A&W/KFC Wall Decor Package

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A&W/KFC Wall Decor Package
Creative Palette, your approved interior wall decor vendor
since 1984, provides exciting wall decor images designed
specifically for A&W/KFC Ground-up stores.
CL-6 Colonel & Store
20” x 24”
(Includes Red Frame)
B Mural 83”w x 48”h
CL-11 Sanders Court
interior 14” x 12”
(Includes Red Frame)
CL-12 Colonel & Friends
14” x 12”
(Includes Red Frame)
CL-2 Original Kitchen 24” x 20”
(Includes Red Frame)
CL-10 Publicity 10” x 12”
(Includes Red Frame)
CL-5 50 Years 20” x 24”
(Includes Red Frame)
X6 Welcome Sign 34”w x 52”h
S3 Secret spice 22” x 18.5”
S6 Sanders Court 31”x17.5”
L8 “Finger-lickin’ good!” vinyl letters 76”w x 11”h
(Dining Room Border)
L8 “We do chicken right!” vinyl letters 85”w x 11”h
(Dining Room Border)
S7 Original Bucket 22”x21.5”
S1 Signature sign 22” x 24”
L8 “Eleven herbs & spices” vinyl letters 85”w x 11”h
(Dining Room Border)
L8 “Welcome to the Colonel’s Kitchen”
vinyl letters 131”w x 11”h (Dining Room Border)
L8 “Get a bucket of chicken” vinyl letters 94”w x 11”h
(Dining Room Border)
For exact sizes, prices, order numbers and other information, see the
Order Form. Images may not reflect exact scale or crop. (07/20/01)
Creative Palette Inc.
500 North Hamilton Road
Columbus, Ohio 43219
Phone: [61 4]575-1515
Fax: [61 4]575-1508
Toll Free: [8 0 0]321-1949

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