culTheme Song:
ture has defined as “romantic”: Chocolate,
“You Learn,”
champagne, dinners, diamonds, movies,
Alanis Morissette
roses, lingerie, perfume, flowers, cards, and
candy. Yes, this stuff is romantic—yes, I give roses
to my wife Karyn sometimes—but it’s only a start, it’s
just skimming the surface.
If you expect your relationship to survive (much less thrive) for
fifty years or more, you must move waaay beyond Generic Romance.
128 Timing is everything.
• Pulling surprises requires a superb sense of timing.
• Belated birthday cards ought to be outlawed.
• Chocolate is romantic—but not if she’s on a diet.
• Stick to small romantic gestures when he’s totally preoccupied with
a big work project. (Save the biggies until he can appreciate them.)
129 Flirt with her at a party, as if you were both single.
• Freshmen level: Flirt just a little. Wink. Compliment her.
• Sophomore level: Act out a complete “pick-up” fantasy, without any
of the other guests being aware of what you’re doing.
• Junior level: Continue the fantasy as you
return home!
• Senior level: Act out the complete “pickup” fantasy at the party—and sneak off
to an empty room, porch, or closet,
and make mad, passionate love!
Are you ready
to move beyond
Generic Romance?
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 57
Gregory J.P. Godek • 57
Junior Lessons
130 Turn common, everyday events
into “little celebrations”—opportunities to
express your love for your partner.
We’re not talking passion here, but affection. (We’ll get to passion elsewhere!…) A
tiny bit of forethought can turn the
Theme Song:
ordinary into the special. Eat dinner
“You’re Learning,”
by candlelight. Tie a ribbon around a
Emmylou Harris
cup of bedtime tea. Pop your own
popcorn while watching a video at
home. Turn his birthday into a birthday
month! Give her a bottle of champagne as a
“thank you” for doing the grocery shopping.
Leave a greeting card on his car seat when he’s about to run
errands for you.
131 Recognize that one mode of expression isn’t enough.
We all have natural patterns that we follow; behaviors that are
easy, natural, habitual; modes of expression that we fall into
without even thinking about it. And these modes of expression
are not particularly gender-based (even though pop psychology
claims otherwise). Do you talk about your feelings—or do you act
on your feelings? Are you quick and spontaneous—or slow and
methodical? Do you process information primarily through
your head—or through your heart? Do you express yourself
directly—or subtly?
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 58
58 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
There’s no “right” and “wrong” here—simply “your” way and
your partner’s way. So the first lesson is to accept that your partner has a variety of different ways of expressing his or her feelings. Honor and
respect these differences, and I
promise that this alone will greatly
improve your relationship!
“Love is the triumph of
The second lesson is to recogimagination over
nize your own modes of commuintelligence.”
nication. Your easiest path to
—H.L. Mencken
better communication will be
through your natural channels. (See
the index entry for The Acorn Principle.)
Senior Lessons
• Senior Biology: When it
comes to sex and sexuality,
men and women are different!
• Senior Psychology: But when
it comes to emotions and love,
men and women are much
more alike than we are different.
Wow! The things you learn
when you read the real
psychological literature,
instead of relying on pop
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Page 59
Gregory J.P. Godek • 59
133 You can be yourself and it works! It’s astonishing to me that so
many people think that “being romantic” somehow means something other than “being yourself.”
Men don’t really expect women to be playmates, and women don’t
really expect men to be Harlequin heroes. What we all really want is
the spark, the magic, the thrill of love: the experience we all had at
the beginning of our relationships. This experience can be recreated
through romance—that is, through the creative expression of your
feelings. You never need to be someone you aren’t, but you do need
to stay in touch with your feelings, and then act on them.
134 Start with any basic romantic concept, then give it a twist—
build on it, expand it, exaggerate it, use your creativity, put your
personal stamp on it—and you’ll create an endless supply of new
romantic ideas.
Le Boudoir
135 The bedroom is your private, romantic hideaway.
Don’t turn it into an all-purpose room.
• Get rid of that TV!
• No bright lights!
• No exercise equipment.
• Keep flowers on the nightstand.
• Always have candles handy.
• Massage oil is a must.
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 60
60 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
136 Don’t simply have breakfast in bed—
make it an elegant feast. Whip up something
special: Blueberry pancakes? Cinnamon
toast? Fresh-squeezed orange juice?
French-roast coffee?
Theme Song:
Serve on your good china and best crys“Here in My Room,”
tal. Add lots of candles. And flowers, too.
137 “Breakfast in bed is ‘nice’—but
rather common, don’t you think?” said one
couple in the Romance Class. “We think the
class would be interested in one of our favorite
pastimes: Dinner in bed!”
• Canopy beds: Most Romantic Kind of
Bed/Feminine Category
• Brass beds: Most Romantic Kind
of Bed/Masculine Category
The True Test of
Love & Tolerance:
Letting her warm
her cold feet on
you in bed.
After she’s asleep,
quietly place a greeting
card in front of her alarm
clock. In the morning
before she arises, ask
her what time it is.
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Gregory J.P. Godek • 61
La Cuisine
139 Get to know the owner, manager or maître d’
at your favorite restaurant. Become a “regular”
and you’ll get the best tables, best service, and
best wines, plus inside tips on what’s really
best on the menu tonight.
140 “The Great Search for the
Most Romantic Restaurant in Town.”
Create a list of candidates garnered from
restaurant reviews and tips from your
friends. Visit a different restaurant each
week. Rate them according to your own personal standards.
Theme Song:
Eric Clapton
141 Does your partner have a favorite meal that he or she always
orders when dining out? If so, write-up a “custom description” of
the meal and secretly tape it into his or her menu. (“Pasta Prima
Patricia.” “Beefy Bob Wellington.” “Eggs à la Lisa.”)
142 Have lunch or dinner in an unusual place. Museums
have quirky cafés. Airports have restaurants with great views. Allnight diners are cool places to hang out.
143 Get up extra early on a weekday and go out for breakfast with your lover. It’s a great way to start the day in a totally
different way.
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Page 62
62 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Love Notes (III)
144 Write one love letter on twenty-five different index
cards. Hide these all over the house. Finding all of them will be the
first challenge. Putting them in order will be the second challenge.
145 Let comic strips speak for you. Tape them to the refrigerator. Hide them in her purse. Hide them in his briefcase. Pack
them in her suitcase.
• Blondie and Dagwood’s marriage issues
• Cathy’s dating dilemmas
• Charlie Brown’s unrequited love
• Rose and Jimbo’s ongoing romance
Write a love
• Brenda Starr’s wry observations about love
• Dilbert’s disastrous attempts at dating
letter—but write it
in reversed letters,
If you’re not much of a writer,
so your lover has
create an audio love letter. Sit down with a
to hold it up to a
digital voice recorder and just talk to her
mirror to read it.
for ten minutes. Then upload the sound
file to your computer and e-mail it to her.
147 Add flair to your love notes and
envelopes with festive, wacky, or personalized rubber stamps. (You
can even have a photograph made into a rubber stamp!) Call Creative Mode at 608-838-8011; or write to 2934 County Road MN,
Stoughton, Wisconsin 53589; or visit www.creativemode.com.
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Page 63
Gregory J.P. Godek • 63
Love Notes (IV)
148 Finding special meaning in various items
is a romantically useful habit to develop. Here are
a few album titles that might inspire you.
Attach an appropriate note to the CD and
What albums in
give it to your lover. Or create a musical
your collection
“Love Coupon” with a theme that matches
have especially
the title of the CD.
meaningful titles?
• Come Away with Me, Norah Jones
• Love Scenes, Diana Krall
• August, Eric Clapton
• Greatest Hits, Mariah Carey
• Desire, Bob Dylan
• Fantasy, Carole King
• Lovers Rock, Sade
• You Sing to Me, Marc Antony
• In the Dark, The Grateful Dead
• Keith Urban, Keith Urban
• No Name Face, Lifehouse
Personal recommendation:
• You Light Up My Life, Leann
Aaron Skyy’s new CD,
• Still Crazy After All These Years,
Skyy’s the Limit.
Paul Simon
Includes some great
• Savage Garden, Savage Garden
romantic R&B songs like
• No Angel, Dido
• Romance (Music for Piano), on
“Love Letter” and “Can’t
the Narada Label
Stop Lovin’ You,” as well
• Beauty of Love, Shardad
as the hit, “The One.”
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Page 64
64 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
• My Heart, Martina McBride
• No Ordinary Love, Sade
• Let’s Talk About Love, Celine Dion
• Fields of Gold, Sting
• Dressed to Kill, Kiss
• Heart to Heart, David Sanborn
• Let’s Live for Today, The Grass Roots
• You Got What It Takes, The Dave Clark Five
• Dirty Mind, Prince
• Love to Love You Baby, Donna Summer
• Please Love Me Forever, Bobby Vinton
“I Love You”
149 “I love you.” The all-purpose, over-used phrase…that we
never tire of hearing. Say it. Say it often. Say it with feeling. Mean it.
150 Upside-down stamps on envelopes mean “I love you.”
This tradition was started during
World War I as soldiers and their
gals wrote love letters back and
forth, including this “love code.”
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Page 65
Gregory J.P. Godek • 65
You could learn how to say “I
love you” using sign language. These
two books will show you how:
• The Joy of Signing, by Lottie Riekoff
Theme Songs:
• A Basic Course in American Sign Lan“I Love You,”
guage, by Tom Humphries
Climax Blues Band
If you get more ambitious, you
could move beyond a simple “I
“I Love You,” Faith Hill
love you” and learn how to
“I Love You,”
have silent and intimate conDonna Summer
versations of love with one
“I Love You,”
another across crowded rooms.
Sarah McLachlan
Call her from work
for no other reason than to tell
her, “I love you.”
“I Love You,”
Celine Dion
“I Love You,”
Mary J. Blige
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Page 66
66 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
“ Shite Imasu”
1. English: “I love you”
2. Apache: “Shi ingôlth-a”
3. Arabic: “‘Ahebbek”
4. Armenian: “Sírem zk ´ez”
5. Aztec: “Nimitzlaco’tla”
6. Bengali: “Ami tomake
bhalo basi”
7. Bulgarian: “Obícom te”
8. Burmese: “Chítte”
9. Cambodian:
“Khñoms(r)alañ ‘neak”
10. Cantonese: “Kgoh òi nei”
11. Cherokee: “Kykéyu”
12. Cheyenne: “Ne-méhotatse”
13. Chinese: “Wo ài nei”
14. Czech: “Miluji vás”
15. Danish: “Eg elskar dig”
16. Dutch: “It hous van jou”
17. Egyptian: “Anna bahebek”
18. Eskimo: “Nagligivaget”
19. Finnish: “Mínä rákistan
20. French: “Je t’aime”
21. Gaelic (Irish): “Mo ghradh
22. German: “Ich liebe dich”
23. Greek: “Sàs agapo”
24. Romany: “Mándi komova
25. Hawaiian: “Aloha wau ia oe”
26. Hebrew: “Aní ohev otakh”
27. Hindi: “Mayn toojh ko
pyár karta hun”
28. Hungarian: “Szeretlék”
29. Icelandic: “Eg elska pig”
30. Indonesian: “Saja tjinta
31. Irish: “Thaim in grabh leat”
32. Italian: “Ti amo”
33. Japanese: “Ai shite imasu”
34. Korean: “Na nun tangshinul sarang hamnida”
35. Kurdish: “Asektem”
36. Latin: “Ego te amo”
37. Mandarin: “Wo ài ni”
38. Mohawk: “Konoronhkwa”
39. Norwegian: “Jeg elsker deg”
40. Persian: “Aseketem”
41. Polish: “Ja cie kocham”
42. Portugese: “Eu te amo”
43. Russian: “Ya lyablyu tyebya”
44. Samoan: “O te alofa ya te oe”
45. Sanskrit: “Aham twan sneham karomi”
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Page 67
Gregory J.P. Godek • 67
46. Sioux: “Techi ´hila”
47. Somali: “Wankudja’alahai”
48. Spanish: “Te amo”
49. Swahili: “Mimi nakupenda”
50. Swedish: “Jag älskar dig”
51. Taiwanese: “Ngùa ai dì”
52. Thai: “Pom rak khun”
53. Tibetan: “Khyod-la cags-so”
54. Turkish: “Seni severim”
55. Ukrainian: “Ya vas
56. Vietnamese: “Anh yëu em”
57. Welsh: “Rwy’n dy garu di”
58. Yiddish: “Ich libe dich”
59. Yugoslavian: “Ja te volim”
60. Zulu: “Ngi ya thandela
Be Creative
154 Create a “Romantic Ideas Jar.”
• Write a hundred romantic ideas on separate slips of paper. Fill
a jar with them. Once a week, one of you picks an idea at random and has to implement it within the next week. Take turns
being the chooser.
• Or, number slips of paper one through 1001. Pick a number,
then refer to the corresponding number in this
book. (For this activity, you may want to skip the
chapter “Spare No Expense”!)
• Or, number slips of paper one through
Everyone has
10,000(!)—and use the Romantic Idea Jar
to choose items from my book, 10,000 Ways
creative potential
To Say I Love You.
inside. You just
need to tap
into it!
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Page 68
68 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
155 Is she a crossword fanatic? Create a custom crossword puzzle for her. Make the clues reminiscent of your relationship and
life together; include private jokes, funny phrases, and names of
favorite songs. (And maybe some suggestive stuff! Hmmm?!)
For a real surprise: Carefully glue her custom crossword puzzle
over the top of the Sunday New York Times’ crossword puzzle—and
wait for her to discover it!
156 Remove the mechanism from a musical card and attach it
to the bottom of a dinner plate or to the inside of a heart-shaped
box of chocolates.
Be Prepared
157 Be prepared—for anything! Create a “Gift Closet.”
Gather gifts ahead of time; buy things on sale; order quantities of
items and get discounts; buy things during end-of-season sales;
pick up presents on a whim. Then warehouse them and save them
for later!
• Never again will you have to rush around at the last minute
looking for an anniversary gift.
• You’ll have more fun giving gifts and presents.
• Your partner will appreciate it.
• You’ll save money!
• You’ll be prepared to surprise her whenever the inspiration
strikes you.
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Page 69
Gregory J.P. Godek • 69
If you live in a very small house or apartment,
create a “Gift Drawer” or store a “Gift Box”
under your bed.
158 Be prepared for spontaneous
Seems like a
paradox, but it’s
not: “Preparing
for spontaneity!”
romantic escapes! Have “His” and “Hers”
overnight bags packed at all times. Keep
under the bed or in the car trunk.
159 Be prepared for shopping! Know
all of your partner’s sizes! You should be able to
buy any item of clothing for him or her, and have it
fit 80 percent of the time.
• Could you buy her any item of lingerie? A coat? A sweater?
• Could you buy him a pair of shoes? A pair
of gloves? A hat?
Be prepared—
always have on hand:
A bottle of champagne
A romantic greeting card
A sexy greeting card
Love Stamps
A local/regional “Calendar of Events”
A few candles
Scented bubble bath
A fun little “Trinket Gift”
A little extra cash
A CD of romantic music
A bottle of massage oil
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Page 70
70 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Always, Always, Always
160 Always, always, always stay in touch
with the special, memorable, unique ways
that the two of you have fun together.
• What’s the most fun you’ve ever had
with your clothes on? Well, do it again!
• What’s the most fun you’ve ever had
with your clothes off? Well?!
Theme Songs:
“Always,” Bon Jovi
“Always,” U2
“Always,” Blink 182
• Learn your partner’s “hot buttons”—
and vow to never hit them.
• Learn your partner’s pet peeves—and avoid
• Learn your partner’s “blind spots”—and help him or
her cope.
• Learn your partner’s “soft spots”—and indulge
• Learn what turns your partner off—and
avoid those behaviors.
When’s the last
• Learn what turns your partner on—and
practice, practice, practice!
time you really
played together?
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Page 71
Gregory J.P. Godek • 71
162 Always remember that there are
many—thousands, millions!—of ways of
expressing love. And remember
Books to enhance
that your partner has the right to
the fun in your life:
express his or her love in ways
Play Therapy with Adults,
that may not be what you
want or expect. When you
by Charles E. Schaefer
insist that romance take a
Play Therapy: The Art of
particular form, this reflects
your rigidity or insecurity.
by Garry L. Landreth
You do, of course, have
the right to have some of the
Beyond Love and Work:
romance come to you in the
Why Adults Need to Play,
form you desire. But don’t
by Lenore Terr
expect your partner to read your
mind! If you want something in your
life, you must take responsibility for manifesting it. You might simply talk with your partner about your
wants and needs. Some people recognize subtle hints while others need lists and reminders.
If you work with your partner’s personality instead of against it,
your relationship will be much happier.
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Page 72
72 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Never, Never, Never
163 When you’re talking with your lover on the phone, never,
never, never interrupt your conversation to answer another call via Call
Waiting. Let your answering service pick up that incoming call! A+
Couples know it’s important to give one another their undivided,
focused attention.
• Never, never, never wallpaper together.
• Never, never, never disrespect her.
• Never, never, never embarrass him in public.
• Never, never, never give checks as gifts.
• Never, never, never nag.
• Never, never, never forget your partner’s birthday.
• Never, never, never throw out something that
belongs to him or her.
• Never, never, never betray a confidence.
• Never, never, never refer to your wife as “My
Never, never,
Old Lady.”
never say, “I
• Never, never, never give her practical gifts.
told you so.”
• Never, never, never say, “Yes, dear,” just to
appease her.
• Never, never, never joke about her PMS.
• Never, never, never withhold sex to punish him.
• Never, never, never give her the “silent treatment.”
• Never, never, never return his car with an empty gas tank.
• Never, never, never say “What’s for dinner?” before saying “I
love you.”
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Page 73
Gregory J.P. Godek • 73
Gifts, Gifts, Gifts
165 The Forty-Six Kinds of Gifts
1. The Surprise Gift
19. Personalized Gifts
2. The Trinket Gift
20. The Gift of Travel
3. The “Just what I always
wanted” Gift
21. The Gift of Food
4. The Classically Romantic Gift
22. The Gift in His or Her
Favorite Color
5. The Perfume Gift
23. The Meaningful Gift
6. The Sexy Gift
24. The Funny Gift
7. The “Oh, you shouldn’t
have!—But I love it!” Gift
25. The Practical Gift
8. The Obligatory Gift
27. The First-Class Gift
9. The Optional Gift
28. The Custom Romance
Certificate Gift
10. The Kooky Gift
11. The Keepsake Gift
12. The “How did you find
it?!” Gift
13. The Homemade Gift
26. The Frivolous Gift
29. The Gift-Within-a-GiftWithin-a-Gift Gift
30. The Beautifully Wrapped
14. The Unbelievably Expensive Gift
31. Birthday Gifts
15. The Gag Gift
33. The Gift of Time
16. The Gift that Keeps on
34. The Gift of Cash
17. The One Gigantic Item Gift
36. The Gift of Yourself
18. Theme Gifts
37. The Cheap Gift
32. Anniversary Gifts
35. The Gift Certificate
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Page 74
74 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
38. The Charming Gift
39. The Gift of Flowers
40. The Gift for No Particular
41. The Family Heirloom Gift
42. The Gift of Art
43. The Decadent Gift
44. The Gift of Chocolate
45. The Gift Cruise
This list may
inspire your
thinking, give you
a creative kick, or
simply serve as
a reminder.
46. The Gift in a Teeny, Tiny
Sex, Sex, Sex
166 Here’s something that may surprise you:
“The Torah obligates a man to pleasure his wife
so that she reaches sexual climax before [he
does].” This practical/sexual/spiritual advice
is from the amazing book Kosher Sex: A Recipe
Theme Song:
for Passion and Intimacy, by Rabbi Shmuley
“SexyBack,” Justin
• Time yourselves: How fast can you make
• Time yourselves: How long can you make sex last??
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Page 75
Gregory J.P. Godek • 75
• Increase the frequency of your lovemaking
by 33%.
• Increase the time you spend on foreplay
by 150%.
• Increase the quality of your lovemaking
by 21%.
• Be 15% less inhibited in your lovemaking.
Hang mistletoe
over your bed.
(Not just for
Christmas only!)
169 Learn to program your TiVo—it
could lead to more sex! Record his or her favorite
TV show. Make love during that time slot. (Hint:
Choose his favorite hour-long show, not his favorite half-hour sitcom.)
170 Use props to enhance your lovemaking.
Here’s tonight’s assignment: First, buy a
derby. (Yes, a derby. One of those old-fashioned hats.) Then rent the movie, The
Unbearable Lightness of Being. You’ll learn
how to make effective use of the derby.
The Playboy
Catalog. Call 800423-9494, or visit
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Page 76
76 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Love Notes (V)
171 Put a tiny little love note inside
a balloon. Insert the message, blow up
the balloon and tie it. Then attach a
pin to the string.
172 Be prepared with greeting
“Love is that condition
in which the happiness
of another person is
essential to your own.”
—Robert A. Heinlein
cards. Go out this weekend and buy
$50 worth of greeting cards. Don’t ask
questions, just do it! Head for your nearest
card shop and spend a solid hour reading hundreds of cards. Get some sentimental cards. Get some sexy cards. Get
several birthday cards. Get some friendship cards. Get cards with no
inscription, so you can exercise your creativity.
• Don’t forget to file some of these cards at work.
• Pre-stamp the envelopes (with Love Stamps) to save time later.
173 Some creative twists to your basic love letters, love notes,
poetry, verses, and romantic twists.
• Write them on nice parchment paper.
Cool idea! Have your
• Turn them into scrolls, tied with ribbon.
poem set to music!
• Frame ’em.
• Have them rendered in calligraphy.
See the index listing
• Have your poem set to music.
for “Songsmith.”
• Have the new song recorded.
• Publish your love letters in a book.
• Place a love note in the newspaper classified section.
• Create a poster of a love poem.
• Write it up on your computer; add flourishes.
• Write a letter in code.
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Page 77
Gregory J.P. Godek • 77
Love Notes (VI)
174 When traveling, give her a bouquet of
roses; one rose for each day that you’ll be
away. Attach a note that says something like
“These three roses represent the three days
I’ll be away from you.
They also symbolize the love, joy, and
laughter we share together.”
Be creative and
have fun with your
love notes!
175 Another flower-and-note combination for when you’re apart from one another: Give
her forget-me-nots. The note:
“Forget-me-not while I’m away from you. You’re never
far from my thoughts as you’re always in my heart.”
176 Send him one rose. The note: “This bud’s for you!”
177 Remove all of the thorns from a dozen long-stem red
roses before you give them to your lover. The note:
“These roses symbolize my love for you. Perfect, pure, and without
the thorns of hurt. I’m not perfect but my love for you is.”
178 Give her tulips. (“Tulips”—“Two lips.”) You
write the note!
Pun alert!
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Page 78
78 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
179 Send five large flower arrangements to
her at work, timed to arrive one per hour,
beginning at one o’clock. Write a five-part
love note, with one part accompanying each
flower arrangement.
Theme Song:
During their first date she
“Love Sick,”
picked up a penny from the ground and
Bob Dylan
said, “A penny for your thoughts.” He shared
his thoughts and she paid him. (He saved the
penny.) As they continued to date they often gave
each other pennies as special little love tokens. One day,
two years later, he presented her with two ring boxes. As she
opened them he said, “A penny for your thoughts…and a diamond for your heart. Will you marry me?”
They named their first daughter Penny. On their tenth anniversary
he gave her a rare nineteenth-century penny made into a pendant.
On their twentieth anniversary they visited the
U.S. Mint on vacation. They now collect
pennies in giant jars for their two
“The thing about falling
in love is that if you do it
Attend a lousy movie (on
right, you never have to
purpose); sit in the balcony; make
hit the ground.”
out in the dark.
—Kendall Lepitzki
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Page 79
Gregory J.P. Godek • 79
Prescriptions for Love
182 Prescription for Romance #1: Compliment her. Repeat every four to six hours.
183 Prescription for Romance #2:
Say “I love you” at least three times
today. Repeat dosage every day for the rest
of your life.
Theme Song:
“Somebody Get Me a
Doctor,” Van Halen
184 Prescription for Romance #3:
Hug. Often!
Get an empty bottle of prescription pills.
Fill it with green M&M’s. Create a custom label, something like this:
Patient: (Your Pet Name For Your Lover)
Medication: Libido Liberator—Extra Strength!
Side Effects: Love Sickness & Hot Flashes.
Dosage: A Handful or Two.
Refills: See Prescribing Physician Only!
Physician: Doctor of Love, (Your Name).
Additional ideas:
• Create a sexy prescription label for a bottle of
massage oil.
• A custom prescription for a bottle of
Write her a
cough syrup filled with liqueur.
prescription for a
• Convince his or her doctor to “prescribe”
dozen chocolate
one of these concoctions to your lover!
chip cookies. Then
• Convince a local pharmacist to dispense
fill the order.
one of these creations to your lover!
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Page 80
80 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Help for the Hopeless
186 Romantic help is available online! Advice! Products!
Books! All kinds of stuff available for free, and other stuff available for overnight delivery. A brief sampling:
• Get quotations to enhance your romantic notes:
• Get more quotations to enhance your romantic notes:
• Lyrics to love songs are available at: www.romantic-lyrics.com
• Free cards, poems, ideas, etc. available at: www.lovingwhisper.com
• Romantic tips ’n stuff at: www.1001waystoberomantic.com
Know your anniversaries.
All of them…
The first time you made love
The day you first met
Your first big blow-out fight
Your first date
The day you moved in together
Your first kiss
The day you bought your home
The day you conceived your first child
The first time you said the words “I love you”
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Page 81
Gregory J.P. Godek • 81
187 Are you ready? Take notes now. Here are fourteen creative ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day:
1. Rent a local hotel’s Honeymoon Suite.
2.Take the day off from work on Valentine’s Day.
3. One day simply isn’t enough! Celebrate for a solid week!
4. Buy ten boxes of kids’ valentines, and flood your partner with
5. Give your partner one card every hour on the hour.
6. Make a batch of heart-shaped cookies.
7. Make a giant Valentine card on the back of a travel poster—
8. And have vacation tickets (to that location) taped to the poster.
9. Plan a solid day’s worth of romantic music.
10. Stay at a local bed and breakfast.
11. Send ten Valentine’s Day cards.
12. Send a hundred Valentine’s Day cards!
13. Spend the entire day watching romantic movies.
14. Give your modern gal a piece of antique jewelry.
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Page 82
82 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Hope for the Helpless
188 To help you with your romantic planning, here are
The 23 Kinds of Romantic Surprises:
1. Once-in-a-lifetime surprises
2. Unfolding surprises
3. Bait-and-switch surprises
4. Shocking surprises
5. Mystery-event surprises
6. Total surprises
7. Big surprises
8. Little surprises
9. Expected-but-not-right-now surprises
10. Expensive surprises
11. Surprise tickets
12. Group surprises
13. Surprise vacations
14. Public surprises
15. Private surprises
16. Surprises involving a collaborator
17. Midnight surprises
18. Surprises at work
19. Sexy surprises
20. Funny surprises
21. Meaningful surprises
22. Out-of-character surprises
23. Sweet surprises
A Romantic
We’re escaping
together to a bed
& breakfast this
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Page 83
Gregory J.P. Godek • 83
Travel Tips
189 Sneak off to the airport the night before she’s going to
I love this one!
leave for a trip. Take one red rose. Rent one of
those small storage lockers in the airline terminal. Put the flower in the locker. Sneak back
home. Just before she leaves for the airport,
hand her the key to the storage locker.
190 When you’re traveling without her: Mail a card or note
to her the day before you leave town, so she’ll get it while you’re away.
191 When you’ll be traveling without him, leave him one
greeting card for each day you’ll be gone.
192 When you’ll be traveling for several days without her,
leave behind a pile of “I’m Thinking of You” packets.
• Get a large manila envelope for each day you’ll be away.
• Label each one with a day of the week, and fill each one with stuff.
Stuff like: Her favorite candy, poems, little notes,
magazines, a photo of you with a funny note, a
“Love Coupon” for use when you’re back,
and an item of lingerie with a note sayIf the two of you
ing, “Be wearing this when I return.”
love the outdoors,
keep your camping
When you’re going to be
away, tape your photo to your pilequipment in the trunk
so you’ll be ready
for spontaneous
overnight outings.
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Page 84
84 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
A Suitcase Full of Romance
Pack a card inside his suitcase. Pack a
• Hide little “love notes” everyDefinition of spontaneity:
where: in his socks and shoes
and shirt pockets and pants
Deciding this afternoon
pocket and suit pockets and
to fly somewhere—
briefcase and suitcase and
anywhere—this evening.
wallet and notebooks and
Traveling without any
luggage at all. Buying
• Pack his favorite candies (any
what you need along
kind that won’t melt).
the way.
Give him a custom-made
play list on his iPod just before he goes
on a business trip. Tell him not to play it until
the plane is airborne.
When she’s going away by
herself, give her a “Trip Survival Kit.”
(It would be nice to package it in a
Plan a surprise trip.
gift box or fancy bag—but you don’t
Fill her suitcase with
have to. You can make do with a
helium balloons. Attach
grocery bag or shoebox labeled with
to each balloon a note
a magic marker.) Fill the kit with fun
that gives clues about
stuff, candy, notes, etc.
your destination.
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Page 85
Gregory J.P. Godek • 85
197 Get help from hotel concierges! They’re great resources,
and they’ll get nearly anything done for you: from normal things like
delivering champagne and a note to his room, to the unusual—like
filling his room with 100 balloons…or hiding a special gift in the
bathtub…or whatever outrageous thing you can think up!
198 Send a greeting card to her hotel, so it’s waiting for her
when she arrives.
Fun & Games
199 Literally make a “game” out of being romantic.
Take the spinner from an old board game; cover
over the original instructions; divide the circle into twelve quadrants. Write different
Guys think they
romantic activities in each quadrant.
should get “points”
Take turns giving it a spin every week.
for being romantic.
Well, give it a try!—
Go to a carnival, fair or
Make a “game” out of
amusement park together. Ride the
love, and award him
rides. Play the games. Eat the hot dogs
and cotton candy. Win her a stuffed ani- “points.” Might be the
most fun you’ve
mal. Kiss in the Tunnel of Love.
had all year!
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Page 86
86 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
201 Visit a theater-supply shop together and rent some costumes. (Not just for Halloween, but for adventurous couples…)
• Guys: Be a cowboy, doctor, policeman, mechanic, astronaut.
• Gals: Be a ballerina, policewoman, doctor, cheerleader, elf.
202 Go on a mall-wide “Trinket Gift Hunt.” Here’s how it
works: You each get ten dollars and thirty minutes to shop for each
other. The goal is to buy as many different fun/crazy/significant/silly
“Trinket Gifts” as possible for your partner. Meet back in the center
of the mall, open your gifts, and be prepared for a hilarious time!
Weird & Wacky
203 Greet him at the door with confetti, noise-makers and
party hats.
204 Practice “Telepathy Romance.” When you’re going to
be apart, agree to stop whatever else you’re doing and think about each
other and nothing else for one minute, at a pre-determined time.
205 Practice “Leap Year Romance.” When February 29th
rolls around, take the day off work and declare it your own personal “Romance Day.” Give the gift of time—twenty-four hours
worth—to your lover!
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Page 87
Gregory J.P. Godek • 87
Cathy © 1986 Cathy Guisewite. Reprinted by permission of Universal Press Syndicate. All rights reserved.
206 Have you ever seen $10,000 in one dollar bills strewn
about someone’s living room? Well, neither have I—but one woman
in the Romance Class reported that’s what her husband did with a
commission check he received one year after a big sale. He handed
her a rake and said, “Honey, whatever you can fit into this paper bag
is yours to spend!” (Being rather clever herself, she stacked the bills
neatly and walked away with all of it!)
Cats & Dogs
207 Include his or her beloved pet in many of your times
together. Pet-lovers can be fanatical, so don’t force her to choose
between you or Spot, because Spot will probably win!
Get special treats for her dog. Celebrate his cat’s birthday. Find
hotels that welcome pets.
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Page 88
88 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
208 There’s a cat museum in
Eleven percent of cat
Amsterdam, Holland. Called the Cat
owners have ended a
Cabinet, it features works of art highromantic relationship
lighting the role of the cat in art and
because of their cat,
society. For more info call the Netheraccording to one survey.
lands Board of Tourism at 312-8560110, or write to them at 225 North
Michigan Avenue, Suite 326, Chicago,
Illinois 60601. Visit the museum website at www.kattenkabinet.nl
209 Not to be outdone, dog-lovers have a Dog Museum (the
American Kennel Club Museum of the Dog) near St. Louis. The
museum is devoted to the collection, preservation, and exhibition
of works of art and literature related to
Man’s Best Friend. The museum
is in the Trot Jarville House,
a magnificent Greek
Revival building in
Cat Fancy Magazine: 800-365-4421
Queeny Park, 25
or www.catchannel.com
miles west of
downtown St.
Dog World Magazine:
Louis. Call
314-821Dog Fancy Magazine: 800-365-4421 or
Aquarium Fish Magazine International
and Bird Talk Magazine at
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Page 89
Gregory J.P. Godek • 89
210 Include his or her beloved pet in some of your romantic
• Attach a small gift to Fido’s collar.
• Attach a little love note to Fluffy’s collar.
• Float in the aquarium a bottle with a love note inside it.
• Place a diamond ring in a little treasure chest, sink it in the
aquarium, then give clues about the location of the gift.
Satin & Lace
Ladies, regarding the sexual side of love, if you remember only one thing from this book, remember this: Men love lingerie.
Thousands of men in my
Remember, ladies: the more
Romance Classes have confided
see-through, the better!
or complained that having their
ladies wear lingerie more often
is the one thing they want
intensely that their women tend to hold back on.
212 Go lingerie shopping together. Accompany her into
the dressing room.
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Page 90
90 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
213 Timid about shopping in a lingerie shop? That’s what
catalogs are for!
• Victoria’s Secret Catalog—800-888-8200, www.victoriassecret.com
• Frederick’s of Hollywood Catalog—800-323-9525, www.fredericks.com
• Playboy Catalog—800-423-9494,
Lingerie Coupon • Dream Dresser—800-963-7326,
He gets to choose her
lingerie outfit.
• Three Wishes Lingerie—919-529-1800,
ext. 1, www.3wisheslingerie.com
She gets to choose the
• Moonliting Lingerie & Costume Company—
sexual fantasy.
760-962-9904, www.lingerieand
Participants must be at
least 18 years of age.
• Coquette International—800-668-5477,
Strategies & Examples
214 Use the particulars of your own personal love story to
help you create gifts and gestures that are unique and meaningful.
One couple had first met on the subway in Boston.
• He once gave her a Boston subway token in a jewelry box, along
with this note: “Here’s a ‘token’ of my affection for you.”
• The following year he had that token made into a pendant by a
local jeweler.
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Page 91
Gregory J.P. Godek • 91
• She once held a “mobile birthday party” for him on a subway
car. All of their friends got on board at different stops along
Beacon Street in Boston.
• Because they’d met on the “Green Line,” green was their “special color,” and they used it in many of their gifts to one
• And, of course, their special song was “(Charlie on the)
M.T.A.” by The Kingston Trio.
215 Sometimes one simple concept can provide a lifetime of
gift-giving opportunities. One guy in my Romance Class told us
that he bought his wife a modest diamond necklace for their tenth
anniversary: a nice gold chain with one “smallish” diamond on it.
For their eleventh anniversary he added another diamond; for
Christmas he added another diamond; for her birthday he added yet
another diamond. He’s been doing this for twenty-three years now!
During years when money is tight, he simply buys less expensive
diamonds. Then, when times are good, he
replaces a cheaper diamond with a
more expensive one!
He’s happy because he
“The relationship between
saves tons of time by not
commitment and doubt is
having to really go shopby no means an
ping(!)—and his wife is
antagonistic one.
happy because she really
believes that “Diamonds
Commitment is healthiest
are a girl’s best friend!”
when it’s not without doubt
but in spite of doubt.”
—Rollo May
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Page 92
92 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Bed & Breakfasts
• Andrie Rose Inn, Ludlow, Vermont. “The most romantic of a
dozen inns we’ve visited over the years.” A variety of rooms and
suites in nineteenth-century surroundings welcome guests at
the base of Okemo Mountain. Call 800-223-4846 or visit
their website at www.andrieroseinn.com.
• Blue Lake Ranch, outside Durango, Colorado. “So private that
there’s no sign out front.” Choose from the main inn or private cottages near picturesque Blue Lake. Call 888-258-3525
or visit their website at www.bluelakeranch.com.
• The Inn on Mount Ada, Avalon, California. “The definition of
romance: A Pacific California island that doesn’t allow cars!”
Six rooms in a stately mansion are elegantly appointed with
antiques and working fireplaces. Call 800-608-7669 or visit
their website at www.innonmtada.com.
• The Don Gaspar Compound, Santa Fe, New Mexico. This classic Mission- and Adobe-style home has six private suites that
enjoy a secluded garden courtyard. Call 888-986-8664 or visit
their website at www.dongaspar.com.
• The Inn at Long Lake, Naples, Maine. The guest rooms have been
restored to their original country warmth with elegant antique furnishings, fluffy comforters, and pillows. Call 800-437-0328 or
207-693-6226, or visit their website at www.innatlonglake.com.
• The Terrell House, New Orleans, Louisiana. Circa 1858, this
inn is located in the Lower Garden District of New Orleans.
The house surrounds you with Southern charm, antique chandeliers, marble fireplaces and elegant parlors. It’s located on a
street of antique shops and jazz clubs. Call 866-261-9687, or
visit their website at www.terrellhouse.com.
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Page 93
Gregory J.P. Godek • 93
• The San Ysidro Ranch, Santa Barbara, California. A favorite of
the Hollywood elite: Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier got married here; frequented by Jean Harlow, Audrey Hepburn, Fred
Astaire. Call 800-368-6788, or visit their website at
Internet resources for B&Bs:
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Page 94
94 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Gifts & Presents
217 Understand the difference between a gift and a present.
• A present is something you’re giving the receiver because it’s
something you want him or her to have.
• A gift is something that you’re sure the receiver wants.
(Don’t bother looking up the words “gift” and “present” in the
dictionary. Technically, they’re synonyms. But then, what does Webster’s know about romance?)
When a man gives a woman lingerie—guess what?!—nine times
out of ten it’s a present. When he gives her favorite perfume, it’s a gift.
This is not to say that one is better than the other. Gifts and presents are just different. Knowing the difference between a gift and a
present will help both of you stay “in tune” with each other and
avoid unrealistic expectations and possible hard feelings.
Note: Items can
sometimes be both
gifts and presents at
Gift—Tickets to see his favorite team.
the same time. It
Present—Tickets to the opera.
depends on the item
Gift—Elegant, satin lingerie.
in combination with
Present—Peek-a-boo panties.
the recipient’s indiGift—A new Ping putter.
vidual personality.
Present—Clothes you’d like him to wear.
Gift—A book by her favorite author.
Present—A book you’d like her to read.
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Page 95
Gregory J.P. Godek • 95
Consciously choose gifts and presents that symbolize
your love.
Gifts and presents are things we give to symbolize our love. It’s not
about the stuff, it’s about what the stuff means. Frankly,
what lovers really want is more of each other! More
time together, more shared experiences,
more opportunities to be loving.
The role of gifts and presents is
to stand in for you, to represent
you, when you’re not physically
What has he really
there. So choose them wisely.
wanted for a long time,
but held back from
buying? Get it for him!
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Page 96
96 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Presents & Gifts
Create “theme” gifts and gestures. Combine similar
items and ideas to create fun, meaningful gifts.
Give her these three gifts, wrapped separately but tied together
with a ribbon:
• The book Best of Friends: A Coupon Gift of Love and Thanks, by Sourcebooks, Inc.
• The CD Forever Friends, by Justo Almario
• The song “My Best Friend,” by Tim McGraw
220 Another “theme” gift: Give him
all of Leo Buscaglia’s “love” books:
• Love
• Personhood
• Living, Loving & Learning
• Born for Love
• And get some of Leo’s wonderful lectures on DVD.
Give a funny
Give an artistic
Give a sexy
Give a timely
Give a meaningful
Give a musical
Give a tiny
Give a seasonal
Give a tasty
• “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Get her
• “Dogs are a man’s best friend.” Get him one.
222 And another “theme” gift:
• Give her a new pair of walking shoes or hiking boots.
• And a copy of the book Off the Beaten Path—A travel guide to more than
1,000 scenic and interesting places still uncrowded and inviting.
• And a written invitation to a three-day hiking vacation.
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Page 97
Gregory J.P. Godek • 97
Daily & Weekly
223a A Daily Romantic Checklist:
• Spend twenty minutes of uninterrupted time together.
• Check in with each other during
On Sunday: Be debonair.
the day.
On Monday: Be zany.
• Perform one small—and unexOn Tuesday: Be enchanting.
On Wednesday: Be sexy.
• Say “I love you” at least three
On Thursday: Be funny.
On Friday: Be playful.
• Thank your partner for someOn Saturday: Be romantic.
• Look for romantic concepts in the
• Take an extra minute when kissing good-bye.
223b A Weekly Romantic Checklist
• Bring home one small, unexpected gift or present.
• Share some form of physical intimacy.
• Share an entire afternoon or evening
Focus on a different
• Share two insights you gained this
sense each day:
Sunday: Sense of sight.
• Write at least one little love note.
Monday: Sense of hearing.
• Mail something to your partner.
Tuesday: Sense of smell.
• Make love!
• Plan something special for the
Wednesday: Sense of touch.
upcoming weekend.
Thursday: Sense of taste.
Friday: Common sense.
Saturday: Sense of humor.
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Page 98
98 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Monthly & Yearly
223c A Monthly Romantic Checklist
• Plan one romantic surprise for this month.
• Re-stock your stash of greeting cards.
• Go out to dinner once or twice.
• Rent at least two romantic movies.
• Make love several times!
• Make plans for a three-day romantic weekend
sometime in the next three months.
• Plan one romantic event with a seasonal theme.
223d A Yearly Romantic Checklist
• Make a New Year’s Resolution to be a more creative romantic.
• Make plans for your next anniversary.
• Think of an unusual way to celeRent one romantic
brate your partner’s birthday.
comedy every month:
• Review your plans for your
January: Serendipity
next vacation.
February: America’s Sweethearts
• Create a special
March: Garden State
“Romance” category
April: Love Actually
in your household
May: Sweet Home Alabama
June: As Good as it Gets
• Make plans for
July: Return to Me
Valentine’s Day—
August: Never Been Kissed
well in advance!
September: The Princess Bride
October: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
November: The Wedding Singer
December: You’ve Got Mail
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Page 99
Gregory J.P. Godek • 99
Yin & Yang
224a A lot of problems and misunderstandings—from marital spats to world wars—are
caused by people ignoring the fact that everyChapter
thing operates under the principles of Yin
and Yang. Everything includes, or works
Theme Song:
together with, its opposite: masculine and
“Yin & Yang,”
feminine; love and hate; give and take; funny
Adam Ant
and serious; life and death.
There is great wisdom and truth in every pair of
ideas below—even though each pair represents two
opposite suggestions! These paradoxes are part of the mystery and magic of life and love.
• Celebrate your differences.
• Take comfort in your similarities.
• Live in the present! Now is all there is! Free
yourself from the past.
• Keep your memories alive. Nostalgia fuels
Romantics are
particularly good
at balancing
• Read books! They contain wisdom, great
ideas, and inspiration!
• Throw the books away! Listen to your inner voice.
• Say what you feel when you feel it. Be totally honest with each
• Choose your words carefully. What you say creates your reality.
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Page 100
100 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Yang & Yin
• Treat her as your best friend—
You’ll build intimacy.
• Treat her as a stranger—It will
add spice to your life!
• Lighten up! Have more fun
together. Experience the
joy of life!
• Get serious! Successful relationships require work!
“Love is a force more formidable
than any other. It is invisible—it
cannot be seen or measured, yet
it is powerful enough to
transform you in a moment, and
offer you more joy than any
material possession could.”
—Barbara De Angelis
• Romance is easy! Just express yourself.
Romance is “adult play”!
• Romance is hard! Plan, shop, hide, wrap, write, surprise, deliver,
drive, call, remember, woo!
• Actions speak louder than words. Do
something, don’t just talk—Talk is
• Communication is the cornerstone
of a good relationship.
thrive on dynamic
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Page 101
Gregory J.P. Godek • 101
• Travel inspires romance: exotic locales, foreign food, new experiences, high adventure!
• Home is where the heart is: A cozy fire, a romantic bedroom,
and a hot tub!
• “Shake up” your life! Go to a motivational seminar! Do something
outrageous! Go skydiving!
• “Slow down” your life. Meditate. Find your center. Listen. Shhh.
225 The dozen most romantic classical compositions of all
1. Liszt-Siloti: “Un Sospiro (A
Sigh),” Concert Etude in D
Flat Major
2. Debussy: “Girl with the
Flaxen Hair”
3. Beethoven: “Moonlight
Sonata,” 1st Movement Op.
27, No. 2
4. Debussy: Arabesque No. 1
5. Mendelssohn: “Venetian
Boat Song,” Op. 30, No. 6
6. Chopin: Waltz in C Sharp
Minor, Op. 64, No. 2
7. Beethoven: “Fur Elise”
8. Mendelssohn: “Song Without Words,” Op. 62, No. 1
9. Chopin: Nocturne in F
Sharp Minor, Op. 48, No. 2
10. Brahms: Waltz in A Major,
Op. 39, No. 15
11. Brahms: Waltz in E Major,
Op. 39, No. 2
12. Saint-Seans: “The Swan”
from Carnival of the Animals
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Page 102
102 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
226 The next twelve most romantic classical compositions
of all time?
13. Rachmaninoff: “A Night
for Love”
14. Debussy: “Clair de Lune”
15. Granados: Spanish Dance
No. 2 (“Oriental”)
16. Chopin: Rondo in C
Major, Op. 73
17. Scriabin: Fantasy in A
Minor, Op. Posthumous
18. Debussy: “Prelude to the
Afternoon of a Fawn”
19. Bach: “Jesu, Joy of Man’s
20. Schubert: Impromptu in
G Flat
21. Ravel: “Jeux d’eau”
22. Rameau: Gavotte and Six
23. Schubert-Liszt: “Serenade”
24. Ravel: “Bolero”
227 For your Elvis fan:
• Visit Graceland on your next vacation.
• Hold a yearly birthday party on January 8th.
• Use Elvis stamps every time you mail something to him or her.
• Get all 147 Elvis records that were
certified gold, platinum, or multiplatinum.
• Plan your vacations with the help
of the book, The Field Guide to Elvis
Shrines, by Bill Yenne. It’s a truly
astounding resource.
Everybody has a
favorite singer, song,
group, or type of
music. Use this
knowledge in your
romantic gestures!
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Page 103
Gregory J.P. Godek • 103
228 Take a favorite CD and paste a new label over the original one: Retitle the album using her name or some personal reference. Or simply rename it “Our Songs.”
229 Get every recording ever made by his
or her favorite musical group.
• Musical love note: “Play the CD The Emanci-
Song #2: “We
Belong Together”
pation of Mimi, by Mariah Carey. My message
to you is song number two.”
• Musical love note: “Play the CD
Come Away With Me, by Norah
Jones. My message to you is song
number one.”
• Musical love note: “Play the CD Surfacing, by Sarah McLachlan. Listen to
song number two.”
Song #1: “Turn Me On”
Song #2: “I Love You”
• Musical love note: “Play the CD No
Name Face, by Lifehouse; my message
to you is song number twelve.”
Song #12: “Everything”
• Musical love note: “Play the CD A
Day at the Races, by Queen. My message
to you is song number two.”
Song #2: “You Take
My Breath Away”
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Page 104
104 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Lame Excuses (#’s 1-4)
Lame Excuse #1: “Real Men aren’t
Not true!
Says who?? Somebody on a TV talk show? Some
character in a movie? Your buddies? (Experts all, on
matters of the heart, no doubt.) Let me tell you something: If
Real Men aren’t romantic, then Real Men are lonely.
231b Lame Excuse #2: “Being romanNot necessarily!
tic is going to cost me a fortune!”
As the Beatles said, “Money can’t buy me
love.” It’s true. Money can buy you companionship, attention, sex,
and status—but it can’t buy you love or happiness. Being romantic can cost
you a fortune, but it doesn’t have to. There is no correlation whatsoever between the size of the sentiment and the size of the price tag.
231c Lame Excuse #3: “I don’t have time.”
Bull! You have 1,440 minutes every day—the
same as everybody else. How you use those
minutes is up to you. Yes, work is important.
Yes, your golf game is important. But do you
really need to watch that rerun of Gilligan’s
Island again? The truth is, we all have time for
what’s truly important to us.
231d Lame Excuse #4: “I forgot.”
Give me a break!
That’s okay. Just don’t do it again. You’re allowed to forget occasionally, but not consistently. If forgetting is a habit, you’re
sending a clear signal that he or she just is not that important to you.
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Page 105
Gregory J.P. Godek • 105
Lame Excuses (#’s 5-8)
Lame Excuse #5: “I’ll
be romantic later—after I get my
The busy executive excuse.
career in order.”
“Later” usually comes in about
forty years—much too late for most partners to wait. And I know this
next comment is a cliché, but it’s so, so true: No one, on his
death bed, ever wished that he’d spent more time at work.
Lame Excuse #6: “I
The belligerent excuse.
shouldn’t have to prove my love by
being romantic.”
Romance isn’t about proving anything. It’s about expressing something.
231g Lame Excuse #7: “Maybe next week.”
• Question 1: How many weeks
have you been saying this??
• Question 2: (Sorry to be morThe procrastinator’s excuse.
bid—but…) How would you feel
if your lover passed away without you having expressed your true love for him or her?
231h Lame Excuse #8: “What will the guys think?”
First, why should you care what the guys think? Second, who says
that you need to tell the guys how romantic you are? Third, even
though many guys won’t admit it,
most of them would love to know
the relationship secrets of romanThe pseudo-macho excuse.
tic guys!
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Page 106
106 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Lame Excuses (#’s 9-12)
One of the most
Lame Excuse #9: “Oh, heck, she
knows I love her.”
common excuses.
She knows that you loved her at one time—but
she may not be so sure about right now. Love
must be expressed in order stay alive. Otherwise it simply withers away.
231j Lame Excuse #10: “It’s simply
not me to be romantic.”
What you probably mean is that you’re not
“typically” romantic, or that you’re not
A really feeble excuse.
very openly demonstrative. This is fine, as
long as you do express your love in some
way, in a way that works for you and that your
partner recognizes.
231k Lame Excuse #11: “I’m just not creative.”
A lazy excuse.
Untrue. Everyone is creative. It’s simply a matter
of where you apply your creativity. Most people use
their creativity all day at work, then come home and shut it off.
231l Lame Excuse #12: “I’m simply
not eloquent.”
Great news, Shakespeare! You don’t have
Grasping at straws!
to be eloquent in order to be romantic! A
simple “I love you” usually does the trick.
And besides, I’ll bet that she knows you well
enough to suspect that your talents lie in areas other than poetry.
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Page 107
Gregory J.P. Godek • 107
Lame Excuses (#’s 13-14)
Lame Excuse #13: “I’m just too
tired to be romantic.”
Oh, my! Poor baby! Let’s help. No, not by
propping up your feet so you can watch TV more
comfortably—but by really helping you. First, we’ll take you to the
doctor, to make sure you’re not anemic. Then we’ll start you on
an exercise program. Then we’ll improve your diet. Then we’ll
get you started on a yoga program. Then we’ll make sure you stop
working overtime, and get home to your loving partner at a reasonable hour.
231n Lame Excuse #14: “It’s been so long
Get over it!
since I’ve been romantic that if I brought home a
dozen roses her first reaction would be to ask me
what I’ve been up to.”
