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“The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship (Koinonia) of the
2 Corinthians 13:14
Holy Spirit be with you all.”
Questions from the Gospel
and for growth in Christ
The following questions are from the late Dr.
James Kennedy and Dr. Martin Sanders of
Alliance Theological Seminary. Let God search
your soul through the following:
1. If you were to die today, are you certain that
you would go to heaven?
2. If God were to ask you “why should I let you
into my heaven”, what would you say?
3. What has God said to you in the bible this
past week?
The following items
were discussed at the
Elder and Ministry
Board meetings in
1. New Members class - January 15, 22, 29
2. Approved the youth to go snow tubing in
February and take a trip to the Carnegie Science
Center in March
3. A Bylaw addition from the National Office
regarding the Faith Community and Mission of
the C&MA was discussed and approved to adopt
into our Bylaws.
4. The Ministry Board said good-bye to two
members: Dana Rogers, as Lead Trustee and
Harold Lawhorne, as Board Member-at-Large.
5. Congregation Meeting - Sunday, January 29th.
4. Who do you love and pray for everyday?
5. What nations do you pray for where Jesus is
very seldom known?
6. When have you spent quality time with
someone who is not a Christian this past
7. Jesus is continuing to rescue you from what
8. What confuses you concerning God and yet
you still trust Him in the dark?
Concert of Prayer
9. Do you like yourself at this point in your
journey of trusting the Lord?
Sunday, February 26
7:00 pm
10. Do you think God likes you at this point in
your faith?
11. What God-events are you thankful for from
last month?
Page 2
Youth News
Grades 6 - 12
1) We had 20 teens at the youth Christmas party,
and everyone had a great time. We enjoyed a short
video lesson by the "Skit Guys" and prayed together.
We played dodge ball, four corners, four square,
hide & seek, and a strange form of Christmas gift
bocce! It's great to be together and enjoy the fun
and friendship God provides.
2) Dinner at McDonald's & Snow Tubing at Boyce
Park on Friday, February 17. If you want to eat with
everyone at the Irwin McDonald's before tubing,
please be there from 4:30 - 5:30 pm. We will leave
McDonald's for Boyce Park at 5:30 pm. Estimated
arrival time back at NAC is 9:30 pm, but we will
contact parents when we are nearing the church.
The cost is $16 for tubing plus money for
McDonald's. (An updated 2017 NAC Medical/
Permission Slip must be on file with the youth office
and an Allegheny County Parks Waiver must be
brought to a youth leader the night of tubing. No
student will be able to attend without these forms.)
3) A visit to the Carnegie Science Center on
Saturday, March 4. Details to come.
Thursday, February 23
11:30 - 2:00 pm
Lunch and Entertainment
Thanks to everyone who worked to make
Keen-Agers in 2016 a huge success.
Starting off for 2017 we have many
volunteers to help start Keen-Agers Group off to
a wonderful New Year.
For our lunch menu we will be having Italian
Dishes and Salads and Cherry Pie ala mode.
Our entertainment will be chalk artist, Gary
Means. The art work he completes will be
raffled off at the end of our meeting.
Devotions will be presented by Bill Swope.
Our tables will be decorated by Ruth Long.
4) If you have a teen in grades 6-12, bring them out
to youth group from 6:30 - 8:15 pm on Wednesday
evenings! We have been/will be covering topics
such as learning how to set priorities, how to
transform your decision-making, how to handle
money, and how to handle stress. We are also
working our way through the themes in the book of
Romans. We use hands-on activities, small group
discussion, large group teaching, videos, and
skits. Worship in music and prayer time are always
special during our evenings together.
All seniors 50 and over are welcomed to join
us (all local churches) for lunch and
Bring your covered dish and don’t forget to
bring your own favorite table service.
Hope to see all our seniors, and you know
who you are (50 and over), at our first meeting
for 2017 at Norwin Alliance Church. Looking
forward to seeing everyone.
