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Let’s talk about pet rabbits…
Bunnypalooza 2016 a grand success
More than 700 people and 100 bunnies attended
Bunnypalooza 2016, and enjoyed a full day with
companion pet rabbits and those who love them.
Long before 10 a.m. on Nov. 5, people lined up
outside the door of the Cloverleaf Building at
the Washington County Fairgrounds. When the
doors opened at 10 a.m., people began to stream
in. The crowd was sustained the whole day, until
the event ended at 4 p.m.
Many who attended came with their bunnies,
some in elaborate strollers, some in carriers, some
tucked in jackets, some carefully guarded in front
of them in a special sling. Rabbits ranged from the
tiny Netherland dwarf to the very large Flemish
giant. Each were obviously loved by their people
who came to talk about their beloved pets and
show them off a little.
extend to this hardworking committee special
thanks and gratitude. Committee members are:
Kat Slinde, Cindy Faulk, Joan Gilbert, Amber
Valdez, Cherrie Champie, Lora Skelton, Kirbie
Hoyt, Allen Anderson and Denise Hawk, with
additional support from Mary Thompson, Dave
Marvin and Paula Buchert.
Rabbit Advocates wishes to thank the sponsor of
Bunnypalooza 2016. Dignified Pet Services kindly
offered assistance and this generosity is appreciated.
To learn more about Dignified Pet Services, go to
the website at:
More than 100 rabbits attended Bunnypalooza
2016. Photo by Eva Bryner.
More than 60 volunteers helped throughout the
day. They took care of foster rabbits; handed
out literature; sold Bunny’s Best Bites hay, raffle
tickets, beverages and other snacks; helped
children with activities; painted faces and called
out winners of silent auction items. The entire day
was organized by the Bunnypalooza volunteer
committee. The Rabbit Advocate would like to
rabbit toenail trims, with proceeds that went to
the Rabbit Advocate medical fund. Learn more
about the Lombard Animal Hospital at its website
Dr. Melinda Surrency and Technician Assistant
Erin of the Hillsboro Veterinary Clinic offered
bunny wellness exams and toenail trims at special
discounted prices. For more information, see the
clinic’s website at
continued on page 2
Dr. Melinda Surrency, left, and her assistant Erin
trim a rabbit’s toenails. Photo by Eva Bryner.
The event featured a wide array of vendors offering
an amazing array of goods and services for pet
rabbits. The list of vendors included:
Bunnypalooza 2016 was sponsored by Dignified
Pet Services and Rabbit Advocates.
Dr. Misty Doornek and Veterinary Assistant
Alese from Lombard Animal Hospital offered
Annual Holiday Gift Guide...................Pages 4 + 5
RA Meetings New Location......................... Page 6
Bunny Spa Day............................................ Page 6
Help Rabbit Advocates help rabbits........... Page 7
Bunnypalooza 2016
continued from front page
SS Bunny Imports has a sign, sticker or window
cling to express anything bunny related you
would like to say. Find your perfect statement at
its etsy shop.
Lagomorph offered handmade bunny treats
called Twinklenose with Twinklenose Treats.
Twinklenose was the much-loved bunny of Rabbit
Advocate volunteer Marlena Sweet. These treats
were inspired by Marlena’s beloved pet.
Bunny Bytes, Outfitters of the Urban Rabbit,
showcased its extensive inventory of rabbit toys,
treats and other supplies. The Milton, Washington,
online store can be found at
This year, a vegan-food truck cart offered tasty
respite for attendees and hard-working volunteers.
Deb Kay’s Rainbow Seasons delighted with
breakfast and lunch fare. For more information,
find Deb at
The gathering of rabbit fans included lots of longeared friends. Photo by Galina Semenova.
Bunnies in Baskets volunteers talked with people
about pet therapy visits. For more information,
go to Bunnies in Baskets at
Bunfectionary offered gourmet bunny treats. Shop
for treats at
Buxton Feed Company gave away samples of
locally produced rabbit food. Learn more at
MudBay offered pet supplies and toys. Find a local
store at
SS Bunny Imports offers all kinds of ways to
express your love of bunnies. Photo by Galina
The A zure Rabbit tempted attendees with
handmade jewelry, Mitzi’s Milieu featured
handmade fabric items and gift cards, and B and B
Ranch gave bunnies a comfortable place to lounge
with handmade bunny recliners.
