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4–6 May
International Congress Centre
Dresden, Germany
braking conference
& exhibition
Final Programme
& Exhibitor Directory
Organised by
EuroBrake Partners
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Welcome to Dresden, Germany, and the 4th annual EuroBrake conference
and exhibition.
Over the course of the last four years, EuroBrake has grown to become the largest braking
technology event in the world. FISITA is pleased to announce a sold-out exhibition
featuring 86 companies from 19 countries and our largest ever technical programme,
comprised of 27 technical sessions with presentations from an international selection of
authors, representing both industry and academia.
EuroBrake plays a vital role in offering engineers, manufacturers, academics and
researchers the opportunity to join together to discuss matters of importance to the
industry, disseminate ideas and share valuable information on the global platform that
EuroBrake provides.
At EuroBrake 2015 we will continue to develop important connections between the
key areas of the industry. This synergy is apparent in the diverse sectors that EuroBrake
represents, including participants from passenger car, commercial vehicle, rail, military and
industrial backgrounds.
The conference has proven to be a highly successful stage for communication between
industry and academia. This year, the Strategy Panel pays particular focus to the
relationship between these areas, identifying the mutual challenges and developing
strategies for how to face them.
Our opening plenary will provide insight into the complex path towards piloted driving, as
well as focussing on the major trends that are driving the braking industry forward in both
CV and the wider automotive arena.
The EuroBrake technical programme has been extended to include three new sessions that
highlight a selection of the most relevant topics in the industry: Global Standardisation,
where significant engineering profits are being directed; Environment and Brake Wear
Emissions, a pressing issue that puts the industry in sight of wider society; and Rail
Technology, an exclusive session that will highlight advances in this sector. Additional
topics with a special focus at this year’s event are manufacturing and quality control,
parking brakes, dynamometer and test technology, and brake components.
We are thrilled to introduce the Daimler Student Innovation Competition this year, a global
initiative that has inspired young engineers around the world to design a technical poster
presenting their vision of what brakes will look like in the future. The grand final of the
competition is open to all delegates and features an exciting keynote speaker.
We would like to thank this year’s sponsors, the EuroBrake Steering Committee, Advisory
Board, Chairs, reviewers and the staff of FISITA, who have worked tirelessly to organise the
Finally, we offer special thanks to all authors and participants for choosing EuroBrake as
your forum to meet, share knowledge, and make connections. EuroBrake depends on the
continued support and involvement of the braking community. In this spirit, we ask that
you take the time to use the EuroBrake app, downloadable in all major app stores, to rate
the speakers in all sessions that you attend.
We are delighted that you have joined us at EuroBrake 2015, and hope that you enjoy
the conference.
Harald Abendroth
EuroBrake 2015
Chris Mason
EuroBrake is an essential learning and
networking event for all engineers,
scientists and executives concerned
with braking systems throughout the
value-chain from OEMs through to
materials suppliers including:
Passenger car manufacturers
Commercial vehicle manufacturers
Motorcycle manufacturers
04|EuroBrake 2015 Overview
Rail industry
06 | Organisation
Academia and research community
Research and development engineers
18|Technical Programme: Wednesday
Application and customer engineers
26 | Exhibition Floorplan
Quality and process engineers
Chemists and materials scientists
Testing and measurement specialists
Brake consultants
Sales and purchasing executives
EuroBrake 2015 is organised by FISITA, the
international network for automotive
Established in 1948, FISITA links the
national automotive engineering societies
in 37 countries representing over 210,000
engineering professionals. FISITA organises
the annual World Automotive Summit and
the biennial FISITA World Automotive
FISITA (UK) Limited
30 Percy Street
United Kingdom
01 | Welcome
08|Technical Programme: Monday
12|Technical Programme: Tuesday
29 | Exhibitor Directory
46|Discover Dresden & Restaurant Guide
50 | Social Programme
52 | General Information
FISITA President
Paul Mascarenas OBE
Design by
Hands-on associates
Chris Mason
Copyright © 2015
FISITA (UK) Limited
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7299 6630
Fax: +44 (0) 20 7299 6633
Email: [email protected]
Registered in England
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EuroBrake 2015 Overview
Konferenz 1 is located on the
Konferenzebene of the conference
centre and can be accessed via
the moving stairs and elevator
as indicated.
Konferenz 1
Gala Dinner
To Maritim Hotel
EuroBrake 2015
Registration Desk
Saalfoyer Meterraster
Saal 3, 4 and 5 are located
next to the Exhibition Hall
and are accessed from the
Saalfoyer Meterraster.
Saal 3
Saal 4
Saal 5
Exhibition Hall
Saal 4– Saal 6
Konferenz 1
Gala Dinner
To Maritim Hotel
Saalfoyer Meterraster
Monday 4 May
13:00–13:10Opening EuroBrake 2015 Saal 4 and Saal 5
13:10–13:20Student Innovation at EuroBrake / Introduction of the EuroBrake 2015 App Saal 4 and Saal 5
13:20–14:20Saal 4 and Saal 5
Opening Plenary Session Opportunities and Challenges Development Trends in
on the Way Towards Piloted Driving Commercial Vehicle Brake Systems
14:20–14:40Break Foyer
14:40–16:00Saal 3 Saal 4 Saal 5
ENV: Environment and GLS: Global Standardisation Brake RLT: Rail Technology
Brake Wear Emissions / Friction Material Testing
16:00–16:20Break Exhibition Hall
16:20–18:00Saal 3 Saal 4 Saal 5
NVH 1: Numerical Modelling SCT: Scale Testing BKS: Brake Systems
Official EuroBrake Welcome Reception Sponsored by NUCAP Industries Inc. – Exhibition Hall
Tuesday 5 May
08:30–10:10Saal 3 Saal 4 Saal 5
NVH 2: Creep Groan PFT: Performance Testing QMC: Manufacturing
and Other Noise Mechanisms and Quality Control
10:10–10:40Break Exhibition Hall
10:40–12:20Saal 3 Saal 4 Saal 5
FIV: Friction Induced Vibration FCC: Friction Couple EPB: Electrification of
CharacterisationParking Brakes
12:20–13:50Lunch Sponsored by Polytec GmbH – Exhibition Hall
12:20–13:20 ITT Open Seminar: Bold Thinking and Collective Know-how Konferenz 1
Open to all EuroBrake participants
13:50–15:30 EuroBrake 2015 Strategy Panel Saal 4 and Saal 5
Facing the Challenges Together – Industry and Academia
15:30–16:00Break Exhibition Hall
16:00–18:00Saal 3 Saal 4 Saal 5
FID: Friction Interface Dynamics IRM: Innovative Raw Materials BSO: Brake System Optimisation
18:10–19:10EuroBrake Drinks Reception Sponsored by MAT Holdings Inc. – Terrassenebene
19:10–22:30EuroBrake Gala Dinner Sponsored by Advanced Noise Technologies – Terrassenebene
Wednesday 6 May
08:30–10:10Saal 3 Saal 4 Saal 5
THL: Thermal Localisation FMC: Friction Materials DTE: Drag Torque and
10:10–10:40Break Exhibition Hall
10:40–12:20Saal 3 Saal 4 Saal 5
FOR: Formulations NVH 3: Systems and Components TEF: Thermal Effects
12:20–13:50Lunch Sponsored by Polytec GmbH Konferenz 1
Exhibition Hall Daimler Student Innovation Competition Grand Final
Saal 3 Saal 4 Saal 5
EVI: Environmental Influences NVH 4: Mitigation Procedures BRR: Brake Rotors
and Robustness
15:30–16:30Farewell Reception Foyer
16:00–18:00Saal 5
First Meeting of ISO / TC22 / SC33 / WG4 Sub Working Group Brake Linings
Steering Committee
Harald Abendroth
Chairman EuroBrake 2015
Klaus Jäckel
Mercedes-Benz Trucks
Daimler AG
Prof. David Barton
University of Leeds
Franck Martin
Prof. Yannick Desplanques
École Centrale de Lille
Prof. Dr. Georg Ostermeyer
TU Braunschweig
Jan Münchhoff
Joey Timmins
Dr.-Ing. Ludwig Vollrath
Advisory Board
Prof. Adnan Akay
Bilkent University
Prof. Jayashree Bijwe
Indian Institute of Technology
J P Bouteille
Faiveley Transport
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Gies
Volkswagen AG
Dr. Rainer Müller-Finkeldei
Truck Product Engineering
Daimler AG
Prof. Masaaki Nishiwaki
Teikyo University
Dr. Seong K. Rhee
SKR Consulting LLC
Dr. Peter Rieth
Continental AG
Dr. Heribert Schumacher
Federal-Mogul Motorparts
Yukihiro Shiomi
Toyota Motor Corporation
Yasushi Suganuma
Honda R&D Co., Ltd.
Francois Cabillon
Prof. John Fieldhouse
University of Bradford
The EuroBrake Advisory Board consists of
representatives from major companies and
research institutions that lead the field in
braking technology today.
Roland Klement
Schmitz Cargobull AG
Takashi Kudo
Akebono Brake Industry
Prof. Philippe Dufrénoy
University of Lille
Prof. Peter Filip Ph. D., D. Sc.
Southern Illinois University
Theo Kaster
TRW Automotive
Dr. Edwin Liebemann
Robert Bosch GmbH
Roy Link
Link Engineering
Luca Martinotto
ITT Italia S.r.l.
EuroBrake 2015 is supported by
The Advisory Board provides strategic advice
and helps to ensure that EuroBrake continues to
meet the needs of the international braking
Technical Programme
Monday 4 May 2015
13:00–13:10 Welcome and Introduction to EuroBrake 2015 Saal 4 and Saal 5
Harald Abendroth
EuroBrake 2015 Chairman
13:10–13:15 Student Innovation at EuroBrake Saal 4 and Saal 5
Klaus Jäckel
Mercedes-Benz Trucks, Daimler AG
13:15–13:20 Introduction of the EuroBrake 2015 App Saal 4 and Saal 5
Josh Morrall
13:20–14:20 Opening Plenary Session Saal 4 and Saal 5
Jan Münchhoff
Prof. Dr. Georg Ostermeyer
TU Braunschweig
Opportunities and Challenges on the Way
As the automotive industry strives towards mobility that is safe, efficient
Towards Piloted Driving
and comfortable, piloted driving is a cutting edge solution that could
provide the way forward for driver assistance systems.
Thomas Müller
However, social and political aspects such as regulation, infrastructure
Head of Development of Braking, Steering
and social acceptance mean that the development of this technology
and Driver Systems
must be steady. Whilst these wider issues are discussed, key technology
questions must be considered by the industry, such as which braking
system is right for piloted driving. The challenges and opportunities of
piloted driving must be understood to develop an efficient roadmap for
the future.
Adaptation is vital for braking systems to keep pace with the everDevelopment Trends in Commercial Vehicle changing scope of the automotive industry, but so too is innovation.
Brake Systems
Dr. Thomas Dieckmann
Innovation Manager
WABCO Development GmbH
This analysis of the commercial vehicle and wider braking industry will
demonstrate how the latest trends are developing, including brake
management for dynamic hybrid integration, driver assistance with brake
intervention on highways and in cities, the cooperation of braking and
steering systems, new approaches to parking brakes and how global CV
platforms require a modular braking system.
14:20–14:40Break Exhibition
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14:40–16:00 Technical Sessions
Saal 3
Saal 5
ENV: Environment and
Brake Wear Emissions
Chair: Dr. Jana Kukutschova
VSB – Technical University of Ostrava
Co-chair: Dr. Houzheng Wu
Loughborough University
RLT: Rail Technology
Franck Martin
Co-chair: Dr. Peter Spiess
DB Systemtechnik GmbH
Investigating Brake Wear Particle Emissions:
Electromagnetic and Thermal Modelling for
Methodology Related Issues
Eddy Current Brakes in High Speed Trains and
Interaction With Wheel Sensors
Theodoros Grigoratos
Institute for Energy and Transport
Giorgio Martini
Dr. Daniel Valderas, Dr. Jon del Portillo, Dr. Nerea
Gil-Negrete, Dr. Juan Ignacio Sancho
Dr. Gavin Lancaster
Frauscher Sensortechnik
Dr. Henry Lehmann
Temperature Effect on Emission Longitudinal Dynamics of Freight Trains
of Airborne Wear Particles from Car Brakes
Influenced by K-Block Brakes
Dr. Oleksii Nosko, Prof. Dr. Ulf Olofsson
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Robert Karbstein, Christiane Nowak
DB Systemtechnik GmbH
Mattia Alemani
Brembo S.p.A.
A Study on the Load Level Influence on
Reduction of the Unsprung Masses and of the
Particulate Matter Emissions from the Rotating Masses on Railway Axles. Light Brake
Sliding Contact Between Low Steel Friction
Discs in Al MM Composites for Fuel, Pollution
Material and Cast Iron
and LCC Reduction
Ing. Mattia Alemani, Ing. Guido Perricone, Ing. Alessandro Ciotti
Brembo S.p.A.
Dario Barberis, Shu Fang, Ming Fang
ZheJiang Tianle New Material Technology Co., Ltd
Prof. Dr. Ulf Olofsson, Dr. Anders Söderberg, Dr. Jens Wahlström
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Key to Technical Sessions
Full written papers will be included in
the Proceedings of EuroBrake 2015.
Oral papers are authors’ presentations
supported by PowerPoint presentations only.
Where permission has been given
by the author, PowerPoint presentations
of ‘oral-only’ authors will be available after
the conference at:
Characterization of Wear Particles and Tracks: Direct Cast Iron Replacement for Ukrainian
A Multianalytical Approach
Passenger Coaches
Prof. Dr. Giovanni Straffelini, Dr. Piyush Chandraverma,
Prof. Stefano Gialanella
University of Trento
Uwe Wienstroth, Svitlana Vynakurova
Tribo Ltd.
Ing. Mattia Alemani
Brembo S.p.A.
Prof. Ulf Olofsson
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
16:00–16:20Break Exhibition Hall
The EuroBrake app will include abstracts for
all papers: full written papers, oral-only
presentations and posters.
Sessions are subject to change. The most up
to date version of the technical programme
can be found on the EuroBrake app.
Technical Programme
Monday 4 May 2015
NUCAP welcomes
you to join them
for the Welcome
Reception in the
Exhibition Hall
14:40–16:00 Technical Sessions
Saal 4
GLS: Global Standardisation Brake / Friction Material Testing
Harald Abendroth
Co-chair: Dr.-Ing. Jaroslaw Grochowicz
Ford Werke GmbH
EKB Working Group 20 Minutes
Overview on Standards from
Expertenkreis Bremsgeräusche (EKB)
Certification Procedure for Mobile Brake Noise
Data Logger Systems
Claus Thomas
Porsche AG
Dirk Drechsler
Ford Werke GmbH
Dr.-Ing. Kai Bode
Audi AG
Dr.-Ing. Karl Häsler
Daimler AG
Claus Thomas
Porsche AG
Axel Stache
TRW Automotive Inc.
EKS Working Group 20 Minutes
EKS Specification Proposal for
Dynamic Brake Pad Material Characterisation
Dr. Daniel Wallner, Dipl.-Ing. Sergio Carvajal
Porsche AG
Achim Dohle, Enrique Wegmann
TMD Friction Services GmbH
Francesco Cucchi, Cristian Malmassari
Brembo S.p.A.
Standardized Modelling of Shims
for Brake-Squeal Simulation
Baldur Allert
BMW Group
Dr.-Ing. Ronaldo Nunes
Daimler AG
Dr.-Ing. Matthias Körner
Volkswagen AG
SAE Working Group 20 Minutes
SAE Active Committees Report
SAE Brake NVH Standards Committee
Activities Update
Tim Duncan
Link Engineering Company
United States
Eric Denys
Wolverine Advanced Materials
United States
ISO TC22/ SC 2/ WG 2 Brake Linings 20 minutes
Status Report ISO TC 22 / SC 33 / WG 4
Subgroup Brake Linings
Harald Abendroth
Brake Noise and Test Technologies
Dr.-Ing. Jaroslaw Grochowicz
Ford Werke GmbH
16:00–16:20Break Exhibition Hall
16:20–18:00 Technical Sessions
Saal 3
Saal 4
NVH 1: Numerical Modelling
Dr. Eng. Ronaldo Nunes
Daimler AG | Mercedes-Benz Cars
Co-chair: Prof. David Barton
University of Leeds
Saal 5
SCT: Scale Testing
BKS: Brake Systems
Chair: Dr. Andreas Giese
Dr. Eduard Gerum
Knorr Bremse SfN GmbH
Co-chair: Wolfgang Falter
Co-chair: Stefan Plamper
Bombardier Transportation
A Tool for the Simulation of Nonlinear Behavior
Use of FEA to Clarify Pin-On-Disc Tribometer
Robust Design Methodology for the
in Brake Squeal
Tests of Disc Brake Materials
Development of Commercial Vehicle Braking Systems
Nils Gräbner, Dr.-Ing. Utz von Wagner
Dr. Giorgio Valota, Ing. Stefano De Luca
Brembo S.p.A.
