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Volume 41, Number 1
© 2013 Official Publication of the Society of Urologic Nurses and Associates
January 2013
Call for Nominations
Chapter of the Year:
Secrets Revealed
Chicago Metro SUNA captured the 2012 Chapter of the
Year Award as announced at SUNA’s Annual Conference in
Vic Senese
Washington, DC. This is a back-to-back victory for Chicago
Metro. It is an honor to earn this award as SUNA has many
chapters doing many great things. Chapter members received numerous congratulations from fellow members at the Annual Conference, and I also heard
the question: “How does your chapter keep doing so much?” As SUNA Secretary
Debbie Buback read the achievements of our chapter, I almost had to ask myself
the same question. I do not think our chapter does anything that any other
chapter couldn’t do; however, we do have our secrets to success.
Chicago Metro is a large chapter with almost 200 members. I can promise
you that all members do not contribute to our chapter. Even small chapters can
achieve similar results as large chapters. So, here are some tips:
1. Identify your core group.
If you can find three key members in your chapter, you will be a success. Key
members do not have to serve on your chapter board of directors either; they
can be past board members, highly motivated chapter members, or current
board members. They are the members that you know you can count on when
planning chapter events, helping to run events, and offering ideas. You don’t
have to limit your team members to three, but I would not have any less than
three. Chapter duties can become overwhelming when they fall on the shoulders of just one or two people.
2. Decide when to recycle and when not to recycle.
This can be a hard decision to make. Most chapters have established roles,
such as president, treasurer, secretary, and others. Chicago Metro decided that
the president position should never be recycled. This is difficult for smaller
chapters, and I can assure you this is not easy for us either. We have been successful for over a decade in accomplishing this goal, but it is the hardest position for which to recruit. Our belief is that new presidents will bring new ideas
so that the chapter does not stagnate. I have been amazed over the years at how
each president has brought something special and unique to our chapter. I
believe our success in attracting members to become president is the knowledge
that they will not be alone and will have a strong support system of past board
continued on page 8
The Uro-Gram is published bimonthly
and sponsored by Liberty Medical
SUNA is seeking qualified candidates for the following 20132014 Board of Director positions:
• President-Elect
• Secretary
• Southeast Regional Director
• North Central Regional
For more information about
eligibility criteria and the role
responsibilities for each position,
go to, click on the
Resources tab, and select Policy
and Procedure Manual. You will
find each position listed under
(Please note that you must first
enter your member login to access
this information on the website.)
For additional information,
contact Nominations Chairperson
Valre Welch ([email protected])
or the SUNA national office (888827-7862). The deadline for nominations is March 1, 2013.
In this issue
President’s Trophies
Annual Conference
SUNA Chapter Awards
Regional News
Member Spotlight
Special Interest Group
Call for Abstracts for 2013
Annual Conference
January 2013
Welcome to 2013 and the first
issue of the year. I hope everyone had
a happy holiday season. As a new year
commences, I think about what I plan to
contribute to my employing facility, to my professional nursing organizations, to the nursing literature, and to my continuing education. Do I need
more CNE credits this year if I did not obtain as
many as I planned in the prior year? Do I need to
write one or more articles for publication in a peer
Jeanne Held-Warmkessel
reviewed nursing journal? What projects will I
undertake to improve patient care and patient outcomes at my hospital?
What will I contribute to my nursing organizations at the local and national levels?
Once I decide on what needs to be done, how do I get everything done
and what is my timeline? How do I accomplish the tasks in 12 months? I
divide big projects into small pieces. I do a small piece each day. I don’t try
to do too much in one day on one project. When I finish a small piece on
one project, I move on to the next project so I complete a small piece of
huge projects each day. That way I am not overwhelmed and I avoid
overextending myself. This also helps me avoid boredom with a project. I
am sometimes amazed at what I am able to accomplish. So what’s your
time line for contributing to nursing and to SUNA this year?
Jeanne Held-Warmkessel, MSN, RN, AOCN©, ACNS-BC
SUNA’s Vision and Guiding Beliefs
Vision: A dynamic, varied and robust organization, SUNA is recognized by medical professionals, patients, their families, and the public as
the nursing authority on collaborative, compassionate, and culturally competent urologic care.
Guiding Beliefs
We believe patients receive better health care when nurses and associates
work in close partnership with other health care professionals as well as
with patients and their families.
We believe patients receive better health care when nurses and associates
continue to learn and grow personally and professionally in the ways that
SUNA provides to its members.
We believe patients receive higher quality health care when their health
care is evidence-based.
We believe patients and the public are better served when our members are
actively engaged in our professional association, SUNA.
We believe that in order to be the nursing authority in the management of
persons with urological health care concerns and to best serve our members and their patients, SUNA needs to be courageous, creative, conscientious, and uphold the highest standards of excellence.
We believe that patients will receive better care when we exercise foresight
by anticipating and meeting their needs.
We believe SUNA has a responsibility to promote and contribute to
research, education, and evidence-based clinical practice of the highest
SUNA Board of Directors
Debbie Hensley, BSN, RN, CURN
Cheryl LeCroy, MSN, RN
Immediate Past President
Valre Welch, MSN, RN, CPNP
Victor Senese, BSN, RN, CURN
Debbie Buback, MSN, ANP
Northeast Regional Director
Kristine Green, MS, CURN
Southeast Regional Director
Shanna Atnip, MSN, WHNP-BC
North Central Regional
Vanessa Spears, MHA, BSN, RN, CURN
Western Regional Director
Peggy Hayes, BS, RN, CURN
Uro-Gram Editor
Jeanne Held-Warmkessel, MSN, RN,
SUNA National Office
Executive Director
Michael Brennan
Director, Association Services
Cheryl Underhill
Executive Secretary
Pat Davey
Uro-Gram Managing Editor
Kathleen Thomas
East Holly Avenue, Box 56
Pitman, NJ 08071-0056
1-888-TAP-SUNA / 856-256-2335
fax: 856-589-7463
email: [email protected]
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January 2013
SUNA Members Recognized
with President’s Trophies
During the awards presentation held at the Annual
Conference in Washington, DC, on November 4, 2012,
we had the opportunity to recognize many SUNA members, all of whom we consider leaders. We are proud to
set this time aside each year to recognize some of the
many outstanding members of our association.
News & Events
With the help of many volunteers, the SUNA
Foundation hosted another successful Silent Auction at
the 2012 Annual Conference. The 147 donated items
raised $7,120 for the SUNA Scholarship Fund. Items
ranged from an iRobot® Roomba® to knitted baby hats.
All of the latest electronic devices were available and
went home with happy bidders. Thank you to the
many individuals who donated auction items and to
the conference attendees who so generously bid on
these items.
Now it’s time to plan for the Sixth Annual SUNA
Foundation Raffle, which will be held at the Annual
Symposium in Savannah. There will be prizes galore,
including a Nikon camera, an iPad mini®, a GPS, and
much more! Plan now to participate in this FUN(d)raising event.