When You’re Not There Petcare will take care
of your bunny when you need help. Find more
information at D
& B Bunnysitting offers bunny sitting services by
Dawn Iveane-Curell, a long-time Rabbit Advocate
Patricia Rubinelli photography took one-of-a-kind
pet portrait photographs. Make an appointment
for a sitting at
Nerdy Cute is a Seattle-based business whose
owners have always loved stationery and paper
products so they offer unique paper products,
jewelry and stickers. Find out more at their
Bunnies large and small, young and old, with
upright ears and lop ears came to Bunnypalooza
2016. Photo by Galina Semenova.
Bunnypalooza 2016 was the best kind of day.
People who love rabbits celebrated their lagomorph
friends in a fun and educational venue. Rabbit
Advocates thanks everyone who participated
in Bunnypalooza 2016. To learn more about
Bunnypalooza 2016, go to the Rabbit Advocate
Facebook page. There, find photographs taken
by professional photographer Patricia Rubinelli
and amateur photographers Eva Bryner, Galina
Semenova and Kem Sypher. Thank you to our
photographers who captured and documented
the fun event.
Birdzilla Studios, showcasing the artwork of MJ
Lai. Based in Portland, Birdzilla Studios featured
handmade ceramics. For more information, check
Bunnypalooza 2016 featured face painting, which
was particularly popular with children. Face
painting artist was Rabbit Advocate volunteer
Autumn Sanders. Photo by Galina Semenova.
Lorraine Bushek, a long-time Rabbit Advocate
volunteer, provided a live demonstration on how
she paints the rabbits that are the inspiration for
much of her oil paintings. More examples of her
work can be found at
Bunnies arrived in carriers, strollers and nestled
in the arms of their humans. Photo by Eva Bryner.
Let Carolyn Paint It!
Business established
specifically to help animals
Carolyn’s personal goal is to help animals. Her
professional goal is to raise enough money to
open a non-profit retail store, Petunia’s Place.
Profits earned at this store will also be donated to
animal welfare organizations. Carolyn is pleased
to announce that Petunia’s Place will open in the
spring next year. It will be located at 8050 SE 13th
Ave. in the Sellwood neighborhood of Portland.
Carolyn plans a grand opening celebration and is
currently looking for artists and crafts people for
ideas of items to sell in her shop.
Carolyn Ackerman loves her pet rabbits. Photo
courtesy of Carolyn Ackerman.
Carolyn Ackerman has a unique model for her
business, Let Carolyn Paint It! As she paints the
interiors and exteriors of homes and businesses,
strips wallpaper or pressure washes decks, she sets
aside 50 percent of the income earned to donate
to animal welfare organizations.
The work is hard and takes a toll on her body. Yet
she feels it is the best way she can make a significant
contribution to helping abandoned, abused or
homeless pets. Carolyn has raised several thousand
dollars during the year she has owned her company,
and has assisted local animal welfare organizations
with her donations. Her contributions have helped
Rabbit Advocates, Oregon Friends of Shelter
Animals, Animal Aid and the Portland Guinea
Pig Rescue.
Let Carolyn Paint It! has been in operation since
late 2015. Carolyn came to Portland from Maui,
Hawaii, before settling currently in Sherwood.
Carolyn does the on-location work and an
employee, Kat Kress, serves as operations manager.
“There is nothing more in this life that I want to
do than help animals whatever way I can,” Carolyn
says. “I cannot work on the ‘front lines’ of animal
rescue, but I can work seven days a week for the
folks who do.”
In just a year, Let Carolyn Paint It! has grown
from its sole proprietress to a business with two
full-time employees. Carolyn’s donations to
Rabbit Advocates are directed to veterinary care
and Rabbit Advocates would like to gratefully
acknowledge Carolyn’s generosity.
Let Carolyn Paint It! can be found online at or by calling Carolyn at
The Rabbit Advocate
RA Board of Directors
The Rabbit Advocate is published
three times a year.