Prof. Anders Söderberg
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Kemmler
University of Stuttgart / Knorr-Bremse
Dr.-Ing. Tobias Leopold, Jens Fricke
Knorr-Bremse Systeme für Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Bertsche
University of Stuttgart / IMA
Comparison Between Different Complex
The Automated Universal Tribotester
Study of Operational Behaviour and Design of
Eigenvalue Strategies to Reduce Brake Squeal
Perimeter Wheel Brakes for Active Corner
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Georg Ostermeyer,
Dipl.-Ing. Jon Elguezabal, Dipl.-Ing. Iñigo Eraña, Dr.-Ing. José Manuel Abete, Dr.-Ing. Ibai Ulacia
Mondragon University
Dipl.-Ing. Tobias Schramm, Dipl.-Ing. Stephan Raczek,
Dipl.-Ing. Florian Bubser
Institute of Dynamics and Vibrations
Dipl.-Ing. Lukas Heidrich, Thorald Stibbe, Rico Albrecht, Christian Eisele, Peter Maeurer
Ilmenau University of Technology
An Improved Approach of Complex Eigenvalue
Subscale Inertia Test for Friction Materials
A New Railway Brake-Block Holder to Analysis of Brake Squeal Including Thermal
Reduce Damaging
Ji jie Ma
Zhejiang Normal University
Michele Vianello, Dr. Marko Tirovic
Cranfield University
Xiao yu Liu
Jilin University/Newtop Technology
Paul Bannister
Jaguar Land Rover
United Kingdom
Peter Krauss
Krauss GmbH
Amandine Auer, Dr. Eng. Franck Martin
Wuilfrid Beaud
Safe Metal
Numerical Optimization for Brake Squeal – Mesh
The Impact of Pad Aspect Ratio on the Thermal
Low Cost Implemenation of Sensorless Force
Morphing in Complex Eigenvalue Analyses
Response of a Reduced Scale Disc Brake
Estimation Algorithm Using Freertos
Environment in dsPIC Microchip and Kalman
Joachim Noack, Dr.-Ing. Stefan Weiland, Dr. Peter Brooks, Varun S. Prabhu
Filter: Parking Brake Application
Dr.-Ing. Stanley Baksey
TRW Automotive
The University of Leeds
United Kingdom
Abdulwahab Alnaqi
College of Technological Studiet – PAAET
Dr.-Ing. Abdessamed Ramdane, Ing. Marc Ayache
Chassis Brakes International
Squeal Complex Eigenvalue Analysis, Advanced
Tribological Analysis on Friction Pad Materials
Future of Drum Brakes
Damping Models and Error Control
Dr.-Ing. Guillaume Vermot des Roches, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Etienne Balmes
Dr. Olivier Chiello
Dr. Agusti Sin, Federico Lupone, Alessandro Angeleri,
Enzo Galetto, Pietro Buonfico, Luca Martinotto
ITT Motion Technologies
Gopi Krishnan
United States
Gautier Giovanna, Maria Giulia Faga
Dr.-Ing. Xavier Lorang
18:00–19:30 Official EuroBrake Welcome Reception Exhibition Hall
Sponsored by
Technical Programme
Tuesday 5 May 2015
08:30–10:10 Technical Sessions
Saal 3
Saal 4
NVH 2: Creep Groan and Other Noise Mechanisms
Dr. Torsten Treyde
TRW Automotive
Co-chair: Dr. David Bryant
University of Bradford
QMC: Manufacturing and
Quality Control
Dietmar Knoop
Arvin Meritor
Co-chair: Herbert Freudenberg
Becorit GmbH
Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Schröer
Co-chair: Dr. Dirk Müller
TMD Friction Services GmbH
Experimental and Theoretical Analysis of Creep
Real Scale Dyno Bench Study on the Relation
Investigation of Pad Property Variations
Groan of Disc Brake
Between Kinetic Energy Dissipation and Friction
Dr. Stephanie Scholz, Christina Jagar, Katja Lieb
Material Wear
Pinjie Zhang, Prof. Dr. Lijun Zhang, Dr. Dejian Meng
Tongji University
Saal 5
PFT: Performance Testing
Analysis of End-Of-Stop Groan Mechanism
Koichi Hatori, Masayuki Ueda
Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd.
Dr. Niccolò Patron, Dr. Giulia Garello, Luca Martinotto,
Pietro Buonfico
ITT Motion Technologies
TMD Friction Services GmbH
Comparison and Analysis of Test Methods for
Heterogeneity of Organic Brake Lining
Friction Performance of Friction Material
Materials: Impact of the Mixing of Ingredients
Jianbin Lei, Libing Hou
China National Nonmetallic Mineral Products Quality
Supervision Inspection Test Center
Fatma Makni
École Centrale de Lille
Laboratoire de Mécanique de Lille
Mohamed Kchaou, Riadh Elleuch
Université de Sfax
Anne-Lise Cristol, Yannick Desplanques
École Centrale de Lille
Laboratoire de Mécanique de Lille
The Use of Grease to Improve Low Frequency
Influence of Material and Design on the
Squeal Abatement by Stiff Contact Restraint
Qualification of Brake Disks
Hidetoshi Shimizu, Yoshinori Sano
Link Japan LLC
Dr. Yasunori Oura
University of Shiga Prefecture
Dipl.-Ing. Marc Walz, Dipl.-Ing. Reiner Becker
Fritz Winter Eisengießerei GmbH & Co.KG
Increasing the Process Reliability – Handling of Challenging Bulk Materials
Dipl.-Ing. Axel Bangert
AZO GmbH & Co. KG
Tatsuya Suzuki
Daishin Kako
The Effect on Brake Noise Using PTFE Coated
The Benefits of 3-Axis Vibration Testing of Air
Advanced Process Control System
Brake Shims With a Low Friction Surface
Disc Brakes
for Manufacturing of Brake Pads
P-A Järneström
Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Kalmar AB
Neil Williams, Graham Porritt
United Kingdom
Ralf Reinke
Federal-Mogul Motorparts
Andreas Spitzer
IAG Industrie Automatisierungsgesellschaft m.b.H
Excellent Brake NVH Comfort by Simulation –
Brake Performance Check in the Context of the
Substantial Reduction of Time to Market Systematic Approach to Reduce Squeal Noise by
Periodical Technical Vehicle Inspection
by Rapid Prototyping of Brake Components
Using 3D Printing
Mr. Sergio Carvajal
Porsche AG
Dr. Michael Klein
Intes GmbH
10:10–10:40Break Exhibition Hall
Lars Stastny, Marco Stiller, Jürgen Bönninger
FSD Fahrzeugsystemdaten GmbH
Georg Ketteler, Wolfgang Huschenhöfer, Peter Künkel,
Jörn Müller
Buderus Guss GmbH
10:40–12:20 Technical Sessions
Saal 3
Saal 4
FIV: Friction Induced Vibration
Chair: Prof. Dr. -Ing Georg Ostermeyer
Institute of Dynamics and Vibrations
Co-chair: Parimal Mody
Chassis Brakes International
Saal 5
FCC: Friction Couple Characterisation
Chair: Paul Bannister
Jaguar Land Rover
Co-chair: Loïc Lelièvre
Faiveley Transport
EPB: Electrification of Parking Brakes
Claudio Prina
CNH Industrial; IVECO S.p.A
Co-chair: Alessandro Monzani
Brembo S.p.A.
Disc Metallurgy Variability Vs. Disc Wear and
Identification of Micro Wear Mechanisms of Exploration of the Factors Associated With Brake Squeal
a High Speed Train Friction Pair by Means of a Parked Unattended Vehicle Failing to a Wear Debris Analysis
Remain Stationary – Brake Cooling Effects
Seong Joo Lee, Joo Seong Jeong, Je Sung Jeon, Shin Wook Kim, Byeong Kyu Park, Shin Wan Kim
KB Autosys
Republic of Korea
Dr. Seong Kwan Rhee
KB Autosys
United States
Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian Wurth, Andreas Mehlan
Faiveley Transport
Valerie Noble, Dr. Richard J. Frampton
Loughborough University
Sabine Siebert, Werner Theisen
Ruhr-Universität Bochum
John H. Richardson
Loughborough University (Retired)
United Kingdom
Third Body Formation and Characterization: On the Correlation of Friction Behavior Development of a Mathematical Model to
A Review
and Brake Squeal
Estimate the Temperature of Rear Brake Disc for an EPB System
Florence Vivier, Dr. Diego Pellerej, Dr. Pietro Buonfico
ITT Motion Technology
Prof. Dr. Marco Sangermano
Politecnico di Torino
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Georg Ostermeyer, Dipl.-Ing. Stephan Raczek
Institute of Dynamics and Vibrations
Harald Abendroth
Dr. Wookhyeon Kim, Suhwan No, Jeongyeop Hwang,
Seoktae Jeong
Republic of Korea
Dr.-Ing. Boris Wernitz, Dipl.-Ing. Christoph Kölsch,
Dr.-Ing. Andreas Giese
Frictional Scenarios and Induced Vibrations
Tribological Evaluation of Ceramic Composite
Electrically Controlled Parking Brake (EPB) Brake Discs on a Lab-Scale and a Full-Scale for Heavy Commercial Vehicles
Prof. Dr. Francesco Massi, Test Rig
Dr.-Ing. Mariano Di Bartolomeo
DIMA – University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’
Dr.-Ing. Davide Tonazzi
DIMA – University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’ /
LaMCoS INSA de Lyon
Dr. Nico Langhof, C. Seifert, Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Reinhard Hackenschmidt, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Walter Krenkel
University of Bayreuth
Dr.-Ing. Falk Hecker, Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Weinhold
Knorr-Bremse SfN GmbH
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Laurent Baillet
ISTerre, CNRS, Joseph Fourier University
Dr.-Ing. Yves Berthier
LaMCoS, CNRS, Université de Lyon, INSA-Lyon,
A Novel Approach for the Estimation of
Impact of Braking on Microstructure Test Methodology Considerations in Evaluating
Amplitude of Brake Systems’ Unstable Modes
and Mechanical Properties of Friction Material
Automated Park Brake (APB) Pad Relaxation /
Through the Calculation of Energy Balance Part 4
Dr. Anne-Lise Cristol, Dr. Vincent Magnier
at Contact Interfaces
Rémi Lemaire, Thierry Pasquet
Chassis Brakes International
Laboratoire de Mécanqiue de Lille
Parimal Mody
Chassis Brakes International
Dr.-Ing. Andreas Giese
Evaluation of Friction Phenomena for Brake Pad
Axial Dynamic Lining Stiffness Measurements –
Sound Quality Analysis of Electric Parking Brake
by Acoustic Emission Method
Benchmark, Effect to NVH Simulation and
Cristian Malmassari
Outlook for Potential Lining Quality Control
Dr. Eng. Yukio Nishizawa, Kazuho Mizuta, Koji Sugimoto, Katsuya Okayama
ADVICS Co., Ltd.
Dr. Alan Hase
Saitama Institute of Technology
Joachim Noack
TRW Automotive
Brembo S.p.A.
Giovanni Rinaldi
Sound Answers, Inc.
United States
12:20–13:50Lunch Sponsored by Polytec GmbH – Exhibition Hall
Technical Programme
Tuesday 5 May 2015
12:20–13:20 Open Seminar
13:50–15:30 Technical Sessions
ITT Open Seminar Konferenz 1
EuroBrake 2015 Strategy Panel Saal 4 and Saal 5
Bold Thinking
and Collective Know-how
Facing the Challenges Together –
Industry and Academia
Luca Martinotto
R&D Executive Director
ITT Italia S.r.l.
Engineering departments are challenged
continuously by paradoxical forces when
developing braking systems. Time and
resources for development are
shortening, whilst simultaneously there is
the constant pressure of market
globalisation, adding an increased
complexity to the profession.
To face these industry challenges, we
must embrace Collective Know-how which
will result in better, bolder thinking and
more robust ideas.
ITT will share its vision and strategy on
these topics during the Open Seminar.
Eight top decision makers
from leading industrial
companies have been
carefully selected to discuss
their requirements in research,
technology, materials and
manufacturing in the year
to come, before entering into
a lively Q&A with the audience.
Open to all EuroBrake participants
As we move into a future where the demand
for global mobility solutions is at an all time
high, the automotive industry faces
increasingly difficult technology challenges.
In this extremely competitive marketplace,
the ideas provided by academia can be
crucial in helping to determine the direction
of the industry.
The exchange of information between the
industrial and academic sectors is key in
understanding how to tackle current
limitations. This year, the EuroBrake Strategy
Panel will see braking industry leaders request
academic experts to create and advance the
technologies that will shape the automotive
industry in the year ahead.
15:30–16:00Break Exhibition Hall
Georg Ostermeyer
TU Braunschweig
Academics will have the opportunity to learn
firsthand the kinds of technologies that will
be required in the coming year, allowing
our research to be guided by industry need.
Jan Münchhoff
Companies are always in need
of new advancements from academia.
Now is our chance to ask for them.
As part of this new approach, the EuroBrake
Steering Committee will sustainably involve
young professionals at the beginning of their
careers or academic studies, further fostering
the collaboration between industry and
academia. By highlighting the appeal and
social significance of current brake-related
topics, we can inspire young professionals to
find research and development solutions for
future challenges.
Participants will reassemble at EuroBrake 2016
to analyse the successes resulting from this
year’s panel exchange, and to see where the
research, design, development and production
of brakes can be further improved. The yearly
EuroBrake Strategy Panel will be an excellent
platform for professionals, new and
established, from both fields to join together
to propose a framework for the future of
EuroBrake Strategy Panels have always
enabled interesting debates around
important topics.
Now we want to let the debate drive
the topics year on year. This new
approach will see the panel set itself
challenges which encourage
collaborative research and
development opportunities to take
away and progress.
We will then ask the panel to report
back on progress at next year’s
EuroBrake and discuss the subsequent
challenge for the year ahead.
Chris Mason
Technical Programme
Tuesday 5 May 2015
16:00–18:00 Technical Sessions
Saal 3
Saal 4
FID: Friction Interface Dynamics
Chair: Prof. Peter Hagedorn
TU Darmstadt
Co-chair: Assoc. Prof. Francesco Massi
University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’
Saal 5
IRM: Innovative Raw Materials
Paolo Galimberti
ITT Italia S.r.l.
Co-chair: Dr. Stephanie Scholz
TMD Friction Services GmbH
BSO: Brake System Optimisation
Dr. Edwin Liebemann
Robert Bosch GmbH
Co-chair: Tobias Ell
Daimler Buses EvoBus GmbH
Visualization and Evaluation of Friction and
Global Raw Materials and Quality Control
Brake System for Driver and Autopilot Wear Phenomena for Brake Pads Using In-Situ
Vehicle Control
Dr. Marvin Weintraub
Observation and Acoustic Emission
MHW, Ltd.
Dipl.-Ing. Paul Linhoff, Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Drumm,
Measurement Method
United States
Dr. Eng. Alan Hase
Saitama Institute of Technology
Dipl.-Ing. Marco Besier, Dipl.-Ing. Alfred Eckert
Kazuho Mizuta, Dr. Eng. Yukio Nishizawa, Koji Sugimoto,
Katsuya Okayama
ADVICS Co., Ltd.
Efficient Simulation of Patch Dynamics in
Plackett-Burman Doe – a Smart Solution to
Design and Comparative Analysis of ABS Friction Interfaces
Define Raw Material-Pad Property Relationships
for Full Electric Sport Utility Vehicle
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Georg Ostermeyer, Dipl.-Ing. Joshua Merlis
Institute of Dynamics and Vibrations
Christina Jagar, Katja Lieb, Dr. Stephanie Scholz
TMD Friction Services GmbH
Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Lange
TMD Friction
Dipl.-Ing. Dzmitry Savitski, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Valentin Ivanov
Ilmenau University of Technology
Dr. Thomas Pütz
TRW Automotive
Dr. Phil Barber
Jaguar Land Rover
United Kingdom
Friction Performance After Bedding of
Carbon Nanotubes for High Quality Disk Brake
Ideal Recuperation in Volkswagen E-Up! Carbon-Silicon Carbide Composite Brake Disc
by Electromechanical Brake Booster
Tested Against Organic Pads
Dr. Guangyu Bian, Dr. Houzheng Wu
Loughborough University
United Kingdom
Dr. Luca Lozzi, Prof. Sandro Santucci
University of L’Aquila
Ing. Antonio Di Loreto
Dr.-Ing. Ali Safiei, Stephan Kreutz, Frank Rischbieter,
Holger Hagedorn, Stefan Gies
Volkswagen AG
Characterisation of the Chemical Reactions
Influence of Different Particle Size Distributions
Real-Time Identification of Tire-Road Friction
Between Solid Lubricants and Metal Powders in
of MIO in a Low Metallic Brake Pad Formulation
Low-Metallic Brake Pads During Braking
Dr. Jon Etxeberria, Ane Maite Martinez
Matteo Zanon
Pometon Powder S.r.l.
Antonio Di Loreto
Dipl.-Ing. Veronika Mayer
Kärntner Montanindustrie GmbH
Dr. Georgios Tsampardoukas, Ric Hampson, Dr. Phil Barber
Jaguar Land Rover
United Kingdom
16:00–18:00 Technical Sessions
Saal 3
Saal 4
FID: Friction Interface Dynamics
Saal 5
IRM: Innovative Raw Materials
BSO: Brake System Optimisation
Brake Friction, Wear and Squeal: A Review
Innovative Synthetic Solutions for Copper
Anti-Lock Braking Control Based on Bearing
Replacement in Disc Brake Pads
Load Sensing
Dr. Seong Kwan Rhee, Shin Wook Kim, Seong Joo Lee
KB Autosys
Republic of Korea
This is a 30 minute presentation
Dr. Carmen Moser, Dipl.-Ing. Lorraine Segreto,
Dipl.-Ing. Christian Schmied, Herbert Kienleitner, Ing. Clemens Kappl
Tribotecc GmbH
Ir. Stijn Kerst, Dr. Barys Shyrokau
TU Delft
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Edward Holweg
SKF / TU Delft
Aramid Fibres Improvements for a Superior
Estimation of Brake Energy Potential
Performance in Friction Applications
Ing. Fernao Joseph Cornelis Persoon, Dr. Diego Adolfo Santamaria Razo, Desiré Tegels
Rockwool B.V. Lapinus Fibres
Summary and discussion
Dr. Bum-Hoon Lee
Kolon Industries Inc.
Republic of Korea
Dipl.-Ing. Aleksandar Grkic, Prof. Dr. Slavko Muzdeka
Military Academy
Prof. Dr. Zivan Arsenic, Prof. Dr. Cedomir Duboka
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
University of Belgrade
18:20–19:00 EuroBrake Drinks Reception Terrassenebene
Sponsored by
19:00–22:30 EuroBrake Gala Dinner Terrace Level
Sponsored by
Delivering Braking Services
and Solutions to the Global
Automotive Industry
Benchmarking & Target Setting
System Engineering - Project Management
System Specification & Development
Refinement Testing & Development
Advanced Systems Research
Our International Locations
United Kingdom
visit us at
Stand No.5
T: +44 (0)24 7635 5000 E: [email protected]
MIR2587_Eurobrake_Advert_AW.indd 1
16/01/2015 12:37
Technical Programme
Wednesday 6 May 2015
08:30–10:10 Technical Sessions
Saal 3
Saal 4
THL: Thermal Localisation
Prof. Philippe Dufrénoy
University of Lille
Co-chair: Dr. Marko Tirovic
Cranfield University
Saal 5
FMC: Friction Materials Characterisation
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Utz von Wagner
Technische Universität Berlin
Co-chair: Dr. Diego Pellerej
ITT Italia S.r.l.
DTE: Drag Torque and Environment
Klaus Jäckel
Mercedes-Benz Trucks | Daimler AG
Co-chair: Dr. Andy Smith
Alcon Components Ltd.
A Finite Element Simulation of Microstructural Analysis and Thermophysical
What Is ‘Running Clearance‘ in a Disc Brake Hot Band Migration
Properties of a Sintered Friction Material
Commercial Vehicle Disc Brake
Jinghan Tang, Dr. David Bryant, Dr. Hongsheng Qi
University of Bradford
United Kingdom
Itziar Serrano, Dr. Paule Nijwa, Prof. Philippe Dufrénoy
Université Lille 1
Dr. Anne Lise Cristol
Ecole Centrale de Lille
Paul Thomas
United Kingdom
François Guillard
Faiveley Transport Gennevilliers
Braking Simulation Considering Friction
Non Destructive Dynamic Material Parameter
Residual Brake Drag Torque Material Properties Evolution With Temperature
Measurement on Entire Brake Pads
on a Commercial Vehicle
Ruddy Mann, Florent Brunel, Jean-François Brunel,
Vincent Magnier, Philippe Dufrénoy
University of Lille
Enrique Wegmann, Achim Dohle, Tim Stähler
TMD Friction GmbH
Thomas Salewski
Daimler AG
Experimental Investigation of Hot Judder
Comparative Analysis of Ultrasonic, Dynamic
Running Clearance Positive Pad Retraction Characteristics in Passenger Cars
and Static Modulus Measurement Methods
and Effects on Brake Residual Drag
Xinfu Xu, Prof. Dr. Hermann Winner
TU Darmstadt
Dr. Diego Pellerej, Flavio Sartor, Andrea Della Rovere,
Daniele Donzelli, Pietro Buonfico
ITT Italia S.r.l.
