Girard Chamber learns Girard Festival Days successful

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North Mac Superintendent Marica Cullen spoke to the Girard Chamber during their August 12 meeting at
Pleasant Hill Village. Cullen estimated that their would be approximately 440 high school students. The
school has an enrollment of 1,530 students in three locations with 98 teachers and 80 staff members.
Girard Chamber learns Girard Festival Days successful
Girard Chamber of Commerce met Wednesday, August 12, at Pleasant Hill Village.
The chamber learned that
Girard Festival Days had
netted nearly $3,200 for the
chamber which utilizes the
proceeds to help make next
year’s Girard Festival Days
more entertaining and successful. The Carnival ride income was $3,396.
The chamber voted to donate to the National Cub
Scout organization $175 so
the seven Girard cub scouts
can have their national dues
Chamber members learned
that County Market will have
a ground breaking ceremony
for their new grocery store on
the north edge of Girard at
1:30 p.m., Wednesday, September 2.
President Victor Angulo
asked for volunteers to help
on the Pumpkin Festival Committee. The Pumpkin Chuckin event is being planned for
Saturday, Oct. 10.
Guest speaker Wednesday
morning was North Mac Superintendant Marica Cullen
who informed the chamber
about enrollment and immediate needs of the school district
including roof replacement
of all buildings and updated
HVAC systems.
Doris Love, Senior Citizen
representative, said seniors
would be taking advantage of
a Pleasant Hill Village ride to
the Springfield Muni and the
Lincoln Museum. Seniors and
Pleasant Hill Village residents will be transported by
the PHV bus to the Lincoln
Museum on August 14 and to
see “West Side Story” at the
Springfield Muni on August
26. Call 627-2181 and ask for
Jenny for more details.
Todd Babcock in a Girard
Community Center update
said that 750 bricks were in
place and that 133 bricks
had already been purchased
at $125 each and were in the
process of being engraved. The
public is invited to purchase
additional memorial bricks
which will help the group fin­
ish the Girard Community
President Angulo also informed the chamber that a
Business Development Coordinator will be hired as a
full time position through the
Illinois Institute for Rural
Affairs. Stacey Hughes with
Country Financial will be donating office space on the west
side of the Girard square for
the Girard Business Development Coordinator to work
The Business Development
Coordinator will be trying to
create economic development
opportunities for the city of
Girard by identifying and pursuing funding streams including federal, state and private
grants. A second goal is to
develop a program to provide
either low-cost or free job services to residents of Girard,
particularly veterans of the
Armed Forces, to include job
training and placement.
Darrin Burnett, Pleasant
Hill Village, said the 19th
Annual Pleasant Hill Village
Fall Auction and dinner will
be Saturday, Oct. 17 at the
Knights of Columbus Hall in
Virden. Contact Darrin Burnett at 217-627-2181 or [email protected]
for more information.
Pleasant Hill Village is
collecting auction items from
area businesses and supporters for their live and silent
auction. The goal for the event
is $38,500 and the proceeds
will be used to purchase new
Dining Room chairs and lobby furniture at Pleasant Hill
Healthcare; new chairs and
activity supplies for Pleasant
Hill Residence, and landscaping and walking path construction for the entire facility. Pleasant Hill Village will
also do work at Girard Area
Homes, the low-income housing complex which they administer.
Todd Babcock, owner of
Girard Chiropractic, said his
business had been operating
in Girard for five years and he
was hosting a Business After
Hours celebration in October.
Chamber members voted
to increase annual dues $5 to
$35 per year.
Attending August’s meeting were President Victor Angulo, Vice President Stacey
Hughes, Secretary Deb Burnett, Treasurer Todd Babcock,
Peg and Bill Giles, Doris Love,
Bill Deck, Virden Chamber
President Tom Stoecker, Dr.
Juanita Rule, John and Jeanette Earley, Paulette Miller,
Darren Burnett, Emily Buhl,
Sherri Gerdance, Girard Police Chief Dave Campbell, Nicole and Brent Drendel, Sarah
Watson, Marty Nagel, Superintendant Marica Cullen, Marie Barlow, Douglas A. Daugherty and Nathan Jones.
Sponsoring August’s chamber breakfast was North Mac
Ministerial Association. The
Chamber will next meet on
Wednesday, September 9, at
Doc’s Soda Fountain. The
September breakfast will be
sponsored by Peggy Giles and
Dr. Juanita Rule.

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