President: Karen Anderson
Recording Secretary: Kate Brownlie
Treasurer: Kem Sypher
Editor: Leann Bleakney
Layout: Peggy Pfenninger Reed
of P-Town Prints + Designs! LLC
Photographer: Kem Sypher
Writers: Sarah Yasutake,
Guin Boostrom
Proofreader: Joan Gilbert
Mary Huey
Lora Skelton
June Yamrick
Joan Gilbert
Ann Engvall, in appreciation of
Linda and Laurens Johansen, in
honor of Sprite
Matthew Tomalonis, for all
volunteers do for rabbits
Angela Hogan, in memory of Diego
and Delilah and in appreciation of
Valerie Madison
John Belford
Coralie Crumb, to wish Karen a
happy birthday and to thank her
for all she does for the buns
Fay Forman
Matthew Freeland
Linda Gertz
Patricia Brumley
Margret Oethinger
Anna DeThomas
Andy Pazeotopoulos
Rabbit Advocates is grateful for these
generous donations. All donations
made will be acknowledged in The
Rabbit Advocate. All donations are
tax deductible and are very much
Mary Marvin
Allen Anderson
Kathleen (Kat) Slinde
Katrina Ramsell, DVM, Honorary Board Member
Mary Thompson, Board Member Emeritus
Photo by Patricia Rubinelli.
1. Nina Ottoson Brick Game. This
was created as a dog toy, but it
would be fun for bunnies, too. Bunny
will need to learn to slide the bricks
to reveal a hidden treat. $26.90,
2. Handmade Bunny Recliners.
These snuggly, machine-washable
and dryable beds are handmade by
Nancy Bleakney, mother of Rabbit
Advocate volunteer Leann Bleakney.
Made of 100% polyester fleece
and stuffing. Starting at $15 plus
shipping, order through Leann at
[email protected]
with this patented comb that gently
removes hair from both thin and
thick undercoats. $16.99, store.
are especially good for bunnies in
need of extra calories. $3.95, store.
3. DIY Rabbit Toy Parts Kit. Design
toys for your bunny with this unique
kit from Happy Rabbit Toys. Comes
with a variety of nontoxic parts
for making several toys. $24.97,
5. Tulip Chewbies. Plant a garden
for bunny with these chewable tulips
on a wooden base. Replacement
tulips are available. $ 2 2.9 9,
4. Hairbuster Comb. Help your
bunny through the shedding process
6. Ropey Oats. Best for bunnies over
a year old, these treats are made
from dried oat tops and grass. They
7. Oil Painting by Lorraine
Bushek. Lorraine Bushek is one
of our many talented RA artists.
Her oil paintings capture rabbits’
personalities in rich, vibrant colors.
Galler y Prices : 8"x8" $ 150,
8"x10" $ 400, 12"x12" $ 500.
All other sizes, please contact
Lorraine. Also, Lorraine will give
a 50 percent discount off her
gallery prices to Rabbit Advocates.
Contact her through her website
and let her know you’re a Rabbit
Advocate volunteer, and she
will extend the discount to you.
8. Honey Bunny Necklace. This
sweet bunny face is available in golddipped or sterling silver, on either
a chain or a silk cord. $26-$58,
9. Bunny Family Garden
Sculptures. These bunnies will be
right at home in your yard. Handmade
of steel. $45.00, uncommongoods.
10. Star Hopper Rabbit Bag.
NYhop makes a variety of one-of-akind vegan, hand-painted clothing
items featuring gorgeous rabbits.
This one is a messenger-style bag
with a Dutch rabbit hopping on a
background of stars. $130, etsy.
11. Pet Photography Sitting. A
sitting with Portland pet photographer
Two Flower Photography would
make a thoughtful gift. For booking
and pricing information, contact
12. Rabbit Couple Sculpture. A
happy rabbit couple dips their toes
in a pool of water in this whimsical
handmade sculpture. $34.00, etsy.
13. Habit Rabbit. We all have a
rabbit habit, but now you can also
have a habit rabbit. Use these
glass and pewter rabbits to keep
on task with your habits. $ 25,
Holiday Gift Guide researched, compiled
and written by Sarah Yasutake.
Gift Guide researched, compiled and written by Sarah Yasutake
New location for RA meetings
Come join us for fun and
sharing information
Rabbit Advocates is pleased to announce a new
monthly meeting location. Meetings will be held
in the meeting space of the non-profit organization
Bunnies in Baskets. Bunnies in Baskets is located
at 201 N. Alberta St. in North Portland. Bunnies
in Baskets is conveniently located in the Alberta
neighborhood not far from 15th Avenue.
Bunnies in Baskets is a non-profit organization that
trains, registers and supports Visiting (Therapy)
Rabbit Teams across the United States and Canada.
Bunny visits can be to nearly any location: facilities,
homes or even special events. The group’s volunteers
have gone to all sorts of places, including retired
community centers, schools, hospitals, hospice, and
more. The visit includes petting certified therapy
rabbits and humane education. Each rabbit has
been vet-certified for gentleness and patience with
people. Owners are trained on protocol for the
visits and information about rabbits.
