God dwells in the midst of our praise.

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God dwells
in the midst of
our praise.
your one spot for november 2015 happenings at westwood
Be Awakened
Be Prepared
Be a Blessing
*Register at www.westwoodcc.org/upcoming
What are you thankful for?
That question is one we all probably answered in grade school. Usually on a
construction paper turkey cut in the shape of our hand-print. But have you
thought about it lately? What are the things in your life that you are thankful
for now? And more importantly, who are the people in your life that you are
thankful for? This is the time of year where we are reminded to thank the
Giver of all good things for those blessings. Let’s give God our “I am thankful
for…” list. Let’s tell the people in our lives why we are thankful for them. For
it is in expressing gratitude that we are blessed. See the list we’ve started on
page 10.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Your Communications Team­—
Amy Hazen, communications manager; Jennifer Ryan, writer; Joanmarie
Preston, project coordinator; Michelle Donahe, production; Marilyn Martin,
print volunteer
On the Cover
This month’s cover photo came from the Westwood archives. It was
submitted some time ago by a Westwood family after a family trip.
Sadly, we’re not sure of the boy’s name. Mom, if you recognize him,
email us at [email protected]
The mystery has been solved. The boy’s father, Tom Steward, recently
picked up a Volume ONE on his way out of church and was delighted
to see his son Jack’s picture.
Adults: 20s–30s (Catalyst)�������������������������������4
Adults: 50+ (Teleios)���������������������������������������5
Adults: Singles 40s–60s (Transformations)�������4
Birth Announcements��������������������������������������7
Cafe 12:2������������������������������������������������������16
Care & Support�����������������������������������������������6
Catalyst (see Adults: 20s–30s)�������������������������4
Child Dedications��������������������������������������������8
Employment Opportunities����������������������������16
Funeral Support�����������������������������������������������7
Getting Acquainted�����������������������������������������5
Kids’ Ministry��������������������������������������������������8
Life Events������������������������������������������������������7
Marriage Ministry��������������������������������������������7
Missions ������������������������������������������������������17
Moms Connect����������������������������������������������22
Music (see Worship Arts)�������������������������������23
Singles from 40s–60s��������������������������������������4
Small Groups������������������������������������������������18
Student Ministry��������������������������������������������20
Teleios (see Adults 50+)����������������������������������5
Transformations (see Adults: Singles)���������������4
Wedding Preparation���������������������������������������7
Women’s Ministry������������������������������������������22
Worship Arts�������������������������������������������������23
Worship Service Times�����������������������������������23
Young Adults (see Adults: 20s–30s)�����������������4
Here’s what Tom had to say: “I took the photo on a trip to Acadia
National Park. That was our first family trip to a national park. A few
weeks ago, (a grown-up) Jack went back to Acadia for the first time
since that picture was taken, as the host of a nationally syndicated TV
show on ABC, Rock the Park.”
Day Trip to Duluth: Bentleyville Holiday Lights and Dinner
(Singles 40s–60s)
Saturday, November 21, 2:00–10:30pm, Duluth
Registration opens noon, November 2*
Catalyst (Adults 20s & 30s)
Westwood’s Catalyst Ministry is a place for adults 20s
& 30s in all stages of life—married or single, with or
without kids—to develop relationships with God and
one another. Our vision is to reach and assimilate the
next generation into community life and leadership.
Contact: Lisa Nebel, [email protected]
Transformations (Singles 40s–60s)
Transformations Ministry is a vibrant and active
ministry serving single adults in their 40s–60s by
offering fellowship, spiritual growth, serving, and
social activities all year round. Transformations Singles
Ministry welcomes life-long singles, widowed and
divorced to join us and experience God’s plan for you
to grow spiritually, to heal, serve others, and have
Join us for a fun day trip to Duluth to experience the opening night of Bentleyville—America’s largest free
walk-through lighting display. Enjoy free hot chocolate, cookies and the warmth of fire pits as we stroll
through the more than 4 million lights. Then at 6:00pm it’s dinner at Grandma’s Restaurant for time to visit
before heading home. Join us and carpool from either Westwood or the Forest Lake McDonald’s parking lot.
Consider bringing an unwrapped toy or nonperishable food item for the Duluth Salvation Army. Cost: $15 for
gas (optional donation to Bentleyville, and the cost of your own dinner).
Contact: Cathy Swanson, 952.465.8893, [email protected]
Fall Book Study (Singles 40s–60s)
Sundays, September 13– December 6, 6:45–8:30pm, Room B102
Registration is closed. Contact Marnie if you are interested in joining.
Join us for our Fall Book Study of True Spirituality-Becoming a Romans 12 Christian by Chip Ingram.
We will study what a real relationship with God really looks like. Christians today live in a world that is activity-heavy and relationship-light. In Romans 12, God gives us a clear picture of what Christians should look like
at the root level. If you’re ready to move beyond the motions of religion and experience a real relationship
with God, your journey begins here.
Each week, we’ll watch the DVD while eating dinner with our table mates. (Each table will provide dinner for
the entire group twice during this study.) Then we’ll discuss the chapter/DVD.
Cost: $12 (no book), $23 book (recommended), $31 book/study guide
Contact: Marnie Barnhart, 952.836.9430, [email protected]
Contact: [email protected]
Find a Small Group
GroupSearch allows people to search online for open small groups.
Go to www.westwoodcc.org/groupsearch and click on the down arrow under category.
Choose a campus.
Choose a category of interest and then click on Search.
By clicking on the group title, you’ll see the details of the group and decide if it is right for you.
Then on the right side, under the section “Interested in the group?” you can submit a request to the
leader for more information and someone will contact you.
*Register at www.westwoodcc.org/upcoming
more Adults
Glorifying God Through Grace & Growth (Adults 50+)
Thursday, November 5, 7:00–8:30pm, Room A111
Register online*
Join Pastor Joel K. Johnson and Dr. Scott Jensen in a 90-minute discussion of how lucky we are to be able to
grow and glorify God regardless of our season of life. Joel and Scott will share how they have encountered
in their own lives “the good, the bad, and the ugly” aspects of aging. Large and small group discussions will
focus on embracing the goal of growing in faith and glorifying God as part of the Christian walk, regardless
of age, health or personal challenge. With the love of God at our side, how can anything interfere? An individualized Bible study program based on a 21-day journey using the book of Daniel will also be presented.
Contact: Kim Hanson, 952.224.7318, [email protected]
Teleios (Adults 50+)
The 50s+ ministry spans a broad age range. The
ministry is designed so that all those along the second
half of life age spectrum can get into a process for
missional Kingdom living, realizing their potential in
Christ. There are multiple on-ramps of involvement;
such as service opportunities, connect relationally
events, and growing spiritually classes.