I’d say she has a right to be skeptical, don’t you? She really wants to
be reassured that this romantic gesture isn’t just something you’ve
done because you read it in a book(!). She needs to know that the
gesture is genuine—and that it’s not a one-time occurrence. You’re just going to have to prove
yourself over time. (Believe me, it’s
worth it!)
Bonus Lame Excuse!
“I’m afraid she’d be so
shocked if I were to be
romantic that she’d have a
heart attack and die.”
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Page 108
108 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
For Men Only
Wear a tuxedo home from work.
A shopping trip for men (storespecific). Buy one item from each store. Gift
wrap in separate boxes.
• A bath shop
• A lingerie boutique
• A card shop
Women love how
a man looks in a
tuxedo. I think
it’s genetic.
• A liquor store
• A flower shop
• A quality jewelry store
234 Another shopping trip for men (product-specific):
Pick up all these items in coordinated fragrances:
• Body lotion
• Hand lotion
• Foaming bath gel
• Dusting powder
• Potpourri
• Shampoo
• Conditioner
• Perfumed soap
• Fragrance candles
• Oils
235 Secret Romantic Idea for Guys Only. Record or TiVo
the Super Bowl—and take your wife out to dinner during the game!
Think about it: You only have to do this once. She’ll be thrilled.
She’ll be telling all her friends how wonderful
you are. (More bonus points for you!) And
This one is worth
you will get to see the game—just three hours
10 zillion points in
later than everyone else. And heck, the game
the Relationship
is usually a letdown anyway.
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Page 109
Gregory J.P. Godek • 109
For Women Only
Send him a letter sealed with a
kiss. (Use your reddest lipstick.)
237 Send him a perfumed love letter.
238 Send flowers to him at work.
239 Don’t position yourself against his
Theme Song:
“Ain’t No
Other Man,”
passions. Please don’t force him to choose between
you and his golf/football/basketball/cars/fishing! There’s room for football and females in
The rules have
most guys’ lives. If you’re in love with a
fanatic, you have to remind him why he
changed: It’s now
used to be fanatical about you, too—and why
appropriate and
it’s worth his while to be a fan once more!
acceptable for women
240 Read the book Iron John, by
to give flowers
to men.
Robert Bly. It offers a fresh and insightful
look at masculinity. Learn that the “Wild
Man” inside him need
not turn him into an insensitive
macho guy; see the partnership
A heartfelt appreciation
that the book offers between
for the positive, powerful,
the masculine and the femiendearing, and enduring qualities
nine. (If your guy hasn’t
of men: What Men Won’t Tell You
already read this book,
but Women Need to Know, by Bob
give it to him when
Berkowitz and Roger Gittines.
you’re finished with it.)
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Page 110
110 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
For Singles Only
241a Think Like a Married Person:
Strategy #1
Build Intimacy
Dating as a “lifestyle” is okay for a few years,
but most singles long for a serious, monogTheme Song:
amous, intimate relationship. Ask yourself
“Soulmate,” Audio
what your real goals in dating are. (Making
the scene? Looking good? Scoring?) If,
instead, intimacy is your goal, you’ll share
more of yourself sooner, you’ll communicate
honestly, and you’ll listen to one another more
241b Think Like a Married Person: Strategy #2
Think Long-term
The single brain is consumed with short-term goals. (This
Saturday night. What will I wear? Will he kiss me
tonight? Will she sleep with me on the second
date?) Chill out, singles! A long-term mindset will
relieve a lot of your stress, help you be more
“yourself,” and give you a better perspective
Think like a
on things.
married person!
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 111
Gregory J.P. Godek • 111
241c Think Like a Married Person: Strategy #3
Have you ever noticed that single people often do a lot of talking
without really communicating? The singles scene is characterized by
a lot of posturing, boasting and clever bantering. Those who get
beyond these superficial things most quickly tend to end up in the
best relationships.
For Marrieds Only
242a Think Like a Single Person:
Strategy #1
When’s the last time you actually flirted
with your own spouse? Try it the next
time you’re out in public together.
You’ll give your partner a pleasant jolt—
and you’ll have fun, too. Think back to
all those little things you used to do while
you were courting one another—and try
them out again.
Theme Song:
“Love and Marriage,”
Frank Sinatra
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 112
112 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
242b Think Like a Single Person: Strategy #2
Pursue Instant Gratification
The typical mindset of a married person is
long-term. The positive side of this is
that long-term can mean security, commitment and comfort. The negative side is
“A happy marriage has in it
that it can also mean boreall the pleasures of
dom, laziness, and complacency. One way to
friendships, all the enjoyment
combat this negative side
of sense and reason—and
is to adopt the mindset of
indeed all the sweets of life.”
a single person: It’s a
—Joseph Addison
mindset of instant gratification. Horny?—Make love now.
Thinking of her?—Call her now.
Appreciate him?—Hug him now.
Walking through a mall?—Pick up a little love-gift now.
Think Like a Single Person:
Strategy #3
When’s the last time you seduced your
spouse? How often do you bother to set
the mood, play the music, dress the part,
say the right words, do the little things?
Think back to your seduction techniques
from when you were single. (C’mon—don’t
play innocent with us here!)
Think like a
single person.
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Page 113
Gregory J.P. Godek • 113
A Month of Romance: Week 1
Sunday: Buy a guidebook for
the city or region in which you live. Visit
someplace you’ve never been before.
244 Monday: Clip your
partner’s horoscope from the
newspaper. Attach a note
describing how you’re going to
make certain that the astrological prediction comes true. Give
it to your partner as you part
ways for work.
Theme Songs:
“Sunday,” No Doubt
“A Sunday,” Jimmy Eat World
“Loving You Sunday
Morning,” Scorpions
“Sunday Morning,” Maroon 5
245 Tuesday: After you say
good-bye, turn back one more time
and blow her a kiss.
“On Sunday,” ’Til Tuesday
“Sunday Kind of Love,”
Ella Fitzgerald
“Tell Me on a Sunday,”
Sarah Brightman
246 Wednesday: Buy a
lottery ticket. Give it to her
with a little note attached:
“I hit the jackpot when I married you!”
247 Thursday: Thursday is “Gift Day”! (Why? Because
I said so, that’s why!) Bring home a
bottle of scented massage oil. Use it!
Alternative notes:
“Take a chance on me!”
“You’re one-in-a-million!”
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 114
114 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Friday: Page through your photo albums together.
Relive the memories.
249 Saturday: Touch more. Hold hands. Rub her neck.
Massage his feet. Hug! Cuddle!
A Month of Romance: Week 2
Sunday: Go for a walk. (No headphones allowed.)
Hold hands.
251 Monday: Get up with the sun. Enjoy the morning for
a change, instead of rushing through your shower, grabbing your
coffee, and dashing out the door.
252 Tuesday: Get up with the sun. Make love. Go to work.
253 Wednesday: Take a class together. Sign up for a dance
class. Or a cooking class. Or a wine-tasting class. Or a massage class.
254 Thursday: Thursday is Gift Day! Bring home a bouquet
of flowers. Write a poetic note about their symbolic significance.
255 Friday: Have “your song” playing on the stereo when
your partner returns home from work.
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Page 115
Gregory J.P. Godek • 115
Saturday: Visit a museum gift shop and get a poster
print by her favorite artist. Have it framed for her. They may also
have greeting cards, note cards, journals, or blank books featuring
the artwork of her favorite artist.
Chapter Theme Songs:
“Come Monday,” Jimmy Buffett
“Another Monday,” John Renbourn
“Born on a Monday,” Michael Quatro
“Blue Monday,” New Order
“Monday Monday,” The Mamas & The Papas
“Manic Monday,” Bangles
“Monday Love,” Tara Kemp
“Monday Morning in Paradise,” Tom Paxton
“Tuesday’s Gone,” Lynyrd Skynyrd
“Ruby Tuesday,” Cat Stevens
“Barely out of Tuesday,” Counting Crows
“Love You ’Til Tuesday,” David Bowie
“Sweet Tuesday Morning,” Badfinger
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Page 116
116 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
A Month of Romance: Week 3
Sunday: Remove the light bulbs from the lamps in your
bedroom. Replace them with candles. You take it from there.
258 Monday: Head to your local music store. Get the Come
Away with Me CD by Norah Jones.
259 Tuesday: Start the day in a special way. Read out loud an inspirational
passage from a favorite book.
260 Wednesday:
the day in a special way. Give
him or her a massage.
Theme Songs:
“Waiting for Wednesdays,”
Lisa Loeb
“Wednesday,” Tori Amos
261 Thursday: Yes—
today is Gift Day! Buy him a
wild tie. Buy her a stuffed
262 Friday:
“It’s Already Wednesday,” Freya
“Misty Thursday,” Duke Jordan
Share a
bubble bath.
263 Saturday:
Make love
tonight—without using your hands.
“Thursday’s Child,”
David Bowie
“Thursday Afternoon,”
Brian Eno
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Page 117
Gregory J.P. Godek • 117
A Month of Romance: Week 4
Sunday: Spend all day in bed. Read the Sunday funnies
aloud to her. Make love. Enjoy breakfast in bed. Take a nap.
Watch old movies on TV. Make love again. Have Domino’s Pizza
deliver dinner. Make love again.
265 Monday: Call in sick to work. Repeat yesterday.
266 Tuesday: Send loving
thoughts to your lover via mental
267 We d n e s d a y :
Pack a picnic lunch. Meet
him at work. Close his
office door. Bon appétit!
Theme Songs:
“Friday,” Daniel Bedingfield
“Friday I’m in Love,” The Cure
“Friday’s Angels,” Generation X
“Thank God it’s Friday,” R. Kelly
268 Thursday:
Another Gift Day.
Today’s gift won’t cost
you a dime. Write a list
titled “Ten Reasons I
Love You.” Present it to
him or her over dinner.
“A Few Minutes on Friday,” Bright Eyes
“Saturday,” Fall Out Boy
“Drive-In Saturday,” David Bowie
“Saturday Afternoon,”
Jefferson Airplane
“Sentimental Saturday,”
Sarah Hudson
“Saturday in the Park,”
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Page 118
118 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
269 Friday: Today’s assignment is to find one romantic idea/
concept/gift in the newspaper. Act on it within the next two weeks.
270 Saturday: Make a couple of incredible banana splits.
Make sure to use your partner’s favorite ice cream flavors.
The Golden Rules of Romance
Time and effort expended are more appreciated
than money spent.
Gifts are great, but they can’t make up for lost time. Maintaining a loving, romantic connection with your lover means lingering over dinner, spending lazy Sunday afternoons together,
walking and talking, etc.
271b Planning doesn’t destroy
spontaneity—it creates opportunity.
Plan a special gesture for your next
anniversary. Plan a surprise birthday
party. Plan your work life with time
built in for romance.
Romance is often—
but not always—a
spontaneous thing.
Sometimes it’s the
planning that makes the
romance come alive.
271c The receiver defines what’s romantic.
• If you give her flowers, and she hates flowers, it ain’t romantic.
• If you’ve spent all day cooking a gourmet meal, and he’d rather
call Domino’s for a pizza…guess what?
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 119
Gregory J.P. Godek • 119
• If you’ve spent a fortune on an outfit for
her, and she says it isn’t her style, you
have no right to be resentful. (This is
why you must listen to her and learn
her likes and dislikes.)
271d Romantics give their rela-
“The way to love
anything is to realize
that it might be lost.”
—G. K. Chesterton
tionship the top priority in their lives.
Everything else flows from the relationship, through the relationship, and because of
the primary love relationship, if your life is operating in a successfully dynamic manner. This does not mean that one becomes
a martyr on behalf of the other. Martyrs hurt themselves, and
thus harm the relationship. Healthy relationships always support
and nurture each member of the couple.
Rules Were Made to Be Broken
■ Rule: Don’t give cash as a gift.
❏ Breaking the Rule: Unless it’s done
• Tape one hundred one-dollar bills
Theme Song:
together, creating a long banner out
of them, and string them throughout “Breaking the Rules,”
the house. If his favorite color is
green, tie a stack of one-dollar bills
with a green ribbon.
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Page 120
120 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
• Attach a one-hundred-dollar bill to a Victoria’s Secret catalog, along with a note saying, “You choose.”
• Wrap a one-hundred-dollar bill around the stem of a flower.
■ Rule: Don’t give gift certificates.
❏ Breaking the Rule: Gift certificates generally don’t work because they’re too generic.
So if you can make them specific, personRomantics like to
alized, and “just right” for your partner,
break the rules, be
go for it!
• For gals: A generous gift certifiunconventional,
cate for her all-time favorite
express themselves,
boutique, catalog, or service.
and be spontaneous.
• For guys: A gift certificate from
Brookstone, The Sharper Image, or
Radio Shack.
• Exception #3, for both: Custom-made gift
certificates that express your affection in a special, creative,
unique, and/or touching way.
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Page 121
Gregory J.P. Godek • 121
Be My Valentine!
274 For future reference: Buy an extra bag of Valentine
Conversation Heart candies and save them for use six months later.
Peanuts © 1992. Reprinted by permission of United Features Syndicate, Inc.
275 While sharing stories from their childhoods, Pete told
Deb that, because he grew up poor, he was unpopular in grammar school. Every Valentine’s Day when the children would decorate their shoeboxes so they could deliver Valentines to each
other, Pete’s box always remained empty. Deb thought this was the
saddest thing she’d ever heard.
For the next Valentine’s Day she decorated a shoebox and filled
it with Valentines. And Deb promised him that he would never go
without a Valentine again.
276 Gals: Stumped about what to get him for Valentine’s
Day? Try this idea this year: Forget the gift! Just greet him at the
front door wearing a big red ribbon—and nothing else.
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Page 122
122 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Kiss Me, You Fool!
277 Of course you know how to kiss, but
perhaps a refresher course might add a little
spark to your lives. Pick up a copy of a fun
little book called The Art of Kissing, by William
Cane. In it are instructions for (among
other things)…
• The Candy Kiss
• The Sliding Kiss
• The Counter Kiss
• The Music Kiss
• The Surprise Kiss
• The Vacuum Kiss
• The Perfume Kiss
• The French Kiss
• The Japanese Kiss
Trivia: The rock
group Kiss has
not recorded any
romantic songs.
“Butterfly Kisses”: You’re butterfly kissing when
your face is very close to your lover’s cheek, and you blink your eye
rapidly, softly grazing your eyelashes against
her skin.
279 Rent the classic
“Any man who can drive
safely while kissing a pretty
girl is simply not giving the
kiss the attention it
—Albert Einstein
movie Singin’ in the Rain.
• Take a walk the next time
it rains—
• And sing and dance in
the rain together!
• Buy her an umbrella in
her favorite color.
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 123
Gregory J.P. Godek • 123
• Buy a golf umbrella—so you can walk comfortably together.
• Buy a tiny travel umbrella—so you have to huddle together!
• Get him a new overcoat; stuff the pockets
with your lingerie.
• Vacation in Seattle.
1) Steal a kiss.
2) Give it back.
The Mathematics of Romance
Great relationships aren’t 50/50. They’re 100/100.
Having a “fifty-fifty” relationship sounds like a good goal—but
it’s not. An equitable relationship is not the same thing as a loving
relationship. Fifty-fifty really means “I’ll meet
you halfway.” In other words, “I’ll work
only this hard, I’ll give only this
much, then it’s your turn to meet
me halfway.” Love is about giving 100%, not merely 50%.
Give 100% to your
relationship. But don’t fall
into the trap of trying to
give “150%.” It sounds
impressive, but it’s
impossible to give more
than you have. It will just
frustrate you and make
you feel guilty.
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Page 124
124 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Nobody can give 100% of himself 100%
of the time—it’s impossible. But you
can aim for it, and when you
Here’s the mathematical
(inevitably) fall short, it’ll still
formula for romance:
be okay. Even if you each fall
r = a (1-cosA)
short by as much as 50%,
you’ll still be in fine shape;
Actually, this is the formula for
it’ll still add up to somea “cardioid”—a somewhat
thing close to 100%. The
heart-shaped curve. More
problem is when you’re
both trying to limit your
precisely, for you romantic
giving to your “fair share”—
mathematicians, a cardioid is
usually defined as 50%. If
“the path of a point on a circle
you do that, you’ll definitely
that rolls externally, without
fall short of 100%.
slipping, on another equal
circle.” (Who says nerds
5 minutes devoted
can’t be romantic?!)
to romance = 1 day of harmony.
Think of all the times that your failure
to do some little thing—like calling to tell her
you’ll be home late from work, or mailing her birthday card on
time—has caused a full day of unhappiness. Consistent attention to your lover will keep your
relationship balanced and happy. It
doesn’t take much! Little gestures go a
long way.
Best Mathematical
Love Poem of All Time:
See the story titled,
“Trurl’s Electronic Bard,”
in The Cyberiad by
Stanislaw Lem.
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 125
Gregory J.P. Godek • 125
• Celebrate your 1,000th day together. (That’s about 2 years, 8
months, and 26 days—depending on when the leap years fall.)
• Celebrate your 10,000th day together! (That’s about 27 years,
4 months, and 23 days.)
The Calculus of Love
283 Be prepared for roman*Romantic things to do
tic weekend getaways. Get a road
in Antarctica:
map of your state. Now draw a circle
on the map. Make your house the
• Go tobogganing.
• Host a formal party.
center of the circle, and measure a
Invite penguins.
radius of 120 miles. You’ve just
• Stay in bed all night.
identified a 45,238-square-mile
(Nights last six months!)
region that lies within a mere twohour drive of where you live. Unless
you live in Antarctica,* there must be many
romantic, exciting, new and different things to do within a
45,238-square-mile area!
Once you’ve got your circle inscribed on your map, it’s time to
do a little research:
• Locate every bed & breakfast in your circle.
• Find every park and walking path.
• Locate every art gallery, museum, and theater.
• Find every mall and store of interest to you and your partner.
• Make a list of twenty restaurants that look interesting.
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Page 126
126 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
284 Figure out how many days you’ve been together (don’t
forget to add in leap years). In ten years you’ll have spent 3,652
days together! Reflect on the highlights of your time together.
How have you changed? What have you accomplished together?
• Write a short letter sharing your feelings about
your time together.
Once you’ve figured out how
• Create a timeline, noting
many days you’ve been together,
highlights of your relafigure out how many hours, minutes,
or seconds you’ve been together!
Use numbers to
create theme gifts and gestures. Use your partner’s age, or the number of years you’ve been
together, or his or her lucky number. Send that number of greeting cards. Spend that amount of money on a gift. Get that number
of gifts. Spend that many days on vacation. Spend that many minutes giving him or her a massage. Buy a piece of jewelry with that
number of gemstones in it.
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Page 127
Gregory J.P. Godek • 127
286 15 Ways to Really Be a
Couple in Public
Very funny (and
1. Always make your “entrance” arminsightful) books,
both by Paul Reiser:
2. Wear outfits that match in a subtle way.
3. Compliment her in front of her
4. Hold her chair for her at the table.
5. Whisper your pet name to her.
6. PDA.*
7. Brush against him in a sexually suggestive way.
8. Wear matching baseball caps.
9. Open doors for her with an extra
little flourish.
10. Hold hands.
Q: How do you know
11. Give him a seductive
when you’re a “couple”?
A: When you say, “Hi, it’s
12. Order for her when
me,” on the phone—and he
dining out.
13. Wink at him from
or she knows it’s you.
across the room.
14. Blow her a kiss.
Q: How do you know when
15. Buy her one rose
it’s really love?
from a street vendor.
A: When it doesn’t feel like
*PDA—Public Displays of
you’re pretending or
hoping it’s love.
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Page 128
128 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
287 Switch roles with your lover for a day, a weekend or a
week. Trade responsibilities, chores, and daily routines; trade
sides of the bed, trade as many aspects of your lives as you possibly
can. You’ll gain new insights into your partner. You’ll get to know
him or her better. Guaranteed. And this knowledge will make you
both more patient and understanding with each other. It will also
help you make romantic gestures that are more personal, intimate,
appropriate, and appreciated.
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 129
Gregory J.P. Godek • 129
288 Guys: Hang this sign on your wall at work:
“The best thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.”
289 Create a neighborhood “Child-Sharing Program.”
Dennis the Menace © used by permission of Hank Ketchum and © 1991 by North American Syndicate
Arrange entire weekends when one family on the block plays host
to “The World’s Biggest Slumber Party,” while the rest of you get
“Why do ya want to be romantic?
You’re already married!”
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Page 130
130 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
290 “Christen” every room in your
house or apartment by making love in it.
(Don’t forget to include the stairways,
hallways, and closets.)
The goal of this fantasy is
to get your guy to react
the way Roger Rabbit does
when he sees Jessica!
Theme Song:
“The Need to Be
Naked,” Amber
For women:
Fulfill a fantasy—Greet him at
the door wearing the
lingerie outfit that you know makes
his eyes bulge out of his head!
For men: Fulfill a fantasy—Become her vision of
Prince Charming, whether it involves dressing in a tuxedo or in a
sexy muscle shirt and hard hat! Indulge her.
293 When he’s traveling
“Love never dies a natural
death. It dies because we
don’t know how to replenish
its source…”
—Anaïs Nin
on business, give him a sexy
wake-up call at 6 a.m.
294 Kiss every square
inch of her body…S-L-OW-L-Y.
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 131
Gregory J.P. Godek • 131
295 Why not mail a lingerie gift to her—at work.
Picture this: She opens her mail about 11 a.m.; she gets your
package. After she recovers and regains her composure, she’s
totally distracted for the rest of the day. Sounds good to me!
296 One of the most exotic places in the world you could possibly visit is Nepal—the tiny Asian country where
Mount Everest resides. If your partner
loves adventure, just imagine trekking
through the Himalayas, discovering the Nepalese culture, shopEveryone has a different
ping in the open-air markets,
idea of what constitutes an
exploring Katmandu. The
“exotic” experience or
expert on trekking in Nepal
location. For some folks,
(and in trekking vacations to
exotic means roughing it in
other countries, as well) is
Africa. For others it means
Steve Conlon, founder of
lounging in Tahiti. For some,
Above the Clouds Trekking.
New York City is exotic.
(Isn’t that a fabulous name for a
company?!) Call 800-233Others prefer Paris.
4499 or write to P.O. Box 398,
Worcester, Massachusetts 01602. Visit
www.aboveclouds.com or www.gorp.com.
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 132
132 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
297 If you’d rather ride than walk, consider a trip on the
Trans-Siberian Railroad in a vintage private train! You’ll travel in
original antique carriages that were once part of the fabled Orient Express. Call TCS Expeditions at 800-727-7477, or write to
710 Second Avenue, Suite 840, Seattle, Washington 98104; or
visit www.tcs-expeditions.com.
298 Equitour organizes horseback vacations as far afield as
India and Australia. Trips through the American Wild West are
also available. The trips are wonderfully diverse: On the
Wyoming trip you camp out in tents, while on the Vermont trip
you stay in quaint country inns. Call Equitour at 800-5450019; or visit www.ridingtours.com.
Creating an A+ Relationship
The A+ Relationship is a powerful
concept that reveals unique insights into loving relationships. It is a technique, a tool
that can help you accomplish two things.
First, it helps you understand your loving relationship on a deep level that is impossible to
achieve in any other way. And second, it helps
you take action on your love in ways that fulfill you
and your partner as individuals and nurture the
two of you as a couple.
Theme Song:
“Straight A’s,”
Dead Kennedys
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 133
Gregory J.P. Godek • 133
My twenty years of teaching Relationship Seminars, my
research, and my discussions with thousands of couples have convinced me that the A+ Relationship concept can help any couple
improve their relationship.
How do you achieve an A+ Relationship? You commit yourself to
excellence, you work hard (and play hard!), and you work on your relationship skills together. In other words, to the best of your ability, you
live your love. Great relationships are acts of conscious creation, and the
two of you are artists working to create one life out of two. While falling
in love does “just happen,” staying in love never happens by itself.
A+ Relationship
(a • plus • ri la’ shen ship), n.
1. The best intimate relationship
you can possibly create. 2. A loving
monogamous relationship that is
excellent, superior, awesome, exciting,
passionate, growing, fulfilling,
fascinating, and romantic. 3. An act of
creation involving two individuals—two
artists whose lifework is creating love
through the medium of their relationship.
4. A relationship that, while not perfect,
ranks in the ninety-fifth percentile.
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 134
134 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
You—and every couple—have the power to establish your own
“rules” and expectations for your relationship. This is one of the
great benefits of the social changes we’ve been experiencing since the
1960s. This kind of empowerment is a major factor in why the
twenty-first century marks a new epoch in the evolution of human
relationships: We’re free to break away from the rigid, stereotyped
thinking that characterized relationships in the 1950s. You have the
opportunity to create a “custom-fit” relationship that incorporates
the best of the timeless values (commitment, faith, honesty, etc.)
with the best of the modern values (equality, flexibility, creativity,
etc.). You can create your own set of standards and establish your own
goals for your relationship.
The A+ Relationship concept focuses on behavior, not on personality.
It’s not about making value judgments of people, it’s about making
honest evaluations of people’s behavior. It helps you look directly at
how you’re doing right now, and then helps you achieve your future
relationship goals. What more could you ask for?!
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Page 135
Gregory J.P. Godek • 135
The Relationship Report Card
Fill out the “Relationship Report
Card” on the next page.
Don’t be deceived
• You grade yourself and your
by the seeming simplicity
of this exercise!
• Get your partner to grade him
or herself and you.
It opens communication,
• Compare and discuss your
uncovers profound insights,
grades; you’ll gain great
and provides a practical
insight into your relationship.
tool for change and
• Celebrate everything from a Bto an A+.
• Work to improve your Cs and Ds.
*How would you grade your relationship?
A = Passionate, exciting, loving, fulfilling; not perfect—
but clearly excellent.
B = Very good, solid, better-than-most, consistent,
C = Average, acceptable, status quo, okay—but static, ho-hum,
sometimes boring.
D = Below average, unhappy, dismal; bad—but not hopeless.
F = Hopeless, depressing, dangerous; tried everything, it
didn’t work.
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Page 136
136 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Master These Skills for an A+ Relationship
Fill out the “Relationship Report Card”: Grade yourself and your
partner (A+ through F, like in school).
Arguing Skills
Couple Thinking
Gift-giving Skills
Household Mgmt.
Listening Skills
Sense of Humor
Grade Yourself
Grade Partner
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 137
Gregory J.P. Godek • 137
Common Sense
301 Common sense says, “Do what you do best,”
and “Use your talents.” Sounds good, but the problem is that simple advice is rarely easy to apply.
In a great book, The Acorn Principle, Jim
You fell in love.
Cathcart explains in detail how you can
You decided to
“nurture your nature.” He provides exercises and examples that will help you disspend your lives
cover, explore, and grow the seeds of your
together. Isn’t it
greatest potential. The Acorn Principle is one
simply common
of those rare books that will help you
sense to make the
improve your work life and your love life.
most of it??
302 Dot your i’s and cross your t’s. In
other words, pay attention to details.
• Don’t buy just any flowers—get her favorites.
• Make a point of always wrapping his gifts in
his favorite color.
• Don’t buy her gold jewelry when
she prefers silver.
303 Remember
relationships are not selfregulating! They’re delicate
creations that require attention,
adjustment, and regular oiling.
“Love is what we were born
with. Fear is what we learned
—Marianne Williamson
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Page 138
138 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
304 “Walk a mile in his shoes,” then rethink your romantic
• After an especially tough week, he’d probably prefer a massage
to going out dancing.
• Don’t bring her flowers when what she really needs is two hours
of peace and quiet.
• Does she need a quiet respite—or an exciting change of pace?
Plan accordingly.
Un common Sense
305 The “Golden Rule” doesn’t always work:
“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” would
lead sports fans to get Super Bowl tickets for their
wives; clothes-lovers to buy their partners outfits;
are good at
workaholics to buy their partners briefcases; and
thinking in
handymen to buy their gals tools!
Try the “Platinum Rule” instead: “Do unto others as they
want to be done unto,” is a philosophy that gives you deeper
insights into your partner. The Platinum Rule helps you
see the world through your lover’s eyes; it enhances your
intuition; it improves your gift-giving skills.
For further insights into this way of thinking, I highly recommend the book The Platinum Rule, by Tony Alessandra and Michael
J. O’Connor.
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 139
Gregory J.P. Godek • 139
Rose ls Rose reprinted by permission of United Feature Syndicate, Inc. © 1990.
306 Contrary to popular belief, you should not use
romance to apologize after a fight! If you do, you’ll taint all your
romantic gestures for a long time to come. (After a fight, a simple, sincere apology is best. Resume romantic gestures after you’ve
both cooled down, or after a week—whichever is later.)
It’s the Thought That Counts
Couples with A+ Relationships
understand that they need to balance these
two concepts in their lives: 1) Actions
speak louder than words, and 2) It’s the
thought that counts.
Theme Song:
These concepts are two sides of the
same coin. Sometimes the action, the
“Thinking About
gesture, the gift says it all. And other
You,” Norah Jones
times it’s the thought, the meaning, the
intention, the words that say it all.
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Page 140
140 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
• Guys, let’s stop: stereotyping women, assuming we know what they
think, feeling threatened by feminism, ignoring our feelings, acting macho and superior…
• And start: being real, getting in touch, reviving gallantry, giving of
ourselves, making our relationships a top priority, listening more.
• Gals, let’s stop: male-bashing, assuming that all men are
romantic boneheads, feeling superior about your relationship
skills (which, admittedly, very often are superior), putting down
the fledgling men’s movement, being a martyr…
• And start: giving him the benefit of the doubt, appreciating his
quirks, putting yourselves in his shoes, sending him flowers.
310 If you’re like me, you probably can’t afford to buy an
original Renoir for your partner. You might be happy with a
poster print, but that may not seem classy enough. Well, now you
can get replicas of famous paintings on canvas. Many classic masterpieces are available from The Masters’ Collection. Call 8002-CANVAS, or visit www.masterscollection.com.
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 141
Gregory J.P. Godek • 141
Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Cuddle up in front of a roaring fire. (No TV. No kids.
No phone.)
312 Carve her initials and yours into a tree.
313 Leave a trail of your clothes, leading from
the front door to your bedroom.
314 Fill a basin with hot water. Take off his shoes
and socks for him. Sit him down in his favorite chair. Wash his
feet. Let them soak for ten minutes. Dry off his feet. Resume life
as before.
315 Sara loved Christmas, especially those classic, snowy New
England Christmases in Boston. One December was unseasonably
warm. And as Christmas approached, Sara was downhearted—and
doubly so when her husband Jim announced that he had to work
on Christmas Eve.
Jim, a contractor, secretly drove his dump truck three hours
north into Maine, loaded it with man-made snow from a ski
resort, then drove home, spread the snow on the front lawn, and
presented a delighted Sara with a White Christmas.
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Page 142
142 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
316 FYI, you can get postage stamps for almost any interest
or passion your partner may have. The U.S. Postal Service has
issued stamps over
the years that illustrate thousands and
Patsy Cline & Hank Williams & Bob Wills
thousands of topics.
Dogs & cats & fish & birds
This book is a great
Spacecraft & astronauts & planets & stars
resource: The Postal
All fifty states
Service Guide to U.S.
Lions & tigers & bears (Oh, my!)
Stamps. Call 800Flowers & flowers & flowers & more flowers
STAMP-24 and
State birds & state flowers & state flags
ask for the PhilatHistorical themes & places & people
The Olympics
elic catalog.
Inventions & contraptions
Gone with the Wind, The Wizard of Oz
Trains, planes, & automobiles
Peace themes & ecology themes
Presidents, presidents, presidents!
Elvis & Marilyn Monroe & James Dean
Glenn Miller & Count Basie
Cancer awareness
Fruits & rocks & shells
American history, decade by decade
Christmas & holiday themes
Bugs Bunny!
Dinosaurs & comic strips
Frank Lloyd Wright & the Wright Brothers
And, of course, Love
317 Did you
know that the
United States federal government
actively promotes
love and romance?
Well, sort of. They
do issue Love Stamps
through the U.S.
Post Office. Use the
latest Love Stamps
for all of your love
letters, cards, and
gifts sent via mail.
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Page 143
Gregory J.P. Godek • 143
318 Mail a greeting card to him or her at work. A sure way to
brighten your lover’s work day.
• Get a framed print of “The Kiss,” by Gustav Klimt.
• Get a reproduction of the sculpture “The Kiss” by Auguste Rodin.
• A romantic ritual: Pause and kiss at your front door.
• Ask him to pick a number between one and fifty. Reward him
with that number of kisses.
320 G.M.F.L. (“Geese Mate For
Life.”) This phrase reflects that eternal
“The first duty of
love is symbolized by two geese.
love is to listen.”
• Some people sign their love letters
—Paul Tillich
with G.M.F.L.
• Some couples have G.M.F.L. engraved
on the inside of their wedding bands.
• Some folks have gotten the 14K gold
G.M.F.L. pin from Cross Jewelers. Call 800-433-2988.
321 Jill gave Howard a birthday card with this inscription:
For your birthday I’m giving you a week of E.S.P.N.*
Love, Jill
*E.S.P.N. stands for “Exciting Sex Practiced Nightly.”
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Page 144
144 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
322 For true romantics…
• CEO means “Chief Erotic Officer.”
• RN means “Really Naughty” or “Romantic Nut.”
• CPA means “Cupid’s Personal Agent.”
• MD means “My Darling.”
• CFO means something really, really dirty.
• ASAP means “As Sexy As Possible.”
Can’t Buy Me Love
323a The best way to spend the most money on a car is to
buy a Lamborghini Diablo. (The second best way is to buy a Ferrari F50.)
323b The best way to spend the most
money for a show is to get front row center seats for
whatever is the current hottest show on
323c The best way to spend the
most money for stereo equipment is to get one
of Bang & Olufsen’s amazing, high tech,
beautifully designed systems. Visit
Theme Song:
“If I had
Barenaked Ladies
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Page 145
Gregory J.P. Godek • 145
324 You could update his entire music collection! Convert
his aging LP collection of beloved Beatles albums, Moody Blues
tunes, and Rolling Stones records to compact discs
or MP3s. With new conversion technology available, converting a lifetime collection of fivehundred-some albums could cost less than
Give your
$1,000 (up to $400 for the LP-to-CD
partner a proof
converter and then the cost of CDs and
set of coins from
jewel cases). Visit www.hammacher.com.
the year you
Consider buying a fine vintage
were married.
wine from the year of your lover’s birth—or the
year of your anniversary. The Antique Wine Company of Great Britain Ltd., has a huge wine cellar of
aged fine wines, dating back to 1893. The value of each gift depends
on the year. Call 800-827-7153, or visit www.antique-wine.com.
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Page 146
146 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
I Want to Hold Your Hand
Simple question: When is the
last time the two of you simply
went for a walk together?
The speed of love is 1.7 mph—
• Complex answer: Now let’s
the speed of a casual saunter.
be specific here: Part of the
definition of “a walk” is that
you must hold hands. Also,
neither of you can be wearing a Walkman during the so-called
“walk.” Your speed is important, too. Running and jogging are
obviously not romantic. The proper speed is a saunter.
Does your partner like speed and thrills?
Plan your vacations around some of the best roller
coasters in the U.S., according to Park World
• Superman the Escape, at Six Flags Magic
Mountain, in Valencia, California: accelerHolding hands.
ates from zero to 100 mph in seven seconds.
• Georgia Cyclone, at Six Flags Over Georgia,
in Atlanta, Georgia: based on the famous
Coney Island Cyclone.
• Magnum XL-200, at Cedar Point, in Sandusky,
Ohio: during portions of the ride you actually float off your
• Thunderbolt, at Kennywood, in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania:
begins with a terrifying drop into a ravine.
• Beast, at Kings Island, Ohio: the world’s longest wooden roller coaster.
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Page 147
Gregory J.P. Godek • 147
328 As a couple, dedicate yourselves to learning something new
every day.
It might be a new word, it might be a fact from the newspaper,
it might be something new about each other. And on a regular
basis, take a class together. Learn to paint, learn to play piano,
learn to speak French, learn new massage techniques.
329 Give your partner choices: Classic or avant-garde?
Conservative or outrageous? Public or private? Here or there?
Loud or quiet? McDonald’s or Burger King? Big or small? Light
or dark? Fast or slow? Today or tomorrow? Active or lazy? One
or many? Gold or silver? Red or blue? Day or night? Expensive
or inexpensive? Now or later? Right or left? Modern or antique?
Serious or funny?
Sally Forth © 1998. Reprinted by permission of North America Syndicate, Inc.
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 148
148 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
330 A basic romantic concept: “The Gift-of-the-Month
Clubs.” Here are some creative twists: Create your own…
• Beer-of-the-Month Club
• Romantic-Restaurant-of-the-Month Club
• New-Ice-Cream-Flavor-of-the-Month Club
• Lingerie-Outfit-of-the-Month Club
• New-Sexual-Position-of-the-Month Club
• Stuffed-Animal-of-the-Month Club
Knowing your lover’s interests and preferences will help you
create your own, unique Gift-of-the-Month Clubs.
All You Need Is Love
331 You’ve heard it said that “There are no
guarantees in life.” Well, that’s true. You can’t get a
guarantee—but you just may be able to get a warranty.
One fellow in my Romance Class told us that he
surprised his new bride at the conclusion of
their wedding ceremony by presenting her with
a written “Lifetime Relationship Warranty.”
Theme Song:
Robbie Williams
It’s winter, it’s ten degrees below
zero, and the wind chill factor makes it feel like
forty below. At a time like this, love isn’t about preparing a cup of tea—it’s about going outside to warm up her car for her!
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Page 149
Gregory J.P. Godek • 149
• Once a week for a year: Jot down
two reasons why you love him
“Let him kiss me with
or her.
the kisses of his mouth:
• Once a week for a year: Jot
for thy love is better
down one great thing he or
than wine.”
she did.
—Song of Solomon 1:2
• Once a week for a year: Jot down
one inspirational thought.
At the end of the year: Print all this out
on a big scroll and present it to your lover.
334 Number One Tip for Being Romantic in the Twentyfirst Century: Remove yourself from the electronic and media grid on a regular basis—over a weekend, during vacations, and on random days.
In order to slow down and connect one-on-one with your
lover, it helps immensely if you occasionally disconnect from the
internet and e-mail, from TV and radio, from newspapers and
magazines, from cable and videos, from mobile phones and
pagers, from computers and gizmos, from ATMs and credit
cards, and from the media in all its forms.
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Page 150
150 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
At Home
335 Carry her over the threshold of your house or apartment.
Not for newlyweds only!
336 Your home should be a
romantic hideaway. You should be ready at a moment’s notice to transform your house or apartment into a love nest through the
creative use of candles, music, flowers, wine, and food.
337 Make a path of lighted candles leading from the front door to your bedroom. Be
waiting for your lover, and let your own
flame burn bright!
338 Don’t wait until Saturday night to go
When dining at
home, enhance
the mood with
soft candlelight.
out dancing. Dance by yourselves at home in your
living room. Move the furniture and roll up the rug!
339 When most people decorate or redesign their
homes, they plan and sketch, read home-improvement magazines,
hire interior designers, spend big bucks, consider
color, space, texture, and style. But how many
of them consider “romance” as a design
Jot a little love
element or a goal of the entire project?
note on a sheet of
Consider designing a home with
paper, fold it into a
“romance” as its primary guiding
paper airplane, and sail
it across the living room
to your partner.
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 151
Gregory J.P. Godek • 151
At Work
340 Find out where he’s having lunch today. Then have
flowers delivered there. (Or deliver them yourself!)
341 Instruct your secretary that all calls from your wife are
to be put through—regardless of what you’re
doing, or with whom you’re meeting. (Prove
to your wife that she’s the top priority in
your life.)
342 Copy your face (or other
body parts) on the Xerox machine.
Mail it to him with a funny or suggestive note.
343 Pack a pillow and a blanket
Call from work
simply to say “I love
you!” (There’s rarely
an acceptable reason
to go eight straight
hours without
touching base.)
in a picnic basket and surprise your partner by appearing in the office at noon. Tell
the secretary to hold all calls. Lock the office door.
Turn off the intercom. Close the blinds. Make love on the desk.
344 Same as above, but pack a real lunch. (Not as much
fun, but more nutritious.)
345 Mail him a Rolodex card with your name and number
on it. Write on it: “Your instant resource for love. Call when
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 152
152 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Sweet Stuff
346 Fill a Victoria’s Secret box full of
green M&M’s. Fill an M&M’s bag with new lingerie. Present both of them to her in bed.
• Smooth the top of an Oreo cookie,
then scratch a heart and your initials
into the surface.
• Remove the white frosting from the top
of a Hostess Cupcake, then write your
own message using red frosting.
Theme Song:
“Sweet Surrender,”
Sarah McLachlan
348 Give
your partner his or her
favorite kind of Girl Scout cookie.
Think up fun/clever/suggestive notes to attach to
these candies: Good ’n Plenty, Mounds,
Snickers, Almond Joy, Fire Balls,
Double Bubble, Life Savers, or
Hershey’s Kisses.
• “Where would I be
without you, gal? You
French Chocolate Twigs,
really are a Life Saver.”
• “Wow! You cerChocolate- and Almond-Dipped
tainly were a Fire
Apricots, Cheesecake Lollipops!
Ball last night!”
From the Norm Thompson
catalog: 800-547-1160; or visit
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 153
Gregory J.P. Godek • 153
• “Here are a few Kisses to hold you over until we’re
together again.”
350 Fill the cookie jar with love
notes. Fill the mailbox with cookies.
And if you want
to be scandalously
romantic, you can
get “adult” pastries
and chocolate
body parts!
Kid Stuff
351 Rediscover and nurture the “child” inside of you. It’s
the key to your creativity, spontaneity, sense of wonder and joy.
352 When’s
the last
time you watched cloud forWhat else might you be able
mations? Take your lover for a
to do together in a field??
walk in a field. Find an unobstructed view. Flop down on a
hilltop. What do you see in the clouds? What do you imagine?
• Surprise her with a little “Trinket Gift” hidden inside a
McDonald’s Big Mac container.
• Surprise him by hiding a favorite stuffed animal inside his gym bag.
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 154
154 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
354 Seventy-eight percent of all women love stuffed animals.
355 Most men love gadgets, electronic stuff or tools…“boys’
toys.” Men never really grow up—our toys simply get more expensive.
366 Get a favorite toy or item from his childhood: a toy,
book, report card, or picture from the wall. (Call his parents;
they’ll love to be a part of this idea.) Wrap it up and include a
touching note.
Funny Stuff
357 Make copies of some favorite comic strips, then rewrite
the captions to make them refer to you and your partner! With the
application of a little White-Out and a little creativity, you can have
lots of fun turning Blondie and Dagwood into the two of you. Or,
picture her as Cathy or Sylvia, or him as Snoopy or Doonesbury.
358 Basic: Tape relevant comics to the refrigerator or the
bathroom mirror.
359 Give him a book of collected comics. What’s his
favorite? “The Far Side,” “Calvin and Hobbes,” “Peanuts,”
“Cathy,” “Funky Winkerbean,” “For Better or For Worse,”
“Blondie,” “Andy Capp,” “Pogo”?
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 155
Gregory J.P. Godek • 155
360 Beyond “basic”:
• Tape a comic to the rearview mirror in his car.
• Insert comics in dinner napkins.
• Stick them in cereal boxes.
• Attach them to the underside of the toilet seat.
361 Funny stuff? You want funny stuff?! Why didn’t you say so?
If you want funny stuff, you’ve got to check out The Lighter Side catalog. They’ve got piles of silly, funny, curious, and odd things. Call
’em at 800-232-0963, visit their website at www.lighterside.com,
or write to Post Office Box 25600, Bradenton, Florida 34206.
Cool Stuff
• Wouldn’t it be cool to take a Japanese flower-arranging course?
• Wouldn’t it be wild to rent a classic roadster for an afternoon?
• Wouldn’t it be fun to stay in bed together all day on Sunday?
Place a full-page ad in your local
hometown newspaper to announce your
anniversary, or celebrate his birthday, or
simply to celebrate your love!
How would
your partner
define “cool”?
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 156
156 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
364 Present him with a “favor” (a
gift bestowed as a token of goodwill; as a
maiden’s kerchief given to a knight)—
something he’ll carry around with
him as a reminder of you.
• Classic: a kerchief or scarf
• Meaningful: a short verse printed
on a tiny slip of paper
• Intimate: panties
• Silly: a little toy
• Personal: a lock of your hair
Get a kit of
Magnetic Poetry,
and write little poems
to each other on the
refrigerator door.
365 If your partner is into puzzles—
jigsaw puzzles—then you’ve got to get in touch with
Stave Puzzles and Bits & Pieces. They create the most wonderful,
fun, beautiful, and challenging jigsaw puzzles in the world.
These companies will also create custom puzzles that you can
use for all kinds of personal occasions. People have used them to
spell out marriage proposals, to send personalized birthday
greetings, and to help celebrate anniversaries.
• Stave Puzzles: 802-295-5200, www.stave.com
• Bits & Pieces: 1-800-JIGSAWS, www.bitsandpieces.com
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 157
Gregory J.P. Godek • 157
Dirty Stuff
366 Plant and care for a garden together. Crawling around
in the dirt together has a funny way of bringing a couple closer.
367 They shared a love of gardening. But while his flower
garden was a wild riot, her vegetable garden was organized and
labeled. One day she did a double-take as she noticed the seedpacket sign on her row of carrots had been changed to read
“karats.” While her husband barely suppressed a smile, she dug
carefully until she found a sealed box containing a three-karat
diamond ring!
368 If the two of you enjoy hiking together, try barefoot hiking! The Dirty Sole Society can help you find the best trails.
Check them out at www.barefooters.org/hikers/.
369 He was an avid gardener. One year, as a surprise for
his wife, he planted his flowers in a pattern that spelled out “I
LOVE YOU.” The message appears only when the flowers are
in bloom, and can only be read from their second-story bedroom window.
He changes the message every year. He has great fun, and his
wife is thrilled every spring.
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 158
158 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
370 Here’s how one couple turned foreplay into a “game,” using five dice. First they
erased the dots using White-Out. Then they
re-labeled all the dice in this manner:
• On a pink (“Hers”) die: They wrote a
Theme Song:
different body part on each of the six
“Let’s Talk About
• On a blue (“His”) die: They wrote a difSex,” Salt-N-Pepa
ferent body part on each of the six sides.
• On the third die: They wrote a verb on each
side: “Rub,” “Lick,” “Kiss,” “Massage,” etc.
• On the fourth die: They wrote an adverb on
each side: “Softly,” “Quickly,” “Slowly,” etc.
• On the fifth die: They wrote time-related words: “Five minutes,”
“Half an hour,” “As fast as you can,” etc.
371 Do you always make love at night? How
about a little afternoon delight?
372 Go in search of her G Spot.
You may not find it, but you’ll have a
great time looking! (Pick up a copy of
Unleashing Her G-Spot Orgasm, by Donald
L. Hicks.)
relationship book
ever written: Is Sex
Necessary? by
James Thurber &
E.B. White.
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
4:56 PM
Page 159
Gregory J.P. Godek • 159
373 Surprise her
by giving her a gift on your
This is one heck of a great surprise!
374 The Time-Delay
Tactic. Learn what she likes/wants. Get it for her, but hold on to it for a
few weeks—or months. (This gives her time to forget about it, or think
that you’ve forgotten.) Surprise her with it when she least expects it.
375 The Little White Lie. Setting
up surprises sometimes involves a
subtle touch, a smooth manner,
or outright lying.
Don’t worry, lying in the
service of romance is not a
sin. Lovers receive special
Surprise him by performing one of his chores for him.
(And I don’t mean a little thirty-second chore like taking out the
garbage! I mean something time-consuming, like cutting the lawn or
washing his car.)
377 Surprise her by performing one of her chores for her. (And
I don’t mean something easy like carrying the groceries in from the car!
I mean something that requires some time and effort. Something like
cooking all the meals over a weekend, or cleaning the entire house.)
Note: Because I’m addressing millions of people here, I’ve chosen
chores that a majority of people assign along classic gender lines. You
certainly have the freedom to choose who does what in your household!
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 160
160 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
378 Balloons! Balloon bouquets. Heliumfilled balloons. Heart-shaped red balloons.
Mickey Mouse/Snoopy/Garfield balloons.
Silvery, shiny Mylar balloons. GiantChapter
sized balloons. Balloons with your
Theme Song:
names on them. Balloons with personalized messages on them.
“A Celebration,” U2
379 New Year’s Eve in Times Square!
It’s a little crowded, but it’s tons o’ fun!
Celebrate the birthday of your
partner’s favorite cartoon or comic strip character. Buy
a birthday cake. Get a book of collected comic strips. Get a Tshirt picturing this character.
• Bugs Bunny’s birthday: July 27th
• Garfield’s birthday: June 19th
• Mickey Mouse’s birthday: November 18th
• Snoopy’s birthday: October 2nd
381 Create a “Count-Down Calendar” to mark the time
remaining until a birthday, wedding, anniversary, vacation, or
“Mystery Day.”
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Page 161
Gregory J.P. Godek • 161
382 Celebrate your partner’s favorite movie star’s birthday. Go out to dinner. Toast the chosen star. Recite the star’s
famous lines; maybe have these lines rendered in calligraphy or
printed on a scroll. Make a gift of a book about this star.
Celebrate the 4th of July:
with fireworks—in bed.
Celebrate Thanksgiving: by
vowing to stop being a turkey.
Celebrate Halloween: by dressing
as sexy fantasy characters.
Celebrate Valentine’s Day: at the most
elegant B&B within one hundred miles.
Celebrate your anniversary:
with a bottle of Dom Perignon.
Celebrate her birthday: aboard a
cruise ship in the Mediterranean.
Celebrate his birthday:
at the Indianapolis 500.
Celebrate next Tuesday: by
playing hooky from work together.
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Page 162
162 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
383 “The Grand Gesture.” The once-in-a-lifetime event.
Wouldn’t it be a shame to look back on your life and not be able
to say that you did one incredible, unbelievable, outrageous, and wonderful
thing for and with your lover?
• One bold husband in the Romance Class went out and replaced
his wife’s entire wardrobe instead of going on vacation one year! “It
cost me $7,500, but it was worth it!” he exclaimed.
• One woman, whose husband is a partner in a prestigious law
firm, arranged a surprise three-week vacation tour of Europe’s vineyards for
her husband. He nearly had a heart attack when he realized that
his flight to Chicago was really a flight to Paris, that his wife was
on board the flight, and that all his work was being taken care of
by another partner. His wife reports that he did finally calm
down and had the time of his life.
384 Gals: Greet him at the front door wearing your wedding gown.
385 Do the impossible for your lover:
• Get Super Bowl tickets.
• Find that out-of-print book for her.
• Meet her at the airport—when she
knows you’re busy elsewhere.
• Get tickets to the World Series.
• Get tickets to the NBA or Stanley
Cup finals.
• Cook a meal.
• Get tickets to a sold-out Broadway show.
The surprise threeweek vacation.
The new red Porsche.
The dancing lessons.
The ten dozen red roses.
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Page 163
Gregory J.P. Godek • 163
386 Romantics are Passionate (#1)
I’m not talking about sexual passion here, but about a passion for life.
(Don’t worry, we’ll get to sexual passion in just a moment!) Romantics don’t allow any aspect of their lives to slide into boredom.
• What is your partner passionate about? What are you passionate
about? What passions do you share?
• List three specific ways that you could enhance your partner’s
enjoyment of his or her passion.
• Within the next week, figure out a way to give your partner five hours
of uninterrupted time to pursue and enjoy his or her passion.
387 Romantics are Passionate (#2)
Yes, as a matter of fact, romantics do tend to be more sexually passionate than the average mortal. ( Just
another of the many side-benefits of
the romantic lifestyle!)
