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Issue 160 | 8 - 14 March 2016
(Where Sold)
Life-changing Implants
By Mackenzie Orrock
Page 3
Officer finds measures in
place to reduce drug use
and crime to be efficient
See page 2
Local pupils
join hands for
Page 6
Event to raise awareness
for Nottingham’s disabled
See page 4
encouraged to
take care of
their teeth
Price 20p
Page 8
When the parents of a young Nottinghamshire boy found out he was
deaf at just a month old, they were
naturally devastated. Now, four
years on, having undergone a revolutionary surgical procedure, they
cannot believe the progress he has
After a series of tests at the Queen’s
Medical Centre confirmed that Alex
was born deaf, his parents made it
their mission to make sure he got
the best treatment possible. At just
six weeks old, Alex was fitted with
his first pair of hearing aids that his
mother Stav describes as ‘a nightmare’ to keep in and, after a continuous struggle with them; Alex’s
parents took it upon themselves to
consider his other options.
They had first heard about cochlear
implants at the Alex’s first appointment for his hearing aid moulds.
The audiologist had offered the parents a referral to the cochlear team
but, having heard stories of the infections and complications that can
occur with these types of implants;
they were reluctant to make the decision.
his speech as ‘fantastic’ and couldn’t
be any prouder of the progress he has
made since his implant surgery.
Alex currently attends a hearing nursery school and is set
to start mainstream school in
Following on from World
Hearing Day last week that
this year focused on childhood hearing loss, Alex’s
parents are sharing his
story in the hope that
it will inspire other
families like theirs
to make the decision that changed
their son’s life.
The Council’s
Mansfield District Council is
making bold steps to reduce its
carbon footprint by installing
400 solar panels at the Civic
The scheme will cost £115,000
to install but the expected savings through Feed in Tariff payments and reduced electricity
bills for the council, will total
around £12,000 per year. It
should have paid for itself within ten years.
Work on installing the panels
will begin this week with completion due at the end of March.
The scheme was developed
after a comprehensive energy
review in 2012 and agreed by
Capital Project Board as part
of the council’s commitment to
energy efficiency and has been
funded through the council’s
dedicated energy efficiency
Councillor Andrew Tristram,
Portfolio Holder for the Environment, said: “We’re proud to
be making a difference and upholding our corporate priority;
to protect the environment.
“This is a great achievement
for the council as we are leading the way on reducing carbon
T: 01159313879
But the more they looked into it,
the more obvious it became that this
was something that could make a
huge difference to Alex’s life and so,
at eight months old, he underwent
bilateral cochlear implant surgery.
Four years later, Alex’s parents are
incredibly grateful for the amazing
technology that has changed his life
and the team that have supported
him on his journey. His mum describes his teacher of the deaf, Debbie Gamage, as ‘the most important
member of Alex’s team of support’.
Debbie works with children with
hearing impediments of all ages to
help them to progress and develop
as much as physically possible and
Stav describes her as ‘His saviour
since he was seven weeks old.’ She
also gives thanks to the ear foundation who have been an important
part of Alex’s life, helping him to
make progress with regular play
groups and speech language therapy
‘He hears in his own way’, she comments, admitting that his ability
to hear is not perfect and there are
certain limitations such as distance
that can affect him but she describes
E: [email protected]
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 313879
Smart Socks To Revolutionise Diabetic Care
Doctors will be able to remotely monitor diabetic people for a potentially life
threatening condition thanks to the development of socks which measure foot
“By combining electronic sensors with
fibres in a yarn, we’re able to spot the first
signs of ulcers remotely, giving advanced
warning of when they occur and potentially helping sufferers avoid the develop-
dangerous to diabetics due to the nerve
damage and circulation problems that
diabetics often suffer from.
“Not only are diabetics unable to feel
when they have damaged their feet, this
Research by Nottingham Trent University, in collaboration with Copenhagen/San
Francisco-based Siren Care, has led to the
development of electronic smart socks
which inform users of the early signs of
diabetic foot ulcers.
The technology, developed by a team led
by Professor Tilak Dias, from the university’s School of Art & Design, can continuously measure the temperature of a
patient’s feet and relay the data live to the
accompanying Siren app.
The aim is to give advanced warning of
when users may be about to develop an
ulcer, allowing them to prevent the onset
of the ulcer and learn to adjust their behaviour based on the feedback.
Professor Dias, who leads the university’s
Advanced Textiles Research Group, said:
Reward Your Local Hero
“It's essential that diabetic foot ulcers are
Nominations are now open for the annual Mansfield identified and treated as quickly as posVolunteer Awards to reward local heroes in the com- sible before they increasingly damage a
person’s health.
The awards are supported by Mansfield District
Council, Mansfield Community & Voluntary Service
and Nottinghamshire County Council and there are
seven categories:
Nominations close on Friday 29 April. Winners and The publishers of a new book on NET
nominators will be invited to attend this year's award Phase Two launched it at the tourist inceremony, which will take place on Thursday 9 June formation centre on Smithy Row last
at the John Fretwell Sporting Complex in Warsop.
Executive Mayor of Mansfield Kate Allsop said:
"This is a fantastic scheme and great way to show our ‘Nottingham’s Growing Tramway:
appreciation to those people who really make a dif- Building on NET’s Success’ by Geofference and bring something positive to this district." frey Skelsey, published by the Light
To make a nomination online, visit www.mansfield. Rail Transit Association (LRTA), is 96 or for more information visit pages long and includes chapters on
or Nottingham’s tram history, comparisons
call Mansfield CVS on 01623 651 177.
ment of a very serious condition.”
People with diabetes can have reduced
nerve function due to peripheral diabetic
neuropathy, and are prone to frequent
and often severe foot problems with a
relatively high risk of infection, gangrene
and amputation. A temperature difference
between the two feet can be one of the
first signs of an ulcer forming.
The Siren Smart Sock System works by
measuring temperature with thermistors
that are less than an third of a millimetre long. Encapsulated in water-resistant
resin pods, they are embedded into the
yarns of the socks and are too tiny to be
felt by the wearer.
Connected by conductive filaments to a
custom-made Bluetooth device developed by Siren Care, the socks communicate the temperature data via the patient’s
smartphone to a doctor’s computer.
Ran Ma, chief executive officer of Siren
Care, said: “Foot ulcers are especially
damage can become severe due to the inability of the wound to heal, leading to
a limb lost to diabetes every 30 seconds
around the world.
“Clinical trials have shown that temperature monitoring can prevent diabetic foot
ulcers up to 72 per cent. A temperature
sensing sock, which will provide the diabetic patient and their support structure
with early warning system for foot ulcers,
is easy to use and will fit seamlessly into
their lives.”
Researcher Pasindu Lugoda, who developed the temperature sensor technology
as part of his PhD, said: “What's special
about our design is that the socks are fully
washable and wearable. For all intents
and purposes, it’s like you’re wearing
an ordinary pair of socks. But in actual
fact you're wearing a sophisticated piece
of technology which is monitoring your
health and relaying live information to
your doctor.”
69a Main Street, Burton Joyce,
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire,
NG14 5ED
Telephone: 01159313879
Email: [email protected]
Connect With Japan
Representatives from Japan related companies in the
East Midlands, such as Toyota Manufacturing UK
and Japan In Perspective, will be discussing the contribution that Japanese businesses make to the sustainability of manufacturing in the UK through the
use of environmental technologies at a Nottingham
Business School event on Monday 14 March.
Dr Angelo Bisignano, principal lecturer in International Business and Strategic Management at Nottingham Business School, said: “Many people look
at China as an important investor and the Japanese
contribution to our region and country is overlooked.
In fact, Japanese companies are one of the UK's key
long-term inward investors, bringing sustainable and
innovative technologies to their operations here.”
The discussion is free to attend but places are limited,
please book online via http://japanuksustainability.
Nottingham’s Tram Network Documented
with other tram cities, the construction
of NET Phase Two and the future for
trams in Britain. It is now on sale at the
tourist information centre for £16.50 and
at for the same price
(plus postage).
The new book includes a foreword by
Councillor Jane Urquhart, with lead responsibility for NET at Nottingham City
Council. She said: “I was very pleased
Effective Deterrent
Deterrent drug testing equipment and street pastor patrols are visibly helping to reduce harm among people
out on the town, Nottinghamshire Police and Crime
Commissioner Paddy Tipping said today.
On late-night walkabout in Newark on Saturday (5
March) Mr Tipping saw the drug testing equipment
in action at a town centre pub, and also joined the
Newark and Sherwood Street Pastors whose patrols
have helped to reduce under-age drinking and fights.
“These are two simply excellent and invaluable additions to the work done by Nottinghamshire Police and
its partners in keeping people safe when on a night
out with their friends.” he said.
The MORPHO drug testing machine is set up outside
pubs and used as part of a condition of entering the
venue. It works by customers’ hands being swabbed
and then passing through the machine to detect traces
of drugs. A positive result may lead to a drugs search
and refusal of entry.
“This serves as a deterrent to anyone carrying drugs
as they don’t try to enter pubs. It also results in further
preventing the possibilities of crime and disorder,”
Mr Tipping pointed out.
to be asked to contribute the foreword
to this book, which documents an important part of Nottingham’s transport
history. Having been involved with
both phases of the development, first as
a councillor in Bulwell and then as the
portfolio holder, it was challenging at
times but always rewarding to see the
transformation made to our city. The
new lines are providing opportunities
for tens of thousands of residents, as
well as many businesses, but we aren’t
resting on our laurels. I hope to see the
network further expanded in the coming
Steve Lowe, Chief Executive of NET
concessionaire Tramlink Nottingham,
said: “This is a fantastic record of a major project that has positively changed
the face of Nottingham forever. It’s important for this story to be documented
in this way so local people and visitors
– both now and in future generations –
can fully appreciate both the scale of the
project and what it means for Nottingham. It is a real success story and one
we’re proud to be associated with.”
PICTURED: Left to right: Councillor Michael Edwards and Steve Tough of Nottingham City
Council, Andrew Braddock - Chairman LRTA, Carl Isgar - Publications Group Chairman LRTA
and Roger Harrison - LRTA President and former Chairman of Tramlink Nottingham Limited.
Attending the launch were Councillor
Michael Edwards (Nottingham City
Council), Roger Harrison (LRTA President and former Executive Chairman
of Tramlink Nottingham Limited), Andrew Braddock (LRTA Chairman), Hans
Retallick (LRTA Treasurer), Carl Isgar
(Chairman of the LRTA Publications
Group) and Steve Tough (NET Team
Leader, Nottingham City Council)
Partial Closure In
From March 13 the eastern
section of the Livestock Market Outer Car Park (the area
closest to the Castle Railway
Station), Great North Road in
Newark, will be closed before
construction work starts on a
new and cost-efficient office
complex which will become
the new headquarters for Newark and Sherwood District
Council, Newark and Sherwood Homes and the town’s
base for the Department for
Work and Pensions (DWP).
Existing car park season ticket
holders, who currently use the
Livestock Market Outer Car
Park, have been advised that it
will no longer be available to
them. Alternative parking services are being offered at the
nearby Riverside car park on
Tolney Lane at no additional
charge. Season ticket charges
are however subject to annual
increases in April.
The new offices will be built
by the summer of 2017 with
public car parking available on
site. Unfortunately, it will not
be possible to accommodate
season ticket holders at the
Livestock Market Outer Car
Park in the future.
By relocating, the council’s
HQ will be more closely connected to their customers and
residents and with more than
230 staff working close to
town centre businesses and
services, the move will bring
a positive impact on the local
economy and help support the
council’s prosperity agenda.
The move, which is scheduled
to be completed by the summer
of 2017, is designed help maintain and improve public services, reduce overhead costs and
help save the council money.
News in Brief
Using Old Drugs To
Treat New Viruses
New research has shown that a
group of drugs commonly used
as anaesthetics or for treating
depression may be used to defeat viruses.
