Waste management and waste planning

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Waste management and waste
The waste management industry is undergoing constant change and must meet
increasingly complex requirements. In addition to ensuring safe disposal, the
recovery of materials and energy from waste needs to be continuously improved. We
advise you on issues pertaining to waste management, taking account of energy
recycling options and regional circumstances.
We support cantons with waste planning in accordance with the Swiss Ordinance on
Waste Reduction and Disposal (Verordnung über die Vermeidung und die Entsorgung
von Abfällen - VVEA):
The current state and foreseeable regional developments in waste management
Changes in the amount and composition of recyclable waste
Availability of disposal and recycling facilities
New opportunities: recycling processes are gaining in importance
The waste sector contributes 7% to the volume of national greenhouse gases, and the
figure is on an upward trend. The interface between waste management and climate
protection is therefore growing in importance. Our focus is on:
Methods development, validation and verification of climate protection, projects
for emissions reductions for landfills, sewage treatment plants and materials
Evaluation of alternative fuels in the cement industry
Drafting of greenhouse gas inventories
In developing countries and emerging economies. We also support organizations with
respect to integral waste management, including:
Sustainable urban waste management: concept and implementation planning for
developing and emerging economies, including China, Poland and Pakistan
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Business development and communication within the scope of integral waste
management, such as in Peru
Kunststoffrecycling in der Schweiz (Foto: Maya Wolfensberger)
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