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Edge One Region DN Expansion
High performance and availability for global app deployments
Apigee Edge One Region DN Expansion (API-DN)
ensures that applications built on APIs deliver optimized data
with extremely high performance and high availability to
devices anywhere in the world.
API-DN puts the API where your customers are, giving the
enterprise global reach into the thousands of new market
segments created by mobile, social, and cloud apps. APIs are
the foundation of interdependent Web services, and just like
you'd never think of launching a website without using a
content delivery network, businesses shouldn't launch a global
app strategy without global API distribution and acceleration.
Delivered as a fully managed cloud service with a 99.99%
service availability SLA. Supported by continuous API
platform availability monitoring and 24/7 global operations
and support.
Optimizes your API speed, uptime and delivery to
connected devices anywhere in the world.
Provides hosting and runtime operations of your APIs in up
to five cloud regions across the globe (US East, US West,
EU West, APAC Japan & APAC Singapore).
Provides intelligent caching and mobile optimization for
faster load time and for offloading processing intensive
Global reach done reliably and consistently
The enterprise today must reach a growing global audience
that has moved beyond the browser to mobile and social apps
on an unlimited number of connected devices. But with these
new markets and opportunities come higher expectations for
app and service performance, reliability and consistency
across a user’s connected devices.
The Apigee API-DN provides a globally distributed API
infrastructure that provides levels of availability approaching
Redundancy – API-DN deploys multiple clusters of Apigee
Edge API Infrastructure to each region.
Availability – High availability is provided through transparent
API Services failover. Traffic is redirected to other available
nodes within a region if an API Services unit node fails and to
other available regions if all API Services unit nodes in one
region become unavailable.
Consistency – More predictable service is provided by
flexible traffic routing to the optimal endpoint based on
network performance and geo-location.
Reliability – Supports backend service failover with ability to
set health-checks on your backend services and to redirect
traffic to geo-redundant services when health-check on
primary service fails.
Elasticity – Apigee serves as an elastic buffer between apps
and backend services – expanding capacity in periods of peak
Fig. 1: Apigee API-DN provides availability levels of 99.99%
Nobody wants to use a slow app
With this explosion of consumption come new demands on
services and infrastructure. Enterprise markets are becoming
more connected, with your brand is being mixed into app
platforms, social networks, and cloud services with increasing
global reach. And today’s ‘hit economy’ of instantly popular
apps creates very short windows of opportunity to make an
impression with customers who have high expectations. This
means mobile and social apps create a higher, steeper, and
less predictable demand curve than browser-based web apps.
The quality of your customer’s mobile app experience is only
as strong as your ability to deliver fast, reliable, and consistent
service to app end-users through your APIs.
Plugging an API into Edge API-DN can dramatically improve
the speed of apps on mobile, social, and cloud platforms.
Results can be dramatic, with mobile apps performing up to
10x faster.
Distributed API Infrastructure – Replicated, clustered
runtime operations of APIs in up to five global regions, serving
dynamic content and executing API operational policy in the
region nearest to the end-user.
Caching and Quotas – Globally distributed cache and quotas
to improve performance and scalability. Programmatic API
response caching gives fine-grained control over dynamic
content and enables API results to be cached locally. API
calls are subsequently faster and mobile device performance
is improved.
©2014 Apigee. All Rights Reserved.
Offloading – Streamlined content, response caching,
pagination, and protocol and format transformations handled
regionally reduces the amount of data sent over networks and
helps to optimize for mobile.
Configuration and Deployment
Apigee API-DN is delivered as a fully managed cloud service.
The API-DN service consists of deployments of a complete
configuration of Apigee Edge API Infrastructure in up to five
cloud regions across the globe (US East, US West, EU West,
APAC Japan & APAC Singapore).
Fig. 2: Apigee API-DN provides Global Enterprises with Global Reach
Scale your service delivery
Tune your service delivery to meet the specific needs of a
device or app partner, while providing significant cost and
scalability benefits in service delivery.
Device Optimization – Apigee transforms any API to run
faster and more efficiently on any device by streamlining
content, response caching, pagination as well as protocol and
format transformations.
CDN Optimization – API-DN can help you optimize your
CDN usage and costs by dynamically selecting the closest
CDN endpoint based on parameters such as a client’s IP
Improve 3 Party APIs – API-DN technology can also be
applied to make the APIs you consume more robust. Cache,
transform and provide elastic capacity over partner APIs to
protect your customer’s experience from partner API issues.
Redundancy and failover is built in to each region through
deployment on multiple availability zones. Failover
between regions provides additional redundancy to
provide service availability levels up to 99.99%.
Management and operational tools enable fine-tuning of
service delivery, including CDN optimization.
Integrated control provides a single point of control for
distributed API deployment and configuration.
Critical runtime, content, and operational data associated
with your APIs are automatically replicated across regions.
Operational policies on API traffic, including authentication
and authorization (including OAuth) are executed in the
local region where possible and reduce invalid API
requests against your backend systems.
Analytics Services are integrated to synthesize data
across all regions and provide a comprehensive,
worldwide view of your API program.
API BaaS can be deployed as single-region in conjunction
with a multi-region (API-DN) instance of Apigee Edge to
provide performance and scalability benefits.
Analytics and Developer Services operate in single region
deployments in supporting API-DN.
Fig. 3: Apigee API-DN optimizes APIs for mobile device consumption
©2014 Apigee. All Rights Reserved.

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