Dr Janet Daly, who led the
team at The University of Nottingham, said: “This project
brought together experts in human and animal viruses from
the universities of Nottingham,
Leeds and Glasgow.
“The research found that common drugs in everyday use
as a local anaesthetic (bupivacaine), for the prevention and
treatment of malaria (quinine
and choloroquine) and as an
were successful in preventing
several human and animal viruses from infecting cells by
blocking the ion channels that
regulate potassium levels in
those cells.”
Dr Kohl, who headed up the
research at the University of
Glasgow, said: “If existing
drugs are confirmed to be effective against known members of a particular virus family, this opens up the possibility
of using these ‘off-the-shelf’
treatments in a rapid response
against dangerous new related
virus strains that emerge.”
[email protected]
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 314380
Impacting the Community
A charity which aims to reduce
sexual reoffending has been shortlisted for a Guardian University
Award. The Safer Living Foundation (SLF), created with the help
of researchers at Nottingham Trent
University, is in the running for
the ‘social and community impact’
The announcement comes just a
year after the Safer Living Foundation won the prestigious Robin
Corbett Award for Prisoner Rehabilitation.
The Guardian University Awards
honour excellence in everything
from teaching practice to beautiful
buildings and offer universities a
seal of approval for their most outstanding work. The winners will be
announced during a ceremony in
London on March 16.
The ‘social and community impact’
award recognises an initiative that
has benefitted significant numbers
of people in the local community,
at a national level, or globally.
In partnership with HMP Whatton,
the Safer Living Foundation works
with sexual offenders – starting
prior to their release from prison –
in order to support their rehabilitation, successfully reintegrate them
into society, and prevent future offending.
The SLF, thought to be the first
charity of its kind, has received
international acclaim for its work
on preventing further victims. It is
a collaboration between experts in
the university’s Sexual Offences,
Crime and Misconduct Unit, HMP
Whatton, National Probation Trust
(East Midlands), Nottingham Police, Age UK and Circles UK and
several of the university’s staff sit
on the trustee board.
The charity has established 'Circles of Support and Accountability'
within the prison – support networks for prisoners due for release
who are socially isolated, with few
family or friends.
As part of these ‘circles’, prisoners receive emotional and practical
support from a team of volunteers
six months before their release date
- and continuing for 18 months after their release.
The approach aims to provide a
unique and supportive social network, counteracting the isolation
which research has shown is a major risk factor in leading to further
sexual offences.
Researchers from the university
helped to drive the charity forward
and are responsible for evaluating
its success.
Lynn Saunders, Chair and cofounder of the Safer Living Foundation, said: “The university has
been very supportive of our work.
It has helped us to make a difference in the local community, in
our aim to reduce reoffending and
therefore to protect the public. I
am delighted that the university
has been recognised for its social
and community impact: it is well
Call for Witnesses
Following a serious collision between a motorcycle and a van last
week, police are appealing for
any witnesses.
The accident that took place just
before 6am on 4th March caused
the A45 between Bingham and
Cropwell bishop to be closed and
left the driver of the motorcycle
with serious injuries that he was
taken to the Queen’s Medical
Centre Hospital to be treated for.
Anyone who witnessed the accident is urged to call 101, using
the reference incident 81 of 4
Makeover For Flying Academy
Fit For A Queen
Bilsthorpe Flying High Academy has received ployer encourages their involvement in volunan overwhelming response to calls for volun- tary work. “It is something we take a pride
the Queen last week, after a special day
of litter picking as part of a national
‘Clean for the Queen’ campaign, ahead
of her majesty’s 90th Birthday.
Volunteers helped clean Broxtowe
Borough Council’s four designated
Queen Elizabeth II Playing Field sites
at Broadgate Park, Beeston; Queen
Elizabeth Park, Stapleford; Coronation
Park, Eastwood and Hall Om Wong
Open Space, Kimberley.
Each of the parks received special
Queen Elizabeth II Playing Fields status in 2012 to celebrate the Queen’s
Diamond Jubilee, offering each of
the parks protection as areas of green
space for the public to enjoy and enabling the Council to bid for funding to
further improve the sites.
The Council’s Housing Team also held
an Estate Clean Up at Ulldale Court,
Chilwell with the Council’s construction partner, United Living.
For more information, please contact
Broxtowe Borough Council on 0115
917 3189, email [email protected], visit
recycling or why not stay up to date
by signing up to Broxtowe Borough
Council’s Email Me service at www.
PICTURED: Volunteers from the Nottingham offices of Experian are left to right: Claire Dring,
Ann Spencer and Sally Goodfellow.
teers to help spruce up their school.
Staff from Nottingham’s office of Experian,
professional painters from J&R Allen &
Sons, members of the wider Flying High
Trust and also friends and families of the
school made light work of the new décor.
Lisa Turland, Head of school said that the
turn-out was amazing. “There are so many
people here and the school is being transformed! We are doing a lot of painting, having
new carpets and blinds and we hope that the
children will really like the transformation.
We are so grateful to everyone who is giving
up their time to help.”
David Skinner from Experian said that his em-
ft to right: Bi
lsthorpe Flyi
Academy TA
ng High
’s Janet Perk
creative with in and Trish Butt get
the painting.
in at Experian, getting involved in community
projects and our employers free us up to help
out where we can. There is a good sense of
satisfaction to doing it; you get to see tangible results and with so many of us here we are
hoping to make a real difference!”
Scholarships For At Risk Students
Nottingham Trent University is offering scholars and schoolchildren
fleeing from conflict and violence
valuable opportunities to access
higher education.
The university has just welcomed
two Syrian postgraduate academics on a full scholarship programme, working closely with the
Council for At-Risk Academics,
enabling them to pursue research
in safety until
they can return
the UK.
The University’s Schools Colleges and Community Outreach
Team is also working closely with
Nottingham and Nottinghamshire
Refugee Forum to invite young
refugees onto its campuses, aiming to inspire future generations
by showing them the courses and
facilities available for them should
they choose to study in higher education.
In addition, ViceChancellor Professor Edward
Peck has this
month confirmed
the extension of
an undergraduate
scholarship programme which
will see two new
funded places offered to student
year until 2021.
The scholarship
scheme has been
partnership with
Article 26, a project of the Helena
Kennedy Foundation
main aim is to
promote access
to higher education for people
who have fled
persecution and
sought asylum in
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 313879
Family Business Flourishing
Disabled Access Day
Disabled Access Day, on Saturday
12 March, is a national initiative
created to raise awareness of the
importance of access and encourage people to get out there and try
something new. Venues across Nottingham are joining forces to offer
a variety of accessible events, including a free open day event at the
Theatre Royal and Royal Concert
Hall from 10am to 1pm.
Visitors will be able to find out more
about the accessible facilities on offer at the Theatre Royal and Royal
Concert Hall and to learn about the
variety of assisted performances
available throughout season.
For more information on access and
assisted performances at the Theatre Royal and Royal Concert Hall
please visit
Notts County Resignation
Julian Winter has resigned from his
position as Chief Executive of Notts
County Football Club.
A notice period has been agreed with
the board and Julian will remain in
his position whilst a full handover
of duties takes place.Upon the announcement Julian Winter said,
“There have been a lot of changes
at the club over recent weeks and I
want to stress that my resignation
is not in light of these changes.”“I
came here with a clear plan of how
to take this club forward and it is
with regret that I have not been able
to complete this important work.”
Broxtowe girls can
WOMEN in Broxtowe Borough will
be empowered to change their lifestyles and get active this week as part
of celebrations for International Women’s Day.
Broxtowe Borough Council’s sport development team, Broxtowe Sport, have
been working in conjunction with local
clubs, groups and organisations to offer a host of free activities this week
to help women in the Borough get in
shape for Spring.
For more information please contact
Broxtowe Borough Council on 0115
917 3572, email [email protected] or visit
getactive for a full list of activities taking place.
Near You
Royal Concert Hall
Michael Harrison and David Ian are delighted to
announce that LESLEY JOSEPH will play ‘Miss
Hannigan’ in a brand new production of the musical “ANNIE” at the Royal Concert Hall Nottingham from Monday 21 – Saturday 26 March 2016
Set in 1930s New York during The Great Depression, brave young Annie is forced to live a life of
misery and torment at Miss Hannigan’s orphanage. Determined to find her real parents, her luck
changes when she is chosen to spend Christmas at
the residence of famous billionaire, Oliver Warbucks. Spiteful Miss Hannigan has other ideas and
hatches a plan to spoil Annie’s search…
Increasing Pupils’ Workplace Skills
The Trent Academies Group has
been linking up with multiple local
businesses in a bid develop pupils
workplace skills and make lessons
more relevant to the real world.
The projects have seen pupils at
Rushcliffe School, The Farnborough Academy and Arnold Hill
Academy involved in some pretty
unconventional learning activities,
such as taking orders in Spanish at a
tapas bar, and making mobile phone
apps. Executive Head of the Group,
Phil Crompton, says the aim is to
create much smarter link ups between schools and businesses.
He added: “Employability is right
at the heart of why people send
their children to school. But so often the world of work bears little
resemblance to what’s going on in
schools. It shouldn’t be about skills
versus facts, we need both.”
What’s Happening
With its award-winning book and score, this stunning new production includes the unforgettable
songs ‘It’s the Hard Knock Life’, ‘Easy Street’, ‘I
Don’t Need Anything But You’ and ‘Tomorrow’.
PICTURED: L-R Nicola Pella Steve Pella Gloria De Piero Rosemary Pella Sam Pella
Ashfield and Eastwood MP Gloria De bour Party, British Gas, Aggregate In- staff to find out how the business ticks.
Commenting, she said: “It was fantastic
Piero visited award-winning business dustries and E-on.
gifts and promotional merchandising Steve, 63, who now lives in Sutton, said to visit Pellacraft, a family business that
business, Pellacraft to congratulate the “We have never been able to say no to is flourishing thanks to the hard work
company on reaching its 35th anniver- anybody – it’s our speciality,” he said. and entrepreneurial spirit of Steve,
“When the phone rings it could be a Rosemary and their daughters. “They
Steve and Rosemary Pella started Pel- company wanting 1,000 bottles of wine have built up a great business that is
lacraft from their Annesley home in or someone wanting 10,000 balloons. providing jobs in the local community
1981 when they used to craft ornamen- Our customer service charter means we and I wish them all the best as they contal pieces out of coal. Steve was then will always try to please and deliver our tinue to grow and prosper.”
Gloria De Piero was elected to serve
asked if he could get some pens printed promises.”
with the logo of one of his clients and Pellacraft is a second generation family Ashfield at the 2010 General Election.
the business as it is known today was business, with Steve and Rosemary’s Before being elected as an MP aged 37,
daughters Samantha and Nicola both Gloria was GMTV’s Political Editor.
Pellacraft now employs 22 staff based now in charge of the day to day running She has previously worked as a jourat its offices in Mansfield and has pro- of the business which is going from nalist on the Politics Show at the BBC.
duced promotional merchandise, busi- strength to strength with turnover last Gloria graduated from the University of
ness gifts and mementos for special year of around £3 million.
Westminster with a first class honours
occasions for many high profile clients Gloria was given a tour of the compa- degree in Social Sciences and completthat include; Unite the Union, the La- ny’s office and workshop and met the ed an MSc at the University of London.
Every Sensation
Every Sensation was founded in 2010 &
purposely developed Birchwood Grange
to provide Day Provisions. Our service
and facilities have been designed to meet the specific needs of adults
(Age 18 upwards)
with Physical &
Learning Disabilities.
clients includes
those with complex needs &
severe physical
& learning disability needs such
as oral suction,
gastrostomy or naso gastric tubes, hydrocephalus, blind
loop syndrome, mild autism, epilepsy,
spine bifida, tracheotomies to name but
a few.
We provide individuals with social interaction, stimulation, enjoyment and
relaxation. Different choices, activities
and experiences throughout the day are
chosen by, for and with the individual in
mind. We believe in creating and providing beneficial opportunities to all those
wishing to access our service.