Being romantic means expressing
love. And that expression is
“Kissing is like drinking
often a physical expression. The
salted water. You drink,
real magic of romance lies in the
and your thirst increases.”
fact that it includes/weaves
—Chinese Proverb
together/reflects all facets of love:
physical, spiritual, and emotional.
388 Gals, if you want to stimulate a little bedroom passion, try wearing one of his dress shirts
to bed. A surprising number of men and women find this to be a
great turn-on!
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Page 164
164 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Games People Play
“The First Date Game.” A roleplaying game. Pretend that you’re going
out on your first date together. Re-enact
your fondest memories of that first date.
(Where did you go? What did you do?
What did you eat? What did you talk about?)
People with A+
Relationships don’t
take themselves
too seriously. But
they do take their
partners seriously.
390 Many couples play a curious little game that goes by various names: “Where’s
the Bunny?” or “Hide and Go Seek” are two favorites.
The rules are simple: You pick a small inanimate object (like a
little stuffed animal, a wind-up toy, seashell, piece of plastic fruit,
etc.). You take turns giving it to each other in creative, funny ways.
Some couples keep the object in constant rotation. Others will
wait months before giving it back, and go to incredible lengths to surprise their partners. World-class players have reportedly:
• Had the object sealed inside a Coke can.
• Sent the object via Federal Express.
• Had an airline attendant deliver it while in flight.
• Had the object appear in a corporate
board room.
• Had it delivered by a paraDeclare today “Couple’s
• Had the object frozen in
Day.” Do everything as a
an ice cube.
couple. Don’t leave one another’s
• Placed the object in a
sight—even for a moment!—from
store display window.
the time you wake up until the
time you go to sleep tonight.
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Page 165
Gregory J.P. Godek • 165
Games Lovers Play
391 “All-Day Foreplay.” Plan in the morning to make
love tonight. Call each other all day long with
“reminders,” ideas, and suggestive suggestions. By
the time evening rolls around you’ll both feel
like you’ve engaged in foreplay all day long!
The Couple’s
A surprising number of couGuide to Erotic
ples in my Romance Classes play various
“Car Games.” Here are some of them:
Games, by Gerald
• Kissing at every stop light.
• Kissing whenever you spot a red Corvette.
• Making love at highway rest areas.
• And variations of “How Far Will You Go?”
393 “The Affair Game.” (Recommended especially for those married ten-plus years.) Another
role-playing game. Pretend that you’re not
married to him or her, but you’re having an
Here’s a sexy
affair with your spouse. How would you act?
game: “Connect
Where would you go? What would you do?
What would you talk about? How and where
the Freckles”!
and when would you make love?
394 “An Enchanting Evening.” A fun and
revealing board game. Check your local toy store or call
800-776-7662, extension 105; or write to Time for Two, 7349 Via
Paseo Del Sur, Suite 515, Scottsdale, Arizona, 85258; or visit
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Page 166
166 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Off the Wall
• Tie a piece of string to the inside doorknob of
your front door. String it throughout the
house, tracing a path that leads to the
bathtub, which you’ve prepared especially
for him.
• Variation on a theme: Tie one end of
the string to the doorknob, string it
through the house—then tie the other
end of the string to yourself. Wait patiently
in the bedroom.
Theme Song:
“Crazy,” Gnarls
396 Write her a check for a million kisses.
397 Test drive a Porsche together.
398 Hide a (very) small gift somewhere on your body.
Then say to your lover, “I’ve got a gift for you, and it’s hidden
on me somewhere! Find it and it’s yours!” Use your imagination—
and be sure to leave enough time to participate in any “extracurricular activities” that may result from the search!
399 Some custom T-shirts that Romance Class participants have created:
• It’s the real thing. Love.
• Just do it. Love.
• W.W.R.D. (What Would Romeo Do?)
• Got romance?
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Page 167
Gregory J.P. Godek • 167
On the Wall
400 Several “off the wall”—or rather, “on the wall”—ideas
from Romance Class participants:
• The Mosaic Room: A bulletin board for tacking up mementos
overflowed onto the wall and eventually took over the entire den!
• The Photo Gallery: Many couples have special walls full of funny, sentimental, meaningful, and romantic
• The Memory Wall: Some
One creative guy wrote a
couples frame every“proposal poem” with which to
thing from ticket
stubs and menus to
ask his girlfriend to marry him.
dried flowers and
He had the poem written in
greeting cards.
calligraphy and beautifully
• The Wine Wall:
framed. He then went to the
Two wine enthuowner of a romantic little
siasts have wallparestaurant and arranged to have
pered their dining
room with wine
his poem hung on the wall next
labels from their
to a cozy booth. He then took
favorite bottles.
his gal out to dinner and waited
• The Travelogue Room:
for her to notice the “unique”
Two travel bugs have wallartwork on the wall!
papered two rooms (soon to
be three) with maps of all the
places they’ve visited.
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Page 168
168 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Make a collage for her. The
theme: her favorite fairy tale. Clip illustrations from several different books.
Intersperse photos of the two of you!
Combine classic verses from the story
with phrases from your own lives.
“Where there is love
there is life.”
402 Hire an artist to create a
poster illustrating her favorite fairy tale or children’s story—and have her pictured as the heroine!
The Myths of Romance (I)
Myth: “The Battle of the Sexes.”
What a foolish concept! Yes, it makes cute headlines in women’s
magazines, and exciting segments on TV talk shows, and funny
scenes on sitcoms. However, there ain’t no such
thing as a battle of the sexes. There certainly are
some psychological and physical differences
Beware the power
(“Vive la différence!”), but there’s nothing
of metaphors!
worth terming a “battle.”
Here’s the problem with this kind of thinking: It leads to stereotyping. You end up treating your partner like “all
men” or “all women,” and ignore the fact that he or she is really a
unique individual. This stereotyping blocks real communication, it
short circuits true intimacy, and it becomes a barrier to true love.
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 169
Gregory J.P. Godek • 169
404 Myth: “Nice guys finish last.”
Think about it: If you believe that “Nice guys finish last,” I suppose that means that “Jerks and bullies
finish first.” Perhaps this is true in the
business world and maybe in the world
True or False?—
of sports, but it is definitely not true in the
“Nice guys finish last.”
realm of intimate human relationships.
Note: “Nice” doesn’t mean “wimpy”
or “feminine.” Nice means courteous, mature, gentlemanly, thoughtful, loving.
405 Myth: “Romance will save my relationship.”
It’s not quite that simple. If the romance is an expression of the
love you feel, then it will save your relationship. But if the romance is
just a show, just something you do to pacify your partner, then it won’t.
The Myths of Romance (II)
Myth: “Romance will cover up my faults.”
Sorry. A jerk who gives flowers is still a jerk.
Romantic gestures may disguise your faults in
the short-run—but your true personality
will always reveal itself. Having realistic
expectations about romance will
enhance your relationship and help
True or False?—
your love grow.
“Give her an inch and
she’ll take a mile.”
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Page 170
170 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
407 Myth: “Give her an inch and she’ll take a mile.”
This is a myth promulgated in men’s locker rooms and in high
school bull sessions. The key word here is “bull.”
If you “give an inch” on a consistent basis, you’ll satisfy nearly
any woman. It’s when you’re stingy with those romantic gestures
that a woman builds up so much resentment that she demands “a
mile” from you. And rightfully so.
408 Myth: “I can change him.”
No you can’t. People can be influenced, they can be adjusted, they
can be manipulated—but they can’t be changed or “fixed.”
What you can do is help your partner learn better skills for
expressing his or her feelings. If the feelings of love are in there
somewhere, then you can help him to be more romantic.
Men Are from Mars
409 Be aware that men and women tend to have different styles of communicating. Deborah Tannen, author of You Just Don’t Understand, says
that a man engages the world as “an individual in a hierarchical
world social order in which he [is] either one-up or one-down.”
A woman, on the other hand, approaches the world as “an individual in the world of connections. In this world, conversations
are negotiations for closeness in which people try to seek and give
confirmation and support, and to reach consensus.”
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 171
Gregory J.P. Godek • 171
Without falling into the trap of simplistic
stereotypes, Tannen explores the communication styles of men and women, and helps
build bridges.
Theme Song:
Ladies: Do you really think
“Why Can’t a Woman
that he thinks the way you think?
Be More Like a Man?”
Gentlemen: Do you really think that
from My Fair Lady
she thinks the way you think? Everyone:
Think again!
• He gives her lingerie:
• What he means: “You’d look great in this.”
• How she takes it: “He wants me to look like a slut!”
• She wants to go out for dinner and a movie:
• What she means: “I want to go out for dinner and a movie.”
• How he takes it: “I’m going to go broke!”
• He gives her one red rose:
• What he means: “This symbolizes my love for you.”
• How she takes it: “He’s too cheap to buy a dozen.”
• She gives him this book:
• What she means: “This will improve our relationship.”
• How he takes it: “She’s trying to turn me into someone else.”
What to do? Talk more. Assume less. Listen more. Open your
heart. Check your assumptions. And keep trying.
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Page 172
172 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Women Are from Venus
411 When women use the word “romance,”
they’re usually referring to love. When men use
the word “romance,” they’re often referring
to sex. (So be careful! The word “romance”
can be slippery.)
412 Sales figures show that women
Theme Song:
“Subway to Venus,”
Red Hot
Chili Peppers
tend to prefer pink and white and pastel
colors for lingerie, while men prefer to see
women in black and red.
• Women: Ask yourself if you’re dressing to
please him or yourself.
• Men: Ask yourself if the goal of your lingerie gift is
to please her or please yourself.
• Women: Stop nagging. Even if you’re right. (Especially if you’re
right!) Hundreds of women in the Romance Class
have told me that nagging and complaining
are the quickest ways to drive a man into
a resentful—and far from romantic—
Men and women
tend to be “thermally
• Men: Stop judging. Stop corincompatible.” It is a
recting. Stop lecturing. She
doesn’t need it and doesn’t
biological fact that at
want it. You’re not her father
“room temperature,”
or teacher—you’re her lover.
most women are chilly
and most men are warm.
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Page 173
Gregory J.P. Godek • 173
• For women: Place a red rose on the lawnmower along with a note:
“I appreciate the work you do. And I’ll demonstrate just how much
I appreciate you when you’re done with the lawn—so hurry!”
• For men: Float a flower in the kitchen sink along with a note:
“Have I told you lately how much I appreciate you? Well I do.
I’m warming up a bottle of massage oil just for you. So hurry!”
Men Are (Not) from Mars*
Love is not genderspecific. Therefore, romance is
*Mars, mythologically, was the god
not gender-specific. Nearly
of war, not the god of masculinity.
every idea in this book applies
to both men and women, even
though I sometimes say “her” and other times “his.” Don’t forget
that deep down, we all want the same things in life. Men and women
have different styles—not different needs.
416 Note: Things have changed since the 1950s—men like
flowers, too. My last survey indicates that 74 percent of American
men would feel comfortable receiving flowers and would appreciate the gesture.
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Page 174
174 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
417 The next time you’re tempted to fall into using simple gender stereotypes, think about The Odd Couple. Felix and Oscar are both
“regular guys”—but they’re as different as night and day! Their differences arise from their individual, personalities, not from their gender.
The same applies to you and your partner. Not all women are
emotional, intuitive, and communicative. Not all men are logical, aggressive, and practical. While generalizations are generally
true, it’s also true that it’s the quirks and idiosyncrasies—the qualities that make people unique—that we fall in love with.
A very useful exercise is to talk together about how and why you first
fell in love with each other. The challenge is to answer very, very
specifically. You’ll notice that the qualities most people identify are
rarely gender-specific (“His eyes.” “Her sense of humor.” “The way
he smells.” “His solid values.” “We both love the same books.”)
People with A+ Relationships tend to stay in touch with these qualities in themselves and support those qualities in
their partners.
Proof that men are from Earth:
1. A man wrote Romeo and Juliet.
2. A man wrote The Bridges of Madison County.
3. Fred Astaire was a man.
4. There is an organization called the Order of
the Manly Men. They hold a good-natured Manly
Man Festival in Roslyn, Washington complete
with a Manliest Vehicle Contest and Manliest Tool
Belt Competition. Founder R.M. “Bob” Crane is
the self-proclaimed “manliest florist in the United
States,” according to The Wall Street Journal.
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Page 175
Gregory J.P. Godek • 175
Women Are (Not) from Venus*
*Venus, mythologically, was
Robin shares this
story: “The most romantic gift
the goddess of love, not the
my husband ever gave me was a
goddess of femininity.
pair of needle-nose pliers.
“You see, my family draws
names for Christmas gifts, and
my wish list always includes tools—I just like to fix things—but
nobody ever gives me any! The year I didn’t get the needle-nose
pliers I requested, I happened to mention to my husband, Mark,
that it bothered me that my family didn’t take me seriously.
“When December arrived and we were short on cash, Mark and
I decided not to give each other any gifts. Celebrating Christmas
with Mark’s family, I found a tiny wrapped gift from my husband
under the tree. His family simply didn’t understand why a pair of
pliers would bring tears of happiness to my eyes!”
419 Be aware of the differences in men’s and women’s
styles of communicating, but don’t over-emphasize
them. If you focus on the gap, you’ll overlook the bridges!
• Bridge #1: The fact that underneath all our differences in style,
“Men are from Earth.
men and women all want the
Women are from
same things: to be loved, cared
Earth. Deal with it.”
for, respected, and appreciated;
—George Carlin
to have a place of safety and security where we can be ourselves,
grow, experiment, and mature.
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 176
176 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
• Bridge #2: Romance itself. Romance is a bridge between the
sexes, as it is the expression of love. Romance is a language that
uses words, gestures, and tokens to communicate the subtle,
multifaceted, and complicated feelings of love.
Tuning In
420 “Tune in” to romantic opportunities. They’re all
around you. Listen for them. Watch for them. Raise your awareness
of how you actually
“screen out” ideas,
resources, tips, and
“Tune in” to romantic ideas on TV,
opportunities that you
ads, billboards, in store windows,
could use to enhance
newspapers, magazines, articles,
your relationship. For
bookstores, card shops, and catalogs.
example, observe how
you read newspapers
and magazines. First,
notice the kinds of items that automatically catch your eye. Then
go back, slow down, and notice what you’ve skimmed over. Train
yourself to notice potentially romantic items. You can eventually
pass this task on to your subconscious mind—and the process can
become rather automatic.
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 177
Gregory J.P. Godek • 177
421 Lots of romantic ideas will appear if you focus on your
partner’s “orientation.” An orientation isn’t really a “hobby”—
it’s more an intense interest or generalized passion. It’s something that tends to occupy his or her mind, time, and interest.
(Someone who is really into his Irish heritage isn’t exactly practicing a hobby, but his “Irishness” is a great focus for you when thinking up romantic ideas for him.) Here are a variety of orientations
expressed by Romance Class participants:
• Cats
• Dogs
• Hometown
• College
• Comics
• Lingerie
• Shopping
• Specific sports
• Specific actors
• Clothes
• Music, classical
• Music, specific type
• Music, specific artist
• Ethnic heritage
• Puzzles
• Golf
• Science fiction
• Do-it-yourself
• Food!
Do you know what your lover’s orientation is? Does he or she
know yours?
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 178
178 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Fine Tuning
422 Everyone has a
The reason that practical jokes
sense of humor (even
are more often cruel than funny
accountants!) But the quesis that they’re based on the joker’s
tion is, what kind of sense of
sense of humor, and not on the
humor? What tickles his or
sense of humor of the victim. Be
her funny bone? Robin
really careful when pulling practical
Williams? Rosie O’Donnell?
jokes on your partner!
David Letterman? Jay
Leno? Paula Poundstone?
Monty Python? Abbott and Costello? The Three Stooges? Intellectual humor? Slapstick? Visual humor? Puns? Stand-up comedy?
Funny movies? Saturday Night Live? Romantic comedies?
Take your partner’s specific sense of humor into account when
you plan dates, buy gifts, and choose movies.
• You know that her favorite color is blue. But do you know what
shade of blue? Sky blue? Navy blue? Teal blue? Turquoise blue? Powder blue? Blue-green?
• You know that his favorite TV show is Star Trek. But do you know
if he prefers the original series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine,
or Voyager? Also, do you know his favorite episode? His favorite
• You know that she loves chocolate. But does she prefer dark
chocolate or milk chocolate? Does she have a favorite candy bar?
Does she have one (or two) favorite brands?
• Coke or Pepsi? Diet or classic? Decaf or regular?
• McDonald’s or Burger King or Wendy’s or KFC?
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 179
Gregory J.P. Godek • 179
• Do you know your partner well enough to make a perfect cup of
coffee for him or her? How much cream and sugar?
• Do you know your partner well enough to order coffee for him
or her at Starbucks? Regular coffee? Decaf? Café
mocha? Café latte? Espresso? Double
espresso? Cappuccino? Light roast?
Dark roast?
Ordinary is what everyone
does—like renting a
movie for Friday night.
Fine tune your romantic gesture:
Let’s say your partner is a Barbra
Streisand fan. Here’s the line-up
for your “Weekend-Long Barbra
Streisand Film Festival”:
Funny Girl
Funny Lady
The Way We Were
The Owl and the Pussycat
What’s Up Doc?
Prince of Tides
A Star is Born
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 180
180 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
425 If you’d like to spend a romantic summer night making wishes on falling stars, mark the second week in August on
your calendar. The earth
passes through the Perseids
Meteor Belt around August
A great idea for dreamy romantics.
12th every year, which usually results in spectacular
shows for two to three nights. (You may want to plan an evening of
stargazing for the 12th, without telling her about the Perseids.
She’ll be amazed when about a hundred stars per hour streak
across the sky!)
426 Speaking
A great idea for science fiction fans!
Also great for coming through
falling stars—those that
on your promise to give her “the
make it all the way to earth
moon and the stars.”
are called meteorites. You
can buy small meteorites at
some rock and gem shops. Have a custom piece of jewelry created
to showcase your falling star.
427 If it’s the stars of Broadway who interest your partner,
why not get him a poster from his favorite show? Today’s and yesterday’s Broadway hits are represented at the Triton Gallery, 630
Ninth Avenue, New York, New York 10036. Call them at 212765-2472 or 800-626-6674, or visit www.tritongallery.com.
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 181
Gregory J.P. Godek • 181
428 If your interest in the stars is more
mystical, call Eric Linter, one of the best
astrologers in the U.S. While well-versed in
the basics of birth charts and astrological
predictions, Eric has a dual focus on
Theme Song:
“spiritually oriented” astrology readings
and on “couple dynamics.” He prepares
Surprise,” Paul
individual charts, couple’s charts, and specialOakenfold
purpose readings. Many couples ask him for
advice on specific dates and times for when to
get engaged or married. Call Eric at 617-524-5275.
429 22 Creative Ways to Celebrate
Valentine’s Day
1. Devote yourselves 100 percent to each
other on Valentine’s Day.
2. Rent a local hotel’s Honeymoon Suite.
Theme Song:
3. Take the day off from work on Valentine’s Day.
“Love Struck Baby,”
4. One day simply isn’t enough! CeleStevie Ray Vaughn
brate for a solid week!
5. Buy several boxes of kids’ valentines, and
flood your partner with them!
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 182
182 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
6. Give your partner one card every hour on the hour.
7. Make a batch of heart-shaped cookies.
8. Make a giant Valentine card on the back of a travel poster—
9. And have vacation travel tickets (to that location) taped to the poster.
10. Plan a solid day’s worth of romantic music.
11. Stay at a local bed & breakfast.
12. Send ten Valentine’s Day cards.
13. Send a hundred Valentine’s
“Love the heart that
Day cards!
hurts you, but never
14. Spend the entire day watchhurt the heart that
ing romantic movies.
loves you.”
15. Give your modern gal a piece
—Vipin Sharma
of antique jewelry.
16. Bake a heart-shaped cake—
17. And decorate it with red frosting
and heart-shaped sprinkles.
18. Spend every Valentine’s Day together—no matter what.
19. Send a Valentine’s Day card each day for a week.
20. Send a Valentine’s Day card each day for a month.
21. Find the best “Lovers’ Package” at a local hotel.
22. Spend the entire day in bed together.
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 183
Gregory J.P. Godek • 183
I’m in the Mood for Love
430 Create special “signals” to let your lover
know you’re in the mood for love. Herewith, some
ideas from creative Romance Class participants:
• Have “your song” playing when he returns
home from work.
• Play anything by Billie Holiday on the
Theme Song:
• For men: Casually say, “I think I’ll shave
• One couple has “His” and “Hers” Japanese kimonos. The interested party changes
into his or her robe…and if the other is
interested too, he or she changes, also.
• One couple has a special pillow that says “TONIGHT”
on one side, and “NOT TONIGHT” on the other side.
431 Some couples have created signals or gestures for use in
public, all of which mean “Let’s
blow this joint, rush home,
and make love together!”
• Holding hands and giving three quick squeezes.
• A code word, such as
using the word red several
times in a row.
• A code phrase, such as, “Is it
hot in here, or it just me?”
“To be loved for what one
is, is the greatest exception.
The great majority love in
others only what they lend
him, their own selves, their
version of him.”
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Page 184
184 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
• Hum “your song” in her ear.
• Scratch your left ear with your right hand.
432 Create a bouquet of “Long Stem Panties” for her. Buy a
dozen red, pink, and white panties; buy some plastic roses; remove
the plastic buds and replace them with the rolled-up panties.
I’m in the Mood for Chocolate
A lifelong passion for chocolate
inspired one couple in the Romance Class to
embark on a round-the-world search for the
Ultimate Chocolate. They actually arrange
Best Chocolatetheir vacations so they can visit all of the
Related Book Title
major chocolate manufacturers in vari(non-fiction):
ous countries! Now that’s fanatical!
Death by Chocolate:
• Visit the Nestlé chocolate factory in
Broc, Switzerland. Call 41-21-924The Last Word on a
2111, or visit www.nestle.com.
Consuming Passion,
• The Chocolate Train takes you on a
by Marcel
delicious tour to several Swiss chocolate
factories. Call them at 888-382-RAIL.
• Or stay closer to home: Visit Chocolate
World at the Hershey Chocolate factory in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Call 717-534-4900, or visit
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 185
Gregory J.P. Godek • 185
434 People hold wine-tasting
parties, right? So why not hold a
chocolate-tasting party? Invite your
best friends, ask them to bring
samples of their favorite
chocolates, and create a formal
methodology for judging the
qualities of the finest chocolate. Conduct blind taste comparisons; rank each chocolate
for its aroma, texture, sweetness,
depth, initial taste, aftertaste, combination of ingredients, etc.
Best Chocolate-Related
Book Title (fiction):
Bittersweet Journey: A
Modestly Erotic Novel
of Love, Longing, and
Chocolate, by Enid
• The Book of Chocolate, by Jeanne Bourin, John Feltwell, Nathalie
Bailleux, Pierre Labanne, and Odile Perraud
• Chocolate Obsession, by Michael Recchiuti and Fran Gage
• The Art of Chocolate, by Elaine Gonzalez
• Pure Chocolate, by Fran Bigelow and Helene Siegel
• ChocolateChocolate, by Lisa Yockelson
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Page 186
186 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
The Gospel According to Godek
Romantic gestures have no ulterior motive. Their only
purpose is to express love and appreciation; to show that you’ve
been thinking of your partner; to bring love alive in the world.
This is a goal to strive for, but one that we rarely achieve perfectly.
That’s okay. Don’t worry about it. Love isn’t about perfection, it’s
about love. And romance isn’t about perfection either; it, too, is
simply about love.
437 When it comes to love—the emotional side of relationships—men and women are much more alike than we are different.
When it comes to sex—now here’s where most of the differences kick in!
You see, humans are a complex mixture of
physical and psychological attributes. The
more you move down the physical/sexual end
of the scale, the more pronounced the differences between men and women are. The
Love is simple
more you move up the psychological/emobut it’s not easy.
tional end of the scale, the more similar men
and women are.
• Romance is an art, not a science.
• Love is a cooperative sport, not a competitive
• Romance is not a business. There’s no bottom line.
• Love is not a battle. “War” metaphors are harmful to your
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Page 187
Gregory J.P. Godek • 187
The Gospel According to Godek
You can lose yourself in love without losing your individuality.
• You can compromise without compromising yourself.
• You can change without losing your uniqueness.
• You can grow without growing apart.
• You can give without losing anything.
• You can open up without being judged.
• You can disagree without arguing.
• You can feel without losing control.
• You can keep the passion alive in a long-term relationship.
• You can be mature without losing the child inside of you.
• You can only be truly known in an intimate, long-term relationship.
• You cannot be known unless your open your heart.
• You cannot love without being vulnerable.
• You cannot be intimate without taking a risk.
• You cannot share feelings in a non-supportive
• You cannot enter a relationship demanding a guarantee.
• You cannot be interdependent unless
you’re first independent.
• You cannot be controlling and spontaneous at the same time.
• You cannot live without making mistakes.
You can be
insanely romantic
and still be
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Page 188
188 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
• You cannot realize your dreams if you don’t have well-defined goals.
• You cannot grow unless you learn from your mistakes.
• You cannot forgive another until you’ve forgiven yourself first.
• You cannot heal a broken heart until you risk it again.
• You have the power to choose how your feelings affect you.
• You have the ability to alter your reality with your beliefs.
• You have all the talents and capabilities to fulfill your purpose.
Getting Down to Business
440 Mark all significant dates in your appointment book
or business calendar. Note: You and your partner may not consider the same occasions to be “significant.” Make sure you think
like your partner when you mark these dates.
His or her birthday
Your anniversary
Valentine’s Day
First day of each season
A “mystery date”
Dinner dates
❏ Major vacations
❏ Three-day weekends
❏ Kids’ birthdays
❏ Pseudo-holidays that he or she likes
❏ Favorite rock star’s birthday
❏ Favorite movie star’s birthday
And here’s the key to staying on top of things so these dates
don’t “sneak up” on you: Write reminders to yourself in your
calendar two weeks in advance of each date to remind yourself to
send a card, buy a gift, or make reservations.
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Page 189
Gregory J.P. Godek • 189
441 Another way to ensure that you get those greeting
cards, notes, and gifts out on time is to get a three-ring binder
with twelve pocket dividers. Label them with the months, and
insert relevant items into each pocket. Attach a “Master List” of
significant dates to the inside cover. This way, you’ll be prepared
well in advance of every event that comes along.
• Insert greeting cards, notes, poems, articles, reminders to
yourself, ads, catalog pages, etc.
• Make sure every pocket has stuff in it—especially for those
months that include no “official” anniversaries or holidays.
Make up your own holidays and reasons for celebrating!
442 Delegate more at work. Come home at a reasonable hour!
443 Place a flower in his briefcase. Maybe a dozen. Just because.
Funny Business
444 Write wacky notes, memos and things, based on your
• Teacher: Write a report card.
• Lawyer: Write out a motion.
• Trucker: Make a packing slip.
• Executive: Write a business plan.
• Doctor: Write a prescription.
• Secretary: Write a memo.
• Salesman: Place an order.
• Policeman: Write a ticket.
• Anyone: Write a resume.
• Your profession: (_____)
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Page 190
190 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
445 Call your lover on the phone. Make up a love song on
the spot and sing it to her! Make up a tune, make up the words—and
just keep singing! (You’ll generate laughter as well as appreciation!)
446 Don’t let your serious business executive fool you:
Most of them love to “play” at their desks. Executive “desk toys”
make great gifts. Note: There are several categories of desk toys.
Which kind does your partner like?
• Wind-up toys
• Cartoon characters
• Nostalgic items
• Prestige items
• Toy cars and trucks
• Electronic gizmos
• Sports memorabilia
• Puzzles
• Hobby-related items
• Things that move or swivel
• Things to fiddle with
Resources (I)
• The Celebration Fantastic (weddings & other): 800-235-3272,
• Figi’s Gift Catalog (you name it!) 715384-6101, www.figis.com
• For Counsel (for lawyers!): 800-637And before you buy
0098, www.forcounsel.com
• Golf House (duffers’ gifts): 800any jewelry, become an
336-4446, www.usgapubs.usga.org
educated buyer. Visit
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 191
Gregory J.P. Godek • 191
• Into the Wind (kites ’n stuff ): 800-541-0314, www.intothewind.com
• Levenger (reader’s tools): 800-667-8034, www.levenger.com
• Littleton Coin Company (¢): 800-258-4645, www.littletoncoin.com
• Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (artsy): 617-369-3575, www.mfa.org
• The Nature Store (cool & natural): 800-345-1638,
• Neiman Marcus (clothing & related): 800-825-8000,
• Norm Thompson (all kinds of stuff): 800-547-1160,
• The Paragon (miscellany): 800-343-3095, www.theparagon.com
• The San Francisco Music Box Company: 800-227-2190,
• Cellini Fine Gifts (unique stuff): 888-323-6068,
Get this book before
you buy a diamond:
How to Buy a Diamond:
Insider Secrets for
Getting Your Money’s
Worth, by Fred Cuellar.
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Page 192
192 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Resources (II)
• The Sharper Image (techie & cool stuff ): 800-344-4444,
• Signals (great gifts): 800-669-9696, www.signals.com
• The Smithsonian (curious items): 800-322-0344, www.smith
• Stave Puzzles (jigsaw puzzles): 802-295-5200, www.stave.com
• Sundance (Western & rustic): 800-422-2770, www.sundance
• Vermont Teddy Bear Co. (hand-made!): 800-829-BEAR,
• Victorian Papers (elegant papers): 800-700-2035, www.victori
• Williams-Sonoma (cooking tools): 800-541-2233, www.williams
• Rockler Woodworking and Hardware (practical tools):
800-279-4441, www.rockler.com
• S&S Worldwide Games (games & puzzles):
800-888-0987, www.ssww.com
• White Flower Farm (great flowering
plants): 800-503-9624, www.white
Sundance was
founded by Robert
• Calyx & Corolla (exotic flowers): 800Redford, one of the
800-7788, www.calyxandcorolla.com
best romantic stars
• Smith & Hawken (gardening stuff ): 800of all time.
776-3336, www.smithandhawken.com
• Harry & David (gourmet food): 800345-5655, www.harryanddavid.com
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Page 193
Gregory J.P. Godek • 193
Resources (III)
448 Bridal magazines are great
resources for finding romantic vacation
destinations. (If you think that honCatalogs are great
eymoons are just for newlyweds,
resources. Not only for
you’re missing some great romantic
specific gifts, but also
opportunities!) Pick up a copy of
for ideas and concepts
Brides, Modern Bride, Elegant Bride, Today’s
Bride, Bride & Groom, or Bridal Guide.
you can implement on
your own.
Resources around town:
Call ’em, ask ’em questions. Send for
their catalogs and brochures.
• Adult education programs
• Convention & Visitors Bureaus
• Dance studios
• Music studios
• Cooking schools
• Local amateur theaters
• Museums
• Nightclubs
• Golf courses
• Tennis clubs
• City Hall
• Recreation Department
• The Parks Department
• Bookstores
• Concert halls
• The YMCA and YWCA
• Comedy clubs
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Page 194
194 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
450 She loves flowers.
He planted a flower garden
“to keep the bloom on
our love.” The challenge, of course, is
For the scientifically minded,
that most flowers
shop for gifts at:
only bloom for a
The American Museum of Natural
few weeks of the
History, New York City: 212-769-5100,
year. Following
or visit www.amnh.org
fifteen years of
many different
The Smithsonian Institution,
combinations of
Washington, D.C. 202-633-1000,
flowers, he finally
or visit www.si.edu
found the perfect
resource, Birthflowers
of the Landscape, by
Linton Wright McKnight.
This book lists thousands of
flowers and when they bloom.
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Page 195
Gregory J.P. Godek • 195
Resources (IV)
451 For researching music for your music lover: Rolling Stone
magazine’s web site is a great resource with lots of song clips, videos,
profiles of 85,000 artists, and more. Visit www.rollingstone.com.
452 Looking for a movie for your lover, or movies by a particular director or actor, or movie reviews, or background info on a particular flick? Visit the Internet Movie Database at www.imdb.com.
453 A great resource for old magazines (great for birthday
or anniversary gifts!) is the Avenue Victor Hugo Bookstore, in
Boston, Massachusetts. Call 781-871-1787, or visit www.avenue
If you’d be interested in “a connoisseur’s worldwide
guide to peaceful and unspoiled places,” then you should subscribe
to Andrew Harper’s Hideaway Report, a monthly newsletter devoted to
upscale travel. For more info, visit www.andrewharper.com. The
Report’s 2007 list of Hideaways of the Year included:
• Poetry Inn, in Napa, California: a beautiful inn
nestled in the heart of California’s wine
country. Call 707-944-0646, or visit
• Les Mars Hotel, in Healdsberg, CaliDo you know a
fornia: a luxurious, family-owned
couple with an A+
and operated European hotel. Call
877-431-1700, or visit www.les
Relationship? They can
be a great romantic
resource for you.
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Page 196
196 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Slightly Outrageous
455 Visit a karaoke bar and surprise your lover by getting
up and singing “your song” to him or her.
456 Overdo something. Don’t hold back. Go for it! Give
it everything you’ve got. Be creative. Be wild. Be expressive.
• Does he love M&M’s? Fill a one-gallon glass jar with them for him.
• Make love every day for a week. (For a month!?)
• Take your lover on a surprise two-week vacation to Paris.
• Call her from work, every-hour-on-the-hour, just to say “I love you.”
• Send a birthday message via skywriting!
457 Go skinny-dipping: in the ocean, in a pond, in a lake,
in a river, in a creek, in your pool, in the neighbor’s pool!
458 Fill an entire packet of Post-It Notes with romantic
• Write twenty-five sexy notes.
• Write sixteen romantic ideas.
• Write thirty-one silly notes.
• Write seven romantic song lyrics.
• Write twelve suggestive suggestions.
• Wright nine intriguing questions.
Now stick the whole pack of romantic
Post-It Notes throughout the house. Or
stick up three new notes per day for several weeks!
Be outrageous!
Do something
Overdo something.
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Page 197
Gregory J.P. Godek • 197
Quite Outrageous
459 Gals: Hire a limousine to pick up your husband at the
airport upon his return from a business trip. Send the driver into
the terminal to locate and help your husband. Be waiting in the back
seat of the limo…dressed in your finest lingerie, sipping champagne, and listening to a recording of Heart String, by Earl Klugh.
460 How about a balloon adventure—over Switzerland?
(Or France. Or Italy. Or Austria.) Call Buddy Bombard’s
Europe at 800-862-8537, or visit www.buddybombard.com.
And once you get hooked on ballooning, you’ll want to know
about “In the Air: The Ultimate Catalog
for Balloon Enthusiasts”! Call
800-583-8038, or visit
“Outrageous” is giving her
ten pounds of Hershey’s kisses.
“Quite outrageous” is filling the
bathtub with Hershey’s Kisses.
“Outrageous” is getting Super
Bowl tickets for your sports fan.
“Quite outrageous” is getting
seats on the fifty-yard line.
“Outrageous” is a balloon
bouquet delivered to his office.
“Quite outrageous” is a hot-air balloon
vacation over Switzerland.
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Page 198
198 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Kidnap her! Blindfold her. Drive her around town
until she’s thoroughly lost. Then reveal your destination: her
favorite restaurant, or maybe a romantic inn.
462 You want more time for love in your life? Shoot your TV.
TV is a black hole that sucks time into it. Have you ever noticed
how you’re drawn toward a television set when it’s on—even when
you’re not particularly interested in what’s on? The average American
watches about four hours of TV per day.
Slightly Naughty
463 Fill the back
seat of your car with
pillows. Go for a little
drive in the country.
Use your imagination.
Musical accompaniment: “Take Me
in the Backseat,” by The Donnas.
464 Talk Dirty to Me: An Intimate Philosophy of Sex, by Sallie Tisdale,
is a thought-provoking book on a subject that embarrasses many
people. Tisdale observes that our society is publicly lascivious yet
Puritanical at heart. “We’re vicariously living out, in a public way,
sexual permissiveness—because we don’t have one-to-one, intimate,
mature conversations about sex.” A little “talking dirty” might
just be a good thing.
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Page 199
Gregory J.P. Godek • 199
• How about staging a personal Lingerie Fashion Show for him?
• Or how about creating a Lingerie Fashion Show videotape for him?!
Gals: Buy some specially selected items of cheap lingerie—so he can literally rip them off your body!
467 Buy these items of clothing in matching colors: a necktie
and silk boxer shorts for him, and a bra and panty outfit for her. Make
a relationship rule that whenever one of you wears your items, your
partner must wear his or her matching items. Guaranteed to
keep your partner
envisioning you
“Slightly naughty” is a
all day long!
garter belt and stockings.
“Quite naughty” is a black garter belt,
matching black bra and panties, black seamed
stockings and three-inch spike heels.
“Slightly naughty” is the movie
The Forty-Year-Old Virgin.
“Quite naughty” is the movie Secretary.
“Slightly naughty” is sharing your
sexual fantasies with each other.
“Quite naughty” is role playing and acting
out your sexual fantasies together.
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Page 200
200 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Quite Naughty
468 Join the Mile High Club.
469 Make love in other unusual
Fly the friendly skies!
places, too: cars, trains, beaches, pools,
boats, ponds/lakes/oceans, store dressing rooms, libraries, elevators, bathtubs, fire escapes, porches, rooftops, tree houses, boardrooms, saunas, airplanes, kitchen tables, and hot tubs.
• One couple in the Romance Class confided that they have a tradition of making love at every wedding reception they attend!
• Another couple keeps a U.S. map in their den with pins marking the many places where they’ve made love!
• Gals: Perform a personal striptease for him. You might be
spontaneous about it or you might choreograph and practice
your routine. Note: Some stripteases emphasize the strip part,
while others emphasize the tease part. You choose!
If you want a little
some choreography—
Best songs to accompany a striptease:
for performing a
“Private Dancer,” by Tina Turner
personal striptease
“Naughty Girl” by Beyoncé
for your lover: Check
out the movie 91⁄2
Weeks, and fast-forward to 1:18:20 into the film. Take notes, practice, and you’re sure to get a rise out of your guy.
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 201
Gregory J.P. Godek • 201
• Guys: Does the word “Chippendale” mean anything to you?
And for additional inspiration, watch the movie The Full Monty.
Grab your black bow tie, grab your top hat, drop your inhibitions and drop your pants!
Shopping for Dummies
472 When window-shopping together, pay close attention
to items that she really likes. Sneak back later and get them for her.
(Store them in your “Gift Closet” for use at your discretion.)
473 Get professional help. No, no, I don’t
mean a psychiatrist—I mean hire a personal shopper. He or
Get help!
she can help you run those errands and pick up those
gifts that you always seem to forget about. Set a budget,
provide your personal shopper with some key information about
your partner, then set him or her loose in the mall!
Around your town are all the stores you’ll need to
inspire and satisfy your romantic urges. Try browsing in each of
these types of shops with nothing specifically in mind…and see
what romantic possibilities jump out at you. See a list of ideas on
the following page.
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 202
202 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
• Bookstores
• Used bookstores
• Card shops
• Stationery stores
• Toy stores
• Lingerie shops
• Second-hand shops
• School supply stores
• Nostalgia shops
• Sporting goods
• Music stores
• Paper stores
• Dress boutiques
• Hotel gift shops
• Video stores
475 Get to know the owner and manager of her favorite
clothing boutique. Ask them to inform you of new arrivals that
they feel your lover will love. (This is an easy way to get surprise
gifts that are guaranteed to please her.)
Advanced Shopping Strategies
While out shopping with her: If she’s trying on an outfit she adores (or that you find sexy)—pay for it quickly while she’s
still in the dressing room. (A good reason to carry cash on these
little outings.) Return to the dressing room with a pair of scissors, cut off the price tags, and announce that she can wear the
outfit out of the store. Watch her jaw drop. Then watch her leap
into your arms.
Go shopping with no specific task, and no specific goal in mind.
Let the gift find you.
Introduce the practice
of “Zen Shopping.”
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 203
Gregory J.P. Godek • 203
478 Always be in a “gift-buying mode.” I don’t mean that
you should be shopping all the time—but that you should be prepared to buy a great gift whenever you happen upon one. If you
have this mindset, you’ll usually have birthday and anniversary
gifts already purchased long before you need them.
479 Sign up for a Bridal Gift Registry and then go “fantasy
shopping.” Do this even if—especially if—
you’re already married! Here’s what
you do: Before going into the departThis tip will give your
ment store remove your wedding rings
partner ideas for
and prepare to pretend you’re single.
future gifts for you!
Filling out the registry form together
will be fun and will probably reveal
some surprises about each other. Then browse throughout the
store and discuss items that you wish you could get as gifts. In other
words, pretend that money is no object. Do you want that expensive crystal vase? Put it on your list!
Note: If you hold a formal rededication wedding ceremony,
you just might really get some of these dream gifts!
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Page 204
204 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Words of Love/Shakespeare’s
Use these elegant words on a homemade Valentine
card this year:
Doubt thou the stars are fire;
Doubt that the sun doth move
Doubt truth to be a liar
But never doubt I love.
Write this sonnet on a scroll. Add your own note, something like,
“I can’t write this poetically, but I can love you this passionately.”
Sonnet 29
When, in disgrace with fortune and men’s eyes,
I all alone beweep my outcast state,
And trouble deaf heaven with my bootless cries,
And look upon myself and curse my fate,
Wishing me like to one more rich in hope,
Featured like him, like him with friends possessed,
Desiring this man’s art and that man’s scope,
With what I most enjoy contented least:
Yet in these thoughts myself almost despising,
Haply I think on thee, and then my state,
Like to the lark at break of day arising
From sullen earth, sings hymns at heaven’s gate;
For thy sweet love remembered such wealth brings
That then I scorn to change my state with kings.
Or how
about some
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 205
Gregory J.P. Godek • 205
Use these words to accompany a jewelry gift:
Win her with gifts, if she respects not words,
Dumb jewels often in their silent kind
More than quick words do move a woman’s mind.
—Two Gentlemen of Verona
Grace on my lips; and if these hills be dry,
Stray lower, where the pleasant fountains lie.
—Venus and Adonis
World-Class romantic
date: Go see the play
Romeo and Juliet.
And it wouldn’t hurt
to rent one of the
many film versions of
Romeo and Juliet.
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Page 206
206 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Words of Love/Poetic
To see how the
power of
eloquent words
can affect the
course of
romance, see
the movie
starring Steve
Indeed this very love which is my boast,
And which, when rising up from breast to brow,
Doth crown me with a ruby large enow
To draw men’s eyes and prove the inner cost,—
This love even, all my worth, to the uttermost,
I should not love withal, unless that thou
Hadst set me an example, shown me how,
When first thine earnest eyes with mine were crossed
And love called love. And thus, I cannot speak
Of love even, as a good thing of my own:
Thy soul hath snatched up mine all faint and weak,
And placed it by thee on a golden throne,—
And that I love (O soul, we must be meek!)
Is by thee only, whom I love alone.
—Elizabeth Barrett Browning
A great
marriage is a
love poem with
two authors.
O, lift me from the grass!
I die, I faint, I fail!
Let thy love in kisses rain
On my lips and eyelids pale.
My cheek is cold and white, alas!
My heart beats loud and fast:
Oh! press it close to thine again,
Where it will break at last!
—Lord Byron, last stanza of
“The Indian Serenade”
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Page 207
Gregory J.P. Godek • 207
481c Memorize her favorite
poem, or the lyrics to her favorite
love song. Recite it at private
times, or while making love.
“And think not you can
guide the course of love.
For love, if it finds
you worthy, shall guide
your course.”
—Kahlil Gibran
Words of Love/Your Words
Write your own words of love. Here are some ideas to
get you started:
• List “Ten Reasons I Fell in Love With
You can use these
• List “Ten Reasons I Still Love You.”
ideas for scrolls or
• List “Ten Ways You Turn Me On.”
cards or frame-able
• List “Ten Reasons You Should Stick
items for many
With Me.”
romantic occasions.
• List “Ten Reasons You Should Marry
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 208
208 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
483 Keep a journal. Every day or so, write down your thoughts
about your partner, about your relationship, about your lives
together. Some days you’ll just jot a quick “I love you”—other days you
may be inspired to write page after page. Do this for an entire year.
Then present it to her on your anniversary or her birthday.
484 Write your own version of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s
famous poem “How do I love thee, let me count the ways…”
Place an ad in the Personals column of your local
newspaper. Let your lover know why he or she is so special. Write
it in “code,” possibly using your private pet name for her. This is
a great opportunity to exercise your creativity and express your
feelings in just a few clever words.
• When the ad appears, circle it and leave it on the kitchen table
when you leave for work.
• Or call him at work on the day the ad appears, and tell him
there’s a secret message for him on a certain page of the morning newspaper.
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Page 209
Gregory J.P. Godek • 209
Words of Love/the Ancients
“To be able to say how much you love is to love but little.”
“One word frees us all of the weight and pain of life.
That word is Love.”
“Take away leisure and Cupid’s bow is broken.”
“The anger of lovers renews the strength of love.”
—Pubilius Syrus
“Love conquers all things; let us too surrender to Love.”
“The happiness of your life depends on the
quality of your thoughts.”
—Marcus Antonius
“Because of a great love, one is courageous.”
—Lao Tzu
“Love is a grave
mental disease.”
“The more a man knows,
the more he forgives.”
“Union gives strength.”
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Page 210
210 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
“The madness of
love is the greatest
of heaven’s
“When male and female combine, all
things achieve harmony.”
—Tao Te Ching
“From their eyelids as they glanced
dripped love.”
“Love is all we have, the only way that
each can help the other.”
“My love for you is mixed throughout my body.”
—Ancient Egyptian Love Song
Memorize This List
1. Favorite color
2. Lucky number
3. Favorite flower
4. Favorite author
5. Favorite book (fiction)
6. Favorite book (non-fiction)
7. Favorite fairy tale
8. Favorite children’s book
9. Favorite Bible passage
Theme Song:
“My Favorite
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Page 211
Gregory J.P. Godek • 211
10. Favorite saying
11. Favorite proverb
12. Favorite poem
13. Favorite poet
14. Favorite song
15. Favorite singer
16. Favorite musical band
17. Favorite kind of music
18. Favorite dance tune
19. Favorite romantic song
20. Favorite slow dance tune
21. Favorite rock ’n roll song
22. Favorite ballad
23. Favorite country song
24. Favorite Gospel song
25. Favorite jazz number
26. Favorite R&B tune
27. Favorite songwriter
28. Favorite magazine
29. Favorite meal
30. Favorite food
31. Favorite vegetable
32. Favorite fruit
33. Favorite cookie
34. Favorite ice cream
35. Favorite kind of chocolate
36. Favorite snack food
37. Favorite restaurant (expensive)
38. Favorite restaurant (frugal)
39. Favorite fast food joint
40. Favorite TV show (current)
41. Favorite TV show (old)
42. Favorite comedian
43. Favorite actor (living)
44. Favorite actor (of any era)
45. Favorite actress (living)
46. Favorite actress (of any era)
47. Favorite movie of all time
48. Favorite adventure movie
49. Favorite erotic movie
50. Favorite romantic comedy
51. Favorite comedy film
52. Favorite action movie
53. Favorite Broadway play
54. Favorite musical
55. Favorite show tune
56. Favorite breed of dog
57. Favorite breed of cat
58. Favorite animal
59. Favorite comic strip
60. Favorite comic character
61. Favorite TV cartoon
62. Favorite TV cartoon character
63. Favorite artist
64. Favorite style of artwork
65. Favorite painting
66. Favorite sculpture
67. Favorite hero/heroine
68. Role model (actual person)
69. Role model (fictional)
70. Favorite athlete
71. Favorite sport (to watch)
72. Favorite sport (to play)
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Page 212
212 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Exploring these topics will help you get to know your
partner’s likes and dislikes a little bit better. Discussing these things will bring you closer
You should know together. And knowing these things will also
help you express your love more effectively
these things
about your lover! and buy more appropriate gifts.
Memorize This List, Too
73. Favorite Olympic sport
74. Favorite sports teams
75. Favorite board game
76. Favorite foreplay activity
(to receive)
77. Favorite foreplay activity
(to perform)
78. Favorite lovemaking position
79. Favorite sexy outfit (for
80. Favorite sexy outfit (for self)
81. Favorite erotic fantasy
82. Favorite time of day to
make love
83. Favorite place on body to
be touched erotically
84. Favorite music to make love to
85. Favorite season
86. Favorite time of day
87. Favorite holiday
88. Favorite hobby
89. Favorite type of jewelry
90. Preferred jewelry metal
(silver, gold, or platinum?)
91. Preferred style of clothing
(for self)
92. Preferred style of clothing
(for partner)
93. Favorite designer
94. Favorite erotic clothing
(for self)
95. Favorite erotic clothing
(for partner)
96. Dream vacation spot
97. Favorite vacation activity
98. Favorite city
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Page 213
Gregory J.P. Godek • 213
99. Favorite foreign country
100. Favorite wine
101. Favorite champagne
102. Favorite beer
103. Favorite soft drink
104. Favorite way to spend a
lazy afternoon
105. Favorite room in your home
106. Favorite perfume
107. Favorite cologne
108. Favorite brand of make-up
109. Favorite aroma
110. Favorite fictional character
111. Favorite historical personality
112. Best gift ever received
113. Favorite way to relax
114. Favorite way to get energized
115. Favorite store
116. Favorite side of the bed
117. Favorite TV sitcom
118. Favorite TV drama
119. Favorite joke
120. Favorite classical composer
121. Favorite symphony
122. Favorite opera
123. Favorite album/CD
124. Favorite car (make & year)
125. Favorite color for a car
126. Favorite gemstone
127. Favorite day of the week
128. Favorite month of the year
488 Invite her to accompany you on your next business
trip. (All work and no play makes hubby a bore.)
489 Read the Sunday newspaper in bed together. Read the
Sunday comics aloud (use appropriate voices).
490 Explore together: auctions, flea markets, secondhand stores, garage sales, and rummage sales. They’re great places
to find “Trinket Gifts,” little surprises and gag gifts.
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Page 214
214 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
491 Cook a meal together.
492 Go into a bookstore together. Buy
each other two books:
• One that you know your partner will like.
• And one that you want your partner to read.
Theme Song:
493 Sit down together on the first day
“We Belong
Mariah Carey
of every month and review your calendars.
Make your romantic plans first,
and then fit your other meetings, appointments, and commitments into your schedule.
Couples who have an A+ Relationship keep
Familiarity does not
their love life a number one priority.
“breed contempt”—
it’s boredom and
lack of creativity that
breed contempt.
Dependence isn’t healthy
in a love relationship. It
leads to co-dependency.
Independence doesn’t work
well, either. What’s the point
of being a couple if your main
goal is to be independent?
Interdependence is the goal that
people in A+ relationships aim for.
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Page 215
Gregory J.P. Godek • 215
494 Some Things that Come in “Twos”
• Bicycles built-for-two
• Double sleeping bags
• Two-seater sports cars
• A Chinese pu-pu platter for two
• Mozart’s Sonata in D Major for Two
Theme Song:
“Party for Two,”
Shania Twain
Pianos, K. 448
• Two-person kayaks
• Two-for-the-price-of-one specials at stores
• Two-for-the-price-of-one specials at restaurants
• Duets: “Endless Love,” by Luther Vandross and
Mariah Carey
• Loveseats
495 Many couples have “His”
and “Hers” matching towels. With
Some more things that
a little creative romantic
come in “twos”:
thinking, here’s what you
can come up with:
Stravinsky’s Concerto for
• “His” and “Hers”
Two Pianos
matching silk pajaSinging songs in two-part harmony
• “His” and “Hers”
Doubles solitaire
bottles of red and
Wedding rings
white wine
Double beds
• “His” and “Hers”
matching motorDouble-scoop ice cream cones
Two-person hot tubs
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Page 216
216 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
• “His” and “Hers” matching T-shirts
• “His” and “Hers” overnight bags (have packed at all times)
• “His” and “Hers” matching coffee mugs
• “His” and “Hers” jack-o-lanterns at Halloween
• “His” and “Hers” rocking chairs
• “His” and “Hers” bicycles
• “His” and “Hers” mobile telephones
• “His” and “Hers” Porsches (millionaires need love, too)
• “His” and “Hers” VW Bugs (love for the rest of us)
• “His” and “Hers” tennis rackets
• “His” and “Hers” matching heart-shaped tattoos!