Refaat El-Malki, Peter Gibbens
United Kingdom
Donald Yuhas, Carol L Vorres, Jacek Remiasz
Industrial Measurement Systems Inc
United States
Simulation of Thermal Gradients Understanding Compressibility Data Beyond Update on Low µ at Low Pressure –
on Hot Bands of Disc Brakes
the K3 and K6 Values
Drag Reduction Potential from a Material Point of View
Dipl.-Ing. Abdelkrim Lamjahdy, Dipl.-Ing. Nabil Moussa, Dipl.-Ing. Matthias Hirtz, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Markert, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dieter Weichert, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hubertus Murrenhoff
RWTH Aachen University
Sylwia A. Hornig
Link Engineering, Technical University of Berlin
Prof. Philippe Dufrénoy
University of Lille
Prof. Valentin Popov
Technical University of Berlin
Dr.-Ing. Kai Bode, Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian Gramstat,
Dipl.-Ing. Jan Münchhoff
Audi AG
Lars B. Voll
xTribo GmbH
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Georg-Peter Ostermeyer
Institute of Dynamics and Vibrations
Carlos Agudelo, Radoslaw, P. Markiewicz
Link Engineering Company
Richard A. Kaatz
General Motors Proving Grounds
United States
A Numerical Investigation of Hot Spotting Advantages of Using a Unit Compressive
Residual Torque – Origin of Ventilated Disc Brakes
Standardised Bench Test Procedure
Jinghan Tang, Dr. David Bryant, Dr. Hongsheng Qi
University of Bradford
United Kingdom
David Muffley
Federal-Mogul Motorparts - Braking
United States
Dipl.-Ing. Christoph Janik
Daimler AG
Sebastian Kirch
Georg Eichner
BMW Group
Dipl.-Ing. Matthias Schneider
Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft
10:10–10:40Break Exhibition Hall
10:40–12:20 Technical Sessions
Saal 3
Saal 4
FOR: Formulations
Umberto Passarelli
ITT Italia S.r.l.
Co-chair: Dr. Eng. Diego A. Santamaria Razo
Lapinus Fibres
Saal 5
NVH 3: Systems and Components
Prof. Holger Marschner
Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences
Co-chair: Dr. Peter Brooks
University of Leeds
TEF: Thermal Effects
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Fidlin
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Co-chair: Prof. Bernard Desmet
University of Valenciennes
On the Transition from Low-Met to NAO Pressure Load Influence on Modal Parameters of
A New Paradigm for Disc-Pad Interface Models Brake Pads – a New Approach Towards a Brake Pad-Disc Assembly and their
in Friction Brake System
Hybrid Materials?
Characterisation for Brake Squeal
Dipl.-Ing. Lars Wilkening, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Georg Ostermeyer
Institute of Dynamics and Vibrations
Dr.-Ing. Hans-Günther Paul, Dipl.-Ing. Marcus Morbach
Prof. Dr. Peter G. Blaschke, Ing. Tarun Teja Mallareddy,
Dipl.-Ing. Robert Paeschke, Dr.-Ing. Torsten Schneider,
Ing. Daniel J. Alarcón
Technische Hochschule Wildau [FH]
Le Qiu, Dr. Hongsheng Qi, Prof. Alastair Wood
University of Bradford
United Kingdom
Influence of Graphite Properties on Simulation and Experimental Investigation Full Coupled Thermal-CFD Analysis of a Tribological Behaviour of Brake Friction
of Drum Brake Vibrations in Trailers
Quarter Vehicle: a Larger Vision on Materials
Brake System Thermal Distribution
Felipe Grazziotin Pandolfo, André Luis Spiller
Fras-le S.A.
Diego Jara
Universidad Mayor de San Andres
Christoph Gemassmer, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Utz von Wagner
TU Berlin
Dipl.-Ing. Andre Brand
BPW Bergische Achsen KG
Dr.-Ing. Gabriele Riva, Dr.-Ing. Pietro Barale
Brembo S.p.A.
Impact of Powder Particles on Noise Radiation Analysis Applied to a Brake Disc Diagnostics With High-Speed
Friction Evolution at Steel-On-Steel Contacts
Real Brake System
Thermography for Automated Test Bench
Dr. Werner Österle, Thomas Gradt, Basem Hammouri,
Pablo Morales Guzmán
BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing
Prof. Dr. Andrey I. Dmitriev
ISPMS/Tomsk State University
Russian Federation
Dr. Ronaldo Nunes, Dipl.-Ing. Oliver Stump
Mercedes-Benz Cars
Arnaud Caillet
Steffen Sturm, Jens Kraushaar
InfraTec GmbH Infrarotsensorik und Messtechnik
Possible Impact of Nanoparticles Disc Brake Squeal Experimental Set-Up
Optimizing Brake Cooling Passages for Car on Matrix Properties in PMCS
Designed by Theoretical Analysis
With Morphing and CFD
Dr. Andrey Dmitriev
Russian Federation
Dr. Werner Österle
BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing
Prof. Dr. Masaaki Nishiwaki
Teikyo University
Ryutaro Misumi
Toyota Motor Corporation
Ing. Benjamin Leblanc, Rishi Patil
Altair Engineering GmbH
Dr. Bernd Wetzel
IVW Institute for Composite Materials
Dr. Zhang Ga
Lanzhou institute of Chemical Physics CAS
Friction for Railway - Influence of Disc Evolution of Brake Noise Performance Thermomechanical Behavior Analysis and Friction Material
and its Relation to Variations in of Disc-Pads of Automotive Brake
Friction Material Elastic Properties
Herbert Freudenberg, Dr. Dirk Meyer
Becorit GmbH
Dr. Donald Yuhas, Carol Vorres, Jacek Remiasz
Industrial Measurement Systems, Inc.
United States
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mostefa Bouchetara, Dr. Ali Belhocine,
Mohammed Djafri
Technical University of Oran
Cristian Malmassari, Francesco Cucchi
Brembo S.p.A.
12:20–13:50Lunch Sponsored by Polytec GmbH – Exhibition Hall
Technical Programme
Wednesday 6 May 2015
12:20–13:50 Daimler Student Innovation Competition Konferenz 1
What will brakes be like in 2025?
Judging Panel
Jan Münchoff
Audi AG
Ludwig Vollrath
The Daimler Student
Innovation Competition
inspired students
around the world to
design a technical poster
representing their vision
of what brakes will look
like in 2025. Students were
encouraged to think big,
creatively and differently.
Entries have come in
from over 15 countries
worldwide, from Germany
to Malaysia.
The Grand Final is an open event, and
we would like to invite you to join
our winners on Wednesday 6 May in
Konferenz 1 to celebrate the creative
innovations that this competition has
Our engineers of the future have
showcased all kinds of innovative
ideas, with concepts relating to
Electromagnetism, Autonomous
Systems and even Gyroscopic
Wheels. FISITA and Daimler are
proud to exhibit the competition’s
best entries at this special Grand
Winners have been brought from all
over the globe to attend EuroBrake
2015 and experience the beautiful
and historic city of Dresden. The
winners will tour the city by bus,
boat and funicular railway, and
attend a private Q&A session with
some of the most influential figures
attending the conference across a
range of braking disciplines.
At the Grand Final a panel of judges
representing industry and academia
will award 3 top prizes for the Best
Presentation, Best Design and Most
Innovative Idea.
Kindly supported by
Prof. David Barton
University of Leeds
Axel Schmidt
Daimler AG
Chris Mason
13:50–15:30 Technical Sessions
Saal 3
EVI: Environmental Influences
Saal 4
Saal 5
NVH 4: Mitigation Procedures
and Robustness
Marcus Morbach
Jürgen Lange
TMD Friction Services GmbH
Co-chair: Dr. Werner Österle
BAM Federal Institute for
Materials Research and Testing
Co-chair: Prof. John Fieldhouse
University of Bradford
BRR: Brake Rotors
Dr. Matthias Leber
Porsche AG
Co-chair: François Cabillon
Alstom Transport
Inertia Brake Dynamometer Dust Particle
CAE-Based Robustness Evaluation A Non-Destructive Test Method Measurement
as Part of the Quality Management
to Locally Evaluate Interface Conditions in Mounted Pin Discs
Michael Wirtz, Peter Lienerth, Dmytro Lugovyy
Hannes Sachse, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Augsburg
TU Ilmenau
Dr.-Ing. Johannes Will
Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian Gramstat, Dr.-Ing. Kai Bode,
Dipl.-Ing. Jan Münchhoff
Arved Eßer
TU Darmstadt
A Novel Dyno Bench Design Focussing Robustness of Disc Brake Systems Innobrake Aluminium
on Measurements in Controlled Air Regarding Squeal
Dipl.-Ing. Ralf Kaiser, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gotthard Wolf
of Particle Emission from Brakes
Guido Perricone, Dr. Jens Wahlström, Alessandro Ciotti
Prof. Dr. Ulf Olofsson
Brembo S.p.A.
KTH Royal Institute Italy
of Technology
Philippe Stegmann, Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian Kruse
TU Bergakademie Freiberg
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Augsburg
Ilmenau University of Technology
Phenolic Resins Emissions Upon Robustness Analysis of Brake Systems: Design and Analysis of an Automotive
Thermal Degradation
Build the Bridge Between Simulation Monoblock Ventilated Brake Disc and Quality Control Tests
With a Fingered Hub
Ing. Luca Di Gregorio, Prof. Silvia Ronchetti, Prof.
Barbara Onida
Politecnico di Torino
Dr. Eng. Ronaldo Nunes
Mercedes-Benz Cars
Stergios Topouris, Dr. Marko Tirovic, Michele Vianello
Cranfield University
Dr. David Egglestone
Eurac Pool Ltd
United Kingdom
Chemical and Biological Characterization Design of Contact Interfaces to Reduce Noise Exploring a New Method and Technique
of Wear Particles Released from Low-Metallic
in Friction Brakes
to Improve Damping in Brake Rotors
Automotive Brake Materials
Dr. Jana Kukutschova, Vaculík Miroslav, Peikertová Pavlína, Daniela Plachá
VSB – Technical University of Ostrava
Kateřina Malachová
University of Ostrava
Jana Dvořačková
Faculty Hospital Ostrava
Czech Republic
Peter Filip
Southern Illinois University Carbondale
United States
Dipl.-Ing. Merten Tiedemann
TU Hamburg
Dipl.-Ing. Arne Dethlefs
TU Berlin
Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian Kruse
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Eckart Uhlmann
Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems
and Design Technology
Raju Karthik, Mauricio Gonzalez-Rocha
Sanluis Rassini International Inc.
United States
Dr. Jerzy Sokolowski
University of Windsor
Prof. Dr. Norbert Hoffmann
Imperial College
United Kingdom
Measuring Pollution Emitted During Break Squeal Reduction by Corrosion Analysis on Gray Cast Iron Disc
Braking Sequences
Tuned Mass Dampers
Through Electrochemical Methods
Nicolas Servolle, Aurélie Hupin
SNCF – Agence d’Essai Ferroviaire
Prof. Rolf Steinbuch, Simon Gekeler, Oskar Glück
Reutlingen University
Dr. Agusti Sin, Federico Lupone, Alessandro Angeleri,
Valentina Galardo, Pietro Buonfico, Luca Martinotto
ITT Motion Technologies
Andreatta Luca, Alessandro Francesco, Lorenzo De
University of Udine
15:30–16:30 Farewell Reception Foyer
Technical Programme
Wednesday 6 May 2015
Encyclopedia of Automotive Engineering
A high quality, globally coordinated reference work
to enhance education, training and research
in automotive engineering.
FISITA and Wiley present
a major publishing initiative
that delivers:
lThe point of reference for entry-level engineers,
industry experts, students and academics
lFully searchable with extensive cross-references
lAuthoritative and comprehensive coverage of
the wide-range of automotive engineering topics
lExtensive guidance on additional technical
work and research findings
lAn essential resource for libraries and
information centres in industry, research and
training organisations, professional societies,
government, and engineering departments
in the academic sector
FISITA Member Society members receive
an exclusive discount.
Available both in print
and online editions
Technical Programme
Wednesday 6 May 2015
16:00–18:00 Open Meeting
ISO Open Meeting Saal 5
First Meeting of ISO / TC22 / SC33 / WG4
Sub Working Group Brake Linings
Harald Abendroth
Dr.-Ing. Jaroslaw Grochowicz
Ford Werke GmbH
This open meeting will follow a prepared agenda that has been formulated by international
experts and coordinated by the meeting chairs. As part of the agenda, individual projects will be
presented and discussed, and project leaders will be nominated.
Topics under discussion during the meeting are:
General friction material ISO standards for all road vehicle brake categories
Friction material standards for passenger car brakes
Friction material standards for commercial vehicles
Additional project areas will be opened up for discussion amongst attendees.
Poster Presentations
Posters will be on display in the Exhibition
throughout the conference.
Authors will be available to discuss their poster
presentations on Tuesday 5 May during the morning
session break (10:10–10:40) and the last half hour of the
lunch break (13:20–13:50).
Examination of Used Passenger Car’s Brake
Reviewing of Model Updating Processes Effects of Humidity and Corrosion Friction Parings on the Inertia Dynamometer Used for Brake Components
on the Tribological Behaviour of the at the Institute of Automobile Technology Brake Disk Materials
Guillaume Martin, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Etienne Balmes
(TU Dresden)
Ing. Thierry Chancelier
Chassis Brakes International
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mostefa Bouchetara, Mohamed Djafri
University of Oran
Dipl.-Ing. André Stoller, Kai Lietz
TU Dresden
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Busch, Simon Weber
University of Applied Sciences Zwickau
Burkhard Müller
Sealing of Hydraulic Piston Actuators of Landing
Design Optimisation of Brake Pistons in Experimental Characterization of a Human Leg
Gear Brake Systems
Terms of Weight, Volume Absorption and
Model for Braking Applications
Manufacturing Technology for High-Volume
Serge Tsala Moto, Yves Berthier
Dr.-Ing. Jose Manuel Rodriguez Fortun, Production – a Comprising Approach
Dr.-Ing. Matthias G. Müller, Kamil Zawalich
Jose Carlos Peña, Raul Monge
Dr. Thomas Pütz
TRW Automotive
Shims and backing plates,
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Meneta Worldwide Network:
Odense, Denmark
Jackson (TN), USA
Chicago (IL), USA
Detroit (MI), USA
New Delhi, India
Koblenz, Germany
Shanghai, China
Dalian, China
[email protected]
Exhibition Floorplan
Exhibition hours
Monday 4 May
Tuesday 5 May
Wednesday 6 May
All refreshments and
lunches are served in the
Exhibition Hall.
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14 Weifang ZJ High-Tech Crystal Materials Co., Ltd.
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50 Richard Anton KG
20 Wolverine Advanced Materials GmbH *
54 RIMSA Metal Technology SA
52 Zeon Europe GmbH
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17 SBS Friction A/S
84 Schwarzwälder Textil-Werke
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ANT is a new division of the HÜHOCO Group introduced
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worldwide. ANT associates are specialized in developing
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and abutment clips used for automotive brakes.
Offering a wide product range of low cost materials and
individually developed constrained layer materials, we
are meeting Aftermarket and OE demands. ANT
provides customer orientated noise countermeasures
worldwide. By having coil coating entities in Brazil, USA,
Germany, India & China, we develop, produce, ship and
store in your market and your currency. NVH
dynamometer testing capabilities will be realized on a
global scale soon.
Trevor Mennie
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 1435 872 624
Web site:
Stop Press Fast Charge, the World Record Electric
Motorcycle attempt, to use AirBack Brake Technology.
Find out more at booth 48.
The Wind in Your Wheels
AirBack is a revolutionary new product, being launched
at the show, which enhances the performance of disc
braking systems. AirBack provides a ‘green’ solution to
both stiction and frictional drag, associated with disc
brakes. Some of the benefits of this unique and
patented technology include:
–– Eliminates pad glazing
–– Reduces brake pad temperature after braking
–– No need for cross-drilled or slotted brake discs
–– Can integrate with existing vehicle control systems
–– Reduces fuel consumption/enhances vehicle
–– Compatible with electric and hybrid vehicles
–– Significantly reduces brake dust
–– Can be used to thaw brake pads in extreme cold
–– Operates using only very minimal electrical load
–– Significantly extends life of brake system components
–– Compliant with vehicle regulations and legislation
–– Environmentally friendly in many ways
By combining direct cooling and friction free/dustless
pads (when not in use) Airback provides enhanced
vehicle performance and fuel efficiency whilst also
improving brake component life.
For a hands-on demonstration, where you can literally
feel the difference, please visit stand 48 or contact us to
arrange an appointment before or after the show.
Alcon Specialist Brakes and Clutches
Apollo, Lichfield Road Industrial Estate
B79 7TN
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0)1827 723 700
Web site:
motorsport, performance road cars and specialist
sectors such as defence, armoured protection and low
carbon vehicles.
Whether supplying innovative race-winning technology
to teams in F1, or providing the stopping power for
Sébastien Loeb and Citroën to take seven successive
World Rally Championship Driver’s titles, Alcon’s
expertise is both learnt and applied at the very pinnacle
of motorsport, OEM and specialist applications. Best
known in racing perhaps, but some 60% of our activity
is with prestige road car OEMs, marque tuners, special
vehicle builders, armouring and defence contractors,
and the fast growing field of low carbon transport.
Delivering solutions in volumes spanning from a one-off
to 50,000 per year, our customers consistently tell us
that we provide the best engineering solutions, fastest
response and the most attentive levels of service – a
hard-won reputation of which we are justifiably proud,
and which we constantly seek to better.
Alcon knows exactly what our customers require
because we demand the same, and more, of the
performance brakes we drive, race and engineer for
world renowned drivers and racing teams. But don’t just
take our word for it. Our credibility in the OEM sector is
synonymous with world class standards equal to Ford
Q1 and Audi A-rated supplier performance.
Asbury Carbons
405 Old Main Street
NJ 08802
United States
Telephone: +1 908 537 2155
Web site:
For more than a century, Asbury Carbons has supplied
quality carbon and graphite products for use in a wide
range of industrial applications around the globe,
including friction materials, lubricants, fuel cells, cast
metals, drilling, paints, coatings, and backfill.