During the Annual Awards Luncheon at the 2012
Annual Conference, recipients of the many SUNA
scholarships and awards were announced. (See page 5
for a complete list of winners.) In addition, the three
SUNA Educational Program Scholarship recipients –
Darla Cleaves, Louise Nora, and Julie Wells – were introduced. These members received scholarships to attend
the conference and took advantage of all the opportunities made available to them. They enjoyed the sessions they attended and enthusiastically shared about
their overall conference experience with us. Visit the
SUNA website to read letters detailing their conference
experience. (Go to, click on the
Education tab, and select SUNA Educational Program
There were seven applicants for the SUNA Annual
Symposium Scholarships. After much deliberation by
the SUNA Foundation Selection Committee, the following three members were selected to attend the 2013
Annual Symposium in Savannah:
• Debra Crawford, RNC, Beaverton, OR
• Jody Hughes, RN, North Branch, MN
• Patricia Patterson, RN, Rathdrum, ID
We look forward to welcoming these three members and all attendees to the Annual Symposium in
Ardeth Hale, RN, CURN
SUNA Foundation Chair & Trustee
SUNA President Valre Welch awarded President’s Trophies to Debbie
Hensley (left) and Heather Schultz (right) at the 2012 Annual Conference.
I was honored to have the privilege of awarding
President’s Trophies. The President’s Trophy for
Outstanding Contributions to Urologic Nursing was presented to the co-chairs of SUNA’s cystoscopy task force –
Heather Schultz, MSN, RN, CNP, and Sue Flick, MSN, RN,
CNP, CCRP – for their outstanding contribution in the
form of the Cystoscopy Guidelines. This publication will
serve as an invaluable resource for those members who
will be performing cystoscopy as part of their professional role. The accumulated research and collaboration that
went into this document is a credit to the co-chairs and
all of the task force members.
Contributions to SUNA was awarded to Debbie Hensley,
BSN, RN, CURN (then SUNA President-Elect and now
SUNA President) for her role in the development of
Urologic Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice. Debbie
served as the chair of the Scope and Standards task force,
but more than that, she was the force who demonstrated
unending persistence in ensuring that this document was
approved by the American Nurses Association (ANA).
This recognition by ANA is one that many other nursing
organizations do not achieve. I know Debbie would say
that she had an outstanding task force and I certainly give
credit to the entire task force for the writing of this document, but it was Debbie who would not stop working
toward obtaining approval by ANA and persevered until
that acknowledgment was accomplished. This is truly an
outstanding achievement for SUNA.
Congratulations to all of the winners! (See page 5 for
a complete list.) This acknowledgment by your peers and
your professional organization speaks to your dedication
and engagement in SUNA. I applaud you and encourage
you to enlist more of your colleagues to become involved
in SUNA.
Valre Welch, MSN, RN, CPNP
2011-2012 SUNA President
January 2013
Specialty Education and Awards Are Highlight of Annual Conference
A dynamic education program
with outstanding faculty drew more
than 400 urologic health care professionals to Washington, DC, November
2-5, 2012, for SUNA’s 43rd Annual
Conference. Participants attended
courses on such topics as incontinence, pelvic and bladder pain, testicular cancer in children, and robotic
surgeries. For the third year, the handson Advanced Practice workshop was
one of the most popular sessions. This
interactive workshop allowed attendees to rotate among multiple stations,
including pelvic floor rehab and
myofascial release, male and female
genital exam, pessaries and penile
injections for erectile dysfunction, and
treating priapism.
“One of the things that makes the
SUNA Annual Conference so special is
that attendees have the opportunity to
personalize their education by choosing sessions of any level,” said SUNA
President Debbie Hensley, BSN, RN,
CURN. “Attendees leave with new personal and professional knowledge and
Awards and
SUNA recognized individuals
who have made outstanding contributions to urologic nursing during
the Awards Luncheon on November
4. Congratulations to the following
President’s Trophies
Outstanding Contributions to
Urologic Nursing: Heather
Schultz, NP and Sue Flick, MSN,
Outstanding Contributions to
SUNA: Debbie Hensley, BSN, RN,
Ron Brady Career Mobility
Tamara Dickinson, RN, CURN,
Suszette McKay Memorial
Excellence in Urologic
Nursing Award
Amy Saunders, BSN, RN
The 2012-2013 SUNA Board of Directors assumed their roles during the conference in Washington,
DC. Pictured from left are: Treasurer Vic Senese, Southeast Regional Director Shanna Atnip, North
Central Regional Director Vanessa Spears, Western Regional Director Peggy Hayes, President Debbie
Hensley, Immediate Past President Valre Welch, President-Elect Cheryl LeCroy, Secretary Debbie
Buback, and Northeast Regional Director Kristine Green.
Attendees socialized with colleagues at the SUNA Party and Silent
Auction, earned continuing nursing
education (CNE) contact hours and
continuing medical education (CME),
and met with 70 vendors in the exhibit hall. On Saturday, November 3, Jan
Towers, PhD, NP-C, CRNP, FAANP,
FAAN, presented the Keynote Address,
Hot Topics for Nurses in the Current
Health Care Environment. Dr. Towers’
presentation addressed the latest happenings on Capitol Hill, a subject
made all the more prominent by the
Washington, DC, conference’s close
timing to the 2012 National Election.
Later that evening, the Sixth Annual
Silent Auction raised over $7,000 for
the SUNA Foundation scholarship
If you were unable to attend the
conference, the live recordings of educational sessions, accompanying presentation materials, and CNE credit are
available for purchase in SUNA’s Online
Library at
Susan E. Healy Pediatric
Nursing Education Award
Annual Conference
Valre Welch, MSN, CPNP
Macfarlane Award
Karl Gunnerson, BSN, RN, CNOR,
Brenda Madsen, CURN
Regional Member of the
Year Awards
Northeast: Marianne Borch, BSN,
Southeast: Randee Regan, BSN,
North Central: Charlene Vollmer,
Western: Denise Kramer-Levien,
Chapter of the Year Award
Darla Cleaves, BSN, RNFA, CURN,
Louise Nora, CURN, CUNP
Julie Wells, RN
Urologic Nursing Journal
Writer’s Awards
Catherine-Ann Lawrence Literary
Excellence Award: Katharine
O’Dell, PhD, CNM, WHNP-BC;
Shanna Atnip, MSN, WHNP-BC;
and Leslie Wooldridge, MSN,
Novice Literary Excellence Award:
Bruce Turner, BN (Hons), MSc,
RN, and Philippa Aslet, BA (Hons)
Outstanding Reviewer Award:
Phyllis A. Sheldon, MS, RN, CNS,BC, CUCNS
Chicago Metro
Save the Dates for 2013!
SUNA’s 44th Annual Conference will be held October 11-14, 2013,
at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago, IL. See the Call for Abstracts on
page 14 of this issue.