Contact: Kim Hanson, [email protected]
Sunday, November 8 & 22
Getting Acquainted
9:30–11:00am, Room A205*
Ever feel like just a face in the crowd? Do you have
questions for Westwood’s leaders or want to learn
more about the church? If the answer is yes, please
come to our next Getting Acquainted. Refreshments
are served and your kids are welcome to be part of
our kids’ programs (birth-grade 5) while you attend.
We’d love to get to know you better.
Contact: Kim Hanson, 952.224.7318,
[email protected]
Care & Support
Gathering of Hope
Saturday, November 14, 4:30–5:15pm, Woodside Room
If you are grieving the death of a loved one, the holidays can be difficult. The Gathering of Hope is an invitation
to prepare for the season by sharing with others in music, stories, prayer and the promise of hope. Special guest
Melody Richards will share her personal story of grief and hope following her daughter’s unexpected death.
Together, we will encourage one another to turn to Christ for the comfort and strength which He offers each of us.
A light supper will be served following the service.
Contact: Joyce Peper, 952.224.7322, [email protected]
I am thankful for each one of you who walks alongside
others to listen, encourage, pray, comfort and lend a
helping hand! The love of Jesus shines through such
simple demonstrations of care to bless many in our
community. This month we’re saying “thank you” to
Westwood’s funeral hospitality team for the comfort
and encouragement they bring to families and loved
ones during times of loss. Following a funeral or
memorial service, the funeral hospitality team provides
a warm reception and a delicious meal that lightens
spirits and eases the grief of all gathered. Those who
serve on this team have a special place in my heart and
radiate the hope of the resurrected Christ!
I’m also grateful for the service of our military veterans.
Please join me in saying thanks to a veteran for their
service on Veterans Day, November 11. God bless you
for serving our country.
Dave Trautmann
Pastor of Community Care
[email protected]
Prayer Shawl Ministry
Monday, November 16, 7:00–8:30pm, Upper Level Link, near the fireplace
Everyone is welcome to our monthly meetings. We gather on the third Monday of the month to knit and visit.
We make beautiful prayer shawls for the Pastors and the prayer teams to give to those who would be blessed by
receiving a handmade shawl. Come if you are an experienced knitter or just have the desire to learn how to knit
or crotchet. Yarn and needles are provided.
Contact: Mary Jensen, 612.812.0703, [email protected] or
Sandy Hoogenakker, 952.471.9623, [email protected]
Surviving the Holidays
Monday, November 23, 7:00–8:30pm, Room A205
Register online*
The holiday season can be especially hard when you are grieving the loss of a loved one. Surviving the Holidays
gives encouragement, support and practical suggestions for getting through, and even enjoying, the season.
Featured speaker is Melody Richards, MA, LPCC who is a counselor, author and founder of Hope Renewed Counseling. Cost $10
Contact: Pam Kerber, 612.207.3524, [email protected]
*Register at www.westwoodcc.org/upcoming
Care & Support
Birth/Adoption Announcements
We love celebrating the birth and adoption of kids at Westwood.
To share your joyous news in Volume ONE, contact: Krista Petersen, 952.224.7366, [email protected]
Child Dedication Information Class
Details on page 8
Funeral Support
Westwood comes alongside families who are in bereavement by providing pastoral support, funeral services
and hospitality.
Contact: Joyce Peper, 952.224.7322, [email protected]
Wedding Preparation
At Westwood, we believe that a successful marriage starts before the ceremony. Couples complete an
engaged couples class or an equivalent premarital process six months prior to the wedding date. Meet Westwood’s premarital requirements by registering for Rock Your Relationship for Engaged Couples.
Contact: Joyce Peper, 952.224.7322, [email protected]
Birth Announcements
Congratulations to:
Esten & Caitlin Johnson on the June 14
birth of Jovee Kimberly
Chad & Cassidy Lexcen on the August 20
birth of Riley Ann & Teegan Grace
Sean & Kristin Flaherty on the August 30
birth of Shea Patrick
Congratulations to:
Nina Ann Ramirez and Yair Eduardo Garcia Ramirez
on their October 3 wedding
Marissa Dahlquist and John Straka
on their October 9 wedding
Amy Currier and Mark Goetz
on their October 10 wedding
Peggy Marquardt and Mark Hoffman
on their October 10 wedding
Meghann Condit and Roy Levitt
on their October 25 wedding
Andrea Beegle and Kyle Danner
on their October 31 wedding
New Members:
Congratulations to:
Ben Clements
Geoff & Shera Gleason
Khai Tran
Tony & Megan Hanson
Fall Classes are currently underway
Find out about the upcoming classes on our website or in the next issue of Volume ONE.
Birth/Adoption Announcements
We love celebrating the birth and adoption of kids at Westwood. To share your joyous news in Volume ONE,
please contact Krista.
Contact: Krista Petersen, 952.224.7366, [email protected]
Child Dedication Information Class
Sunday, November 22, 9:45–10:45am, Prairie Room
Register by emailing Krista
“How do I choose to have an attitude of gratitude in
my life?” The key word here is “CHOOSE.” We always
have the ability to choose our attitude in a given
circumstance, don’t we? When you think about it, it
is one of the few choices we really get in life, and we
don’t always choose well, at least I don’t.
Babies bring so much joy to the life of a family and, whether through birth or adoption, the arrival of a little
one is certainly cause to celebrate! Here at Westwood, we love to take the opportunity in worship services to
welcome, pray for and offer thanks to God for the life of a child through Child Dedication. Parents who are
dedicating children for the first time at Westwood are strongly encouraged to attend this one-time informational class that helps explain what Child Dedication is in our setting.
I confess that I sometimes choose to overlook the
positive and go straight to the negative, thereby
blocking the blessing that God has for me. I miss what
He might be trying to teach me, to refine in me, and to
possibly do for others through me. It’s a rookie move
that even a longtime Christ-follower can make, and I
am forever grateful for His infinite patience with me.
GIST—The Essence of Raising Life-Ready Kids
Parenting Seminar
Paul’s words in 1 Thessalonians 5:18 remind us
to, “…give thanks in all circumstances, for this is
God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” Pretty clear…ALL
circumstances, he says, not just the ones we feel like
recognizing, but ALL.
I am, at my very core, a grateful person. I love to say
and show thanks – to God, to my family, friends,
and all whom God has blessed me with. Yet in the
busyness of life, it is still sometimes easy to overlook
all that I have to be grateful for; or to take a negative
view and miss the goodness God offers, big and little.
My prayer for you and for me is that we would allow
gratitude to win the day!