Asbury Carbons remains a major supplier of natural
graphite, synthetic graphite, related carbon products,
and a variety of other raw materials. By focusing on
meeting your particular needs, we continue to maintain
our position as the world’s supplier of choice for refined
graphite and other carbons. Our extensive research and
development work creates new products to meet the
ever-changing needs of our customers, continuing our
long history of collaboration, growth, and
AZO GmbH + Co. KG
Alroko GmbH & Co KG.
Rosenberger Strasse 28
74706 Osterburken
Borsteler Chaussee 55
22453 Hamburg
Telephone: +49 (0) 6291 920
Web site:
Telephone: +49 (0)4053 00450
Web site:
Alroko is the exclusive sales representative for many
important producers of raw materials and machine
manufacturers around the world, and a reliable partner
for all our customers. We supply technically advanced
products of consistently high quality, always emanating
from the same established sources. Further we supply
machines for producing and testing friction materials.
More than 30 years of experience in our business and
the manufacture of nearly all products according to
ISO-standards provide our customers with the security
of supply and trust they need to produce excellent
products themselves. We can also give you extensive
technical advice as required.
ARFESAN Arkan Fren Elemanlari San. ve Tic.
Gebze Organize Sanayi
Bölgesi 300
Sok 41480
Telephone: +90 (0)262 7510269
Web site:
Arfesan is a world-class product designer and diversified
manufacturer of air brake components and systems for
the global heavy commercial vehicle industry markets.
Building on over 45 years of successful growth, we are a
leading preferred supplier of air brake chambers since
With the help of modern machinery and equipments,
we manufacture robust brake actuators of high quality
We dispose of the know-how of the design and apply it
by the development, research and production of
lightweight products and alternative materials.
Alcon specialises in the design, development &
manufacture of specialist brakes & clutches for use in
We offer everything from the initial concept design and
innovative single components for storing, discharging,
screening, conveying, dosing and weighing of raw
materials to a turnkey solution, namely the entire plant
ready for operation, from one company: Plant
engineering and construction, process engineering and
process IT are totally integrated. Our success is based
mainly on the quality and reliability of the solutions we
have provided and the experience we have gained by
developing automatic material handling systems for
over 60 years.
Balyfa Hungary KFT
Belterület hrsz, 1092/105
2834 Tardos
Telephone: +36 3451 0670
Web site:
Balyfa Hungary Ltd. is a subsidiary of Balyfa a/s,
Glostrup, Denmark that produce a wide range of springs
and tool based metal parts. Our main market segments
are the automotive and power solutions industries.
Balyfa a/s was establish in 1931 and since that time its
development has been in continuous progress. More
than 80 years’ experience in engineering, production,
logistics and customer service is the key to our success.
The total production and logistics area is 5,500 square
metres and the number of employees is 35. Balyfa has
its own engineering department and workshop for tool
and tool system production for its 19 Bihler machines.
35 CNC controlled machines are ready to produce a
wide range of springs quickly and of the highest quality.
Both plants are certified according to ISO/TS
16949-2009, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001:2007 is being
introduced. Strict quality control rules and state of the
art quality control devices – like 3D measuring
instruments – assure high levels of customer satisfaction
as well as for KANBAN or ICH deliveries. Our raw material
suppliers are selected and qualified from leading
worldwide producers. The Group has a strong financial
background which is the guarantee for its excellent
performance and a long term business relationship.
Exhibitor Directory
The company produce and sell a wide range of springs
like compression, extension, torsion springs, bent wire
parts and tool based items manufactured in single or
multi-step production on Bihler machines. Possible
production steps are: stamping, bending, thread
cutting, screw inserting, spot and butt welding,
embossing, die cutting and drilling.
–– High degree of automation
–– State-of-the-art iron foundry for passenger car brake
A few examples of applications of our products in the
automotive industry:
–– Compression springs in the injection system
–– Caliper springs in the brake system
–– Clips at the ABS system
–– Bended metal parts made of strip steel
–– Active and passive safety components
–– All kinds of car electronics
–– Door, window, and roof closing systems
–– Springs for clutches
Buderus Guss gave significant impulses for new and
modified brake disc materials. Some of these
innovations were developed and introduced by
It would be our pleasure to cooperate with your
engineers in the planning phase of your products in
order to find the most economical spring or metal part
solutions. Thank you very much for your attention, and
please visit our stand, or contact us if you need any
further information.
BSS TEC International Corp
No.5, Yongkehuan Road
Yongkang District
Tainan City
Web site:
BSS TEC is a professional braking components
manufacturer, which specially focuses on Fine Backing
Plates. With 25 years of previous experience in brake
pads, we deeply know how the accuracy of backing
plates affects the braking system. Thus we built a
superior technical development team and a high
standard automatic production line in order to design
the molds and produce the backing plates.
High-Quality, Low-Cost
We use new automatic progressive press technology;
thus providing products with the same quality as OE
with even lower costs. We bring you the fulfillment of
OE performance dream.
–– Leading in manufacturing and coating processes for
of passenger car brake discs
–– Large-scale series production with very tight
manufacturing tolerances
Specialized, highly productive processes are a decisive
success factor for an efficient production at Buderus.
The capacity has been increased continuously since
1995. Today, 16 fully automated machining lines are
available at the locations Breidenbach and
Ludwigshütte, capable of keeping tightest tolerances
and measuring 100% of the essential disc features. Brake
discs can be delivered either ground or fine turned.
Depending on customer requirements discs are coated
with application of zinc dust, Geomet® (silver),
Senotherm® (black) or tungsten carbide.
The product quality is monitored and documented at
each production step to guarantee a product of high
quality for the end customer. As an example every raw
brake disc is checked by an automatic visual inspection
system at the plant in Breidenbach. This unique system
not only guarantees superior delivery quality but also
the technical lead of Buderus Guss.
Together with external service providers, prototypes
can be produced within a short period of time. Modern
technologies such as rapid prototyping are used for
core production to ensure a short time to market.
Energy saving due to lightweight designs is a main field
of research and development at Buderus Guss. To meet
current and future customer requirements, Buderus
Guss engineers have developed different concepts for
lightweight brake discs, which are ready for serial
Buderus Guss GmbH
Buderusstrasse 26
35236 Breidenbach
Telephone: +49 (0)6465 620
Web site:
Buderus Guss GmbH is one of the leading passenger car
brake disc manufacturer in Europe as well as
development partner and supplier to the international
automotive industry.
Special characteristics of Buderus Guss:
–– Short development times through to series maturity
–– Highest level of expertise in technical design and
material selection
–– Long term engineering experience with grey cast iron
materials and brake disc design
Wijmenstraat 21K/2
9030 Mariakerke (Gent)
Telephone: +32 (0)9265 8826
Web site:
Cardolite manufactures the world’s largest variety of
products derived from cashew nutshell liquid (CNSL), a
renewable natural resource. In addition to
manufacturing products for the epoxy industry,
Cardolite produces a wide variety of binder resins,
friction particles and specialty chemicals for the friction
Cardolite will be introducing its latest line of innovative,
high performance friction particles designed for top
performance passenger and commercial brakes.
Amongst those, some new high-end brown friction
particles will be presented. These particles provide
great help to the compounder keeping friction
properties within the desired range at a very effective
cost. Next to these new brown friction particles, an
innovative black friction particle has been developed
providing excellent heat resistance, very low
compressibility and a steady friction coefficient at
elevated temperatures. Cardolite will also be launching
a completely new type of friction particle, which was
specially designed to reduce noise and improve brake
All Cardolite friction particles are derived from cashew
nutshell liquid, a natural, non-food chain, renewable
Chassis Brakes International
126 Rue de Stalingrad
The first class innovation project at Buderus Guss is
named iDisc® and provides an alternative to standard
cast iron and ceramic disc for premium vehicles. The
iDisc® concept guarantees high wear and corrosion
resistance as well as low fading tendency combined
with attractive visual appearance.
Telephone: +33 (0)6 1336 4528
Web site:
CAME S.r.l.
Chassis Brakes International is the third world’s largest
manufacturers of automotive foundation brakes and
foundation brake components. C.B.I. targets its
customer satisfaction through its overall attitude of a
business partner through a direct relationship with
them to provide original equipment and various
aftermarket services.
Fine Backing Plates
Standard of fine backing plate:
1 Size of abutment edge can maintain a tolerance of 0.1 mm to OE specification.
2 Minimized rollover area can effectively maximize the clear shear of abutment area.
3 Over 80% of abutment shaving on edge surface
4 Plate flatness is below the specification of 0.1mm.
Cardolite Speciality Chemicals Europe NV
Strada Fontanaccia 52
21040 Origgio (VA)
Telephone: +39 (0)2 9644651
Web site:
CAME is a leading small distributor of specialty
chemicals, tailored to comply with all regional
requirements. Our company has successfully developed
during the last six years its presence on the Italian
market following environment roles. The international
market is one of our most important goals and
developments, especially in the friction business.
Friction and Sintering represents more than 50% of our
business, and due to our experienced technical sales
force we are able to offer high quality raw material and
efficient technical support in Italy and abroad. Our
customer portfolio is divided into OEM and Aftermarket
Paint and Coatings, Cosmetics, Adhesives, Rubber,
Model and Foundry are other market segments where
we have a strong presence on the Italian market.
Our warehouses are located all over Italy and we are
able to support customers with ‘just in time’ deliveries.
For raw material product range information please visit
our website.
Chassis Brakes International (C.B.I.) is a combination of
quality and technology performed by passionate and
enthusiastic people. This is reflected in its brand
baseline “Hi-Tech with Passion”.
In the industry of braking foundation, C.B.I. develops
and produces innovative braking systems, as disc
brakes, drum brakes, rotors (disc and drum) and
automated parking brakes, which offer solutions for all
market requirements. Thanks to its long term quality
and performance, the company has received numerous
awards from customers.
Located in every continent, the 5,300 C.B.I. associates
are working in 23 manufacturing facilities and
engineering centers. In 2014, Chassis Brakes
International global sales equated to €812 million.
All of Chassis Brakes International operations have
secured the appropriate QS 9000 and ISO 14001
Exhibitor Directory
Chemical Innovations Limited
217 Walton Summit Road
Bamber Bridge
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0) 1772 322888
Web site:
Chemical Innovations Limited (CIL) manufactures the
Cilbond range of high-performance bonding adhesives
for the Friction Industry. Cilbond is used to producing
Original Equipment and Aftermarket Brake Pads, and is
available in solvent and water-based formulations.
Cilbond is stocked via our global network of distributors
and the company is ISO9001:2008 and ISO4001:2004
Cocan (Hubei) Graphite Mill Inc
Suite 1804
Xinguang Building
976 Jianshe Avenue
Wuhan 430010
Telephone: +86 2782 6536 36
Web site:
Cocan Graphite is a leader in Chinese powder carbon
and graphite business. Cocan Graphite’s product
portfolios range from graphite to coke and from
synthetic to natural materials. Cocan Graphite’s
application fields range from recarb to friction and from
lubricant to batteries. Cocan Graphite have continually
improved their advanced production equipment and
set up a cutting-edge Carbon R&D Centre. Cocan
Graphite has been ISO9001:2008 certified, and has
applied total quality management across its products,
and is dedicated to creating real value for all their
customers worldwide.
COMEC Grinding Machines & Presses
automotive and brake industries. Thanks to our
know-how, we can achieve top quality products from
the project to the final step (“key-in-hand”) and due to
our great experience and cooperation with prestigious
groups in the brake business, we are able to
continuously develop new products, using last
generation technologies.
Our focus is the direct contact with clients in order to
satisfy all their standards and quality parameters as per
O.E. requirements:
–– quick reaction to the new models of cars and C.V.
coming on the market
–– good stock and short delivery time
–– keeping inside the factory know-how, products
control and more critical works
–– using outsourcing facilities for all the activities which
need specific equipment and experience (such as
surface treatments and cold stamping)
We are specialized in brake systems, either disc or drum
brakes, for passenger cars, C.V. and L.C.V. with a very
wide range as follows:
–– brake pad and brake caliper hardware for passenger
vehicles: piston clips, wire springs, acoustic wear
sensors, counterweights, etc.
–– brake caliper hardware: sliding pad clips (abutment
clips), fitting kits, bolts, etc.
–– fitting kits for L.C.V. and C.V. brake pads: hold down
kits, pressure distribution springs, hold down plates,
–– components for drum kit assy: adjuster links,
adjusting levers, springs, etc.
–– electrical wear sensors (under the brand name of:
Cable Logic S.r.l.) for passenger cars, L.C.V. and C.V.
brake pads and C.V. shoes either to be glued into
friction material or to be inserted into the backing
–– production: about 50% with final destination O.E. or
–– export: 85% (Europe, North America, South America,
Africa and Asia)
Daishin Kako Company Ltd.
Via Del Commercio 40
Piacenza 29122
Makita Building
2–5–8 Shiba Daimon
Tokyo 1012–1002
Telephone: +39 0523 6402 11
Web site:
Telephone: +81 3 34358561
Web site:
Founded in 1963, COMEC specializes in the design and
manufacturing of grinding machines for special
applications. In the last 20 years, COMEC has focused
especially on developing Grinding and Pressing
Technologies for the Friction Material Industry.
Daishin Kako Company Ltd is based in Tokyo and has
over fifty years experience of designing, manufacturing
and constantly developing lubricating products for
highly specific applications. Daishin has been studying
the use of greases and other lubricating materials used
for the prevention of brake noise and squeal for over
forty years. Daikalub 528D is the latest development in
the range of brake greases and is approved and used by
a large number of automobile manufacturers and
component suppliers around the world.
As a result of the excellent technological solutions
developed both through internal research and
development, and working side by side with its
customers, COMEC is a top supplier worldwide of
grinding machines for friction materials.
COMEC is located about 60 km South East of Milan, in
northern Italy, within 45 to 90 minutes drive from the
Milan airports.
Daico Automotive Products S.p.A.
Via Goretta 84/B
10072 Mappano
Di Caselle Torinese (TO)
Telephone: +39 011 9204101
Web site:
Since 1987, Daico has been Europe’s leading company,
manufacturer and distributor of brake hardware for
geomechanics. The service also includes comprehensive
support and training programs. Due to the combination
of being a software developer and engineering
consultant, the company provides a high amount of
flexibility towards special market requirements in the
CAE sector.
Our know-how and extensive experience covers a wide
range of industries, for example, consumer goods
industry, mechanical and process engineering, energy
industry, civil engineering, geomechanics, automotive
industry, aerospace industry, biomechanics and
micromechanics. The company supports worldwide
customers such as Daimler, Bosch, Siemens, Shell or
Nokia to find individual solutions and to conduct
precise executions of analysis and optimization tasks.
Our expertise includes et al:
–– Realistic safety and reliability analysis
–– Robust Design Optimization (RDO)
–– Proper assessment of material behavior
–– Prognosis of failure evolution
–– Simulation of disaster damage results
–– Simulation of thermo-hydraulic-mechanical
interactions within rock formations
Because of a close cooperation with renowned
international institutions, such as the ANSYS channel
partners, the TechNetAlliance, the CADFEM GmbH, the
Institute of Structural Mechanics at the Bau-haus
University in Weimar or the University of Vienna, we can
offer an extensive network of experts.
Erdrich Umformtechnik GmbH
Reiersbacher Strasse 34 77871 Renchen-Ulm
Telephone: +49 (0)7843 705 0
Web site:
Erdrich Umformtechnik is one of the world’s leading
manufacturers of metal brake pistons and specific
foundation related parts for the automotive industry.
The Business Unit Brake Piston has facilities in Germany,
Czech Republic, Georgia/USA and starts its local
China-business soon producing several 10 Mio. pistons
per year with a global footprint. The piston portfolio
comprises diameters from 38 to 66 mm for front and
rear axle applications. All pistons are optimized to
minimum weight at maximum strength using our
enhanced deep drawing process technology. Ni/
Cr-coatings have been replaced to a more sophisticated
and environmental gas-nitro-carbureting. Utilising
completely interlinked production lines including
in-house surface treatment Erdrich Umformtechnik is
achieving the quality aim -0 ppm for years and is
delivering to customer locations all over the world.
Siemensstrasse 12B 63263 Neu-Isenburg
Dynardo GmbH
Web site:
Steubenstrasse 25
D–99423 Weimar
ESI is a world-leading provider of Virtual Product
Engineering software and services with a strong
foundation in the physics of the materials of which
products are built.
Telephone: +49 (0)3643 9008 30
Web site:
As one of the leading companies in the field of
CAE-based sensitivity analysis, multidisciplinary
opti-mization and robustness evaluation, Dynardo
develops software solutions for worldwide customers
and conducts consulting and FE analysis services in
virtual product development, civil engineering and
Founded over 40 years ago, ESI has developed a unique
proficiency in helping industrial manufacturers replace
physical prototypes by virtually replicating the
fabrication, assembly and testing of products in
different environments. Virtual Prototyping enables
ESI’s clients to evaluate the performance of their
product, and the consequences of its manufacturing
history, under normal or accidental conditions. By
Exhibitor Directory
benefiting from this information early in the process,
enterprises know whether a product can be built, and
whether it will meet its performance and certification
objectives, before any physical prototype is built. To
enable customer innovation, ESI’s solutions integrate
the latest technologies in high performance computing
and immersive Virtual Reality, allowing companies to
bring products to life before they even exist.
Today, ESI’s customer base spans nearly every industry
sector. The company employs about 1000 high-level
specialists worldwide to address the needs of customers
in more than 40 countries.
Exploiter Molybdenum
Jiu Dian Village Deting Town
Telephone: +86 (0)379 63338609
Web site:
Exploiter Molybdenum Co., Ltd is the 3rd largest
manufacturer of molybdenum disulfide in the world,
located in the city of Luoyang which has 1/3 of China
molybdenite reserves. Our current production capacity
is 1200MT. We have developed and adopted our own
environment-friendly technologies to produce high
purity molybdenum disulfide. We have got 4 national
patents and certificate of ISO9001, ISO14001,
OHSMS28001 and REACH pre-register. We are also
awarded with the National High and New Technology
Enterprise, Postdoctoral Research and Development
Base, Nanometer Molybdenum Materials Engineering
Technology Research Center.
More than 70% of molybdenum disulfide is exported to
more than 20 countries around the world. Every year we
attend exhibitions & meetings in the field of lubricants
and friction materials, such as NLGI, NLGI-India, ELGI ,
CLGI, EUROBRAKE, SAE BRAKE, Moscow Lubricant Week.
Federal-Mogul Bremsbelag GmbH
Glinder Weg 1 21509 Glinde
Telephone: + 49 (0) 40 7271 0
Web site:
Ferodo and JURID-branded braking products from
Federal-Mogul Motorparts are known to ensure reliable
stops. Whether used in passenger cars, light commercial
vehicles or trucks, or even railway cars, Ferodo and
JURID ensure safety with innovative disk brake pads and
brake block designs and materials. The Federal-Mogul
Motorparts product portfolio includes a wide range of
organic and sinter braking materials, and with recent
introductions of EcoFriction reduced-copper and
copper-free materials for both Low Steel and NAO
formulations, Federal-Mogul Motorparts has become a
global leader in green friction technologies.