January 2013
SUNA Chapters Honored with Awards
Chapter with Exceptional Education
On behalf of the SUNA Board of Directors, I would
like to thank everyone for your contributions to your
chapter activities. The chapters cannot function without the hard work and dedication of member volunteers. All SUNA members are leaders, and every chapter
needs volunteers to be successful. SUNA has 38 active
chapters of various sizes, ranging from 8 to 278 members; and 36 chapter review forms were received. It is
amazing to read the accomplishments of each chapter
and see the wide range of educational offerings and
community service activities each chapter provides to
members. Chapters offered 98 programs for a total of
158.6 contact hours (CH) and participated in over 40
community service activities. Eight chapters currently
have websites or newsletters. Congratulations to the
2012 chapter award winners!
The Mississippi Valley Chapter #301 offered members 18 educational programs, including two all-day
seminars, over the past year for a total of 27.8 CH.
Program locations ranged from Cedar Rapids, IA, to
Springfield, IL, and St Louis, MO. Chapter members
contributed to local food pantries during monthly
meetings, held a Christmas toy drive, and participated
in prostate cancer support groups and a prostate cancer
awareness walk, in addition to contributing to the
SUNA Foundation Silent Auction. The chapter has 22
certified members.
Chapter with Exceptional Contributions
Little Chapter with a Big Heart
Members of the Syracuse Chapter #110 contribute
to SUNA on both the local and national levels. In addition to volunteering for chapter offices, members are
involved with Health Fair Task Forces, donate to the
SUNA Foundation, assist with chapter fundraising
activities, have held national SUNA offices, and participated on the Clinical Guidelines Task Force. The chapter held six educational programs and has three
certified members. Members participated in a Bladder
Health/Continence Health Fair and collected gloves
and hats for the Salvation Army.
During the past year, this small chapter of 10 members held three educational offerings with 18-25 attendees at each one. Members of the West Texas
Whirlwinds #211 participated in screenings for
prostate and testicular cancer. Members also contribute
to the American Cancer Society and assist with Meals
on Wheels in their community. The chapter was spotlighted in the September 2011 issue of the Uro-Gram
and currently has three certified members.
Most Improved Chapter
Chapter with Exceptional Community
Congratulations to members of the Central
Oklahoma Chapter #201. Over the past year, their
membership increased from 16 to 30 members with 6
of them certified in urology. Chapter members planned
six programs for a total of 11.6 CH that included two
all-day Urology Updates, the most recent with 53 attendees. Chapter members are speakers and coordinators
for quarterly Tulsa Interstitial Cystitis Support Group
Members of the Great Lakes Chapter #303 perform various community service activities in addition
to supporting scholarships for local and national SUNA
activities. The chapter continues to support the Ian
Murchie Thompson Memorial Lectureship given at the
SUNA Annual Conference and supports the SUNA
Foundation Silent Auction. Members support the MIU
Run for Ribbon Prostate Cancer event as well as the
Breast Cancer 3-day run and provided sutures for ESutures for Africa. The chapter donated over $2,000 to
charitable and community activities over the past year.
The chapter held three educational programs for 9.7
CH, including programs on their website. The chapter
has 45 certified members. Chapter members are speakers, authors, and participants on various national SUNA
committees. The current CBUNA President is from this
chapter. Members are also involved at various levels
with the Urologic Nursing Journal.
Chapter with the Best Communication
The Upper Midwest Chapter #302 now has an Estream Newsletter. This online newsletter contains current chapter officers, chapter goals, a link to SUNA’s
Facebook page, Urology Pearls, member spotlights, the
chapter’s Point Education form, and meeting information. Each new member receives a letter from the chapter president introducing him or her to chapter
activities. The chapter continues to hold spring and fall
seminars offering attendees 6.0 CH for each program.
They have 45 certified members and held five community service activities, including participation in
prostate screenings and bladder health booths. The
chapter also contributes to the SUNA Foundation
Annual Silent Auction.
January 2013
Chapter of the Year
Congratulations to the
Chicago Metro Chapter
#307 on their outstanding
year! Chapter members
planned 13 educational programs providing 20.5 CH to
attendees. They now offer
CH programs on their website. They have 183 members, and 55 are certified.
national SUNA officers,
SUNA Foundation Trustees,
national SUNA committee
members, participants on
task forces, SUNA course Congratulations to Chicago Metro chapter members on earning the SUNA Chapter of the Year Award for the secdirectors, and speakers for ond year in a row.
local and national SUNA
meetings. Community service activities include participation in Back to School Health Fairs, collecting money for
food pantries and Haven House for Women, participation in the ICS week activities, working with homeless shelters and women’s shelters, working with the Food Bank of Joliet, donating to food depositories, donating coats to
the NBC coat drive, participation in US TOO prostate cancer support group activities, volunteering at the Salvation
Army Food Pantry, and participation on the medical crew for the Avon Walk. Congratulations again on your many
Debbie Buback, MSN, ANP
SUNA Secretary
Annual Conference Lectureships
The following individuals received lectureship awards for their presentations at
SUNA’s 43rd Annual Conference in Washington, DC.
Vance Caselman Lectureship
Sponsored by Kansas City Chapter of SUNA
“Urodynamics is Like a Box of Chocolates - You Never
Know What You Will Get”
Cheryl LeCroy, MSN, RN and Betsy Omeis, BSN, RN
Patricia Putetti Memorial Lectureship
Sponsored by the Mississippi Valley Chapter of SUNA
“Robotic Cystectomy: Implications for Nursing Care”
Mari K. Olsen, BSN, RN, CURN and
Suzanne M. Leckness, BSN, RN
Russell Church Memorial Lectureship
Sponsored by the Western Region of SUNA
and T-DOC Company
“Writing for Publication: Helpful Hints”
Jane Hawks, PhD, RN, BC
Ian Murchie Thompson Memorial Lectureship
Sponsored by the Great Lakes Chapter of SUNA
“Advanced Urodynamics Interpretation”
Mikel Gray, PhD, CUNP, CCCN, FAANP, FAAN and
Shelly King, MSN, CPNP
Arthur T. Evans Lectureship
Sponsored by the American Urological Association (AUA)
“The Perils of Urologic Prosthetics”
Lee Ann Boyd, MSN, ARNP-C, CUNP
Past Presidents’ Lectureship
Sponsored by the Past Presidents of SUNA
“An Innovative Healthcare Delivery Model for
Urologic or Pelvic Pain Conditions”
Donna J. Carrico, WHNP, MS and Michelle A.
Schaffrath, MSN, BSN, RN, BSW
Wyland Leadbetter Lectureship
Sponsored by the Upper Midwest Chapter of SUNA
“The Secrets to Our Success with Sacral
Neuromodulation for Voiding Dysfunction”
Cindy Dobmeyer-Dittrich, BSN, RN, CURN and
Glenn Sulley, BS, RN
Ruth Hughes Memorial Lectureship
Sponsored by the Greater Houston Chapter of SUNA
“Urological Care for Multiple Sclerosis Patients”
Leanne Schimke, MSN, NP-C, CRNP, CUNP
January 2013
Treasurer’s Report
account at that links to your bank account
for direct deposit. It allows you to create a payment
form for your website. Our members go to the website
and select if they are a member or nonmember from the
pull-down menu, which will tell them what the price of
attendance will be. They then fill in their credit card
information, click “buy,” and the funds are sent to our
account from their credit card. The best part is this is all
done securely without us receiving any information
about their credit cards. There is a small fee for the
transaction to our chapter; however, we have found
that it encourages participation at our meeting because
it simplifies everything. We also have the ability for our
vendors to utilize the same account to pay for their
vending fees online. This also has increased the number
of participating vendors. We even offer three different
levels of participation to our vendors at an increasing
price – the higher their level of participation, the closer
their table is to the door where attendees enter and exit
the room. I am surprised at how many vendors will pay
more just to be close to the door.