• “His” and “Hers” Christmas tree ornaments
• “His” and “Hers” matching beach towels
496 There are two kinds of people in the world:
Detail People and Overview People.
Detail People focus on the little things; they notice details.
Overview People focus on the big picture; they see general trends.
Neither is right or wrong, these are simply character tendencies.
It will be much easier for you to pull romantic surprises if you’re
a Detail Person and your partner is an Overview Person. Detail People are good at covering their trail, paying attention to the little
things, and acting “normal.” The overview partner won’t even notice
any little slips. If you’re the Overview Person, you’ll need to be extra
careful when planning surprises. Those detail-oriented partners will
notice every unusual phone call, every little change in your schedule,
and that mischievous look on your face!
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Page 217
Gregory J.P. Godek • 217
There are two kinds of
people in the world:
Object People and Experience People.
There are two kinds of
Object People see love symbolpeople in this world: High
ized in gifts, in things: roses, jewMaintenance People—and
elry, socket wrench sets.
Low Maintenance People.
Experience People see love
(For further insights into
expressed in time spent together,
in experiences: dinner, movies,
this concept see the movie
bowling. Neither is better than the
When Harry Met Sally.)
other, they’re just personal preferences. And, interestingly, neither
preference is related to gender.
Why do you need to know this? Because if
your partner is an Object Person, and you
take her to the best restaurant in town
and drop $200 on an elegant experience, she’ll still be expecting a
gift at the end of the evening!
There are two kinds of
She’s not being selfish, she’s
people in this world: People
simply being herself.
Who Will Spend Hours to
Object People love items
Find That Three Cents
that have special meaning.
Needed to Balance the
Experience People love
Checkbook—and People
activities that create special
Who Will Round Off to the
Tip: Don’t argue about it.
Nearest Hundred Dollars
Neither of you will ever change
Just to be Done With It.
the other!
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Page 218
218 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Two (II)
498 There are two kinds of people in the world:
Left-Brained People and Right-Brained People.
Left-Brained People tend to be logical and analytical. RightBrained People tend to be emotional and intuitive. The current
cultural stereotype is that men are logical and women are emotional. This is often—but not nearly always—true. Studies show
that this generalization is true for about 60 percent of people.
The important lesson for lovers is to treat your partner as an individual, not as a stereotype.
499 There are two kinds of people in the world:
People Who Sleep With the
Windows Open, and People Who
There are two kinds of
Sleep With the Windows Closed.
The serious point here is
people in the world: People
this: It’s not about being right
With One Left Foot and
or wrong. It’s about working
One Right Foot, and People
things through, comproWith Two Left Feet. Note:
mising, appreciating each
The dancers and the nonother’s quirks, and laughing
dancers always marry each
a lot. (And on the practical
side, an electric blanket with dual
other. Nobody knows why.
controls just might be a relationshipsaving gift!)
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Page 219
Gregory J.P. Godek • 219
500 There are two kinds of people in
the world:
Morning People and Night People.
There are two
Morning People leap out of bed at
daybreak and are raring to go, then
kinds of people in
they close up shop by 8 p.m. Night
the world: Dog
People are just getting warmed up by
People and Cat
sundown, do their best work after
People. Don’t trifle
midnight, then sleep until noon. Don’t
with either kind!
take Morning People on late night
dates—they’ll doze off. Brisk morning
walks and elegant breakfasts are more their
Don’t serve Night People breakfast in bed. They
shine at dinner parties. They love late-night movies and midnight
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Page 220
220 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
The 99 Best Love Songs of the Twentieth
(and Twenty-First) Centuries (#’s 1-25)
1. “You Are So Beautiful (To Me),” Joe Cocker
2. “At Last,” Etta James
3. “Something,” The Beatles
4. “My Heart Will Go On,” Celine Dion
What are your Top
5. “Endless Love,” Diana Ross & Lionel Richie
6. “Everything,” Lifehouse
Ten love songs?
7. “Colour My World,” Chicago
8. “From This Moment On,” Shania Twain
9. “Unchained Melody,” The Righteous Brothers
10. “Amazed,” Lonestar
11. “Crazy for You,” Madonna
12. “Just the Way You Are,” Billy Joel
13. “The One I Love,” Frank Sinatra
14. “Come Away With Me,” Norah Jones
15. “Through the Years,” Kenny Rogers
16. “Breathe,” Faith Hill
17. “Unforgettable,” Nat King Cole
FYI: Frank Sinatra
18. “I Will Always Love You,” Whitney Houston
said that the best
19. “Hero,” Enrique Iglesias
love song ever written
20. “We Belong Together,” Mariah Carey
was “Something,”
21. “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life,” Bill
Medley & Jennifer Warnes
by The Beatles.
22. “My Eyes Adored You,” Frankie Valli
23. “All My Life,” K-Ci and Jojo
24. “I Won’t Last a Day Without You,” Paul Williams
25. “I Honestly Love You,” Olivia Newton-John
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Page 221
The 99 Best Love Songs of the Twentieth
(and Twenty-First) Centuries (#’s 26-50)
26. “Up Where We Belong,” Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes
27. “Fields of Gold,” Sting
28. “We’ve Got Tonight,” Kenny Rogers & Sheena Easton
29. “Let’s Talk About Love,” Celine Dion
30. “All I Want Is You,” U2
31. “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” Diana Ross & The Supremes
32. “Goin’ Out of My Head/Can’t Take My Eyes Off You,” The Lettermen
33. “If I Fell,” The Beatles
34. “My Valentine,” Martina McBride
35. “Somewhere My Love,” Frank Sinatra
36. “The Dance,” Garth Brooks
37. “In Your Eyes,” Peter Gabriel
38. “A Sorta Fairytale,” Tori Amos
39. “Unchained Melody,” Rodney McDowell
40. “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” Elvis Pres1
41. “All My Loving,” The Beatles
42. “A Moment Like This,” Kelly Clarkson
43. “You and I,” Eddie Rabbitt & Crystal Gayle
44. “Devoted To You,” Everly Brothers
45. “Love Will Find Its Way to You,” Reba McEntire
46. “For the First Time,” Kenny Loggins
47. “When a Man Loves a Woman,” Percy Sledge
48. “Islands in the Stream,” Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton
49. “Blessed,” Christina Aguilera
50. “Embraceable You” from the musical Crazy for You.
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Gregory J.P. Godek • 221
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Page 222
222 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
The 99 Best Love Songs of the Twentieth
(and Twenty-First) Centuries (#’s 51-75)
51. “Babe,” Styx
52. “Your Everything,” Keith Urban
53. “You’ve Got a Way,” Shania Twain
54. “The Right Thing To Do,” Carly Simon
55. “I Want You, I Need You, I Love You,” Elvis Presley
56. “Comfort Me,” Tim McGraw
57. “I’ll Be There for You,” Bon Jovi
58. “It Had to Be You,” Harry Connick Jr.
59. “All You Wanted,” Michelle Branch
60. “Longer,” Dan Fogelberg
Is “your song”
61. “Missing You Now,” Michael Bolton
on this list?
62. “My Girl,” Temptations
63. “Nights In White Satin,” The Moody Blues
64. “Truly Madly Deeply,” Savage Garden
65. “Straight from the Heart,” Bryan Adams
66. “Suddenly,” Olivia Newton-John & Cliff Richard
67. “If You Asked Me To,” Celine Dion
68. “The Wedding Song,” Peter, Paul & Mary
69. “Time In A Bottle,” Jim Croce
70. “Escape,” Enrique Iglesias
71. “Back to You,” John Mayer
72. “You Are The Sunshine of My Life,” Stevie Wonder
73. “I Could Not Ask For More,” Edwin McCain
74. “Dreams,” The Cranberries
75. “You’re the First, the Last, My Everything,” Barry White
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Page 223
The 99 Best Love Songs of the Twentieth
(and Twenty-First) Centuries (#’s 76-99)
76. “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You,” Bryan Adams
77. “Coming Around Again,” Carly Simon
78. “Music of My Heart,” ’NSYNC
79. “Flame in Your Eyes,” Alabama
80. “Head Over Heels,” Tears for Fears
81. “I Knew I Loved You,” Savage Garden
82. “How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You),” James Taylor
83. “I Go Crazy,” Paul Davis
84. “I Just Want to be Your Everything,” Andy Gibb
85. “We’ve Only Just Begun,” The Carpenters
86. “I’m Your Angel,” R. Kelly and Celine Dion
87. “You Send Me,” Sam Cooke
88. “Last Dance,” Brian McKnight
89. “A Whole New World,” Peabo Bryson & Regina Belle
90. “Reunited,” Peaches & Herb
91. “Say You’ll Be Mine,” Christopher Cross
92. “I Need Your Love Tonight,” Elvis Presley
93. “You Sang to Me,” Marc Anthony
94. “Everlasting Love,” Howard Jones
95. “(They Long To Be) Close To You,”
What love song
The Carpenters
do you think deserves
96. “I Love You,” Sarah McLachlan
to be number one
97. “This Heart of Mine,” Judy Garland
98. “Wonderwall,” Oasis
hundred?! Let me know via
99. “Love Is a Many-Splendored
Thing,” Four Aces
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Page 224
224 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Songs to Help Express Your Feelings
Friendship & Appreciation
• “Anytime You Need a Friend,”
Mariah Carey
• “Crash and Burn,” Savage Garden
• “My Friend,” Annie Palmer
• “I’ll Back You Up,” Dave Matthews
• “I’ll Stand By You,” The Pretenders
Falling in Love
• “When I Fall in Love,” Celine
Dion & Clive Griffin
• “Dreaming of You,” Selena
• “For the First Time,” Kenny
• “Falling in Love,” Howie Day
• “Fallin’,” Alicia Keys
Love & Joy
• “Everything,” Lifehouse
• “It Had to Be You,” Harry
Connick Jr.
• “Let’s Hang On,” The Four Seasons
• “Love Me Do,” The Beatles
• “The Way You Do the Things
You Do,” Temptations
• “What a Wonderful World,”
Louis Armstrong
Gentle & Sweet
• “All Right,” Christopher Cross
• “Before Your Love,” Kelly
• “My Love,” Paul McCartney &
• “Strange Magic,” Electric Light
New Love
• “We’ve Only Just Begun,” The • “Because of Love,” Janet Jackson
• “(They Long To Be) Close To
You,” The Carpenters
• “Save the Best for Last,” Vanessa
• “Sweet Surrender,” Sarah
• “The First Time Ever I Saw Your
Face,” Roberta Flack
• “All My Loving,” The Beatles
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Page 225
Songs to Help Express Your Feelings
Love & Tenderness
• “Always On My Mind,” Willie
• “First Time Ever I Saw Your
Face,” Roberta Flack
• “Be Without You,” Mary J. Blige
• “In My World,” The Moody Blues
• “Truly Madly Deeply,” Savage
• “Longer,” Dan Fogelberg
• “Evergreen,” (from A Star Is Born),
Barbra Streisand
• “Still,” Commodores
• “When a Man Loves a Woman,”
Percy Sledge
• “(Your Love Has Lifted Me)
Higher and Higher,” Rita
Loneliness & Missing You
• “So Far Away,” Carole King
• “I Miss You,” Incubus
• “Here Without You,” 3 Doors
• “Missing You,” Mary J. Blige
• “Remember When It Rained,”
Josh Groban
Intense Love & Infatuation
• “Wish You Were Here,” Incubus
• “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You,” • “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ FeelFrankie Valli
ing,” Daryl Hall & John Oates
• “Do the Walls Come Down,”
Carly Simon
• “Every Breath You Take,” The
• “At the Stars,” Better Than Ezra
• “Possession,” Sarah McLachlan
• “I Fall to Pieces,” Patsy Cline
• “I Will Always Love You,” Whitney
• “If I Ain’t Got You,” Alicia Keys
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Page 226
226 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Songs to Help Express Your Feelings
Longing & Yearning
• “Without You,” Badfinger
• “Ain’t No Sunshine,” Bill Withers
• “Just Wanna Be With You,”
Enrique Iglesias
• “Closer to Believing,” Emerson
Lake & Palmer
• “How Can I Tell You,” Cat
• “I Need You,” America
• “If Ever You’re in My Arms
Again” Peabo Bryson
• “If I Can’t Have You,” Yvonne
• “Can’t Live Without You,”
• “Until the Night,” Billy Joel
• “Watching and Waiting,” The
Moody Blues
• “Without You,” Silverchair
• “You Take My Breath Away,”
Forgive Me/Don’t Leave Me!
• “Baby Come Back,” Player
• “Sorry,” Daughtry
• “Hard to Say I’m Sorry,” Chicago
• “Forgive Me,” Evanescence
• “One More Night,” Phil Collins
• “Please Forgive Me,” David Gray
Fun & Whimsical
• “Can’t You Hear My Heartbeat,”
Herman’s Hermits
• “Crazy Little Thing Called
Love,” Queen
• “My Love,” Justin Timberlake
• “Hello Goodbye,” The Beatles
• “Ice Cream,” Sarah McLachlan
• “If I Had a Million Dollars,”
Barenaked Ladies
• “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles),”
• “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off, ”
Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers
• “Your Body Is a Wonderland,”
John Mayer
• “Silly Love Songs,” Paul McCartney
and Wings
• “When I’m Sixty-Four,” The
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 227
Songs to Help Express Your Feelings
Devotion & Commitment
• “Ain’t No Mountain High
Enough,” Diana Ross
• “An Everlasting Love,” Andy
• “I Do (Cherish You),” 98
• “Hopelessly Devoted to You,”
Olivia Newton-John
• “Love of My Life,” Santana and
Dave Matthews
• “I’ll Cover You,” from the
Broadway musical Rent
• “From This Moment On,” Shania
• “Love of My Life,” Abba
• “The Right Thing To Do,” Carly
• “Say You’ll Be Mine,” Christopher Cross
• “You’re My Everything,” The
• “Cherish,” The Association
• “Adore You,” Nikki Hassman
• “I Just Want to be Your Everything,” Andy Gibb
• “Hero,” Enrique Iglesias
• “My Love,” Paul McCartney & Wings
• “Wind Beneath My Wings,” Bette
Anniversaries & Celebrations
• “Always and Forever,” Heatwave
• “The Anniversary Song,” Richard
• “A Celebration,” U2
• “Holiday,” Madonna
• “More Today Than Yesterday,”
Spiral Staircase
• “Our Love Is Here to Stay,” Harry
Connick, Jr.
• “Takes My Breath Away,” Tuck and
• “All I Want Is You,” U2
• “Truly,” Lionel Richie
• “Without You,” from the Broadway musical Rent
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Gregory J.P. Godek • 227
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Page 228
228 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Songs to Help You Express Your Feelings
• “In the Mood,” Glenn Miller
• “Lay Lady Lay” Bob Dylan
• “Light My Candle,” from the
Broadway musical Rent
• “Makin’ Whoopee!” Eddie Cantor
• “Waiting for Tonight,” Jennifer
• “So Deep Within You,” The
Moody Blues
• “We’ve Got Tonight,” Kenny
Rogers & Sheena Easton
Desire & Sexual Attraction
• “Afternoon Delight,” Starland
Vocal Band
• “Feel Like Makin’ Love,” Bad
• “I’ll Make Love to You,” Boyz II
• “Desire,” U2
• “I Really Want You,” James Blunt
• “Turn Me On,” Norah Jones
• “In Your Eyes,” Peter Gabriel
• “Slave to Love,” Bryan Ferry
• “The Sweetest Sin,” Jessica
Hot Passion
• “I’ll Make Love to You,” Boyz II
• “Deeper and Deeper,” Madonna
• “Let’s Do It Again,” TLC
• “Hot Stuff,” Donna Summer
• “I Do What I Do,” John Taylor
• “If,” Janet Jackson
• “Kiss You All Over,” Exile
• “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me,
Kill Me,” U2
• “Make Me Lose Control,” Eric
• “Touch Me (I Want Your Body),”
Samantha Fox
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Page 229
Songs to Help Express Your Feelings
Country Love Songs
• “Blue,” LeAnn Rimes
• “Amazed,” Lonestar
• “Forever and For Always,” Shania
• “Everything I Love,” Alan Jackson
• “Flame in Your Eyes,” Alabama
• “He Stopped Loving Her Today,”
George Jones
• “How Forever Feels,” Kenny
• “I’ll Always Love You,” Dolly
• “Let’s Make Love,” Tim McGraw
& Faith Hill
• “Cowboy Take Me Away,” Dixie
• “Love Me Like You Used To,”
Tanya Tucker
• “Love Will Find Its Way to You,”
Reba McEntire
• “Your Everything,” Keith Urban
• “She’s in Love with the Boy,”
Trisha Yearwood
• “The Dance,” Garth Brooks
• “This Night Won’t Last Forever,”
Sawyer Brown
• “We Danced,” Brad Paisley
• “Unchained Melody,” Rodney
• “Breathe,” Faith Hill
Love Songs that Put Women on a
• “Island of Life,” Jon Anderson &
• “Lady,” Kenny Rogers
• “Oh, Pretty Woman,” Roy Orbison
• “She’s a Lady,” Tom Jones
• “Three Times a Lady,” The
• “When A Man Loves A Woman,”
Percy Sledge
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Page 230
230 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Best Love Song Duets
• “A Whole New World,” Peabo • “I Like Your Kind of Love,”
Bryson & Regina Belle
Andy Williams & Peggy Powers
• “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” • “Islands in the Stream,” Kenny
Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell
• “Ain’t Nothing Like the Real
Thing,” Marvin Gaye & Tammi
• “All My Life,” Linda Ronstadt &
Aaron Neville
• “My Boo,” Alicia Keys & Usher
• “Beauty and the Beast,” Celine
Dion & Peabo Bryson
• “Can’t We Try,” Dan Hill &
Vonda Sheppard
• “The Closer I Get to You,”
Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway
• “Cruisin’,” Gwyneth Paltrow &
Huey Lewis
• “I Can’t Help It,” Andy Gibb &
Olivia Newton-John
• “I Finally Found Someone,” Bryan
Adams and Barbra Streisand
• “I Got You Babe,” Sonny & Cher
• “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You,”
Michael Jackson & Siedah Garrett
• “I Knew You Were Waiting (For
Me),” Aretha Franklin & George
Rogers & Dolly Parton
• “Leather and Lace,” Stevie Nicks
& Don Henley
• “Broken,” Amy Lee & Seether
• “Mockingbird,” Carly Simon &
James Taylor
• “The Next Time I Fall,” Peter
Cetera & Amy Grant
• “One Man Woman/One Woman
Man,” Paul Anka & Odia Coates
• “Put a Little Love in Your Heart,”
Annie Lennox & Al Green
• “Set the Night to Music,”
Roberta Flack & Maxi Priest
• “Somewhere Out There,” Linda
Ronstadt & James Ingram
• “Then Came You,” Dionne Warwick
& the Spinners
• “Tonight, I Celebrate My Love,”
Peabo Bryson & Roberta Flack
• “I’m Your Angel,” Celine Dion
& R. Kelly
• “What Kind of Fool,” Barbra
Streisand & Barry Gibb
1001Ways.int 1st half NEW
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Page 231
• “Where is the Love,” Roberta
Flack & Donny Hathaway
• “Love Is,” Vanessa Williams &
Brian McKnight
• “You’re All I Need to Get By,”
Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell
A few more romantic duets:
• “With You I’m Born Again,”
Billy Preston & Syreeta
• “You and I,” Eddie Rabbitt &
Crystal Gayle
• “Close Your Eyes,” Peaches & Herb
• “Somethin’ Stupid,” Nancy Sinatra &
Frank Sinatra
• “Suddenly,”
Olivia Newton-John &
Cliff Richard
• “Your Precious Love,”
Marvin Gaye &
Tammi Terrell
• “Surrender to Me,”
Ann Wilson &
Robin Zander
Bonus Page!—Beyond 1001
Gregory J.P. Godek • 231
Bonus Page!—Beyond 1001
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Page 232
232 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Best Broadway Love Song
• “Almost Like Being in Love” • “My Heart Is So Full of You,”
from Brigadoon
from The Most Happy Fella
• “Can’t Help Loving Dat Man” • “On the Street Where You Live”
from Showboat
• “Ten Minutes Ago,” from Cinderella
• “Embraceable You” from Crazy for
• “I Could Be Happy With You,”
from The Boyfriend
• “I Could Have Danced All Night”
from My Fair Lady
• “I Have Dreamed,” from The King
and I
• “I Wanna Be Loved By You” from
Good Boy
• “I’m in Love with a Wonderful
Guy” from South Pacific
• “I’ve Never Been in Love
Before,” from Guys & Dolls
• “If I Loved You” from Carousel
• “Love, Look Away,” from Flower
Drum Song
• “Love Song,” from Pippin
• “Me and My Girl,” from Me and
My Girl
from My Fair Lady
• “People” from Funny Girl
• “People Will Say We’re in Love”
from Oklahoma
• “Love Makes the World Go
’Round,” from Carnival
• “So in Love” from Kiss Me Kate
• “They Say It’s Wonderful,” from
Annie Get Your Gun
• “This Can’t be Love” from The
Boys from Syracuse
• “’Til There Was You,” from the
The Music Man
• “Wishing You Were Somehow
Here Again,” from The Phantom of
the Opera
• “Try to Remember” from The
• “What I Did for Love,” from A
Chorus Line
• “Wonderful Guy,” from South
• “You’re the Top,” from Anything
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Page 233
Best Romantic Movies &
Best Romantic Movie Couples
The Most Romantic Movies of All
• As Good as it Gets
• The Bodyguard
• Breakfast at Tiffany’s
• Casablanca
• Dirty Dancing
• Doctor Zhivago
• Flashdance
• From Here to Eternity
• Ghost
• Gone with the Wind
• Memoirs of a Geisha
• The Notebook
• The Princess Bride
• Roman Holiday
• Shakespeare in Love
• Somewhere in Time
• Titanic
• Top Gun
• Untamed Heart
• The Way We Were
• When Harry
Who are your
Met Sally
favorite onscreen lovers?
Movies Starring the All-Time
Great Romantic Couples
• Red Dust (Gable & Harlow)
• Sleepless in Seattle (Ryan & Hanks)
• Flying Down to Rio (Astaire & Rogers)
• Top Hat (Astaire & Rogers)
• Maytime (MacDonald & Eddy)
• Sweethearts (MacDonald & Eddy)
• Love Finds Andy Hardy (Garland &
• Pretty Woman (Gere & Roberts)
• To Have and Have Not (Bogart &
• Fire Over England (Leigh & Olivier)
• Cleopatra (Taylor & Burton)
• The Long, Hot Summer (Newman &
• Woman of the Year (Hepburn & Tracy)
What are your
favorite flicks?
Bonus Page!—Beyond 1001
Gregory J.P. Godek • 233
Bonus Page!—Beyond 1001
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Page 234
234 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Best Romantic Comedies
• 10
• The 40-Year-Old Virgin
• A Touch of Class
• All Night Long
• Along Came Polly
• Annie Hall
• Arthur
• Best Friends
• Blind Date
• Blume in Love
• Bridget Jones’s Diary
• Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason
• Cactus Flower
• Continental Divide
• Crocodile Dundee
• Cross My Heart
• The Cutting Edge
• Fever Pitch
• Forget Paris
• Frankie and Johnny
• Garden State
• Groundhog Day
• House Calls
• Housesitter
• Love Actually
• Modern Romance
• Mr. Jones
• My Best Friend’s Wedding
• My Big Fat Greek Wedding
• Notting Hill
• Overboard
• The Owl and the Pussycat
• Pillow Talk
• Play It Again, Sam
• The Princess Bride
• Quackser Fortune Has a Cousin in the
• Reuben, Reuben
• Risky Business
• Runaway Bride
• Shallow Hal
• Shirley Valentine
• Silver Streak
• Something’s Gotta Give
• Starting Over
• The Sure Thing
• That Touch of Mink
• Tootsie
• Who Am I This Time?
• You’ve Got Mail
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Page 235
Great Date Movies
• 40 Days and 40 Nights
• 50 First Dates
• About a Boy
• America’s Sweethearts
• Angel Eyes
• Aladdin
• Algiers
• American Pie (trilogy)
• The American President
• Anna Karenina
• A Place in the Sun
• Basic Instinct
• Beauty and the Beast
• Braveheart
• Breakfast at Tiffany’s
• The Break-Up
• Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
• Camelot
• Can’t Hardly Wait
• Carlito’s Way
• Chapter Two
• Circle of Friends
• Color of Night
• Dances with Wolves
• Dance with Me
• Dark Victory
• Don Juan DeMarco
• Down to Earth
• Empire Records
• The English Patient
• Ever After
• The Family Stone
• Forces of Nature
• Four Weddings and a Funeral
• French Kiss
• Gigi
• Great Expectations (Paltrow & Hawke)
• Here on Earth
• The Holiday
• Holiday Inn
• How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
• It Could Happen to You
• Kate and Leopold
• Keeping the Faith
• The Lake House
• Legends of the Fall
• Like Water for Chocolate
What movie
most closely
resembles your
personal love
Bonus Page!—Beyond 1001
Gregory J.P. Godek • 235
Bonus Page!—Beyond 1001
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Page 236
236 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
(More) Great Date Movies
• Lonesome Dove
• The Long Hot Summer
• Lovers—A True Story
• Maid in Manhattan
• Message in a Bottle
• Mickey Blue Eyes
• Moonstruck
• Mr. Skeffington
• Music and Lyrics
• Never Been Kissed
• 9 1⁄2 Weeks
• Nine Months
• The Notebook
• Oklahoma!
• On Golden Pond
• One Fine Day
• Only You
• Out of Africa
• Phenomenon
• Picture Perfect
• Pretty Woman
• Reality Bites
• Return to Me
• Rumor Has It
• Sabrina (with Julia Ormand &
Harrison Ford)
• Saturday Night Fever
• Scent of a Woman
• Seems Like Old Times
• Serendipity
• She’s All That
• The Shop Around the Corner
• Sleepless in Seattle
• Sliding Doors
• Speechless
• Splendor in the Grass
• Star Wars
• The Story of Us
• Sweet Home Alabama
• The Thornbirds
• The Wedding Singer
• The Truth about Cats and Dogs
• Two Weeks Notice
• A Walk to Remember
• The Wedding Date
• The Wedding Planner
• What Women Want
• While You Were Sleeping
• Why Do Fools Fall in
“Love conquers all”—
even war—in Hollywood: in
1999 the Oscar for Best Picture
went to Shakespeare in Love,
not to Saving Private Ryan.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 237
Gregory J.P. Godek • 237
Gift Ideas (I)
501 Get her something that she’s always wanted to have, but
always held back on…because it was too expensive, too impractical, too weird, or too self-indulgent.
502 Music boxes! Find them in gift shops, or get a cool
catalog from The San Francisco Music Box Company. Call 800227-2190 or visit www.sfmusicbox.com. Their music boxes are
beautiful, and they have hundreds of songs to choose from.
• The gift: A bottle of “Passion” cologne.
• The activity: A night of passion.
• The background music: “Passion,” by Rod Stewart.
• The gift: Costume jewelry.
• The note: “The diamond is fake—but the love is real.”
• The song: “Diamond Girl,” by Seals & Crofts.
• The gift: A potted cactus.
• The note: “I’m stuck on you.”
• The song: “Stuck on You,” by Lionel Richie.
What’s the
between a “gift”
Doesn’t he deserve a trophy for being
and a “present”?
the “World’s Best Lover”? Doesn’t she merit a
See index listing
loving cup to celebrate her latest accomplishment?
to find out.
Trophy shops have a wealth of ideas waiting for you.
Just think of the romantic possibilities of plaques,
medals, ribbons, nameplates, certificates, and banners. And
they all can be personalized, engraved, lettered, or monogrammed.
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Page 238
238 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Gift Ideas (II)
505 Romantic songs and romantic movies
go together:
• Get the song “Some Enchanted Evening,”
by Jay & the Americans—
• And rent the movie South Pacific, featuring the song.
• Or—surprise your partner with tickets to
the musical.
“Love looks not with the
eyes, but with the mind;
And therefore is winged
Cupid painted blind.”
— William Shakespeare
• Get the song “Summer Nights,” by John Travolta
& Olivia Newton-John—
• And rent the movie Grease, featuring the song.
• Or—surprise your partner with tickets to the musical.
Cathy © 1986 Cathy Guisewite. Reprinted by permission of Universal Press Syndicate. All rights reserved.
506 Give her a variety of jewelry:
• Rings
• Bracelets
• Necklaces
• Earrings
• Watches
• Pins
• Ankle bracelets
• Toe rings
• Hair accessories
• Belly button rings
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 239
Gregory J.P. Godek • 239
Gift Giving for Dummies
507 Don’t buy practical items for gifts.
Appliances are wonderful, but don’t
give them as gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, or
for any event that is in any way a romantic occasion! (A friend learned this lesson the
hard way. For their very first Christmas together, he gave his wife…an
electric broom. She still tells the
story, thirty-seven years later.
Exceptions to the “No
Practical Gifts” Rule:
1) Gourmet kitchen
utensils for cooks.
2) Garden implements
for gardeners.
3) Tools for handymen
(or women).
508 Don’t
forget about
charm bracelets. They bring good memories alive, and they
provide a built-in gift idea for any occasion.
509 Gifts for her: anything from Crabtree and Evelyn. Take
my word for it. Visit a nearby bath shop, or find a Crabtree and
Evelyn boutique, or call them at 800-CRABTREE, or visit
510 He was a golf fanatic. She was a
chocoholic. She gave him a Ping putter with
this inscription engraved on the shaft:
“I love you more than chocolate.”
He gave her a dozen boxes of chocolate golf
balls. The enclosed note read:
“I love you more than golf.”
Discuss with your
lover the chapter
“Memorize This List.”
It will inspire many
great gift ideas.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 240
240 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Gift Wrapping for Dummies
511 Creative gift wrapping:
• Use Sunday comics for wrapping paper.
• Use cartons of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream for boxes.
• Use real flowers instead of bows.
512 Be prepared to gift-wrap your gifts.
Wrap all her
gifts in her
favorite color.
Remember: The presentation is nearly as important
as the gift itself. You do a great disservice to yourself as well as to your partner when you’re too casual
about how you prepare and offer your gifts and presents.
Nicely wrapped gifts have twice the impact as those that are poorly
presented. Thus, have extra wrapping paper, bows, ribbon and
boxes around at all times.
513 Wrap your anniversary gift in wedding paper.
514 Buy several heart-shaped boxes of Valentine chocolates.
Dump out the chocolates and save the boxes for later in the year.
(Note: It is nearly impossible to buy heart-shaped boxes
at any time of the year other than early February.)
Use these fancy heart-shaped boxes for wrap“No one has ever
ping birthday gifts and anniversary surprises.
become poor by
—Anne Frank
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 241
Gregory J.P. Godek • 241
515 When it comes to TV, less is more. Now,
of a “Quickie”:
I don’t expect you to reduce your TV watching to
Making love
zero. (Heaven forbid!) But here’s a realistic
during a
approach to reducing your TV habit and freeing up
some significant time for yourself and your partner:
• Pick three shows that you often watch but which you
could easily do without. Cut them out altogether.
• Don’t watch any reruns!
• If you watch the news, do chores at the same time. The news
doesn’t need your full attention, and this kind of multi-tasking
will further save you time.
• Never watch anything while it’s being broadcast. Tape all the shows you
want to watch on your VCR or DVR. First, this allows you to zap out the
commercials, saving you about eleven minutes per hour of TV-viewing
time. And second, this gives you control over when you watch TV.
Are you tired of running to the video
store for your fix of romantic movies? Why not
Create a
simply watch the romantic classics on Romance
Classics TV? (From the AMC/American Movie romantic surprise
based on your
Classic people.)
lover’s favorite
Make a “Mission Impossible” voice
TV show!
• “Your assignment, should you choose to accept it…is
to meet a handsome, dark-haired stranger for a romantic dinner
at the elegant Posh Café, tomorrow evening at 7 p.m. I suggest
you take on the role of a mysterious and ravishing beauty…”
• Leave the voice recorder with a note, “Play me.”
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Page 242
242 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
518 Call a local radio station and request a special love song to
be dedicated to your partner. Make sure she’s listening!
519 Schedule a weekly Saturday evening date to visit Lake
Wobegon together, by listening to America’s most romantic
humorist and storyteller, Garrison Keillor. Tune in for two
hours to A Prairie Home Companion on your local public radio station.
Listen to the live podcast at www.prairiehome.publicradio.org.
520 If your partner loves to sing
in the shower or sing along while the
To help you create a
radio blares in the car, here’s a
soundtrack to
great gift for him or her:
your own personal love affair,
Karaoke software electronibring home some new music
cally removes virtually all
once a month:
of a lead vocal from a
January: Power of Love,
stereo record, cassette,
or CD, while leaving the
Luther Vandross
background music. Visit
February: Come Away
www.mtu.com to purwith Me, Norah Jones
chase vocal elimination
March: Forever Friends,
Justo Almario
April: Distant Fields,
Gary Lamb
May: No Name Face,
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 243
Gregory J.P. Godek • 243
521 Many people have told me that their best romantic
memories are car related. We all drove to and from our dates with
the radio on. We all went parking on Lovers Lane with the radio
providing mood music.
Re-connect with those romantic memories by creating a custom CD of music that was popular during your dating years.
• Insert the CD in her car stereo. Set it so the first song begins as
soon as she turns on the ignition.
(What a great surprise!)
• Or go for a leisurely ride in
the country and listen to
June: Livin’ Inside Your Love,
the CD together. (What
George Benson
a great, nostalgic date!)
July: Sun Singer, Paul Winter
August: The Emancipation
of Mimi, Mariah Carey
September: Heart String,
Earl Klugh
October: Openings,
William Ellwood
November: Ten Summoner’s
Tales, Sting
December: Something
of Time, Nightnoise
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 244
244 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
• 800-762-6677—for balloon-o-grams
• 800-543-1949—for a romantic trip on a Mississippi riverboat
• 800-CRABTREE—for great bath accessories
• 800-214-9463—for wine with custom labels
• 800-444-3356—to have a custom romance
Theme Song:
novel written
“Call You,”
• 800-SANDALS—for couples-only Caribbean
Reel Big Fish
• 800-MARRIAGE—for Marriage magazine
• 800-919-3990—for Brisa Music
• 800-322-0344—for gifts from The Smithsonian
• 800-829-BEAR—for the Vermont Teddy Bear Co.
• 800-LOVEBOAT—for Princess Cruise Line
• 800-888-0987—for games and puzzles
• 877-322-1200—for Harry & David gourmet foods
• 800-367-0343—to attend a Marriage Encounter weekend
• 800-3-STOOGE—for Three Stooges stuff
• 800-423-9494—for lingerie
• 800-888-8200—for more lingerie
• 800-323-9525—for still more lingerie
• 800-FARE-OFF—for the Travel Smart newsletter
• 800-233-4499—for worldwide adventure travel
• 800-JIGSAWS—for very cool jigsaw puzzles
• 800-637-0098—for gifts for lawyers
• 800-862-8537—for hot air balloon adventures in Europe
• 800-FLOWERS—for flowers
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 245
Gregory J.P. Godek • 245
• www.jic.org—to learn how to choose quality jewelry
• www.1800flowers.com—for flowers
• www.proflowers.com—for flowers
• www.threestooges.com—for—nyuk, nyuk, nyuk—Stooge stuff!
• www.eroticprints.org—for info on The Erotic Print Society
• www.perfumania.com—for a huge selection of perfumes
• www.victoriassecret.com—for lingerie
• www.cdnow.com—for music CDs
• www.virginmega.com—for music CDs
• www.godiva.com—for world-class chocolates
• www.sharperimage.com—for all kinds of cool and techie stuff
• www.imdb.com—for The Internet Movie Database
• www.isbn.nu—for hard-to-find books
• www.addall.com—for out-of-print books
• www.abebooks.com—for used books
• www.yournovel.com—for a custom romance novel
• www.creativeworksstudios.net—to have a song custom written
• www.landsend.com—for outdoorsy/casual clothes
• www.ebay.com—for all kinds of things being auctioned
• www.bestfares.com—for an international travel club
• www.luxurylink.com—for auctions of high-end vacations
• www.innfinder.com—for bed and breakfasts
• www.bedandbreakfast.com—for more B&Bs
• www.virtualflorist.com—to send virtual bouquets and messages
• www.travelocity.com—for discount travel arrangements
• www.hotels.com—for discounted hotel rates
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 246
246 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Concepts (I)
524 Do you know the difference between the “urgent” and
the “important”?
Mixing them up causes us to lose sight of our true priorities
and the really important things in our lives.
The urgent is what demands your attention right now: deadlines,
details, and short-term priorities. It may be what’s important to
you, but more often it reflects the priorities of others.
The important is what reflects your priorities and values. It is more long-term
in nature and therefore easier to defer.
Major concept.
Love is important—car troubles are
urgent. Beware of the urgent eclipsing the
important in your life!
525 A “relationship” is an entity. It is a living, growing thing.
This isn’t just a poetic metaphor; I mean it literally. A relationship is
something new that is created when two separate people decide to
become a couple. The relationship is connected to and related to
each individual, but it is still separate from the individuals involved.
(There’s you, there’s me, and there’s this mysterious, indefinable,
invisible-yet-very-real thing that we call us.) And just as each individual person needs time, attention and care, so does the relationship.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 247
Gregory J.P. Godek • 247
526 Beware of the phenomenon
of “Relationship Entropy”—the
tendency of relationships to
Are you stuck in a “romantic
become more diffuse if not
cared for and nurtured;
stalemate”—where each
the tendency for oncepartner is holding back, waiting
close lovers to drift
for the other to make the first
apart if both of them
move? Consider this: Making
don’t work at it on a
the first move isn’t giving in—
consistent basis. (File
rather, it’s the more assertive,
under “Better Relationmore loving, and more risky
ships Through Physics
thing to do. (Doesn’t look like
a sign of weakness to me!)
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 248
248 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Concepts (II)
527 Occasional romance is “nice,” but it’s limited. Romanceover-time is what it’s really all about. Why? Because consistency of
romantic effort reflects your commitment to your partner.
Because it shows that he or she is a top priority in your life.
528 Romantic love consists of a triad of passion, commitment, and intimacy. Let’s take a quick look at how these ingredients combine and recombine at different stages in a relationship.
Passion usually takes the lead during dating. Commitment may
be nonexistent, and intimacy is just a potential. As the relationship
progresses, commitment and intimacy twist and
turn around one another, building a
framework for further relationship
growth. Spurred on by passion, comRate your own and
mitment often turns serious, and
each other’s levels of
marriage results. Newlywed passion
passion, romance,
usually carries the relationship for
and commitment on
a year or two, while commitment
a scale of 1 to 10.
is assumed, and intimacy builds.
Figure out which
When the inevitable challenges
and temptations arise, it is hoped
areas need the most
that the commitment is strong
improvement and
enough, and the intimacy deep
get to work!
enough, to sustain the relationship.
Passion, commitment, and intimacy all
come under fire from a variety of outside
sources: jobs, friends, money issues, children, etc.
Some of the challenges come from internal sources: insecurity, lack
of self-esteem, fear, immaturity, lack of experience, etc.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 249
Gregory J.P. Godek • 249
The combined strength of the passion/commitment/intimacy
will determine the fate of the relationship. If commitment is
strong but passion weak, the couple will “hang in there” but will
not be particularly happy. If passion and commitment are
strong but intimacy is weak, the couple will stay together but fail
to grow. The happiest couples are able to achieve a dynamic balance
of passion, commitment and intimacy.
Feminine/organic metaphor:
Making romantic gestures is like watering
the flower of your relationship. Don’t let it wilt!
Masculine/mechanical metaphor:
Romance is like working on your car. Imagine this:
You just got your dream car—a new red Ferrari F50.
You fill it with gas, wax it up—and that’s all you need
to do in order to keep driving it for the next twenty
years, right? Wrong! Relationships work the same
way. They need to be fueled, tuned up, tinkered
with, and polished regularly.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 250
250 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Erotica (I)
529 In case you were wondering (and I
know how you think): The most sexually suggestive
flower is the Hibiscus. (And because I know
how curious you are, Calla Lilies come in a
close second.)
530 Bob used to tease his wife, Tricia, saying
Theme Song:
Macy Gray
she was “pretty as a playmate.” She was flattered, but said
she was too shy to be a playmate—but perhaps she’d
be his pin-up girl. So Bob began calling her his “PinUp Girl.” It was just a private little thing
until…Tricia hired a local artist to paint a pin“Love is its own
up portrait of her, in the Vargas airbrush style
aphrodisiac and is the
from the 1940s. She surprised Bob with it on
main ingredient for
his fortieth birthday. To say that he was “surlasting sex.”
prised and pleased and amazed and thrilled” is
—Mort Katz
an understatement!
531 Create an “Erotic Fantasy Jar.” On
fifty little squares of paper describe some fantasies. Make
some subtly erotic, make some blatantly sexy, make some for him,
make some for her, make some quickies, make some long and luxurious, make some visual, make some auditory, make some tasty,
make some favorites, make some surprises.
Once a week you take turns picking an idea out of the jar.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 251
Gregory J.P. Godek • 251
Don’t leave lovemaking until just
before sleeping! Why is it so often the last
item on the list? (Why do so many people
have their priorities so screwed up? How
could those silly household chores possibly
be more important than being intimate
with your lover?)
Erotica (II)
533 One man in the Romance Class told us how an accidental wine spill resulted in an erotic tradition celebrated regularly with his wife. She’d spilled a glass of wine on her new silk
blouse. Instead of being upset, she thought about it for a second,
grabbed his wine glass, emptied it down the front of her blouse,
and said, “If you want it, come and get it!” (They’ve since graduated to cordials!)
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 252
252 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
534 Do you know what your partner finds erotic? Or do you
assume you know? Do you figure she likes what your last girlfriend
enjoyed? Do you think he’s just like the guy described in last
month’s Cosmo? Do you believe everything you read in Penthouse
• Talk about what each of you considers erotic.
• Set your inhibitions and judgments aside.
• Describe what you experience as sexy and erotic.
• Be open to new ways of looking at sexuality.
535 When choosing erotic movies, it
may be helpful to remember that men and
women often have different definitions
of “erotic.” Women like the smoldering passion of The Bridges of Madison
County or Like Water for Chocolate. For
men, you can pretty much sum up
their taste in erotic movies in two
words: “Nude blonde.” Think of the
erotic thrillers Basic Instinct or Body Double.
536 Drip honey on various parts of
your lover’s body. Lick it off. (Wine and cordials
work nicely, too.)
Pose on a bed of
black silk sheets
wearing white
silk lingerie.
Pose on a bed of
white silk sheets
wearing black
silk lingerie.
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Page 253
Gregory J.P. Godek • 253
Happy Birthday! (I)
If your lover is
Send her a birthday card every
turning thirty, give
day for a month preceding her birthday.
him or her the
soundtrack from the
Find and record a bunch
movie 13 Going on
of “birthday” and “age-related” songs
30. Then use the
for him or her. Like “You Say It’s
music as the
Your Birthday” from the Beatles’
soundtrack for the
“White Album.” I’ve conducted a little
birthday party.
musical research on your behalf, and
here’s what I’ve come up with:
• “Happy Birthday,” Stevie Wonder
• “Happy Birthday,” New Kids on the Block
• “Happy Birthday,” Altered Images
• “Happy Birthday to You,” Bing Crosby
• “Happy Birthday to You,” Eddy Howard
• “Happy Birthday to You,” Sunsetters
• “Young At Heart,” Frank Sinatra
• “I Wish I Were 18 Again,” George Burns
• “When I’m Sixty-Four,” The Beatles
539 Original magazines from the week or month of his or her
birth date make great birthday gifts. (If, of course, your partner isn’t
overly sensitive about his or her age!) Try a local used bookstore.
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Page 254
254 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
540 If your partner is sensitive
about his or her age, but you still want to
find some way to celebrate, here’s a
solution: Count blessings instead of
years. You could make lists on scrolls
of things that the two of you are
thankful for. You could focus on a
different blessing at each celebration.
You could take turns creating the list.
You could celebrate several times a year.
Happy Birthday! (II)
Fun and insightful:
Love Cards; What
Your Birthday
Reveals About You
& Your Personal
Relationship, by
Robert Cramp.
Use sparklers instead of candles on
his birthday cake.
Theme Song:
542 Get him an actual newspaper
Destiny’s Child
from the day he was born! The Historic
Newspaper Archives has newspapers from
more than fifty U.S. cities, including The New York
Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Los Angeles Times.
These are authentic, well-preserved editions of the entire original
newspapers. Call 800-221-3221, or visit www.historicnewspaper.com.
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Page 255
Gregory J.P. Godek • 255
543 A basic romantic concept:
Birthday cards. Some twists:
• Send a card a day for a week, a
If you’re not satisfied
• Send as many cards as the number
with celebrating
of years in his age.
birthdays just once a
• Send twenty-five cards—all on
year, you can always
the same day.
celebrate half• Hide cards in his briefcase, in
the refrigerator.
birthdays every six
• Create your own birthday cards.
• Make them simple, with crayons or
• Make them elaborate, created on your
• Write a birthday greeting on a cake—or on a pizza.
• Make a poster-sized card.
• Rent a billboard: Create a HUGE birthday card.
• Have the message written in beautiful calligraphy.
544 Convince her boss to call her at home at six o’clock in the
morning on the morning of her birthday—to give her the day off!
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Page 256
256 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Money Makes the World Go ’Round
“How can I be romantic when money’s tight?”
many guys ask me.
Actually, a shortage of money can be a good thing
when it comes to romance. Why? Because it
forces you to be more creative, to give more of
Theme Song:
yourself, to spend time instead of money. Love
“Money Money
never dies because of lack of money, but it often
dies because of boredom and neglect.
• A gift certificate to Tiffany’s.
• A one-hour shopping spree with no budget limit!
• Dinner at every five-star restaurant in America.
547 Speaking of money… Did you know that you can write
a check on anything? As long as you include all the important numbers on the item, it’s legal, and the bank has to cash it!
• One guy presented his wife with a check written on a mattress!
• Another wrote a check on a pair of panties.
It was nearly midnight on a hot August night. They
were watching TV together. Stu nudged his wife gently and whispered, “Let’s make love outside on the back porch.” “Not tonight!
What if the kids hear us?” Peggy exclaimed. “C’mon, honey,” he
said, “Look, I’ll give you a hundred dollars if you do!” he grinned
wickedly. “Stop teasing!” she chided. He opened his wallet and
waved a fistful of twenties at her. She hesitated. She smiled. She
grabbed the money and headed for the porch.
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Page 257
Gregory J.P. Godek • 257
Love Makes the World Go ’Round
The “Romance Credit Card” is a cool concept created
by a couple in one of my Romance Classes. Here’s how it works:
You create your own “bank” which issues two types of
credit: money and time. On a quarterly basis the
bank’s officers (the two of you) meet to establish your credit limits. When money is
tight, issue more time. When time is tight,
Love may make the
make more money available.
Design, laminate, and carry in your
world go ’round, but
wallets the Romance Credit Card. It’s a
it’s romantic love that
reminder that you have an obligation to
makes the ride
spend time and money on your relationworthwhile.
ship on a regular basis. (Some couples keep
their credit card balances on a chart on the
550 Cynthia and Robert were sharing their
answers for the “Memorize This List” chapter in this book. When
Robert asked Cynthia what her favorite color was, she answered,
“The rainbow.” This might have stumped a lesser man, but being
a creative romantic, here are some of the rainbow-related gifts
Robert has given her:
• A crystal prism
• A poster showing a beautiful landscape with a rainbow overhead
• Many kaleidoscopes
• A box of Crayola Crayons (the big, 64-crayon box)
• A trip to Niagara Falls, where rainbows can be seen in the mist
(Robert is currently looking for a used spectrometer from a
school or laboratory for Cynthia’s next birthday.)
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Page 258
258 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Do It Outside
551 Watch a sunset together. It’s a
great way to change gears at the end of
Theme Song:
the day. It will slow you down and help
“Anytime, Anyplace,”
you get reconnected with each other.
Janet Jackson
You may want to conduct some research
to find the very best location from which to
watch the sun set in your area. It might be an
obvious hill, or it might be a subtle slope that
you’ve never noticed before. Or it might be the
roof of a building.
552 Go hiking. Go tobogganing! Go to a ballgame. Go to
a state park. Go to an outdoor public garden. Go to an outdoor
concert. Go on a picnic. Go for a ride in the country. Go for a
walk. Go for it!
553 (Make love in your backyard at midnight.)
554 Go camping! Borrow friends’
“Love is like a mountain,
hard to climb, but once
you get to the top the
view is beautiful.”
—Daniel Monroe Tuttle
equipment for starters. If you enjoy it, buy
your own stuff. (Make sure you include a
double sleeping bag on your equipment list.)
555 When’s the last time you played
miniature golf? Go match your skill and
have a good time.
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Page 259
Gregory J.P. Godek • 259
Do It in Public
556 Do you praise her in public? When’s
the last time you told someone else how lucky
you feel to have this woman in your life?
Complimenting her in front of someone
else will make her feel extra special.
557 Whisper sweet nothings in her
Theme Song:
“In Public,” Kelis
(Warning: Very
ear while out in public.
• Whisper compliments; call her by her pet
• Whisper shocking comments and outright lewd
suggestions! (The more formal the gathering, the
more outrageous or suggestive your whispered messages should
be. The juxtaposition of a stuffy event with the whispered raw
passion of your feelings for her should add a little spark to the
entire evening!)
558 Do you remember what teenagers used to call “PDAs”—
Public Displays of Affection? Are you out of the habit of showing
affection for your partner in public? Hold hands. Rest your hand
on his shoulder. Entwine your arm with hers.
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Page 260
260 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Just Do It!
559 Have you ever dreamed of taking
off with your partner for a fun-filled four week
Theme Song:
vacation touring all of Europe—but you
“Do It,” Nelly
only get two weeks paid vacation? Bummer.
Here’s what you do: Go anyway. Don’t let
yourself be constrained by your employer’s
tightwad two-week vacation policy! Simply
take an additional two weeks off without pay. I
know that this is a radical thing for most people to
think about, much less do—but I urge you to consider
it. Create a savings plan that will allow you to
do this. It might take a year, it might take
five. But it will be well worth it!
Which ten ideas in this
book do you think your
that Jack never complimented
lover would love most?
her. After pondering this, Jack
Don’t simply jot them
realized, “It’s not that I don’t
down somewhere—write
love you, or that I don’t have
them directly into your
nice things to say. It’s just that I
appointment calendar, and
never think to say them on my
schedule time to perform
own.” With that insight, he instituted “Dial-A-Compliment” just
the gestures or buy
for her. Sally could call him any time
the gifts.
of the day or night and receive a spontaneous and heartfelt compliment!
560 Sally used to complain
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Page 261
Gregory J.P. Godek • 261
561 Romantics are always “dating.”
“Dating” is a mindset as much as it is an activity for singles. Married people who continue “dating” their spouses are among the
happiest people in the world.