All products are engineered by a global team of
technical experts within Federal-Mogul, and feature
friction stability and higher friction material flexibility
which avoid hotspots on the brake discs. All of these
characteristics ensure that the friction surface
combinations improve the durability of the brake pads
and brake disks. Ferodo and JURID offer UIC certified
materials according to leaflet 541-3 and 541-4.
In cooperation with light and heavy-duty vehicle
manufacturers and the railway industry, the
Federal-Mogul Motorparts team develops optimized
braking pairs for cast iron and steel brake discs,
according to customer technical specifications. The
team can draw on the experience and support from the
company’s worldwide R&D competence centers in
passenger car and truck sectors. This collaboration
ensures the highest possible efficiency in realizing the
technological goals to develop the best possible
braking products.
Ferdinand Erlmann Werkzeugbau GmbH
& Co.
Hohewardstrasse 350
45699 Herten
Telephone: +49 (0)2366 1801 0
Web site:
We are the leading manufacturer of manual and fully
automatic operating Multispindle Drilling and Grinding
Machines for Brake linings and Clutch facings. For more
than 50 years our products have been valued by the
major friction material producers world-wide. Beside
our standard machinery program, several special
purpose machines have been built according to the
requirements of our clients. Our Engineering
department persistently develops machines with
high-precision components according to the newest
As producers of high quality machinery on a small and
specialised market, a personalised service to our
customers is the first priority for us.
Frimeco Produktions GmbH
Aspernbrückengasse 2
A-1020 Vienna
Telephone: +43 (1) 2183 9300
Web site:
Founded in 1995, Frimeco Produktions GmbH Vienna
Austria, produces and sells a wide variety of raw
materials to the global friction industry. Frimeco’s
manufacturing, joint venture and partner companies
are located in Bosnia, China, Italy, Germany, Brazil and
Portugal. All manufacturing plants as well as partner
companies guarantee highest Quality standards at
competitive prices in compliance with ISO 9001.
Frimeco’s product range exists of:
–– Tinsulfide, Antimonytrisulfide, Coppersulfide, Pyrite
–– Steel- Copper- and Lead Free Brass Fibres
–– Reclaimed Copper and Lead Free Brass Chips
–– Reclaimed Iron Chips
–– Ironoxide red / black, Chromite, Mica, Calcium
–– Black and Brown Friction Dust, Cashew Nut Shell
Liquid (CNSL) and Modified Liquid Cashew Resins
–– Ready-Made Mixtures for the manufacturing of Disc
Brake Pads and Drum Brake Linings
Fritz Winter Eisengießerei GmbH & Co. KG
Albert-Schweitzer-Strasse 15
35260 Stadtallendorf
Telephone: +49 (0)6428 / 78230
Web site:
Fritz Winter is the largest family-owned, independent
iron foundry worldwide. Our key competence is the
development and production of ambitious castings for
power train, brake and hydraulic applications for the
international automotive, commercial vehicle and
hydraulics industry.
Specialising in the development of innovative and
sustainable iron castings in conventional and in
light-weight design, our range of products includes
more than 800 sophisticated components made of grey
iron, ductile iron, compacted graphite iron and
VARIFER¨. Components from Fritz Winter are assembled
worldwide in almost everything that moves. We at Fritz
Winter are very aware of our customers’ needs, and
therefore offer our advice and expertise right from the
moment an idea for a new product is born and
throughout the new product’s development. By
implementation of high-precision manufacturing
concepts we ensure the development of high tech
products individually manufactured to high precision
and cost effective standards.
Modern vehicles and machines are facing constantly
growing demands, forced by legislative authorities,
worldwide applicability and last but not least the end
customer. Significant progress in terms of noise, fuel
consumption and emissions is required. Our engineers
develop high-tech solutions in dialogue with our
customers tailored to the individual requirement. In
doing so, we actively and sustainably contribute to the
achievement of CO2 -reduction targets.
Gebrüder Lödige Maschinenbau GmbH
Elsener Strasse 7–9
33102 Paderborn
Telephone: +49 (0)5251 3090
Web site:
Lödige supplies high-grade components, subsystems
and systems for technical processing applications in a
wide range of industries.We are specialized in the field
ofmixing, granulating, coating, drying and reaction. Our
profound knowledge of processes, development and
production enables us to contribute to the success of
our partners throughout the world.
Lödige, which was founded in 1938, is a family-run
business in its third generation now. With the invention
of the Ploughshare Mixer, Lödige created a mixing unit
that can cover a wide range of different processing
tasks. This unit forms the basis for numerous
innovations in the area of mixing and processing
Industrial mixing and processing technology has been
significantly influenced by Lödige and will continue to
be so in the future.
Over 500 patents and more than 30,000 machines and
systems demonstrate our experience with customeroriented system solutions. Lödige operates with more
than 300 employees worldwide and supports its
customers with a network of subsidiaries, technical
offices and agencies.
Graphit Kropfmühl GmbH
Langheinrichstraße 1
94051 Hauzenberg
Telephone: +49 (0)8586 609 178
Web site:
Graphit Kropfmühl GmbH, with its worldwide
subsidiaries, has more than 140 years of tradition and
expertise in graphite. With our permanent technical will
to create, market proximity and absolute customer
orientation we have become a trend-setting graphite
refiner. On the basis of state-of-the-art and qualityconscious high-technology and in an intensive dialogue
with customers and partners, we develop high-quality
special products. In order to secure the supply of raw
materials we hold shares in mines located in Europe,
Africa and Asia.
Greening Inc.
19465 Mt. Elliott Avenue
MI 48234
Telephone: +1 313 366 7160
Web site:
Greening is comprised of two operating units – one for
engineering and manufacturing of test equipment, the
other engaged in the areas of brake and friction material
testing (among other vehicle components). We are an
ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory by A2LA and have
engineering/sales support staff in Europe, Asia, and the
GREENING’s test equipment and testing service
offerings span a wide range of vehicle brake system and
driveline components, including automobile,
commercial vehicle, aviation, industrial, military, and
marine applications. Our experienced staff of system
and test engineers provides a wealth of practical
application knowledge when designing test equipment
used in evaluating critical vehicle safety and driveline
hardware and assemblies. Computer based data
acquisition and sequence control systems allow
completely automatic test machine operation, including
test report generation.
• Brake Dynamometers – Performance, NVH, Durability •
Friction Materials – “Chase”, Compressibility (GMW15334
capable), FAST, Shear • SAE No. 2 Machine for Automatic
Transmission Assemblies, Fluids, and Components •
Clutches • Wheels • Suspensions • Vibration • Interior
Components • Test Fixtures • In-Vehicle Data Systems •
Testing to FMVSS, ISO, JASO, SAE, and other industry and
government standards • Renewable Energy Systems
Testing • ISO/IEC 17025 and GM “TIP” Accredited • ECE
R90 Brake Component Certification Testing •SAE Referee
Material Supplier
Guangdong Junhui Automotive Technologies
Co., Ltd.
No 7 The Eight Cross Road
Kengdtoudongxian Road
Nancun Town
Panyu District
Telephone: +86 189 2951 9610
Web site:
Dedicated to manufacturing back plate and brake shoes
since 2005, (GUANGDONG)JHAT, formerly known as
Junjia, have been well recognised globally today as a
reliable supplier to world-class friction companies. We
stand out with a competitive professional edge by
utilising conventional stamping and fine blanking
processes. JHAT have more than 3500 references of back
plate including 250 OE/OES references, and deliver
around 4.5 million pieces of back plates monthly to
customers worldwide.
We operate based on a modern Total Quality
Management system and are ISO/TS 16949:2002
certified. With the application of automation production
lines and VMI warehouses, we can ensure a constant
level of quality and productivity to fulfil demand on
time anywhere. We see ourselves as a professional
manufacturer and a supreme service provider for back
plates in the global market.
Hexion GmbH
Michael Stahl
Gennaer Strasse 2–4
58642 Iserlohn
drivelines, HORIBA is your complete testing partner.
Based on decades of know-how in the fields of brake
testing, HORIBA provides its customers the full range of
test systems for all types of friction material and brakes
– no matter which type of braking system is to be
Telephone: +49 (0)237 492 5467
Web site:
Huan Dah International Co., Ltd.
A Rich History of Innovation
Hexion is a world leader in specialty chemicals and
materials with a long heritage of technology innovation,
applications expertise and personalized service.
Hexion scientists invented one of the world’s first
plastics, better known as Bakelite®, the first epoxy resins,
and the first silicones for commercial use.
Today, we continue to develop a multitude of
high-performance resins, silicones and other advanced
materials to meet the specific end-use and
manufacturing requirements of our customers.
Hexion’s deep understanding of our customers’
applications is engineered into every solution we offer.
In returning to the Hexion name, with its heritage of
innovation plus partnership, we want to make a clear,
strong statement that we are more serious than ever
about helping you succeed.
Hi-Pad Brake Technology Co., Ltd
No.27 Yingfu Road Fushan District
Telephone: +86 535 2130128
Web site:
Hi-Pad only work on high performance and
environmentally friendly disc brake pads. With Link
3900 NVH Dyno, Link Compressibility machine, Link
3000 Performance Dyno and CV Dyno, Hi-Pad has
developed 10 Ceramic formulas for passenger car, 5
Low-Steel formulas for passenger car and commercial
vehicle. Both formulas are used for SGMW OEM.
Hi-Pad’s target is to be the best disc brake pad supplier
for OEM and the first manufacture to launch the latest
application in aftermarket. Hi-Pad has around 1500
items and the existing production capacity is 6 million
sets per year.
Hi-Pad Green Formula:
–– No whisker type Potassium Titanate
–– Only bio-soluble mineral fibre
Hi-Pad will promote:
–– No-Copper Ceramic for Middle size passenger cars
Ceramic for SUV (unom>0.4)
–– Low steel for SUV
–– Low steel for Commercial Vehicle
HORIBA Europe GmbH
Landwehrstrasse 55
64293 Darmstadt
No 26 Minsheng Road
Rende District
Tainan City 71750
Telephone: +88 66 3660277
Web site:
Huan Dah was founded in 1976 and well known as a
professional manufacturer and exporter with over
26-year experiences in unlined shoes, brake shoes, pads
and accessories. For Huan Dah has most advanced
technology with automatic/semi-automatic production
facilities, and our excellent quality has accredited by
ISO-9001. With complete moulds for nearly 1000
worldwide vehicles, our auto parts are available for a
wide range of applications which include Japanese,
American, European and Korean cars, also in the field of
tractors, forklifts and trucks. We have capacity for
manufacturing OEM parts in accordance with
customers’ drawings and specifications.
HUAN DAH is your best choice for competitive price,
quality products, quick delivery and good service.
Please feel free to contact us for more details and we are
looking forward to developing a mutually profitable
business relationship with your esteemed company in
the near future.
6743 Bodio TI
Telephone: +41 (0)91 873 20 10
Web site:
IMERYS Graphite & Carbon is the world leader in high
tech, high performance solutions based on specialized
Carbon materials (synthetic and natural graphite
powders, conductive carbon black and water based
dispersions). In particular, natural flakes are produced in
IMERYS-owned Canadian mines. We at IMERYS Graphite
& Carbon address the key requirements of the Friction
Materials Industry like Wear Resitance, Copper
Substitution and NVH Reduction by offering tailor made
IMERYS Fused Minerals – Zirconia Division is the world
leader in Fused Zirconia, with production facilities in
Germany, USA and China, providing highest quality with
lowest U+Th levels for the friction industry. We back up
our high product and service standards with technical
support and development from our advanced R&D
Center (C:A.R.R.D) in Villach, Austria.
IMERYS MICA is world leader in Phlogopite and
Muscovite Mica, with production facilities in Canada,
USA, and Europe. Purest Phlogopite Mica with 80 years
of reserves in Quebec, Canada. Applications include
brake pads, plastic reinforcement, protective & marine
coatings, oil well drilling, foundry coatings, etc.
Telephone: +49 (0)6151 5000 0
Web site:
HORIBA Automotive Test Systems is a world-class,
leading supplier of engine test systems, driveline test
systems, brake test systems, wind tunnel balances, and
emissions test systems. With over 60 years of experience
and more than 40 companies worldwide, HORIBA ATS
offers total solutions to its customers, with full turnkey
capability. From simple engine testing to sophisticated
dynamic research and development for engines and
Exhibitor Directory
Via Giuseppe di Vittorio 9
20016 Pero (MI)
Telephone: +39 (0)2339 10880
Web site:
Powder Painting Plants
Compact and maintenance-free plants
–– Fully automatic plants made up of painting booth, IR
or convention oven gas or electrically heated, cooling
all the elements are connected in a few metres
–– Painting booth duly worked out for disc brakes that,
together with the equipment for the electrostatic
painting, allows a complete pad to be covered with
low powder thickness
–– Static or continuous oven for the brake pads thermal
IMMI Industria Macinazioni Minerali S.r.l.
Via Vailate
25–24040 Calvenzano (BG)
Telephone: +39 (0)363 86255
Web site:
IMMI was founded in 1977 as a family enterprise in
Calvenzano, Bergamo Province, Northern Italy.
Since 1977 producing, grinding, sieving and
conditioning industrial minerals has been the main
activity, mostly for Ceramic, abrasives, welding and
refractories. Aluminium Oxide, Zirconium Oxide and
Titanates became in a short space of time the most
produced materials.
From the beginning, IMMI has invested a large amount
of time and energy in the research and development of
new materials. In 2000, IMMI started to supply
Potassium Titanate to the friction industry. In 2007,
thanking the new cooperation with Max Henry AG as
worldwide representative, IMMI intensified the focus on
the friction industry.
thermometry instrumentation, ULTRATHERM, which is
used to remotely measure temperature and heat flux in
a host of military and aerospace applications.
In addition advanced methods, like optimization and
sampling, are available as core features of PERMAS for
numerical simulation of brakes.
InfraTec GmbH Infrarotsensorik und
Itaprochim S.r.l.
Gostritzer Strasse 61–63
01217 Dresden
Telephone: +49 (0)351 871 8630
Web site:
The Dresden-based company InfraTec GmbH
Infrarotsensorik und Messtechnik is a specialist for
products and services in the field of infrared
technology. InfraTec was founded in 1991 and, with its
own capacities in manufacturing and development,
now employs more than 200 staff. In the business field
of sensor systems, custom-made components are
produced on more than 1000m² of clean room space
– especially pyroelectrical infrared detectors – for
clients worldwide. The business sector of infrared
measuring technology is active in all areas
thermographic applications, with its scope of
performance ranging from the sales of thermographic
cameras to the supply of turn-key thermographic
automation solutions and thermal imaging systems.
With more than 30 sales partners worldwide, InfraTec
ranks among the largest suppliers of thermography and
non-military thermal imaging systems across Europe.
For around 20 years, InfraTec has been supplying
thermal imaging technology to demanding customers
among institutions, companies and organizations
assigned with safety and security tasks. The equipment
was tailored to their respective needs and specialized to
their criteria of application e.g. a special solution of a
rotation test bench is offered by InfraTec. This scope of
performance is perfected by expert consultancy in the
choice of equipment and by providing staff training
when introducing thermal imaging technology.
Today, IMMI is the leading European producer of
Potassium Titanate. IMMI’s main goals are the
production and supply of high quality titanates and to
maintain and continue to build our successful
worldwide customer relationships.
Schulze-Delitzsch-Strasse 16
70565 Stuttgart
Industrial Measurement Systems, Inc.
INTES Engineering Software
2760 Beverly Drive #4
IL 60502
United States
Telephone: +1 (630)236 5901
Web site:
IMS, Inc. is a manufacturer specializing in ultrasonicbased instrumentation. Applications include elastic
property measurements, process control, and ultrasonic
thermometry. Of particular interest to the friction
material community, is the ETEK 3000 used to measure
elastic constants of new friction material formulations
(SAE J2725). Results are used as input for simulations
directed at reducing noise and vibration. In addition to
ETEK 3000 manufacture and sale, our applications
laboratory provides testing services for composite
elastic properties. This year we are introducing our
iETEK, a non-destructive, ultrasonic system to measure
uniformity and dynamic modulus in as-manufactured
pads. The iETEK is a quality control tool for uniformity
and batch-to-batch consistency. No sample preparation
is required and most sizes/shaped pads can be
measured. IMS Inc. also manufactures ultrasonic
Telephone: +49 (0)711 78499 18
Web site:
INTES is your competent partner for all aspects of
numerical simulation using Finite Elements (FE). INTES
develops and markets the standard software PERMAS to
perform FE analysis tasks.
PERMAS enables the engineer to perform
comprehensive analyses and simulations in many fields
of applications like stiffness and stress analysis, contact
analysis, vibrations, acoustic simulations, heat transfer,
different kinds of optimization including topology,
shape and sizing, as well as rotordynamics and reliability
Brake squeal is widely understood as friction induced
dynamic instability.
PERMAS provides the fastest and most realistic squeal
analysis tool by including various physical effects such
as the real contact area, gyroscopic and additional
stiffness terms.
The gyroscopic and stiffness terms are taken into
account which consider the disk as elastic structure in
an inertial reference system. Additional stiffness and
damping terms are derived from the frictional contact
state previously calculated in the contact analysis.
Via C. Bianconi, 8/A
20139 Milano
Telephone: +39 (0)2573 03726
Web site:
Itaprochim is, since 25 years, the Leader in the Friction
Market, both as distributor and producer of high-quality
and high-tech raw materials.
Our goal has always been to provide customers with a
wide range of raw materials and auxiliary goods from
reliable and qualified sources.
Our staff and a worldwide sales network have
developed during the years a strong synergy between
partners and customers; this allows greater efficiency in
line with the market requirement.
The raw materials developed in recent times have
allowed us to approach new markets such as abrasives,
lubricants, rubber, plastic and cosmetic industries.
For more information, please visit our website or
contact us; we will be very glad to satisfy your request!
… Itaprochim, your solution for raw materials…
ITT Italia S.r.l.
Via San Martino, 87
12032 Barge (CN)
Telephone: +39 (0)175 347 111
Web site:
ITT is a global leader in producing safety and control
systems for the transportation market, including
automobiles, buses, trucks and trailers. As a globally
recognised friction material developer ITT Friction
Technologies supplies to most vehicle manufacturers
worldwide out of its 4 plants more approx. 160 Mio.
brake pads/y for passenger cars, LCV and HCV markets.
Leveraging on its wide experience in the field and
continuous investments on both new product
development and operational excellence ITT Motion
Technologies primarily serves the high-end of its
markets and is recognised by the market for quality,
expertise and reliability.
James Durrans & Sons Ltd
Phoenix Works
S36 9QU
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44(0)1266 370000
Web site:
James Durrans & Sons with over 150 years’ experience in
the carbon industry, are the largest European supplier
of carbon based products into the friction industry.