While not all chapters will feel they can utilize
every tip, even if you pick one or two items to add you
can help your chapter thrive. Our chapter members
attend other chapters’ meetings and have brought back
valuable ideas to improve our conferences. If we share
our ideas, we will all be winners. I hope you give
Chicago Metro a good challenge for next year’s Chapter
of the Year as strong chapters help to create a strong
SUNA. Good luck, and may the best chapter win!
Victor Senese, BSN, RN, CURN
SUNA Treasurer
continued from page 1
Other times recycling makes a lot of sense. We have
found that the treasurer position is often the same
member for a number of years. Learning the financials
for the chapter takes time and once somebody is knowledgeable, it is sensible to keep them in this position as
long as they are willing to fulfill the requirements. Not
all members aspire to become president someday, but
many are motivated to help keep the chapter running
smoothly. Positions such as secretary, educational coordinator, and member at large are also good for longterm and recycled members. Past presidents are
recruited for help with annual conference planning and
serve as consultants for chapter planning. Past presidents are often key members of our chapter.
3. Let technology help you.
Technology can perform to meet many of the dayto-day needs of a chapter. One of the most important
challenges a chapter faces is communication. Members
may be scattered across a large geographic area, making
it difficult to spread the word. Chicago Metro posts all
its activities on its website. The website becomes a communication tool with our members. Members can send
information back to the chapter at our Contact Us page.
I even looked at our webpage to find out the location of
a meeting the same day! If your chapter has a website,
keep it current. If it does not have a website, there are
many options for starting a website. One of the best
resources for a website is to ask a chapter that already
has a website for ideas.
Chicago Metro has an E-news to which members
can subscribe. It is a monthly recap of chapter activities
similar to the Uro-Gram. We utilize a free service called
mail chimp ( to distribute the Enewsletter. The nice thing about this service, besides
being free, is that it helps to create a very professional
looking email and allows subscribers to choose to be
part of the E-news with the subscription button. There
is also the ability to unsubscribe as needed.
Our annual conference is the chapter’s biggest
undertaking. Using technology has made this meeting
almost run itself. Our website advertises the details of
the meeting with an online form to register for the
meeting. The registration page is a form that attendees
complete, which creates a spreadsheet from which we
can produce our attendee list, name tags, and print our
certificates of attendance. The best part of this whole
registration program is it’s free! With a Gmail account
from, you can go to Google Docs and create everything you need. Google Docs is a word
processor/Excel spreadsheet type program. Within
Google Docs, you have the ability to create forms. Once
the form is created, it will generate some code that can
be placed on your website. When an attendee fills out
the form, the information automatically goes to your
Google Docs spreadsheet.
Our chapter has even made paying for a conference
easy with credit card payment. You can set up a PayPal
Call for Peer Reviewers for
Core Curriculum for Urologic Nursing
SUNA has embarked on a 2-year project to publish a Core Curriculum for Urologic Nursing. Edited by
Jean Wyman, PhD, RN, CNP, FAAN, and Diane K.
Newman, DNP, RN, FAAN, the text will include a
series of chapters on genitourinary anatomy and
physiology, assessment, urologic diseases/disorders,
care of special populations, medications, and
catheters and devices that are written in an easy-toread outline format.
Peer reviewers are needed for chapters in the following areas:
• Assessment (urologic signs and symptoms)
• Laboratory tests
• Radiology, imaging, and interventional radiology
• Genitourinary trauma
• Various chapters on men’s health (assessment,
penile and scrotal disorders, male sexually transmitted infections, reproductive health)
If you are interested in serving as a reviewer for
any of these chapters, please contact Jean Wyman,
Co-Editor, at [email protected] and Carol Ford,
Managing Editor, at [email protected]
January 2013
Greensboro. The chapter’s first newsletter should be in
your mailbox soon. Visit the chapter website at for details on upcoming meetings (and see the great changes the chapter is making to
the website). For more information and to get involved
in the chapter, contact President Sarah Scott at
[email protected]
Congratulations to Amy Saunders who won the
Suszette McKay Memorial Excellence in Urologic
Nursing. What a wonderful achievement! In addition,
congratulations to Heather Schultz and Sue Flick, who
were honored with the President’s Trophy for their
“Outstanding Contributions to Urologic Nursing” in
bringing us the incredible Cystoscopy Guidelines, which
will soon be available in the SUNA store.
The Florida Sunshine Chapter would love to get
more members involved. If you would like to help to
plan or attend chapter activities, please contact
President Cindy McLean at [email protected]
The Louisiana Magnolia Chapter held their annual meeting on November 3. They would love to have
you participate in future meetings. For more information, contact President Rachel Graham at
[email protected]
The Greater Houston Chapter will be planning
their next big meeting soon, and they would love you
to join them! Being active in your local chapter is a
great way to get involved in SUNA at the local level.
Contact President Randee Regan at [email protected]
to find out more about upcoming meetings and to get
involved and join the fun.
Congratulations to the West Texas Whirlwinds
Chapter on being recognized as the Little Chapter with
a Big Heart. This chapter with only 10 members participates in prostate and testicular cancer screening and
holds several meetings each year. They have a lot of fun
and would love to have you participate in planning or
attending their meetings. Contact President Stacy
Brothers at [email protected] if you are interested.
The Rocky Mountain Chapter hosted Urology
Collage 2012 on October 13 at the Inverness Hotel and
Conference Center and offered 3 hours of CNE credit.
The chapter is planning sponsored dinner meetings in
the upcoming months. They would love to recruit you
to attend or plan future events. Contact President
Carolyn North at [email protected] if you
would like to participate in planning or attending
Congratulations to the Central Oklahoma
Chapter for their accomplishments and for receiving
the Most Improved Chapter Award. Great work!
Members are busy planning their next meeting at the
Mayo Hotel in Tulsa on March 1-2 in conjunction with
the Oklahoma urologists’ organization. If you are interested in attending, email President Genevieve Zerger at
[email protected] and she will send you a registration
form. We look forward to seeing you at the meeting!
The Arkansas Razorback Chapter held a reorganizational meeting at the Cantina Loredo in Little Rock,
AR, in November and is looking forward to planning
Please join me in congratulating Randee Regan from the Greater
Houston Chapter on being recognized as the 2012 Southeast
Regional Member of the Year!
Thanks, Randee, for your hard
work and dedication. Our chapters
could not function without members like you. With the New Year,
we all have a fresh chance to network, provide community service,
Shanna Atnip
and keep learning more about urologic nursing. Look below to find the closest chapter
and get involved!