Joe & Pat Beyer
Page 3
Spiritual power is found in God’s Word. The
introduction discussion in the book written by
A.W. Tozer, God’s Power for your Life - How
the Holy spirit Transforms You Through
God’s Word (c. 2013), is “ Can we trust the
Bible?” Why is God’s Word important to the
A.W. Tozer was born in PA in 1897. At the age
of seventeen he gave his life to Jesus. He soon
began his ministry with the C&MA in a little
West Virginia church, before thirty years in
Chicago; and then moving on to spend his final
years in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He wrote
over sixty books with notation of two classics:
The Pursuit of God and The Knowledge of
the Holy. He had two honorary doctoral
degrees. Some of us may remember his
editorial responsibilities in the “Alliance Witness”
magazine. Tozer and his wife Ada had six sons
and one daughter. He passed away in Canada
May 1963. “Prayer was of vital personal
importance for Tozer.”
A.W. Tozer’s basic teaching reminds us that the
supreme authority is God the Father, Jesus and
His Word. “God is in control. His sovereignty
has never been compromised.” (p.33). God is
not an ‘author of confusion.’ God’s Word should
have top priority in all our activities. It is eternal.
To somewhat personalize our lives, fill in the
blanks using your name as suggested: Allow
God to do what He desires to do in ______ and
through______. Allow the Word of the living
God to rebuke______ the same way_____
allows it to encourage_______. “God’s promises
are dynamic and deliberate.” (p. 148). “The
question is not how ‘big’ or ‘small’ the sin is. The
question is simply whether some part of our life
is out of sync with the will of God.” I John 1:8,9
(p. 174). “If our behavior does not match up to
our belief, we are hypocrites and not true
Christians at all.” (p. 186). Check Hebrews 1:1-3
and Matthew 11:28-30.
During the years of A.W. Tozer’s ministries,
thousands of people heard him talk, read his
sermons, books and “Alliance Life” magazines.
This is still available to us. Take advantage.
OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. Sometime pick up the
hymnal at the pew at church. Look at page 265;
one of the chosen hymns that A.W. Tozer uses
as meditations is “Abiding and Confiding” by
Albert Simpson. Look at the words; study them,
think of them, grab a hold of the confidence we
have in Jesus.
(another excellent book donated to the library)
Do you have ideas/suggestions for the library?
Anything you would like to see added/
Please give your suggestions to Sara Masters.
* we are looking for suggestions that will not cost
FREE BOOKS ~ please check out the box of
books on the table in the library. Feel free to
take one for your library at home or pass on to
a friend. Questions? See Sara Masters
Page 4
New 2017 Prayer Chains are in the process of
being put together.
What is the Prayer Chain and what does it do?
When calling in prayer requests, if you want the
intensive prayer chain activated, please indicate this
when calling. In the same manner, not all requests
are printed on the Praise and Petition sheet. We try
very hard to honor everyone’s privacy. If you would
like your request printed on the Praise and Petition
sheet, please state this when calling in for prayer.
Those members and adherents of Norwin Alliance
Church who wish to be prayer intercessors for the
church family are placed on Deaconess’ lists. When
the intensive prayer chain is activated (for emergency
or critical needs of our immediate church family), your
When called to prayer ~ pray as though the need
Deaconess will call you for your prayers. This chain is was for a member of your own family ~ we are all a
also activated to inform of service closings. All other part of God’s family.
prayer requests are circulated through the
EVERYONE who would like to be part of the
Deaconesses and Elder for prayer.
Prayer Chain needs to submit your name and phone
Not all prayer requests go through the intensive number to Judy Himler or the church office by
prayer chain. As stated above, only emergency or February 12th. **If your name is not received,
critical needs of our immediate church family are you will not be put on a list**
placed on the intensive chain ~ unless the family
If you have any questions about the Prayer Chain,
specifically requests that the full chain be activated.
please contact Judy Himler, Jeff Ewing, or Pastor
Some prayer requests are of a personal nature and
only the Elders and Deaconesses are contacted for
Be joyful always; pray continually; give
thanks in all circumstances, for this is
God's will for you in Christ Jesus.
I Thessalonians 5:17
Yes, I would like to be a part of the Prayer Chain.
Please include my name.
Phone Number
Please turn this completed form into the church office by Sunday, February 12, 2017. 

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