• Don’t just go out to a movie on Saturday, like always. Call her
from work on Wednesday and formally ask her out on a date.
• Many people with A+ Relationships have told me that they hold
“date nights” on a weekly basis.
Just a Little Bit Naughty
Exhibitionism for the Shy. What an
enticing book title! What a cool concept!
This awesome book demonstrates how to
Theme Song:
turn sexual modesty to your erotic advan“Naughty Girl,”
tage! As author Carol Queen says, “To disBeyoncé
cover a new world of erotic experience, you
don’t have to shed your inhibitions—you just
have to exploit them creatively.” This book is a
serious exploration and guide book. (No sleazy pictures. In fact, no pictures at all!) In bookstores or call 800-2898423, or visit www.goodvibes.com.
563 For women only: When
you’re dressed up and out together,
secretly hand him your panties under
the table. Watch his expression.
I’ll be shocked if he’s not
absolutely delighted!
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Page 262
262 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
564 If your lover’s not shy, you might want to try nude sunbathing. Its many practitioners praise the sense of freedom, healthfulness, and back-to-nature benefits of baring it all in public.
• Free Beaches, a guide to nude beaches located around the world is
available from The Naturist Society. Call 800-886-7230, write
P.O. Box 132, Oshkosh, Wisconsin 54903, or visit www.natur
• Call the American Association for Nude Recreation at 800TRY-NUDE, 1703 North Main Street, Suite E, Kissimmee,
Florida 34744, or visit www.aanr.com.
565 The Erotic Print Society sells classic and contemporary
limited-edition prints, books, and gifts. At www.eroticprints.org.
Or at EPS, 54 New Street, Worcester, WR1 2DL, United Kingdom. Or call (0) 800-026 2524.
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Page 263
Gregory J.P. Godek • 263
The Gift of Time
566 Your partner wants
more of you, not more “stuff”!
Just imagine the possibilities.
Once every two months give her
an entire day of your time. She gets
total control over how to use that
time. Now, ask her for the same, during the alternate months.
• You can save time by shopping via catalog.
• You can reorganize time by “chore-shifting.”
• You can create time by “doubling up” on activities.
• You can use time better by buying a book on time-management.
• You can release time by hiring a housecleaning service.
• You can make time by adjusting your sleeping habits.
• You can appreciate time by simplifying your life.
• You can find time by planning better.
“Double-up” on activities.
Combine various activities and you’ll find
more time to be together:
• Meet for lunch. (You have to eat anyway, right?!)
• Eat dinner and watch a romantic movie
on video.
• Do chores together: Go grocery shopping, take the car to the shop.
“How we spend our days
is, of course, how we
spend our lives.”
—Annie Dillard
569 Two hours of peace and quiet: possibly
the best gift you could ever give someone!
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Page 264
264 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Time for Love
570 Don’t go grocery shopping on Friday night! Don’t do laundry on Saturday morning!
Those are valuable times—times you could be
spending together.
Practice “chore-shifting.”
• Find ways to shift chores to more efficient times.
• Do two chores at the same time.
• Do chores together: Doubling the personpower more than doubles the efficiency!
Theme Song:
“Time for Love,”
Air Supply
571 Once a week: Bring home Chinese take-out, or
have pizza delivered. Streamline
your dinner hour—then use the
time you saved romantically.
Domino’s to the rescue!
Learn to appreciate
time; learn to redefine time; learn to put more love into the time
you have. Read this book, it’s fabulous: Time and the Art of Living, by
Robert Grudin.
• Review your calendars and commitments together. Plan
• Plan surprises well in advance.
• Always have your “Gift Closet” well stocked.
573 Make time in the morning to make love. Get up an
hour early!
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Page 265
Gregory J.P. Godek • 265
For Singles Only (I)
574 You’ve been dating a while, you’re considering “getting serious,” but you’re not sure that he’s really everything
you’re looking for. How do you evaluate the relationship? With
this simple formula:
70% + spark = Go for it!
In other words, if this person has at least 70% of the qualities
you want your ideal partner to have, plus you have “spark” (passion and romance; you’re soul mates; you “click”)—go for it! You
know you’re not going to get 100% (there ain’t no Prince Charming!)—but you’d better not settle for less than 50%!
575 Listen for “Pings.”
And what are Pings? They’re any action or habit your partner has
that you just know you couldn’t live with for the rest of your life. For example:
• You’re in the car, scanning radio stations
for some classical music. You cringe when
What’s a “Ping”??
you hear “Stayin’ Alive,” but she squeals
“Oh, I love the Bee Gees!” (Ping!)
• He told you to prepare for a “special
night out” because he’s got “box seat tickets.” Expecting to
attend the symphony and dine at the Posh Café, you spend
hours getting ready, and dress in your classiest outfit. He shows
up in jeans with two tickets to the Red Sox game. (Ping!!)
Note: One person’s Ping may be another person’s cherished
quirk. Pings are relative things!
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Page 266
266 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
For Singles Only (II)
576 Guys: When giving jewelry, never, never, never package
it in a ring box, unless it’s an engagement ring. You’re probably
totally unaware of it, but those little square boxes spell one thing
to women: M-A-R-R-I-A-G-E. Ask the jeweler to give you a different kind of box, or present the piece in a creative way. Why ask
for trouble?
• If you’ve talked about maybe moving in together, and you
decide you want to go for it, place your apartment key in a gift
box, wrap it up and give it to her.
• Or—mail it to her with a note: “You already own the key to my
heart…now I want you to have this
578 Advice for the guys:
If you don’t believe me,
guys, go ask some women.
• How to catch her: Learn to dance.
• How to keep her: Learn to cook.
579 Mail her a copy of your business resume instead of a
greeting card. Attach a note: “I’d like you to get to know me better.” (Other fun stuff to send: A grammar school report card. A
photo of yourself as a baby.)
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Page 267
Gregory J.P. Godek • 267
For Marrieds Only (I)
On a Saturday afternoon, nonchalantly say to your partner, “If I had it to
do all over again, I’d marry you again. As a
matter of fact, let’s do just that!” Then
grab him or her and run down to your
local church (where you’ve already
planned things with the pastor), and hold a
quick little rededication ceremony. Surprise! (You may want to use the song “Let’s Get
Married Again,” by John Conlee.)
Theme Song:
“Husbands and
Neil Diamond
Guys: On your wedding anniversary, re-create her wedding bouquet. Since
you probably don’t know a chrysanthemum
from poison ivy, show one of your wedding
photos to your florist.
If this doesn’t
bring tears to her
eyes, nothing will!
582 Dig out your wedding album. Have a
new eight-by-ten-inch print made of the best photo of your bride. Wrap
it up and give it to yourself for your birthday or for Christmas.
• Have your wedding invitation professionally
Read The Case
for Marriage, by
Maggie Gallagher
and Linda Waite.
framed. Keep it on your nightstand.
• For your tenth, twentieth, and thirtieth
wedding anniversaries, create a formal
invitation to your spouse to join you for
another ten years of marriage.
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Page 268
268 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
For Marrieds Only (II)
• In the middle of a party or other social event,
turn to her and whisper, “You’re the best.”
• While walking down the street together,
turn to her and whisper, “I’m glad I
married you.”
• While driving somewhere together, turn
to her and say, “I can’t imagine my life
without you in it.”
“All weddings are
similar, but every
marriage is different.”
—John Berger
585 Make an artistic collage of photos
and memorabilia from your wedding.
586 Carry a copy of your wedding
Attend a Marriage
Encounter weekend. Call
800-795-5683, or visit
Join the Association for
Couples in Marriage
Enrichment. Call 336-7241526 or 800-634-8325.
license in your wallet, right next to
your driver’s license.
587 Songs that celebrate
love and marriage. Make a
tape for an anniversary, a
birthday, or just to celebrate
your love next Tuesday.
• “Love & Marriage” Frank
• “I Married an Angel,”
George Siravo
• “Marriage Made in Heaven,”
Bob Crewe
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Page 269
Gregory J.P. Godek • 269
• “Be My Wife,” David Bowie
• “Happily Married Man,” Duane Allman
• “Husbands & Wives,” Neil Diamond
• “Longer,” Dan Fogelberg
• “Make My Life with You,” Oak Ridge Boys
• “Marriage,” Ted Nugent
• “Never My Love,” The Association
• “You’ll Accomp’ny Me,” Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band
Merry Christmas
• A gift-a-day for the twelve Days of Christmas.
• Or—go all out…
On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me—
A red rose in a bud vase.
On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me—
Two bottles of champagne.
On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me—
Three French kisses.
On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me—
Four nights of dancing.
On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me—
Five golden rings!
On the sixth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me—
Six bubble baths.
On the seventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me—
Seven movie passes.
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Page 270
270 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
On the eighth day of Christmas, my true love
gave to me—
Eight Beanie Babies.
On the ninth day of Christmas, my
Some Christmas tree
true love gave to me—
ornament ideas:
Nine romance coupons for back rubs.
Create a garland of oneOn the tenth day of Christmas, my
dollar bills taped together.
true love gave to me—
Take the CD discs out of
Ten shares of Microsoft stock.
On the eleventh day of Christtheir cases and hang them
mas, my true love gave to me—
on the tree as shiny
Eleven heart-shaped balloons.
On the twelfth day of Christmas, my
true love gave to me—
Twelve CDs by The Beatles.
589 One woman came to her marriage with
a vast collection of very special Christmas tree ornaments. Her
husband jumped on the bandwagon, and
they now have a ritual “Search for This
Year’s Special Ornament.”
More Christmas tree
ornament ideas:
Have a relevant, holidayoriented comic strip laminated,
and hang it on the tree.
Have a favorite poem or
quote written in calligraphy,
and turn it into an
inspirational ornament.
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Page 271
Gregory J.P. Godek • 271
Happy Hanukkah
590 In celebration of the “Festival of Lights”:
• Light your home with hundreds of candles.
• Choose a menorah that holds special meaning for your partner.
• Write a poem about how he or she is the “light of your life.”
591 Celebrate the eight days of Hanukkah:
Day 1: Give a gift that reflects your religious beliefs.
Day 2: Give a gift of one hour of your time.
Day 3: Give a gift that celebrates the number of years you’ve been together.
Day 4: Give a gift you’ve made by hand.
Day 5: Give a gift that acknowledges a private joke between the
two of you.
Day 6: Give a gift that the two of you can share.
Day 7: Give a gift of music.
Day 8: Give an artistic gift.
An (im)modest
suggestion for a
Hanukkah gift: the
to change the traditional children’s game
book Kosher Sex: A
into a new romantic game. On each dreidel
Recipe for Passion
remove the traditional Hebrew letters nun,
and Intimacy, by
gimel, he, and shin—and replace them with:
Rabbi Schmuley
• M, Y, U, F—which stand for Me, You, Us and Family.
• N, T, W, M—which stand for Now, Today, this
Week, this Month.
• D, M, P, C—which stand for Dinner, Movie, Picnic, Concert.
• You decide how to label this one.
Here’s how you play: Taking turns, one person spins one dreidel on
each night of Hanukkah. The M-Y-U-F dreidel directs you to do something loving that focuses on whichever person the dreidel indicates.
592 Buy four dreidels. We’re going
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Page 272
272 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Happy Anniversary
593 Identify that one pivotal event that
brought the two of you together. Celebrate that event every year.
594 Most couples celebrate their
What brought the
two of you together?
Fate? Karma?
Cupid? Cosmic
anniversary once a year. That’s a nice,
romantic thing to do.
A few couples celebrate their anniversary once a month. That’s
perhaps a little much, but it’s very sweet, don’t you think?
Then one day in a Romance Class I met a couple who
claimed they’d celebrated 10,958 anniversaries! As
they appeared to be in their mid-forties, I was
politely skeptical—until they explained: They
were married on August 25th—which is often
Theme Song: written as 8/25. They translated that to 8:25
and were thus inspired to celebrate their
anniversary every day at 8:25. And, of course
The Cure
(they explained matter-of-factly), it was obvious
that they had to celebrate twice a day: first at 8:25
in the morning, and then again at 8:25 in the
evening. (And I thought I was romantic!)
On their first wedding anniversary Michael sent
Pamela a very romantic card. Pamela saved it and mailed it back to
Michael on their second anniversary. Michael saved the card and
mailed it back to Pamela on their third anniversary. This
impromptu tradition began in 1949—and continues to this day.
(“The cost of first-class postage is now more than the original
cost of the card!” Pamela recently observed with a smile.)
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Page 273
Gregory J.P. Godek • 273
Happy Birthday
596 Declare your lover’s “Birthday Month,” and do someHerman is reprinted with permission from Laughing Stock
Licensing Inc., Ottawa, Canada. All rights reserved.
thing special every day for the thirty days preceding THE day.
“What a coincidence! You forgot my
birthday and I forgot how to cook.”
597 How about a video celebration of the year he was born?
You can get a thirty-minute DVD newsreel, featuring world
events, news, personalities, styles, and major events from the year
of your partner’s birth (for the years 1929 through 1969). Cool,
huh? Such a deal at only $14.95. Call FlickBack Media at 800541-3533, or visit www.flickback.com.
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Page 274
274 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
598 When you want to present your lover with some loving words
rendered in artistic, beautiful, wonderful, elegant, fabulous calligraphy—
call Maria Thomas, the most talented “artist of words” in America.
Call Marilyn Haverkate at The Frame & Art Gallery: 864-9673182, or visit www.lettersalive.com.
599 Jim Rickert, “The Songsmith,” will write and record
original songs for you. The romantic possibilities are tremendous!
• The quickest and least expensive option is to choose one of his original melodies from a catalog of styles (rock, ballad, country, folk,
reggae); then fill out a questionnaire that will allow him to customize
the song with names, dates, and personal references. Just $52.
• He can also write new lyrics for you, or set your words to music. This
service starts at $87.
• He can also compose entirely new music
from scratch for you, and record it simply
One of the Top Ten
or elaborately. From $175.
Coolest Ideas: Have
Normal turn-around time is only a few
an original song
weeks. Call Jim at 617-471-8800, or write to
written and recorded
The Creative Works, 49 Centre Street,
for your lover.
Quincy, Massachusetts 02169, or visit
600 If your lover is also a wine lover, why not surprise him
or her with a great California wine bottled with custom labels? Be
creative with words or artwork, and create a one-of-a-kind gift
for your lover. Call Windsor Vineyards at 800-289-9463, in
Tiburon, California, or visit www.windsorvineyards.com.
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Page 275
Gregory J.P. Godek • 275
If she’s a one-of-akind woman, why not present her
If you aren’t married yet,
with a one-of-a-kind piece of
have her design her own
jewelry? Hire a jewelry designer,
engagement ring! Visit
establish a budget, describe her
personality and style and some of
your own ideas for the piece, and
let the designer give you some sketches. Then have your unique
gift created for her, and present it to her with a flourish.
602 The reason why a dozen roses is so popular is because
it works for virtually everyone. Roses are a great start—but how about
creating a truly personalized bouquet?
• A bouquet of pencils—for a teacher, writer, or journalist.
• A bouquet of wrenches—for a handyman.
• A bouquet of kitchen utensils—for a gourmet cook.
• A bouquet of Big Mac coupons for your junk food junkie.
603 Would you like your life to read like a romance novel?
Well now it can! You can get a romance novel customized with you and
your lover as the hero and heroine. Seven titles are available, including Another Day in Paradise and Love’s Bounty. Each book will include more
than twenty personal details about the two of you. Only $49.95. Call
Your Novel at 800-444-3356, or visit www.yournovel.com.
604 Have a one-of-a-kind jigsaw puzzle created for your
puzzle-lover. You might create a special message or propose marriage with one! Call the folks at J.C. Ayer & Co. at 781-639-8162,
or visit www.ayerpuzzles.com.
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Page 276
276 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
605 Do-it-yourself: custom-made Chinese fortune
cookies! Buy a batch of them at a local Chinese/Oriental
grocery store (or get some from your favorite Chinese
restaurant). Pull out their fortunes with a pair of
“Creativity is the sudden
tweezers, and insert your own fortunes! From silly
cessation of stupidity.”
to sexy, from playful to profound, you decide!
—Edwin Land
Make your own custom greeting cards.
(Those store-bought cards are fine—I have a drawer
full of them. But homemade cards are extra special.)
You don’t have to be artistic, just heartfelt. (Remember,
she’s with you not because you’re Picasso, but because you’re you.)
• Crayons and construction paper are just fine for this project.
• Create a giant, poster-sized greeting card!
• Design something cool with a graphics program on your computer.
607 What do you do with old greeting cards from
your honey? You don’t just toss them away, do
you?! Heaven forbid! True romantics…
• Display them on mantles and tables.
The more of
• Set them on their desks at work.
yourself that you
• Have them mounted and framed.
put into your gifts
• Put them in a scrapbook.
and gestures, the
• Toss ’em in a file—to use in some creative
more they’ll be
way in the future.
• Paste ’em on a collage.
• And one crazy couple in my Romance Class
actually wallpapered an entire room in their
house with greeting cards!
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 277
Gregory J.P. Godek • 277
608 Some hiding places for little love notes, Post-Its, and
small gifts:
• Under the pillow
• In the glove compartment
• In the medicine cabinet
• In the refrigerator
• Inside a book she’s reading
• In her checkbook
• In his shirt pocket
• In her wallet
• In his briefcase
• In her purse
• In a pizza box
• Under his dinner plate
• In his sock drawer
• In his daily planner
• In the trunk of her car
• In his eyeglasses case
609 Truly mischievous romantics
go to great lengths to hide gifts and
You’ll have as much fun
notes. Herewith are some suggesas your partner will.
tions from the more off-the-wall
students of my Romance Classes:
• Carefully open various product packages, insert the item, and
carefully reseal the package. Favorite targets include cereal
boxes, soup cans, ice cream cartons, bags of M&M’s,
candy bars, soda cans, and, of course, boxes of
Cracker Jacks!
“Love isn’t blind; it
• Notes have appeared frozen in ice cubes,
just only sees what
floating in punch bowls, hidden among boumatters.”
quets and tied to balloons.
—William Curry
• Little gifts have been delivered via Federal
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 278
278 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
610 Want some suggestions for notes, gifts, and trinkets to
hide? Again, from Romance Class participants:
• Friendship rings
• Earrings
• Comic strips
• Hockey tickets
• Love Coupons
• Invitations to dinner
• Theater tickets
• Valentine conversation hearts
Creativity Exercises
1. Give it a twist:
Start with something basic, then give it a creative twist.
2.Change your routine:
Shaking up your routine often leads to new ideas.
3.Consider every crazy idea that pops into your head:
You won’t use them all, but the process expands your thinking.
4.Give yourself a deadline:
Sometimes working under pressure works!
5.Learn from your mistakes:
Mistakes aren’t really mistakes if they lead you somewhere useful.
6.Go with your strengths:
Do what comes naturally, go with the flow.
7. Go counter to your natural strengths:
Try something different.
8.Tap into your unconscious mind:
There’s a lot going on beneath the surface.
9.Challenge the assumptions:
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 279
Gregory J.P. Godek • 279
Don’t assume you know it all!
10. Imagine how someone else would do it:
How would Einstein create new ideas? Mozart? Walt Disney?
11. Use different “models” of thinking:
Think organically; think like a cat; think like a millionaire.
12. Reframe the question:
The question might be, “How can I be more loving?” Or it
might be, “How can I be more spontaneous?”
13. Listen to your intuition/sixth sense/inner voice:
Whatever you choose to call it, use it!
Exercising Your Creativity
14. Admit that you’re dissatisfied with the status quo:
It will inspire you to find solutions.
15. Don’t go it alone:
Brainstorm romantic ideas with a group of friends.
16. Use random ideas to stimulate different avenues of thinking:
Don’t get locked into one mode of thinking!
17. Change your perspective:
1) See the big picture, or 2) Look at the details.
18. Borrow (then customize) ideas:
Borrow ideas from movies, books, products, other couples.
19. Face your fears:
What’s holding you back from being more creative? More loving? More spontaneous? More fun-loving?
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 280
280 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
20. Draw pictures, doodle, make diagrams:
Use the visual, graphic side of your brain.
21. Try on a different persona:
Start with a
Think like a kid; think like a member of the
opposite sex; think like your partner.
classic romantic
22. Withhold judgment:
idea then “give
Generate lots and lots of ideas before you begin
it a twist.”
23. Have fun:
Don’t take it so seriously, play with ideas, be
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 281
Gregory J.P. Godek • 281
Go Away!
612 Even if you’re not newlyweds—especially if you’re not newlyweds—visit www.world-party.com. It’s
the online guide to festivals and parties
all over the world.
Rekindle the way you felt
as newlyweds by reserving
the honeymoon suite at a
hotel or resort. Be sure to
put the “Do Not Disturb”
sign to good use!
613 Combine your interest in
bicycling with your passion for wine!
Tour the California wine country by bike. Pedal at your own pace, and
stop at as many as thirty-five wineries. These two firms offer five-day
guided bicycle tours through the Napa Valley and Sonoma County:
• Backroads Bicycle Touring, 800-462-2848, and www.backroads.com
• Vermont Bicycle Touring, 800-245-3868, and www.vbt.com
• Tour a vineyard. Or two.
• Visit a vineyard in every state that produces wine—all forty-two of them!
615 A plain old vacation is not
What’s the difference
the same thing as a “second honeybetween a vacation and a
moon”! There’s a feeling of magic and
romance around a second honeymoon.
How do you create one?
You start planning about a year in
advance (so the anticipation builds). You buy her a stack of bride magazines (that’s where all the honeymoon destination ads are). You send
travel brochures to him in the mail (with your personal notes and comments written in). You buy special clothes. If you do this right, it’ll really
spice up your life—for a year or more!
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 282
282 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Bon Voyage!
616 When vacationing together, always take along a couple
of little surprise gifts. It’s inexpensive, gives you something to
look forward to, lets you gift-wrap ahead of time, and allows you
to surprise your lover at a moment’s notice.
All kinds of travel tips and current information are
available from special newsletters about specific destinations and
topics. Here are two:
• La Belle France: The Sophisticated Guide to France
An eight-page monthly newsletter. A yearly subscription is $98.
Call 800-225-7825 or visit www.lbfrance.com.
• Golf Odyssey: The Guide for Discriminating Golfers. Twelve issues a year at just
$97. Call 800-550-2286 or visit www.golfodyssey.com/newsletter.html.
Imagine your own “Fantasy Vacation.” What’s your
lover’s idea of the Perfect, Ultimate, Wonderful, Fantasy Vacation? Let your imaginations run wild.
Keep the dream alive over the years by collecting brochures, posters and books on
“A man travels the world
your Fantasy Vacation location.
over in search of what he
With the proper planning, a little creativity, a little time, a realistic savings plan
needs and returns home
and true dedication to your vision, you
to find it.”
can make your Fantasy Vacation come true.
—George Moore
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 283
Gregory J.P. Godek • 283
619 Fill his car with balloons. Red ones.
620 When was the last time you went
FYI: It takes 217
balloons to fill a
Honda Accord.
out parking? (For most of us, it was way back
in high school.)
Rediscover the sexual rush, the thrill of being caught, the justplain fun of parking! Find the local “Lovers Lane” in your town,
fill the back seat of your car with pillows, and make a date for late
Friday night!
621 Hang a pair of your panties on his rearview mirror.
622 Hide little one-line notes all over his
car: on the sun visor, in the glove compartment, in the ash tray, in the trunk, under the
hood, on the mirror, on the seat belt.
623 Wash and vacuum her car until
it sparkles like new.
Go for a drive
in a classic VW
“Love Bug.”
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 284
284 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
624 Sports fans love sports memorabilia. Pennants,
posters, T-shirts and caps from favorite teams, signed photographs and signed balls—all make great gifts. And of course,
there’s always season tickets!
The Lockhorns, Copyright © 1994 by Hoest Enterprises, Inc. Reprinted with permission of King Features Syndicate.
625 For your baseball fanatic: Have a local graphic artist
create a custom baseball card featuring your partner. Write your
own humorous “Vital Statistics,” have his or her photo scanned in,
and paste it onto cardboard. (Present it to your partner by slipping
it carefully into an “unopened” package of baseball cards!)
626 While he’s watching sports on TV, bring him peanuts
and popcorn, beer and ice cream bars. When it comes to sports
fanatics, the only reasonable philosophy to adopt is, “If you can’t
beat ’em, join ’em!”
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 285
Gregory J.P. Godek • 285
Dining In
627 Choose a bottle of wine for its romantic label.
I recently bought a bottle of Il Cuore Cabernet
Sauvignon 1996. The label is a colorful, geometric rendering of heart shapes. The back
Slow down! Every
label explains: “The original artwork for
meal doesn’t need
Il Cuore was created by Dan Rizzie,
to be “romantic,”
whose bold cubistic works are in the perbut every meal can
manent collections of both The Metrobe an opportunity
politan Museum and The Museum of
Modern Art in New York.” The label also
to talk and connect.
explains that Il Cuore is Italian for “the
heart.” Thanks to Aficionado Cellars in
Graton, Sonoma County, California. Call 888751-WINE, or visit www.aficionadocellars.com.
It’s romantic—but commonplace—to eat dinner by
candlelight. So here’s a change of pace: Eat breakfast by candlelight.
629 Prepare love food for your partner on special occasions or
when he or she needs a boost. Love food is “comfort food” served
with an extra helping of love. Comfort food is a highly individual
thing. It might be hot oatmeal with brown sugar, served late at
night. It might be a cup of hot cocoa served on a cold winter afternoon. It might be two scoops of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Does your
lover know what your comfort food is? Do you know his or hers?
630 Make a toast to one another every time you hold a wine
glass. Make eye contact. Take turns making the toast. Whisper it.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 286
286 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Dining Out
Did you know that there are two kinds of romantic
1. The elegant/active/often-with-great-views restaurant.
2. The small/dark/cozy-with-tiny-tables restaurant.
Which kind of restaurant does she prefer? Don’t
take her to one when she’s crazy about the other.
632 Arrange to have a small gift delivered
to your table during dinner. Picture an elegantly
wrapped box presented on a silver tray.
Other patrons
will think you’re
Arrange to have a dozen red roses
delivered to your table.
634 Hire a musician to serenade your lover at
your table. Have him play one of her very favorite romantic songs.
635 Get a menu from his favorite restaurant. Turn it into
a “Certificate Good for One Romantic Dinner.” Mail
it to him at work.
Play “footsie”
under the table
at an elegant
636 Sunday brunch! Check the Sunday
newspaper for restaurant listings. Ask your
friends for their favorite spots.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 287
Gregory J.P. Godek • 287
By the Number
• Send 20 stuffed animals to her on her 20th birthday.
• Send 30 red roses to him on his 30th birthday.
• Send 40 reasons why you love her on her 40th birthday.
• Send 50 classic love songs to him on his 50th birthday.
• Send 60 greeting cards to her on her 60th birthday.
• Send 70 sunflowers to him on his 70th birthday.
• Send 80 love quotes to her on her 80th birthday.
• Send 90 balloons to him on his 90th birthday.
• Send 100 Hershey’s Kisses to her on her 100th birthday.
• Send him one birthday card for each year of his age—send them
one a day for as long as it takes.
• Send him one birthday card for each year of his age—send them
all at one time!
• Does he love Beethoven?
Get him recordings of
Variations on a Theme:
all 9 symphonies.
Present those 9 Beethoven
• If it’s Mozart he loves,
symphonies with 9 red roses, 9
you’ll have to buy 41
balloons, and 9 little love notes.
• And if it’s Haydn he
loves, you’re really in trouble, because Haydn composed an incredible 108 symphonies!
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 288
288 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
By the Book
640 Wouldn’t it be cool to publish a book for her?! Perhaps a
book of poems you’ve written for her. Maybe a collection of love
letters. Maybe it’s a book of memories the two of you have shared.
Maybe it’s a fictional story based on your life together. (Maybe it’s
an erotic novel!)
Armed with any computer and PageMaker or Quark software,
anyone can write and design a professional-looking book. Next,
design a cover (maybe hire a professional graphic designer) then
call a local printer and have one copy printed up. If it’s a Memory Book for your twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, or a big
fiftieth Birthday Book, you may want to have copies printed for
everyone who attends your party.
641 Read aloud to one another. It’s a wonderful, quiet way
to share time and a story. (Think of the comfort and closeness
you create when reading aloud to a child.) Some favorite readaloud books from Romance Class
participants include:
• Illusions, by Richard Bach
Reading some good erotic
• The Lord of the Rings, by J.R.R. Tolkien
literature aloud might be
• The Prophet, by Kahlil Gibran
defined as “foreplay.”
642 Of course there’s
www.amazon.com and www.barnesandnoble.com. But additional
web resources for popular books and harder-to-find books
include: www.isbn.nu; www.addall.com; www.powells.com;
www.fatbrain.com. And a resource that lets you search the inventories of thousands of used bookstores is www.bibliofind.com.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 289
Gregory J.P. Godek • 289
Engaging Ideas
643 One guy in the Romance Class was
inspired to present his girlfriend with one red
rose…that had a diamond ring hidden inside the unopened
bud. The rose sat on her desk for two days, where
she admired it and smelled it often, before it
bloomed, revealing the ring! (She nearly fainted.)
Theme Song:
“Marry Me,”
Amanda Marshall
644 And then there’s always
the classic “Diamond-Ring-in-the-Box-ofFYI
Cracker-Jacks” trick.
The ancient Romans
believed that diamonds
Apply for the job of
were splinters from falling
“Husband”! Write an “Engagement
stars with which Eros’s
Resume” outlining your “goals,”
arrows were tipped.
your desirable qualities, your qualThe ancient Greeks
ifications and relevant experience.
believed that diamonds
Engagement Rings for Men! Why
were the tears of
should women be the only ones to get
the gods.
engagement rings??
From a modern woman’s point of view: Engagement rings are public statements that you’re “spoken for” or
“taken.” Why should he be
running around “free”?
From a man’s point of view:
A call for equal rights (for men)!
You just dropped several thousand dollars on a diamond—
wouldn’t you like her to put her money where her mouth is, too?
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 290
290 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Will You Marry Me?
Here are some of the more creChapter
ative and unusual ways that some Romance
Theme Song:
Class participants have gotten engaged:
“Will You Marry
• Skywriting proposals
Me?” Paula Abdul
• Sky banner proposals
• Custom jigsaw puzzle proposals
• Videotaped proposals
• Proposals on billboards
• Proposals inside custom-made Chinese fortune
• Audiotaped proposals
• Telegrammed proposals
• Using lit candles to spell out “Will you marry me?”
• Painting the proposal on the roof, then taking her flying!
648 A touch of class for men: Send a clever telegram to her
parents, asking their permission to marry their daughter.
649 Some couples consult
astrologers for the best dates and
times to get engaged. (Couldn’t
hurt. Might help.)
Astrology?! Hey, don’t
knock it! With a 51%
divorce rate, we need all
the help we can get!
650 Gals: Make a photocopy
of your hand and new engagement ring. Attach a note saying “I’ve
got a piece of the rock.” Mail it to him to show your appreciation.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 291
Gregory J.P. Godek • 291
651 She received an unexpected gift for
no special occasion. A beautifully wrapped
box from Tiffany’s. She opened it to find
a sterling silver tray—engraved with
“Sally, will you marry me?”
Marriage Matters
Winner, Quirkiest
Proposal Award:
He gift-wrapped a
stack of twelve
bridal magazines
and said to her,
“You’re going to
need these!”
One husband in the Romance Class always
introduces his wife in this manner: “…And I’d like you to meet
my bride, Alice.” (Alice, his sixty-four-year-old wife of
forty years, always blushes.)
653 Get a subscription to Marriage
Magazine, one of America’s great
secrets. I find every issue to be
inspiring and practical. Call for a
scription: 800-MARRIAGE, or
Theme Song:
“I Will (Take You
Christopher Cross
654 1. The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, by John M. Gottman & Nan Silver
2. How to Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It, by
Patricia Love, EdD. & Stephen Stosny, Ph.D.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 292
292 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
3. The New Rules of Marriage, by Terrence Real
4. Passionate Marriage: Keeping Love and Intimacy
Alive in Committed Relationships, by David
“For two people in a marriage
5. 7 Stages of Marriage, by Rita M.
to live together day after day
DeMaria & Sari Harrar
is unquestionably the one
6. The Act of Marriage, by Dr. Tim
miracle that the Vatican has
LaHaye & Beverly LaHaye
7. Love Between Equals: How Peer Marriage
—Bill Cosby
Works, by P. Schwartz
8. Marital Myths Revisited, by Arnold Lazarus
9. The Mirages of Marriage, by William Lederer
& Don Jackson
10. Take Back Your Marriage, by William J. Doherty, Ph.D.
655 Have your wedding vows penned in beautiful calligraphy. Have them framed. Hang them in your living room.
Monogamy—Not Monotony
Have you ever noticed that most of the best movie
romance occurs between single people? Contrary to popular
belief, this is not because the romance ends with marriage; it’s
because it is simply so much easier to catch infatuation on film
than it is to catch the depth, meaning, and subtleties of a longterm, A+ Relationship on film.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 293
Gregory J.P. Godek • 293
“In real life, of course, marriage, with its subterranean motifs and trade-offs, is more fascinating and unfathomable, hence more
tantalizing, than a score of love affairs. But
in movie life, surfaces—faces, in fact—must
Theme Song:
tell the story, and once those faces become
“True to You,”
familiar or imply the virtues of endurance
Kim Wilde
rather than the sparks of strangeness,
romance loses its necessary tension.” From
The New York Times, “The Love That’s Forever:
Making Matches,” by Molly Haskell.
657 Create your own personal “anniversary ritual”
that you reenact every year together in a private little ceremony.
You might play special music for background; you might light
candles; you might read aloud to one another your original wedding vows; you might write a poem every year.
Get a large wardrobe box from a
local moving company. Wrap the box with
wrapping paper in your partner’s favorite
color and a giant bow. Place the box on
your front porch. Hop inside. Have a
friend close the lid, finish the wrapping, ring the doorbell, and run.
For a rare
treatment of
mature love, see
the great movie
On Golden Pond.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 294
294 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
(More) Kid Stuff
659 Buy some crayons. If you’re right-handed, take a
crayon in your left hand. Write a short note to him as if you were
in first grade.
660 Wind-up toys are very cool:
monsters that walk and shoot sparks,
Go fly a kite!
creeping bugs, racing cars, crawling
Ride on a carousel.
babies, lumbering robots. Use your
Play a board game.
creativity and wrap a little wind-up
Share your favorite jokes.
toy with a clever note. Call Lilliput
Blow bubbles.
at 800-TIN-TOYS, or visit
Toss a Frisbee.
Watch cloud formations.
Wish on a falling star.
Notes to accompany stuffed
• Teddy bears: “I can’t bear being away from you…”
• Stuffed pigs: “I’m hog-wild over you!”
• Stuffed lions: “I’m roarin’ to get you!”
• Stuffed tigers: “You’re Grrrrrrrreat!”
• Stuffed monkeys: “Let’s monkey around!”
• Visit a playground, swing together, play on the teeter-totter.
• Visit a playground—at midnight, under a full moon, with a bottle
of fine champagne.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 295
Gregory J.P. Godek • 295
(More) Funny Stuff
Send comics to him or her at work. Work-related,
hobby-related, or relationship-related. He’ll appreciate the fact
that you thought about him.
• Present him with a written bill for
The New Yorker is a great
the next dinner you prepare for
resource for relationshiphim: “Jean-Ann’s Café: Bill for
oriented cartoons.
Services: Salad: 1 kiss. Entree: 8
kisses. Dessert: 3 kisses. Total
bill: 12 kisses. (Tipping is encouraged.) You may want to take advantage of our Frequent Diner Program. See the manager. Thank you, come again!”
• Present her with a bill for the next time you change the oil in
her car: “John’s Garage: Bill for services: 6 quarts of oil: 1 kiss
each. Oil filter: 1 kiss. New wiper blades: 3.5 hugs. Labor: 4
kisses. Total bill: 11 kisses. No checks accepted. Note: Special
rates for customers who sleep with the
665 Get a favorite comic blown up to
poster size. (Head for your local copy shop.)
Mount it on cardboard. Send it to her at
work or prop it up on the front porch.
For your comic strip lover:
Check out www.comics.com for info on the
Sunday Comic Store.
“We cannot really love
anybody with whom we
never laugh.”
—Agnes Repplier
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 296
296 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
(More) Cool Stuff
667 Give your lover a bouquet of edible flowers!
• Anise hyssop flowers
• Arugula flowers
• Borage
• Calendula
• Chamomile
• Chive flowers
• Chrysanthemums
• Daisies
• Dandelions
• Day lilies
• Hollyhocks
• Honeysuckle
• Lavender
• Marigolds
• Mustard flowers
• Nasturtium flowers
• Pansies
• Rose petals
• Squash blossoms
• Violets
Float some of these beautiful, edible petals in a
glass of your favorite wine or champagne!
668 Musical greeting cards! Yes, open one up
and it plays an electronic tune for you. Very cool.
Look in card shops and gift stores.
Cool, huh?!
669 You can get a complete lobster feast shipped to you
anywhere in the USA! Call Clambakes to Travel, at 800-722CLAM, or visit www.clambakeco.com.
They’ll send you an entire lobster feast including the pots and utensils—
air expressed overnight! The traditional New England seafood dinner,
for-two includes: two 1-1/4 pound lobsters; 1-1/2 pounds of steamers;
a pound of mussels; two ears of fresh corn; four to six red bliss potatoes;
two chunks of onion; and two links of sweet Italian sausage.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 297
Gregory J.P. Godek • 297
(More) Concepts
670 “Time is money.” You’ve heard it a thousand times. A call for
efficiency. A time management maxim. An excuse for workaholics.
Well, it’s a lie. Time is not money!
You can save money, but you can’t save
Time is not money.
time—it’s slipping by all the time, regardless of what you do. Also, you can create
more money—by working harder or longer or
smarter. But you can’t create more time. That’s it. Sorry. Nope. No more.
No—you can’t live on “borrowed time”—it doesn’t work that way.
So I suggest that you save the money (perhaps for a big gift or special event)—but spend the time now, while you still have it.
671 Romantics do not put
their partners first by ignoring
Romantics are not martyrs.
their own needs and wants. Rather,
they put their relationship first, and
they do things that enhance the couple as a whole. You see, selfsacrifice always backfires because it builds resentment in the giver
and creates guilt in the receiver. Romantic gestures performed out
of love provide benefits to both the giver and the receiver.
672 Your physical surroundings affect your emotional wellbeing. While many of us would agree with this, the Chinese art of feng shui
takes it to quite another level. Feng shui regards homes, buildings, and
rooms as “energy systems” that affect qi—our basic life energy. It makes
sense to me that we should do everything possible to create personal
environments that support our lives and our loves. Here are two books
to help you learn more: Feng Shui Your Life, by Jayme Barrett and Mary
Steenburgen. Interior Design with Feng Shui, by Sarah Rossbach and Lin Yun.
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Page 298
298 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
(More) Do-It-Yourself
Learn to play the guitar just well
enough to accompany yourself as you sing
a favorite love song. Now serenade her!
Theme Song:
Responses to the most common excuses
“Handy Man,”
for not doing this:
James Taylor
• Excuse: “I’m not musical.” Answer:
Practice, practice, practice!
• Excuse: “I can’t sing.” Answer: Then don’t! But
play an instrumental version of the song on guitar.
• Excuse: “I’d be too embarrassed.” Answer: C’mon!
Challenge yourself. Stretch yourself.
674 Make a “This Is Your Life”
DVD. Interview his friends and family,
neighbors, high school teachers, college
buddies, fraternity brothers, colleagues
and co-workers. This idea is an especially great idea for a special birthday.
675 Make a custom certificate
Convert home videos of
him to DVD on a DVD
recorder. You can use
Windows Movie Maker
on your computer to edit
videos and add music to
make a beautiful video
montage of your lover!
for your lover. You can get blank
certificate forms at a stationery or
paper store. It doesn’t have to be
artistic and perfect; don’t forget, it’s the thought that counts! Here are
some certificates that were created by Romance Class participants:
• A certificate “For Putting Up with Me Over the Years”
• An award “For Meritorious Conduct in Bed”
• An acknowledgment of “The World’s Best Wife”
• A ribbon “For Hugs & Kisses Above and Beyond the Call of Duty”
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 299
Gregory J.P. Godek • 299
(More) Custom-Made
676 Compose an original song for your lover.
You may get some help from a local musician, but
the essence of the song should be yours.
• Present him or her with the score, rolled
into a scroll and tied with a red ribbon.
items are
• Sing the song to him or her.
among the most
• Hire a band to perform the song for him or
cherished gifts.
her at a party.
677 How about a scrapbook to commemorate
your relationship? Get out your old photographs,
mementos, and love letters, and be sure to have plenty of glue
sticks on hand! Your lover will treasure it forever.
678 Make a “Commemorative Scroll” to celebrate some
special occasion: your lover’s birthday, your wedding anniversary,
some other special date, or maybe a special year.
• Research the major happenings of that date or year. Consider
these categories: in the news, quotable quotes, famous people,
world events, scientific breakthroughs, advertising and commercials, TV shows, popular music, movies, books, Broadway,
sports, art, politics, daily life, religion, miscellany.
• Some resources to help you: American Chronicle by Lois & Alan
Gordon, The Timetables of History by Bernard Grun & Eva Simpson,
and Celebrity Almanac by Ed Lewis.
This commemorative scroll can be handwritten, designed on
computer, or rendered in calligraphy. Tie it with a bow and present it. You may want to make a special presentation of it: Read it
aloud to your partner.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 300
300 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
(More) Surprises
679 Buy tickets well in advance to the theater, symphony,
ball game or concert. Don’t tell her what the tickets are for. Simply tell her to mark her calendar. The mystery surrounding the
event will be almost as much fun as the event itself. Guaranteed.
680 Surprise her by bringing dinner home
Many men
understand the
Surprise him by making his
fun and romance
favorite homemade dessert.
of presenting an
engagement ring
While the two of you are out
as a surprise. How
grocery shopping or running errands
can you surprise
together, have a friend deliver a gourmet
dinner to your home. Have him or her set the
her now?
table with your best china, candles, and flowers,
and turn the stereo on to play some soft jazz.
from the best restaurant in town.
683 If the two of you have to be apart for a birthday,
anniversary, or Christmas: Wrap a new mobile telephone as your
gift. Give instructions that the gift must be opened at a precise time
that you name. Then, call your partner on the new phone exactly
one minute before it’s to be opened, and let the gift ring until he or
she unwraps the box and answers the phone. (Note: Make sure
you synchronize your watches!)
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 301
Gregory J.P. Godek • 301
(More) Flowers
684 One gal in a Romance Class gives her guy pressed flowers.
She explained that, “Flat flowers are more versatile than real
flowers: You can slip them in between the pages of a
book he’s reading; you can hide them in his
work files; and you can mail them!”
685 Give him one giant sunflower.
Attach a note: “You are the sunshine of
my life.” Also attach a copy of Stevie
Wonder’s song “You Are the Sunshine of
My Life.”
Theme Song:
“Bring Me Flowers,”
686 Always ask specifically for fresh flowers. A good, fresh rose should last nearly a week, while
an older one can wilt in less than a day.
• Every home needs one elegant crystal vase.
• And a bud vase.
• And it wouldn’t hurt to have a special vase for flowers at work.
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Page 302
302 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
(More) Romance on a Budget
Timing is everything when it comes to saving a few bucks.
You could save 20 to 50 percent on virtually every gift you buy if
you shop smart.
• Hit the stores immediately after Christmas.
• Shop at end-of-the-season sales.
• Look for overstock sales.
Romantics aren’t
• Scan catalogs regularly, looking for deals.
(But there is a
Most cities have “City Coupon
Books” that include hundreds of discount
difference between
coupons for restaurants, shops and servbeing frugal and
ices. These coupon books usually cost just a
being cheap.)
few bucks, and can save you hundreds of dollars.
They’re also a good incentive to get the two of
you out of the house, and get out of that rut
you’ve been in!
FYI, lingerie
catalogs often
have great
690 Rediscover coffeehouses and small
clubs. They’re an inexpensive and entertaining
change of pace. (Folk music never really dies, it
just continually ebbs and flows.)
691 “TKTS” in New York City is the place
to get half-price tickets for Broadway shows on the
day of performances! Located in Times Square
and at South Street Seaport, it’s the best deal in
town. (Be prepared to stand in line—a long line.
It’s a “scene” in itself!)
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 303
Gregory J.P. Godek • 303
(More) Bubble Baths
692 Run a bath for her while she’s out running errands.
Put a candle, a glass of wine, and a bottle of fancy bubble bath on
the kitchen table—along with a note saying, “I’ll put the groceries
away for you. Go relax. You deserve it. I love you.”
693 Towel her dry after she showers. S-L-O-W-L-Y.
694 If your lover loves nothing more than a luxurious soak
in a steamy, hot, elegant tub, then consider taking him or her on
vacation to one of these first-class hotels—where they really
understand the romance of baths.
• Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur, California. Picture sunken marble tubs
in rooms at the edge of 1,000-foot cliffs overlooking the Pacific
Ocean. Call 800-527-2200 or visit www.postranchinn.com.
• Chateau de Bagnols, Bagnols, France. Featuring huge old tubs
in Renaissance castle near Lyons. 011-33-4-74-71-4000 or
visit www.bagnols.com.
• Park Hyatt Hotel, Tokyo, Japan. Imagine sitting in a deep, hot
tub that overlooks the city of Tokyo. Call 81-3-5322-1234 or
visit www.tokyo.park.hyatt.com.
• Mandarin Oriental Hotel, San Francisco, California. How’s this
for luxury with a view? A bathroom on the 48th floor, with floorto-ceiling windows overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. Call
415-276-9888 or visit www.mandarinoriental.com/sanfrancisco.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 304
304 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Thinking of You
695 Buy some small, red, heart-shaped stickers and place
one on the face of your wristwatch. It’s a reminder to think of
your lover every time you check the time. If you’re like most of us,
that’s about a thousand times a day!
696 Make a donation to her favorite charity—instead of going on
your next expensive date. You can show her that you care about her—and
at the same time show you care about the whales or the birds or the
environment or whatever her favorite cause is.
697 Wonderful insights can be gained by
Ask yourself
asking each other quirky questions:
1. If you could be a comic strip character,
what’s important
who would you be?
to your
2. If your name were to appear in the dicpartner—then
tionary, how would you define yourself?
make gestures
3. If you could create the perfect job for
that reflect it.
yourself, what would it be?
4. Who are your heroes? (Fictional and real.)
5. If you had three wishes, what would
they be?
6. Could you live for a year in a tent with
your partner (without going crazy)?
Tuck a little gift
8. If you could accomplish one crazy stunt
into the inside
that would land you in the Guinness Book of
zippered pocket
World Records, what would it be?
of her favorite
9. Would you rather be really smart, or really
good looking?
10. If you could be a super hero, who would you be?
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 305
Gregory J.P. Godek • 305
11. If you were Rick, in the movie Casablanca, would you have let
Ilsa leave at the end?
12. What one part of your body would you like to change?
Think Different
698 Do something totally out of character.
• Always late?—Be on time.
• Not creative?—Think up something original and unexpected!
• Forgetful?—Remember her birthday every
day for a month!
• Watch TV every night?—Go out to dinner
• Two left feet?—Take dance lessons together!
Think “different”—
and you’ll never
run out of
romantic ideas.
699 Are you stuck in a rut? Are you taking
each other for granted lately? Try “reframing.” Reframe, or
redefine, how you see your partner.
• Start thinking of her as your lover once again.
• Start treating him as your best friend—which he was, once upon a
time. Remember??
700 Act out different fantasies of meeting for the first time.
• Meet in a bar after work.
• Meet while grocery shopping.
• Meet in line, waiting at the bank.
• Meet over lunch at work.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 306
306 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
701 Spend an “all-night” together: Make love, watch videos,
go out to an all-night diner, go for a moonlit stroll, make love
again, watch old movies on TV, blast the stereo and dance at three
in the morning. Then sleep all day the next day to recover.
702 “Choreograph” your lovemaking to your favorite
music! This may sound artificial and contrived, but several
people in my Romance Class have told me that they often do this,
although they never thought of it as “choreography.”
I don’t mean that you plan every movement, but rather that you
match some favorite music to the general
mood and pace of your lovemaking.
• For example, some people like to start
This choreography
slowly and gently, and build to a fasttechnique is not
paced climax. Their musical choreography
taught at Arthur
could look like this: Start with a little
George Winston; move to some Al Jarreau;
mix in some Glenn Miller; and finish up
with Maynard Ferguson.
• Others like to start out fast and passionately, and wind down to
a gentle conclusion. Their musical choreography could look
like this: Start with the soundtrack from Nine-1/2 Weeks; move to
the soundtrack from When Harry Met Sally; and end with the
soundtrack from Out of Africa.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 307
Gregory J.P. Godek • 307
• One couple prefers Mozart symphonies. “Beethoven is great
music, but too frenetic for our lovemaking,” Judy B. explains.
“Mozart is great—especially The Jupiter Symphony, No. 41. It has four
movements, which correspond with our pattern of lovemaking.
1) “The first movement, Allegro Vivace, is strong and passionate, this gets us going. It runs 11:50—good for
energetic foreplay.
2) “The second movement, Andante Cantabile, slows the
pace, which allows us to talk a little and build the intimacy more. This runs a good 10:53.
3) “The third movement, Menuetto: Allegretto, picks up the
speed again, which moves us from quiet intimacy into
a more intense passion. This one is quick, at 5:13.
4) “The last movement, Molto Allegro, races to a roaring and
passionate conclusion. Just perfect at 8:37.”
• What music would you use to choreograph your lovemaking?
703 Keep a journal. It will benefit you in lots of ways. Many
Romance Class participants have observed that creative ideas
often flow while they’re writing in their journals.
704 George was a bibliophile. He loved browsing in bookstores. On his forty-third birthday he happened to be wandering
by his favorite local bookstore—and stopped suddenly on the
sidewalk. The window display held hundreds of copies of a book
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 308
308 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
titled: Happy Birthday, George! Looking closer he saw that
the author was his wife! He ran into the store,
where the clerk handed him a copy of the
book. George discovered that the Happy
Guys: Learn a little
Birthday, George! book was really a different
book with a custom-made book jacket
well enough to
slipped over it.
make her diamond
Shaking his head in wondrous surprise,
engagement ring
George turned the book over and read on
“appear” out of
the back cover: “Happy Birthday, oh wonderful husband of mine! This book is Surthin air!
prise #1. Surprise #2 is a $100 gift certificate for
books. Enjoy! Surprise #3 is waiting patiently to
enjoy lunch with you at the Posh Café. Happy Birthday!”
705 Use a thesaurus to help
you express your love—and to
Are you—infatuated, crazy,
help you rev up your love letters.
frantic, frenetic, frenzied,
• Tell your mate that you—love,
intoxicated, mad—with love
adore, admire, cherish, desire,
for him or her?
want, need, prize, esteem,
idolize, revere, treasure—him
or her.
• Describe how you’re—crazy about/mad for/nuts about/smitten
with/stuck on/sweet on/wild about—your mate.