The Greater Dallas Ft. Worth Chapter had a great
meeting in October and will be planning their next
meeting soon. The chapter gave back to their community by donating money to two local food banks during
the holiday season. Be sure to contact President Tamara
Dickinson at [email protected] for
details about upcoming events. Your help is welcome to
plan future events.
In addition, congratulations to Debbie Hensley on
receiving a President’s Trophy for her “Outstanding
Contributions to SUNA.” Not only is she our current
SUNA President, but she also led the task force that
achieved acknowledgment by the American Nurses
Association (ANA) of SUNA’s of Urologic Nursing: Scope
and Standards of Practice. This is a wonderful achievement for our profession. A big thank you to Debbie and
her task force for their hard work and dedication.
The San Antonio-Alamo Chapter sponsored a lecture and book signing by Dr. Jeffrey Albaugh on
November 8. Dr. Albaugh presented his book Reclaiming
Sex & Intimacy After Prostate Cancer: A Guide for Men and
Their Partners for a group of survivors and professionals.
The chapter extends heartfelt thanks to Dr. Albaugh for
his wonderful presentation.
The chapter is now looking ahead to the spring and
its Annual Conference, which is scheduled for April 6.
Please mark your calendars and plan to attend! Visit or contact President Joseph Lukan
at [email protected] to learn more.
The Research Triangle Chapter held a Fall CNE
Conference at Wrightsville Beach, NC, with 50 attendees and provided 6 hours of CNE. The chapter organized a food drive for the holiday season and is busy
planning a conference for their members in
January 2013
more great meetings. They would love for you to join
them and become active in the chapter. For more information, contact President Jody Purifoy at purifoy
[email protected]
The Central Florida Chapter has been inactive for
several years. Penny Noto ([email protected]) is trying to re-form the chapter. She would love to hear from
anyone in the area who would like to help get the chapter going again. Go Central Florida!
To all the Southeast Chapters, I wish for you great
winter meetings, networking, and education and hope
to see you in Savannah in March for the Annual
Symposium. Thanks for all you do!
Shanna Atnip, MSN, WHNP-BC
Southeast Regional Director
[email protected]
The Northeast Region was well
represented at the SUNA Annual
Conference in Washington, DC, in
November. During our regional
meeting, we had the opportunity
to meet new members and hear
from long-time SUNA members
about the enhanced and improved
educational sessions offered this
Cheryl LeCroy completed her
Cheryl LeCroy
term as Northeast Regional
Director and moved into the position of SUNA
President-Elect. Kris Green assumed the role of
Northeast Regional Director. Valre Welch moved into
the role of Immediate Past President. Valre led SUNA
over this past year as President and had an extremely
busy and productive year. Valre, along with the SUNA
Board of Directors, created a new Mission and Vision
for SUNA as well as Guiding Beliefs to move SUNA forward and enhance the quality of services to all members.
The Delaware Valley Chapter reports that Jeanne
Held-Warmkessel’s manuscript on “Penile Cancer” was
published in Seminars in Oncology Nursing in August.
Donna Thompson spoke at the WOCN regional conference on October 13-14 in Dallas. Diane Newman is
serving as co-editor (with Jean Wyman) of the Core
Curriculum for Urologic Nursing, which is scheduled for
publication in 2014. Amanda Berry, Monica Davis, and
Aileen Schast presented a virtual poster entitled “The
advantage of healthcare provider partnerships on
patient satisfaction and perceived quality of care” at the
ANCC National Magnet Conference in Los Angeles on
October 10-12.
Amanda Berry also presented “Adolescents with
monosymptomatic nocturnal enuresis: Response to
first line intervention” on October 12-14 at the
ICCS/ERIC/BAPU Joint Congress in London. Carolyn
Stahlhut was a co-speaker with Brett Lebed, MD, on
UTIs in Women and Men, Why Do we Get Them and How
To Get Rid of Them at a community “Dinner with the
Docs” on October 10.
Many of our chapters took the holiday season off
and will be getting back into gear in the New Year. For
more information on upcoming events or to become
involved at the local level, contact your chapter president.
Again, I would like to say how very proud I am of
our region! Thank you for the opportunity to represent
Cheryl LeCroy, MSN, RN
2011-2012 Northeast Regional Director
North Central
Happy New Year and congratulations to all of the winners
announced at the SUNA Annual
North Central Pearl: Please
keep SUNA’s Mission, Vision, and
Guiding Beliefs in mind as we plan
for our future at the chapter and
national levels and as we care for
our patients and each other.
Congratulations to the Upper
Vanessa Spears
Midwest Chapter on winning the
award for the Chapter with the Best Communication.
Once again the chapter had great participation in their
fall conference. Attendees traveled from as far away as
Nebraska and heard wonderful topics such as urinary
incontinence in children, PSA controversy, and antibiotic/UTI stewardship.
In other news, the chapter has had a changing of
the guards. Thank you to outgoing Chapter President
Michelle Radke and welcome to Karen Martin. Online
voting improved chapter membership participation in
elections, and the chapter welcomes Maureen Johnson
as president-elect, Sharon Bringewatt as secretary, and
Emily Reichers as member at large.
Past President Michelle Radke and President-Elect
Maureen Johnson attended the 2012 Annual
Conference. Upper Midwest also offered speaker support as members Jill Freeman, Theresa Kolle, and Bobbi
Stolp presented the Basic Urology course and Mari
Olsen and Suzanne Leckness presented on roboticassisted laparoscopic prostatectomy.
E-stream, the chapter newsletter, has returned after
a short break. Authors Sarah King and Laura Kluck provide updates and information and challenge members
with urology brainteasers.
The chapter promotes prostate cancer awareness
throughout the region with a conference in North
Dakota, a Father’s Day walk in Wisconsin, and Dash for
Dad in Minnesota.
Kentucky Bluegrass Chapter President Kelly
Gollar participated in a Webinar on Intermittent
Catheterization: Practices and Challenges in December.
Please remember that the Internet is another avenue for
educational offerings. Congratulations to Gwen
January 2013
Hooper, past chapter president, who has completed her
Congratulations to the Mississippi Valley Chapter
on being acknowledged as the Chapter with
Exceptional Educational Programs. Congratulations
also to Charlene Vollmer from Springfield, IL, on receiving the North Central Regional Member of the Year
Award. Much to her credit is the recognition of our
chapter’s exceptional educational programs. The
Springfield members facilitate educational programs at
least monthly throughout the year.
Thanks to Rick Hess, outgoing chapter president,
and welcome to Gina Powley, who has served as chapter president in the past.
The chapter is sponsoring the Annual Spring
Conference, Meet Me in St. Louis, on February 16. This
year’s selected speakers will offer a diverse and compelling urologic perspective. The program is available
for members and nonmembers, but there is a member
discount (another great reason to become a SUNA
member). Contact Debbie Buback ([email protected]), Gina Powley ([email protected]), or Kate
St. John ([email protected]) for conference information.
Congratulations to the Great Lakes Chapter on
winning the award for the Chapter with Exceptional
Community Activities. Congratulations to Chapter
President Silvia Maxwell for being named a top membership recruiter and to Todd Morningstar, who was the
winner of the “Member-get a Member” recruitment
campaign. Our organization is only as strong as its
membership, and we should all follow their example.
