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Thomas Pemberton Leigh, 1st Baron Kingsdown
Thomas Pemberton Leigh, 1st Baron Kingsdown

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Harry Lee Doll
Harry Lee Doll

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James Moore Wayne
James Moore Wayne

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William Carson
William Carson

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Jane Johnson (slave)
Jane Johnson (slave)

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Stuart Butler
Stuart Butler

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Robert Williams Daniel
Robert Williams Daniel

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David West (basketball)
David West (basketball)

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Henry Clay
Henry Clay

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Hanover County Historical Society, Inc.
“I know of no way of judging of the future but by the past.”
Patrick Henry
March 2016
President’s Corner
Welcome, everyone, to a new year full of promises! As you will see in this issue of Highlights, the Society
is alive and well and has a lot going on. The Highlights and the HCHS website,, are
both very useful tools for learning about opportunities to participate in one of the most fun and rewarding
disciplines you can find in learning about history in Hanover County.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Art Taylor for so capably leading the Society for the past six
years – yes, six years! With his guidance, the Society and Board together have moved into a more active
Society than in recent years. The annual Patrick Henry Leadership Awards program has been initiated with
presentation of plaques at the Gala Event in the fall; the web page now has a Webmaster, Peter Hempfling,
and is the best source for up-to-date events and happenings within the Society; four Membership meetings
per year; beginnings of a Hanover County Museum, and the list goes on. I also want to thank Dale Paige
Talley, our Curator, for her countless hours and patience in cataloging the Society’s accessions. Our
accessions are currently stored in the Old Jail in the Hanover County Complex, an environmentallycontrolled structure, and will be on display from time to time during our events.
It is with sadness that I report the Society will not become the tenant of the Nutshell home located behind
the Administration Building in the County Complex. This decision of the Facilities Committee for the
Hanover County Board of Supervisors arrived in mid-December, stating that the home shall be removed
from the property. The Society will be allowed to photograph the property and the County will remove the
most relevant components of the home that can be preserved for display in a future museum.
Yet another historic home has also been lost – Hickory Bottom as shown on page 130 of the Old Homes
book. For more pictures and information on Hickory Bottom, please see our web page. May she rest in
If you are retired or simply have some spare time, please volunteer to be a docent at the historic Hanover
Courthouse on the second Tuesday of each month. Please contact [email protected] or telephone me
at 804-537-5081. Also, if you are interested in committee work, we have a place for you. Please support the
Society as a docent volunteer or Committee Chair.
WELCOME to our new members: Frank Gullota, Ashland; Scott Hanes, Petersburg; Michael Wilkin,
Ashland; Pamela Stoneburner, Waynesboro; Virginia Kuhn, Dallas, TX; Scott Bowden, Dallas, TX; David
Deal, Mechanicsville; Ben Bursae, Ashland.
Our next Membership Meeting will be Sunday, April 3, at 2:00 p.m., St. Paul’s Church, St. Paul’s Church
Road, Hanover, VA. The program will be Hanover and Her Railroads…Louisa Railroad, Richmond,