• Tell your lover that you’re—enchanted by/captivated by/enamored
of/fond of—him or her.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 309
Gregory J.P. Godek • 309
• Abercrombie & Kent Int’l.: 800-323-
Theme Song:
7308, www.abercrombiekent.com
• American Canadian Caribbean Line:
800-556-7450, www.accl-smallships.com
Gwyneth Paltrow &
• Carnival Cruise Lines: 800-227-6482,
Huey Lewis
• Celebrity Cruises: 800-437-3111, www.celebri
• Clipper Cruise Line: 800-456-8100, www.intrav.com
• Club Med Cruises: 800-258-2633, www.clubmed.com
• Costa Cruise Lines: 800-332-6782, www.costacruise.com
• Cunard Line: 800-7-CUNARD, www.cunard.com
• Disney Cruise Line: 800-939-2784, www.disneycruise.com
• Holland America Line: 800-426-0327, www.hollandamerica.com
• Norwegian Cruise Line: 800-327-7030, www.ncl.com
• Princess Cruise Line: 800-PRINCESS, www.princess.com
• Royal Caribbean Int’l.: 800-327-6700, www.royalcaribbean.com
• Star Clippers: 800-442-0551, www.star-clippers.com
• Windjammer Barefoot Cruises: 800-327-2601,
• Windstar Cruises: 800-258-SAIL, www.wind
Have you ever
seen the sun
set over the
Caribbean from
the deck of a
cruise ship?
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 310
310 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
707 Make love in slow motion.
708 Things to Never, Never, Never
Theme Song:
Do While Making Love
“I Found Lovin’,”
• Never, never, never answer the phone.
• Never, never, never call her by a former
lover’s name.
• Never, never, never glance at your watch.
• Never, never, never interrupt yourselves for a
whining pet.
• Encourage open-mindedness, but never push too far.
• Never, never, never leave too little time.
• Never, never, never say anything negative about your partner’s body.
• Never, never, never criticize his or her technique (but do discuss
it later).
• Never, never, never get into arousal without dealing with birth
control first.
• Never, never, never criticize your lover in any way.
• Never, never, never lose your sense of humor.
• Never, never, never talk about work or children in bed.
• Never, never, never fake orgasm.
• Never, never, never leave the bedroom door unlocked if kids are
in the house.
709 Make love by catering to her sexual desires 100 percent—
and putting your sexual desires on hold until tomorrow.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 311
Gregory J.P. Godek • 311
Please, Mr. Postman
710 You can get your Valentine card postmarked from one
of these romantic cities or towns:
• Valentine, Texas 79854
• Loving, New Mexico 88256
• Valentine, Nebraska 69201
• Bridal Veil, Oregon 97010
• Loveland, Col- • Loveland, Ohio 45140
orado 80537
Theme Song:
“Please Mr.
The Marvelettes
Just put your card, addressed and stamped,
inside another envelope addressed to the
postmaster of the town of your choice.
Attach a note requesting that your Valentine be hand-stamped and mailed.
711 Carry stamps in your wallet at all
times. (Preferably several Love Stamps!)
712 The following is part of a “Junk Mail
Campaign” that one Romance Class participant created
for her husband. She designed it to look like a Publishers Clearinghouse mailing. Clever, huh?
Items to insert
inside love letter
The Publishers Clearinghouse Lovestakes
envelopes: confetti,
has chosen YOU to be the recipient of AT
a lock of your hair,
LEAST 1,000,000 kisses—that’s ONE
MILLION kisses (and hugs!) Nothing to
feathers, stickers,
buy! No coupons to fill out! What do you
heart-shaped paper
have to do in order to qualify for ONE
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 312
312 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
MILLION kisses and hugs?!—Just bring home one bottle of
champagne this Friday. That’s all!
But—if you want to qualify for the BIG BONUS PRIZE of
1,000 nights of passionate lovemaking, you’ll have to bring home
one red rose per week for the next year. A SMALL PRICE TO
This offer expires tomorrow—so act TODAY!
You’ve Got Mail*
713 With a nod to America Online… Stay
in touch with your lover through e-mail.
Treat email as an
Always use the latest electronic communicaextra method for
tions technology to break down the artificial
staying connected.
barriers between “work time” and “personal
Email doesn’t take
time.” Email is great for keeping a converthe place of real
sation going with your partner all day long.
love letters via
“snail mail.”
• Type this: colon, close parenthesis :) and you get a smiley face
Use your lover’s when you look at the page sideways.
• Type this: semi-colon, hyphen, close parenpet name as
thesis ;-) —a wink!
your email
• Type this: colon, hyphen, open parenthesis :-(
—a frown.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 313
Gregory J.P. Godek • 313
These are called emoticons or “smileys,” and they’re
used by frequent emailers to enhance the emotional
content of their emailed notes.
715 It’s getting easier and easier to send
audio files via e-mail. With the proper software
your lover will be able to hear your voice as well
as read your words. This Technology is especially
great if you’re in a long distance relationship
*This chapter
dedicated to
Meg Ryan and
Tom Hanks.
716 Create your own custom-made electronic greeting
cards. Using PowerPoint or similar software you can use scanned-in pictures and animation to create lively, funny, and entertaining e-cards.
Mindset of a Romantic
Romantics have a good sense of humor.
There’s no such thing as a “humorless romantic.” While the foundation of romance is a serious love, the nature of romance is lighthearted.
718 Romantics “work at it.”
Yes, relationships require work. But it’s
not “work” like nine-to-five work. It’s more
like an artist working on a painting. Painting
requires skill, time, effort, planning, frustration, and sweat sometimes—but the work is so
Mindset of a
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 314
314 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
rewarding that the artist doesn’t view it as “work.” Working on a
loving relationship is like that.
719 Romantics not only work at it, they “play at it,” too!
Being romantic is a lot of fun. (In case you haven’t guessed by
now!) Being romantic involves your creativity, self-expression,
and your passionate spirit. Remember my earlier definition of
romance as “adult play”?
720 Romantics live in the moment.
“Carpe diem”—seize the day! Seize the moment. Don’t let another ten
minutes go by without making some expression of your love for
your partner. (Yes, I mean that literally. If you’re at home reading
this, set the book down, saunter over to him or her, and wrap
your arms around your lover. If you’re out somewhere, call on
the phone. Go do it. Carpe diem.)
Thinking Like a Romantic
721 Romantics are magnets for romantic ideas.
Romantics find romantic ideas everywhere.
• Romantics keep an eye on the concerts and shows scheduled to
appear in their area.
• Romantics read the newspaper not only for the news, but for
romantic opportunities.
• Romantics notice articles and ads in newspapers and magazines.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 315
Gregory J.P. Godek • 315
• Romantics save miscellaneous articles for
future reference.
• Romantics notice unique gifts when
shopping for other things.
722 Romantics are flexible.
• What would you do if you’d
Idea inspired while
eating Alpha-Bits:
For each letter of
the alphabet, write
down three possible
romantic gifts or
concepts. Use this
list for generating
romantic ideas.
planned a romantic picnic, and it
started raining? One couple held
their picnic in bed! Another couple
grabbed two umbrellas and headed
for the park anyway!
• If your partner showed up at your office
wearing a trench coat and nothing else—what
would you do?
• Would you be comfortable taking the afternoon off work on the
spur of the moment to spend it with your partner?
723 Employing the concept of “CoupleThinking” will automatically turn anyone into a
romantic. Couple-Thinking is a technique
in which you first think of yourself as a
Romantics have a
member of a couple, and second as an
portion of their brains
independent individual. (Men, and
assigned to the task of
our culture in general, put too much
recognizing romantic
emphasis on rugged individualism, and
opportunities when
not enough emphasis on relationshipthey appear. Other
building and connection-making.)
people screen them
Note: I am NOT suggesting that you martyr yourself on the altar of Relationship.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 316
316 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Love Is…
724 Love is…eliminating all
interruptions so you can really be
alone together. Disconnect the
phone; unplug the TV; ship the
kids to the neighbors; disconnect
the doorbell.
• Love is…framing a favorite greeting
Theme Songs:
“I Want to Know What
Love Is,” Foreigner
“Love Is,” Vanessa Williams
& Brian McKnight
“Love Is Powerful,” Seal
“Love Is a Many
Splendored Thing,”
The Four Aces
card she’s given you.
• Love is…reading aloud to each other
before bed.
• Love is…having a poem delivered to your
table at a restaurant.
• Love is…sending a postcard every day that you’re away from her.
• Love is…believing in one another.
• Romance is the expression of love.
• Romance is the icing on the cake of your
• Romance is always about love, but only sometimes about sex.
• Romance is a state of mind.
• Romance is also a state of being.
• Romance is what you do. (Love is what you feel.)
• Romance is the language of love.
Love is…waking
her gently with
soft caresses and
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 317
Gregory J.P. Godek • 317
“Love Is…”
“Love is a little haven of refuge from the
—Bertrand Russell
“Love is the fairest flower that blooms in
God’s garden.”
Love is merely
an empty concept
unless you bring
it alive through
“Love is a flower and you its only seed.”
—Amanda McBroom
“Love is a promise, love is a souvenir, once given never forgotten,
never let it disappear.”
—John Lennon
“Love is a great beautifier.”
—Louisa May Alcott
“Love is, above all, the gift of oneself.”
—Jean Anouilh Ardele
“Love is being stupid together.”
—Paul Valery
“Love is blind.”
—Geoffrey Chaucer.
“Love is blind. That is
why he always
proceeds by the sense
of touch.”
—French Proverb
“Love is as much of an object as it is
an obsession; everybody wants it, everybody seeks it, but few ever achieve it. Those
who do will cherish it, be lost in it, and among all,
never…never forget it.”
—Curtis Judalet
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 318
318 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
“Love is a chain of love as nature is a chain of life.”
—Truman Capote
“Love is patient and kind; love is not jealous or boastful.”
—1 Corinthians 13:4
“Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence.”
—H.L. Mencken
“Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of
human existence.”
—Erich Fromm
“Love is something eternal; the
aspect may change, but not the
Love is patient, Love is kind,
—Vincent Van Gogh
it does not envy;
“Love is the final end of
it does not boast,
the world’s history,
it is not proud.
the Amen of the uniIt is not rude, it is not self-seeking,
it is not easily angered,
it keeps no record of wrongs.
Love does not delight in evil
but rejoices with the truth.
It always protects, always trusts,
always hopes, always perseveres.
—1 Corinthians 13:4-7
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 319
Gregory J.P. Godek • 319
The Way to a Man’s Heart*
When in doubt, buy her chocolate. When in doubt,
order him pizza.
729 You can spice up any meal at home—from gourmet extravaganzas to TV dinners—by adding candlelight and soft music. Don’t
wait for “special occasions” or weekends to bring out the romance.
Get the pizza chef to
arrange the pepperoni in the
shape of a heart.
Or—Shape the entire pizza
into a heart-shape.
Or—Cut each and every
slice of pepperoni into a
tiny heart-shape.
Or—Use the mushroom
toppings to spell out both
of your initials.
If your lover is a tea
lover, get her a subscription to the
Upton Tea Quarterly newsletter. It
includes listings and information
on hundreds of varieties of fine
loose tea. Write to Upton Tea
Imports, 34A Hayden Rowe Street, Hopkinton, Massachusetts
01748. Call 800-234-8327 or visit www.uptontea.com.
What’s her alltime favorite meal? Learn to
make it! Get help from
friends, neighbors, or relatives—whatever it takes.
*Also the way to a woman’s heart!
Create an “At-Home Date”: includes dinner and dancing. Formal attire required.
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Page 320
320 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Recipes for Romance
734 Spread whipped cream or chocolate
syrup on selected body parts and invite your lover
to enjoy dessert.
735 The way to his stomach often involves
directions to his favorite restaurant. Do you
know his all-time favorite restaurant; favorite
diner; favorite fast food joint; favorite fancy
restaurant; favorite pizza parlor?
Create a
“Wine-of-theMonth Club”
for her.
736 Embark on a series of “Restaurant Discoveries”:
Each week go to a different restaurant within a 100-mile radius
of your house. Choose a restaurant “theme” that
appeals to both of you.
• You might choose a type of food: French,
Thai, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, etc.
(Not) For
• You might choose a type of restaurant:
Newlyweds Only!
diners, elegant bistros, casual cafés,
pizzerias, etc.
The Newlywed
Cookbook, by
Robin Vitetta-Miller
• Take a wine-tasting class together.
• Attend wine tastings at local wine shops.
• Host wine-tasting parties for your friends.
• Get a subscription to The Wine Spectator. Call
800-752-7799 or visit www.winespectator.com.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 321
Gregory J.P. Godek • 321
738 You know, of course, that green
M&M’s are aphrodisiacs, don’t you? With that
as a start…
• Carefully open a one-pound bag of
M&M’s and empty it out. Refill it entirely
with green M&M’s. Seal it up so it looks
like new.
• Give him a heart-shaped box full of green
• Fill his box of Cheerios with green M&M’s.
Theme Song:
“(You’re My)
Dennis Edwards
739 Someone in every Romance Class asks, “What about
Wondrous claims have been made about a great variety of foods,
from oysters and chocolate to basil and green M&M’s. Personally,
I feel that it’s the mood and environment surrounding the presentation
of the food that determines the potential amorous conclusion of
the evening.
But by all means, try some exotic recipes. (Couldn’t hurt—
might help!)
And regardless of whether or not certain foods can chemically
make one more interested in love, you can definitely use food to
psychologically affect one’s mood for love! There’s always the scientifically proven “placebo effect,” which indicates that the mere
belief in the power of an agent can bring about the believed-in
effect. This means that virtually any food could potentially be an
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 322
322 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
740 If you’d like to prepare some real gourmet meals that
have real aphrodisiac potential, you must get the book The New
InterCourses: An Aphrodisiac Cookbook, by Martha Hopkins and Randall
Lockridge. This is the most amazing, elegant, and erotic cookbook you’ve ever seen! The photos alone
will inspire some fantasy ideas that
have never before occurred to
you. I guarantee it! Visit
Henry Kissinger once said,
“Power is the ultimate
aphrodisiac.” Does that mean
only world leaders are leading
sexy lives? Not at all! We all
have tremendous potential in
our personal power, the power
of charm, the power of romance,
the power of imagination and
the power of love.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 323
Gregory J.P. Godek • 323
(More) Recipes for Romance
Picnics. (I checked, and nowhere is it
written that you can’t have picnics indoors, in
the nude, in front of a fireplace, in your
office, in bed, on the roof of your apartRecommends”
ment building, or at midnight.)
…the classic film
Tom Jones.
Bake a giant chocolate chip
(Watch for the
cookie for him. (And I mean GIANT—at
pub scene. Wow!)
least two feet in diameter.)
743 If you’re especially inept in the
kitchen, you’ve got a great opportunity to surprise
your partner. Cook a gourmet meal! Send your partner out for the
afternoon. Enlist the help of a friend who cooks. Prepare your
lover’s favorite dish. Voilà!
744 Create your own special mixed drink and
name it after your partner. (“A Peter Colada.” “A
Catherine Cooler.”)
• Carefully open a packet of tea. Remove
the tea bag and replace it with a little
love note. Seal the packet to make it
look untouched.
• Create custom “Love Quote Tags” and
attach them to the end of the string on
each tea bag.
The most
popular soft
drink in Brazil,
Guarana, is also
a recognized
and legendary
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 324
324 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Classic Romance
746 What could be more classic than a fine gold
locket with your photo inside? (Maybe a photo of
the two of you.)
747 Revive chivalry. Women love a real
“We do not need to think
• Open her car door for her. Hold her alike to love alike.”
—Francis David
dinner chair. Help her on with her coat.
• Older women will love the revival of
• Some younger women will need to be
encouraged to see these gestures as tokens of
respect and affection, and not as messages that men feel women
are inferior and helpless.
748 Go out dancing! Ballroom dancing is enjoying a resurgence
unlike anything since World War II. Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman,
and the Big Band sound are once again being heard in dance halls,
restaurants, clubs, and church
basements throughout the
Arthur Murray Dance Studios:
land. Sign up for ballroom
dancing lessons; it may be the
single best romantic decision
you make this decade.
749 Go for a horse-drawn carriage ride through the city—
or the country.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 325
Gregory J.P. Godek • 325
Classical Romance
750 My panel of experts has comDoes your partner
piled its official list of The Most
like the power and
Romantic Operatic Arias:
passion of
• “Deh Vieni, Non Tardar,” from The
Marriage of Figaro
Beethoven? Or the
• “Che Gelida Manina,” from La Bohème
beauty and grace of
• “Parigi, O Cara,” from La Traviata
Mozart? Or the
• “Recondita Armonia,” from Tosca
• “Bimba, Bimba, Non Piangere,” from depth and elegance
of Bach?
Madama Butterfly
• “The Flower Song,” from Carmen
• “Sì, mi chiamano Mimì,” from La Bohème
• “Celeste Aïda,” from Aïda
• “Amor Ti Vieta,” from Fedora
• “Mon Coeur S’ouvre à Ta Voix,” from Samson and Dalilah
• “Quando, Rapito In Estasi,” from Lucia di Lammermoor
751 Most Romantic Piano Concertos (just take
my word for it):
• Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 21 in C
“Tell me who admires
• Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 2 in E flat
and loves you, and I will
• Schumann’s Concerto in A Minor for Piano
tell you who you are.”
& Orchestra
—Charles Augustin
• Grieg’s Concerto in A Minor for Piano &
752 Be prepared with a Romantic Music
Library. True romantics have everything from Beethoven
to The Beatles, from Mozart to Meatloaf; from jazz to rock to
country to R&B to folk to acoustic to show tunes.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 326
326 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
753 Serenade her. Sing her favorite love song,
or “your song” to her. You don’t need to have
a great voice. Your sincerity will more than
make up for your lack of perfect pitch.
One of the most
• Sing along with The Beatles or
romantic film scenes of
Celine Dion on CD.
all time: In Say
• Get a good friend to accompany
Anything, Lloyd stands
you on guitar.
outside Diane’s window,
• If singing truly embarrasses you,
hire a local singer/guitar player
holding up a boom box
to serenade her for you.
playing their song.
Reenact this scene for
A true classic is the lazyyour lover!
Sunday-afternoon-canoe-ride on a calm,
beautiful pond, lake or river.
• Version 1: “Just Do It!”—Toss on your jeans
and T-shirt, grab a bottle of wine and some cheese, and hop in
an old rowboat and go!
• Version 2: “Your Sunday Best”—Dress up in your best clothes,
pack a great picnic basket, rent a nice canoe, and enjoy!
• Version 3: “A Victorian Afternoon”—Rent costumes! Tails and
top hat for him, hoop skirt and parasol for her! Guaranteed to
cause a stir at the shore.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 327
Gregory J.P. Godek • 327
755 Write a classic, romantic, passionate, handwritten,
heartfelt love letter. Most adults haven’t written a love letter since
high school. (Why not??
Have we lost our youthful
One guy in the Romance Class
idealism, or have we just
wrote to his wife: “Honey, I love
gotten lazy?) No excuses!
you as much as I love the Super
Sit down for twenty,
Bowl!” (She cried with relief
maybe thirty minutes, and
and happiness.)
simply put your feelings on
paper. Don’t try to be eloquent or “poetic.” Just be yourself. The effort and intention are
more important than the precise words you use.
756 Dress up for dinner at home. Tuxedo for him, evening
gown for her.
757 Hire a pianist to play during
a romantic dinner at home.
758 Anything from Tiffany’s.
Save that Tiffany’s box! That
distinctive “Tiffany’s
turquoise” box is guaranteed
to get your lover’s heart racing,
regardless of what’s inside!
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 328
328 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
759 Take a leisurely stroll through a
local park or public garden.
760 Learn calligraphy so you can
create incredible love letters for him or her.
761 Get a pair of crystal champagne flutes. Use them often!
Shakespeare-in-thePark in New York City’s
Central Park. Call 212260-2400 or visit
762 Hire a limousine for an
elegant evening out.
763 Have dinner-for-two prepared
in your home by the best chef in town.
Picture This
764 Have a special photograph blown up to poster size.
You might choose a wedding photo, or a really funny
photo of the two of you.
• You do, of course, carry a photo of her in your
wallet, don’t you?
• And you have an eight-by-ten of her on your
desk at work, right?
“Love, the key that
unlocks the bars of
—Fikayo Ositelu
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 329
Gregory J.P. Godek • 329
766 Tape funny photos of the two of you
to the refrigerator door, then add funny cartoon balloons.
767 Turn your drawer of miscellaneous
photographs and slides into a “Video Photo
Album.” Gather your favorite photos, choose
some favorite music, and have a local production studio turn them into a keepsake DVD.
Make a life-size
cardboard cutout of yourself;
and give the gift
of “yourself”!
Find your old high school yearbook picture. Add funny captions. Mail it to her. (If yours is as awful as
mine is, it could be the funniest thing you ever give her!)
769 How about an original, signed photograph of your
honey’s hero, favorite movie star, sports star, or celebrity?
Picture Perfect
770 Have his portrait painted from a photograph.
771 Capture your memories and the good times… Or, as
they say at Kodak, “For the times of your life”—take up photography. Whether you use a sophisticated digital camera or a disposable camera, it’ll add fun to your outings, and provide you with
scrapbooks full of good memories.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 330
330 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
772 You do, of course, have a photo of
your wife on your desk, don’t you?!
• If you don’t, here’s what I want you to do:
“You know you are in love
Get a nice eight-by-ten photo made,
when you see the world in
frame it, gift wrap it, and give it to yourself.
her eyes, and her eyes
Open it over breakfast with your wife,
everywhere in the world.”
then take your gift to work with you.
—David Levesque
You’ll leave her with a great memory.
• Note: Place the photo front-and-center on
your desk, not off to the side. Her smiling
face will help you keep your priorities straight
when you start to get stressed out over some seemingly important work problem.
773 Spend an entire afternoon together
Commission a
photographer to
shoot a formal
portrait of the
two of you.
taking instant pictures of each other with a digital camera. One couple simply documented
their experience of a dinner date. Another
couple spent the afternoon in bed. One
couple focused on close-ups, and another
couple focused on the artistic settings.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 331
Gregory J.P. Godek • 331
Flower Power
• On Monday place a single red rose on the
Theme Songs:
kitchen table. No note. No explanation.
• On Tuesday place one lily on the coffee
“Bed of Roses,”
Bon Jovi
• On Wednesday place one daisy in the
“Passion Flower,”
bathroom sink.
Duke Ellington
• On Thursday place one geranium on his
or her pillow.
Sheryl Crow
• On Friday place one forget-me-not in the
• On Saturday place one sunflower on the kitchen
• On Sunday present your lover with a huge bouquet made specifically with the kinds of flowers you’ve been giving all week.
775 My twenty-year survey reveals that 99.9998 percent of
all women love flowers. Basically, you can’t go wrong with flowers.
The remaining 0.0002 percent of women have the belief that,
“It’s wasteful to buy flowers that are simply going
to die in a few days.” It’s not really that they
don’t like flowers, it’s that they don’t like
“Love that is true
being wasteful. Tip: Get these gals flowering plants
never grows old.”
instead of cut flowers.
—Elben Bano
Get to know your local florist.
Become a “regular”—you’ll get better service and fresher flowers!
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 332
332 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
777 Use a flower as a “private signal.” One couple in the
Romance Class told us that for years they’ve used the “Floweron-the-Pillow” as a signal that they’re interested in making love
that night. Sounds good to me!
More Power!*
*Thanks to Tim Allen and Tool Time!
Look, guys,
this ain’t brain surgery! You want more sex? Then be more romantic. It’s as simple as that.
If you want your lover to wear lingerie
more often, why do you think that you have the right to
slouch around in your ratty boxer shorts or dirty sweat
pants?! Take a hint! Get a nice bathrobe, or
silk pajamas, or a lounging jacket, or a
Consult Redbook
Japanese kimono!
monthly for new
and exciting ways
Listen to her! Don’t problemto spice up your
solve; don’t give advice; don’t agree or dissex life!
agree. Just listen. Validate her. Honor her.
Often, when men think women are looking
for answers, they’re simply looking for compassion and
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 333
Gregory J.P. Godek • 333
781 Pick up a copy of Cosmopolitan or Glamour or Ms. or Redbook or Shape or Self or Vogue or Ladies Home Journal. (How do you
expect to know what women are thinking about and talking about
if you don’t peek at their magazines occasionally?)
Greg & Karyn
Most people celebrate “anniversaries.” Karyn and I
celebrate “Thursdayversaries”: We celebrate our first date every
week. This provides us with a frequent reminder of our romantic
early times, and it gives us a good excuse to celebrate!
Our first date didn’t even start out as a “date”—it was a casual
business get-together (bestselling author wanting to trade secrets
with talented humorist speaker) at my favorite coffee shop, the
Pacific Bean, in Pacific Beach, California. We met at 11:30 a.m.
When we looked up it was 12 hours later! We’d obviously hit it off.
The rest, as they say, is history.
And so…we declared Thursday to be “Our Day,” and we celebrate it in some manner every week. If we’re in town, we head over
to The Pacific Bean, chat over coffee, then walk-and-talk on the
beach. [Note: We placed a small brass plaque on “Our Table.”] If
we’re not together, we at least wish each other a happy anniversary.
Last year I substituted Karyn’s regular Christmas
stocking with real silk stockings. (Ho-ho-ho!!)
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 334
334 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
784 I created The LifeChart to celebrate Karyn’s birthday last
year. On poster paper I drew a timeline representing her life—
from birth to the present. Along the line are noted events from
her life: significant, outrageous, funny and serious. (I interviewed her parents and friends for items that I had no way of
knowing.) Parallel timelines indicate a few events from my life,
and some world events, for putting her life into perspective. It
became an instant heirloom.
• Maybe I’ll update it every ten years for our anniversary. That
would make a nice ritual, don’t you think?
• And then maybe on our fiftieth anniversary I’ll have the whole thing
rendered in calligraphy. (But will I be able to wait that long??)
Heart & Soul
785 For your next vacation do
something different, spiritual, and
rejuvenating. Spend a week on a spiritual retreat at a quiet sanctuary or
• Green Gulch Farm Zen Center,
Muir Beach, California. Buddhist
workshops and meditation periods in
Japanese-style surroundings on the
picturesque Pacific coast. Call 415-3833134 or visit www.sfzc.org.
Theme Songs:
“Heart and Soul,”
Jan & Dean
“Heart and Soul,”
Huey Lewis &
The News
“Heart and Soul,”
Johnny Maddox
“Heart and Soul,”
The Cleftones
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 335
Gregory J.P. Godek • 335
• The Mountain Retreat, Highlands, North Carolina. Atop a
breathtaking 4,200-foot peak overlooking the Blue Ridge mountains, you and your lover can experience retreats and workshops
hosted by the Unitarian Universalist Association. Call 828-5265838 or visit www.mountaincenters.org.
• Marie Joseph Spiritual Center, Biddeford, Maine. Followers of all
faiths are welcomed by the sisters of the Presentation of Mary to
join in daily prayers and experience the peaceful environment on
the beautiful Atlantic shore. Call 207-284-5671 or visit
Read an inspirational passage every morning and
evening. Some suggestions for inspirational readings:
• The Prophet, by Kahlil Gibran
• The Bible, by You-Know-Who
• A Course In Miracles, Foundation For Inner Peace
• Morning Notes, by Hugh Prather
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 336
336 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Moon & Stars
787 Diamond Astrological Pins! Jewelry designer A.G.A.
Correa has created an incredible collection of constellation pins.
Based on star charts, the pins
are not only elegant, they’re
Especially for diamond-lovers,
accurate: Each diamond is
sci-fi fans, and astrology nuts!
proportional to the magnitude of its corresponding star.
All of the signs of the Zodiac
are available, plus other constellations. Prices vary depending on
the number of stars in each constellation and on their magnitude. Prices range from around $1,700 to $5,600. Write to Post
Office Box 1, Edgecomb, Maine 04556, call 800-341-0788, or
visit www.agacorrea.com.
788 Inspired by the classic romantic song “Fly Me
to the Moon,” one gal is planning to take her husband to the moon. Literally! She figures that
regular commercial flights should be running
by the year 2025. Anticipating that the tickWhen was the
ets will probably be rather expensive, she
last time you
put $5,000 into an annuity fund in 1990.
took a quiet,
Here’s her rationale: “We skipped our
romantic moonlit
annual vacation for one year to set this
money aside. No big deal. And I figure that
$5,000 at a modest return of seven percent
per year will yield $53,382 in the year 2025.”
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 337
Gregory J.P. Godek • 337
789 You may not be able to give her the moon and the stars,
but you can name a star after her! The International Star Registry
will provide you with a beautiful certificate that notes the star’s
coordinates and its new name, plus star maps and stargazing
information. Though your star won’t be recognized officially by
NASA, you both will be able to cherish it forever. At only $54 per
star, this makes a great, unique gift for that person you’re starryeyed over. Call the International Star Registry at 800-282-3333,
or write to 34523 Wilson Road, Ingleside, Illinois 60041, or visit
Science Fiction
790 If your lover is a Star Wars fanatic, take a vacation in
Tunisia, where key scenes from Star Wars (Episodes One and
Four) are set, including Luke’s homestead and the Cantina. Call
TunisUSA for info on their Star Wars tours: 800-474-5500, or
visit www.tunisusa.com.
791 Rent all of the Star Trek movies and watch them over a
weekend. Rent all of the Star Wars movies. Rent all of the Alien
movies. Rent a dozen classic sci-fi movies from the 1950s and
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 338
338 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
792 Consider a stargazing vacation at the Star Hill Inn, located in
Sapello, New Mexico. The Star
Visit Forbidden Planet
Hill Inn has been a well-kept
Bookstore, the greatest scisecret of amateur astronomers
fi bookstore in the world.
and star-gazers for several years.
Call 212-473-1576 or
At 7,200 feet above sea level,
browse at 840 Broadway in
and far enough east of Santa Fe
Manhattan. Visit
to be unaffected by the nighttime
glare, the inn caters to its clientele with an observation deck, star
maps, and a well-stocked astronomy
library. Call 505-429-9998, or visit
793 If your lover would love to watch a space
shuttle (or other rocket) launch, call NASA for
timetables and other info (or visit
• 321-867-4636—will get you launch information.
James T. Kirk’s
• 321-449-4444—will get you a base pass so
birthday: March
you can watch a rocket launch from close up!
22, 2233 A.D.
• 202-358-0000—will get you NASA Public
• 321-452-2121—will connect you with the Kennedy
Space Center.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 339
Gregory J.P. Godek • 339
Wonderful Weekends
Love is timeless. And to prove it,
cover up all the clocks in your house for the
weekend. Turn them to the wall or cover
their faces. You’ll discover that time seems
to pass more leisurely when you don’t
know exactly what time it is.
Theme Song:
“Big Weekend,”
Tom Petty
795 Surprise your partner with an unexpected three-day weekend. Arrange it ahead of time
with his or her boss and staff. This may take some time to
coordinate just right, but the payoff is well worth it!
Just picture the scene: It’s a typical Friday morning. You both get
up at your usual time. You shower and get dressed. Over breakfast
you turn to your unsuspecting partner and say, “Oh, by the way,
we’ve both got the day off work today. What would you like to do?”
After your partner recovers from the shock—and showers you with kisses and thank-yous—you get to
plan the day together. What are you going to
do?? Go back to bed and sleep till noon?
Go back to bed and make love? Go for a
FYI—The weekend
drive? Go shopping? Go out for lunch?
is twenty-nine
The surprise get-away weekpercent of a week.
end is a romantic classic. Find a quaint
This is a lot of time!
bed and breakfast or picturesque inn.
Don’t waste it
Pack bags for both of you, and whisk your
doing chores!
partner away upon his or her arrival home
from work!
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 340
340 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
797 What if you have a house full of kids? Try the “Distraction Diversion”: Rent several of your kids’ favorite movies; buy a
ten-pound bag of popcorn and a bunch of juice boxes. The kids
sit hypnotically in front of the TV while the two of you escape
upstairs for some “quality time” together.
Mark Your Calendar
Surprise your
You can find something to
partner by celebrating
celebrate every day of the year in
some oddball special
Celebrate Today, by John Kremer.
occasions that you know
he or she will appreciate.
Create a fun ritual or get a
funny little gift to mark the event.
• Cat in the Hat Day is March 2nd.
• International Lefthanders Day is August
Even natural-born
• Trivia Day is January 4th.
romantics mark our
• Bad Poetry Day is August 18th.
• Take Your Pants for a Walk Day is July
Sometimes the ole
• Chicken Soup for the Soul Day is
memory slips!
November 12th.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 341
Gregory J.P. Godek • 341
799 Print up a batch of custom business cards, patterned
after a doctor’s appointment card. Something like this:
Your Next Appointment With Your Wife Is On:
The Evening’s Activities Will Begin With:
Continue With:
And Conclude With:
No cancellations. Only one rescheduling is permitted. Proper
attire is required.
Fill out several cards: Make one classically romantic, one outrageous, one sexy, one easy, one hard, one inexpensive, one
expensive, one time-consuming, one quick, etc. Mail ’em one at
a time to your lover.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 342
342 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
February 14th
800 Don’t buy roses for Valentine’s Day!
It’s common, expected, and expensive. Buy
different flowers. Flowers in her favorite
color. Flowers that match his eyes. Flowers
that send a message. Flamboyant flowers.
Tiny, delicate flowers. Lots and lots of flowers.
One single flower.
Theme Song:
“My Valentine,”
Martina McBride
Keep your eyes open for pre-Valentine’s Day articles in magazines and newspapers. Rip out the
articles, circle the best ideas, and plan accordingly. (And don’t
forget to keep those articles for future reference!)
Rose Is Rose reprinted by permission of United Feature Syndicate, Inc. © 1990.
802 Use kids’ valentines: a whole box full of silly puns and
clichés, all for just a couple of bucks.
• Mail a boxful of ’em.
• Fill the sink with them.
• Fill his briefcase full of them. • Fill her pillow with them.
• Tape them all over her car.
• Mail one a day for a month.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 343
Gregory J.P. Godek • 343
Valentine’s Day
803 Valentine’s Day is not
Even though you won’t get
the most romantic day of the
any extra credit for
year. You still have to recognize
remembering Valentine’s
it and act on it—send flowers
Day, you will certainly win
and/or chocolate and/or cards
some bonus points if you go
and/or jewelry and/or perfume
beyond generic romance.
and/or romantic gifts—but you
don’t get any extra credit for it,
guys. Valentine’s Day is one of those Obligatory Romance days.
804 Turn Valentine’s Day into a real holiday: Take the day off
work. Then spend the day in bed together. Go to the movies. Go out
to dinner. Go dancing. Take a drive. Make love. Go for a stroll.
• Mail him a Valentine’s Day card. Mail him
• Make your own, custom Valentine card.
• Write your own romantically poetic
• Or use some verses from a favorite
love song.
• Make a huge card. Use colored markers
and draw a card on poster paper or on a
refrigerator-size cardboard box!
• Send a musical greeting card.
Tip: If Valentine’s
Day falls on a
weekday, simply
shift your
celebration to the
nearest weekend.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 344
344 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
• Send her a box filled with those Valentine Conversation Heart
candies. A BIG box.
• Use Valentine Conversation Heart candies to spell out a romantic message to her. Leave it on the kitchen table or paste it to a
piece of construction paper.
• Replace all the Cheerios with Valentine Conversation Hearts.
For Lovers—of Books
• Give him a first-edition book by his favorite
• Give her a book signed by her favorite
808 Write your own book!
Theme Song:
“Storybook Love,”
Willy DeVille (from
The Princess Bride)
• A love story (non-fiction)—about the two of
• A “Romance” novel—based loosely on the two of
• A mystery, a science fiction saga, a Western.
• A picture-book—with photos or sketches of your life together.
809 If he already has that special book in hand, and you’d like
to make it even more special, you could have it bound in leather for
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 345
Gregory J.P. Godek • 345
him. Paperbacks can be made to look like family heirlooms, and old,
ratty books can be beautifully restored. Call the Argosy Bookstore at
212-753-4455, or drop in at 116 East 59th Street, New York City
10022. Visit www.argosybooks.com.
810 For fans of Ernest Hemingway:
• Visit the Hemingway Museum in Piggott, Arkansas. Visit www.hem
• Visit Hemingway’s birthplace, Oak Park, Illinois. Call 708-8482222. Visit www.ehfop.org.
• Attend the legendary “Hemingway LookAlike Contest” at Sloppy Joe’s Bar in
Key West, Florida, in July. Call
305-296-2388 (ext. 21) or
Attend a book signing by
visit www.sloppyjoes.com.
his favorite author.
Have the cover of her
favorite book made into a
poster. Have it framed for
her office.
Buy him every book written
by his favorite author.
Visit the hometown of, or
museum/library dedicated
to, her favorite author.
Vacation at locations
featured in his favorite
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 346
346 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Sex—by the Book
Humbly submitted for
If you and your partner are
your perusal, some erotic fiction:
looking for some sexy stories to
• Erotic Edge: 22 Stories for Couples, edited
set the mood right now, read
by Lonnie Barbach
some erotic fiction online! The
• Taboo: Forbidden Fantasies for Lovers, edited
by Violet Blue
following sites should provide
• Little Birds, by Anaïs Nin
plenty of inspiration:
• Naughty Bedtime Stories, by Joan Elizawww.eroticfiction.org
beth Lloyd
• Tropic of Cancer, by Henry Miller
• Tropic of Capricorn, by Henry Miller
• Wolf Tales series, by Kate Douglas
• Caramel Flava: The eroticanoir.com Anthology, edited by Zane
• The Collected Erotica, edited by Charlotte Hill and William Wallace
• Herotica: A Collection of Women’s Erotic Fiction, edited by Susie Bright
• See above, also available: Herotica 2 and Herotica 3.
Modestly submitted for your perusal, some sexy non-fiction:
• The Pop-Up Book of Sex, by Melcher Media
• She Comes First, by Ian Kerner
• He Comes Next, by Ian Kerner
• The Kama Sutra
• The Art of Seduction, by Robert Greene
• Daily Sex, by Jane Seddon
• The Joy of Sex, by Alex Comfort
• Sex & The Perfect Lover: Tao, Tantra, & The Kama Sutra, by Mabel Iam
• The Sex Bible: The Complete Guide to Sexual Love, by Susan Crain Bakos
• The Couples’ Guide to Erotic Games, by Gerald Schoenewolf
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 347
Gregory J.P. Godek • 347
Married…with Children
Guys: Give your wife a gift on your
kids’ birthdays. (Why should the kids get all the
gifts? Your wife is the one who did all the work!)
813a Sometimes you really need to
Theme Song:
“Eyes of a Child,”
The Moody Blues
escape from the kids. Time alone together is
required in order to build intimacy.
• Hang a “DO NOT DISTURB” sign on your
bedroom door when you want a little privacy. Enforce
this directive strictly! (Teach your rug rats to read “Do not disturb,” before “Once upon a time.”)
• Declare every Wednesday to be Mom’s and
Dad’s “date night.” Just go off by yourselves
for a couple of hours. Maybe just take a
walk or go out for coffee. It makes a
“Marriage is not a ritual
great, rejuvenating break in the
or an end. It is a long,
middle of the week.
intricate, intimate dance
together and nothing
matters more than your
own sense of balance and
your choice of partner.”
—Amy Bloom
813b Sometimes it’s great
to include your children in your
romantic adventures. (How else are
they going to learn how loving
adults are supposed to act?!)
• Take vacations at family-oriented resorts.
When there are lots of things for the kids
to do, it takes the pressure off you. The
kids will have a better time and so will you.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 348
348 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
• Declare every Thursday to be “family night.” Make a special
point to have dinner together. Play a board game. Pile onto the
couch and watch a movie together. Take a walk together. Read
aloud from a favorite book.
Kid Stuff
814 Instead of having the babysitter
come in while the two of you go out, have
the babysitter take the kids out—while you two stay
home! Send all of them to a movie—a double
feature. (“Now, what was it we used to do
with all this peace and quiet? Oh, yes…!”)
Theme Song:
Kenny Chesney
815 Send your kids to summer camp. It
just might revitalize your marriage unlike any specific
romantic gesture ever could! Some resources:
• American Camping Association: 800-428-CAMP,
• National Camp Association: 800-966-CAMP,
• Tips on Trips and Camps Service: 866-222-TIPS,
816 Guys: Add Mother’s Day to your list of Obligatory Romance
dates to observe. Mark it on your calendar now.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 349
Gregory J.P. Godek • 349
817 Make special “Love Coupons” to
help each other deal with the kids:
• An “I’ll get up in the middle of the night
with the baby” coupon.
• An “It’s my turn to stay home with the
next sick kid” coupon.
• A coupon for “Five ‘taxi trips’: Hauling
the kids to soccer practice.”
• An “I’ll cook the kids’ dinner” coupon.
True romantics
retain a childlike
mindset. Therein
lies wonder, joy,
and a natural,
uninhibited way of
expressing love.
Rituals of Romance
For your next anniversary: Write a short,
sweet poem titled, “Another Wonderful Year with
You.” Then for the following year, write another
poem (same title). This ritual gives you a
built-in gift every year!
Rituals heighten
For your twenty-fifth or fiftieth anniverthe meaning of
sary you might collect the poems into a
special events in
book, or have them all framed, or have
our lives.
them rendered in elegant calligraphy.
819 One couple in the Romance Class
told us that they celebrate the changing of the seasons by taking a walk together on the first day of summer, autumn, winter, and spring—regardless of the weather.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 350
350 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
820 Another couple plants a new
rose bush on their anniversary to celebrate another year together.
821 One man brings his wife
a cup of tea before bed every
night—whether she wants one or not.
• Write a toast, just for the two of
Surprise her with
roses from your
special garden—daily!
Put them on her
pillow, tape them to
the bathroom mirror,
arrange them in a
vase on the table—
the sky is the limit!
you. Use it whenever having wine.
• Write two toasts: One for private use, and
one for public use.
• Write a new toast once a year.
• Write a toast that incorporates lyrics from her favorite love song.
Romantic Rituals
Some couples have morning rituals:
They spend ten minutes talking in bed
before rising.
• They read an affirmation aloud to one
• They make a point of kissing before parting.
Theme Song:
“The Things
That We Do,”
Yolanda Adams
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 351
Gregory J.P. Godek • 351
824 Some couples have evening rituals:
• They go for a walk after dinner together.
• They meditate silently together.
• They take turns every other night giving
each other backrubs.
Buy a wall calendar for
And, there are Sunyour kitchen. Instead
day morning rituals:
of penciling in
• Attending a church service
doctor’s appointments
and meetings, use it
• Reading the Sunday funto plan your romantic
nies aloud to each other.
outings, movie nights,
• Sunday brunch.
and vacations! The
My wife and I have
calendar will be a
a little “car ritual” we’ve pergreat keepsake to
formed for as long as we’ve
remind you of all the
known each other: I always open the
things you have done
car door for her (regardless of which
as a couple.
one of us is driving), and she always leans
over and unlocks my door from the inside. I
never really thought of it as a “ritual” until recently. It’s just a little thing we always do that helps us not take the other for granted.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 352
352 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Oldies but Goodies
827 Romantic inspiration from the famous Burma Shave
roadside ads. (Ask a senior citizen to explain it to
you.) Hang a series of four brief-andSome Oldies
clever signs in your house.
But Goodies:
“I Can’t Give You Anything
but Love” (1928)
“All of Me” (1931)
“I’m Getting Sentimental
Over You” (1932)
“Let’s Fall in
Love” (1933)
“I’m in the Mood
for Love” (1935)
Hold your own
“In the Still of the
“Oldies But Goodies” nights at
Night” (1936)
home. Here are some different
“My Funny
themes that Romance Class particiValentine” (1937)
pants have tried:
• The 1920s: complete with
“The time to begin most
things is ten years ago.”
—Mignon McLaughlin
flapper outfits and jazz.
• WWII: complete with military uniforms, USO
posters and patriotic music.
• The 1960s: love beads, Woodstock, old jeans,
and tie-dyed T-shirts!
• The Victorian Era: with rented costumes, minuets
and horse-drawn carriage rides!
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 353
Gregory J.P. Godek • 353
829 Creating a nostalgic mood will help
you remember (then recreate!) those
favorite romantic memories. Look for
popular music from the 1930s,
’40s, ’50s and ’60s in stores or
visit www.cdnow.com to order
some great romantic classics.
More Oldies
But Goodies:
“Some Like It
Hot” (1939)
“You Made Me
Love You” (1941)
“People Will Say
We’re in Love” (1943)
“As Time
Goes By” (1943)
Journey” (1945)
“Some Enchanted Evening”
“Love Is a Many Splendored
Thing” (1955)
“Moon River” (1961)
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 354
354 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Oldies but Goodies: Movies
Hold an at-home “Romantic Oldies But Goodies”
movie festival, organized by decade. Great for recreating memories.
Movies from the 1930s
• Gone With the Wind
• Camille
• The Awful Truth
• Wuthering Heights
• The Thin Man
• City Lights
Movies from the 1950s
• The African Queen
• Roman Holiday
• An Affair to Remember
• Sabrina
• South Pacific
• Pillow Talk
Movies from the 1970s
• The Way We Were
• Annie Hall
• Robin and Marian
• Love Story
• The Goodbye Girl
• Mahogany
Movies from the 1940s
• Casablanca
• The Shop Around the Corner
• Adam’s Rib
• The Philadelphia Story
• Now, Voyager
• To Have and Have Not
Movies from the 1960s
• Doctor Zhivago
• Breakfast at Tiffany’s
• West Side Story
• David and Lisa
• Splendor in the Grass
• Two for the Road
Movies from the 1980s
• An Officer and a Gentleman
• The Princess Bride
• When Harry Met Sally
• Moonstruck
• Say Anything
• Dirty Dancing
Movies from the 1990s
• Shakespeare in Love
• You’ve Got Mail
• Ghost
• Titanic
• Pretty Woman
• Sleepless in Seattle
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 355
Gregory J.P. Godek • 355
Movie Madness
831 Present her with a framed movie poster from her alltime-favorite movie! Vintage or current, romantic, dramatic, or
funny! Prices vary depending on availability, size, age, and condition. Call Jerry Ohlinger’s Movie Material Store at 212-9890869 or visit www.moviematerials.com. They have a vast
assortment of stuff from the 1930s to the present. Visit their
amazing shop at 253 West 35th Street, New York, New York
832 Or create themes for your At-Home Video Film Festivals. Choose your lover’s favorite “type” or genre of movie.
• Comedy
• All of the Beatles’ movies
• Science fiction
• All Rocky Balboa movies
• Silent films
• All Woody Allen movies
• Elvis movies
• James Bond movies
• All of the Pink Panther movies • All of John Wayne’s films
Don’t neglect the many classic film
series hosted by local colleges and universities,
YMCAs, museums, and classic theaters.
834 And
don’t forget about
drive-ins! They’re a great way to inspire
some nostalgia and ignite some passion.
What is your
partner’s favorite
movie of all time?
(What insights does
this reveal about his
or her personality?)
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 356
356 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Mad About You
835 She hung a thirty-six-inch-wide
Theme Songs:
strip of butcher paper on the wall. She
then painted her body with water-based
“Mad About You,”
red tempera paint, then struck a pose and
Belinda Carlisle
“Mad About
pressed her painted body against the
You,” Sting
paper—creating a very personalized and
definitely one-of-a-kind work of art. She let
it dry, rolled it up, tied it with a red ribbon, and
gave it to her husband for Valentine’s Day. He still
talks about it to this day.
836 He always did have a tendency to “overdo” things. One
year he rented a limousine for her birthday. She enjoyed it so much
that the following year he rented the limo again…but this time he
rented it for an entire week! So in addition to their fancy night on the
town, she got chauffeured to the supermarket, to the dry
cleaner, to church; the kids got chauffeured to
school, to soccer practice, to the playground. A
memorable experience for one and all!
Remember when
It was Sally’s birthday, but her
you were “mad
husband David hadn’t acknowledged it all
about” each other?
day, and Sally’s disappointment was startYou can recreate
ing to turn into anger. Then David asked
that feeling!
her to run some errands for him while he
went out to play golf, and her heart just sank.
She gave up.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 357
Gregory J.P. Godek • 357
While walking dejectedly through the mall she did a double-take at a
store mannequin who looked remarkably like David. Then the mannequin winked at her. It was David, who stepped out of the store window
and kissed her. Dressed in a tuxedo, he led her to the dress department, where he bought her an elegant evening gown. Then, in their
formal attire, they went out to the best French restaurant in town.
Great Escapes
838 Don’t just “go to the islands”—rent a private island for a
truly amazing fantasy vacation or honeymoon!
• Turtle Island, Fiji—the location for the film The Blue Lagoon. Call
877-288-7853 or visit www.turtlefiji.com.
• Little Palm Island, Florida—an exotic honeymoon
hideaway in the Keys. Call 800-343-8567 or
visit www.littlepalmisland.com.
Escape from the
Visit Liverpool, England,
for a “Magical Mystery Tour” of The Escape from the clock.
Beatles’ hometown. Walk down Penny Escape from the stress.
Lane, see the Cavern Club, visit the
Escape from the kids.
multi-media exhibit, and ponder the
Escape from the
Eleanor Rigby statue (dedicated to
Rat Race.
“All the lonely people.”) And, of
Escape from
course, there’s The Beatles Shop, which is
chock-full of memorabilia and music.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 358
358 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
The romance of the open road…the vacation that
never ends…the RV lifestyle! (Some people think that “RV” stands
for “Recreational Vehicle.” I say it stands for “Romantic Vehicle.”)
Call 800-327-7778 or visit www.cruiseamerica.com for
CruiseAmerica, which rents all makes and sizes of RVs—so you
can try different units before buying one.
841 Go for a “mystery drive” in the country. Keep to the
back roads and ignore the map. Agree to have lunch at the first
charming inn or classic diner you pass. If you stumble onto a
quaint bed-and-breakfast, stay the night! (You do, of course, have
“His” and “Hers” overnight bags stored in the trunk, don’t you?!)
Getting Away from It All
The top five “romantic images,” from polling thousands of Romance Class participants:
1. Candlelight dinner
2. A classic wedding ceremony
3. Cuddling in front of a roaring
4. Walking on a beach
Some of my most romantic
5. An ocean cruise
memories involve cruises.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 359
Gregory J.P. Godek • 359
When you’re ready to take the ultimate in romantic vacations and
you want to book a cruise, my suggestion is to talk to lots of people
and see whom they recommend. Norwegian Cruise Line keeps popping up at the top of the list. For destinations, schedules, info on
their ships and services: 800-327-7030, www.ncl.com.
843 Before going on vacation, get stacks of brochures,
posters, and books about your upcoming destination. Mail them
to your partner on a regular basis. It will help build the anticipation for your vacation.
844 Two opposite approaches to spending money on vacations:
• Spend as little as possible on accommodations, and as much as possible
on dining out! Some folks appreciate a great
meal more than anything. This approach
allows them to indulge without guilt!
• Pamper yourselves with the most luxurious
room you can find, and save money by
Great travel resource:
cutting other corners, like eating frugally
Modern Bride
and avoiding costly tourist traps.
Honeymoons and
Some folks create a “love nest” out
of their vacation room and settle in
Weddings Away, by
for a week of loving, reading, cudGeri Bain.
dling, and relaxing.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 360
360 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Nobody knows why
these lists always
jump by five-year
intervals following
number fifteen! (It’s
up to you to fill in the
in-between years!)
An Anniversary Gift List
I pose this question in my
Romance Classes: “Just who made up this
anniversary gift list, anyway?” Well, no
one has been able to answer the question
definitively, so I figure my gift list is as
good as anybody’s!
Desk sets
Diamond jewelry
Fashion jewelry
Gold jewelry
A cruise
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 361
Gregory J.P. Godek • 361
Rolls Royce
Paris vacation
A Romantic Basics Checklist
Here, in checklist form, are all of
the “Romantic Basics.” These items are
described and expanded upon elsewhere in
this book, but here’s a quick-and-handy reference page for you.
Love songs
Love poetry
Ballroom dancing
Dinner out
Dinner at home
Formal dates
Love Coupons
How would you
this list?