The chapter was been very busy. They sponsored
their first annual fall “Inside Urology” Conference in
Cleveland, OH, in September. Diana Baker was the
chairperson/coordinator for the half-day conference,
which was held on the campus of Cleveland Clinic in
the Glickman Auditorium. Over 35 attendees participated in this educational event.
Also in September, the chapter sponsored a booth
at the Mideast Regional WOCN meeting in Grand
Rapids, MI. Leslie Wooldridge, Christine Koops, and
Donna Pennington distributed educational/informational material and recruited new members for SUNA.
Several chapter members attended the Annual
Conference in Washington, DC. Todd Morningstar and
Deborah Hasenau also attended the Leadership
Workshop. Todd also participated in updating the
CBUNA certification exam for CUAs.
Over the past year, the chapter has participated in
several philanthropic and educational events. As a
result, we were presented with the Award for
Exceptional Community Activities. We are on track to
increase our involvement in the coming year.
Since the Great Lakes Chapter covers all of
Michigan and Ohio, we decided to update our website
to improve communication among our members. We
recently developed a new website, Work on
this website is ongoing.
The planning committee is busy finalizing arrangements for our annual spring “Inside Urology” confer-
ence to be held in March at the Marriott Hotel in
Livonia, MI. Since it will be our 10th annual conference, we are working on plans to make it an exceptionally memorable event.
Congratulations to the Chicago Metro Chapter as
well as former Chapter President Mary Meskel and current Chapter President Grace Jones on wining the
Chapter of the Year Award as well as a Chapter
Enhancement Scholarship. The chapter celebrated the
holiday season with a small party and also by collecting
items for a women’s shelter. The chapter is presently
working on the Annual Spring Conference. Visit the
chapter website at for
details. You also may also sign up to receive email
notices for chapter activities.
Vanessa Spears, MHA, BSN, RN, CURN
North Central Regional Director
[email protected]
I would like to thank Cindie
Neufeld for her commitment to
SUNA, her leadership, and all of
her hard work as immediate past
Western Regional Director. I also
would like to take this opportunity
to introduce myself to you as your
new Western Regional Director. I
have worked in the same outpatient clinic for the last 13 years. I
assist providers with various procePeggy Hayes
dures, perform urodynamics, work
our telephone triage line, and mentor new staff along
with other numerous tasks. I want to encourage members to contact me if you have any questions or concerns at [email protected] I look forward to
working with the Western chapters, opening up the line
of communication, increasing the number of new
memberships, and encouraging all of you to “reach for
excellence” by considering taking the certification
exam if you have not done so already.
I attended the 2012 Annual Conference in
Washington, DC, in November. I am excited to let you
know that we have a new Mission Statement that is evidence-based, a new vision statement, and guiding beliefs.
All are available on the website for viewing. Speaking of
the website, the national office has been busy “redesigning” the site to make it more user-friendly.
Our Western Regional Member of the year is Denise
Kramer-Levin of the Puget Sound Chapter.
Congratulations to Denise and thank you for all of the
hard work that you have done for many of the Western
chapters. Congratulations also to Julie Wells of the
Yakima Chapter, who was one of three people who were
awarded scholarships to attend the Annual Conference.
Now, on to chapter news:
Linda Sabre of the Arizona Chapter is looking for
people to assist her in hosting events in that area.
MaryEllen Pribish of the Southern California
Chapter is also looking for members to get the chapter
“back on its feet.”
January 2013
The Northern California Chapter, under the lead
ership of Linda Adams, will be offering a 1-day meeting,
Female Pelvic Health: Diagnosis, Treatments and Care for
Women’s Pelvic Disorders, on January 26 at the John
Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek.
I would love to hear from the other Western
Chapters to find out what they have planned. Getting
involved with your local chapter is a great opportunity
for education and meeting other urological health care
professionals. Contact your chapter president to see
what is happening with your chapter. Below are the
Western Chapter Presidents and their email addresses.
• Portland #401, Renee M. Benoit, LVN,
[email protected]
• Northern California #403, Linda Adams, LVN,
[email protected]
• Utah #404, Jodi Weichers, [email protected]
• Yakima Valley #405, Julie Wells, RN,
[email protected]
• Arizona #406, Linda K. Sabre, MSN,RNP CUNP,
[email protected]
• Big Sky #407, Margaret Coffman, MSN, ARNP,
[email protected]
• Puget Sound #409, Lane Reid Biag, BSN, CURN,
[email protected]
Peggy Hayes, BS, RN, CURN
Western Regional Director
[email protected]
For their care
and your career
Urologic Nursing:
Scope and Standards of Practice,
Second Edition
The must-have manual for urologic RNs and APRNs
This comprehensive
resource describes:
• Scope of practice
• Educational preparation
• Certification
• Practice environment/
population focus
Carol Wheeler, CUA, is a surgical medical assistant
currently working in urology outpatient practice in
Concord, NH. She has held this position for the past 7
years. Prior to joining the urology practice, Carol
worked as an LNA on a medical-surgical unit.
Carol is very dedicated to the field of urology. She
assists providers with their daily clinic schedules, doing
so with efficiency, compassion, and a sense of humor.
Carol works closely with the RN team, assisting with
orientation, training, and competency for new medical
assistants. She has been invaluable to the center’s clinical leader, taking on the responsibility for management
of the clinical schedule and medical assistant coverage.
Carol is proficient in the area of surgical scheduling,
performing duties to assist this position when time
allows. Carol is one of three medical assistant team
leaders, a role in which she is accountable to a high
level of professionalism and mentorship.
Carol displayed her dedication to the field of urology and her understanding of urologic conditions when
she studied, took, and passed the CBUNA urologic certification exam last year. Carol joined SUNA 2 years ago
when she learned that she would have access to all of
the member benefits, specifically the wonderful educational opportunities available! She has attended educational sessions and assisted with the development of
training templates and competencies for medical assistants working in urology. Carol has led by example,
encouraging others to learn and grow professionally by
joining and becoming more involved with SUNA.
When she isn’t working, Carol loves spending time
with her family, gardening, and getting comfortable on
her new motorcycle! The New England Chapter of
SUNA is very proud to highlight Carol as our Chapter
Member of the Year.
Kristine Green, RN, CURN
Northeast Regional Director
Order now
Updated cover-to-cover with current urologic issues,
trends, and challenges affecting research, evidencebased practice, education, and health care reform.
[email protected]
This column recognizes “behind-thescenes” members of SUNA who
contribute to the organization and
urologic nursing at the grassroots level.
If you know of a member whose service
to SUNA deserves recognition and
would like to highlight his/her
contributions in this column,
contact Uro-Gram Editor Jeanne
Held-Warmkessel ([email protected]).
January 2013
Special Interest Groups
The SIG had a great meeting during the Annual
Conference in Washington, DC, and I was happy to see
so many colleagues express an interest in improving the
continence issues experienced by many of our patients.