Fredericksburg & Potomac Railroad, and Richmond & Rappahannock River Railroad, with Art Taylor as
Speaker. Hope to see all of you there!
Faye M. Wade
Fund Raiser to Replace Henry Clay Marker
The Society is raising funds to
replace the historical marker
noting the birthplace of Henry
Clay, Hanover’s “other native
son.” The original marker,
unveiled in 1934, has been
removed by VDOT due to
issues with condition and
location. The Virginia Dept.
recommends a new marker
with a richer description of
VDOT has determined a safer
location for the traveling
public to stop on Rt. 301.
Membership Meetings
Sunday, April 3 at 2:00 p.m.
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
at the intersection of Rts. 54 & 301
Hanover & Her Railroads, Art Taylor
June 26, 2:00 p.m.
Program & Location TBA.
Sept. 13, 5:30 p.m.
Member~Guest Social
Patrick Henry Leadership Awards
Hickory Hill
Dec. 6, 6:00 p.m.
Annual Meeting
Covenant Woods
Our goal for the new marker is
$1,630.00. To make a donation, visit
our website at
or mail your check to Hanover County
Historical Society, Inc., P.O. Box 91,
Hanover, VA 23069, noting “Clay
Marker” on the memo line. The
Society is a 501(c) (3) non-profit
organization; therefore, your donation
may be tax-deductible as provided by
our tax status.
Unless otherwise
directed by a donor, donations above
the amount needed for this project will
be set aside in a fund for similar
situations in the future.
New Book about Confederates
at Woodland Cemetery
A significant new contribution to Hanover
County history has reached print. James B.
Upton’s book, Leaving Neither Wife, Child Nor
Father: the Story of the Confederate Burial
Ground, Ashland, Virginia & the Men Who are
Buried There, is a thorough and much-needed
history of the Confederate hospitals in Ashland
and the burial of more than 250 soldiers at what
became Woodland Cemetery.
Biographical sketches of the soldiers interred in
that pleasant old cemetery are the sinew of the
book, but one need not be a descendant to find
Upton’s work of interest. Fully two-thirds of the
269 pages chronicle connected subjects, such as
Ashland in the 1860s and 1870s, and the broader
history of the cemetery. Rigorous research
buttresses everything. The result is a really
useful piece of local scholarship.
Robert E. L. Krick
See Bulletin pages 3-5 for more information.
~ Hanover County Historical Society Membership 2016 ~
Ms. Adeline B. Albert
Mrs. Mary T. Alexander
Mr. Sterling P. Anderson Jr.
Mr. Mike Andrus
Mr. & Mrs. Frank B. Atkinson
Ms. A. Lisa Barker
Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin T. Baughan
Ms. Carol Beam
Mr. Temple Blunt
Mr. Tommy Bobo
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Boclair
Mr. Scott Bowden
Mr. W. Bragg Jr.
Mr. Douglas Britton
Mr. Henry Ruffin Broaddus
Mrs. Frances Broaadus-Crutchfield
Mr. & Mrs. Louis L. Brooking Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. David K. Bryant
Mr. & Mrs. Charles O. Burnett
Ms. Dawn M. Burnett
Mr. Ben Bursae
Mr. Stuart Butler
Mr. Hugh Campbell
Mr. William Carson
Mr. Michael Wayne Cassidy
Mr. Raleigh L. Cassidy
Mr. Ben Cleary
Mr. J. Harwood Cochrane
Mr. Christopher Colby
Mrs. Marla Coleman
Mr. A. Bryan Cowardin
Ms. Elizabeth Cox
Mr. & Mrs. Elmo G. Cross Jr.
Mrs. Virginia Darnell
Mr. & Mrs. Sean Davis
Mr. David Deal
Ms. Doris Maxwell Dell
Mrs. Charles E. Dexter
Ms. Lucy DeYoung
Ms. Ernestine Dodl
Ms. Donna T. Douglas
Mrs. Brian D. Draper
Ms. Isabelle Duke
Mr. & Mrs. Griff Durant
Mrs. Leonora Dursin
Mrs. Virginia Ellett
Ms. Martha G. Elmore
Mrs. Mildred Carrington Hart Ewell
Ms. Melissa Fitzgerald
Mr. Keith Fleckner
Mr. & Mrs. Frank C. Flippo
Mrs. Jean Ford
Ms. Connie W. Foster
Hon. & Mrs. Hyland F. Fowler Jr.
Mr. Richard H. Fox
Ms. Juliana Franklin
Mrs. Jean Frawner
Mr. David Fuller
Mr. Roderick Gardner
Mr. William R. Gardner Jr.
Ms. Elizabeth H. Gardner