Celebrating Dance
INTERNATIONAL dance organisation
Dance4 is celebrating 25 years of supporting aspiring dancers and communities, and creating extraordinary dance
with a celebratory extravaganza next
Dance4, based in Nottingham, will be
hosting a special Charity Celebration
and Benefit Gala in The Ballroom at
the Council House, Nottingham on
Thursday 31 March to celebrate its
achievements and raise funds for its
new International Centre for Dance and
Spiltmilk Dance, a local contemporary
dance company, will perform as part of
the evening bringing a signature blend
of dance, comedy and charm to guests.
Two dancers from Birmingham Royal
Ballet will also be a part of the celebrations, presenting a special duet from
Swan Lake where guests will be in
close proximity to the dancers.
Paul Russ, chief executive and artistic
director at Dance4, said: “This will be
a night to remember celebrating all that
Dance4 has achieved in its 25 year history and ensuring our work is secured
Every Sensation utilises state of the art
equipment. Which has been designed to
optimise sensory experiences providing
stimulation, excitement and enjoyment. We offer a Hydro Pool;
Interactive Cinema room
incorporating our Flasma
system which images
projected by this intuitive and highly flexible
system respond to the
smallest gesture or
movement, enabling
clients to easily interact
and generate immediate,
real-time audiovisual experiences.
user must interact physically to reveal hidden pictures,
play instruments,
ripple the water
and catch the right
image. Cognitive
ability is stretched
as they learn about
the world, follow instructions and select
appropriate answers. We
also offer a Snoezelen room;
Waterbed room; Art & Crafts room; &
Treatment rooms. Along with our newly
refurbished 1st floor development, we
now also offer fully kitted out Music
room; Computer Suit; Smart Board room;
Refreshments area with internet TV; Dinning room; & our Immersive room. We
have recognised the importance of an active rather than a passive sensory room
experience is just as important. Gesture
controlled interactive technology allows
empowerment for users to truly transform their environment and be immersed
in a complete multisensory experience.
The visuals are stunning, & the interactions are meaningful. Sensory Environments bring the whole world into the
sensory room & give the user the chance
to actively explore a world beyond their
Our facilities are available
to clients on a package
basis to meet all their
needs taking into
account all abilities. Alternatively
our facilities are
also available to
those wishing to access single or joint
regular use sessions
for one or more of our
facilities & also for Party
for generations to come by raising the
final funds for our new International
Centre for Dance and Choreography
situated in the heart of Nottingham.
“The centre will be an important voice
for dance in the UK and a vital creative
resource for the region. It will allow us
to undertake more engagement work
with local communities. Especially in
our new neighbourhood of Sneinton
and St Ann’s.”
Pete Shenton of award-winning comedy dance duo New Art Club will be
hosting the gala, which includes a
three-course, sit-down dinner.
Paul added: “We hope to welcome as
many people as possible to this special
event to celebrate with us and make
Nottingham feel proud to play a part in
the future development of dance.”
Tickets cost £90 per person and the
money raised will support the charity’s
new International Centre for Dance and
Choreography. Full tables (9 or 10 covers) are available for corporate dining,
as well as half tables and individual
places. Over 18s only.
For corporate dining reservations
please contact Sarah Tutt at Dance4 on
0115 941 0773.
Lesley Joseph is best known for playing ‘Dorien
Green’ in the hugely successful sitcom “Birds of
a Feather” alongside Pauline Quirke and Linda
Robson. They recorded over 100 episodes over
a period of nine years. Lesley and her co-stars
returned to our screens in “Birds of a Feather in
2013 with a second series airing earlier this year.
Lesley’s theatre credits include ‘Miss Hannigan’
in “Annie” at the West End’s Victoria Palace and
also on national tour. Her other touring credits include “Calendar Girls” and “Hot Flush!”.
Performances: Mon – Sat evenings 7.30pm,
Wednesday matinee 2pm, Saturday matinee
Tickets: £37.50 - £16 plus concessions
Box Office: 0115 989 5555
Spring is in the air and there is plenty to interest all the family at The Workhouse, Southwell.
From Good Friday 25 March until the end of the
school holidays on 17 April there lots going on at
the National Trust property. We are also open on
Bank holiday Monday 28 March but are closed on
Mondays and Tuesdays.
Good Friday was a special day for the paupers at
The Workhouse, as it was one of only two days
of rest each year, the other being Christmas Day.
But someone has to do the work, so on 25 March
(12noon-4pm) it will be the visitors who will
be getting their hands dirty. The paupers will be
watching over the apprentices, giving helpful advice and engaging in some lively banter.
Over the Easter weekend younger visitors can also
enjoy following the Mary Mouse trail, exploring
the building’s nooks and crannies while trying to
escape George the master’s cat. Trails cost £1.50
and include a special prize.
At the end of the school holidays, Saturday 16 and
Sunday 17 April 12noon-4pm, there is an opportunity to find out more about why people ended up
in The Workhouse. Speak to inmates about their
outside lives and their hopes for the future. Find
out more about the staff and their backgrounds
and why they chose to work at this austere institution.
Science in the Park is coming to Nottingham’s
Wollaton Hall and Deer Park on March 19th.
To celebrate British Science Week that runs from
11th-20th March, parks around the country are
playing host to a whole day of science related fun.
The event will feature activities, demonstrations
and exhibitions on a range of scientific themes
suitable for all ages.
The Science in the Park Event starts at 11:00am
and entry is free, although some costs for activities may occur. More information can be found on
the Science in the Park Website http://nottsbsa.
[email protected]
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 314380
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 313879
Good News for Robin Hood Line
The Leader of Nottinghamshire
County Council says that talks
held in London about the future of
the Robin Hood Line were “very
Coun Alan Rhodes met with rail
minister Claire Perry to discuss
Government support and potential
funding for the extension of the
line between Warsop and Ollerton.
The meeting was organised by
Sherwood MP Mark Spencer and
was also attended by David Ralph,
chief executive of the D2N2 Local
Enterprise Partnership.
“It was a very positive meeting
and we were well received by the
minister,” said Coun Rhodes.
“She was very interested in the
potential that an extended Robin
Hood Line would bring to the area
-- especially the economic benefits.
“Mark Spencer has clearly done
a lot of work behind the scenes
and that was very apparent at the
“We have been campaigning hard
to make an extension to the Robin
Hand in Hand
It is a story of one child giving a
gift to another at Greythorn Primary School as pupils have collected together education boxes
for children in Syria.
Together with the school’s local
parish church of St Paul’s, 114
boxes have been collected containing writing and mathematics
materials and colouring books
and pencils, which will be sent
to children in Syria with the help
Hood Line a reality as it is a fantastic opportunity for jobs, the
economy and tourism in this area
of Nottinghamshire,” added Coun
“The County Council has invested
nearly £200,000 into demonstrating that extending the line is an
achievable project and that it is
deliverable -- including a business
plan and feasibility study.
“It is an exciting and ambitious
plan that brings a lot of opportunity for this area of the county.
“What we need now is for the
Government invest in this project.
With its support and by working
together with all our partners we
can bring this project to fruition.
The County Council was instrumental in the creation of the Robin
Hood Line -- restoring rail services between Worksop, Mansfield
and Nottingham in the 1990s and
ending Mansfield’s unwelcome
tag as being the largest town in
the country without a railway station, which had been the case for
around 30 years.
NTU Choir take to the stage
of the charity Hand in Hand for
Set up in 2011, Hand in Hand
for Syria delivers aid in to the
hardest to reach areas of Syria
providing medical aid and the
means for families to stay put in
their country rather than fleeing.
The charity also wants to encourage children to stay in education
despite the very difficult conditions and this is where the shoe
boxes with classroom equipment
comes in.
Fadi Al-Dairi, Co-Founder of the
charity said that the collection
by Greythorn Primary School
will mean so much to children
in Syria. “The children will be
delighted and over the moon
with the boxes because most of
them have not received a gift
for over 5 years. Their families
struggle to feed them and keep
them warm never mind buying them a present. You should
see their faces when our team
distribute biscuits and chocolates sent from the UK and
other countries in containers;
they are like little birds trying
to catch the food from their
mother.” Fadi says that the
shoe boxes are not collected as
gifts per se, but to convey the
message ‘carry on and we are
with you.’ He said, “At these
difficult times, we are trying
to encourage kids to remain
in education and at best take
them back to school by providing all the necessary means for
Sebastian Tarabadi collected
together a box and said, “I
hope the child who receives
it will be really happy and
excited to be able to continue
with their education. They
might even feel they are able
to share what’s inside if they
have spares.”
Fadi said that the boxes will
now be distributed to children
in need, and he hopes that both
the pupils at Greythorn Primary School and children in Syria
who receive the boxes will feel
the hand of friendship. “The
children at Greythorn have
done amazing work and we
can see great effort has been
put into each box. The kids
were creative with the decoration and messages of support
and this time we will be able
to say that these gifts are being provided by children of the
same age -each child sending a
gift to one child.”
The charity say that the boxes
collected will now go to areas
that are under heavy fire and
where children refuse or cannot leave their homes.
Nottingham Trent University
Chamber Choir will be performing Songs From The Heart
with Russell Watson at Royal
Concert Hall, Nottingham on
24th April 2016
2015 was a phenomenal year for
Russell Watson, with a sell-out
UK tour, special guest performances at US National Memorial
Day in Washington DC singing
live to 350,000 people, the Caracalla Unicef Concert in Rome
and BBC Proms In the Park - a
staggering total of 92 live performances!
Russell has always been a strong
supporter of community choirs,
especially after his time as a
judge on the BBC prime time
show ‘Last Choir Standing’. Russell enjoyed being part of the
show immensely and as a result,
last year’s Up Close & Personal
tour featured local community
choirs at each show. Following
the success of the choirs last year,
Russell is once again inviting local choirs to join him on stage.
“Last year’s choirs brought an
added energy to the show, something you can only achieve when
a range of voices come together
as one, and I’m delighted to have
the opportunity to perform with
local choirs once again this year”
~ Russell
For tickets please call the box
office on 0115 989 5555 or visit
Investing for the future
The University of Nottingham has
appointed three top scholars who
will use quantitative approaches to
Social Science research and teaching as part of a national programme
to increase the number of Social
Science graduates in the UK.
The three new appointments in
the University’s Faculty of Social
Sciences are part of Nottingham’s
commitment to the Q-Step programme – a national initiative designed to develop social science
students' quantitative skills, which
are needed to evaluate evidence,
analyse data, and design and commission research.
A number of Schools within the
Faculty were awarded Affiliate
status of the programme last year,
which recognises the strength in
quantitative methods within the
University’s teaching, and underlines its commitment to enhancing
students' career prospects and to
help increase the number of social
science graduates with quantitative
Professor Todd Landman, ProVice-Chancellor for the Faculty of
Social Sciences, said:
“These appointments represent a
clear commitment from the Faculty
of Social Sciences to invest in our
quantitative capacity in ways that
provide inter disciplinary training in quantitative approaches to
social scientific analysis grounded
in sociology, political science, and
“Our new appointees are all engaged in cutting edge research
that uses innovative quantitative
approaches to study contemporary
problems that are of interest to
stakeholders outside the academy.
We look forward to welcoming
them later this year.”
Tram’s 12Th Birthday
Nottingham’s tram network will
celebrate its 12th birthday this
week, offering a bundle of special offers, giveaways and activities to mark the occasion.
As well as the chance to enter a
competition to win one of 12 free
monthly tram passes, customers
will also be able to help themselves to some birthday treats
being handed out by NET’s staff
at the Old Market Square stop on
Wednesday, 9 March.
In addition, the network will
also run a special cut price £12
weekly ticket offer – down
from the usual price of £17 –
which will be available from all
tram stop ticket machines between Wednesday, 9 March and
Wednesday, 16 March.