Contact: Krista Petersen, 952.224.7366, [email protected]
Friday, November 6, 6:00–9:00pm & Saturday, November 7, 9:00am–3:00pm
Woodside Room
Register online*
Psychologist Michael Anderson and pediatrician (and Westwood member) Dr. Tim Johanson, authors of
GIST—The Essence of Raising Life-Ready Kids, are returning to Westwood to bring their parenting
principles in a 2-part, Friday evening/Saturday series. Described as a “grounded and remarkable book that
will challenge parents to the core,” GIST is being highly recommended by parenting and educational professionals across the country, as well as by parents themselves. The book is filled with “extraordinary, practical
and understandable tools for parents to help prepare kids for real-life challenges.” While this series is a valuable resource for parents of children, teens or even young adults, it is also extremely helpful for those who
work with them in educational, coaching or ministry settings. GIST offers up sound insight into why young
people behave in certain ways, providing practical strategies for developing healthy self-esteem, resilience,
accurate self-assessment, and other foundational concepts needed to become ready for life. Get to the GIST
of helping young people in your life to become successful! Cost: $50 per person or $80 per couple (Includes
book, study guides and all materials, refreshments & lunch on Saturday)
Contact: Danise McMillen, 952.224.7342, [email protected]
November Respite
Saturday, November 21, 10:00am–12:30pm, Lower Level A Building
Register online* (to participate or volunteer)
Calling all families with kids who have special needs! Come join the fun with your friends as we play games,
make crafts, and have lunch together.
Contact: Randi Mitchell, 952.224.7316, [email protected]
Danise McMillen
Director of Children’s Ministry
[email protected]
*Register at www.westwoodcc.org/upcoming
Kids’ Fall Offering Focus
We want to help kids to stretch in their faith by encouraging them to reach out to others in need; to be more
others-centered. One way we do that is through our various offering focuses in Kids’ Ministry. We are excited
to share one such opportunity with them through “Boxes of Love,” a ministry of CRU, Here’s Life Inner City.
As kids bring their offering each week, they will have the opportunity to be a part of this important work that
gives hope and help to people in our community, and they will grow in their understanding of what it means
to be the hands and feet of Jesus. With Thanksgiving approaching, kids will reach out through their offering in
a beautiful, practical, proven way to children and families in need, through CRU’s 28th annual Box of Love®
outreach by sharing holiday meals with hungry families.
In every Box of Love is a “main course” (a turkey, ham, or chicken, depending on local cultural preferences),
with vegetables, potatoes, juice, stuffing, cranberry sauce, rice, fruit, dessert, and more ...
And, most importantly, a gospel presentation — Scripture materials for both children and adults, and information about knowing God personally — which has led thousands to Christ through the years.
Every $41.40 Westwood kids give will provide a Box of Love with an abundance of holiday food, more than
enough to feed an inner-city family of six. We are excited to see what God does in and through us during this
time of giving! (See story on page 12.)
Kids’ Music & Arts
New season starts January 17, 2016
Westwood Preschool
Preschool registration for the 2015–2016 school year is open online at www.westwoodpreschool.org. Westwood offers excellent 2, 3 or 4 half-day programs as well as a 3 full-day program. Schedule a tour today!
Half-day programs for afternoons (12:30–3:00pm) currently open:
Sunday Mornings
Kids/Age Birth–2 Years
Programs include:
• Little Blessings Nursery (birth–12 months)
• Little Bits 1 (12–24 months)
• Little Bits 2 (24–36 months)
Contact: Ariana Ebersviller, 952.224.7425
[email protected]
Kids/Age 3–5 Years
Provides fun and creative opportunities for preschool-aged
children to learn and grow in God’s grace socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually, and spiritually.
Contact: Kelli Hollerich, 952.224.7352
[email protected]
• 2 days M/W afternoons for ages 3-4
Kids/Grades K–1
• 3 days M/W/F afternoons for ages 3-4+
Provides fun and creative opportunities for early
elementary-aged children to learn and grow in God’s grace
socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually, and spiritually.
• 4 days M/T/W/F afternoons for ages 4-5, pre-k year only
Contact: Becky Steffensen, 952.224.7452, www.westwoodpreschool.org
Contact: Vicki Stahlke, 952.224.7456
[email protected]
Kids/Grades 2–5
Elementary-aged kids connect with Jesus, one another and
caring leaders through meaningful prayer, great worship,
powerful Bible teaching, and small group interaction.
Contact: Cheri Whisler, 952.224.7466
[email protected]
Guardian Angels/Merge
Allows families who have children with special needs the
opportunity to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ
through participation in worship and Sunday School.
Find us online
Facebook Search: Westwood Children’s Ministry
HomeFront is a monthly spiritual parenting resource. Print it out right from your own computer! HomeFront
is also now available as a FREE APP in the Apple Store or Android Marketplace for your smartphone or tablet.
Online at: www.westwoodcc.org/kids
Contact: Randi Mitchell, 952.224.7316
[email protected]
Evening Service
Programs for birth–grade 5 are offered.
Contact: Sophia Hedberg, 952.224.7450
[email protected]
Tis the season of thankfulness. A season where we are reminded to thank God for all that he
has given us (both big and small things). We asked Westwood kids and adults what they are
especially thankful for this year. Here are some of their responses:
1. God’s grace and love. I am so thankful for His presence and help in my life as I go through the grief
and loss of my twin sister. –Linda R.
8. God’s grace and mercy, for 44 years of marriage, for
children and grandchildren who love the Lord, for
God’s wisdom in leading our community. –Denny L.
2. My small group of 9th graders on Wednesday nights. –Katie R.
9. A baby brother. –Hallie (3rd grade)
3. My sister and baseball and also everything.
–Julia (1st grade)
4. My parents. –Bobby (5th grade)
5. Going to Disney World. –Shiloh M. (4th grade)
6. Everything God has given to me and my family.
Especially thankful that my MRI test result was
normal. –Mark E.
7. My family, food, my house, my bed, and my iPod.
–Vela B. (3rd grade)
10.My family, a safe place to live, my school, my
church, a warm bed to sleep in, a car to go to
school in, and food to fill my stomach.
–Talitha A. (7th grade)
11.Another year of sobriety. –Anonymous
12.God, because he has provided a lot of things that
have changed my life. –Hannah S. (5th grade)
13.Pokemon. –Lee (Kindergarten)
14.God’s mercy and grace. –Steve
15.My food we eat. –Sophie J. (2nd grade)
16.Being able to go to school. –Maya (3rd grade)
37.God, family, and friend’s pigs. –Audrey (3rd grade)
17.My family. –Abby (4th grade)
38.A job for Scott that I know is all from God’s will.
18.Legos, Mom, God’s books. –Christian (1st grade)
19.The wonderful blessing of a mother who models
steadfast hope and trust in our living God through
all seasons and challenges of life. –Anonymous
20.Maybe getting my brother home this year. –Xochitl
(3rd grade)
21.My mom and dad. –Emma F. (1st grade)
22.My family. –Maggie R.
23.My parents and my food. –Elliana W. (3rd grade)
24.The Lord’s faithfulness in my son’s turnaround.
