UWF Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors Meeting UWF Main Campus Pensacola, FL

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UWF Foundation, Inc.
Board of Directors Meeting
UWF Main Campus
Pensacola, FL
Minutes of December 9, 2015
Members: BOD Chair John Hutchinson, Dr. Judy Bense, Mr. Brett Barrow, Mr. Scott Barrow, Mr. Dave Cleveland, Mr.
Jason Crawford, Mrs. Gail Dorsey, Mr. Ray Flores, Mr. Jacob Hebert, Mr. James Hosman, Mrs. Kathie Jeffcoat, Mr. C.
Ray Jones, Mrs. Kim MacQueen, Mr. Trip Maygarden, Mr. John Peacock, Jr., Mr. Richard Peterson, Dr. John Platt, Mr.
Steve Riggs, Mr. Gordon Sprague, Mr. Bruce Vredenburg, and Mr. Brian Wyer
Staff: Dr. Brendan Kelly, Mr. Daniel Lucas, and Ms. Patricia Barlow
Guests: Mrs. Martha Lee Blodgett, Mrs. Missy Grace, Mr. Howard Reddy, Mr. Brett Berg, and Ms. E. Jan Butts
Call to Order: Mr. Hutchinson called the meeting to order at 3:35 p.m. and welcomed everyone.
Roll Call and Approval of the Minutes: Mr. Peterson verified that a quorum had been established. The Board reviewed
the minutes of the Board of Directors meeting held on September 29, 2015. Mr. Sprague made a motion to approve the
minutes as submitted. Mr. Hosman seconded the motion, with all voting to approve the motion.
Information Reports:
University Update: Dr. Bense presented the University Update including updates on the Florida Board of Governors’
performance-based funding metrics. There is a bill in the legislature to codify the metrics. The UWF Board of Trustees
will be sending a resolution requesting that the funding for the annex for laboratory building 58 be designated a priority
to ensure the completion of this renovation essential to UWF’s STEM programs. The BOT will also review and approve
the individuals who will comprise the President’s Search Committee. The work of the search committee will get
underway following its appointment.
Advancement Report: Dr. Kelly presented the Advancement Report. He shared information about the
implementation of the UWF Historic Trust’s Interpretive Master Plan and a vision casting session held with alumni to
provide feedback to the Center for Entrepreneurship. He noted several gifts including $75,000 to UWF Football;
$75,000 to accounting; $50,000 to hospitality; and $30,000 to music. He gave an overview of the money raised in
comparison to goals set. He recognized Martha Lee Blodgett, Associate Vice President, who was awarded the 2015
Fundraising Professional of the Year by West Florida Chapter the Association of Fundraising Professionals.
Alumni Report: Mr. Barrow presented the Alumni report sharing that the Alumni Board had had its first meeting and
has developed a dashboard to help it monitor the association’s progress toward achieving established goals. Alumni
events continue to have strong participation and alumni engagement, and the board and staff will continue to work to
increase alumni engagement in the life of UWF.
CFO’s Report: Mr. Lucas presented the CFO’s Report, giving updates on the project to assess and improve the gift
management processes and the project to establish a centralized scholarship database and management platform.
Recommendations on potential improvements to processes are anticipated from the consultant shortly, and the staff will
work to prioritize and implement suggestions. The centralized scholarship platform will be implemented in three phases.
Phase 1 will open the platform to financial aid, admissions, and Foundation staff. Phase 2 will expand the platform to
departments throughout campus who award scholarships (Fall 2016). Phase 3 will open the platform up for public
viewing (estimated for Fall 2017).
Reports of Board Officers & Committees:
Executive Committee: Mr. Hutchinson reported that there were no actions taken by the Executive Committee since
the last Board meeting.
UWF Foundation, Inc.
Board of Directors Meeting
Minutes of December 9, 2015
Page 2
Investment Committee: Mr. Sprague presented the Investment Committee report. As of September 30, 2015, the
investment value (minus reserves) was $68,945,432. With reserves, the pool is $72,553,165. Mr. Sprague reported that
although it had been a difficult quarter for investors, the returns for the Foundation had greatly improved for October
2015. He also shared that managers from William Blair, Dodge and Cox, and DFA Emerging Markets had presented to
the committee at its last meeting to discuss their strategies and recent performance.
Audit/Budget Committee: Mr. Lucas presented the Audit Budget Committee report on behalf of the treasurer. He
reported that the committee had reviewed the Housing and Foundation’s operating budgets for the quarter ending
September 30, 2015. No significant variances were noted in either budget. He shared that Housing had reported to the
committee in November that its staff had developed a detailed marketing plan to increase occupancy. He added that here
would not be an increase in housing rates for the next fiscal year. Finally, Mr. Lucas noted that the committee had
reviewed the Foundation’s internal controls and found them to be consistent with best practices.
Nominating Committee: Mr. Jones presented the report for the Nominating Committee. The committee anticipates that
there may be 3-4 positions to fill depending on reappointments. He asked members of the Board to consider possible
candidates and encourage those individuals to consider serving. He also asked board members to consider possible
fellows. Mr. Jones reported that the Nominating Committee would be trying a new approach to assessing board members’
engagement. Rather than using the previously used questionnaire, the committee would be sending out an online survey
with 2-3 open ended questions related to the experience of being a Foundation Board member. The survey will be
disseminated in the fourth quarter. Mr. Hutchinson encouraged all members to complete the survey when they receive
Grant Committee: There was no report from the Grant Committee.
Other Business: Dr. Kelly presented information about a gift of property that was presented to the Foundation. The
property is in Santa Rosa County and is expected to be converted into a living history site to celebrate and educate the
public about the agricultural history of Northwest Florida. He asked the Board to approve a resolution that would
authorize him to complete the transaction. Mr. Peterson moved to approve the resolution; Mr. Wyer seconded the motion.
All voted in favor of the motion.
Mr. Lucas notified the Board as an information item that new signature cards would be set up for Housing’s bank
Adjournment: Mr. Hutchinson thanked the Board members and staff for their participation in the meeting. There being
no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:35 p.m.
Minutes recorded by Patricia Barlow on December 9, 2015

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