Jamie Swift, NET’s Head of
Marketing, explained: “The tram
network has proved a huge success since it opened in 2004 and
we want all our customers to join
us in marking this latest milestone.
“With the opening of the new
lines last summer, we’re now
carrying more passengers than
ever before and the tram continues to go from strength to
strength as a vital part of the
public transport network in and
around Nottingham.”
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 314380
Home Is Where
Our Hearts Are
It’s as if she’s coming to stay with me
in my own home, it makes all the
difference – Murial (about her daughter coming to stay)
enough to brighten even the greyest
very core of
of British winter mornings and
the residents’ photographs that
House, the staff
decorate the walls give a really
also value the
personal feel. The house even
independence of
hosts birthday celebrations for
their residents very
each resident and sees visits
highly. A number of
from a nail technician and
individual care packages
hairdresser each week, meaning mean that anyone choosing to
make the move
You’ve always got
can tailor it
really is a
that help to build
company if you
to meet their
home from
the special bonds between them. The
needs. Those
want it - Nora
house even offers accommodation
who require
for family members meaning the
round the
But these aren’t
clock care have residents can share their new lives
the only things that
with the ones they love and the
access to the support they
give the house its
residential home, Middleton house,
regular coffee mornings are the
need whilst the freedom
personal touch.
brings a whole new meaning to the
perfect opportunity to invite friends
to go on outings and
word companionship. With communal Each trained and
and family for a catch up over tea
the privacy of a studio
dedicated member
dining and a whole host of group
and biscuits.
style apartment make
of staff from the
activities as well as their very own
But above all, what stands out more
Middleton House
volunteers that
weekly news letter edited by one of
than anything else is the feeling of
the perfect place for
lend a hand once a
the residents, community really is at
home. Hearty and home cooked
anyone who enjoys
week to the house
the centre of daily life for both the
meals, staff that genuinely care and a
their own company.
manger Andrea,
residents and staff.
good old friendly face whenever you
makes a special effort
need one are what make Middleton
For those looking to
to spend time and get to
The light and cosy interior of the
house so special.
spend time with others, game
know each and every one of
house located on Wollaton Hall
nights, film
It’s different for them to have their own
the residents down to their meal time screenings and
Drive just minutes away from the
preferences and favourite evening
famous hall and
poetry workshops
independence - Kate (volunteer)
gardens, is
are just a few
of the weekly
But while community and
events organised by staff and the
companionship are
residents themselves
at the
We are more of a
family – Elizabeth
For more information
on making the move,
call Andrea Filipowicz
on 01159162908 or
email a.filipowicz@
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 313879
Top Tips For
Notts Carers Hub Offers Helping Hand
A service that has been set up
to offer help and support to local people caring for a loved one
has benefitted 807 carers since its
launch last August.
ONE of Nottingham’s top employers, Domestic & General,
is lending a helping hand to
students and young people on
National Careers Week (7 to 13
March) to give them some sound
advice on future careers.
The Talbot Street based contact
centre which provides appliance
care for white goods is supporting
New College Nottingham at a careers fair held this week.
Sally Lambert, senior HR business
partner at Domestic & General,
said: “We want to be helping the
employees of tomorrow to be well
equipped with the advice they need
to make a great impression on their
future employer when they leave
further education.
“We are delighted to be supporting
the college to help improve employability and progression opportunities for young people.”
Domestic & General will be attending the week long careers fair
on Wednesday 9 March and Friday
11 March.
Employing around 800 people in
Nottingham and currently recruiting for a further 154 part and full
time vacancies, Domestic & General’s careers team will be on hand
to give students advice on a career
within the organisation and what it
looks for in applicants.
Sally added: “In line with National
Careers Week, New College Nottingham’s careers fair is a great opportunity for us to meet with students and tell them about joining a
people-focused company.
“We feel our current job vacancies
are positive news for us as a business, and for Nottingham as a city.
Improving Oral Health
Nottinghamshire Healthcare encouraged children to look after
their oral health, as part of World
Book Day last week.
Fairies of Nottingham, attended libraries in Arnold, Beeston and Stapleford as well as Bilborough, The
Meadows and Hyson Green, to
talk about Benji and Zara, and how
The Oral Health Promotion Team, children can have a happy healthy
run by the Trust’s County Health smile. Children also had the opPartnerships, promoted their three portunity to enjoy arts and crafts,
new oral health books, Oops I’ve puppets, and playing dentists.
Forgotten my Toothbrush, I’ve got
a Wobbly Tooth and Going to the Julia Wilkinson, Head of Oral
Dentist, at libraries across Not- Health Promotion, comments –
tingham throughout the week. The “We are really pleased with the
series tells the story of seven-year- amount of families who turned up
old Benji and four-year-old Zara as throughout the week to hear about
they learn about good oral health. Benji and Zara. Through listening
to the stories, children and families
The team, also known as the Tooth have learnt key oral health mes-
A copy of each book will be available to borrow from all libraries in
Nottingham City.
Laura Iremonger, Library Lead for
Health and Wellbeing for Nottingham City Council, comments –
“We’re really pleased to have
worked with Nottinghamshire
Healthcare to help improve the
oral health of children in Nottingham. Libraries have fantastic collections of books aimed at helping
families make informed choices
about their health and wellbeing
and these new books will be a
great addition to our stock.”
Nottinghamshire County Council and the six Clinical Commissioning Groups across the county
commissioned the Carers Trust
East Midlands to set up the ‘Nottinghamshire Carers Hub’, which
is funded up until April 2018.
The service aims to offer carers across the county a range of
support, including information,
advice and guidance, short break
accommodation, grants and free
Carers may be eligible for free
memberships to a local health
spa or gym to benefit their health
and wellbeing through the hub,
which is also supporting local
carer groups to provide information, guidance and peer support
for carers.
In addition, the hub has recruited
volunteers to carry out visits to
households in the south of the
county to provide support, share
their experiences and give practical help and advice.
The hub has plans to expand its offer by starting up drop-in sessions
and carers groups in areas not currently covered by such support,
and encourage more volunteers
in the north of the county to offer
advice and support to other carers.
Councillor Muriel Weisz, Chair of
Nottinghamshire County Council’s Adult Social Care and Health
Committee, said: “Caring for a
loved one can have a huge impact
on the health and wellbeing of the
carer so this service aims to reduce social isolation by creating
carer networks and allow them to
recharge their batteries through
breaks and health spa memberships.”
Marie Potts, 66 from Beeston, is a
carer for her husband George, 79,
who has vascular dementia. She
found out about the Carer’s Hub
through her local Alzheimer’s support group.
She has accepted a free 12-week
membership to a local health spa
where she hopes to use its swimming pool and has requested a free
one week break at a holiday lodge
in Suffolk.
Caring for a loved one
can have a huge impact
on the health and
wellbeing of the carer
so this service aims to
reduce social isolation
She was also offered the opportunity for a volunteer to take out
George for a weekly walk.
She said: “I was delighted to hear
there was this support out there
for carers as you can feel very isolated.
“George’s memory is quite poor
so I have to keep reminding him
to take his medication and do daily
tasks, which is very draining and
places a lot of responsibility on
“My spa membership will allow
me to relax and have some ‘me’
time, and I’m looking forward to
our week away as the change of
scenery will do us both a world of
Fellows to auction Burmese ruby ring
Antique & Modern Jewellery Sale
Fellows Auctioneers’ March
auction of Antique & Modern
Jewellery contains over 600 lots
of designer pieces alongside
interesting antique and modern
jewels. The standout lot in this
auction is a ruby and diamond
ring featuring as lot 232 with an
estimate of £12,000-18,000.
The central cushion cut ruby has
a certificate confirming that the
stone is of Burmese origin with
no evidence of heat treatment.
Georgina Kettle, Jewellery specialist at Fellows Auctioneers
said “This is a truly special
piece. Considering there is no
heat treatment it is such a beautifully well saturated shade of
Other lots that would make perfect gifts include lot 135, a 2ct
diamond solitaire ring.
This diamond is certified as G
colour, VVS2 clarity and has a
guide price of £10,000-15,000.
Lot 61 is also noteworthy a
pendant showcasing a 29.50ct
tanzanite highlighted with three offer. Lot 488 is a finely wodiamonds. This fantastic piece is ven hair bracelet with stylised
estimated at £2,500-3,000.
gold clasp and suspended heart
locket (£260-360) and lot 527 is
an early 19th Century gold penEaster lots
dant enclosing an finely painted
Just in time for Easter, these ivory panel (£180-260).
two enamel and diamond egg
pendants (lots 409 and 410) are
by Victor Mayer and have the
guide price of £50-80 and £6090. Mayer is famed for working
with Faberge in the production
of enamelled egg pendants between 1989 and 2009, and these
pendants certainly bear the same
Antique Jewellery
The selection of antique jewellery on offer at Fellows Auctioneers this month is equally
as impressive, with an array of
intricate mourning jewellery on
View the full catalogue online at and sign up
to bid.
For information regarding free
valuations at Fellows, call
0121 212 2131 or email
[email protected]
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 314380
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 313879
Legal Merger
Two of Nottingham’s most established
law firms are set to merge as part of
newly announced plans.
Rothera Dowson and Sharp Young &
Pearce will officially join forces from 1
June, creating a 20-partner practice with
over 100 legal professionals.
Rothera Dowson’s current managing partner Ann-Marie Bowman will
continue in her role at Rothera Sharp
and will be joined by Sharp Young &
Pearce’s Joanne Millward as joint managing partner.
Commenting on the announcement,
Ann-Marie Bowman said:
“The legal landscape is changing and,
as such, firms like ourselves and Sharp
Young & Pearce understand the importance of being able to evolve, explore
new business opportunities and welcome change. The merger ensures we
continue as a main player in the market.”
Funeral Families Thank Local Causes
A Nottinghamshire funeral firm says it handled more than £110,000 of charity donations
given in memory of people’s loved ones in
2015 - with local care-giving organisations
picking up the lion’s share.
Gillotts Funeral Directors, which runs three
offices in the county and a fourth in Derbyshire, collected the money in the form of
cash, cheques and online donations while
organising hundreds of funerals throughout
the year.
The largest single recipient was Cancer
Research, which received around £18,000,
while the largest group of charities was
made up by local organisations whose staff
care for people in the last days of their life,
including Macmillan Cancer Support and
Marie Curie Cancer Care, as well as local
nursing homes, hospitals and hospices.
Collectively, they received £43,700, with local hospitals receiving £12,300 and hospices
receiving £8,300.
Elsewhere, people gave money to military
charities – including Help For Heroes and
the Royal British Legion – children’s charities and Alzheimer’s and dementia charities.
Local good causes received £9,300 while
some £4,000 went to animal charities.
Rural Businesses To Access Euro Millions
Micro and small businesses from across Nottinghamshire are being given the opportunity
to find out how they can bid for a share of
£3.4m in European funding to boost rural
The LEADER Programme is a new allocation of EU funding to help support the development of the rural economy and create
new jobs, with separate schemes covering the
north and south of the county.
The programme is being administered by
Nottinghamshire County Council.
Two free masterclass events have been organised for interested businesses this month:
• Tuesday 15 March, from 8am at Ramsdale
Park Golf Centre, Calverton. To book contact Craig Edson, tel: 0115 977 2686 / email
[email protected]
• Wednesday 16 March, from 6pm at Retford
Enterprise Centre, Randall Way, Retford. To
book contact Jim Burley, tel: 0115 993 9337 /
email [email protected]
The events will provide one to one advice
from experts on how to develop projects and
complete application forms. LEADER funding will be available to support a wide range
of projects, including:
• Rural tourism
• Supporting new and expanding small and
micro businesses
• Increasing farm productivity
• Providing services to rural communities
• Improving forestry productivity
Councillor Diana Meale, Chair of Economic
Development Committee at Nottinghamshire County Council, said: “The masterclass events provide a valuable insight into
the do's and don'ts of applying for LEADER
“They encourage applicants to look ahead
and consider from the outset how they will
deliver the project, including the impacts
Joanne Hutsby, a partner in the business,
said: “It’s estimated that around £100m is
donated to charities through funerals every
year in the UK, which shows that the tradition of giving money to a good cause in
someone’s memory has now become an established custom.