–Yomarie O.
25.My mom, dad, car, and book. –Cara (Kindergarten)
26.For hymns sung in the service. They are beautiful and
meaningful. –Jill W.
27.Getting in gymnastics and getting to live with my
best friend. –Lilly B (3rd grade)
39.My family and the fun things we do together.
–Natalie R. (5th grade)
40.My beautiful house. –Gavyn S. (6th grade)
41.Someone left me-extremely painful-but then God
brought back someone else in to my life. I am so
42.My Mom, Dad, sister, and God. They all make my life
a lot better. –Maddie A. (4th grade)
43.Food, family, friends, houses, God, clothes.
–Ava (3rd grade)
44.My home, health, and family. –Anonymous
45.All the great kids in the 1 year old room.
–Mackenzie D. (8th grade)
46.My beautiful Lord and my lovely family.
–Aleeah G. (4th grade)
28.A clear and focused mind. –Bill R.
47.My sister because she helped me start volunteering
in the 1’s and 2’s. –Ruby B.
29.My birthday. –Isaac (2nd grade)
48.Jesus. –Erika R. (3rd grade)
30.You making us, food and water, friends, family, and
color. –Sophia B. (3rd grade)
49.Family and Kirby my dog. –Ariel (5th grade)
31.Having a group of Christian friends to encourage me
to stay on God’s path. –Ryan M.
50.A loving wife of fifty years and two loving
daughters.–Jim G.
51.Pie. –Danise M.
32.My family and grandparents for always being there
for me. –Halle B. (4th grade)
33.My amazing friends. –Lydia (4th grade)
34.Being able to witness the growth of faith in elementary kids and their understanding as students
showing what they learned about walking in faith.
–Nick S.
52. The Westwood Communications team is thankful for all of you that took the time
to share your praises. If you don’t see yours
here, we will be posting others on facebook
and our weekly enewsletter. To subscribe, go
to www.westwoodcc.org/subscribe.
35.My whole family. –Ben (Kindergarten)
36.The spiritual disciplines class waking me up to all of
God’s goodness and my actions to reprioritize my
life. –Sue W.
Love in a box
westwood kids are making a big difference in the lives of the poor in the inner city.
Through our partnership with CRU, the compassionate and evangelistic urban outreach of Campus
Crusade, we are providing boxes of food that will be delivered to inner city families in need around
The need couldn’t be higher, with over 20% of American children living in poverty. More than 1.5
million children live on the street, in homeless shelters, motels or with other families.
Each “Box of Love” contains enough food to feed a family of six a Thanksgiving meal. It includes a
turkey, ham or chicken (depending on the local cultural preference) along with vegetables, potatoes,
juice, stuffing, cranberry sauce, rice, fruit, and dessert. Most importantly, it includes a gospel
presentation—Bible materials for both children and adults and information about knowing God
Westwood has partnered with CRU before. This summer, the children’s offerings went to providing
homeless care kits that were given out by them. These kits contained blankets and personal care
Giving to others and caring for those in need is the mission of Westwood Children’s Ministry. Their
“win statement” is: We win when Westwood kids and families love and connect with Jesus Christ,
one another and the world around them.
“We want to teach kids to be others centered. We help them understand the needs around them
and give the kids opportunities to make a difference for the kingdom of God,” said Danise McMillen,
Director of Children’s Ministry.
For each $41.40 the kids bring in for offering, a Box of Love will be given. It is expected we will be
able to give 15-20 boxes total by the time we reach the end of November. And if we reach our goal of
20 boxes, Miss Vicki will dress up like a turkey for the whole Sunday. Now, I want to see that!
Funeral Hospitality Team
Anne Baker, Beth Baskerville, Lori Beal,
Brenda Bell, Karen Bennett, Lana Bergo,
Dawn Berry, Kim Blomberg, Jill Borrell,
Teri Braun, Cathy Burd, Barb Calvano,
Ellen Cerchia, Connie Chapin, Michele
Christenson, Ann Christian, Tracy Constable,
Bev Decker, Kay Derner, Alyssa Duggan,
Karen Eischens, Peggy Emerson, Barbara
Evans, Jerry Felton, Maidie Felton, Jane Foote,
Beth Ginther, Tanya Glattly, Maile Goldberg,
Sometimes it is the little things that matter most. Especially when you are hurting. A kind smile from a Carol Heggestad, Sandy Hoogenakker,
stranger. The comfort of food. The surrounding feeling of compassion and love. This is what the funeral Sandy Hoogenakker, Linda Houston, Gay
Jandro, Jackie Johnson, Karla Johnson, Terre
ministry team does.
Kemble, Kathy Kladek, Kim Kriegel, Pam
Every year the ministry team serves 10–12 funerals at the church. They average around 250 people at Langseth, Tom Langseth, Ruth Laufenburger,
Kerin Logstrom, Terri Lundstrom, Marcia
each. The team of volunteers who serve has become a sisterhood of women who care for others—
Maples, Marilyn Martin, Barb Mawer, Lisa
and care for each other. They have drawn close in friendship with one another through their compasMendez, Sue Mueller, Barb Murphy, Chelsey
sionate service to others.
Murphy, Debbie Nauman, Bonnie Nelson,
Prior to each funeral, the team gets together to pray. They join together in asking God to bring comfort Lori Nothom, Diana Paradeau, Brenda Ploen,
Vicki Roal, Barb Say, Crystal Schachterle,
and peace to those who are grieving. And they ask for God to guide them and use them. “We are
Jill Schulz, Julia Smutka, Becky Steffensen,
merciful because we all understand. We all have lost someone we love. That’s how life is. No matter
Victoria Stuewe, Mary Todd, Sheri Trautmann,
who you are, you share that commonality.” says Ellen Cerchia.
Lynn Waterman, Tina Week, Rosemary Will,
Ellen has been volunteering on the team for nine years. Some of what Ellen does is logistics. She
Joelle Williamson, Jennifer Wilson, Lisa Wing,
Peggy Wolfe, Lisa Youngblood
orders food or picks it up, gets it to the kitchen, and works with volunteers to prepare it and serve to
Serving Up Compassion
guests. Much of what she does is to lovingly care for people who are walking through a difficult time
of loss.
At least ten volunteers are needed for each funeral, and each serves according
to their own gifts. Some people prefer being behind the scenes, making sandwiches or brewing coffee. Others prefer to be out guiding or serving guests. It
isn’t about having all the right words to say, it is about having love.
Kim Blomberg has been involved for 10 years. She said, “It is truly a blessing to come alongside families during this time. We try to make things as
comfortable and inviting as we can. And through it all we get to see God at
Many guests who come for a funeral have never been to Westwood before.