Sarah Funseth Baran is the director of Bunnies in
Baskets. The organization began in 2008 and is
headquartered in Portland.
Thank you to Bunnies in Baskets and to Sarah for
the generous offer to host the Rabbit Advocates
monthly meetings. For more information about
Bunnies in Baskets, go to the website at www. For meeting dates please see
the back page of this newsletter.
Thank You
to Our Vets!
We gratefully acknowledge
the generosity of the following
veterinarians and staffs for their
services to our rescued rabbits:
Dr. Katrina Ramsell
Northwest Exotic Pet Vet
Dr. Chris Wilson
Beaverton Pet Clinic, Beaverton
Dr. Mark Burgess
Southwest Animal Hospital,
Dr. Sheri Schlorman
Creswell Veterinary Hospital,
Dr. Melinda Surrency
Hillsboro Veterinary Clinic,
Bunny Spa Days offer
convenient east and west
side services
Rabbit Advocates is pleased to announce two new
locations for its Bunny Spa Days. These special
events feature rabbits and volunteers providing
information on companion pet rabbits. For rabbits
brought to the Spa Day locations, volunteers offer
grooming and wellness checks. Volunteers trim
rabbit toenails and answer any health-related
questions owners may have.
Westside Bunny Spa Day
Every second Sunday of the month, from noon
to 3 p.m., volunteers will gather at the Tigard
PetSmart, located at 7501 SW Dartmouth Street,
next to WinCo.
Eastside Bunny Spa Day
Volunteers and available foster rabbits can be found
at Pets on Broadway, which is located at 2762 NE
Broadway in Portland. The last Bunny Spa Day of
2016 will be held there on Nov. 26. There will not
be a Spa Day in December, but volunteers will be on
hand on January 28, Feb. 25 and March 25, 2017.
Volunteers are needed and appreciated for both
of these events. Foster bunnies and foster care
providers are encouraged to attend. Volunteers to
talk to the public about companion pet rabbits are
always needed for these events.
For more information, see the Rabbit Advocate
website at
Dr. Doug Ferro
Barclay Hills Animal Clinic,
Oregon City
Dr. Nell Ostermeier
Lombard Animal Hospital, Portland
Dr. Peter Davis
St. Johns Veterinary Clinic,
Dr. Rebecca Prull
NW Neighborhood Vet Hospital,
Dr. Ken DeReamer
Dr. Monica Pollock
Paws and Claws Pet Medical
Center, Troutdale
and Peninsula Dog and Cat Clinic,
Dr. Matt Fricke
McKenzie Animal Hospital,
We’d love to add more names to this list!
Please call us at 503-617-1625 if you are
a rabbit-savvy vet who is able to donate
services to help rescued rabbits.
The Rabbit Advocate Wish List ~ 2016
Here’s how you can make a difference in a bunny’s life!
Rabbit Advocates depends on generous people like you, who give of themselves, their time and their
resources. Please consider Rabbit Advocates during this time of the year. Here’s how you can help.
Donate your car
Volunteer for OHS
Rabbit Advocates accepts tax deductible donations
in any amount. Use the online donation feature
on our web site ( to
contribute securely with a credit card or through
Paypal. Checks can be sent directly to: Rabbit
Advocates, P.O. Box 14235, Portland, OR 972930235. If you would like your donation to go to the
Medical Fund, which offsets the costs of medical
procedures and spay and neuter surgeries, please
write “Medical Fund” on your check.
The vehicle does not need to be in running
condition, but it should be able to sell for at least
$75 at public auction. All of the proceeds will go
to the Rabbit Advocates and you will receive a
donation receipt for your tax records. For more
information, contact volunteer Chris Arends at
[email protected]
Rabbit Advocates started as a group of Oregon
Humane Society volunteers and the connection
with the shelter remains strong. Rabbit Advocates
volunteers are encouraged to spend time at
the shelter, helping the rabbits in the Small
Animal Room. For more information on how to
volunteer for OHS, check the web site at www.
Adopt a rabbit
Give a forever home to one (or more!) of the
many rabbits currently being fostered by Rabbit
Advocate volunteers. Each adopted rabbit opens
up a space for another rabbit in need. Adoptable
rabbits are featured on our website: www.