“It’s an accepted fact that people tend to
give money to charities that they have a personal connection to, so it’s no surprise that
so much of the money we handled was donated to local organisations to say thank you
for the care they will have given their loved
ones during their final days.
“We collected around the same amount as
last year but we are seeing a shift towards
online donations. Not only do the charities
benefit from GiftAid that way, it is just so
much more convenient as more people conduct their business over the internet.”
Gillotts operates offices in Eastwood, Kimberley and Stapleford, as well as across the
border in Heanor.
on their cash flow and how they may match
fund the grant – which on average will contribute up to 40% of the costs of a project.
“I’d urge all businesses who think they may
be able to grow their company with the support of LEADER funding to contact the
team to check their eligibility and book onto
one of these extremely useful events.”
The programme is currently accepting grant
applications and will do up to 12 noon on
14 March 2016. Further call for applications
will be announced in due course on the respective websites.
The South Nottinghamshire LEADER programme covers Rushcliffe, Gedling and
a small part of Ashfield - further information is available
Further information on the North Nottinghamshire Leader programme, covering Bassetlaw, Newark and Sherwood and parts of
Mansfield, is available from www.nottscc.
CALL 01159 314380
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 314380
‘Vision Van’ hits
World Glaucoma Week campaign by Vision Express brought
free eye tests to Old Market
Square on Monday 7 March 2016
Residents were offered free eye
tests at a specially-commissioned
‘Vision Van’, with statistics from
the National Eye Health Epidemiological Model (NEHEM) estimating around 2,200 people in
Nottingham have glaucoma and another 8,000 are suspected of having
the condition unknowingly.
There are an estimated 600,000
people with glaucoma in the UK,
but around half of these undiagnosed. Despite glaucoma being an
hereditary condition, 31% of people are unaware that glaucoma runs
in families and 72% of those in at
risk groups don’t realise they are at
an increased risk.
At-risk groups include those aged
over 40, anyone with a family history of glaucoma, diabetics, and
people of African-Caribbean or
Asian descent.
An eye test is the only proven way
of detecting the disease, however a
recent survey of 1,000 over 45s by
the International Glaucoma Association revealed that 24% of respondents living in the East Midlands
hadn’t had an eye test in the last
five years. In the same poll, East
Midlanders were also revealed as
more likely to say they worry about
the cost of an eye test (46% compared with the national average).
At each Vision Van location the
public will be invited to have a
comprehensive 30-minute eye examination to best practice guidelines of the College of Optometrists
(COO). It includes an eye health
screening and uses Optical Coherence Tomography, carried out by
an expert optometrist from Vision
Worryingly, we know
that people can lose up
to 40% of vision before
they actually notice it,
so it is vital to have a
routine eye test
Omar Hassan, head of professional
services at Vision Express said:
“Worryingly, we know that people
can lose up to 40% of vision before
they actually notice it, so it is vital
to have a routine eye test. Glaucoma has no symptoms in its early
stages. Once it has taken hold, the
damage is irreversible, but thankfully we can manage and treat it
effectively if caught in time.
To highlight the importance of
regular eye tests, Vision Express
is brought its Vision Van to Nottingham’s Old Market Square as
part of a UK-wide tour. The large
mobile unit is equipped with the
very latest eye testing technology
and Nottingham was the first stop
as the Vision Express Van journeys
across the country during World
Glaucoma Week (6-12 March).
He added: “The very latest NHS
figures reveal the first drop in eye
test rates since its annual ophthalmic report was first published in
2002/3. This is alarming. Our aim
is to educate the public about the
importance of an eye test, so we’re
offering a free eye test for all during World Glaucoma Week”
Are You Energy Efficient?
Do you want to save money and be energy efficient in your home at the same time?
Eco Homes UK are experts in the field of energy saving and could have the solution that
you have been looking for. They have a vast range of experience in improving energy
efficiency and are a Certass registered and Trustmark certified local company.
Their energy efficient methods come through manufacturer, supply and installation of high
quality Pilkington energy saving glass alongside reinforced uPVC and aluminium home
improvement products. There is a growing demand for energy-efficient requirements to
help cut consumption and reduce energy bills and at Eco Homes UK you will find all you
need to meet these needs. From ‘A’ rated replacement windows to uPVC and composite
doors, there is certain to be an energy saving solution for you to take home and reap the
benefits with.
The Swish uPVC windows are made at their own factory and to the highest standards.
Product quality is constantly checked and the windows come with a 10 year insurance
backed guarantee for your piece of mind. The windows come in classic white, elegant
rosewood, stylish golden oak and a full range of specialist heritage colour effect frames
with a choice of clear, decorative, leaded or Georgian bar effect and coloured leaded
light glazing. They really do have everything covered!
Whatever window style you have your eye on, you will certainly find it at Eco Homes UK.
Whether that’s outward opening casements, inward opening tilt and turns, French doors or
patio doors, Eco Homes has it covered. All windows and doors are high quality and feature
the very best in reliable modern operating hardware and high security locking systems.
If you would like a free, no obligation energy efficiency survey or energy saving product
demonstrations then call the team on 0800 566 8775 or visit
What Our Customers Say…
Well, our replacement windows are now
’in’ and I must state that my wife and I are
very pleased indeed. This card is a simple
thank you to you and your staff for all help
and consideration afforded to us. I must say
that your two operatives worked very hard
and deserve mention; they were a very
courteous team.
H. Watson Hucknall
We would like to say a big thank you
to all the people concerned, from the
beginning of our discussions regarding
new replacement windows and doors
to the great installation team. The
installers were very respectful at our
property, worked non-stop and also
cleaned up after themselves so we had
nothing to worry about.
C. Rowell Grantham
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 313879
Emotional Help for Young Patients
The first ever Young People’s
Emotional Health Worker
to be based at Nottingham
Children’s Hospital has
helped more than 500 patients since starting her role
in June 2014.
Lucy Rychwalska-Brown took
on the post after the NUH
Youth Service at Nottingham
Children’s Hospital identified
the need for a specialist thera-
peutic youth worker to support
young patients in crisis.
Lucy works with 11 to 18 year
olds at the Children’s Hospital,
which is part of Nottingham
University Hospitals (NUH)
NHS Trust, and sees up to 40
patients each month. The new
post was funded by Nottingham Hospitals Charity until
June 2015, when NUH Trust
took over the funding after the
role had proved to be so vital
in its first year.
“Over the years it was becoming quite clear that the number
of young people arriving at the
Emergency Department (ED)
having self-harmed or taken an
overdose was steadily increasing,” says Lucy. “So the NUH
Youth Service team decided to
do something about it, and created this role.”
When young people come to
ED after having self-harmed
or taken an overdose, they are
admitted to a children’s ward
while awaiting a mental health
assessment. This can take up
to two to three days, so Lucy
acts as a bridge between each
young person’s admission and
their mental health assessment.
“I go and see the young people
while they are waiting to be
assessed,” explains Lucy. “My
role isn’t about assessment
or clinical care, it’s about the
young people having someone they can talk to. It’s very
person-centred and it’s about
finding out what support each
individual needs at that moment in time.”
Once young patients have had
their mental health assessments, Lucy refers them to the
NUH Youth Service, where
they can get ongoing support
and attend youth clubs and
trips with their peers.
As well as supporting patients,
she also works with nursing
staff to educate them about
working with young people
in crisis, and says her role has
helped relieve some of the
pressure on nursing staff.
Lucy says none of this would
have been possible without the
support of Nottingham Hospitals Charity and its donors.
Barbara Cathcart, Chief Executive of Nottingham Hospitals
Charity: “We’re proud to be
able to help patients at Nottingham’s hospitals by funding unique posts like this one.
It’s gratifying to know that the
Charity has enabled so many
young people to get the support they so desperately need.
Hayward House spooky sleepover
Staff at Hayward House specialist
palliative care unit are taking their
fundraising to spooky new heights
as they embark on a group overnight
stay at the most haunted pub in Nottinghamshire!
The daring group of 20 people made
up of day therapy staff, inpatient staff
and volunteers, will be locked up at
Ye Old Salutation Inn from 9pm on
11th March until 7am the next morning.
They will not be alone though as the
inn is reported to be haunted by several ghostly figures including a young
girl called Rosie, rumoured to haunt
the cellar of the building.
Deputy Day Therapy Sister, Carol
Parlor says: “When I suggested doing this to raise money for the Charity, people were quite keen to get
involved and help to raise money to
help make a difference for patients at
Hayward House. We won’t be alone
in the experience though as ‘Madame
Parboiled’ a well-known storyteller
and historian will be joining us and
it will be an opportunity to share our
own spooky stories.
“We’ve already raised £8000 this year
for Hayward House as part of Challenge 500 the staff fundraising competition, we’d like to raise £2000 to
top up the amount to £10,000. Everyone at Hayward house has been really
supportive and I think this event will
be a little scary but lots of fun.”
The brave team of staff and Hayward
House volunteers will hear grizzly
stories of old fashioned torture and
punishment as well as stories about
different ghosts that walk the streets
of Nottingham throughout the night.
They will feast on spooky snacks to
keep their strength up as they prepare
to stay awake until 7am.
Hopefully we can keep
raising money with
Nottingham Hospitals
Charity to provide these
facilities as it makes such
as massive difference
Carol adds: “We’re really looking forward to it. I’m always on the lookout
for creative new ways to raise money,
to help improve the care we can offer
to patients. Thanks to our donors and
fundraisers we are able to offer complementary therapy, special areas for
patients and families to relax and we
can even provide the materials for patients to take part in day therapy activities. Hopefully we can keep raising
money with Nottingham Hospitals
Charity to provide these facilities as
it makes such as massive difference to
our patients and their treatment.”
Anyone who would like to sponsor
the team can do so by visiting www. or
calling 0115 9627905.
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 314380
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 313879
Apprentices to Celebrate
Over 100 apprentices will be celebrating their success at Albert
Hall, Nottingham on the 10 March
2016 to mark the completion of
their training.
This is the 12th Annual Graduation Ceremony, organised by NTN
in partnership emfec recognising
the dedication of Apprentices and
giving them to opportunity to celebrate their achievements with their
family, friends, employers and
training provider’s/colleges.
The Apprentices celebrating come
from a range of industries and have
completed their apprenticeships at
Intermediate (L2), Advanced (L3)
or Higher (L4, 5, 6) levels and they
will be joined by special guests of
honour, Karen Woodward, Deputy
Director of Employer Relationships from the Skills Funding
Agency and Ted Miller, Head of
Learning and Development, Pendragon PLC.
Key Sponsors of the event: Nottingham City Council, Nottinghamshire County Council, Health
Education East Midlands, Positive
Outcomes, Pet Xi, Prostart Training, Stephenson College, Babington College.
East Coast Expansion
The Notts-based owner of the annual Nottingham Beach attraction
has expanded its operations with the
purchase of the Fantasy Island resort in Skegness. For major international leisure group, Mellors Group,
who established the popular Nottingham Beach as an annual event
in Old Market Square in 2009, this
expansion is the latest achievement
in a prolonged period of successful
Enriching the lives of carers. growth.
James Mellors, Managing Director
A FREE, fun and interactive work- of the Mellors Group said; “It is a
shop looking at the power of music very exciting time for our company
and how you can use music to
as we have seen strong growth in
empower your health has been designed to enrich the lives of carers
in Nottingham.
The “My Music Oasis” workshops
have been created for those who
care for others and provide an opNottinghamshire Police and Crime
portunity to meet other carers and
Commissioner Paddy Tipping raised
socialise whilst creating your own
awareness of the plight of vulnerable
personalised playlist. They celresidents and victims of crime durebrate the vital support that carers
ing an inspirational speech to comoffer to others, often in spite of
munity leaders.
their own needs.