Perhaps they aren’t even coming from a place of knowing much about
faith. The funeral ministry team sees this as an opportunity to reach out
to the community. “Yes, people are sad and are experiencing a loss. But the service celebrates the
person’s life and shares the love of Jesus Christ with people. It is encouraging,” said Kim. She notes
that some families have even started attending Westwood regularly after having originally come for a
funeral service.
Ellen recalls one funeral where a young woman was alone and grieving the recent loss of her mother.
Ellen came up to her and asked if she could give her a hug. She said the woman held on to her and
didn’t want to let go. That hug let the woman know she wasn’t alone and that people cared for her,
even people she didn’t know.
Used with pe
If you have a compassionate heart for helping others and have a gift of hospitality, the
team would love to have you join them. Volunteers are welcome to “job shadow” and
no long term commitment is ever expected.
If you’d like more information, please contact
Kim Blomberg at 612.801.9769 or email:
[email protected]
God always has provided for the team, whether it is in pulling together a funeral on short notice or
having enough food to feed a larger than expected crowd. Everything has always worked out. That is
all because of God.
“I am so
excited to
be a part of
Not her first rodeo!
westwood’s first multisite location, westwood minnetonka, will have another familiar
face on staff when it opens its doors in February 2016. Danise McMillen, who has served as the
Director of Children’s Ministry for the past 16 years, will be taking a pastoral role that will include
heading up the kids’ programs. We sat down together recently, and she gave us the scoop.
What can kids and families expect at Westwood Minnetonka?
“The same great programming for birth–5th grade that you’ve come to know and love all along
at Westwood - ministry that is Christ-centered, Bible-based, relational, age and learning-style
appropriate, relevant, and fun! These are our foundational values that really complement our overall
mission of making home the true center for spiritual growth, supporting parents as their kids’ first
and best teachers.”
How many kids are you expecting?
“We are open to whatever God has in store, knowing that it is all by His perfect design and will,
though we are planning for approximately 100 kids at first.”
What are the classrooms going to be like?
“There will be a wonderful nursery for little ones and fun classrooms for all ages that are all in close
proximity to the Worship Center. There are also big, beautiful green spaces outside that will make for
more great fellowship and learning experiences.”
Will we check kids in and out the same way?
“Yes! Because we are Westwood—just at a Minnetonka location, it’s only natural that it will be used
at our multisite campus, as well. It is easy, quick and familiar.”
Will there be opportunities to serve with kids at
Westwood Minnetonka?
“Absolutely! We want the level of excellence that we enjoy
at Westwood Chanhassen to be the hallmark of Westwood
Minnetonka. We are already praying for caring adult and
student leaders who have a BIG heart for serving God’s little
ones. We consider kids and families connecting with Jesus,
with one another and with the world around them a HUGE
WIN, and are already dreaming of who will join the team!”
“I am so excited to be a part of launching something new.
Pastor Mark’s enthusiasm for reaching this new community for
Christ is contagious. It’s going to be EPIC!” said Danise.
Miss Danise is familiar with moving in classroom supplies. Here she is in
2001 when Westwood services were held at Chaska High School.
To learn more about serving in Kids’ ministry at Westwood Minnetonka,
contact Danise: 952-224-7342 or [email protected]
*Register at www.westwoodcc.org/upcoming
Westwood Minnetonka
Westwood will bring the love of Jesus Christ into one of the least-churched communities in the Twin
Cities as we add a second location in early 2016. A multisite campus takes Westwood to where people
live and allows them to attend church in their own community.
Worship Together
Sundays, starting November 1, 11:10am, Woodside Room
Beginning November 1, worship with others from the multisite Core Team in the Woodside Room.
Contact: Mark Nelson, 952.224.7382, [email protected]
Multisite Lunch
Sunday, November 1, 12:30–1:45pm, Woodside Room
Sunday, December 6, 12:30–1:45pm, Woodside Room
Register online*
A luncheon for those planning to be a part of the Westwood Minnetonka campus launching in February
or who are interested in learning more. Participants will meet others interested in the new church
community and learn more about the opportunities surrounding the launch.
Contact: Mark Nelson, 952.224.7382, [email protected]
Find us online
I choose to have an attitude of gratitude by the
motivation that comes from the realization that
nobody else can do it for me. I know that I am
encouraged in Scripture to “give thanks in all
circumstances” and therefore have come to see
that in every circumstance there can be found
something that is “thanks” worthy. In the best of
circumstances this is easy and thanksgiving can
almost be a constant flow of words and emotion.
In the worst of circumstances gratitude may be
more difficult to muster, but there is always thanks
to be given for the understanding that our loving
God is sovereign over life itself, and for that we
can always give thanks in every circumstance.
Ultimately gratitude is the response of the heart. It
is an acknowledgment that life is a gift given and
sustained by God. So, how do I choose to have an
attitude of gratitude? I choose to have an attitude
of gratitude by not allowing myself to engage in
an “entitlement” state of mind that puts me at
the center of my universe, not God, and assumes
and takes for granted that I somehow deserve a
predetermined experience in life. I am learning to
discover the joy of stepping into life’s moments and
being surprised to find God there with me and for
that I will ever have gratitude.
Mark Nelson
Minnetonka Campus Pastor
[email protected]
Facebook: facebook.com/westwoodminnetonka
Twitter: @MarkLNelson
Website: www.westwoodcc.org/multisite
On campus
Employment Opportunities
We currently have several employment opportunities here at Westwood. Check out our website at
www.westwoodcc.org/employment for the latest job postings and to apply.
Cafe 12:2
After any service, you are welcome to stop for coffee and conversation at our cafe. There is always a fresh
brew of coffee and espresso drinks along with hot chocolate, smoothies, pastries and more!
This month’s special drinks are a Pumpkin Pie Latte and Pumkin Blast.
Ephesians 5:20 encourages us to “always give thanks
to God the Father for everything, in the name of our
Lord Jesus Christ.” Thanking Him for the things He’s
given me to do, for working behind the scenes on
my behalf, for hard lessons learned, for things big
and small builds my faith and gives me confidence to
thank him for what he’ll do tomorrow. He delights in
seeing that I recognize his goodness and mercy…and
thank Him for it.
Kate Peabody
Director of Operations
[email protected]
Cafe 12:2 Gift Cards
Did you know the cafe now has gift cards? These are available in any amount and are good on all the yummy
food and beverages offered.
*Register at www.westwoodcc.org/upcoming
Hope for the Holidays
Sunday, November 22–Sunday, December 6, Lower Level Link
Westwood’s annual “Hope for the Holidays” collection drive will bless those in need. Stop by the Lower Level
Link, starting November 22, to select a gift tag from the trees indicating the gift to purchase. Purchase and
return the gift to Westwood by Sunday, December 6. This collection drive benefits so many in our local area.
Volunteers are also needed to assist with the donations. Contact Vicki Stahlke to find out how you can help.