Greeting cards
Love letters
Love notes
Breakfast in bed
Movie at a theater
Movie at home
Little surprises
Handmade cards
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 362
362 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Classic gold chain
Romantic fantasies
Sexy fantasies
Special holidays
Heart-shaped box of candy
Having sex
Making love
Drive-in movies
Bed and breakfasts
Hotel suites
Valentine’s Day
Crystal champagne flutes
Generating Ideas
847 Set a goal of generating or discovering one new romantic idea each day for a year.
(Your commitment will help draw ideas to
“You will find as you look
you.) Keep your notes, articles, comics,
back upon your life that the
ads, and miscellaneous reminders in a
moments when you have
shoebox under your bed.
truly lived are the moments
when you have done things
Train your subconscious
in the spirit of love.”
mind to find romantic ideas for you. Hey,
—Henry Drummond
why should your subconscious mind be
doing nothing but daydreaming all day long
while the rest of your mind is doing all the work?
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 363
Gregory J.P. Godek • 363
Scientists say that we only use about 10 percent of our brains: This
is a way to boost your brain efficiency to 25 percent or better!
Seriously, you can assign a small portion of your brain the task
of being constantly on the lookout for romantic ideas. The goal
is to retrain your mind to stop filtering out those ideas, and start letting them come to the attention of your conscious mind. What
starts happening is that romantic articles and gift ideas will start
“jumping out at you.” Guaranteed.
849 Practice creating “Variations on a Theme” for generating romantic ideas. Start with any idea and build on it, expand
it, extend it.
• Start with “greeting cards”: Buy one; buy a hundred!
Make some yourself. Send one-a-day for a
week, send one-a-day for a month! Frame
some cards that she’s given you.
• Start with “candy”: What’s her favorite?
You have
Buy ten pounds of it. Fill her shoes with
candy; fill her purse, her glove comuntapped reservoirs
partment, her pillow. Send it to her at
of creativity inside!
work. Spell out words with it. Create
trails throughout the house with it.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 364
364 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Romantic Brainstorming
Hold a “Romantic Idea BrainChapter
storming Session” with a group of friends.
Serve pizza and beer. Hand out pads of
Theme Song:
paper and markers. Use a large pad on an
“Think About It,”
easel to compile ideas.
Will Young
The goal is to generate as many ideas as possible in one hour: serious and silly, practical
and unrealistic, expensive and inexpensive,
thoughtful and outrageous, sweet and sexy.
Generate romantic ideas using your partner’s likes,
passions, and favorite things. What’s his or her favorite color,
favorite author, poet, artist, movie, TV show, song, singer, wine,
perfume, restaurant, ice cream, sport, or flower? Use this knowledge as a springboard for creating romantic ideas that you know
will be unique and special.
852 Tap into the strength of your own
personal style and your special talents. Do
you have a flair for writing, dancing, building things, organizing, cooking, or drawing? Use these talents and abilities to
enhance the romance in your life!
Sit down and take an inventory of your
own personal talents, interests, skills, aptitudes, and passions. Write a list. Use it as an
Keep a romantic
ideas journal in a
secret (but
accessible) place.
As ideas come to
you, be sure to
log them!
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 365
Gregory J.P. Godek • 365
853 Institute the “Buddy System.” Team up with a good
friend and act as each other’s personal “Romance Coach.”
Encourage each other, trade ideas, remind each other of important dates, compare notes, and share new discoveries.
A Kick in the Pants
Do you take your partner for
granted? Well, stop it! Taking your partner for
granted is not only the death of romance, but
could well be the death of your relationship.
I dare you to
be romantic!
855 Take a risk—be romantic. I dare you.
Being truly romantic is a risky thing to do. I
respect this difficulty and at the same time encourage
you to leap off the cliff. Being truly romantic involves opening yourself up and revealing your feelings. Let’s face it, nobody
wants to be burned, and it’s hard to risk a broken heart when
you’ve been through a number of relationships.
• But if you’re not going to open up to your lover, who else is there?
• And if you’re consciously choosing not to open up, you might
want to ask yourself what you’re afraid of, or what you’re hiding.
• And if you’re not going to be romantic and open up, then
what’s the point of being in a relationship in the first place?!
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 366
366 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
856 Change one bad habit. Just one! (You’ll be helping yourself as well as pleasing your partner!) Lose those ten
pounds you’ve been meaning to shed. Stop smoking. Eat
more healthfully. Dress better. Exercise more. Listen
better. Be more courteous. Slow your pace.
Go for it!
Motivating Your Partner to Be
More Romantic
The Nice Approach
Do things that your partner will interpret as loving gestures. Do
these things without an attitude, without expecting anything in
return, and without any wise comments.
Most people respond in kind. It might take a week or two, but
most people do come around. Now don’t forget that love is worth
working on, and that these things take time.
858 The Psychological Approach
Don’t try to get him to be more romantic to you. Instead, aim at changing his
level of awareness about the need for more romance/intimacy/communication in your relationship. Successful long-term changes
in behavior usually follow a change in awareness. If you start with
behavior modification, you’ll probably only produce short-term
results. Some techniques for raising awareness include:
• Simply talking (heart-to-heart)
• Model romantic behavior (“Monkey see, monkey do!”)
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 367
Gregory J.P. Godek • 367
• Getting like-minded friends to set him straight
• Good psychology/relationship books
• A class or seminar on love and relationships
• Couples counseling
859 The Give-and-Take Approach
If you have a really reluctant partner, I recommend that you play a
lighthearted game that I call, “I’ll do this for you if you’ll do that
for me.” You might trade meals, chores, sex, erotic fantasies,
back rubs, babysitting, naps, or balancing the checkbook. This
simple and fun approach often works to recharge a relationship
when the more sophisticated “psychological” approaches fail.
Motivating the Romantically Impaired
A major reason why some people aren’t romantic is
that a lack of it doesn’t affect them. If you want him to be more
romantic, but he’s satisfied with the status quo…“Well, tough
luck—that’s your problem!” he says/thinks.
The solution? Simple: Make it his problem. People only really solve
problems that they see as problems that relate to themselves.
How do you “make it his problem”? Well, you start by telling
him up front what you want (more romance), and how you want it
(circle your favorite items in this book!). You need to be specific,
positive, and loving in your approach.
It might help both of you to remember that problems (especially
relationship problems) are actually opportunities in disguise! I’ve seen
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 368
368 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
couples use this technique to transform frustrating D- Relationships
into happy, solid B+ Relationships. (You can do it, too!)
861 Seven Ways to Woo a Workaholic Away
from Work
No, the
1. Promise your partner the best sex of his
or her life—
2. Follow through on your promise!
Impaired are not
3. (If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!): Creentitled to use
ate a business together.
parking spaces for
4. Make a “Mission Impossible” audio tape
the handicapped.
that leads him or her to a mystery date with you.
5. Book a hotel room—within walking distance of his office—and invite him over for an
afternoon “meeting.”
6. Meet him for lunch; dress very sexy. Then coyly ask him
if he’d like another lunch date next week.
7. Have a courier deliver a steamy love letter to her office.
Attitude Adjustment Section
Be spontaneous. Be silly. Lower your inhibitions.
Express your love. If you do these things, you’ll automatically be
863 Try being totally positive, accepting, supportive and
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 369
Gregory J.P. Godek • 369
nonjudgmental for one entire week. No complaining, nagging, preaching, etc. It may
“Is not this the true
change your life!
romantic feeling—not
to desire to escape life,
but to prevent life from
• Loosen your purse strings.
• Loosen your schedule.
escaping you?”
• Loosen your tie.
—Thomas Wolfe
• Loosen your attitude.
• Loosen your inhibitions.
865 Want to keep your marriage fresh and vital?
Live as lovers. Not just as husband and wife, mother and father,
workers and housekeepers, caregivers and bill payers. First and
foremost you are lovers. Remember that’s how you started your relationship. You can recapture the glow, the passion and the excitement. It’s largely a mindset, followed by a few active gestures.
For one week, make this your affirmation, your mantra, your prayer:
Live as lovers. Post notes to yourselves, remind each other, and practice!
License to Love
Create a custom CD or
iPod play list of romantic love songs
for her.
• Choose a dozen great songs and
put them on a CD or iPod.
Drive by his parking lot
at work. Attach
balloons to the side
mirror. Tape streamers
to the back windshield.
Leave a love note on
the front seat.
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Page 370
370 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
• Listen to the music together in the car. Sing the solos to her.
Sing the harmonies together. Sing the duets at the top of your
867 Surprise her with a personalized license plate!
Most states charge somewhere between $50 and $100 a year.
“Code Phrases”:
• Her initials
• Both of your initials
• Her birth date
• Your anniversary date
• Your pet name for her
Many of the most popular and common names and phrases are
already taken, so you’ll have to use a little creativity. Consider
these possibilities, and use them to spark your own ideas:
Note: The most populous states usually have the most digits in
their license plates, giving the creative copywriter more flexibility. (One innovative man in the Romance Class registered his
wife’s car in a neighboring state, New York, so he
could use seven digits to spell out his wife’s
Pun alert!
• Jim’s wife is a graphic artist. He created for her an “artistic
license” that hangs on her office wall.
• Harriet’s husband writes poetry in his spare time. For his birthday
she created a “poetic license” that he carries proudly in his wallet.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 371
Gregory J.P. Godek • 371
Theme Song:
“(I’m Your)
Baby,You Can Drive My Car
Place a little love note or poem
under the driver’s side windshield wiper of
his or her car.
True romantics let nothing stand in
their way: If it’s rainy or snowy,
place the love note in a Ziploc bag!
870 Other items to put under the windshield wiper:
• A single rose
• A candy bar
• Wildflowers
• A little book
• A poem
• A pizza coupon
• A cartoon
• A Love Coupon
• A short note
871 Buying a new car? Arrange to have it
delivered one day earlier than she expects it, park
it in the driveway, and wait for her to notice it.
Wrap the car with
a big red bow!
872 Write and design a fake traffic ticket;
place it under the windshield wiper. Possible violations include:
• Leaving the scene of a love affair
• Speeding down the highway of life
• Driving me crazy
Possible options for making restitution include:
• Taking the judge out to dinner
• Bribing the officer with sexual favors
• One sensual backrub
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 372
372 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Little Love Stories (I)
873 She gave him the key to her apartment in a velvet jewelry box. On the card she wrote: “You hold the key to my happiness, and now you hold the key to my home. You’ve unlocked my
heart. Please don’t break it.”
874 During their seven years of dating he’d given her many
flowers. During their long-awaited wedding ceremony she surprised him with a roomful of flowers—the very flowers he had
given her. She’d had every flower he’d ever given her carefully and lovingly dried or pressed.
Calvin and Hobbes, Copyright © 1987. Reprinted with permission of Universal Press Syndicate.
875 At a farmhouse in Iowa: A wire fence runs along the
western side of the Smiths’ house. One morning Sara notices
hundreds of red ribbons hanging like streamers from the fence.
She asks Fred about it, but gets only a mischievous grin in return.
Later that day when the wind starts blowing and the ribbons start
flapping, Sara sees that they are tied in a pattern that spells out “I
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 373
Gregory J.P. Godek • 373
Little Love Stories (II)
876 Charlie and his girlfriend Randi were aboard Continental Airlines flight 191 from Newark to San Francisco. Shortly
after takeoff the pilot made this announcement: “I have an
important message for the passenger in seat 3-B. Will you marry
the gentleman in seat 3-A? If the answer is yes, press the Call
Button for the flight attendant.” As Randi burst into tears, Charlie kept saying “Push the button!” When she did, a flight attendant came up with a silver tray, champagne, and the ring!
Mary was a Beanie
Baby fanatic. Her husband, Bob,
hired a custom doll-maker to
create a “Beanie Bob” for her.
Bob credits the comic strip
Bizarro, by Dan Pirato, for
this idea.
878 Tom arrived home
from running errands one Saturday morning to find his wife,
Susan, gone. His daughter handed him a note from her:
“Go to the drug store. See the pharmacist.” Even though his
first reaction was, “Why? Who’s sick?” he went along. What
else could he do but follow instructions? When he started
up the car, a tape of romantic music started playing.
“Love creates an
(“Ah, ha! I think something’s going on here!”) The
‘us’ without
pharmacist had a card for him: “Happy Anniverdestroying a
sary!—Now, head for the liquor store!” A bottle of
champagne was waiting for him there, along with
another note: “Ready to celebrate? Not yet! On to the
—Leo Buscaglia
men’s shop first!” A monogrammed shirt was his sur-
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 374
374 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
prise there. The note was no longer a surprise: “Almost done!
But first, please stop at the grocery store.” A picnic basket packed
with goodies was ready for him there.
The last note simply had an address on it. It led him to a
romantic little bed and breakfast, where Susan was waiting for
him. The rest, as they say, is history.
Notes from an A+ Relationship
While everyone knows that commitment is
important in a relationship, only folks with A+
Relationships are specific about their commitments. These are the dozen best relationship commitments generated during
How to spot people
twenty years of my Romance Classes:
who have an A+
1. Commit yourselves to your relationship.
2. Commit to spending 10 percent
Relationship : Look
more time together.
for the sparkle in
3. Commit yourselves to being less judgtheir eyes.
4. Commit yourselves to living up to your
wedding vows.
5. Commit yourselves to having more fun together.
6. Commit yourselves to practicing your religious beliefs on your
7. Commit yourselves to seeing your partner’s negative behaviors
as calls for love.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 375
Gregory J.P. Godek • 375
8. Commit to communicating your feelings fully.
9. Commit yourselves to your partner’s happiness.
10. Commit yourselves to feeling your feelings of love.
11. Commit yourselves to
acting on your feelings
of love.
Did you know—?
12. Commit yourselves to
Having an A+ Relationship can
listening to the voice
help you live a longer and
of love inside you.
healthier life. This is not simply
• Touch your partner—
common sense, but has been
proven medically. See these two
books by Dean Ornish, M.D.:
Love & Survival: The Scientific Basis for
the Healing Power of Intimacy, and
Love & Survival: 8 Pathways to Intimacy
& Health
with your eyes.
• Touch your partner—
with your words.
• Touch your partner—
with gifts and presents.
• Touch your partner—with
your thoughts, prayers, and
• Touch your partner—with your actions.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 376
376 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Recipe for an A+ Relationship
Overview: Recipe takes 2 individuals and turns them
into 1 couple.
Background: Gather ingredients over time, and
practice cooking for twenty to thirty years.
The first two years
1 cup attraction
tend to be spicy.
1 cup compatibility
The middle years
2 nuts
1 quart honesty (with 2 quarts compartend to be nutty.
The later years tend
1 pint each of faith, hope, and charity:
to be savory. But
Combine and mix vigorously
they’re all delicious!
1 dash thoughtfulness
1 pinch
2 pints cooperation
Each day tastes
combined with 2 pints
different. This is
normal. Some days are
2 quarts forgiveness
sweet. Some days are
2 gallons sense of humor
2 pounds sex (raw)
sour. Some days are
Plus an endless supply of love, sex,
smooth. Some days
and romance, in the ratio 2:1:3.
are chewy and difficult.
Some days are spicy.
Combine all ingredients and stir like
Some days are hard to
crazy. Leave medium lumps. (If too
swallow. But every day
smooth, days will be boring; but if
too big, problems will be too
is exactly what you
big to swallow.) Heat with passion but
need, and the portions
never bring to a boil!
are just right for your
Spice to your personal taste.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 377
Gregory J.P. Godek • 377
Important! Pass down this
recipe to your children and
to future generations.
Yields 50 or more years of
Divide into 50 years and serve
Sub-divide each year into 365
days; savor each day individually.
Romance Across America
• Visit all fifty states—one or two a year for as long as it takes.
• Camp in every national park in the country.
• Then, start on the state parks.
Go whitewater rafting! Adventurous folks at these
firms will get you started downstream:
• Appalachian Wildwaters:
800-624-8060, www.awrafts.com
• USA Raft: 800-USA-RAFT, www.usaraft.com
• Rio Grande Adventures: 800-343-1640
884 Bicycle across the United States! The 4,500-mile
TransAmerica Bicycle Trail follows side roads and uncrowded
state routes through rural America. The trail goes from Yorktown,
Virginia to Astoria, Oregon, and takes from fifty to ninety days to
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 378
378 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
complete. For more information, call Adventure Cycling at 800755-2453 or 406-721-1776, or write P.O. Box 8308, Missoula,
Montana 59802, or visit www.adv-cycling.org.
885 Attend one of America’s many hot air balloon festivals.
• The National Balloon Classic: early August, in Indianola, Iowa.
Call 515-961-8415.
• The International Balloon Fiesta: mid-October, in Albuquerque,
New Mexico. Call 888-422-7277 or visit www.balloonfiesta.com.
Bonus Spots:
• When you’re in Rochester, New York:
Dine at Café Cupid. (A stunningly romantic little place!) 754 East
Ridge Road, in Irondequoit. Call 585-342-2640.
Shop at the coolest gift shop in America, The Parkleigh, 215
Park Avenue in Rochester. Call 800-333-0627, or visit
• When you’re in Springfield, Massachusetts:
Visit the Titanic Museum (the ship, not the movie). Call 413-5434770, or visit www.titanichistoricalsociety.com.
• When you’re in Atlanta, Georgia:
Take your chatterbox to visit the Bellsouth Telephone Museum.
Call 404-986-3289.
• When you’re in Fort Wayne, Indiana:
Visit the butterfly aviary at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo. Call
260-427-6800, or visit www.kidszoo.com.
• When you’re in Phoenix, Arizona:
Visit the Hall of Flame Museum of Firefighting. Call 602-2753473 or visit www.hallofflame.org.
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Page 379
Gregory J.P. Godek • 379
Romance Around the World
Some recommendations from Romance Class participants:
The most romantic restaurant in Vienna: Steirereck
• The most romantic restaurant in Amsterdam: De Goudsbloem
• The most romantic restaurant in Rome: “Les Etoiles” Roof
• The most romantic restaurant in Stockholm: Hasselbacken
• The most romantic hotel in Paris: L’Hotel
• The most romantic hotel in Vienna: Romischer Kaiser
• The most romantic hotel in Rome: Guesthouse Arco dé Tolomei
• The most romantic hotel in Amsterdam: Pulitzer
• The most romantic hotel in Copenhagen: Skovshoved
• The most romantic hotel in Madrid: Santa Mauro
888 If your lover loves the beach, plan a vacation to one of
the great beaches of the world. Choose a beach based on the kind
of beach activity he/she likes to indulge in:
A+ for unspoiled:
• Barbuda, West Indies
• Kea, Greek Islands
A+ for lazing:
• Isla de Cozumel, Mexico
• Molokai, Hawaii
• North Island, New Zealand
A+ for beachcombing:
• Mindoro, Philippines
• Sanibel Island, Florida
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 380
380 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Bonus Travel Tips:
• Austria: 212-944-6880, www.austriatourism.com
• Belgium: 212-758-8130, www.visitbelgium.com
• England: 800-462-2748, www.visitbritain.com
• Cyprus: 212-683-5280, www.cyprustourism.org
• Denmark: 212-885-9700, www.visitdenmark.com
• Finland: 800-346-4636, 212-885-9700, www.visitfinland.com
• France: 310-271-6665, www.francetourism.com
• Germany: 800-651-7010, www.cometogermany.com
• Greece: 213-626-6696, www.gnto.gr
• Iceland: 212-885-9700, www.icelandtouristboard.com
• Ireland: 800-223-6470, www.discoverireland.com
• Italy: 310-820-0098, www.italiantourism.com
• Netherlands: 888-464-6552, www.us.holland.com
• Norway: 212-885-9700, www.norway.org
• Poland: 201-420-9910, www.polandtour.org
• Portugal: 800-767-8842, www.portugal.org
• Sweden: 212-885-9700, www.visitsweden.com
• Switzerland: 877-794-8037, www.myswitzerland.com
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Page 381
Gregory J.P. Godek • 381
The Right Stuff
889 Psychological experiments have
shown that most people can turn a new
behavior into a habit in three weeks. Their
“True love comes quietly,
experiments involved boring activities
without banners or
like exercising or waking up an hour
flashing lights. If you
earlier than usual. My suggestion (as
hear bells, get your ears
you might have guessed) is that you
conduct your own experiment in turn—Erich Segal
ing romantic behavior into a habit.
Here’s a possible approach to your Experiment In Romance: For three weeks—that’s
twenty-one straight days—practice these behaviors:
• Say “I love you” to your partner at least five times a day.
• Find at least one romantic idea in the newspaper every day.
• Call your partner from work at least three times a day.
• Reduce your TV-watching by one hour per night. Do something together with that time.
• Make love at least twice a week.
• Circle ten ideas in this book that you think your
partner would enjoy. Discuss them with him/her.
• Surprise your partner in some small way every
Start your
other day.
At the end of three weeks you’ll be a more
romantic person. You may not become
Valentino, but you will be more aware of the
today! See
importance of romance in your life, you’ll be
instant results!
more in touch with your own feelings of love,
and you’ll be in closer touch with your lover.
Not a bad habit, huh?!
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 382
382 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
The Write Stuff
890 Some books on love, relationships, men and women, etc.
• Love and Respect Workbook, by Emerson Eggerichs & Fritz Ridenour
• Living, Loving & Learning, by Leo Buscaglia
• The New Rules of Marriage, by Terrence Real
• Dear Lover: A Woman’s Guide to Men, Sex, & Love’s Deepest Bliss, by David Deida
• Love, by Leo Buscaglia
• How to Be an Adult in Relationships, by David Richo
• Ten Lessons to Transform Your Marriage, by John M. Gottman, Ph.D.,
Julie Schwartz Gottman, Ph.D. & Joan DeClaire
• Loving Each Other, by Leo Buscaglia
• The Truth About Love, by Dr. Patricia Love
• Men, Love, & Sex, by David Zinczenko, Ted Spiker & Stephen Hoye
• Keeping the Love You Find, by Harville Hendrix
• Iron John, by Robert Bly
891 Some fun and funny books about relationships, love and/or sex:
• Dave Barry’s Guide to Marriage and/or Sex, by Dave Barry
• Mack Tactics: The Science of Seduction Meets the Art of Hostage Negotiation, by
Christopher Curtis & Rob Wiser
• Dating, Mating, & Manhandling: The Ornithological Guide to Men, by Lauren
Frances & Konstantin Kakanias
• Why Did I Marry You, Anyway? by Arlene Modica Matthews
892 Be prepared: Write
it down! Make a list of at least
ten little things you know your
partner would love. Would she
love a massage? Would he love
A Bookstore Coupon
Good for a one-hour
shopping spree in the
bookstore of your choice.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 383
Gregory J.P. Godek • 383
a special dessert? Would she love to have her car waxed? Would
he love a new CD?
Don’t put this off until later—write this list by the end of the day
today. Then keep this list with you as a reminder. Commit yourself to accomplishing one item per week over the next ten weeks.
Real Men Are Romantic
893 Do something with her that you
normally hate doing (and do it cheerfully
without complaint). Go dress shopping
with her; go out to a movie with her;
attend the ballet with her; do some
gardening with her.
Proof that Real Men
are romantic:
Clint “Dirty Harry”
Eastwood directed and
Do something for her
starred in The Bridges of
that you hate doing (and do it
Madison County, one of
cheerfully and without complaint).
the most romantic
Go grocery shopping, wash the
movies of all time.
dishes, weed the garden, get up in the
middle of the night with the baby.
895 Shave on Saturday night.
896 Do you treat your employees better than you treat the
woman in your life? A lot of men do. (What is it with you guys?!)
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 384
384 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Here’s a hypothetical role-playing exercise for
you: View your lover as a customer, client, or
employee. Good managers think of ways to
motivate their employees, they don’t simply
order them around or take them for
granted. And salesmen are always considerate of their customers… After all,
customers are very important. Well, isn’t
she just as important?!
“Sure, God made
man before woman.
But, then again, you
always make a rough
draft before creating
the final masterpiece.”
897 Be extra nice to her during her menstrual periods. (Mark the dates on your calendar as a
reminder.) And thank heaven that you don’t have to experience cramps!
Real Women Are Romantic
Do you want to give him flowers—but you’re concerned
that he’ll feel uncomfortable because it’s not “manly” enough?
• Reconsider your assumptions. A big, burly construction worker
in my Romance Class once told me that his girlfriend had sent
flowers to him at his work site! After the required good-natured
ribbing from the guys, he found that many of them complained
that their gals had never sent flowers to them!
• Send a variety of flowers—all in his favorite color. (Sixty-two
percent of American men say their favorite color is blue). Here
are some blue flowers: Forget-Me-Not, Balloon Flower, Catmint, Delphinium, Lobelia, Sea Lavender, Spiderwort, and
Virginia Bluebells.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 385
Gregory J.P. Godek • 385
• Present the flowers in a
“manly” vase—like a distributor cap or a toolbox. Or how about
placing three small roses
in the finger holes of his
bowling ball?
Seventy-four percent of American
men have never received flowers from a
woman. Eighty-two percent of them
say they would appreciate the gesture.
899 Do something with him that you normally hate doing (and do it cheerfully and
without complaint). Accompany him
fishing, bowling, bird-watching, running, or camping. Or simply watch
I highly recommend a
“the Game” on TV with him.
thoroughly enchanting
Do something for him
and practical book,
that you normally hate doing (and
The Goddess’ Guide
do it cheerfully and without comto Love, by Margie
plaint). Iron his shirts; wash his car;
cook his favorite, hard-to-make dinner; run some errands; perform that little
sexy fantasy you know he loves so much.
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Page 386
386 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Guy Stuff
901 Guys, I don’t blame you for
Real Men love the Three
Stooges, right? So get
him a gift from the
“Soitenly Stooges”
catalog! Call 800-3STOOGES, or visit
being freaked out by the whole
Valentine’s Day thing. The problem is not with you—it’s with our
screwed-up culture.
The problem, you see, is with
Cupid. Cupid represents romantic
love, right? Now Cupid is a cute,
naked little cherub who flits around and
boinks people with his little arrows. How
cute! So along comes February, and the store
windows are full of flitting Cupids and are, of course, swathed in
pink and red. What’s the problem with this? The problem is that
the images are either infantile or feminine.
The ancient Romans understood love better than we do. Cupid
was originally the Roman god of romantic love. His mother,
Venus, was the goddess of love. So the Romans had both feminine
and masculine images for the concept of love. Pretty
smart, huh? You may also be interested to know
that Cupid was an adolescent—not a chubby
Best guy
cherub. (Picture one of those classic marble
quote from a
sculptures: Heroic pose, bulging muscles
and a bow big enough to bring down a bear,
Romance Class:
much less two lovers!)
“I’m not
All of which is to say…that there is a mascudumb—I’m just
line side to romantic love. It’s just that our
culture has few good male role models. Our culture also promotes simplistic, stereotypical thinking
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 387
Gregory J.P. Godek • 387
(“Men are logical, women are emotional,”) which makes it doubly
difficult for us guys to get in touch with that side of ourselves.
What to do? Well, you could celebrate Valentine’s Day in a masculine
way on even years, and celebrate in a feminine way on odd years. (So, for
example, on even years you’d go on a bowling date, give tools for gifts,
dine at a pub, and then have sex. Then on odd years you’d stay at a bed
and breakfast, give perfume, dine at a French café, make gentle love.)
Gal Stuff
902 Many men would consider this the Ultimate Gift: a “Fantasy Photo” of you. You can get a sensual, provocative and
stunning “Fantasy Portrait” made of yourself by
contacting a photographer who specializes in the
growing art form often called “Boudoir Photography.”
The Classics of
Many of these photographers are women
romance are fine
with a talent for making their subject feel
in the beginning.
comfortable, and then bringing out the subThen what??
tle, sexy side of her personality, and capturing
it on film. “Lingerie” portraits seem to be most
popular, followed by “Fantasy Outfit” shots, “Pin
Up Girl” poses and “Playmate/Nude” photography.
Look for professional studios in your area, check references, or call:
• Fantasy Photography by Daphne, in Arlington, Massachusetts,
at 781-641-2100 or www.fantasyphotography.com.
• Lucien Flotte Photography, in New York City, at 212-564-9670.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 388
388 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
903 F.M. Shoes.
904 Take a quick look through Playboy or Penthouse—see for
yourself what men in general find sexy. Then ask your guy specifically
what he finds sexy. You might be surprised at what you learn
about him! You might also open up the door to more frank discussions about sexuality and sensuality.
Characteristics of True Romantics
Romantics are cheerleaders.
Romantics are the biggest fans of their lovers. They provide
enthusiastic support, constant encouragement, and
unconditional love. (They don’t succeed 100
percent of the time, naturally, but they’re
always in there trying.)
Guys, kiss her in a
Romantics are creative.
special way: Cup
Romantics see their relationships as
your hands and hold
opportunities to express their creativher face gently in
ity, as arenas for self-expression, as
your hands when
safe havens for experimenting, and as
places for growth.
you kiss her.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 389
Gregory J.P. Godek • 389
Romantics are mind-readers.
Those who are tuned in to their
lovers—those who listen really well—
Have you complimented
develop a kind of “sixth sense”
her lately?
about what their lovers would
Have you thanked
love. One of the best things
him recently?
about long-term relationHave you encouraged
ships is that you can develop
her lately?
this sense. And as it develops,
your relationship deepens
Have you surprised
and your intimacy grows.
him lately?
• What kind of special gift do
Have you acknowledged
you know would please your
her accomplishments?
Have you marveled at
• What little gesture do you know would
his talents lately?
bring a smile to his or her face?
• What special meal or dessert could you prepare that you know he or she simply loves?
• What has he really wanted for a long time, but held back from buying?
Get it for him!
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 390
390 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Characteristics of Crazy
Theme Song:
Slow-dance at a restaurant—
when there’s no music playing. (When one man
“Crazy Love,” Van
from the Romance Class did this with his
girlfriend, he reported that they were
applauded by the other patrons, and given a
complimentary bottle of champagne by the
Don’t forget to
open the flue!
909 Snuggle up to a roaring fire in the
fireplace—in the middle of August.
910 Cool things you could rent from a rental store. Great
for theme dates, surprise parties, or fantasies acted out in great
• An automatic bubble machine
• A “fogger” that makes special-effects fog
• Various costumes
• A jukebox
• A Victorian carriage and horse
• A pinball machine
On a budget? Create a “Disney World Vacation-AtHome”! Shop at a Disney Store for paraphernalia such as Mickey
ears, stuffed animals, wind-up toys, balloons, puppets, and
posters. Rent the most romantic Disney movies: Beauty and the Beast,
Lady and the Tramp, The Little Mermaid, and Pocahontas.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 391
Gregory J.P. Godek • 391
Speaking of Love
912 Let other things speak for you.
Romantics do not constantly buy gifts and
presents for their partners. But they do give
“things.” Little things. Private things.
Goofy things. Meaningful things. Things
like comic strips, love quotes, a “perfect”
cup of coffee, flowers, greeting cards, penny
candy, magazine articles, little toys.
Theme Song:
“Speaking of Love,”
Air Supply
913 Let other people speak for you.
You don’t have to be eloquent in order to be
“No sooner met
romantic. You don’t have to write great
but they looked;
poetry—or even mediocre love letno sooner looked
ters. And, you don’t have to be
but they loved;
particularly well-spoken. But
no sooner loved
you do have to express your
but they sighed;
feelings somehow. One great
strategy is to borrow the
no sooner sighed but
romantic words of the great
they asked one another
poets, songwriters, and
the reason;
wordsmiths of the world.
no sooner knew the
Let these people speak for
reason but they sought
you: William Shakespeare,
the remedy;
Billy Joel, Paul McCartney,
and in these degrees
Charlie Brown, Susan Polis
have they made a pair of
Schutz, Elizabeth Barrett
stairs to marriage…”
Browning, Kahlil Gibran, Stevie
Wonder and, Emily Dickinson.
—William Shakespeare,
As You Like It
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Page 392
392 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Now, I don’t suggest that you try to take credit for composing
“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” Your expression
isn’t diminished in the least when you borrow others’ words.
Simply add to the note something like, “Stevie Wonder expressed
my love for you when he sang ‘You Are the Sunshine of My Life.’”
914 Let your touch speak for you.
Sometimes words are simply inadequate to express the incredible
feelings of love inside of you. At those times a simple touch can
express volumes. A caress, a squeeze, a hug. Sometimes the simplest things are just right.
Speaking of Romance
915 Guess which major magazine this quote is from:
“…we need romance and sentimentality in our lives…Note that I
say ‘we need’—all of us, men and women, right down to the most
macho truck driver or professional mud wrestler. There was a general supposition a couple of decades ago, when women first
banded together to seek ‘liberation,’ that one of the first casualties
would be ‘romance,’ particularly in its more obvious and exploitative forms. Would Betty Friedan really expect a box of chocolates
on February 14? Would Kate Millett wait for flowers? Would
women, once they had become astronauts, weight lifters, firepersons, and entrepreneurs, and after becoming dependent on the
Pill and sisterhood, still crave romance? And was not romance
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 393
Gregory J.P. Godek • 393
itself merely another of those many cultural
traps that men had perfected for
women over the centuries? As anyone could have predicted,
When it comes to
romance won out, in fact was
romance, the passion is
never in danger at all.”
more important than the
Where did this item appear?
happy ending. Think:
Cosmo? Nope. Glamour? Nope.
Romeo and Juliet
Reader’s Digest? Nope. Penthouse?
Yup! By Michael Korda.
The Notebook
A word to the wise:
Gone With the Wind
Don’t equate romance with sex. Romance
is intertwined with both love and sex, so
there’s plenty of opportunity for misunderstandings between lovers.
Romance is really love-in-action. But sometimes actions that look
a lot like romance are used for seduction. And sometimes actions that
look a lot like romance are used for peace offerings. And sometimes
actions that look a lot like romance are used for barter.
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Page 394
394 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
What’s in a Name?
917 Name your boat after her.
918 If her name is April, May, or June, declare the corresponding month “her” month, and do something special for her
every day that month. (Every woman is “one-in-a-million,” but
few are “one-in-twelve”!)
• What’s in a name? Make special use of her name
flower if she’s a Rose, Daisy, Ivy, Lily, or Iris.
• What’s in a nickname? Use Buttercups, Poppies, and Sweet Peas.
• If your pet name for her is Angel:
Her name in a song:
Make angels in the snow; cele“Jane,” Ben Folds Five
brate August 22nd—it’s “Be an
Angel Day”; visit Los Ange“Denise,” Fountains of
les, the “City of Angels”;
record these songs for
“Maria,” Green Day
her: “Angel of the
“Joanna,” Kool & the Gang
Morning,” by Merrilee
“Kathleen,” Willie Nelson
Rush; “I Married an
“Tracy,” The Cuff Links
Angel,” by Larry Clinton; “Angel of Mine,”
His name in a song:
by Monica; and “Lips of
“Ben,” Jackson 5
an Angel,” by Hinder.
“Daniel,” Elton John
“William,” The Others
“Jeremy,” Pearl Jam
“Rudy,” Supertramp
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 395
Gregory J.P. Godek • 395
Most couples have private “pet
names” for one another. Many pet names lend
If you ever have
themselves to specific gifts. From some of my
Romance Class participants here are some
occasion to
pet names and their corresponding gifts.
discover a new
• Big Bear: a five-foot-tall teddy bear
planet or comet,
• Macho Man: a “muscle T-shirt” and
name it after your
the Village People’s CD
• Bunny: bunny motif clothing, posters,
• Sweetie: candies of all kinds
• Cookie: a cookie-a-day, for nine years—so far!
• Tiger: 1) A stuffed “Tigger,” 2) Calvin & Hobbes books
The Meaning of a Name
921 Do you know the significance of your
lover’s name? Here are a few samples taken
from a “baby name” book:
• Ada is Teutonic for “joyous.”
• April is Latin for “open, accepting.”
• Barbara is Roman for “mysterious
• Catherine is Greek, meaning “pure.”
• Cheryl is French for “beloved.”
• David is Hebrew for “beloved.”
Theme Song:
Goo Goo Dolls
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Page 396
396 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
• Diane is from the Latin Diana, meaning “Goddess of the Moon.”
I heard a rumor
• Dominique is French, meaning “she who
that one couple,
belongs to God.”
• Erik is Scandinavian for “ever-powerful.”
inspired by the
• Frederick is Germanic, meaning
comic strip “Zits,”
has legally
• Gary is Germanic for “spear carrier.”
changed their
• Gregory is Greek, meaning “vigilant,
name to one word,
• Helen is Greek for “light.”
• Jean derives from Jane, Hebrew for “God
is gracious.”
• Jennifer is Welsh, for “fair one.”
• John is Hebrew for “God is merciful.”
• Judy is Hebrew, meaning “admired and
Get a book of baby
• Kelsey is derived from Gaelic,
names and discover what
meaning “female warrior.”
your lover’s name means.
• Kevin is Irish for “handsome, gentle, lovable.”
Then use that meaning as
• Linda is Spanish, meana theme for romantic gifts
ing “beautiful.”
and gestures.
• Marjorie is derived from
For Linda: Find poems
Greek, meaning “pearl,
and song that use the
precious one.”
word beautiful.
• Neil is Gaelic, meaning
For Neil: Play for him
• Raymond is Old English
“We are the
for “wise guardian.”
Champions” by Queen.
• Richard is Old German for
For Susan: Give her
“powerful ruler.”
many lilies.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 397
Gregory J.P. Godek • 397
• Sally is Hebrew for “princess.”
• Susan is Hebrew for “lily.”
• Thomas is Aramaic, meaning “the twin.”
• Warren is Germanic for “defender, or protective friend.”
• Wendy was invented by J.M. Barrie for the heroine of Peter Pan!
And Now for Something
Completely Different*
922 Are you stuck in a boring routine every evening?
(Home from work; run some errands; grab some dinner; pay
some bills; watch some TV; crawl into bed exhausted.) Radically
change your routine:
• Meet after work at the local art museum; eat at the café there;
spend the evening browsing with the high-brow.
• On a Tuesday night, order a quick pizza for dinner, then head
for an early movie.
• Meet at the mall; go window shopping; dine at your favorite fast
food joint.
*For your Monty Python fan:
Serve Spam, eggs, Spam, and Spam for breakfast.
Plant some shrubbery.
Promise that you’ll never, “Run away!”
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Page 398
398 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
923 There’s no better way to loosen up than to get in touch
with the child inside yourself. That little kid is playful, creative,
curious, spontaneous, trusting, and imaginative! Stop being such
an adult, and recapture those childlike qualities. Suggested reading:
• The Tao of Pooh, by Benjamin Hoff
• Where the Sidewalk Ends, by Shel Silverstein
• The Harry Potter series, by J.K. Rowling
• The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales, by Jon Scieszka &
Lane Smith
924 Is your honey a Wizard of Oz fanatic? Well, take her to the
Judy Garland Museum and see rare photos, video documentaries,
rare recordings, and memorabilia. It hosts a Judy Garland Festival
every year, too. The Yellow Brick Road is in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. Call 800-664-JUDY or visit www.judygarlandmuseum.com.
What Is Your Quest?
925 If the two of you decided to undertake a quest to share
one million kisses over the course of your lives, how often would you
have to kiss?
Note: For the sake of practicality I’m making these assumptions:
You each sleep six hours per night—so you can’t kiss during that
time. And between work, commuting, and separate chores, you’ll
spend an additional sixty hours per week apart. Given all that, here’s
how often you’d have to kiss if you wanted to share 1,000,000 kisses:
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 399
Gregory J.P. Godek • 399
• Over ten years you’d have to kiss once every 2.06 minutes.
• Over twenty years you’d have to kiss once every 4.12 minutes.
• Over thirty years you’d have to kiss once every 6.18 minutes.
• Over forty years you’d have to kiss once every 8.24 minutes.
• Over fifty years you’d have to kiss once every 10.3 minutes
• Over sixty years you’d have to kiss once every 12.36 minutes.
Note #1: You’re welcome, of course, to bunch your kisses together
so that you’ll have time to attend to other matters in your life.
Note #2: Sorry, but the judges have ruled
that extra long kisses still only count as one kiss
Especially fragrant
each. (That goes for French Kisses, too.)
If your quest is to fill the house
with the wonderful aroma of flowers, be aware
that your favorite flowers aren’t necessarily
the most fragrant ones. Create a bouquet of
especially fragrant flowers, and your romantic
gesture will take on a whole new dimension.
927 Go in search of “The Perfect
Pizza.” It could take you months or years,
and you might gain ten pounds—but if your
lover is a pizza fiend, it will all be worth it!
Casablanca lilies
Rubrum lilies
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Page 400
400 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Getting to Know You
Interview his mother, father, siblings, friends, and
colleagues—to learn about his unique quirks, likes, dislikes, hobbies,
and passions.
929 What’s the difference between “sexy” and “sleazy”? What’s
the difference between “cute” and “coy”? I’ll bet your definitions differ
from your partner’s. But you’ll never know unless you talk about it.
• Play “Show and Tell”: Pick a beloved object. Talk about its history and why it’s special to you. (An old baseball glove; a doll
from childhood; something given to you by a grandparent; a
stuffed animal; a trophy; a piece of jewelry, etc.)
• Another “Show and Tell” game: Visit places that have special
meaning to you.
931 Grab some books on astrology and see what the stars have
to say about your and your partner’s personalities. My favorite is
Star Signs, by Linda Goodman. The fun thing about this book is that
it describes every possible pairing of the twelve signs of the zodiac.
Bonus Questions
“Getting to Know You” Questions:
• Do you believe in love at first sight?
• What three adjectives best describe you?
• How did you know you two were in love?
• Which comic book character would you be?
• What animal would you be?
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 401
Gregory J.P. Godek • 401
• How are you just like your mother? Father?
• What was your favorite childhood game?
• Are you a lucky person?
• When do you feel most creative?
• What would you do if you won the lottery?
• Do you dream in color?
Staying in Touch
932 Real communication between lovers is one part talking and nine parts listening. Listen, for a change. You’ll learn a
lot about your partner.
• Listen for the feelings behind the words. We don’t always say
what we mean, but the emotional content is still there if we tune
in to it.
• Listen without interrupting. (Quite a challenge—especially if
you’ve been together for many years!)
933 Respond with love, regardless of what your partner says or
does. Why? Because behaviors such as complaining, worrying,
shouting, and nagging are all disguised calls for love. (When a child
exhibits these kinds of behaviors we instinctively understand that it
comes from fear, and has nothing to do with us personally. Unfortunately, we rarely grant adults this courtesy.) Try to respond to
what’s really going on, not simply to what’s on the surface.
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Page 402
402 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
934 Give your partner more
reassurance. Reinforce her good
qualities. Compliment his talents and abilities. Reinforce
Hearing and listening are
all the good qualities that
very, very different! Hearing
attracted you to your partner in the
is automatic (you even hear
first place.
things in your sleep!)—while
• Tell him what you really
appreciate about him.
listening requires conscious
• Remind her that you
choice. Listening is a gift of
really do adore her.
love you give to your
• Concentrate on the positive
when talking to him.
• Focus on who she really is,
instead of on your unrealistic
fantasy of “The Perfect Partner.”
935 Make a “Just Married” sign. Tape it to the back windshield of your car before taking a Sunday afternoon drive. People
will honk and wave. Pretend you’re newlyweds!
(Maybe even stay in the bridal suite of a local hotel!)
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Page 403
Gregory J.P. Godek • 403
While most people sign their
letters with X’s and O’s, one
man wrote a whole letter with X’s
and O’s—with a secret message
embedded among the kisses
and hugs!
Theme Song:
937 Write a personal message somewhere on your body (with washable ink)—and
let him discover it.
“A Message,”
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 404
404 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
938 Before you leave on a trip, leave a bottle of scented
massage oil on the nightstand, along with a note saying,
“I’m going to use this on you as soon as I return.”
939 Massages come in two varieties:
Sensual and sexual. Learn the subtle—but
important—differences. A sensual massage is
soothing, healing, and relaxing. It often
lulls your partner to sleep. A sexual massage
is stimulating and arousing. It often leads to
lovemaking. True romantics know when each
type of massage is appropriate.
Touch is healing.
940 Some recommended books on massage:
• The Tao of Sexual Massage, by Stephen Russell
• The Art of Sensual Massage, Gordon Inkeles
• Lovers’ Massage: Soothing Touch for Two, by Darrin Zeer
• The Complete Guide to Massage, by Susan Mumford
• The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Sensual Massage, by Patti Britton & Helen
• Sensual Massage for Couples, by Gordon Inkeles & Greg Peterson
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 405
Gregory J.P. Godek • 405
is for Attitude, Available, Accept,
Ardor, Accolades, Admire, Aphrodisiacs,
Á la Mode, Anniversary, Ambrosia,
Ardent, Athens, Australia
Theme Song:
The Jackson Five
B is for Boudoir, Bed & Breakfast, Buttercups, Beaches, Blue, Books, Boston, Balloons,
Bicycling, Broadway, Brandy, Bubble baths, Bahamas
C is for Champagne, Creativity, Candlelight, Candy, Chocolate,
Convertibles, Casablanca, Cognac, Caviar, Chivalry, Crabtree &
is for Diamonds, Dancing, Daffodils, Dating, Dolls, Dirty
Dancing, Dinner, Divine, Dearest
E is for Enthusiasm, Energy, Excitement, Emeralds, Earrings,
Elvis, Erotic, Exotic, Expensive, Escapes
F is for Flirting, Fantasies, Feminine, Faithful, France, Flowers,
Fruits, French kissing, Foreplay
G is for Garters, Gardenias, Godiva, Get-Aways, Gifts, Glenn
Miller, Gourmet, Greece, Gondolas
is for Hearts, Humor, Hugs, Hideaways, Horses, Honeymoons, Hawaii, Hershey’s Kisses, Hyatt, Holidays
I is for Intimacy, Intrigue, Italy, Inns, Islands, Ingenuity, Ice
Cream, Ice Skating, Interdependent, Imaginative, Invitation,
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 406
406 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
is for Jewelry, Java, Jasmine, Jell-O, Jazz, Journey, Joyful,
K is for Kissing, Kinky, Kittens, Koala Bears, Kites
L is for Love, Lingerie, Laughing, Love Letters, Lilacs, Lace,
Leather, Leo Buscaglia, Lobsters, Lovemaking, Limousines, Love
songs, London
is for Monogamy, Marriage, Masculine, M&M’s, Massage,
Movies, Mistletoe, Music, Mozart, Moonlight
N is for Negligee, Naughty, Nibble, Nighttime, Nubile, Novelty,
Nurture, Nymph, Naples, Nightcap, Nape, Nepal, Necklace
O is for Orgasm, Opera, Orchid, Outrageous, Outdoors
P is for Passion, Perfume, Poppies, Poetry, Persimmons, Paris,
Polkas, Panties, Pizza, Photos, Pearls, Picnics, Playfulness, Purple, Parking
Q is for Quiet, Quaint, Quality, Queen, Quebec, Question,
QE2, Quiche, Quiver, Quilts
R is for Rendezvous, Roses, Rubies, Red, Reading, Rome, Rituals, Riviera, Restful, Rapture, Rings, Rio, Rainbows
S is for Sex
T is for Tea, Talking, Teasing, Tulips, Titillating, Theater, Tickets, Togetherness, Toasts, Toys, Trains, Trinidad, Travel, Tenderness
U is for Umbrellas, Uxorious, Undress, Undulate, Urges, Unexpected, Union, Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree
V is for Violets, Virgins, Vibrators, Venice, Venus, Valentines,
Vegetables, Victoria’s Secret
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 407
Gregory J.P. Godek • 407
W is for Wine, Wisteria, Walking hand-in-hand, Weddings
X is for X-Rated, Xerographic, Xylophones, Xmas
Y is for Yachts, Yes, Yellow, Yin & Yang, Young-at-heart
Z is for Zany, Zanzibar, Zeal, Zodiac,
“Do you know your
ABCs?” Ask your partner
to pick a letter. Then read
the list of corresponding
words. He or she has
twenty-four hours in
which to get a romantic
gift or perform a romantic
gesture based on any one
of these key words.
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Page 408
408 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
942 Always kiss each other hello and goodbye. Be there
for each other—always. Create an environment of love. Do it.
Escape from the kids. Fight fair. Give of your time. Handle
with care. Inspire your partner with your love. Judge not. Keep
your good memories alive. Listen to her. Make love with your
partner’s needs foremost. Never go to bed angry. Offer to handle an unpleasant chore. Praise him. Quality Time isn’t just for
the kids. Respect her feelings. Say what you feel when you feel it.
Tell her you love her every day. Everyday. Understand your differences. Valentine’s Day is
every day. Walk together;
Choose a letter. Follow the
talk together. EXcite your
corresponding piece of
partner as only you know
advice this week. Choose a
how. You can never say “I
different letter next week.
love you” too often. Zero in
on his little passions.
943 Give your partner a “Romantic ABCs Coupon”: Write
the letters of the alphabet on twenty-six slips of paper. The
coupon-holder picks one letter out of a hat. The coupon-giver
will create a day of romance with gifts and gestures that all begin
with that letter.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 409
Gregory J.P. Godek • 409
944 The song list from the best cassette tape of romantic
music I’ve ever created:
1. “I Won’t Last a Day Without You,” by Paul Williams
2. “Coming Around Again,” by Carly Simon
3. “Closer to Believing,” by Greg Lake/Emerson, Lake & Palmer
4. “Saving My Heart,” by Yes
5. “If I Had a Million Dollars,” by Barenaked Ladies
6. “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles),” by The Proclaimers
7. “Symphony No. 35, Haffner,” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
8. “In the Mood,” by Glenn Miller
9. “Kalena Kai,” by Keola Beamer
10. “Crazy,” by Patsy Cline
945 There are three kinds of people in the world: “Past-Oriented”
people, “Now-Oriented” people,” and “Future-Oriented” people.
Your “romantic style” is often determined by your “time orientation.”
• Past-Oriented people tend toward the sentimental and nostalgic.
They’re into scrapbooks and saving things.
• Now-Oriented people are spontaneous and often extremely creative.
They’re into last-minute activities and adventures.
• Future-Oriented people are planners and listeners.
They’re into surprises and grand gestures.
946 It’s getting harder and harder to find
FYI, romance is
classic 45 RPM records, and it’s almost impossible to
locate old 78s! Find a local used record shop or call
House of Oldies at 212-243-0500, or visit them at
35 Carmine Street in New York City, or visit
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 410
410 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Gift Ideas
A vibrating massager. Be creative
when you use it.
948 Buy her an entire outfit. Include:
beautiful lingerie, a gorgeous dress, a matching scarf, pin or necklace, and shoes! Spread
’em out on the bed. Wait for her jaw to drop.
Treat her like a
queen and
she’ll treat you
like a king.
949 Satin sheets.
950 Gentlemen: Approach the subject of lingerie gently.
• Your first lingerie present should not be a peek-a-boo bra. (Have
a little class,huh?!)
• You might start by giving her a say in the matter: Attach a onehundred dollar bill to a lingerie catalog along with a note saying
“You choose.” Or make a custom “Lingerie Coupon.”
• How about just paging through some lingerie
catalogs together and talking about what each
of you likes and dislikes?
“When you love someone,
all your saved–up wishes
start coming out.”
—Elizabeth Bowen
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 411
Gregory J.P. Godek • 411
Coupon Ideas
A basic romantic concept: Love Coupons. Here’s a
twist: Love Coupons made from
the little slips of paper from Hershey’s Kisses. Each coupon is
redeemable for one kiss.
The Saturday Night
Date Coupon
Where? Wherever you want!
When? You decide.
952 Here are some twists on
the concept of “Coupons”:
• Coupons made out of your business
• Coupons made on restaurant
• Coupons made on pillow cases
• Coupons made into bookmarks
• Coupons inserted into computer
• Coupons made from magazines
Breakfast in Bed
Redeemable on any day of
your choosing.
Never expires.