Commissioner Tipping was invited
The workshops are based around
as a keynote speaker at the Improvthe findings that music has been
ing Lives' stakeholder conference at
shown to ease physical discomfort
the end of last month which updated
and pain, ease emotional distress,
charity representatives and commupromote spiritual awareness, aid
nity champions on its valuable serrelaxation, enhance relationships,
improve quality of life, support life
Improving Lives, formally known as
review and bring joy and positivity.
Integritas, is based in Nottingham's
The workshops are commissioned
Community and Voluntary Service
by Nottinghamshire County CounCentre and delivers free support sercil and Nottinghamshire Clinical
vices to vulnerable members of the
Commissioning Groups. To book
community with complex health and
or find out more information call
social needs to increase their safety
07955 016377 or email [email protected]
and resilience, prevent them from
reaching crisis point and guide them
to lead happier lives.
‘Chance for Change’
our events business throughout the
region and abroad. One of the learnings that we found from Nottingham
Beach was that our event was the
closest thing to a summer holiday
for many of the city’s less wealthy
children and families. We’ve since
established similar attractions in
other areas of the country and have
spent significant time and money investigating the UK leisure industry
and the growth of staycations.
“We found that Fantasy Island is a
popular resort for visitors from Nottingham and other regions across
the Midlands but it needed support
Improving Lives
WHAT: International Conference on Domestic Abuse
WHEN: Wednesday 9 March
TIME: 9.30am-4.45pm
WHERE: The Albert Hall, Nottingham
This conference will hear from key
speakers and delegates from as far
afield as Australia, America and
around the UK. Speakers include
award-winning author Professor
Evan Stark, Polly Neate, the Chief
Executive of Women’s Aid and
Nottingham Rugby Club's General
Manager Steve Smith. The event
will showcase ground-breaking research and practice, some of which
originates from Nottinghamshire.
It will also look at one of the most
exciting domestic violence related
laws of recent times – the coercive
control legislation which recognises that control is at the crux of
domestic violence.
Organised by Nottinghamshire
Police and Crime Commissioner
Paddy Tipping and his Deputy,
Chris Cutland, the event seeks to
celebrate the work to date and lay
foundations for the future.
More than 40% of the organisation's
service users are victims of crime
while many have serious and often
undiagnosed mental health issues
which come to the charity's attention
via repeat emergency services calls
or intervention.
Improving Lives is
a huge ally to the
police, making sure
vulnerable people
receive the specialist
help they need while
also reducing demand
on emergency
Commissioner Tipping has provided
grants of £25,000 and £15,000 to the
Bubble Football A Big Success
Ten sporting business professionals took centre stage at the Notts
County vs Dagenham and Redbridge match in a comical game of
bubble football last week.
Adrenalin Jungle, Sherwood Forest’s premier outdoor activity
centre, teamed up with the Notts
County FC Football in the Community initiative to provide the
half-time entertainment at last
week’s league two match.
The players, made up of Football
in the Community charity partners
battled it out in a gruelling eight
minute match all in the name of
entertainment and supporting local
people to take part in sport.
Adrenalin Jungle owner Don Logan said: “The bubble football
game was absolutely hilarious and
we were so pleased to be invited to
showcase one of our popular activities at such a great venue, and to
to provide long term stability. We
pride ourselves on delivering the
highest standard of attractions and
have some interesting investment
plans and new rides for Fantasy Island in the near future.”
The news signals positive change
for the attraction, which was placed
into administration on 4 August
2014. The group’s ownership of the
41-acre freehold property is expected to transform the current leisure
offering, which already delivers
record-breaking roller coasters and
Europe’s largest seven-day market,
as well as 340 static caravan pitches.
service during the past two years and
has pledged to help again in 2016/17
to ensure the organisation can continue its work.
During the stakeholder engagement
event, Mr Tipping told delegates of
the vital relationship between community help services and crime prevention and spoke of his support for
organisations which aimed to resolve
the social issues which often led to
"Improving Lives is a huge ally to
the police, making sure vulnerable
people receive the specialist help
they need while also reducing demand on emergency services," he
said after the meeting.
"Organisations that fulfil a social,
compassionate role like this are helping us to builder healthier and safer
communities and it's important there
is continuity in service. I've been
very impressed with the work of Improving Lives and feel strongly that
it receives the financial help needed
to keep delivering these positive outcomes."
so many football fans. The crowd
were even cheering ‘keep them
on’, which was fantastic to hear!
“Bubble football is a full contact
game – you place the bubble over
your head and upper body, leaving
just your legs free, and before long
you’re bouncing into each other
and even rolling down the pitch!
It’s great fun to play and watch and
we’d definitely encourage groups
to get in touch to book a session at
our Sherwood Forest site.
“We’ve built a brilliant relationship
with Notts County FC’s Football in
the Community and we’d like to
thank everyone at the charity for
inviting us to Meadow Lane.”
Notts County FC Football in the
Community’s Events & Partnerships Executive Neil Kelly said:
“The bubble football has been a
real success and we were thrilled
when Adrenalin Jungle said they
would organise the entertainment
and provide the facilities free of
charge, it’s very generous of them.
“Adrenalin Jungle’s alternative
half time entertainment was great
fun and we’d like to thank all of our
charity partners who took part.”
Have your say
Nottinghamshire Health and Social Care Services are asking local people for their views about
proposed changes to the future
services across Nottinghamshire
for people with learning disabilities and/or autism, who display
behaviour that challenges including those who have a mental health
The abuse at Winterbourne View,
exposed by the Panorama programme, shocked the nation. It led
to a Government pledge to move
all people with learning disabilities
and/or autism who were inappropriately placed in such institutions
to community care.
Nottinghamshire has been selected
as an area that will lead the way
nationally to transform care in
this area. Our proposed plans are
to redesign services and support
so that we have effective services
and support for people and their
“We are using this opportunity to
improve the services provided so
that we have effective services
and support for people and their
families in their communities so
that over a period of time we can
reduce the need for inpatient services,” said Sally Seeley, Director
of Quality and Personalisation at
NHS Nottingham City CCG and
Senior Responsible Officer for
the programme.
“We know how much people
with these conditions value and
rely on these services so we need
to make sure that we get them
right – offering the right care,
at the right time and in the right
We are asking people with learning disabilities and/or autism,
their carers, families and health
care professionals to let us know
what they think of our future
Anyone with an interest in the
local plans is encouraged to contribute by completing a short
survey or attending one of three
public drop-in events which are
being held on the dates below:
• 4 April 2016, 5pm to 7pm at
Dukeries Autism Centre, Park
Street, Worksop S80 1HH
• 5 April 2016, 5pm to 7pm at
Harby Lodge, 13 Pelham Road,
Sherwood, NG5 1AP
• 6 April 2016, 5pm to 7pm at
Sherwood Centre, Old Mill Ind
Est, Mansfield NG19 9BG
The short survey is available
online at
html - responses must be submitted by 20 May 2016.
By Mackenzie Orrock
Revolución de Cuba’s extravagant
opening event last December was
an impressive way to celebrate its
move to Nottingham’s city centre
and the launch of their new menu
certainly lived up to its expectations.
Guests were given another opportunity to get in the Cuban spirit
with taster sessions of the Salsa
dance classes the venue hosts every Wednesday and a rum tasting in
the Havana bar saw us treated to a
lesson and sampling of some of the
world’s finest.
The menu tasting was made up of
a mixture of tapas, main dishes and
desserts and gave the staff a unique
opportunity to get some feedback
on their new launches. From fried
cauliflower wings to pork and
chorizo quesadillas, the tapas
dishes offered an authentic taste of
Cuba and the main course dishes
and dessert combined generous
portions with flavoursome ingredients, while the range of quirky
Cuban-inspired cocktails were the
perfect way to wash it all down.
When it comes to food, cocktails
and entertainment, Revolución de
Cuba never fails to disappoint and
the launch of their new menu was
no exception. Visit their website or
the bar and restaurant on Market
Street for your own taste of Cuba.
A taste of Cuba
Become a Knight of Notts
A Nottingham charity has recently
launched a new fundraising campaign to encourage local people to
support its work. Notts County FC
Football in the Community (FITC)
is urging members of the public to
become one of its army of fundraisers so they can be named as one of
its “Knights of Notts”.
As a stand-alone charity, which is
financially independent of Notts
County FC, FITC carries out a vast
amount of life-changing, ground
breaking work all around Nottingham. This requires a significant effort on behalf of its fundraising team
who work with a variety of funders,
such as charitable trusts, links to
professional football and commissioned services through the NHS,
Nottingham City Council and other
public sector bodies.
FITC is working to build up a sup-
porter base of local people and
businesses to contribute to its work
by fundraising to enable the charity
to continue to deliver its work and
have an impact locally. For charities like FITC, local fundraisers are
Tim Hatton, Senior Manager at
FITC said: “All funding that is
raised through our Knights of
Notts campaign will go directly on
projects currently being delivered
in and around Nottingham, helping
us sustain FITC’s future. Many
people do not understand the depth
and scale of our work, so fundraising is crucial for organisation and
all those members of public locally who rely on us. This includes
projects as diverse as our mental
health work, cancer rehabilitation,
weight management, healthy lifestyle and education projects.”
Award for Nottingham’s Langar Hall
The winners of the prestigious
Hudson’s Heritage Awards were
announced last week. Established
in 2011, the awards are an independently judged annual national
scheme open to historic houses,
gardens, museums and heritage
sites. Signpost, the UK’s longest
established hotel guide, also presented three awards for ‘Best in
Class Hotel of the Year’. Signpost
was acquired by Hudsons in 2013
and has been promoting the UK’s
finest hotels since 1935 making it
the longest continually published
hotel guide in the country.
Langar Hall, situated in the Vale
of Belvoir in Nottinghamshire,
was among the winners, taking
home the award for Best in Class
for Best Dining Experience.
Gary Swarbrooke, Signpost Manager stated “Winning one of these
awards is testament to the high
standards and commitment to
excellence these hotels offer their
visitors to ensure they have the
best possible experience”.
[email protected]
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 314380
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 313879
The future of
A new study from The University of Nottingham has cast fresh
doubt on the future of One-Day
International cricket by revealing
the key drivers behind spectators’
dwindling enthusiasm for the format.
With England and Wales set to
host the next Cricket World Cup,
researchers have warned that fans
have little appetite for one-sided
thrashings – even if their own
team wins.
Many are not even interested in
whether their own side is good or
bad and instead prize drama over
quality, preferring close matches
with uncertain outcomes.
Professor David Paton, of Nottingham University Business
School, one of the lead researchers, said: “The authorities have to
be careful to minimise the number of fixtures with too big a difference in team quality, otherwise
overall attendances are likely to
be poor. “
Economists from Nottingham
University Business School and
the University of Sheffield studied more than 500 ODIs played
in England and Australia between
1981 and 2015.
They examined variables including attendances, team strength,
outcome uncertainty and even
spectator wages to identify trends
in demand for 50-overs-a-side
The full study – ‘An Economic
Analysis of Attendance Demand for One-Day International
Cricket', published in Economic
Record, can be downloaded at
Local School
Helps to Give
10-year milestone
Geostream Solutions Ltd in Mansfield is celebrating one of its engineers, Nick Hunn who has racked
up 10 years’ service with the company.
performs to the highest standards.
He is an inspiration to all of us and
a particularly good mentor to new
members of our team.”
In recognition of Nick’s loyal service, the company has decided to
Matthew Caunt, Director at Geo- give him a bonus of a months’ salstream said that Nick, who started ary. He said, “It was very generous
as a junior engineer and has now and unexpected. It was very nice to
risen to Senior Level 3 Project En- think that I am appreciated enough
gineer, is an invaluable member of to be recognised- a very nice gesthe team. “Nick is a great asset to ture.”
the company and always has been.