Contact: Vicki Stahlke, 952.224.7456, [email protected]
Westwood and World Relief Internship Program in Malawi
June 2016
Westwood has partnered with World Relief for years in Malawi. Westwood teams have made numerous trips
to the northern province of Chitipa – bringing spiritual encouragement to both pastors and lay people. As
a further deepening of the partnership, Westwood and World Relief are announcing an internship program
in Chitipa, Malawi to begin in June 2016. A three to six-month assignment, this is a wonderful opportunity
for high school students graduating this spring, university students, or active retired folks. For an internship
program brief describing the goals and costs, contact Chaz.
Contact: Chaz Nichols, 952.224.7464, [email protected]
Women’s Holiday Dessert
There are numerous times and places I can
spontaneously have a heart of gratitude. But when I
want to be intentional about expressing gratitude to
The Lord, I get on my mountain bike.
Careening through the forest, on the numerous
single-track trails of Chaska, on a warm summer day,
just draws my heart to thank the Lord for my family,
church, friends and the innumerable blessings He has
given me. It is on these jaunts that my heart is filled
with gratitude.
Details on page 22
Chaz Nichols
Director of Missions & Adult Ministries
[email protected]
Find us online
Facebook: Westwood Outreach
Small Groups
How To Find a Small Group
GroupSearch allows people to search online for open small groups.
Courtnay and I started up a little small group three
years ago this fall. She and I have great talks with
each other after each of the group meetings. I don’t
remember a single night after our group meets
that one of us has not said, “I’m so grateful for this
incredible group of people.”
Sometimes that is a general statement of gratitude.
Other times it’s more specific. “I’m so grateful for
what I learned, or what modeled to me, or did you
hear that prayer that they prayed? Wow!”
We are meant to have people in our lives that bring
us life, and help us to grow in our faith. Small Groups
are one of the best ways that we can do this in the
church. I invite you to take a step out to find a group
today—follow the instructions on this page, or give
us a call at church. We’d be glad to help you in any
way we can.
Brian Suter
Pastor of Community Life &
[email protected]
Go to www.westwoodcc.org/groupsearch and click on the down arrow under category.
Choose a campus.
Choose a category of interest and then click on Search.
By clicking on the group title, you’ll see the details of the group and decide if it is right for you.
Then on the right side, under the section “Interested in the group?” you can submit a request to the
leader for more information and someone will contact you.
Start: Small Group Leadership Training
Thursday, November 12, 7:00–9:00pm, Prairie Room
or Monday, November 23, 7:00–9:00pm, Prairie Room
or Tuesday, December 8, 7:00–9:00pm, Prairie Room
Register online*
God created us to be in relationship with each other. Small groups offer genuine community and relationships. Great things happen when we walk through life with others. We are encouraged, supported,
challenged, and so much more. If you sense God nudging you to lead this kind of community, please join us
at one of our upcoming two-hour training programs. We will help you prepare to start a new small group.
Contact: Lisa Nebel, 952.224.7348, [email protected]
*Register at www.westwoodcc.org/upcoming
Not sure where to get involved? Try our Volunteer Search
Go to www.westwoodcc.org/volunteer
Choose one or more keywords from the categories. If you’ve completed LifeKeys use the
LifeKeys filter to find opportunities that match your spiritual gifts, life gifts or personal
Select opportunities of interest from the list and add to cart.
Submit by using your Westwood account. If you don’t have a Westwood account, create
one today!
A Westwood ministry representative will respond to you either by phone or email. This
usually takes no more than 3 business days.
If you’re not sure where to volunteer or would like to talk to someone, please contact us
at [email protected] We’ll be glad to help!
A sample of the current volunteer opportunities you will see
using the volunteer search:
Kids’ Ministry
Working with kids equals partnering with God. Partner up with us. We have immediate needs at all hours for
helpers and teachers. Contact: Danise McMillen, 952.224.7342, [email protected]
Outreach: Prison Ministry Team
Prison Outreach is looking for volunteers to join its Letters of Encouragement team. We share Christ’s love with,
and provide hope and encouragement to, women in prison by writing encouraging letters in response to their
prayer requests.
Prison Ministry is also looking for a percussionist to join the team that leads worship services twice a month at
the Shakopee Women’s Corrections Facility. Equipment will be available onsite.
Contact: Steve Taborek, 952.294.1158, [email protected]
Outreach: Central Africa Team
If you’ve been at Westwood for a while, you’re sure
to have heard the phrase “We’re blessed to be a
blessing!” It comes from our purpose statement,
based on the Genesis 12:2. God gives, we receive. We
give, God receives. It’s the rhythm of life.
We understand that our call to follow after Jesus is to
become more like Him. The Bible says Jesus came to
serve, not to be served. It’s His style to give, to love,
and to serve. Knowing that God has created you for a
distinct purpose can ignite an “I can do that”, attitude
and get you engaged in blessing others. Volunteering
even in small ways can bring tremendous blessings to
others AND can cultivate an attitude of gratitude in
your own heart.
Look for ways to share your time, talent and gifts to
bless others. As the holiday season approaches, my
hope is that you will lean into God’s whispers as He
reminds you how precious you are and how He gave
His only son, Jesus as a gift to all. Prepare to give of
yourself, and you will discover great joy as God uses
you to bless others.
The Central Africa team is looking for new members who have a heart to reach Africa for Christ. This is a ministry and economic development team focused on central African countries – with Malawi as the principle focus.
The team is currently planning its 2016 trip to Malawi.
Contact: Chaz Nichols, 952.224.7464, [email protected]
Women’s Holiday Dessert
Volunteer opportunities are available on several teams for a one-time seasonal opportunity to help with the
Women’s Holiday Dessert November 16,17 & 18. Partner with a friend and register online to serve behind the
scenes in this annual Holiday event!
• Table Setters: 9:00–11:00am Monday & Tuesday or 11:30am–1:30pm Wednesday.
Contact: Deb Eklo, [email protected]
• Dessert Platters: 2:00–4:00pm
Contact: Janet McFarland, [email protected]
• Coffee Team: 5:00–8:00pm
Contact: Janice Vreeman, [email protected]
• Water Team: 5:00–6:00pm
Contact: Jane Revsbech, [email protected]
• Men Servers: 6:00–9:30pm
Contact: Jackie Johnson, [email protected]
Monica Held
Director of Connection
[email protected]
Sunday Programing
Xchange (grades 6–8)
Sundays, 11:10am–12:15pm, Room A112
We worship together, participate in discussion groups with caring adult leaders, play games and mixers to get
moving, and hear a message related to middle school students. Each week we’ll discuss a question to help
students consider their faith now and for the future. Students, bring your Bibles!
Contact: Pam Schwarz, 952.224.7362, [email protected]
It’s the little things. I’ve learned (from middle school
ministry) that if I wait for the big things to celebrate
and give thanks for, I’m going to wait a long time.