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Garlick
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Geldzahler
Mr. Robert Giles
Mr. Robert M. Ginnings
Ms. Diane Mason Gray
Ms. Carolyn Griffin
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Gullotta
Mr. William Guyton
Mrs. Shirley A. Haas
Mr. Scott Hanes
Mr. & Mrs. Frank D. Hargrove Jr.
Hon. Frank Hargrove Sr.
Dr. & Mrs. Charles W. Harrill
Mr. Edward A. Harris
Mr. Wayne T. Hazzard
Mr. Byron L. Heath
Mr. Travis C. Hebert
Dr. & Mrs. Walter P. Hempfling
Mr. Peter Hempfling
Ms. Julia Henley
Mr. Ralph L. Hodge
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick A. Hodnett
Mr. Brant Holcomb
Mr. Willie Hunley
Mrs. James G. Hunt Jr.
Mr. Walter Hyer
Ms. Marie Jennings
Ms. Jane Johnson
Mr. Daniel H. Johnson
Mr. Henry A. Johnson Jr.
Ms. Barbara Johnson
Ms. Susan T. Johnson
Ms. Carol Ann Jones
Ms. Marion R. Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Robley S. Jones
Mr. & Mrs. L. Wayne Kirby
Mr. Robert E. L. Krick
Mrs. Virginia Kuhn
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Lacy
Ms. Laura E. Lasky
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Lawhorne
Ms. Susan Weems Leachman
Mr. Edward A. Leake Jr.
Mr. Harry Lee
Mr. Lewis Leigh Jr.
Ms. Donna Lesniak
Mr. & Mrs. Donald W. Little
Mr. & Mrs. Don Lloyd
Mr. DeWitt Long
Mrs. Patricia Loughridge
Mrs. Cynthia W. Lowry
Mrs. Judy Lowry
Mr. Alastair Macdonald
Mr. Scott Macdonald
Dr. & Mrs. Norman Marks
Mr. William Martin Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. McCluan
Mr. & Mrs. Frederic McGhee
Mr. C. Q. Meadows
Mr. Lewis V. Mills
Mr. Ralph Mitchell
Ms. Cynthia Modzelewski
Mr. Joseph Monolo
Mr. & Mrs. James Moore
Mr. Richard Moore Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Brent D. Morgan
Mr. & Mrs. Dale Mullen
Mrs. Anne D. Nelson
Mr. Willoughby Newton
Ms. Brienne Nix
Mr. & Mrs. David L. Nuckols
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph O’Connor
Mr. & Mrs. Carlton Odell
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Olberg
Mr. Rosewell Page III
Ms. Catherine A. Patterson
Hon. Christopher K. Peace
Mr. Chapman L. Pemberton
Mr. Robert Pemberton
Mr. Thomas Pemberton IV
Ms. Brenda Pennington
Dr. & Mrs. Harvey Phillips
Mr. Philip Pillsbury
Mr. & Mrs. Russell Pond
Mr. Sumpter Priddy Jr.
Mr. John A. Prince
Mr. Shannon Pritchard
Mr. Maurice H. Redding III
Mr. David Rice
Ms. Patricia Rollston
Mrs. Anne S. Rose
Ms. Jane B. Ruffin
Ms. C. Lindsay Ryland
Ms. Frances Sadler
Ms. Mary Elizabeth Sanders
Mr. & Mrs. George Satterwhite
Ms. Natalie Schermerhorn
Mr. Charles Schmetzer
Mrs. Jerome M. Shalf
Mr. Brooke B. Smith Jr.
Mr. R. Garnett Smith
Mr. William Snead Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. James C. Snitzer
Ms. Jean St. John
Mr. Daryl Starnes
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Stevenson
Ms. Pamela Talley Stoneburner
Mr. & Mrs. Gary B. Stouffer
Mr. & Mrs. Norman Sulser
Ms. Dale Paige Talley
Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Tate
Mr. Arthur H. Taylor III
Mr. Arthur H. Taylor IV
Mrs. Nelson Taylor
Ms. Deborah A. Taylor
Mr. Larry Terrell
Mr. Page Thompson
Mr. Donald H. Timberlake
Ms. Elizabeth Trainham
Mr. John Tucker III
Mr. & Mrs. Ted Tussey
Mr. Michael W. Tyler
Ms. Jill Vanderpol
Ms. Miriam L. Vaughan
Ms. Sally Vizthum
Mrs. Faye Wade
Mr. & Mrs. Harry J. Warthen III
Mr. David West
Mr.Michael Wilkin
Mr. Robert Williams
Mr. John Hardy Willson
Mr. & Mrs. William E. Winfrey
Mrs. Martha Wingfield
Mr. A. Winston III
Mrs. Helen K. Yates
Society Accessions on Display at our 2015 Annual Meeting
See Bulletin pages 6-7 for more.
This cavalry helmet has an orange horsehair plume
that should protrude from the ornament at the top. It
has been in its current position so long, it cannot be
reattached without professional conservation.

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