Suppliers to the OE, OES and AM producers globally.
With the ability to produce high quality synthetic
graphite, natural graphite and petroleum coke to a wide
range of specifications we can fulfil all your
We supply a full technical and sales service from our
offices around the world.
Exhibitor Directory
Jilin Province JiDa Elec.-Mech. Machinery Ltd.
Link Engineering Company
No. 500, Jinbi Street
‘JingYueTan Tourism Economic
Development Zone’
Chang Chun
43855 Plymouth Oaks Blvd.
MI 48170
United States
Telephone: +86 431 84528616
Web site:
Wanda Machinery, also named Jilin Province JiDa
Elec.-Mech. Machinery Ltd. (Jilin University Mech.-Elec.
EQ. Research INST.) is a high technology enterprise
integration of study, research and manufacture,
established by Jilin University.
Wanda Machinery, based at Jilin University and owning
a complete scientific R&D, engineering and technical
team from Jilin, also have a complete equipment
manufacturing base.
The main business of Wanda is R&D and manufacture of
mechanical and electrical integration equipment. The
leading products are automotive friction materials and
brake parts production and test equipment. We also
have industrial/wind power, high-speed rail brake
dynamometers and more.
Kärntner Montanindustrie GmbH
Schloss 1
A-9400 Wolfsberg
Telephone: +43 (0)4352 54535
Web site:
KMI is the leading global supplier of lamellar MIOX and
provides Wollastonite, Mica Muscovite and Mica
Phlogopite as well. KMI’s functional mineral fillers are
used in various industries such as brake pads, polymers,
coatings and ceramics. As an expert in micronization of
mineral raw materials KMI produces high quality
functional fillers in a particle size range of 1μ – 1mm and
specialises in high aspect ratios.
The products of KMI contribute to the wide range of raw
materials for brake pads. MIOX is a mild abrasive, has a
lamellar structure with a high aspect ratio. With its
combination of properties it is able to substitute other
abrasives or friction modifiers very cost-efficiently with
similar or even better technical performance. Mica and
Wollastonite are well-known functional fillers for brake
pads and are provided at highest quality standards.
Lapinus Fibres
Delfstoffenweg 2
6045 JH Roermond
The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 (0)475 353555
Web site:
Lapinus Fibres is known for its commitment in the
friction material industry. Using our resources we can
offer the most optimum solutions to friction material
producers. We have a dedicated team of friction experts
and an extensive technical friction centre including a
pilot plant and test centre including a Krauss machine
and a full size noise dynamometer. Next to producing
engineered Roxul®1000 Note Q fibres, we offer a range
of other raw materials including Promaxon, aramid pulp
and rubber crumb. Other applications in which our
products are used include gasket materials, plastics,
coatings, paints and adhesives. Health and Safety and
the environment are key issues in the industries and
applications we work with. We use our extensive
expertise to create environmentally sound, health and
safety conscious products. Lapinus Fibres is part of the
Rockwool International Group.
Telephone: +1 734 453 0800
Web site:
Established in 1935, Link Engineering Company is the
global leader in designing and manufacturing a
complete range of test systems and in providing test
services to the transportation industry in the areas of
brake, transmission, driveline, steering, wheel, hub, tire
bearing and electric motor applications.
Headquartered in Plymouth, Michigan (suburb of
Detroit), Link operates facilities providing test services,
as well as test system sales and customer support across
the United States, Brazil, China, Japan, Germany, Korea
and India. Link allows its global customers to realize
their optimal test solutions through its in-depth
industry knowledge, comprehensive test services and
support, and state-of-the-art test systems.
Heinkelstrasse 21–23
D 73614 Schorndorf
Telephone: +49 (0) 71 81 / 97 77 60
Web site:
Since 1974, customers in all industries have counted on
Magni to engineer, manufacture, and apply highperformance corrosion protection coatings.
Magni serves its global customers from support
facilities in the United States, Brazil, China, France,
Germany (Stuttgart), India, Japan and Korea. Magni
coatings are applied by applicators and OEM, and
regardless of where or when they’re purchased, our
chemistry and engineering insight ensure that quality,
consistency and shelf life are second to none. Technical
centers are implemented around the world.
More than 40 million brake disks are coated every year
with Magni coatings (Chrysler, Ford, GM, Honda,
Hyundai, Honda Nissan, Toyota, VW).
Magni 105 : Low VOC, chrome-free, waterborne coating.
Composed primarily of zinc and aluminum. Stable
during shipping, storage and the application process.
Magni 105 can be applied to braking surfaces without
concern of spalling or galling early in the braking cycle.
Magni 140 : High-performance, chrome-free coating. It
is applied in a single thin layer to protect against
under-vehicle corrosion. Since Magni 140’s frictional
output is similar to a bare rotor, it can be applied to all
braking surfaces. Overspray is also permissible to
eliminate the need for masking and reduce application
MaGyc S.r.l.
Via Dante 41 21034 Cocquio Trevisago (Va)
Telephone: +39 (0)33 270 1775
Web site:
MaGyc srl was founded in 2001, with the aim to create
and develop high precision measurement techniques
for testing and quality control. MaGyc has its origins on
a background of technological knowledge grown with
the collaborations of leading research institutions and
the most innovative European Manufacturing
Industries. Thanks to the knowledge and experience in
assisting prestigious clients in many branches of
Industry, MaGyc offers its ability of Problem Solver to
industrial applications in Test and Measurement, with
particular experience in industrial environments NDT –
Non Destructive Testing.
For the type of applications created, MaGyc has a deep
knowledge in data acquisition and in data analysis
acquired in industrial environments, by using different
methodologies and techniques including nonconventional ones (neural networks, fuzzy logyc, TRIZ,
etc.). Systems developed by MaGyc find application in
many sectors of industry: Mechanical, Automotive,
Packaging, Ceramics, Electronics, Aerospace,
Appliances, Plastic, Construction, and many others.
Vibration analysis
Checking the dynamic characteristics of the product
and components, our technology detects the presence
of cracks, porosity, incorrect heat treatment, and
machining errors. The technique compares the
‘frequency response’ of each product with that relative
to a reference one previously acquired. The test cycle
takes approximately 0.5 sec. The vibrational technique
is used on various brake components (disks, drums,
calipers, pads, etc.), on sintered materials, on ceramics,
and on castings, forgings, molded materials, etc.
Ultrasound Analysis
In general ultrasound techniques are used to detect
cracks, porosities or flaws that may be present within
any artifact. It’s a technique successfully used in
thickness measurements, even inside milling machines.
Considerable experience has been gained in the C-Scan
analysis, used to check mechanical components, in
aerospace, in railway industry, and in the verification of
electrical contacts. MaGyc has also experience in the use
of ultrasound (conventional and phased array) for the
control of weldings, brazed, glued, and for the control of
joints obtained by Friction Stir Welding (FSW).
Vision Systems
MaGyc offers multiple solutions of Automatic Vision
Systems according to specific requirements of the
customer, often by integrating robots, manipulators
and other measuring instruments. The proposed
solutions are built with proprietary software operating
on industrial PC, with real-time analysis of images
captured by the matrix or linear cameras, even with the
aid of endoscopes when required.
In many cases, MaGyc has been able to find solutions for
applications where traditional methods do not
guarantee sufficient results.
MAT Holdings, Inc.
6700 Wildlife Way
Long Grove
IL 60047
United States
Telephone: +1 847 821 9630
Web site:
MAT Holdings, Inc. is a multi-national company with
worldwide automotive manufacturing operations and
distribution centers that supply passenger car and
commercial vehicle friction materials, brake discs,
backplates, shims, castings and shock absorbers from
the Roulunds Braking, Eurac, Meneta, MAT Foundries
Europe, Dania and Ride Control (Gabriel) group of
Meneta Group
Kirkegyden 52
DK–5270 Odense N
Telephone: +45 6618 8934
Web site:
Meneta Group is one of the market leading
manufacturers of anti-noise shims for the brake lining
Adv_Friction_180x128_Opmaak 1 09-04-13 13:32 Pagina 1
creating smart solutions together
LAPINUS in friction
• Supplier of high added value raw materials
• Extensive technical centre: pilot plant and testing
facilities including full scale noise dynamometer
• Close cooperation with customers, knowledge
centres and consultants
• Global presence
• Dedicated commercial and technical team
• Health & Safety and environmentally conscious
• Wide formulation and application knowledge
• Part of the Rockwool International Group
Lapinus Fibres
P.O. Box 1160
NL-6040 KD Roermond
The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 475 35 35 55
[email protected]
an engineered and ideal additive
for friction applications!
Promat is a dynamic part of Etex, a Belgian industrial
group manufacturing and marketing high-quality materials
and insulation systems. As a market-driven service
provider, Promat is an acknowledged leader within the
mineral engineering products: controlling the crystal growth
of selected mineral phases used to build textures by matrix
engineering for high performance products.
Promat developed PROMAXON®-D,
a calcium silicate hydrate, an
outstanding additive for friction
applications in brake pads and
brake linings.
PROMAXON®-D in friction materials offers:
• Cost benefit due to special pore structure
• High temperature friction performance and stability
PROMAXON® brake pad samples
Our global distributor:
Promat International NV
E-mail [email protected]
Creating smart solutions together
Delfstoffenweg 2, 6045 JH Roermond, The Netherlands
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industry and has own manufacturing plants and dyno
test centres in Denmark, China, India and the United
States as well as a dyno test centre in Germany. Meneta
Group is the only manufacturer of both anti-noise shims
and backing plates for the industry and has technical
staff and sales representatives in all of the above
countries. With a global staff of approx. 1,500 dedicated
specialists in 8 locations, Meneta Group is capable of
accommodating most client needs. With 12
dynamometer cabins strategically located around the
world in own facilities, Meneta Group offers cutting
edge material testing, carried out to ensure the
optimum disc brake damping solution. Moreover,
Meneta Group is one of the most competitive
manufacturers of fine blanked back plates.
MGM Brakes
8530 Cliff Cameron Drive
NC 28269
United States
Telephone: +1 704 547 7411
Web site:
MGM Brakes is a world-wide provider of Air Brake
Actuators and Electronic Brake Monitoring Systems for
the commercial vehicle industry. Our reputation for
product performance and reliability continues to
innovate and lead the industry with new technology.
Our highly durable MJ Piston Parking Brakes are the
standard by which our competition is measured. MGM’s
patented Electronic Brake Monitoring Technology
(e-STROKE) provides significant safety and maintenance
benefits to numerous commercial vehicle fleets. MGM
has recently extended it’s 50 year history of innovation
by introducing Electronic Brake Monitoring for Air Disc
Brake equipped vehicles. This exciting new safety
technology monitors the vehicles air disc brake system
in real-time, highlighting potential safety or
maintenance issues before they become serious and
costly. Unlike S-Cam (or Drum Brakes), Air Disc Brakes
are nearly impossible to visually inspect, making
e-STROKE for Air Disc an invaluable and cost effective
tool for any fleet operation. MGM’s ISO certified
manufacturing operations, commitment to innovation,
product quality and customer service, make MGM
Brakes the supplier of choice for OEM or commercial
fleet organisations.
Woodcock Hall
Cobb’s Brow Lane
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0)1257 463225
Web site:
Microface Ltd was founded in 1981 with the intention of
simplifying the automation of testing. The key to this
was sophisticated electronic interfacing, with well
written software, to give accurate readings and control
of machinery in general, and dynamometers in
Drawing from his experience in the Nuclear Industry
and Space Technology, which included weight reducing
technologies for the Space Shuttle, for which he was
awarded a medal, Ted Slevin gained credibility for his
first ventures into brake testing dynamometers and it
certainly helped in winning orders for the automation of
several brake testing dynamometers. from Customers
like BP Chemicals and the Ferodo Company (Later
Federal Mogul).
The testing automated by Microface is unsurpassed in
its accuracy and repeatability of its results, and the
Company has continued to build on this foundation
developing new products continually over the past 30
Recent developments include Fibre Optics, which allow
high speed readings with no interference throughout
the factory even when dynamometers are very close
The new telemetry system provides exactly the same
precision measurement as static channels.
Microface will remain at the forefront of brake testing by
utilising its significant design skills to perfect cutting
edge products.
MIRA Engineering
Watling Street
CV10 0TU
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0)24 7635 5000
Web site:
MIRA Engineering has earned an enviable reputation
since it was originally formed in 1946, for its advanced
engineering, research and test consultancy. It is known
for being a comprehensive transport engineering
solutions provider to the automotive and defence
industries, as well as engineering smart solutions for
future transport technologies.
MIRA has a world class independent brake
development, test and certification team to support the
global automotive market. It also has ISO17025
accreditation and is an appointed technical service for
EEC/ECE braking legislation for all vehicle categories.
MIRA is involved in a range of projects from basic
certification testing to the ownership and management
of the design development and productionisation of
the actuation and foundation braking system for the
whole life cycle of a high performance sports car
Key areas of expertise include braking refinement and
brake noise and judder issue resolution. The team also
has considerable experience in the development and
testing of advanced friction couples for high
performance cars.
MIRA also has a solid track record in the development
and test of pneumatic braking systems for commercial
vehicles, including actuation, dynamic control systems
and foundation brakes.
NOF Metal Coatings Europe S.A.
ZAET Creil Saint Maximin
120 Rue Gallilee – CS50093
60106 CREIL Cedex
Telephone: +33 (0)3 44 64 63 62
Web site:
NOF METAL COATINGS Group is the pioneer in zinc flake
coatings for metal corrosion protection and develops
waterborne chemicals contributing to reduce impacts
on the environment, health and security of people.
NOF METAL COATINGS Group aims at sustainable
developments by decreasing impressively V.O.C. and
CO2 emissions, complying with environmental
directives and withdrawing products harmful to health.
An intensive industrial and research footprint in Asia,
Europe and America allows us to work continuously on
improving our chemicals and application technologies.
Sharing our technical, scientific, commercial and
marketing information and skills, allowing the
worldwide availability of our coatings, meeting specific
local needs, guaranteeing a high level of quality
consistently and worldwide, as well as acting for the
Environment and Human Health, make each NOF METAL
COATINGS Group ‘s product a global standard.
GEOMET® 360, in collaboration with a strong network of
job coaters and captive users, has become the reference
for brake rotors and has been specified by many car
manufacturers worldwide such as AUDI, BMW (MINI),
Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Peugeot-Citroen, Renault, SEAT,
Skoda, Volkswagen.
NUCAP Industries Inc.
3370 Pharmacy Avenue
Ontario M1W 3K4
Telephone: +1 416 494 1444
Web site:
NUCAP’s mission statement is simple – Provide the
brake industry with advanced solutions and superior
products that bring value beyond the commodity,
–– Improved performance on the vehicle
–– Improved performance in the plant
–– Improved performance at the bottom line
Products and Solutions
NUCAP is the industry leader for brake system
components including disc brake backing plates, disc
brake shims, disc brake attaching hardware, caliper
abutment hardware, EWS (electronic wear sensors),
drum brake springs, and drum brake levers, serving
both original equipment and aftermarket friction
manufacturers following the same standards.
NUCAP’s components offer solution based product
innovations to reduce brake NVH (noise, vibration,
harshness), enhance product durability, increase value
and ensure brake system safety. Product innovation like
NRS™ (NUCAP Retention System), which set a new
standard for friction to plate retention and shear
strength for both light duty and commercial vehicle
brake backing plates, is one key to NUCAP’s success.
Other product innovations designed to enhance
end-user satisfaction and safety include the NU-LOK
Piston Cushion™, DRT™ Drag Reduction Hardware,
NU-LOK™Shims, Quiet Clip™ abutment hardware design
and Brake Align™ Lateral Runout Correction Plates.
Research and Development
At the heart of NUCAP’s solution based product
innovations is its General Motors and SCC accredited
R&D lab. The ability to perform a wide array of test with
its two LINK dynamometers, an Atlas corrosion chamber,
shear test station and a fully operational test vehicle
allows NUCAP to provide the industry with solutions
that improve the durability, value and safety of both the
full brake system and the individual component design.
Safety and Performance
At NUCAP we can truly match OE specifications in our
entire aftermarket offering, a guarantee that we provide
the best safety and performance brake system products
NUCAP has facilities operating in Canada, China, Spain
and the United States to fully support the global
demand of its customer base.
Otsuka Chemical Co., Ltd.
2–2 Kanda Tsukasa-machi
Tokyo 101-0048
Rue Théodor Klüber 8
B–7711 Dottignies
Telephone: +81 (0)3 5297 2727
Web site:
Otsuka Chemical manufactures a potassium titanate
compound, TERRACESS, as a friction modifier in brake
pads. The benefits of TERRACESS are as follows:
1 Stabilization of the effectiveness
2 Improvement of the NVH performance
3 Low wear both rotor and pad
TERRACESS itself, brake pad and rotor after test and
typical data will be exhibited.
Palmer International, Inc.
2036 Lucon Road
19474 Skippack, PA
United States
Telephone: +32 56 48 38 88
Web site:
Procotex is a leading recycler of Technical (Carbon,
Aramid, Preox …), Synthetic (PP, Pa6 PA66, mix) and
Natural (Flax, Jute, Kennaf, coco …) fibers. The company
can rely on the commitment of 200 enthusiastic
employees (Belgium, France, Lithuania) to deliver a wide
range of environment-friendly solutions and recycle
around 25.000 tons of fibers per year with a turnover of
around 50 million euros.
The technical fibers such as recycled carbon and aramid
fibers (milled or cut) are mostly used in high-end
markets such as thermoset, thermoplast, coating,
painting applications that need special properties (Fire
resistance, friction, strength, conductivity …). Moreover,
Aramid fibers are also proposed in milled (pulp) or
pulled form for spinning industry.
Telephone: +1 610 584 4241
Web site:
Procotex has also developed a wide range of natural
fibers (milled, UD, roving) dedicated to thermoplastic
and thermoset industries.
Palmer International has been developing and
manufacturing innovative products based on Cashew
Nutshell Liquid (CNSL) for the global automotive friction
material industry for over fifty years. Our liquid and solid
particle CNSL products are found in formulations from
motorcycles to locomotives and everything in between.
Thanks to the acquisition of Apply Carbon SA, Procotex
inherited many years of technological experience in the
milling or cutting of Carbon fibers. We develop projects
in high resistant plastics (Composites, buoyancy, brake
linings) or in conductive/antistatic plastics (electrical
cabinet, computer components).
Palmer … Innovation in a Nutshell!
We would be very grateful to discuss your brakes &
clutches projects and advise the best solution in natural
or synthetic fibers. Please visit us at our booth 38.
Polytec GmbH
Polytec-Platz 1–7
76337 Waldbronn
Telephone: +49 (0) 7243 604 0
Web site:
Polytec develops and manufactures high-quality
measurement systems for the non-contact analysis of
vibration, length, speed and surface topography to
solve our customers’ application challenges in research,
development and manufacturing quality and process
Polytec 3D Scanning Vibrometers represent the gold
standard for experimental and operation modal analysis
in brake acoustics. Model updating on component and
assembly level worldwide relays on the high fidelity test
data generated by unique laser vibration sensor system.