To update all of our members who were not present, we
had an energizing discussion regarding the use of vaginal estrogen creams to improve symptoms of urgency,
frequency, and urge urinary incontinence. We also discussed the release of the new beta-3 adrenergic receptor
agonist, mirabegron (MyrbetriqTM). Since it acts on a
different receptor in the bladder, the hope is that it will
help with improvement in bladder storage without the
side effects often experienced with the anti-muscarinic
medications. Always remember, if you have questions,
please go to the SUNA website to submit your request
for further information. Continuing to improve the
continence of our patients is so important, so keep up
the questions.
We are always looking to the future. As such, I want
to encourage all of you to be ready for World
Continence Week. This is a great opportunity to do
something for continence awareness in your community. Even though this is many months away, it is never
too soon to start thinking about ways to get the message out that incontinence is not normal and something that can be helped. Once the date for the event is
released, I will submit this to SUNA so we can begin our
Finally, I hope to see everyone in beautiful
Savannah, GA. The Annual Symposium is sure to be
very informative and exciting.
Amy Hull, MSN, RNC, WHNP
SIG Leader
Our SIG met at the Annual Conference in
Washington, DC, with 17 members in attendance.
Debbie Buback, Board liaison for the group, introduced
herself and briefly discussed her role as liaison. As SIG
leader, I then introduced myself and discussed my role
as SIG leader. We distributed a sign-up sheet to obtain
members’ names and email addresses. We also reviewed
the ongoing project for the past year, which is a
review/revision/updating of the Cysto Room Survival
Cards. All members are asked to assist by reviewing and
suggesting changes. The suggested changes will then be
sent to the Board of Directors (BOD) for review and
acceptance. Future plans include revising the OR/Cysto
Survival Manual based on the changes made to the
Discussion among the group involved making separate ESWL/OR/CYSTO Procedure Cards for those in
the OR as well as those in the office setting. Once developed, the SIG will share the information with the BOD
for approval.
We also discussed the need to identify the next
leader of the SIG so that they have time to be mentored
in the role. Debbie encouraged members to get
involved and suggested that two members could share
the SIG leader responsibility. Thank you to Cruz Ortiz,
who volunteered and will serve as the next SIG leader
along with a work colleague.
Glenda Wilkinson, BS, RN, CURN
SIG Leader
My name is Diana McDonough, and I am the new
SIG Leader. My background is primarily in video urodynamics, and I began my urodynamics journey in 1996
in Toronto, Canada. That same year, I moved to
California and performed non-video urodynamics in a
large Santa Monica urology office, which later merged
with UCLA in 2000. I transitioned into the Westwood
campus and was performing both genitourinary (GU)
fluoroscopy studies and video urodynamics on a parttime basis. To my surprise, UCLA Westwood had the
same equipment I was familiar with in Toronto.
One year later, I became the full-time charge nurse
for interventional radiology. I held this position until
2006. During this time, I learned a lot about radiology
(fluoroscopy, types of contrast, x-ray exposure, protective equipment, and recognizing anatomy under fluoroscopy). Then, in 2007, our video urodynamics nurse
retired, and I transitioned back to the full-time video
urodynamics nurse role. I work with a portable C-arm
(operated by a radiology technologist) and urodynamics equipment that integrates fluoroscopy and pressures. I work with 20 urologists who refer patients for
GU studies. In addition to video urodynamics (my primary role), we also perform nephrostograms, retrograde
urethrograms, cystograms, pouchograms, loopograms,
and voiding cystourethrograms. Our adult patient population is quite diverse, including prolapse, incontinence, strictures, fistulas, kidney transplant evaluation,
retention, recurrent infections, neurological disease,
interstitial cystitis, and mesh complications.
I have had the pleasure of teaching to the public
(on sexual dysfunction and urinary incontinence) as
well as physicians, vendors, nurses, and radiology technologists. So I come to SUNA with extensive expertise
in urodynamics. I am excited to share this expertise and
look forward to hearing from our members about what
they would like to discuss at our SIG meetings in the
coming year. We can troubleshoot, review forms and
supplies that we use, and share how we resolved challenges during studies. See you at the next meeting!
Diana McDonough, RN
SIG Leader
January 2013
SUNA Member in the News
Hokanson Hawks, PhD, RN, BC,
FAAN, SUNA member and editor of
Urologic Nursing, who was among
175 esteemed nurse leaders inducted as fellows into the American
Academy of Nursing in 2012. The
ceremony was held during the
Academy’s 39th Annual Meeting
and Conference on October 13,
2012, in Washington, DC.
Jane Hawks
Composed of the nation’s top
nurse researchers, policymakers, scholars, executives,
educators, and practitioners, the 2012 cohort was the
largest class of inductees into the Academy, which is a
subsidiary of the American Nurses Association.
In addition to this accomplishment, Jane was honored with a Distinguished Nurse Award from the March
of Dimes during its annual Excellence in Nursing
awards banquet on November 1, 2012. This event recognizes outstanding nurses from Nebraska and
Southwest Iowa in the categories of Excellence in
Nursing, Mentoring, Clinical Education, and
Distinguished Nurse. Jane was chosen to receive the
Distinguished Nurse Award for her outstanding contributions to the nursing profession, education, research,
and patient care.
New ANCC Guidelines
Now in Effect
As stated in the previous issue of the Uro-Gram, the
American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) has
updated their guidelines for continuing nursing education (CNE) approval. As of January 1, 2013, our CNE
application has gotten a facelift to reflect these changes.
Please go to to download the guidelines
for completing the application and all forms.
The most important changes you will see include the
Advance your practice
Prepare for certification
Improve patient care
The new Core Curriculum for Ambulatory Care Nursing,
Third Edition, Candia Baker Laughlin, MS, RN-BC, Editor
A comprehensive administrative and clinical guide
to ambulatory care
As always, if you have any questions or concerns
when filling out the application, please contact Pat
Davey at the SUNA national office or myself at [email protected]
Gina Powley, ANP-BC
Approver Unit Chairperson
Call for Abstracts for
44th Annual Conference
Updated cover-to-cover with:
Core Curriculum for
Care Nursing
• Content from the new ANCC Test
Content Outline for the
Ambulatory Care Nursing
Certification Exam
• Expanded focus on clinical care
and telehealth practice
• New chapters include
perioperative care,
complementary and alternative
therapies, and transition care
Third Edition
Candia Baker Laughlin, MS, RN-BC
Earn 31.5
contact hours!
Nurse Planner: must hold a baccalaureate degree or
higher but does not have to be the contact person.
Needs Assessment: CNE activities should be designed
to meet documented educational or learning needs of
potential participants. The strategies used are documented on the Documentation Form I. The documentation should include the identified gap in knowledge,
skills, and/or practice through the needs assessment.
For example, the needs assessment could have been a
survey taken at another meeting on future topics.
Purpose of the Activity: This is a written outcome
statement related to what the learner will be able to do
at the conclusion of the activity. For example: “The
purpose of this activity is to enable the learner to…”
The conclusion of the statement is directly related to
the identified gap.