Foster a rabbit
Provide a temporary home until a rabbit can be
placed in its forever home. For more information
on how to foster a rabbit, contact foster care
coordinator Karen Anderson at fosterinfo@
Sponsor a rabbit
Rabbit Advocate volunteers care for many
rabbits with medical issues requiring ongoing
vet care or major surgeries and medications. All
rabbits are in individual foster homes and most
expenses, including medical treatments, are paid
by the foster caregiver. Most of these special
needs rabbits are unadoptable because of their
medical problems and will remain in foster care
for their lifetimes. The Rabbit Advocate website
( now features a way
to help sponsor the ongoing care of these special
needs rabbits. Donations are gratefully accepted
online with a credit card or through Paypal. All
donations are tax deductible. Sponsor names will
be gratefully acknowledged on our website unless
the sponsor would prefer to remain anonymous.
Sport the logo proudly
Rabbit Advocates is proud to offer bumperstickers,
mugs and drawstring bags featuring our logo. For
more information, see the Rabbit Advocate website
Donate time to Bunny’s
Best Bites
Help raise money for the Rabbit Advocates’
medical fund by joining other volunteers who
mix and bag hay for Bunny’s Best Bites, the
Rabbit Advocates’ own custom blend of hays. Hay
packing parties take place at least once a month
at the Alpenrose Dairy in Southwest Portland.
For more information check the web site at www.
Help with Bunny Spa Days
Educational, fundraising, social, grooming and
adoption events all rolled into one, Bunny Spa Days
occur monthly. Rabbit Advocate volunteers, and
available foster rabbits, can be found at PetSmart
in Tigard and at Pets on Broadway in Northeast
Portland. This is an opportunity for the public
to learn about Rabbit Advocates and to meet
foster rabbits available for adoption. Volunteers
even trim toenails of rabbits brought in for spa
services. Volunteers are needed and appreciated.
For more information, check out the website at
Search or shop online
Rabbit Advocates is registered with GoodSearch.
com and Simply select Rabbit
Advocates as your designated charity, and each time
you conduct an internet search using GoodSearch.
com or shop online using, a
donation will be made to our organization. It costs
you nothing, but raises a small contribution for the
Rabbit Advocates each year.
Shop at Fred Meyer
Fred Meyer, Inc., is donating $2.5 million per
year to non-profit organizations in Alaska, Idaho,
Oregon and Washington. Rabbit Advocates is
now listed as one of the non-profit organizations
eligible to receive donations. The donations are
based on customer shopping patterns. To help
direct donations to Rabbit Advocates, register your
Fred Meyer rewards cards and follow the prompts
to direct your donation to bunnies. This is part of
the Fred Meyer community rewards program. If
you have a Fred Meyer Rewards card, register it at rewards. Search
for Rabbit Advocates by name or by the assigned
non-profit number, 81975. Every time you shop
and use your rewards card, Rabbit Advocates earns
a small donation. The program does not change
your earnings for rewards points or fuel points. But
it will help Rabbit Advocates. If you do not have
a Fred Meyer Rewards Card, pick one up today.
Nonprofit Org.
U.S. Postage
Portland, OR
Permit No. 2191
Rabbit Advocates
PO Box 14235
the Welfare of
Domestic Rabbits”
Upcoming Meetings & Events 2017
3rd Sunday of the month
3:30 pm – 5:30 pm
Hay Packing Parties
R abbit Advocates sponsors educational events
featuring rabbits and volunteers with tips on handling
rabbits, their diet, housing, health and general care.
Experienced volunteers provide grooming and nail
trimming services for rabbits. (Suggested donations
of $5 for nail trims and $5 for light grooming is
Location: Bunnies in Baskets, 201
N. Alberta St., Portland, OR
Meetings begin with a “Bunny
Basics” Q & A session where we
invite your questions about any
aspect of rabbit care. The public
is welcome!
DEC 18*
JAN 22
FEB 19
MAR 19
APR 16
MAY 21
JUN 18
*Location to be determined.
Rabbit Advocates will not be holding a
monthly meeting during the months of
July and August. Check our website for
more information.
Volunteers blend and bag different types of hay
to create Bunny’s Best Bites, our own custom
blend of hay. For more information about the
hay parties, see the Rabbit Advocate website at
NEW Location:
Alpenrose Dairy
6149 SW Shattuck Road
Portland, OR
Spa Days are held in convenient locations:
Tigard PetSmart
7501 SW Dartmouth Street
Find us on Facebook:
Rabbit Advocates
Pets on Broadway
2762 NE Broadway Street
Follow us on
Please see the website for dates and times.

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