And since giving thanks & celebrating is fun, fills my
heart and refocuses my attention, heart and energy,
I want to be a person of gratitude. Gratitude to me
means giving thanks where thanks is due. That means
even if I am thankful to a person, or for someone,
I’m also thankful to God. He’s the gifter of all, and to
Him I owe my thanks…for the little things and the big
This weekend I gave thanks for the leaves dancing
on the trees during my horseback trail ride with
middle school girls on a retreat. I gave thanks for
our leaders who stay up late and wake up early to
be representatives of the Gospel to students. I give
thanks for what God has done and will do. I give
thanks for pumpkin anything during this time of year,
too! Mostly, in all the little things I believe God’s
reminding me He’s present in my life. And that’s the
best thing in the world to give thanks for!
10-Minute Party! (grade 9–12)
Sundays, following the 11:10am service
Students are invited to sit together in the 11:10 service (behind the sound booth in the main Worship Center)
and then stay for the 10-Minute Party! We will gather together in the same spot after the service to discuss
the sermon and talk about how it applies to life.
Contact: Pam Schwarz, 952.224.7362, [email protected]
Wednesday Programing
No Wednesday night programming November 25
Register online*
Boost (grades 6-8)
6:45–8:00pm, Woodside Room
Middle school students gather to have fun, explore faith and relationally connect with one another and with
caring leaders. Each week we worship, listen to a message and meet in small groups to discuss the message.
Upper Room (grade 9)
8:00–9:30pm, Room A111
This theology and Christian doctrine class helps solidify faith beliefs. Students build relationships in small
groups while discussing faith questions.
En Route (grades 10-12)
8:00–9:30pm, Woodside Room
Dianne Cotten DeKoning
Pastor of Next Generation Ministries
[email protected]
Find us online
Boost Facebook: WSM Middle
En Route Facebook:
School Parents
We Are En Route
Boost Instagram: boost_wcc
En Route Twitter: @enroutewcc
Upper Room for Students Face-
En Route Instagram: EnRouteWCC
book: Westwood Upper Room
College Facebook:
Upper Room Twitter: @Upper-
Fusion: Westwood College Age
Upper Room Facebook for
Westwood Upper Room Parent Page
High school students come together each week to connect with one another through worship, message and a
small group with caring adult leaders.
Contact: Pam Schwarz, 952.224.7362, [email protected]
*Register at www.westwoodcc.org/upcoming
more Students
Abide Senior Small Group
Monday, November 2 & 16, 8:00–9:30pm, The Intersection
Calling all high school seniors, please join us for a Bible study just for you. We meet twice a month on
Monday nights for an opportunity to dig into God’s Word and grow in our faith together.
Contact: Pam Schwarz, 952.224.7362, [email protected]
Boost Girls Etc Group
Tuesday, November 10 & 24, 6:00–7:15pm, Room B123
Eighth grade girls are invited to a group just for them every other Tuesday. This is a great opportunity to
connect with other girls in the same grade and to talk with a caring adult about issues and concerns that are
important to them.
Contact: Pam Schwarz, 952.224.7362, [email protected]
Boost Night Out
Wednesday, November 11
Boost small groups will be choosing a place to hang out and get to know each other better. Night Outs
happen twice per year and are a great way for small groups to connect and bond. Unsure of where your
student should go? Look for an email from Pam on Monday, November 9, or contact your student’s small
group leader.
Contact: Pam Schwarz, 952.224.7362, [email protected]
High School Bible Study
Mondays, 6:30–8:00pm, Room B124
The Bible study for high school students has moved from Sundays to Monday nights. Students are encouraged
to take this opportunity to dig deeper with a Bible study just for them. No registration required. Bring a friend
and come when you can!
“How do I choose to have an attitude of gratitude in
my life?”
Gratitude can be an interesting state of mind. I led
a small group of 8th grade boys my freshman year
of college. Five years later, one of the boys texted
me and thanked me for all I had done in his life. I
honestly couldn’t remember his name let alone what
I had done in his life that would cause him to seek
me out and say thank you. For me, the place where I
find gratitude most often is when I look back. I find
myself wishing I would have been more thankful or
shown more appreciation. In this realization, I think
that people like being thanked no matter the timing
or situation. Gratitude is something which can be
expressed many years down the road and sometimes
it means even more in that moment. You never know
how showing your appreciation and thankfulness to
someone will brighten their day!
Contact: Pam Schwarz, 952.224.7362, [email protected]
Student Prayer
Tuesdays, 7:00–8:00am, Room A111
Start your day right. High school students are invited to join Pastor Josh for a time of prayer before the start
of their school day. Come when you can and bring your friends!
Contact: Pam Schwarz, 952.224.7362, [email protected]
Josh Miller
Pastor of Student Ministry Grades 10–12
[email protected]
Moms Connect
Friday, through May 6, 2016, 9:30–11:30am, Room A111
Register online*
Are you ready for a year focused on YOU? As moms that question sends chills down our spine and our first
reaction is “No, my needs come last.” As Dr. Seuss says, “Today you are you, that is truer than true. There
is no one alive who is you-er than you!” Join Moms Connect this year and become a little bit YOU-ER! Our
speakers will cover many topics including kids and marriage, and we put them all into the perspective of
growing as moms, and from moms into the women God has created us to be. Moms Connect is a fun place
to meet other moms of school-aged kids(K–12). Cost: $50
“How do I choose to have an attitude of gratitude in
my life?”
Having a mindset of gratitude is a daily choice for
me. It does not come naturally in how I’m wired.
My natural bent is to try to control situations and
orchestrate the outcomes. I have to admit, I tend
to take things for granted and gravitate towards
grumbling when things are not going the way I
expected or planned. I’m certainly not proud of that
character trait.
Two main contributing factors in helping me choose
an attitude of gratitude is to read Scripture on a daily
basis and have accountability with others in a small
group. Phil. 4: 6-7 says, “Do not be anxious about
anything, but in EVERYTHING, by prayer and petition,
with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And
the peace of God, which transcends all understanding
will keep your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”
I simply must reach out to God in all things AND
thank Him…and He promises to give me peace. In a
recent women’s group we processed what it means to
let God be GOD. Bottom line my job is to obey. God’s
job is the results, and I’m grateful for that!
Contact: Tammy Hakanson, 952.836.9069, [email protected]
Thursdays, 9:30–11:30am or 6:30–8:30pm, Room A112
Online registration is closed—Contact Julie if interested in AM or Keri for PM
MOPS (Mother of Preschoolers) is designed to meet the unique needs of moms, with kids from birth through
kindergarten, who share the same desire: to be the very best moms they can be! Join us as we explore this
year’s theme: A Fierce Flourishing. Here’s what to expect at a MOPS meeting: authentic conversation with fellow moms, sage advice from the mentor moms, relevant teaching by the inspiring speakers and even a warm
uninterrupted meal! You will be so grateful you took this time to refresh yourself. There are MOPS groups
offered in the morning and in the evening.