Disclosure Declaration Memorandum: This must be
given to attendees prior to the activity. The purpose of
the activity must be stated on this form. The session
title and objectives also must be stated on this form (a
separate sheet could be used for a multiple session
seminar). Expiration of enduring materials is for a
journal article, monograph, etc. All live programs
must state “none.”
Share your expertise at SUNA’s 2013 Annual
Conference! Do you have a case study, best practice, or
research findings that you’d like to share with your colleagues? Here’s your opportunity!
SUNA’s 44th Annual Conference will be held
October 11-14, 2013, at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago.
The planning committee is now accepting abstracts for
verbal and poster presentation at the conference in the
following categories: (1) Research Scientific Session
(oral and poster presentations) and (2) Non-Research
Poster Abstracts (clinical, leadership, or education/management focus).
Additional information, abstract submission guidelines, and accompanying forms are available on SUNA’s
website at (under the Events tab). The
deadline for submission of abstracts is June 12, 2013.
January 2013
Congratulations to the
MacFarlane Award Recipients!
Each year the Certification Board for Urologic
Nurses Associates (CBUNA) presents an award to the
person attaining the highest score on the certification
exam. This year’s MacFarlane Award was given to two
outstanding nurses who have demonstrated a strong
dedication to the practice of urology and who tied on
their exam scores. This is an unusual occurrence, and
we are proud of our scholars. Each award winner was
given a certificate and monetary award recognizing
their achievement.
Karl Gunnerson, BSN, RN, CNOR, CGRN, CMLSO,
CURN, graduated from Stormont-Vail Nursing School
in 1978. Immediately after graduation, he began his
nursing career in the operating room at St Francis
Hospital. After 2 years, he switched to the OR at
Colmery O’Neil Veterans Hospital and has been there
ever since. Education and new learning experiences
have been a dominant theme in Karl’s life. He completed his formal education with a BSN at Washburn
University in Topeka, KS, but that wasn’t enough. He
then continued his learning by becoming certified in
perioperative nursing (CNOR), gastroenterology nursing (CGRN), and also as a Certified Medical Laser Safety
Officer (CMLSO).
Karl has a deep understanding of the value of certification as evidenced by all the different certifications
he holds. He is deeply committed to providing veterans
with the quality care that they deserve. Karl is the only
nurse in this VA facility to be certified in urology. Karl’s
manager also showed her commitment to quality care
by reporting his achievement in the facility newsletter.
According to Karl, strategies to successful outcomes
on this exam include a well planned out program for
studying. He began studying about 4 months before the
test, using the SUNA study guides as well as urologic
books available in his library. He had 3-5 study sessions
each week lasting about 1-2 hours each session. Kudos
to Karl on his outstanding achievements and his dedication to his patients!
Our second recipient is Brenda Madsen, BSN, RN,
CBIC, CURN. Brenda began her nursing career after
completing her BSN at Mankato State University in
Mankato, MN. She worked for 8 years at the Veteran’s
Administration Medical Center in Milwaukee, WI,
moving from a staff position in the telemetry unit and
emergency room to infection control. In 1996 she
passed the certification exam in infection control.
Returning to the tundra of Minnesota in 2002, she
began working at the Mayo Clinic Health System in
Fairmont, MN.
In 2009 Brenda joined the urology team and felt
compelled, as the only RN in the Urology Department,
to understand the fundamentals and then develop the
expertise that is necessary when working in a specialty
practice. She was supported in this endeavor by the
strong commitment from the nursing leadership at her
facility and her physician colleagues. Her reasons for
choosing the certification pathway were to indicate her
commitment to promoting excellence in care and to act
as a role model for the other staff in the clinic.
Brenda also started studying about 3-4 months
before the exam. She was not able to participate in a
study group based on her rural setting, but she thinks
that would have been very helpful. Her resources
included the SUNA Urology Certification Review book and
also the CD recording of the review course. She “walked
the talks “with her old Walkman. Her other resources
included the Urologic Nursing textbook and the helpful
urologists in her practice. She found the practice questions in the Urologic Nursing Journal and in the study
materials to be helpful. Congratulations to Brenda
Madsen on this accomplishment and her dedication to
quality nursing care!
Brenda’s strategies for study were different from
Karl’s, which is a good point for all potential test takers
to understand. Each of us learns by our own methods.
Find what works for you, and you will also earn the certification credential after your name.
The members of the certification board would like
to invite all of our SUNA members to undertake the
challenge of becoming certified. Please email us at
[email protected] or find us on the SUNA website
( under the Certification tab. We are
committed to helping you achieve success.
Kathy Marchese, ANP, CWOCN, CUNP
CBUNA Secretary
CBUNA gratefully acknowledges the
following companies for their support in
Platinum Sponsor
Gold Sponsor
T-DOC Company, LLC
Silver Sponsor
Cook Urological, Inc.
Medtronic, Inc.
Volume 41, Number 1
January 2013
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As a professional community of urologic nurses and associates, SUNA is committed to
enriching the professional lives of our members and improving the health of our patients
and their families, through education, research, and evidence-based clinical practice.
Register Early for SUNA’s Annual Symposium
Join your colleagues at SUNA’s 2013 Annual
Symposium in Savannah. Scheduled for March 7-9 at
the Hyatt Regency Savannah, the symposium will feature an exciting array of speakers and topics, ranging
from basic to advanced. A choice of preconference
workshops and concurrent sessions offer you the
opportunity to tailor your schedule to meet your individual special interests. Register by January 21 to take
advantage of reduced registration rates!
Program Highlights
Five preconference workshops will be offered on
Thursday, March 7. A full-day workshop will focus on
Basic Urodynamics. Half-day workshops will address:
• Adult EMG Biofeedback for Urinary Incontinence
• Sacral Nerve Stimulation: Effective Troubleshooting
• The Connection Between Pelvic Floor Muscle
Function and Quality of Life
• Male Sexual Health and Reproduction
The symposium will officially kick off Thursday
evening with a reception in the exhibit hall. Enjoy
refreshments as you view displays reflecting state-ofthe-art technologies, products, and services. Sales and
clinical representatives from leading manufacturers and
suppliers will be on hand to discuss their products and
educational materials.
Friday, March 8, will start with a networking and
orientation breakfast followed by the Keynote Address,
Urologic Pelvic Floor Issues and Surgery in Sub-Saharan
Africa, presented by Larry T. Sirls, MD, FACS, Director of
Female Pelvic Medicine & Reconstructive Surgery and
Professor at Oakland University-William Beaumont
School of Medicine in Royal Oak, MI. The symposium
will continue through Saturday with a choice of concurrent sessions on a wide variety of topics, enabling
each attendee to individualize his/her symposium experience. Topics will cover the full spectrum of urologic
nursing, including:
• Transitional Care for Patients with Urologic and
Pelvic Floor Disorders
• Urodynamics Coding and Documentation
• Practical Applications of the Urologic Nursing
Scope and Standards of Practice
• UroPharmacology
• Incontinence Associated Dermatitis
• Acute and Chronic Prostatitis: Diagnosis &
• Pediatric Malignancies and the Impact on
• Synthetic Material for Incontinence and Prolapse
Repair: Pros and Cons
View the complete symposium program and register online at

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