Using this technology, researchers have managed to
track down and control the causes of undesired noises
when braking.
RENK Test System GmbH
Gögginger Strasse 73
86159 Augsburg
Telephone: +49 (0)821 57000
Web site:
RENK offers over 25 years experience of manufacturing
high-quality test systems for drive-train components,
brake-systems ad complete vehicles. Due to decades of
experience in in-house R&D test equipment, today RENK
is one of the leading manufacturers of customized test
systems for the railway, automotive, wind power and
aviation industries.
Worldwide, renowned OEMs take advantage of our
extensive experience in drive technology, measuring
technology, electronics and system design and rely on
RENK test systems for R&D as well as for quality
assurance after production and overhaul.
Pometon S.p.A.
Richard Anton KG
Via Circonvallazione, 62
I–30030 Maerne (Venice)
Würmstrasse 55
Telephone: +39 041 2903611
Web site:
POMETON Spa, leading manufacturer of Non Ferrous
and Ferrous powders. POMETON Spa produces and
develops dedicated grades for the friction industries :
Copper and copper alloy powders, Iron powders, Zinc
powder, Tin powder, and our new BRAKEALLOY powder
specifically for Cu-free brake pads. Pometon Spa has
been established for 75 Years, is producing in Venice,
Italy and selling worldwide into the industry. The
Research and Developments are made in Italy and are
creating tailor made products for the market.
Telephone: +49 (0)8989 8144 0
Web site:
Richard Anton KG is one of the world’s leading suppliers
of synthetic Graphite and calcined Petroleum Coke for
brake linings. Our products can be found in nearly all
types of vehicles. Founded in 1904 in Munich, the
German company is still a 100% family-owned business
which is now already managed by the 4th generation.
In our two plants in Germany we produce customised
carbon products for nearly all major brake lining
manufacturers worldwide. Since 1980 Richard Anton KG
has been specialising in producing first-class synthetic
graphite and calcined petroleum coke for friction
applications under the brand name RANCO. In the year
2012 a complete new production line was established in
our Obernzell plant near Passau. The production
capacity was doubled through a 5 Mio EUR investment.
The selection of suitable raw materials of consistently
high quality, state-of-the-art production facilities in
combination with our know-how and production
experience of decades, enable us to supply carbon
products for brake linings for all kinds of vehicles – of
course following quality and environmental
certifications according to ISO standards.
RIMSA Metal Technology SA
c/Armenteres s/n Pol. Ind. Matacás Nave 21
08980 Sant Feliu de Llobregat
Telephone: +34 (0)93 666 46 11
Web site:
Founded in 1985, RIMSA METAL TECHONOLOGY SA is a
global supplier of high quality non-ferrous products for
the Friction Industry.
Our products include an expanding range of metallic
Chips and Fibres – BRASS (also leadfree, our ECOCHIP®);
BRONZE (also leadfree, our ECOBRONZE) and COPPER,
and synthetic fibers specially developed for Friction
Over the years, through R&D investment our Company
has developed new alloys for potential Copper
replacement (our ECO-MET range), and a premium
eco-friendly lubricant (ENVIRO-LUBE®) as an alternative
to traditional sulphides.
Our Factory is located in Sant Feliu de Llobregat (SPAIN),
close to Barcelona International airport and only 10 km
far from Barcelona port, which facilitates shipments to
our Global customers overseas.
Our Company is ISO 9001:2008 certified and our
products are sold globally, including the main Friction
Please visit our booth 54 to learn more about our
Company and Products.
Sadeca Systems S.L.U.
Can Clapers, 25
P.I. Can Clapers
08181 Sentmenat
Telephone: +34 (0)937 153 354
Web site:
Sadeca is located in Barcelona and was founded in 1983.
After these years of rigor, automotive passion and
competitive spirit, SADECA has become the
unquestioned leader in quantity of produced pieces.
Sadeca is a worldwide leader in cable manufacturing for
the automotive industry. We are specialized in the
development, design and production of electrical and
acoustic wear sensors, as well as springs, pad clips and
piston clips for brake pads for passenger cars, industrial
vehicle and trucks for OEM/OEs and AM segments.
Thanks to our excellent reputation, our quality
standards and our highly competitive prices, we export
successfully to more than 40 countries.
Our quality system is certified according to ISO/TS
16949 – guarantying the compliance and strict
supervision of our measures means and our control and
validation procedures required on automotive industry.
Exhibitor Directory
SBS Friction A/S
Showa Denko Carbon, Inc.
Kuopiovej 11
DK–5700 Svendborg
Telephone: +45 (0)6321 1515
Web site:
478 Ridge Road
PO Box 2947201
South Carolina
United States
SBS Friction A/S is a Danish based company that
develops, manufactures and markets brake pads and
friction solutions for motorcycles, scooters, special cars,
ATVs and industrial applications such as wind turbines.
SBS holds a leading market position within its business
areas based on innovation and manufacturing
excellence, including new sintering technologies and
systematic lean manufacturing principles.
Our customer portfolio comprises OEM customers such
as brake system, vehicle and machine manufacturers as
well as aftermarket distributors worldwide.
Schwarzwälder Textil-Werke
Heinrich Kautzmann GmbH
77773 Schenkenzell Aue 3
Telephone: +49 (0)7836 5716
Web site:
Schwarzwälder Textil-Werke (STW) is a leading global
supplier of a vast range of fibres used in the friction
lining industry. The core business of STW is the
manufacture of short cut fibres, ground fibres and
specialised fibrillar pulps.
Many of our products have been specially designed for
high quality friction lining applications. With STW’s
state of the art laboratory, we have been able to
develop such premium products as aramid and acrylic
pulps for the industry.
Most of the leading brake lining producers can be
counted among STW’s international customer base.
Shanghai Labon Technical Fiber Co., Ltd.
500 Jianyun Road
Telephone: +86 21 68132568
Web site:
Labon, founded in 2015, is the largest Manufacturer of
Fibrillated Technical Fibers in China with sales office in
Shanghai and plant in Jiangsu Province. Our product
portfolio includes:
–– Aramid Pulp (Highly fibrillated Aramid Fiber)
–– Acrylic Pulp -Blend Aramid & Acrylic Pulp
–– Aramid Micro Fiber
–– Acylic Micro Fiber
–– Functional Textiles
Our pulp series proves to be highly-fibrillated and
excellent in dispersion. Featured by high filler-retention
and easy-to-process in mixing operation, Labon pulp
helps to guarantee comprehensive mechanical
properties of finished products in friction, sealing,
rubber and paper-based composition industries.
Labon takes a lead in developing aramid and acrylic
pulp in China and is capable of providing customized
service. We agree to the philosophy of ‘Value Creation
through Self-dependent Innovation’ and have all pulp
products protected by intellectual property.
Telephone: +1 843 821 5408
Web site:
Showa Denko Carbon, Inc. is a member of the Carbon
Products Sector of Showa Denko K. K., a global company
using aluminium, inorganic and organic chemical
technologies to provide industrial and consumer
products for energy, environmental and electronic
applications. The Carbon Products Sector manufactures
graphite electrodes for electric steelmaking and
graphite particles for industrial and vehicle applications.
The sector operates production facilities in the US,
Japan and China with a combined capacity of
200,000 t/y.
Showa Denko Carbon, Inc. specialises in the production
of artificial graphite particles for high performance
friction materials used in OE, OES and aftermarket
vehicle applications. The company uses high quality raw
materials, high temperature production processes and a
certified quality system to provide products with
consistent and reliable material properties.
Siemens Industry Software GmbH & Co. KG
Franz-Geuer-Strasse 10
50823 Cologne
Telephone: +49 (0)221 208020
Web site:
Siemens PLM Software
Simulation and Testing Solutions
LMS Simulation and Testing Solutions help
manufacturing companies manage the complexities of
tomorrow’s product development by incorporating
model-based mechatronic simulation and advanced
testing solutions in the product development process.
Our products and services tune into mission-critical
engineering attributes – ranging from system dynamics,
structural integrity and sound quality to durability,
safety and power consumption. LMS products also
address the complex engineering challenges associated
with intelligent systems in the automotive and
aerospace industries as well as in other advanced
manufacturing industries.
Speciality Lubricants Corporation
8300 Corporate Park Drive
Ohio 44056
United States
Web site:
Specialty Lubricants Corporation is a manufacturer and
private label packager of lubricants for automotive and
heavy duty braking systems. Our products are designed
for specific brake applications and have been proven to
reduce NVH. These products are for critical applications
including, bushings and sleeves, abutment clips,
backing plates and all metal to metal, rubber to metal
contact points to reduce noise, vibration and corrosion.
We manufacture both Silicone and Synthetic greases
which contain lubricating solids such as Molybdenum
Disulfide, Ceramic, and PTFE. Our technical staff can
develop a specific product to meet your individual
These lubricants can be packaged in single use pouches
for brake pad kits. We have stock generic pouches or we
can private label these pouches with your company
logo and text. These brake lubricants can also be private
label packaged in squeeze tubes, brush top jars, or bulk
Additionally Specialty Lubricants has developed a new
product that cleans rotors. Our rotor cleaner removes
rust inhibitor, dirt, grease, and metal shavings from
rotors before they are installed improving pad break-in
and wear. It is packaged in individual wipes that can also
be private label packaged for kits or in bulk containers.
Additional products offered are brake assembly fluid
and Perfluoropolyether (PFPE) lubricants for ABS
braking systems.
STAC Elektronische Systeme GmbH
Tempelsweg 16
Telephone: +49 (0)2151 93 727 0
Web site:
STAC manufactures fast and precise NVH test systems,
which are frequently used in automotive industry. STAC
is featuring EVENTSCAN, a system for detecting and
analyzing brake noise events. EVENTSCAN enables
laboratory-based dynamometer tests as well as
in-vehicle-tests on the road. The system acquires sound
and vibration signals; other parameters like pressure,
temperature, speed, etc. may be acquired via analog
inputs, CAN bus, GPS sensors, tachometer pulse inputs
and others. All acquisition and analyzing tasks are
performed on-line and in real-time. EVENTSCAN is used
by US, European, and Asian car manufacturers, brake
system suppliers, and friction and damping material
manufacturers worldwide.
Superior Graphite Europe
Box 130000
85013 Sundavall
Telephone: +46 6013 41 18
Web site:
Superior Graphite specializes in thermal purification,
advanced sizing, blending, and coating technologies,
providing value added graphite and carbon-based
solutions globally.
Combining over 90 years of experience and advanced
technologies into every facet of the organisation, a wide
range of markets are served such as; agriculture, battery
/ fuel cells, ceramic armor, carbon parts, ferrous /
nonferrous metallurgy, friction management, hot metal
forming, polymer / composites, powder metals,
lubricity, and performance drilling additives.
Superior Graphite offers a number of solutions to meet
the demanding rigors of friction material applications.
The FormulaFX™ line of materials has been designed to
offer high purity, consistent particle size distributions,
and unique physical characteristics needed for general
and high performance formulations.
The Resilient Graphitic Carbon™ materials (RGC) are a
specialized product line offering unique properties
providing optimum performances for demanding
customers. RGC is produced using Superior Graphite’s
proprietary continuous High Temperature technology
and carefully selected feed materials. By applying this
innovative processing technology and premium raw
materials, such performance is unmatched, and only
available through Superior Graphite. RGC particles; due
to their very specific morphology and high porosity act
like a spring, a property called resiliency. Applied in low
concentrations as a friction modifier for brake pad
applications, it greatly improves performance
parameters such as compressibility control and
wear-noise-fading reduction leading to improved
comfort of OEM, OES and AM formulations. RGC can be
used in NAO, as well as semi-metallic and low steel
Teijin Aramid
Kasinostrasse 19–21
42103 Wuppertal
Telephone: +31 882 688 888
Web site:
Teijin Aramid
We are Teijin Aramid, a subsidiary of the Teijin Group
with a passion for aramid. Our commitment both to our
products and to our customers has made us a global
leader in aramids. Wherever strength, safety, heat or
flame resistance, low weight or sustainability is
required, you will find our Twaron®, Sulfron®,
Teijinconex® or Technora®. Our products are used
worldwide in many different applications and markets,
including automotive, ballistic protection, marine, civil
engineering, protective clothing, optical fiber cables,
and oil & gas. With our four high performance aramids
– produced at our plants in The Netherlands and Japan
– we offer the widest range of products. And, with
unrivalled expertise and experience we are able to
continuously work on further innovations. Often in
cooperation with customers and partners through our
worldwide sales and marketing organization. That’s the
power of aramid.
Twaron for friction applications
As brakes become smaller, the performance of friction
materials needs to better than ever. That’s why Teijin
Aramid is continually developing advanced solutions to
meet market needs, both today and tomorrow. Teijin
Aramid is the market leader in friction materials, and its
products set the standard for quality and performance
in friction products around the globe. Adding Twaron
pulp and short-cut fibers improves the performance of
brake pads, brake linings and clutch facings, which in
turn prolongs product lifetime and increases driver
comfort. In terms of comfort in particular, Twaron pulp
makes a major contribution to reducing noise, vibration
and harshness (NVH). And thanks to Teijin Aramid’s
commitment to continuous improvement, Twaron pulp
now has narrower specifications than ever before,
guaranteeing users the specificity, quality and
consistency they need to optimise their production
processes. It’s these unique properties that make
Twaron pulp the material of choice for friction
manufacturers around the globe.
ThermoAnalytics GmbH
Schopenhauerstrasse 71
80807 München
Telephone: (906) 482 9560
Web site:
ThermoAnalytics develops innovative and efficient
Thermal-CFD CAE modeling methods. Our RadTherm
software is the leading thermal analysis program for
rapid design and optimization of vehicle heat transfer
problems, including transient brake simulation for
passenger vehicles, trucks, racing and railroad vehicles.
RadTherm is used to evaluate 3D brake thermal
performance from early design concepts through
testing and validation. RadTherm’s rapid transient
thermal analysis of brakes and coupling to FEA and CFD
software is key to an efficient design optimization
ThermoAnalytics also offers advanced consulting
services with our engineering teams that specializes in
thermal, CFD, infrared simulation and testing. Other
common heat transfer applications include vehicle
engine and underhood models, exhaust and underbody
simulation, HVAC, cabin, and climate chamber models,
battery packs for HEV/EV, electronics and other thermal
sensitive components.
TMD Friction Holdings GmbH
Schlebuscher Strasse 99
51381 Leverkusen
Telephone: +49 (0)2171 501 6
Web site:
With over 135 years in the braking friction industry, we
are among the world’s largest manufacturers of brake
friction materials for passenger cars and commercial
vehicles and are trusted by the biggest brands in the
automotive, industrial and rail sectors to deliver
effective, reliable and safe braking solutions. We also
cater for some of the world’s most prestigious racing
series, such as the 24 Heures Du Mans racing cars and
other vehicles. TMD Friction is a Nisshinbo Group
company. Our combined friction business with
Nisshinbo Brake is the second largest division within
Nisshinbo Holdings Inc. More than 6.000 dedicated
employees are part of our global friction network. Based
on five continents we develop and deliver tomorrow’s
solutions already today.
“Combining people, thermal technology and advanced processes
to provide value-added graphite and carbon-based solutions.”
Formula FX & RGC
Friction Modifier Benefits:
for Polymer Applications
Friction Modifiers
• Enhance performance durability
• Reduce noise
• Dissipate heat
• Improve pad compressibility
• Enhance strength properties to retain friction curve and
reach desired coefficient range
• Optimize stopping performance and pedal feel
• Minimize wear and tear on brake lining, disc and rotors
Superior Graphite Europe Ltd.
Box 13000, S-85013 Sundsvall, Sweden
TEL: +46 60 13 41 18
FAX: +46 60 13 41 28
[email protected]
North and South America
Superior Graphite
10 S. Riverside Plaza, Suite 1470, Chicago, Illinois, 60606, USA
TEL: +1 312 559 2999
FAX: +1 312 559 9064
[email protected]
Science • Synergy • Solutions • Service
Since 1917
Exhibitor Directory
Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Kalmar AB
Kelberstrasse 2
Telephone: +49 (0) 2104 217 261
Web site:
Brake shims, a unique rubber to metal composite
material designed to solve noise and vibration problems
in brakes.
Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Kalmar manufactures a
wide range of noise damping shims that are used when
endurance against thermal, chemical and mechanical
stress is required.
Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Kalmar is the world’s
leading manufacturer of these products, used in almost
all car brands around the world.
The materials consists of combinations of layers of
rubber, metal, fiber glass, rubber reinforced fibre and
Tribo Ltd.
Levanevskogo str. 95
Bila Tserkva
Kyiv region
Telephone: +38 04563 72620
Web site:
Tribo Ltd. is the largest manufacturer of friction
products in the Ukraine and is located circa 70 km
south-west of Kiev. The industries served include
international railway and metro customers, commercial
vehicles, heavy mining machineries as well as a large
number of industrial applications in more than ten
Historically Tribo’s OE and aftermarket customers were
situated in CIS countries and former republics of the
Soviet Union. In recent years though and under private
ownership, Tribo Ltd. has managed the transition from
an old soviet style plant to a modern production facility.
Large investments resulted in a new non-asbestos
production facility for composition friction railway
products and commercial vehicle disc brake pads.
A new R&D facility with a state-of-the-art inertia
dynamometer built in Western Europe has been
completed in 2014. Most recently our newly established
test laboratory ‘Eurolab’ got accredited according to ISO
A one-of-a-kind machining center is now working three
shifts to produce not only moulds and tooling for
internal customers but is also open for business with
third parties.
All these changes and improvements created a number
of new and innovative products with excellent LCC that
will help Tribo Ltd. to find new partners in Europe and
Overseas and to successfully compete in new markets.
Tribotecc GmbH
Kärntnerstrasse 7
1010 Vienna
Telephone: +43 1512 56110
Web site:
Tribotecc GmbH, formerly Chemetall Ges.m.b.H., is the
global market and technology leader of high
performance metal sulfide solutions for the friction
industry. The tribological properties of metal sulfide
systems with regard to chemical structure, polarity,
lubricating ability and thermal behaviour are essential
for the functioning and performance enhancement of
friction products and help to extend the lifetime of
components in motion.
Sulfides of various metals have proven to be the most
versatile and most effective additives for stabilising the
coefficient of friction at high level, prevent brake fading,
reduce pad and disc wear and increase comfort by less
noise and vibrations. A new generation of antimony
free, environmental friendly synthetic materials from
Tribotecc® is suitable for use as copper replacement in
brake pads.
With our slogan more than performance we guarantee:
–– the best quality under the toughest stresses
–– innovative productsfulfillment of all safety and
environmental standards
–– customer satisfaction
Tribotecc GmbH, a company of Rockwood Holdings, Inc.