Cost: $60 per mom per session or $120 per year (childcare additional)
MOPS childcare has limited spots available depending on the age of your child. Contact Julie Kazmierkoski at
[email protected] to check for MOPS childcare availability.
Contact: (AM MOPS) Julie, [email protected],
(PM MOPS) Keri, [email protected]
Women’s Bible Study (Tuesday AM & PM)
Tuesdays, September 29–November 17, 9:30–11:30am or 7:00–9:00pm, Woodside Room
Online registration is closed—Contact Jill if interested in AM or Karen for PM
Seamless by Angie Smith–Understanding the Bible as One Complete Story
Complete details of this Bible study may be found online. Cost: $23
Childcare available on Tuesday Mornings—details online.
AM Contact: Jill Ramsey, [email protected]
PM Contact: Karen Bennett, [email protected]
Women’s Holiday Dessert
November 16, 17 & 18, 7:00–9:00pm, Worship Center
Monica Held
Director of Connection
[email protected]
Very limited seats are available for this year’s dessert. Tickets: $12 at www.westwoodcc.org/upcoming.
Volunteers are needed for Women’s Holiday Dessert. Refer to page 19 for details.
Contact: Lisa Mendez, 952.949.3443, [email protected]
*Register at www.westwoodcc.org/upcoming
Worship Service Times
All of Westwood’s worship services feature live music led by our worship leaders, vocalists and musicians.
Every service experiences the same sermon message, with the Woodside Room viewing the message on large
Sunday Morning
Worship Center
Sunday morning services (8:20, 9:45 and 11:10am)
Woodside Room Worship Service
Sunday morning services (9:45 and 11:10am)
Sunday Evening
Sunday ELEMENTS service (5:00pm)
Sounds of Christmas—Westwood’s Annual Christmas Concert
Friday, December 4, 7:00pm, Worship Center
Saturday, December 5, 5:00 & 7:00pm, Worship Center
Tickets available online*
Westwood’s Annual Christmas Concerts features our Choir and Orchestra. Special guests include Bob
Stromberg, co-author and original star of the megahit theatrical comedy “Triple Espresso (A Highly
Caffeinated Comedy).” Bob will be the Master of Ceremonies bringing stories and laughter to the concerts.
Also featured this year will be gospel soloist Sara Renner, a Westwood favorite. Other featured Westwood
musicians include Kenni Holmen, Ben Garrett, Lauren Becker, plus Westwood’s kids. Cost: $15 per ticket,
Complimentary childcare for children birth to 5 years old is available Friday night only. Register on-line when
purchasing tickets.
Contact: Vicki Turner, 952.224.7396, [email protected]
Join the Choir & Orchestra
Wednesdays, 6:30–8:20pm, Worship Center
Register online*
There is still time to join Westwood’s Choir and Orchestra for the Christmas concerts and Sunday, December 13 services. The Choir and Orchestra are open to those 16 and older. It is requested you attend all the
rehearsals in November to participate in the concerts: November 11, Thursday, November 19, November 25
and then the rehearsal the week of the concerts. There will be one additional rehearsal for Sunday, December
13 on Wednesday, December 9. The team agreement is available when you register. To pick up music or for
more information please contact Barb Voss.
Since last year I’ve been musing on gratefulness. In
my life right now, I often miss out on what’s in front
of me, who’s in front of me, being so consumed with
the next that I miss now. Being grateful is seeing
the world in a way that opens up the world—a way
of being that allows you to see God everywhere, in
I’ve tried to make gratefulness a daily discipline. I’m
far from consistent, but when I do take this posture,
I feel my day bloom with deeper purpose. I feel so
much more knit with God and others.
When I’m on track and practice this, it’s threefold. I
first meditate on being grateful for God who gives
me breath (Is. 42:5). God is where we begin. Thomas
Merton wrote, “He is the ‘Thou’ before whom our
inmost ‘I’ springs into awareness.” I then think of the
people in my life, being grateful for knowing love,
and for the chance to love in return (1. Cor. 12-26-27).
From there I then reflect on being grateful I’m a child
of God, fearfully and wonderfully made, invited to
partner with God and God’s work within our world.
When I do this it changes me. Being grateful leads me
into God’s presence (Ps. 100:4). That’s where I want
to be, where I want to stay.
Contact: Barb Voss, 952.224.7496, [email protected]
Giving an Offering
Giving kiosks are now located in the Commons outside the Worship Center and across from the cafe
outside the Woodside Room. These kiosks allow you to securely give using your debit or credit card.
Ben Rosenbush
Pastor of Creative Arts
[email protected]
Text To Give allows you to give on your phone. Simply text “give” followed by the amount you
choose (for example “give 25”) to 855.410.8144.
Sunday Offering takes place during each service. Giving envelopes are located inside your
Sunday program.
Online Giving is a convenient way to give either a one-time gift or on an ongoing basis.
More information is available on our website: westwoodcc.org. Thank you for partnering with us to
do God’s work here, near and far!
Westwood’s Annual Christmas Concert
Friday & Saturday­—December 4 & 5
A special evening with the
Westwood Choir and Orchestra
featuring comedian Bob Stromberg,
special guest Sara Renner
and Westwood Kids Choir.
Details on page 23
Tickets available at www.westwoodcc.org/christmas
Christmas Eve Service Times
Early Christmas Eve Services—Wednesday, December 23
6:00 & 7:30pm, Worship Center
Christmas Eve Services—Thursday, December 24
12:30, 2:00, 3:30 & 5:00pm, Worship Center & Woodside Room
9:00pm, Worship Center
Family Christmas Eve Services—Thursday, December 24
9:45 & 11:00am, Woodside Room
Contact Us
Business Administration
Guest Services
Pastor on Call
Kate Peabody: 952.224.7376
(PM & Weekend Receptionist)
Prayer Requests
Amy Hazen: 952.224.7360
Membership Seminar
Church Office: 952.224.7300
Facility Use
Sabrina Downey: 952.224.7314
Westwood Preschool
Laurie Aasen: 952.224.7332
[email protected]
Becky Steffensen: 952.224.7452
Hospital Visit
Joyce Peper: 952.224.7322
Joyce Peper: 952.224.7322
Leadership Board
Worship Support
Joyce Peper: 952.224.7322
Scott Sturm: 952.826.9912
Vicki Turner: 952.224.7396
Find us online:
3121 Westwood Drive, Excelsior, MN 55331
www.westwoodcc.org • 952.224.7300
receiving from God all He wants to give,
believing He wants to give us a lot.
And with open hands we give it away,
believing we cannot out-give God.

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