He is a gifted and conscientious Long term colleagues Chris Forstmember of staff who consistently er and Mike Holmes said they both
value Nick’s friendship and work
ethic. Chris said, “I joined Geostream 8 years ago and in that time
Nick has become a good friend. It
is a privilege to have worked with
Nick over the years.” Mike agrees,
“He is knowledgeable and dedicated to the customers and the company. He never leaves a job until it
is fully completed.”
he says there is no time to rest
on laurels in the technology industry. “I am constantly learning
new skills and have developed my
networking and have improved in
VMWare, Cisco appliances and
their configuration and virtualisation. IT is forever evolving and I
try to stay in touch with the changes. I believe in making sure that a
job is done properly and to a high
Back in 2010 Nick pulled off the standard and work the hours necesrare feat of getting 100% in his sary to achieve this. The customer
Microsoft MCTS Windows server must always be happy with the end
exam and hit the newspapers but result.”
Redgate School in Mansfield
will be getting closer to nature,
thanks to a donation of ecofriendly habitat huts for their
school grounds from a building
contractor appointed by Mansfield District Council.
The company Geda Construction, which is currently building the council’s £1.76 million
housing development in Pye
Avenue, presented pupils and
teachers with bird boxes, insect
houses, a hedgehog home and a
bee house, some of which will
be installed in the school’s sensory garden.
The gift is part of the company’s
biodiversity campaign, which
seeks to reduce the impact of
construction on the surrounding
flora and fauna around its building sites.
Health Safety Environment and
Quality Advisor at Geda, Sam
Sufferin said: “This is our way
of giving something back to the
local community and helping
local school children to gain a
better understanding of wildlife. Unfortunately construction
processes can sometimes hinder
biodiversity temporarily during
works, so the aim of our campaign is to help offset that interruption.”
Head Teacher at Redgate School,
Pauline Carfield said that the
school was delighted with the
new habitats. She said: “We are
developing our outside area and
growing trees and shrubs. It will
be lovely to have an area, where
the children will able to watch
the wildlife closely.”
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 314380
It’s in Nottingham
Over the last few years It’s in
Nottingham’s 48 Hours of Fashion, delivered by the Nottingham
Business Improvement District
(BID), has grown to become one
of the largest and most successful
events the city hosts. This year, it
is set to be even bigger and better
than ever before as It’s in Nottingham has teamed up with the
Creative Quarter to create Nottingham Fashion Week.
This will be the first ever weeklong fashion event the city has
had and it will see Nottingham’s
very own Alice Levine, who is
probably best known as a BBC
Radio 1 DJ and TV presenter on
BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky,
presenting various shows during
the week.
The event, which will take place
from Friday 22 April to Saturday
30 April 2016, will be dedicated
to showcasing the very best of
Nottingham fashion from local
designers and independent and
national retailers in the city, with
various events and activities taking place.
New College Nottingham will
also be taking part in Nottingham
Fashion Week with a variety of
flash mob activities popping up
at different locations throughout
the week to showcase not only
the talent of local students, but to
bring the city to life with music,
performance and dance.
On Friday 29 and Saturday 30
April, Nottingham Conference
Centre’s Old Museum building will be transformed into
the ‘Fashion Theatre’ for It’s in
Nottingham’s spectacular Style
Show Live, presented by Alice
Levine. The 48 hour long event
will showcase the latest Spring/
Summer 16 trends and collections from a host of Nottingham’s independents and high
street retailers.
“I am really looking forward
to being a part of the first ever
Nottingham Fashion Week. It is
a real honour to be involved in
an event in my hometown,” said
Alice. “Fashion is a huge part
of Nottingham’s heritage and
the city is renowned for its great
mix of independents, vintage
stores and high end boutiques.
There is also a great range of the
top national high street shops.”
Standard tickets for the Style
Shows on Friday 29 and Saturday 30 April at Nottingham
Conference Centre cost £5,
which includes a goody bag that
can be collected from intu Victoria Centre and access to special
retailer offers and activities.
To find out more about all the
events taking place during Nottingham Fashion Week visit
The Future of Sustainable Energy
Sneinton has been identified as
one of three demonstration areas for a European wide Smart
Cities project called REMOURBAN. The project is developing
a model to show how sustainability can be integrated into the
regeneration of our towns and
A number of organisations across
the city are working together to
deliver this project which will
create a sustainable energy future for Nottingham. The partners include Nottingham Trent
University, The City Council,
Nottingham City Homes, Nottingham Energy Partnership, Sasie Ltd, a local based renewable
energy company, and Infohub
Ltd, a system solution SME.
Over £5m of EU funding has
been secured to improve the
energy performance of homes,
to establish new low-carbon
transport and to implement
smart technologies in Sneinton.
The funding for this project is
from the EU smart cities funding stream and this project will
be the subject of international
During 2016 and 2017 a variety schemes will be delivered to
help citizens of Sneinton to be
warmer and healthier, to reduce
their energy bills, and to reduce
their carbon emissions.
There are five cities around
Europe included in the project,
trialling different urban regeneration models which could be
replicated elsewhere in Nottingham and in other cities
around the world. The council
will gain valuable data to help
target future actions on fuel
poverty and carbon emissions.
Councillor Alan Clark, Portfolio Holder for Energy and
Sustainability, said: “The REMOURBAN concept is a great
fit with the council’s commitments to tackle both fuel poverty and to reduce the city’s
CO2 emissions. We are really
excited about this project and
the potential for the energy saving measures to be rolled out
across our city and cities across
the world. Once again Nottingham has a leading part to play
as Europe plans for a more sustainable energy future.”
To find out more http://www.
Nottingham City Tenants 0300
333 8100, Private Home Owners 0300 688 0808`
Appeal following nightclub assault
The police are appealing for
any information regarding a
man connected with an assault who was captured on
CCTV leaving a night club.
The man caught on camera
appears to be white and have
blonde or strawberry blonde
hair and wearing a green tshirt. He is thought to have
been accompanied by a womThe assault left a woman an with long blonde hair as
with a fractured arm having well as two other men, one of
fallen between the railings which had a diamond shaped
and barrier at Rock City after design on the back of the tsomeone lifted her legs into shirt he was wearing.
the air on Sunday 10th January.
The images can be seen on
the Nottinghamshire police
As a result of her injuries, website and anyone who recthe victim has been unable to ognises the man in the images
return to work and her right is asked to come forward with
shoulder is not expected to any information they have by
contacting the police on 101.
fully recover.
First Phase Completed
House hunters looking for a property at Nottingham’s new waterside neighbourhood can be one
of the first to secure a brand new
home when phase one at Trent
Basin is released to the market on
Friday 18th March.
House buyers will be able to reserve one of the first 42 homes
with a refundable deposit. Nottingham’s award winning property developer, Blueprint Regeneration, is
the driving force behind Trent Basin, a development on the banks of
the River Trent which will connect
city life and waterside living.
Close to popular areas like West
Bridgford and only 1.5 miles to
the city centre, Trent Basin is the
ideal location for professional
couples and families to those looking to downsize. Prices start from
£225,000 for a two-bed property
and £235,000 for a four-bed house.
Properties will include either balconies, roof terraces or back gardens and all will be situated within
a stone’s throw of the river.
Drawing on the industrial heritage of the site and the inland dock,
Trent Basin is uniquely blends the
history of the area with contemporary new homes with nearly a
kilometre of water frontage along
the river.
Nick Ebbs, chief executive of
Blueprint Regeneration, said:
“Trent Basin will offer residents
a mix of quality, design led homes
and apartments, great streetscapes
which put pedestrians over cars, at
a superb location next to the River
“We hope to see high demand
when the properties are released
for sale, especially as over 300
people have registered interest
through the website. There really isn’t any other development
coming to the market like Trent
When fully complete, the
£100million Trent Basin development will comprise a total of 500
low energy 2-5 bedroom houses
and apartments.
people, direct debits, standing orders, by cheque and by telephone.
“I urge our local people to think
BROXTOWE RESIDENTS are to tackle the budget challenge it about changing their payment
methods sooner rather than later being urged to think about how faces.
Council Tax bills are on their way
they will continue to pay their
for example, so why not change
Council bills when the Cash Ofbut the Council needs to direct debit or standing order
fices close on 31st March.
to look for new and
The Cash Offices will close at the
improved ways of doing Cash payments will be possible
end of the month and residents are
things to tackle the
for those who cannot pay using
being advised to think about alterbudget challenge it
an alternative method via an elecnative payment methods now, such
tronic self-service kiosk at Beeston
as setting up direct debits.
Council Offices and our Officers
Portfolio Holder for Resources,
Councillor Paul Simpson said: “I would like to reassure our resi- are happy to discuss payment op“The decision to close the Cash dents that there’s still a variety of tions with anyone who is unsure or
Offices was not an easy one but ways that they can make payments is genuinely unable to pay by anthe Council needs to look for new to us including online, which is the other means.
and improved ways of doing things easiest and quickest way for most Anyone who isn't sure how to
make payments when Broxtowe
Borough Council's Cash Offices
close on 31st March can get a wide
range of advice including online
banking and how to make online
payments, setting up standing orders and direct debits, staying safe
online, shopping online and making automated payments at one of
the Council’s Tea & Tech sessions.
Considering Payment Options
Shocking Numbers Still Drug-Driving
As the Department for Transport confirms a six-fold increase
in the number of people caught
drug-driving, we can reveal
huge numbers of drivers and
passengers are still taking dangerous risks when it comes to
The survey by Brake, the road
safety charity, and Direct Line reveals a shocking one in 14 drivers
(7%) admit they drive at least once
a month after having taken drugs.
The release of these figures comes
a year after the introduction of new
drug-drive laws designed to make
it easier for police to catch criminal drivers. In the 12 months since
the law change, there has been a
six-fold increase in the number
of convictions for drug-driving
nationally, but some individual
police forces have seen their arrest
rates go up by 800%.
On 2 March 2015 it became an
offence in England and Wales to
drive with even small amounts
of 17 legal and illegal drugs in
your system, including cannabis,
cocaine, ecstasy and ketamine.
The law removed the need to
prove the driver was “impaired”
and set the levels so low, it effectively brought in a zero tolerance
when it comes to drug-driving.
The offence carries an automatic
12-month driving ban, a fine of up
to £5,000 and a prison sentence of
up to six months.
The change in the law coincided
with the introduction of new roadside drug testing kits that are used
by the police to detect even tiny
amounts of the most commonly
For more information about different ways you can continue to pay
for Council Tax and other services,, or contact Broxtowe Borough Council on 0115 917 7777
or email
[email protected]
used drugs: cannabis and cocaine.
Brake and Direct Line’s survey
also found one in 12 people (8%)
thought they had probably or definitely been a passenger, in the last
year, in a car driven by someone
who had taken drugs. Worryingly,
one in six people (16%) said they
would get in a car with a drug
prove just how overdue this law
change was. Different drugs have
different effects, some slowing reaction times, others making drivers over confident and more likely
to take risks, but they all have the
potential to make drivers a danger
to themselves and all other road
users. The government must make
sure the police have the necessary
resources to carry out these tests
The latest official road safety fig- and keep catching dangerous drug
ures available show 47 road deaths drivers who risk killing themand 197 serious injuries in 2014 selves or someone else.”
were caused when a driver was impaired by some kind of drugs. This Rob Miles, director of car insurwas up from 21 deaths and 181 ance at Direct Line, said: “The sigserious injuries in 2013. But some nificant increase in drug-driving
estimates suggest around 200 peo- convictions since the change in the
ple a year are killed on Britain’s law last year should serve as a seroads by drivers on drugs.
rious deterrent to those considering getting behind the wheel after
Alice Bailey, campaigns advisor taking drugs. This is testament to
for Brake, the road safety charity, how, when road safety issues are
said: “The hundreds of extra con- given due prominence, positive
victions over the last 12 months change can be achieved.”