UTIL Group
Via Giovanni XXIII, 10
Villanova d’Asti (AT)
Telephone: +39 0141 944300
Web site:
Util Group, headquartered in Villanova d’Asti (Italy), has
developed a managerial culture shared amongst all its
plants located in Europe, Canada, Mexico and China,
offering at a global level, industry leading innovation
and technology. Util Group is a multinational company
in constant evolution, with more than 1,400 employees
distributed in its four plants that supply products and
services worldwide, complying with high level quality
and efficiency standards, fully meeting all kinds of
customers’ expectations. The Group strategy is focused
on the value of manufacturing processes based on a
continuous qualitative improvement, with the objective
of being the leader in Original Equipment and After
Our product range includes:
–– Conventional Stamped Backing Plates
–– Fine-Blanked Backing Plates
–– SL6 Retention Backing Plates (Friction Mechanical
–– Unlined Drum Brake Shoes
–– Brake Hardware
–– Brake Noise Dampers (Shims)
WALDRAFF Technologies GmbH & Co. KG
Paul-Henri-Spaak-Strasse 15
51069 Cologne
Telephone: +49 (0)221 94 99 53 0
Web site:
Partner of Automotive Industries Planning, design and
production of custom-made solutions for the
automotive industry and their suppliers:
–– Machine manufacturing
–– Shot blasting technology
–– Coating technology
–– Materials handling technology
–– Production lines
–– Assembly lines
–– Measurement and test engineering
–– Automation technology/Handling technology
–– Manual workstations/Assisting devices
–– Special machinery Tool manufacturing
–– Pressing tools (pads for disk brakes)
Specific production tooling sets consisting of:
–– Pressing tool, Magazine (conveying to the press)
–– Feeding tool (loading of the pressing tool)
–– Pick and place equipment
Greening is comprised of two operating units – one for
engineering and manufacturing of test equipment, the
other engaged in the areas of brake and friction material
testing (among other vehicle components). We are an
ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory by A2LA and have
engineering/sales support staff in Europe, Asia, and the
Walter Werner GmbH Metallveredelung
Dambacher Weg 2
55765 Birkenfeld / Nahe
Telephone: +49 (0)6782 9932 0
Web site:
Walter Werner for a better finish
Your certified specialist for metal finishing
Walter Werner GmbH has been renowned for its
professional surface finishing since 1957, first at its
location in Idar-Oberstein, and then from the seventies
in Birkenfeld/Nahe. Whether for mass production or
single pieces, we are the one source of all metal and
plastic finishing services based on electroplated,
chemical, and organic coatings.
Operating on 32,000 square metres, over 150 engineers,
master electroplaters, electroplating technicians, and
skilled workers commit themselves every day to the
needs of our customers, most of them in the
automotive, machine building, and electrical/
electronics industries. Short routes and high flexibility
are our strengths. From our location, we can even
provide anywhere in Europe custom logistics services
that are far from everyday routine. For instance, Walter
Werner also finishes parts from Spain, Italy, France, the
Netherlands, Taiwan, India, and China. As a medium
sized family run enterprise, we attach great importance
to personal and partnership based relations with our
business associates. And equal importance to the value
of quality and environmental awareness: these have
been moulding our corporate philosophy since the very
Weifang ZJ High-Tech Crystal Materials Co.,
No. 6, Tai Xiang Street
No. 6, Tai Xiang Street
Weifang Economic Development Zone
Telephone: +86 (0)536 5175818
Web site:
We manufacture Alkali metal titanates of high quality
that meet requirements of different applications, like
potassium titanate whiskers andpotassium/sodium
titanate rodlike crystals. Our products provide better
strength, wear and heat resistance, potassium titanate
or sodium titanate powders for welding rod a lower
hygroscopicity, titania whiskers and titania rodlike
crystals for the photocatalytic fields, and new high
cost-effective sodium titanate products that takes the
leading position in the auto brake pad friction material
We developed sodium hexatitanates powder and made
it affordable for friction material industry. It has a much
better heat insulating performance, lower heat
conductivity, but higher infrared radiation and chemical
stability. This product has already acquired a good
reputation in the ceramic brake pad market.
Adding Sodium hexatitanates powder into auto brake
pad friction material has a number of advantages:
1 More stable friction coefficient
2 Lower heat fade
3 Lower wear
4 Lower brake noise
5 Harmless to humans and the environment
Winhere Auto-Part Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
shock & vibration) for consumer electronics
Corporate Sales Office
21/F, Futai Plaza
No. 18 Hongkong Road
Wolverine has manufacturing operations in Blacksburg,
Va., Leesburg, Fla., Germany, and China, as well as Sales
& Technical offices in Michigan, Germany, Japan, China,
Brazil, and India. The company employs approximately
400 people worldwide. Wolverine is principally owned
by Wynnchurch Capital Partners, a Private Equity firm
headquartered in Chicago, IL (
Telephone: +86 532 85761111
Web site:
Winhere is TS16949 quality certified by TUV Rheinland
and services the automotive OE market and aftermarket.
We produce and ship more than 4,000 applications
totalling 30 million discs annually for our customers all
over the world.
On September 3, 2012, the China Foundry Association
presented Winhere with its award for Excellence in
Manufacturing, which is China’s highest honour for a
foundry in the entire country.
Wolverine Advanced Materials GmBH
Verrenberger Weg 20
Öhringen 74613
Telephone: +49 (0)7941 603159
Web site:
Headquartered in Dearborn, Mich., Wolverine develops,
produces and sells performance-critical, specialty
materials used in automotive brake noise insulators;
gasket and sealing materials for automotive & industrial
applications; NVH (noise, vibration & harshness)
damping solutions for automotive and NSV (noise,
No.171 Zhonyuan Road
Wanda Plaza
Web site:
ZhongBang Super Hard Tool Co. Ltd was established in
1990, located in the biggest grinding material and
grinding tool base — Zhengzhou, Henan Province. We
have advanced equipment and top-ranking scientific
research and development ability.
Zeon Europe GmbH
Founded in 1996, Winhere is the largest professional
manufacturer of brake discs and drums for both
passenger cars and commercial vehicles in China.
Zhongbang Super Hard Tools Co., Ltd.
Hansaallee 249
40549 Düsseldorf
Telephone: +49 (0)211 52670
Web site:
Nipol® 1411 our very fine powdered and branched 38%
CAN nitrile rubber powder is used as an industry
standard in the modification of friction lining
Nipol 1411 is extremely compatible with phenolic resins
and functions as a partial elastomeric binder. Both
processing and performance benefits can be achieved
when Nipol 1411 is incorporated into friction lining
compounds. Typical formulations incorporate less than
5% of Nipol 1411 making it an ideal modifier to help
improve performance while maintaining cost structure.
While performance improvements are formulation
dependent, typical benefits include: improved perform
green strength, increased brake effectiveness, fade
resistance and compressibility, as well as other benefits
like noise control, crack resistance, overall toughness
and the potential to reduce copper.
We are the leading professional manufacturer
specialized in Electroplated, Vitrified and Metal bonded
diamond/CBN grinding wheels, cutting and polishing
pads, grinding heads, etc. Widely used for grinding,
cutting auto parts and high precision workpiece, such
as brake pad, valve, gear, bearing, compressor blade,
male and female rotor synchronizer. We have various
imported high precision CNC grinding machines, and
Exclusive products could be produced according to the
material and equipment of our clients.
Our company has already cooperated with many well
known sole proprietorships and joint ventures, such as
USA, Germany, Canada, Spain, Turkey, New Zealand,
Korea, India, and Iran. In China, we own 70% market
share in the friction material tool industry. We focus on
the research and development of our products; strictly
implement the quality standard, to provide our clients
high quality products and first-class service.
Welcome all fields of friends, come to visit us and
consult on business.
booth 55
Walter Werner GmbH – your metal finishing specialist
We provide for decorative
surfaces and protect metals and
plastics against corrosion and wear
– professionally and flexibly.
Our company provides all these
services from a single source:
Blasting, degreasing, pickling,
passivating, phosphating
Powder coating, wet coating,
cathodic dip coating
Testing, sorting, assembling,
packaging, delivering
Anodising, galvanizing, zinc
nickel plating (acid and alkaline)
Bonding agents applied by rollers,
drums and automated machinery
For more information
please visit:
Discover Dresden & Restaurant Guide
Bidding a fond ‘adieu’ to the impressive city of Lille in France,
this year we return to the place that witnessed the creation of
EuroBrake in the heart of Saxony – Dresden.
Picturesquely situated in a valley on the river Elbe, the city is a
stunning example of Baroque and Rococo architecture, most of
it meticulously rebuilt following the Second World War, whilst
boasting a strong economic presence, partly driven by the region’s
successful automotive manufacturing industry.
For those visiting Dresden for the first time, a casual stroll around
the Old Town is easily achieved from the conference centre and
offers delights such as the famous Semper Opera House, known
for its premieres including major works by Wagner and Strauss,
the Fürstenzug, a grand mural of a mounted procession of the
rulers of Saxony, and the Grünes Gewölbe (Green Vault), a museum
containing the largest collection of treasures in Europe.
More information
More regular visitors to the area may wish to explore sights further
from the beaten track. The Elbe Sandstone Mountains just outside
the city offer fantastic hiking opportunities with unparalleled views
and diverse terrain. Other notable attractions include the Dresden
Armoury, the Transport Museum, the Dresden suspension railway
(opened in 1901) and the beloved ‘Blue Wonder’ bridge – allegedly
originally green.
Across the river, New Town is a favourite hangout for those seeking
bustling bars and beautiful boutique shops on tree lined streets. At
night, locals pour into lively bars, or cross back over the river to the
paved streets surrounding the magnificent Frauenkirche, where a
plethora of high quality restaurants cater for all tastes with a wide
range of traditional German fare and international delicacies.
From Dresden specialties like Fettbemme
and Krautwickel, to Michelin starred
International delights, Dresden has an
extensive range of high quality restaurants
to meet colleagues and new connections in
a relaxed setting.
Lila Sosse German
An intriguing twist on modern German
cooking, this thriving new restaurant serves
tasty tapas in creative ways.
Reservations essential.
Alaunstrasse 70
Tel: +49 (0) 351 803 6723
Sophienkeller German
Corseted maidens serve local beers and
hearty Saxon dishes in the historic vaults
of the Sophienkeller, with highlights of
suckling pig and potato soup.
Taschenberg 3
01067 Dresden
Tel: +49 (0) 351 49 72 60
Alte Meister International
A café during the day, the exceptionally
located Alte Meister lowers the lighting
at night and spices up the menu with
selections such as fillet of catfish and cutlet
of duroc pork.
BrennNessel Vegetarian
This popular vegetarian gastropub uses
only the freshest ingredients to create
delicious and nourishing cuisine, which can
be accompanied with a glass of wine in the
pretty cobbled courtyard.
Theaterplatz 1a
01067 Dresden
Schützengasse 18
01067 Dresden
Tel: +49 (0) 351 481 04 26
Tel: +49 (0) 351 494 33 19
Kastenmeiers Fish/Seafood
Dresden’s favourite fish and seafood
restaurant, Kastenmeiers boasts an
impressive array of fresh seasonal dishes
inside the beautiful Kurländer Palais.
Villandry Mediterranean
Villandry creates simple but flavoursome
Mediterranean dishes, beautifully
complemented by the leafy summer
Tzschirnerplatz 3-5
01067 Dresden
Jordanstrasse 8
01099 Dresden
Tel: +49 (0) 351 48 48 48 03
Tel: +49 (0) 351 899 67 24
Did you know?
Dresden is one of the greenest cities in Europe – 63% of
the city is covered in green areas and forests.
Yenidze, a former cigarette factory built in the early
1900’s, was designed to publicise the origin of the
tobacco, with large ‘mosque like’ dome chimneys and
over 600 windows. It can be viewed from the conference
The city’s name etymologically derives from Old Sorbian
Drežd’any, meaning people of the forest.
FISITA 2016 World Automotive Congress
26–30 September, Busan, Korea
Creative Thinking
for Future Automobiles
In 2016, the 36th FISITA Congress will take place in
Busan, Korea’s second largest city and one of Asia’s
most renowned convention destinations.
Since 1947, the FISITA World Automotive Congress has
been a forum for bringing together industry experts,
academics, engineers and executives to exchange
ideas and discuss the trends that drive the automotive
industry forward.
FISITA 2016 will focus on the issues of energy-efficiency,
safety, eco-friendly technology and connectivity. The
FISITA Congress features a rich and diverse technical
programme and exhibition, student and young
engineers’ activities, technical visits and social events.
Join us to share knowledge and ideas and provide
the next generation with a new era of transportation
FISITA 2016 is organised by
Call for Papers
Presenting a paper at FISITA 2016 provides your
company or institution the opportunity to share the
latest technical innovations and achievements with
influential specialists from around the world.
Papers are invited on the following topics:
●● Engine Systems
●● Transmissions and Hybrids
●● Advanced xEV
●● Active and Passive Safety Technology
●● Noise Vibration and Harshness (NVH)
●● Vehicle Dynamics and Controls
●● Manufacturing and Materials
●● Autonomous and Connected Vehicles
●● Vehicle Electronics and Software
●● Advanced Vehicle Concepts
For more information about the Call for Papers
and FISITA 2016 visit:
Social Programme
Welcome Reception
Gala Dinner
Farewell Reception
Sponsored by
Sponsored by
Foyer, International Congress Centre
Wednesday 6 May, 15:30–16:30
Exhibition Hall
Monday 4 May 18:00–19:30
Terrace Level, International Congress Centre
Tuesday 5 May, 19:10–22:30
Meet your fellow EuroBrake participants
over drinks and snacks in the Exhibition.
All participants (delegates, exhibitors and
accompanying persons) are welcome. Don’t
forget to collect your congress badges and
welcome backpack from the registration desk
from 10:00 on Monday 4 May.
A highlight of EuroBrake is the Gala Dinner, held
in the Spectacular Terrassenebene with its views
over the River Elbe and historic city of Dresden.
Featuring the EuroBrake Awards
Best Written Paper, EuroBrake 2014
Free of charge to all EuroBrake participants.
Drinks Reception
Sponsored by
Yusuke Aoki ADVICS, Co., Ltd.
Friction Coefficient Variation at Minute Vibration
Velocity Between Brake Pad and Disc Rotor
Terrassenebene, International Congress Centre
Tuesday 5 May 18:10–19:10
Best Presentation, EuroBrake 2014
Wind down after a busy day’s networking with
the EuroBrake Drinks Reception, new to this
year’s event. Watch the sun go down in the
company of fellow delegates before taking your
seat for the Gala Dinner.
Free of charge to all EuroBrake participants.
Expo Only and Student passes do not include entry
to the Drinks Reception.
Maximilian Könning Daimler AG
Simulation of a Brake System With Respect to
Dynamic and Thermal Conditions During Hot
Free of charge to all EuroBrake participants.
Expo Only and Student passes do not include entry
to the Gala Dinner.
All participants are invited to attend the Farewell
Reception in the registration foyer to have a
few drinks with new contacts and learn about
the latest developments for the EuroBrake
conference, in 2015 and beyond.
Free of charge to all EuroBrake participants.
General Information
EuroBrake 2015
The official language of the conference is English.
Time Zone
Dresden is in the Central European time zone.
Central European Standard Time (CET) is 1 hour
ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
Programme Changes
The organisers are not liable for any changes
made to the programme. Please visit the web site
regularly for updates.
Final Programme
The Final Programme will be provided on-site in
the delegate bag.
Official Conference App
The EuroBrake 2015 App is downloadable from
all major app stores and will contain the most up
to date conference information, including live
technical programme updates.
EuroBrake 2015 will take place at the
Internationales Congress Centre Dresden (ICD).
The ICD is a state-of-the-art conference centre
located in the city’s old town on the bank of the
River Elbe.
Maritim Hotel & Internationales Congress Center
Ostra-Ufer 2 / Devrientstr. 10–12
01067 Dresden
Entry into Germany
No visa required. Entry is allowed with both
passport and id-card.
Any foreign visitor entering Germany must have
a valid passport. Visitors from countries whose
citizens require visas should apply to the German
consulate or diplomatic mission in their own
Requests for official invitations in support of visa
applications should be sent to:
[email protected]
Evidence of paid registration will be needed to
process the visa request.
The average temperature in Dresden during
early May is 12°C / 47°F with a 50% possibility of
light rain.
The official German currency is the EURO.
Traveller’s Cheques are accepted by all banks and
major hotels in principal cities. Their use in
Germany for general purposes is not as popular
as in some other countries, and may incur
additional charges.
International credit cards are accepted in hotels,
department stores and restaurants. They are not
widely accepted in smaller shops such as
bakeries, butchers and news vendors where only
cash is accepted or the German EC card. All
convertible foreign currencies (
are exchangable at all major banks.
Business hours of most banks are:
Monday–Friday 08:00–20:00
Saturday 08:00–18:00
Sunday 10:00–18:00
Tipping and Etiquette
Service charges and VAT are generally included
in the price. It is typical to ‘round up’ the price by
5–10% to amount to a round figure.
Public Transport
Dresden has a very well developed public
transport system.
Trams and buses in the city centre are operated
by the Dresden Transport Services and regional
transport is taken over by the Oberelbe
Transport Services. Tickets can be bought on
board the trams and busses, at stops and at
service points. Riding without a valid ticket will
result in a fine.
City trains also run in Dresden and the
surrounding area. Travel centres in the Dresden
Hauptbahnhof (main train station) and in
Dresden-Newstadt will provide you with further
It is not customary to flag down a taxi cab.
Instead, there are many taxi-stops in the city and
you can order a taxi by telephone. Prices are set
according to a basic charge and a set price per
Shops in Central Dresden are usually open
Monday to Saturday from 10:00–20:00. The
Altmarkt-Galerie in the centre of Dresden is open
until 21:00. Large supermarkets and shopping
centres are open until 22:00. On Sundays, shops
are closed, with some exceptions such as
bakeries, train stations and petrol stations.
Pharmacies can be found all over Dresden city
and an emergency rota service provides care
after-hours or on Sunday or bank holidays.
To locate a pharamacy call: +49 (0) 351 115 00
The city of Dresden levies a Vistors Tax of EUR
1.30 per adult, per day. This additional tax is
collected by the owner of the accommodation
you are staying at. German Value Added Tax in
included in all prices. Currently this tax is levied
at 19%.
Electric current in Germany is without exception
AC 230V/50Hz. Sockets only fit round two-pin
plugs (use of adapters is necessary for all
Participants are strongly advised to obtain travel
insurance (medical, personal accident and
luggage) in their home country prior to
Engineering departments are challenged continuously by
paradoxical forces while developing braking systems. Time and
resources for development are shortening while simultaneously
there is a constant pressure of market globalization, adding an
increased complexity to the profession.
To face these industry challenges, we must embrace Collective
Know-how which will result in better, Bolder Thinking and more
robust ideas.
Join us: ITT Open Seminar
May 5th 12:20-13:20
Open to all EuroBrake participants

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