Slopes under the bridge ends where shown on the plans... the provisions in Section 72-6, "Slope Paving," of the Standard... 10-1.__ SLOPE PAVING

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Slopes under the bridge ends where shown on the plans shall be paved in conformance with
the provisions in Section 72-6, "Slope Paving," of the Standard Specifications and these special
Masonry block for slope paving shall be concrete pavers conforming to ASTM Designation:
C 90, Type-II. The surface exposed to view shall have split face texture.
The nominal size of concrete pavers shall be 203 mm x 51 mm x 406 mm. Head and bed
mortar joints shall be 13 mm thick.
Portland cement shall conform to the provisions in Section 90-2.01, "Portland Cement," of
the Standard Specifications.
Hydrated lime shall conform to ASTM Designation: C 207, Type S.
Mortar sand shall be commercially produced for masonry work and free of organic impurities
and lumps of clay and shale.
Mortar for laying concrete pavers shall consist, by volume, of one part portland cement, 0 to
1/2 part of hydrated lime, and 2 1/4 to 3 parts of mortar sand. Sufficient water shall be added to
make a workable mortar. Each batch of mortar shall be accurately measured and thoroughly
mixed. Mortar shall be freshly mixed as required. Mortar shall not be retempered more than one
hour after mixing. The amount of lime shall be reduced as necessary to prevent leaching and
efflorescence on finished surfaces.
A proprietary, premixed packaged blend of cement, lime, and sand, without color, that
requires only water to prepare for use as brick mortar or grout may be furnished for mortar.
Packages of premix shall bear the manufacturer's name, brand, weight, and color identification.
The manufacturer's recommended mixing proportions and procedures shall be furnished to the
The top surface of the air-blown mortar or concrete base shall be lightly and evenly scored
horizontally and vertically with a metal scratcher having grooves not more than 25 mm apart.
The air-blown mortar or concrete base shall be cured by the water method for at least 2 days.
Concrete pavers shall be laid and embedded in approximately 25 mm thick mortar.
Embedment shall be shoved tight so that mortar is flushed into the joints to a depth of
approximately 13 mm.
Joints shall be straight and of uniform and equal width.
Surfaces of completed masonry, concrete, and other such materials exposed to view shall be
protected from spillage, splatters and other deposits of cementitious materials from masonry
construction. All such deposits shall be removed without damage to the materials or exposed
surfaces. Stains, efflorescence, laitance, splashes or spots on the faces of masonry exposed to
view shall be removed. Cleaning agents shall conform to the concrete paver manufacturers
recommendations. Cleaning agents shall be applied to a sample area acceptable to the Engineer,
and their performance and the cleaning methods approved by the Engineer before proceeding
with cleaning beyond the sample area.
Slope paving (masonry block) will be measured by the square meter. The area to be paid for
will be calculated from the lengths and widths placed.
The contract price paid per square meter for slope paving (masonry block) shall include full
compensation for furnishing all labor, materials (including concrete pavers and reinforcement),
tools, equipment, and incidentals and for doing all the work involved in slope paving, complete
in place, as shown on the plans, as specified in the Standard Specifications and these special
provisions, and as directed by the Engineer.

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