Another twist on the
Love Coupon idea: “Dollar Bill”
coupons: Make a simply sketched
“one-dollar bill”; put your picture
in the center; make a hundred
photocopies; cut them out; make a
stack. Then give them to your
lover, along with a detailed list of
The Ultimate Bubble
Bath Coupon
Complete with scented bath
oils, soft music, champagne
& candles.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 412
412 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
various activities and what
they’ll cost. For example:
A Romantic Dinner
• Dinner out: $5
• An expensive dinner out: $15
• A movie out: $3
Gourmet dinner prepared
• A movie in: $1
by the coupon issuer.
• I’ll cook dinner: $12
Proper dress required.
• I’ll bring dinner home: $1
• One backrub: $4
• Going shopping with you: $20
• Making love: $1
• Making love (when I don’t feel like it!): $98
How to Understand Each Other
There are several systems designed to help you understand yourself and others by utilizing a variety of “personality
profile” techniques. Here are some recommended books:
• The 16 Personality Types:
Descriptions for Self-Discovery,
by Linda V. Berens &
Dario Nardi
The Color Code, by Taylor Hartman
• Soultypes: Matching Your
Who Do You Think You Are? by Keith
Personality and Spiritual
Harary & Eileen Donahue Robinson
Path, by Sandra Krebs
Hirsch & Jane A.G.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 413
Gregory J.P. Godek • 413
• A Woman’s Guide to Personality Types: Enriching Your Family Relationships by
Understanding the Four Temperaments, by Donna Partow
Have your handwriting analyzed together. You’ll be
amazed at what can be “read” in your writing.
956 Ten Quirky Questions to Help
Couples Get Inside Each Other’s Heads
“He who does not
(and Hearts)
understand your silence
1. What three nouns best describe you?
will probably not
2. What three adjectives best describe you?
understand your words.”
3. If you could save time in a bottle, what
—Elbert Hubbard
would you do with it?
4. What do you want to be remembered
5. What are your prized possessions?
6. What did you want to be when you grew up?
7. Would you rather be rich or famous?
8. Would you rather live in the far future or the
distant past?
“Life is the first gift,
9. If you had one more day to live, how
love is the second,
would you spend that day?
and understanding
10. If you were going to write a self-help
the third.”
book, what would you title it?
—Marge Piercy
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 414
414 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
How to Bed & Breakfast
957 It has come to my attention that there are some guys
out there who, having made reservations at a romantic bed and
breakfast, have arrived there and proceeded to turn on the TV.
Or, upon discovering that there is no TV
in the room, have called the manager to
No clocks.
complain. No, no, no!
No schedules.
• Set your TiVo at home before you leave so
No hassles.
you won’t miss your favorite TV shows.
No worries.
• Hide your watches in a drawer—go all
No interruptions.
weekend without bothering with the time.
No TV.
• A little “afternoon delight.”
No mail.
• Ask your bed and breakfast hosts for
No e-mail.
suggestions. They always know their
No phone.
communities very well.
No stress.
• Call ahead and make reservations at sevNo kids.
eral recommended local restaurants.
No pager.
• Enjoy a bubble bath or Jacuzzi
No computer.
No diet.
• Bring some inspiring books to read.
And here are some specific
Bed and Breakfast resource books for you.
• Bed & Breakfasts and Country Inns, by Deborah Edwards Sakach. These
B&Bs are visited personally and rated by the American Bed &
Breakfast Association.
• Complete Guide to Bed & Breakfasts, Inns & Guesthouses—B&B expert
Pamela Lanier’s comprehensive guide to over 4,000 of the
world’s inns. Includes favorite recipes from B&Bs worldwide!
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 415
Gregory J.P. Godek • 415
• Recommended Romantic Inns, by
Julianne Belote. Chosen
especially for their romantic
qualities, these 140 B&Bs
are described in detail by
the authors, who have visited
every site.
Tip: Make bed and breakfast
reservations for Valentine’s
Day a year in advance!
Soundtrack to a Love Affair
Those romantic scenes in the
movies wouldn’t be nearly as romantic
if they didn’t enhance them with
music. You could take some
inspiration from Hollywood
Make custom CDs of
and create soundtracks for
romantic background music.
various romantic activities! I
Make CDs of meaningful,
recommend these CDs for
romantic songs as gifts for her.
these romantic occasions:
Make CDs of songs that were
For a romantic candlelight
hits while you were dating.
Make CDs of your partner’s
• Come Away With Me, Norah
favorite songs.
• Picture This, by Jim Brickman
• Twin Sons of Different Mothers, by
Fogelberg & Weisberg
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 416
416 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
For lounging by the fireplace:
• Touch, by John Klemmer
• Watermark, by Enya
• Past Light, by William Ackerman
For a drive in the country:
• Il Bacio, by Paul Ventimiglia
• Legends, by Eric Tingstad & Nancy Rumbel
• Crossroads, by Nicholas Gunn
For a Sunday afternoon picnic:
• Picnic Suite, by Jean-Pierre Rampal and Claude Bolling
• No Name Face, Lifehouse
• Water Music, by George Frideric Handel
For lovemaking (romantic & gentle):
• Canon in D (The Pachelbel Canon), by Johann Pachelbel
• Livin’ Inside Your Love, by George Benson
• Winter Into Spring, by George Winston
For lovemaking (hot & sexy):
• Enigma MCMXC a.D., by Enigma
• Nine-1/2 Weeks soundtrack
• Midnight Love, by Marvin Gaye
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 417
Gregory J.P. Godek • 417
Guidelines for a Love Affair
The Friends of Love
• Faith
• Focus of attention
• Fun-loving attitude
• Stay in touch with your feelings
• Kindness
• Simplicity
• Clarity of your life’s priorities
• Sense of adventure
• Creative attitude
• Patience
• Tenderness
• Empathy
• Goodwill
• Attentiveness
• Generosity
• Sense of Humor
• Commitment
• A good therapist/counselor/pastor
• Gifts that touch the heart
• Good role models
• Listening with your heart
• Appreciation for life
• Time—Quantity of time
• Time—Quality time
• Respect for your partner
The Enemies of Love
• Emotional withdrawal
• Nagging
• Jealousy
• Complexity of modern life
• Arrogance
• Overly practical attitudes
• Impatience
• Guilt
• Stress
• Selfishness
• Lack of time
• Laziness
• Boredom
• Lack of respect
• Stereotyped attitudes
• Lack of role models
• Stinginess in general
• Stinginess with time
• Stinginess with money
• Rigid attitudes
• Apathy
• Fear
• Grudges
• Resentment
• Immaturity
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 418
418 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
• Presents that symbolize • Thoughtlessness
your love
• Superior attitude
• Playful attitude
“It is only with the heart
• Eye contact
that one can see rightly;
what is essential is
invisible to the eye.”
—Antoine de
Have a love
with your
Bubble Baths (I)
961a Start simple. Run her a bath. Steaming hot. Full of
961b Bath-and-Snack: bubble bath plus grapes, cheese
and crackers.
961c Bath-and-Music: bubble bath plus relaxing music.
Featuring Enya’s CD Watermark and George Winston’s CD Autumn.
961d Bath-and-Bubbly: bubble bath plus champagne,
two crystal champagne flutes, and you!
961e Bath-and-Book: bubble bath plus a book by her
favorite author.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 419
Gregory J.P. Godek • 419
961f Steamy-Bath-and-Steamy-Eroticism: bubble bath
plus an erotic book—in which you’ve highlighted the “steamy”
passages. This bath includes a follow-up lovemaking session.
961g Bath-and-Relax: bubble bath for one—plus two hours
of peace and quiet (while you take the kids out to McDonald’s).
Bubble Baths (II)
961h Bath-for-Two: Watch the movie Bull Durham. Watch
for the romantic bath scene. Use it for inspiration. (Hint: Candles. Lots and lots of candles.)
961i Leaving-Work-Behind: Be waiting for him in the
bathtub when he returns from work.
961j Message-in-a-Bottle: Write her a love letter or a poem. Roll
it up and stick it in a bottle. Cork it. Float the bottle in the bathtub.
Bath-and-Sexual-Gymnastics: Test your agility—
make love in the bathtub. If your tub is simply too small, spread
towels on the floor and improvise!
9611 Bath-and-Products: Explore a wide variety of bath
powders, lotions and potions. When you find one that she
adores, get lots of it.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 420
420 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
For a touch of class: European soaps and other
bath luxuries imported by Katherine March International. Call
800-87-MARCH, or write 9286 S.W. 90th Street, Gainesville,
Florida 32608-7246, or visit www.katherinemarch.com.
A Touch of Class
962 Be on the lookout for concepts and gifts that relate to
your lover’s interests. For example, if your partner loves Romeo and
Juliet, or Shakespeare, or theater in general, here’s an unusual and
cool gift idea: “One Page Books” are large, beautifully-designed
prints that contain the complete, unabridged text of many Shakespearean plays and sonnets. Each one is a fine art print that measures 32-inches by 45-inches. When framed they are dramatic
conversation pieces. These works are currently available:
• Romeo and Juliet
• Macbeth
• Hamlet
• King Lear
• The Tempest
• Othello
• The Sonnets
• A Midsummer Night’s Dream
• Much Ado About Nothing
• Love’s Labors Lost
• Twelfth Night
• The Merchant of Venice
Visit the One Page Book Company at www.onepagebooks.com.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 421
Gregory J.P. Godek • 421
Attend a symphony. Get
the program ahead of time, buy CDs
You do have an elegant
of the symphonies to be performed, and listen to each of
fountain pen with which
them three times. Even if you’re
to write love notes and
not very familiar with classical
love letters, don’t you?! A
music, this will greatly increase
Mont Blanc pen will add
your enjoyment of the concert.
an unparalleled touch of
class to your act.
A Touch
• Take a massage class together. (Get a catalog
from your local adult education center.)
• Give her a custom-made Love Coupon
good for a professional massage. (Call
local health clubs, chiropractor’s offices,
hotels, physical therapy clinics, and spas
for referrals.)
Theme Song:
Hug. Cuddle. Caress. Touch. Pat.
Tap. Brush. Graze. Stroke. Snuggle.
Romantics are sensuous people. They understand the
difference between sensuality and sexuality—and how they
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 422
422 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
enhance one another. Here are fourteen specific
ways to enhance the sensuality in your life
A great resource:
1. Run your fingers gently through your
Acupressure for
lover’s hair.
2. Focus on one of the five senses at a
Lovers: Secrets of
Touch for Increasing
3. Create a romantic mood at home
Intimacy, by Michael
through soft lighting.
Reed Gach, Ph.D.
4. Have great music playing in the background all the time at home.
5. Keep three bouquets of fragrant flowers in
the house.
6. Focus on touching a different part of your partner’s
body each day.
7. Prepare an extra-special taste treat for your lover.
8. Include more sensuality in your lovemaking.
9. Slow down, make time, relax.
10. Over the next five weeks, get five small gifts
that focus on each of the five senses.
11. Focus on the present moment; appreciate
the “now.”
Ask your lover to
12. Buy ten scented candles.
tell you the most
13. Give him a great shoulder massage as
he watches TV tonight.
sensual thing
14. Buy a basketful of scented bath oils.
you could do for
him or her. And
then do it!
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 423
Gregory J.P. Godek • 423
967 Make sure you find a way to do something romantic
during a time when you’re the most busy at work! A little planning will allow
you to be romantic in the midst of your work day.
968 Utilize your partner’s secretary and staff as your allies.
They can be invaluable in helping you spring surprises on him or
her. They’ll know her schedule; where he’s having lunch; and
whether he or she has had an especially rough day. All are crucial
bits of information you should know.
969 A hot trend in business is TQM—“Total Quality Management.” One romantic manager was inspired to create what he also
calls TQM—but it stands for “Total Quality Marriage.” (Good one!)
“Basically, you apply the best business techniques
to your marriage,” he explains. For example:
It’s easy to be
• How would you give good customer
romantic when
service to your partner?
you’ve got all the
• How might you and your partner
give each other yearly performance
time in the world.
The challenge is to
• Are each of you being well comkeep expressing
pensated emotionally?
your love even
• Are you using good time management
during your busy
techniques to create more leisure time?
and difficult times.
Create a “Gift & Card Drawer”
in your desk at work. At all times your inventory
should include: at least ten greeting cards, lots of Love Stamps, several “Trinket Gifts,” a couple of real gifts, wrapping paper, and bows.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 424
424 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
971 View romance as “adult play.”
Some people (especially men) tend to view romance as a serious
and difficult activity. Nothing could be further from the truth! True
romance is easy because it’s simply an expression of what’s already inside
you: your feelings of love, caring and passion for your partner.
The concept of adult play is a
reminder to loosen up, be creMany couples have
ative, and remember the fun and
confided to me that this
passion you had early in your relasingle concept has turned
tionship. Adults need to relearn
their “nice-but-boring”
how to play—something that came
relationship into a fun
naturally to all of us as children.
and passionate love affair.
Many ideas in this book are essentially exercises in playing.
972 Send a taxi to pick him
up after work. Have the taxi driver hand him a sealed envelope. The
note inside says, “All work and no play makes you a dull boy—so
come and play!” Pre-pay the cab fare (including tip!), and instruct
the driver to take him to a local hotel. Have another
sealed envelope waiting for him at the front desk.
(You decide what kind of note to write!) Be
“In our play, we
waiting for him in the honeymoon suite with
reveal what kind
chilled champagne and a warm bed.
of people we are.”
• Finger-paint together.
• Finger-paint each other’s bodies!
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 425
Gregory J.P. Godek • 425
Use your kids’ toys as romantic
tools. Crayons are great for writing short
notes. Play-Doh is great for sculpting
messages and symbols. Legos are great for
spelling out messages or leaving a trail
through the house from the front door to
your bedroom, where you’re waiting for a
little fun-and-games of your own.
“We don’t stop playing
because we grow old;
we grow old because
we stop playing.”
—George Bernard Shaw
Sex Tips for Gals
975 More often.
Thousands of men in my
Romance Classes have
confided or complained that
having their ladies wear
lingerie more often is the one
thing they want intensely that
their women tend to resist.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 426
426 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Sex Tips for Guys
Make love to her the way she wants
to be made love to.
The secret to being
a World-Class
Lover is contained
in one little word,
guys: foreplay.
Romanti¢¢¢ Ideas
Buy camping equipment instead of going
on an expensive vacation. A one-time outlay will assure you of
years of inexpensive vacations. (You’ll also be prepared for lastminute vacationing opportunities and quickie weekend getaways.)
978 Buy season tickets for shows and events
that you attend. You’ll save money in the long
run, you’ll get better seats, and you’ll go out
more! Box seats are great—whether they’re
at the ballgame or the ballet!
Many symphonies and theaters
have discount tickets available on the day or
evening of performances. If your partner
doesn’t mind a little uncertainty, this is a great
way to save a few bucks and still enjoy an evening of
culture and entertainment.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 427
Gregory J.P. Godek • 427
980 Where to get inexpensive flowers: supermarkets.
Street vendors. Meadows. Your own garden. Your neighbor’s
garden. Outdoor markets. The side of the road.
Discover your local community theaters. They’re fun,
inexpensive, and entertaining. Many small cities and towns have truly
excellent community theaters. Call them today for a schedule of
upcoming shows. Don’t forget to call a number of nearby towns, too!
Romantic Idea$$$
982 Under the category of “Spending the
Most Money on the Smallest Items,” the handsdown winner is…Diamonds!
Under the category of “Extravagance in
Times Square,” the winner is…
Third row, center orchestra seats to what$$$$$$$$$$$$!
ever Broadway show is currently most popular.
(Unless you have a cousin in the business,
you’ll need to spring for over-priced—but worth
it!—tickets from an exclusive ticket broker.)
Under the category of “OH-MY-GOD—I didn’t
know it was possible,” the winner is…
Hiring a big name rock band or comedian to entertain at your
private anniversary party. This one will set you back a couple-ofhundred-thousand-dollars (no joke!), but some Very Big Names
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:28 PM
Page 428
428 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
are available for hire! Some that have performed for private parties include Prince, The Beach Boys, and Robin Williams.
983 Other good ways of spending lots of money on your lover:
• Caviar
• A Mont Blanc fountain pen
• A Rolex watch
• A Harley-Davidson Fat Boy FLSTF
• A full-length mink coat
• A Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet
Dinner at The Wild Boar Restaurant, in Nashville,
Tennessee. A wine list that fills a hundred pages and includes
three thousand selections, with a total inventory of 15,000 bottles.
Eighteen-karat gold table settings. And a $2 million art collection.
Oh, and good food, too. Call 615-329-1313.
“The Eskimos have 52
words for snow because
it is so special to them;
there ought to be as
many for love!”
—Margaret Atwood
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 429
Gregory J.P. Godek • 429
Lawyers in Love
Romance tips for business
Theme Song:
• For lawyers in love: Treat your guy or gal
“Lawyers in Love,”
like an equal partner in the “firm” of
Jackson Browne
your relationship.
• For salesmen in love: Treat her better than
your best customer.
• For VPs in love: Prepare a “Relationship
Annual Report” for your mate.
• For advertising execs in love: Create an ad campaign that
expresses your love.
• For stockbrokers in love: If there were a “Dow Jones Romance
Average,” how well are your “relationship stocks” doing?
• For PR execs in love: Create a love-related “PR stunt” for your
• For managers in love: Are you managing your relationship as well as you’re managing your career?
Your career may
• For regional managers: If your partner
were in charge of giving bonuses for
keep you away
your “performance” at home, how big
from one another
would this quarter’s bonus be?
for most of the
• For Junior VPs: Are you practicing your
day, but make the
relationship skills as diligently as you’re
time you do have
practicing your golf skills?
together count.
• For CPAs in love: Conduct a cost-benefit
analysis of love in your life.
• For engineers in love: Increase your expression of
affection by twenty-three percent.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 430
430 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
• For job hunters: Create a Relationship Resume that lists your
• For company presidents: Are you providing adequate leadership
and inspiration at home?
MBAs in Love
986 More romance tips for business executives:
• For CEOs in love: Are you keeping your most
important “shareholder” happy?
• For Big Shot Board Members: Are your
daily activities in sync with your “Mission
Theme Song:
• For CFOs in love: Review your emotional
“Back in Business,”
“investment” in your partner.
• For marketing managers: Identify and meet
the Strategic Objectives of your relationship.
• For supervisors in love: Delegate more—and get
home earlier.
• For manufacturing execs: Do you have your suppliers of
romantic gifts lined up?
• For bankers in love: You don’t give cheap toasters to your most
important customers, do you? Well?
• For sales managers in love: Focus 10 percent more effort on
your most important customer—and watch your “bonus”
increase proportionally.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 431
Gregory J.P. Godek • 431
• For computer programmers: Work the
“bugs” out of your relationship.
• For quality assurance execs: Ensure
the level of “quality time” spent at
For workaholics in all
fields: It’s a cliché,
• For human resources managers in
but it's true: No one,
love: Administer to yourself and
on his deathbed, ever
your mate one of your corporate
said, “I wish I’d spent
“Personality Profiles.” Then use the
results to improve your relationship.
more time working.”
• For entrepreneurs in love: You’re creating something new and valuable. Go for it!
Hearts (#’s 1-75)
1. Make a heart-shaped pizza.
2. Your initials in a heart—in skywriting.
3. Cut the kitchen sponges into heart shapes.
4. While out at a formal dinner, nonchalantly draw a heart on the
back of his hand with a pen.
5. Have a heart-shaped pool built.
6. Your initials in a heart—on wet cement in a sidewalk.
7. Trace a heart shape in fogged-up windows.
8. Your initials in a twenty-foot heart in the snow.
9. A quilt with a heart motif.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 432
432 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
10. Your initials in a heart—etched on a brick in your patio.
11. Place the pepperoni in the shape of a heart on the pizza.
12. Trace a fifty-foot heart in the sand on a beach.
13. Grill burgers in the shape of a heart.
14. Heart-shaped sandwiches.
15. For math nuts: r = a (1-cosA).
16. Use heart-shaped stickers.
17. Band-Aids with heart designs.
18. Trace a thirty-foot heart on the ice when ice skating.
19. Heart-shaped place mats.
20. A silk tie with hearts on it.
21. A heart-shaped chunk of cheese.
22. A mug with hearts on it.
23. A heart-shaped mug.
Theme Song:
24. A heart-shaped door mat.
“In a Heartbeat,”
25. Socks with heart designs on them.
Deena Carter
26. Heart-shaped doilies.
27. Heart-shaped eyeglasses.
28. A front-yard flag with hearts on it.
29. Poke holes in a heart-shape in the crust of a freshly
baked pie.
30. Make heart-shaped chocolate chip cookies.
31. Heart-shaped confetti.
32. The classic heart-shaped box of chocolates.
33. Heart—shaped chocolate treats.
34. Carve a heart—with your initials in it—in a tree.
35. Get a heart-shaped tattoo with her initials in it.
36. Greeting cards with heart.
37. Fold the dinner napkins into heart shapes.
38. Silk boxer shorts with a heart motif.
39. Draw hearts on the bathroom mirror with lipstick.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 433
Gregory J.P. Godek • 433
40. Use only Love Stamps with heart shapes on them.
41. Find a wine with a heart motif on the label.
42. Heart-shaped rubber stamps.
43. Heart-shaped cakes.
44. Heart designs in icing on a cake.
45. Heart-shaped candles.
46. Heart-shaped appetizers.
47. Heart-shaped picture frames.
48. Heart-shaped wreaths.
49. Heart-shaped ice cubes.
50. A heart-shaped rug.
51. Find a heart-shaped Jell-O mold.
52. Cut banana slices into heart shapes and put them in Jell-O.
53. Shape pancakes into heart shapes.
54. Cut toast into heart shapes.
55. Cut a heart shape out of toast and fry an egg in the center.
56. Heart-shaped Rice Krispies Treats.
57. Slice strawberries into heart-shapes.
58. A heart-shaped pendant.
59. A heart-shaped pin.
60. Heart-shaped earrings.
61. Heart-shaped pasta.
62. Heart-shaped red balloons.
63. Heart-shaped cookie cutters.
64. Heart-shaped key rings.
65. Heart-shaped candy conversation hearts.
66. Cut the lawn into the shape of a giant heart.
67. Make a heart-shaped kite together.
68. Get a humongous heart-shaped box of Valentine candy.
69. Heart-shaped shrubbery/topiary.
70. A big, heart-shaped ice sculpture.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 434
434 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
71. Send an envelope filled with heart-shaped glitter.
72. While tanning, place a small, heart-shaped piece of cardboard on your body.
73. Cut a piece of paper into a heart shape, then write a love letter on it.
74. Scrape the ice off his windshield—in the shape of a heart.
75. Heart-shaped beds (in the Poconos).
Do you remember how to
make perfectly symmetrical
hearts from grade school?
(You fold the paper in half,
then draw half a heart against
the folded edge. Then cut it
out and voilà!)
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 435
Gregory J.P. Godek • 435
In My Humble Opinion
In my humble opinion, relation“One word frees us of all
ships start to go bad at the point when couples
the weight and pain of
stop being romantic. Most couples allow their
life. That word is love.”
A+ Relationships to slide into mediocre C—Sophocles
How do you regain your A+ status? By taking
creative action based on this wise observation:
“Sometimes progress is going back to where you first
went wrong.”—C.S. Lewis
989 In my humble opinion, every couple should, at some time
in their life together: Go skinny-dipping. Take a moonlit stroll on a
beach in the Caribbean. Sing silly love songs to one another. Get
giddy on champagne. Stay up all night talking and making love and
talking and making love and eating and making love and watching old
movies and making love and making love. Ride in a Tunnel of Love.
Go gambling in Las Vegas. See your favorite singer live in concert.
Make a baby. Watch falling stars.
990 In my humble opinion, half of all love
advice is erroneous at best, and harmful at
worst; three-quarters of all relationship books
are simplistic formulas dressed up in psyLove without
chobabble to impress you.
action is not love.
I am a very positive, optimistic person,
At best it is a
but—I’m very wary of big promises and simwish; at worst an
ple answers. I don’t believe you can turn a
D- Relationship into an A+. (People just
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 436
436 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
don’t work that way.) You can turn a C- into a B+. You an turn a
B- into a solid A. And that’s good enough, don't you think?
My Personal Favorites
991 The Perpetual Bouquet.
You give your lover one
flower a day, placing it in a
small vase. Every day you
bring one different kind of
flower. In a week you’ll have
a complete bouquet. Keep
doing this for three
months—every day you
remove one wilted flower
and replace it with a new
one. Your lover will have an
ever-changing, always fresh
reminder of your love and
support for him or her.
992 One of my rituals
with Karyn is a changing-ofthe-seasons ceremony which
uses framed covers from New
Yorker magazines. We have
My personal favorites…
Song: “I Won't Last a Day
Without You,” by Paul Williams
Rock group: The Moody Blues
Book: Stranger in a Strange Land, by
Robert A. Heinlein
Story: “The Artist of the
Beautiful,” by Nathaniel
TV show: Babylon 5
Bed & breakfast: The Victorian
Inn, Martha’s Vineyard. 508627-4784, www.thevic.com.
Comic Strip: Calvin and
Quote: “We are each of us angels with
only one wing. And we can only fly
embracing each other.”—Luciano de
Woman: Karyn Lynn Godek
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 437
Gregory J.P. Godek • 437
several covers for each season that hang in our living room. (FYI, we
celebrate five seasons.)
At the start of each season we go through this little ritual: We set the
mood with seasonal music; we fill two brandy snifters with Baileys
Irish Cream for the seasonal toast; we bring out the ritual screwdrivers; we open each frame and slide in the new magazine cover; we
rehang each frame; then sit back, toast one another, reminisce about
the past season, and look forward to the coming season.
Here are our current seasonal musical selections:
• Winter: Antarctica by Vangelis
• Spring: A Winter’s Solstice, a Windham Hill collection
• Summer: The Sacred Fire by Nicholas Gunn
• Autumn: Autumn by George Winston
• Christmas: A Charlie Brown Christmas, by The Vince Guaraldi Trio
Sometimes, depending on our mood, we’ll play the appropriate selection from Antonio Vivaldi's The Four Seasons.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 438
438 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Best of the Best
993 Best romantic gift: the gift of time
Best romantic present: your own presence
Best romantic car: Triumph Spitfire
Most romantic comic strip: Rose Is Rose
Best romantic TV show ever: Mad About You
Most romantic city (in the world): Verona, Italy
Most romantic city (in the USA): San Francisco, California
Best romantic color: Red/PMS #1795 CVU
Most romantic Broadway musical: Phantom of the Opera
Best romantic movie: Casablanca
Best romantic actress: Greta Garbo
Best romantic actor: Clark Gable
Best romantic hotel: The Grand Hotel, Mackinac
Best romantic voice (male): Barry White
Best romantic voice (female): Sade
Best romantic song: “You are So Beautiful (To Me),” by Joe Cocker
Do you agree?
Disagree? Voice your
opinion at
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 439
Gregory J.P. Godek • 439
Best Brief Advice
994 Gals: You want more romance? Give him more sex. (Try
having sex every night—night after night after night after night—
until he begs you to stop! Just try it as a little experiment. It just might transform
No, I'm not joking.
your ho-hum relationship into a raging
love affair!)
995 Guys: You want more sex? Give her more romance.
(Romance her like Don Juan. Like Romeo. Like Clark Gable.
Romance her every day in every way.
Romance her using every single idea in this
Yo, guys, this ain’t
book—and then think up one thousand and
rocket science!
one more ways to be romantic. And she’ll give
you all the sex you could ever dream of.)
996 Best way to create more time in your
life: Shoot your TV.
Use gifts and presents to
express love and appreciation. Don’t
use them to apologize after a fight or
make up for some dumb thing you’ve
done. This strategy eventually backfires.
• The unasked-for gift is most appreciated.
• The surprise gift is most cherished.
“Love does not die
easily. It is a living
thing. It thrives in the
face of all life’s hazards,
save one-neglect.”
—James D. Bryden
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
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Page 440
440 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Top 10 Reasons to Be Romantic
1. You’ll be happier.
2. Your partner will be happier.
You may want to
3. You’ll have sex more often.
make a scroll of
4. You’ll enjoy sex more.
these reasons and
5. You’ll rise above mediocrity, and create
present it to your
an A+ Relationship.
6. You’ll experience the spark of infatuation
7. You’ll reduce the chance that your partner
might cheat on you.
8. You’ll increase the probability that you’ll stay married.
9. You’ll add depth and meaning to your relationship.
10. You will create a safe haven where you can really be yourself.
999b And a few more reasons to be romantic:
11. You will be truly heard and deeply understood by one other
human being.
12. You’ll save money by expressing your love in lots of little, creative ways.
13. Exercising your creativity will benefit you in other
areas of your life.
14. You’ll probably live longer.
“In dreams and in
15. You’ll be better parents.
love there are no
16. You’ll be great role models for your children.
17. You’ll be great role models for friends and
—Janos Arany
18. Your children will understand love better than
most kids.
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 441
Gregory J.P. Godek • 441
19. Your children will experience what love is really all about.
20. Your children will have a better chance of choosing partners wisely.
Top 45 Reasons to Be Romantic
And still more reasons to be romantic:
24. You’ll come to appreciate your partner’s uniqueness.
25. You’ll reduce or eliminate therapy bills!
26. You’ll get more of what you want out of life.
27. You’ll strengthen your self-esteem and self-confidence.
28. You’ll never have to write to Annie’s Mailbox for love advice.
29. You’ll be better able to live your faith (love is central to every
30. You will have the quiet confidence that you’ve achieved something that few people accomplish.
31. You’ll create a truly mature relationship.
32. You’ll move beyond treating your partner like a stereotype.
33. You’ll have more energy and focus for your
34. You’ll surprise your skeptical in-laws!
35. You’ll deepen your understanding of the
opposite sex.
These 45
36. You’ll reconnect with your creative,
reasons are only
impulsive, spontaneous, childlike nature.
the tip of the
37. You’ll live up to your true potential in
38. You’ll never again be panic-stricken on Valen-
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 442
442 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
tine’s Day!
39. You’ll never again have to feel guilty for having
forgotten a birthday or anniversary.
40. You’ll stay young at heart.
#45: Life is
41. You’ll keep the world spinning. (Love
simply too
makes the world go ’round.)
short not to be
42. You’ll keep your love alive.
43. Your partner wants you to be romantic. What
more reason do you need?
44. Why not??
The End
1000 Once upon a time…they lived
happily ever after. The perfect ending to any
story, wouldn’t you say?
Theme Song:
Your story—your personal story, the love
“The End,”
story that the two of you are creating
The Beatles
together—is somewhere in its middle
chapters, I would guess. So how’s it going?
Is it turning out as you expected? If so, marvelous! If not, wrap up the current chapter of
your story and create a new chapter. An exciting
chapter. A fulfilling chapter. A romantic chapter.
Imagine that your life is a novel, and you and your lover are its
co-authors. You have great artistic license to create a love story out
of your life story. And if you need help in creating some romantic
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 443
Gregory J.P. Godek • 443
scenes, please use 1001 Ways To Be Romantic as a
resource. Take these ideas, give them a creative twist and the benefit of your unique
“Love at first sight is
personality, and they will truly become
easy to understand; it’s
your own.
when two people have
been looking at each
other for a lifetime that it
becomes a miracle.”
—Amy Bloom
The Beginning
In the beginning was the Word. And the word was Love.
Love. It is the single most important word in any language. It is
the defining experience of what it means to be human. It is virtually
the first (most welcoming!) word we hear when we are born; it is
usually the last (most comforting) word we hear before we die; and
it is the word we are obsessed with during every year in
Even though time passes and every couple
creates a history together, love must still be
re-created every day. If your yesterdays
When it comes to
were great, they help make today even
love, the secret is
better. If your yesterdays weren’t so
that there is no
hot, they help motivate you to make
secret. Simply
today different.
express love. There
Yes, you can turn a C- Relationship
are at least 1001
into an A+ Relationship. I’ve helped
many couples achieve this goal. 1001 Ways
ways to do it.
To Be Romantic can help you achieve that goal,
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 444
444 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
too. This isn’t the end—it’s just the beginning of
your life as a happier, more loving, and
more loved person.
Love must be made real, brought alive
“Romance is the
in the world through action, thoughts,
fuel that keeps love
and deeds. In a word, romance.
burning hot.”
—Rusty Silvey
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 445
50/50 vs. 100/100 relationships, 123
A+ relationships
balancing thought and
action, 139
characteristics of, 14, 164,
174, 261
creating, 132–134
defined, 133
focus of, 134
goals of, 214
learn from, 374–375
recipe for, 376–377
as resources, 195
secrets of, 5, 72
ABC’s of romance, 405–408
Above and beyond the call of
duty, 5, 6, 41
Acceptance, 38, 58
Acorn Principle, The, 58, 137
Acronyms for romance,
Actions vs. thoughts, 139–141
Adult play, romance as, 100,
314, 424–425
Advertisements, 155, 208
Always, always, always, 70–71
celebrating, 29, 36, 267,
272, 293
gift list, 360–361
remembering, 44, 80
Anticipating needs, 34
Aphrodisiacs, 24, 250,
321–322, 323
Apologies, 139, 439
Astrology, 113, 181, 290, 336,
Attitude adjustment,
Awareness, raising, 366–367
Balancing needs, 297
Balloons, 76, 84, 160
Balloons, hot air, 197
Banners, 8
Bartering, 43
Basics for romantics, 48–49,
Be prepared, 68–69, 382
Be yourself, 55, 59, 187, 327,
Bed and Breakfasts, 92–93,
Bedrooms, 59–60
of the best, 438
brief advice, 439
date movies, 235–236
kisses in movies and songs,
love songs, Broadway, 232
love songs, duets, 230–231
love songs of 21st century,
romantic comedies, 234
romantic couples, 233
romantic movies, 233
song list Greg ever created,
Big things to do, 8
cards, 4, 6, 255
cartoon characters, 4, 6, 255
celebrating, 273
gifts, 37
remembering, 43
themes, 253–255
Birthstones, 26–27
Body language, 34
Book lovers, romancing,
Books, ideas for, 288, 420
Books, lists of recommended,
382, 412–413
Boudoir photography,
Brainstorming ideas, 362–365
Bridges to understanding,
Bubble baths, 6, 303, 418–420
Budget friendly ideas, 12,
256, 302, 426–427
Business cards and romance,
Business executives, tips for,
Business of romance, 188–189
Candles, 7, 59, 150, 254,
271, 293, 358, 362, 415
Cards, greeting, 6, 8, 76,
124, 182, 188, 255, 276,
296, 313, 343, 363
Carpe diem (seize the day), 314
Cars, ideas for, 283, 369–370,
Cash as a gift, 119
CDs (compact discs), 9, 33,
242–243, 415
Celebrations, twists on, 32,
160–161, 340
Champagne, 29
Checklists, romantic, 97–98,
Chemistry, 14
Child-Sharing Program, 129
Childlike activities, 38,
153–154, 294, 397–398
Children and romance, 340,
Chocolate, 24–25, 184–185
Choreographing lovemaking,
Christmas, 269–270
Classic romance, 324,
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 446
446 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Classics and romance, 420
Classy romance, 327–328
Comic strips
creative uses of, 62, 154
gift ideas, 238
parenthood, 129
pet names, 372
romantic efforts, 87, 121,
romantically impaired, 3,
16, 139, 147, 273, 342
Commitment, 1, 248–249,
Common sense in relationships, 137–138
importance of, 14, 71, 100,
listening in, 15, 42, 401,
styles, 58, 170–172
See also Expressing feelings
Concepts for romance, 148,
246–249, 297
Cookies, candies, cakes,
Cool (unusual) stuff, 155–156,
Couple-Thinking, 315
Couple’s Day, 164
ABC’s of romance, 408
bookstore, 382
custom-made, 421
ideas, 411–412
lingerie, 31, 90
love, 83, 349
musical, 63
romantic surprise, 82
exercises, 278–280
increasing, 67–68, 256,
Cruises, 309, 358–359
Dependence, types of, 214
Diamonds, 13, 26, 191, 289,
336, 427
Differences, dealing with,
99–101, 175
in, 4, 31, 60, 285
out, 13, 61, 286
activities, 34, 298
Do’s and Don’ts, 37–43,
Dummies, romance for, 17–18,
19, 39, 201, 239–240, 240
E-mail, romancing, 312–313
Electronics and media, 75,
149, 241, 439
Engagement, ideas for,
Equitable vs. loving relationships, 123
Erotic Fantasy Jar, 250
Erotica, 130–131, 250–252
Escapes, 69, 357–359
See also Getaways; Vacations;
Evaluating relationships, 265
Romance, 19
Everyday events, 57
Excuses, lame, 104–107
Expectations, unrealistic, 39
Expensive ideas, 13, 256,
336, 427–428
Expressing feelings and being
yourself, 59
importance of, 100
modes of, 57–58
quoting others, 391–392
by touch, 392
using poetry, prose, songs,
variety in, 71
Dates, important, 188–189
Dating, 261
Deciding to love, 41
Favorites/preferences, knowing, 178–179, 210–213
Feng shui, 297
Flexibility, 315
Flirting, 56, 111
choosing, 37, 342
giving, 5, 9, 23–24, 77–78,
109, 301, 331–332
and notes, 5, 77–78
standing orders, 19
Food for romance, 319–320,
Freshman lessons, 55
Fun, romantic, 70, 100
Fundamentals of romance,
48–49, 361–362
Funny ideas, 154–155, 189–190,
Games, romantic, 11, 85–86,
164–165, 407
Gardening, 157
bigot, 32
58, 170–176, 186
differences vs. personality,
metaphors, 249
stereotyping, 1, 14, 40, 134,
140, 168–170, 386–387
Generating ideas, 362–365
Generic romance, 4, 5, 56
Gestures, romantic
creating, 10–11, 51
for lovemaking, 183–184
purpose of, 186
themes in, 90–91, 96
Getaways, 125, 339
Getting to know you, 178–179,
304–305, 400–401, 413
See also
Gift & Card Drawer, 423
Gift certificates, 120
Gift closet, 68, 201
Gift Day, 113
Gift-of-the-Month Clubs,
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
creative, 9, 10
custom-made, 299
do-it-yourself, 276
expensive, 144–145, 256
giving for dummies, 239
hiding, 277–278
ideas, 410
kinds of, 73–74
little things, 391
money as, 256
one-of-a-kind, 275
planning ahead for, 39
presentation of, 31–33
purposes of, 95, 439
shop ahead for, 68
shopping for, 201–203
themes and ideas, 90–91,
96, 237–238
of time, 263–264
vs. presents, 94–95, 237
wrapping, 19, 31, 240
Give-and-take approach, 367
Giving 100 percent, 123
Going out of your way, 5, 6,
Golden Rule, 138
Golden Rules of Romance,
Gospel According to Godek,
The, 186–189
Grading your relationship, 5
Gratification, instant, 112
Greeting cards, 6, 124, 182,
188, 276, 296, 313, 343,
about, 445–446
best song list created by, 409
gospel according to, 186–189
humble opinions of, 435–436
and Karyn, what they do,
333–334, 351
personal favorites of,
Guidelines for love, 417–418
Habits, romantic, 381
Page 447
Hands, kissing of, 6
Hanukkah, 271
Hearts, ideas with, 431–434
Help!, 19, 80–82, 147–148
Hide-and-seek, 277–278
Hiking, 157
His and hers, 215–216
Holding hands, 146
Home, ideas for, 150
Honesty, 1
Honeymoons, second, 281
How to use this book, 442–443
How vs. why, 14
How you do it vs. what you do,
Humor, 313
I love you, ways to say, 52,
Ideas jar, romantic, 67
Important vs. urgent, 246
Inexpensive ideas, 12, 256,
302, 426–427
Infatuation, 4, 14
Initials for romance, 143–144
Inner child, 153–154, 397–398
Inspirational readings, 335
Interests/orientations, 177
Intimacy, 110, 248–249
Jewelry, 26–27, 33, 238, 336
Journals, 208, 307, 364
Junior lessons, 57–58
Kid-like activities, 38, 153–154,
294, 397–398
Kisses, 6, 45–46, 122, 398–399
Lame Excuses, 104–107
Left-brained, 16–17
Lessons, 14, 55–59
Licenses and romance,
LifeChart, 334
Lingerie, 30–31, 89, 90,
130, 131, 410
Listening, 15, 42, 401, 402
Little things, 7, 124
Long-term, thinking, 110
coupons (See Coupons)
do’s and don’ts, 417–418
ingredients for, 248–249
is . . ., 316–318
letters, 20, 47, 62, 109
as a process, 49
romance and, 1–2, 186
songs and matching movies, 9
stories, 90–91, 372–374
vs. romance, 1–2
the word, 443–444
Love and live, 15, 168, 263,
282, 362, 369, 410
do’s and don’ts, 37–38, 310
improving, 74–75, 200–201,
music for, 306–307
signals for, 183–184
Loving vs. equitable relationships, 123
Mail, romance by, 142–143,
Maintenance of relationship,
Marching bands, 8
Marrieds, suggestions for,
111–112, 267–269, 291–292,
292–293, 369
Martyrdom, 37, 119, 297
Massages, 404, 421
Mathematics and romance,
Meanings of names, 396–397
Media and electronics, 149
Mementos, 44
Memories, 99, 358
Memories Box, 44
Memorization musts,
help for, 383–384,
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 448
448 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
only for, 108
romantic style and, 21
and women, similarities/differences, 58, 170–176, 186
Messages and romance,
See also Notes
Metaphors, feminine/masculine, 249
Mˆbius strip, 9–10
Money as gifts, 256
Month of Romance suggestions, 113–118
Most important lessons, 14
Motivating for romance,
Movie fans, romancing, 355
Movies, 234–236, 354
classical, 101–102, 325
for lovemaking, 306–307
for romantic activities,
Music fans, romancing, 103
Myths, 168–170
Names and romance,
Naughty ideas, 198–201,
Negotiation and compromise, 38
Never, never, never, 72
Newspapers, 37
Nice approach, 366
Nonverbal clues, 34
flowers and, 5, 77–78
funny, 189
love, 7, 9, 52–54, 62–64,
musical, 103
Numbers and romance,
125–126, 287
Obligatory romantic gestures,
6, 55, 343
Oldies but goodies, 352–354
Opportunities, tuning into,
Opposites, balancing, 99–101
Orientations/interests, 177
Outrageous ideas, 162, 166,
196–198, 356
Parenthood, 129
Passion, 14, 163, 248–249
People, kinds of, 216–219,
Perfection, 39, 133, 186
Perfume, 27–28
Personal love stories, 90–91
Personality vs. gender differences, 174
Pet lovers, romancing, 87–89
Pet names, 395
Photographs, 328–330
Pings, 265
Platinum Rule, 138
Play, ideas for adult,
classic, 204–207
mathematical, 124
presentation of, 11, 12, 76
writing, 47
Postage stamps, 64, 142, 311
Postmarks, 311
Practical jokes, 178
Preparation, 68–69
Prescriptions for romance,
Presents vs. gifts, 94–95, 237
Presley, Elvis, 102
Principles of love and
romance, 186–188
Priorities, 48–49, 119, 151
Proposals, marriage,
Psychological approach, 366
Public displays of affection
(PDA’s), 127, 259
Purpose of human beings, 2
Puzzles, 156
Questions to ask, 178–197,
304–305, 400–401, 413
Quests and romance,
Quotations for romance
ancient, 209–210
characteristics of love, 13,
14, 78, 168, 331, 373, 381,
439, 440
creativity, 276
gender and differences, 22,
175, 384
giving, 240
how to love, 19, 43, 91, 119,
130, 143, 182, 183, 207,
295, 324, 418, 439
kissing, 122, 149, 163
love, the word, 428, 438
love defining who you are,
325, 352, 425
love is, 13, 58, 76, 100, 137,
209, 210, 238, 250, 258,
277, 317–318, 328, 330
marriage, 43, 48, 112, 268,
292, 347, 391, 443
play, 424, 425
romance, 369, 444, 445
time, 263, 352
understanding, 413
Radio and romance,
Rain, ideas for, 122–123
Reasons to be romantic, top,
Reassurance, 402
Recipe for A+ Relationship,
Recipes for romance,
319–320, 323
concepts, 246
entropy, 247
grading your, 5
Report Card, 135–136
secrets, 7
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Remembering important
things, 17, 43–44
Reminders, romantic, 34
Repeat, renew, redo, 51
Required romantic gestures,
6, 55, 348
Resources for romance, 80,
190–195, 244–245, 274,
Responding with love, 401
Right-brained, 17–18
Rituals of romance, 349–351
adult play as, 100, 314,
basics of, 361–362
budget, 12, 256, 302,
business of, 188–189
classic, 4, 324, 326–327
classy, 327–328
defined, 55, 100, 314, 316,
for Dummies, 19
expensive, 13, 256, 336,
generic, 4, 5, 56
little things and, 55
love and, 1–2, 186
need for, 392–393
obligatory vs. optional, 55
occasional vs. overtime, 248
purpose of, 2
quests and, 398–399
regimen, 381
resources for, 80
sex vs., 393
for Smarties, 20
as a state of mind/being, 55
styles of, 21–22
timing in, 56
tips for business executives,
tips for non-romantics
(left-brained), 17–18
weird and wacky, 86–87
Romance Credit Card, 257
do’s and don’ts, 37–43,
Page 449
top reasons to be, 440–442
characteristics of, 120, 163,
313–315, 388–389
characteristics of crazy, 390
defined, 163
happiness and, 14
Roses, 5, 23, 342
Rules to be broken, 119–120
Ruts, getting out of, 31,
Sacrifices, 37
Science fiction fans, romancing, 337–338
Scrolls, 76, 207, 254, 299
Seduction, 112
Senior lessons, 58–59
Sensuality, 388, 421–422
Sex and sexuality
books about, 346
gender differences in, 58
naughty ideas, 198–201
tips for gals, 425
tips for guys, 426
ways to improve, 74–75,
158, 163, 250–252,
332–333, 439
for women, 387–388
Sex vs. romance
Sexism and romance, 32
Shakespeare, William,
204–205, 391
Shopping, 19, 69, 108,
Singles, suggestions for,
110–111, 265–266
Songs, lists of love
best of 21st century, 220–223
Broadway’s, 232
duets, 230–231
to express yourself, 224–229
Songsmith, The, 76, 274
Sophomore lessons, 56
Spirituality, 334–335
Spontaneity, 69, 84, 118,
120, 260, 368
Sports fans, romancing, 109,
Stalemate, romantic, 247
Stamps, postage, 64, 142, 311
Stars and moon themes,
180–181, 336–337
Stereotyping, 1, 14, 40, 134,
140, 168–170, 386–387
Styles of romance, 21, 22
Super Bowl and romance,
Supporting your partner, 41
Surprises, romantic, 82, 159,
Sweets, 152–153
Telephones, 72, 141, 149
Television and romance, 75,
241, 439
Ten commandments for loving couples, 15
Ten Reasons I Love You, 117
Theme gifts, 9
Thesaurus, 308
Thinking as a couple, 315
Thinking long term, 109
Thinking of you, 304
Thoughts vs. actions, 139–141
Time and effort, 118
Time and romance, 50,
263–264, 297
Timing in romance, 56
To Do lists, 34
Togetherness, 213–214
Tokens of love, 78, 156
Touching, 376, 421–422
Trading places, 128
Travel tips, 12, 83–85,
281–282, 359, 377–380
Triad, romantic, 248–249
Trinkets, 86, 213, 423
Trip Survival kit, 84
True romantics, characteristics of, 17–18
Tuning in to opportunities,
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 450
450 • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Tuxedos, 108, 130, 327
Two’s for couples, 215–216
189–190, 423
Writing your own, 207–208,
307, 308
Understanding, increasing
ideas for, 70, 128, 138,
175–176, 400, 412–413
questions for, 304–305,
400–401, 413
See also Getting to know you
Urgent vs. important, 246
in America, 377–378
around the world, 379–380
baths, 303
chocolates, 184–185
escapes, 357–359
exotic, 131–132
second honeymoons,
spiritual, 334–335
themes, 146, 337–338
timing of, 37
ultimate, 336, 358–359
Valentines Day, 44, 81, 121,
181–182, 342–344, 386
Walks, 146
Walls, ideas for, 167–168
Wedding Day, 35
Weddings, 36, 51, 267–268,
Weekends, ideas for, 37, 125,
Weird and wacky romance,
What you do vs. how you do it,
Why vs. how, 14
Women, help for, 109,
384–385, 387–388
Women, suggestions for, 109
Women and romantic style,
Women only, 109
Work, ideas for, 151,
Yin and Yang, 99–101
You can/you cannot, 187
Zen Shopping, 202
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 451
About the Author
Gregory J.P. Godek is an author and researcher, speaker and performer, husband and father. He was romantic by inclination long
before it became an avocation, then preoccupation—and finally—
occupation. Greg has been teaching his acclaimed Romance
Classes for twenty years.
This book was written at the request of thousands
of romantically starved women and romantically
“Romantic love.
impaired men. This book works. It’s not a deep,
Anything else is a
theoretical book, and it's not another cute
“love” book. It’s a practical, inspirational (and
—Gregory Godek
occasionally humorous) book.
Greg burst upon the national scene with 1001
Ways To Be Romantic in 1991 and became a national
celebrity as his book became an instant classic. No
one had ever before combined such a huge number of practical tips
with just the right amount of psychology. Greg has since taught
romance on Oprah; counseled troubled couples on Donahue;
shared tips on Montel; and launched the biggest book signing tour
in the history of publishing by unveiling his custom-designed
romance bus on Good Morning America.
1001 Ways To Be Romantic is a year-round bestseller with more than
1.5 million copies in print; it led to twelve additional books and
a CD collection of romantic classical music; and it has been referenced by Jay Leno in his Tonight Show monologue. Greg has
taught romance to the U.S. Army, to corporate groups, and to
audiences around the world. Greg is a teacher and role model,
not a therapist or theorist. He does not have a pet theory that he
insists you accept. He is highly conscious of the diversity of
1001Ways.int 2ndhalf
5:00 PM
Page 452
human experience, of the infinite variability
human personality, of the uniqueness of every
individual. Greg believes that romance is about
expressing love in thousands of ways that reflect
your creativity and your partner’s specialness.
Greg has been working on this edition for
years. Hundreds of new ideas and hundreds of
his personal notes are included in this completely
revised edition of 1001 Ways To Be Romantic.
“Godek…is helping
transform men and
women into modern
Romeos and Juliets.”
M O R E T H AN 1.6 million copies sol d!
Now Completely Revised and More Romantic Than Ever
“Greg Godek explains how to get the Woo in wooing.”
—C o s m o p o l i t a n
Here are hundreds and hundreds of ideas and resources for transforming your
relationship into a vibrant, exciting love affair, including gifts and gestures, setting
the atmosphere, surprising your partner and the author’s personal notes on the best of
the best when it comes to romance.
all the ways to supercharge
your relationship
filling every day with romance
ideas from the wildly extravagant
to “the best things in life are free”
how to make the little (but
meaningful) gestures that count
when to go wild and wacky, and
when to stay simple and sweet
where to find every romantic gift
you’ll ever want to give
the most important things you
need to know about romance
unique ways to say “i love you”
Gregory J.P. Godek, known worldwide as “America’s Romance Authority,” is a
best-selling author and popular speaker. He has appeared on Oprah and Donahue,
and has taught his acclaimed Romance Class to groups as diverse as the U.S. Army,
women’s groups and business organizations.
ISBN-13: 978-1-4022-1646-6
ISBN-10: 1-4022-1646-7
$14.95 U.S.
“ W
1w a 0y s t0o b1e
—W e s l e y g . , n e w y o r k
“This book is different. It is practical. Pick it up. Pick a number
between 1 and 1001. Do it…it will change your life!”
Are you getting enough love, passion, fun and romance?
1w a 0y s t0o b1e
The #1 National Bestseller
Gregory J.P.
Gregory J.P. Godek

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