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 313879
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 314380
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 313879
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 314380
Exploring the East Coast
By Mackenzie Orrock
For most people the draw of the seaside is
top of the list when it comes to planning
a holiday but it doesn't necessarily mean
having to fly thousands of miles out of the
country to find it. Lincolnshire is England’s
second largest county and, in combining
stunning landscapes with vibrant and exciting attractions, it’s one of country’s most
diverse destinations.
Its blue flag beaches are some of the most
stunning in the country and make for an
ideal break by the sea. Skegness is perhaps
the East Coat’s most well known seaside
destination. Its theme parks, rides and attractions are perfectly contrasted to its
white sand beaches and crystal blue waters
for a trip that combines both the serenity
and excitement of the seaside.
Mablethorpe is another of Lincolnshire’s
most visited seaside towns. Dating back to
the 14th Century, Mablethorpe is ideal for
a family getaway with countless holiday
parks and camp sites that offer a variety
of accommodation and activities for every
budget. The Natureland Seal Sanctuary
and the huge range of seaside restaurants
and bars are just a couple of examples of
what make Mabletherpe a firm family favourite.
Cleethorpes offers all the fun and excitement that visitors have come to expect
from the Lincolnshire seaside alongside
an opportunity to explore England’s great
outdoors. The stunning woodlands and picturesque park spaces epitomise the beauty
of Britain’s landscapes and the Cleethorpes
Coast Light Railway gives visitors the opportunity to explore 4 miles of its breathtaking coastline.
Lincolnshire has something truly
unique to offer with all the excitement
and activity of city life alongside the
peace and tranquility of a holiday at the
beach and, roughly an hour and twenty
minutes away by car and just
under an hour on the fastest train, there’s access to it all in next
to no time.
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 313879
‘Spring’ into the
holiday season
Whether you’re in the market for a new caravan holiday home, looking to trade in an
old one or on the lookout for the perfect park to enjoy a few days away, Springs Holiday Estates has you covered.
With a choice of new and used static cara-
For more information on the parks and any of the services
provided visit
or call 01507441333
vans for sale, caravan holiday lets, caravan
insurance, a professional after sale and
repair service and a number of affordable
finance options, finding the holiday home
that’s right for you couldn’t be easier. The
team even offer a delivery and siting service
so you really don’t have to lift a finger.
Choose from four ideally located caravan
holiday parks. Their Anderby and Sutton
Springs Parks on Lincolnshire’s beautiful
coast are just a cycle ride away from the
seaside towns of Mablethorpe and Sandilands with both the Creek Tavern and The
Seagull pub and restaurants packed full
of enough activities and events to keep
the whole family entertained. For anyone looking for the peace and quiet of the
Lincolnshire countryside the Trusthorpe
Springs Park set in the grounds of a stunning 19th century hall offers a relaxed and
laid back atmosphere but with a heated
outdoor poor, an old walled kitchen garden
and all the excitement of Skegness within
driving distance or enjoy the seasonal entertainment and atmosphere of The Cartwheel
pub and restaurant, there is plenty to do for
a getaway to remember. Last but not least
is Lakeside Springs, a small exclusive park
for fishing folk, nature lovers or those who
just like the quiet countryside. Only a mile
from the beach at Sutton on Sea and with
a well stocked freshwater fishing lake you
have the best of both worlds.
Why not try a short break in one of their super modern letting caravan holiday homes
or bring your tourer or tent for that short
break, where you’ll be warmly welcomed at
either Trusthorpe or Lakeside Springs.
And most importantly, from the park receptionists to the repair engineers Springs Holiday Estates realises the importance of local
and friendly service so their experienced
team of staff are all on hand to put their
skills and knowledge to good use whatever
your caravanning or holidaying query.
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 314380
r .
ts n fo ne e.
ke 5 o 10 nli is fre
Tic £1 r £ s o ing
st s o et park
co te ick nd
ga t e a
e ce fre
th n go
va 17’s
Extreme sports, live music, urban free runners,
cookery demonstrations and a field gun display are
set to be the highlights of the 133rd Nottinghamshire
County Show when it returns in May.
The prestigious
county show is being
held at Newark
Showground on 14
and 15 May and
will be jam packed
full of activities
and attractions to
keep all the family
The show offers a varied and
exciting range of things to see
and do including a
music marquee which will
feature the U3A Ukulele
Happy Band, the Carlton
Male Voice Choir and a Jazz
Quintet, as well as many other
local acts.
Showcasing some of the UK’s
best produce, trade and
livestock including the everpopular Sheep Show, the
all-weather show is preparing
for an exciting year.
Jayne Olney, show manager
of the Nottinghamshire
County Show, said:
“We are only at
the beginning of
the year but work
is already well
underway for the
133rd Nottinghamshire
County Show and
we are so excited
following last year’s
hugely successful
“The show takes months
and months of coordination
to ensure we offer guests
a day to remember and it
continues to get better every
year, but we are also keen to
demonstrate how diverse we
can be too.
“We are very fortunate to
have both local and
national traders and
entertainment already
booked for the two day
event, showcasing the very
best in Nottinghamshire,
as well as attractions from
around the country
- it’s sure to be an
excellent day out
for all the family.
“The Portsmouth
Action Field
Gun Display will
demonstrate its
athleticism with
its competitive
Field Gun runs to
amaze the crowd
in the Main Ring,
whilst we have
the ever-popular
Countryside Arena and Notts
on Show which will exhibit all
things great in the region.”
All ages will enjoy Inspire
Shows, showing their agility,
body power and strength
as they co-ordinate a free
running routine in the George
Stevenson Exhibition Hall
which will see the
atm ting a
that sphere
won crowd
’t fo
runners flip and leap through
the air, across any obstacle in
their path.
BMX Flatland involves a
mix of bike breakdancing
with fast floor spins and an
array of tricks that see them
manoeuvring the bike into
crazy positions and doing
incredibly fast spinning
The premier entertainment
show is performed by world
class professionals and will
be wowing audiences with
their amazing spectacle and
creating an atmosphere that
crowds won’t forget. Visitors
will also be able to learn
some of the tricks of the trade
between shows.
Chefs will raise the profile of
quality food produced in
Great Britain as part of the
Food Experience zone.
Livery companies across
the UK will also be
in attendance as
well as a range of
local stalls
who will be
promoting farming,
food, rural life
and heritage in
Nottingham and beyond.
Jayne added: “Inspire
Shows will bring their own
brand of exciting urban free
running to the show and
we are very much looking
forward to witnessing what
the world class display team
can do. Along with the
Portsmouth Action Field Gun
Display there’s something to
wow all ages”.
Advance tickets are
available to book by
telephone 01636 705796 or
online via the website www.
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 313879
07764 466381
01773 762675
E: [email protected]
(Answers in Issue 161)
1 Rheumatism 6 Regret 11 Rhino 12 Conflict 13 Sheepish 16 Rapport 18 Stifle 19 Prod 20 Sweat 22 Stage 24 Cot 25 Vie 26 Pooh-pooh 28 Angle 29 Mall 30 Trove 31 Needlework 35 Serpentine
39 Pushy 40 Cock 41 Extra 42 Antelope 43 Lie 44 Sad 45 Haste 47 Poppy 49 Knit 50 Avenue 51 Octagon 54 Sergeant 57 Comatose 58 Grain 59 Tiddly 60 Song thrush
1 Rips 2 Underdevelop 3 Anti 4 Itch 5 Minestrone 6 Rolling pin 7 Retrench 8 Trip 9 Biro 10 Bottleneck 14 Hurricane 15 Sow 17 Pet 20 Sweeten 21 Explosion 22 Stale 23 Aggro 27 Oversleep
32 Loyalty 33 Wicket keeper 34 Reception 35 See-through 36 Rates 37 Erase 38 Elementary 39 Prosperous 42 Advanced 46 Tea 48 Pie 52 Trap 53 Gent 54 Seen 55 Rust 56 Tash
1 Eye glasses (10)
6 Synthetic, imitation (10)
11 Bit (5)
12 Impervious to wind and
rain (12)
14 Form an arch over (4)
16 Eighth of a gallon (4)
17 Titfer (3)
18 Emit (5)
20 Dark brownish-red (6)
21 Roman gown (4)
22 Showery (5)
23 Cancel in law (7)
25 Catch and arrest (3)
26 Combat plane (7)
28 Ship’s company (4)
29 Insanity (7)
33 Smuggled goods (10)
35 Wedding posy worn in
a lapel (10)
38 Month (7)
41 Turn over and over (4)
42 Pharmacist (7)
45 Mildly depressed (3)
46 Unisex nightwear (7)
48 The human trunk (5)
49 Against (4)
50 Creative ability (6)
52 Interior decoration and
furnishings (5)
54 Tabby or Siamese (3)
55 Soapy lather (4)
57 Takes food (4)
59 A 60 to 69 year old (12)
60 Alert and living (5)
61 German guard-dog (10)
62 Lost for words (10)
1 Transparent blue gem (8)
2 Wiring specialist (11)
3 Knots and links (4)
4 Grass cutter (9)
5 Staying power (7)
6 England v Australia
cricket trophy (5)
7 Triplet number (5)
8 Early yellow shrub (9)
9 Cut with an axe (4)
10 Rubbish bin (6,6)
13 Business money (7)
15 Vegetable (3)
19 Not legal (8)
20 A fallacy (4)
24 Sparrow or blue tit (4)
27 Glowing coal (5)
29 Football contest (5)
30 Racket, commotion (3)
31 Male tutor (12)
32 A raise in pay (8)
34 One of the heart/lung
protecting bones (3)
36 Creating obstacles (11)
37 Cat and dog parasite (4)
39 In the direction of (7)
40 Spying (9)
42 Summons to a duel (9)
43 Kind of glove (4)
44 Medieval stronghold (8)
47 Wrenches muscles (7)
51 Screw-threaded bolt
attachment (3)
52 Reside in a place (5)
53 Seat (5)
56 Despatched (4)
58 Shoulder band (4)
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 314380
(see below)
(see right)
Born 22nd February 1975
She starred in the 1982
film E.T
Also starred in Poison Ivy,
Bad girls and The wedding
Born 22nd March 1976
Breakthrough role came in
Legally blonde
Also starred in White and
blonde and Monsters Vs
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 313879
National Glaucoma
Awareness Week
6-12 June 2016
This year’s campaign is focusing
on the need for regular eye health
checks for parents, children,
brothers and sisters, if glaucoma
has been diagnosed in the family.
£1.3m City Investment
A self-storage facility has opened
in the Sherwood area of Nottingham as part of a £1.3m investment
in the city.
BE Webbe's premises at Hartley
House on Hucknall Road are the
second in Nottinghamshire, the
first being one at Coxmoor Road,
Sutton-in-Ashfield, which opened
in September 2011.
It has four other self-storage facilities - one in Derby at its headquarters on Mansfield Road, another at
Alfreton Road in the city, one at
Wilsthorpe Road, Long Eaton, and
another at Wetmore Road industrial estate, Burton.
The Nottingham site is a five-floor
building which BE Webbe bought
last year for £1m. It is in a mixed
business and residential area.
The self-storage facilities have
opened in 18,000 sq ft of space on
the ground floor of the building
which started as a print tape fac-
tory in 1954 and was latterly used
as a business centre.
Works to convert the premises cost
£250,000 to fit-out into 150 storage units, reception, and office
plus new electrical fittings, an enhanced loading bay and yard, plus
A second phase to create another
150 storage units in 18,000 sq ft
on another floor will be completed by August at a further cost of
The self-storage facilities include
rooms varying in size from a telephone box to a double garage,
and can be used to house anything
from furniture and personal items
to archives for households or businesses over either a short-term or
long period.
BE Webbe director Richard Blount
said: “We are delighted to have
opened this facility in Nottingham.
We have had our eye on opening a
facility in the city for some time,
but wanted to make sure we obtained the right site.
“We chose this area of north Nottingham because we saw a gap in
the provision of self-storage premises.
“The site at Sutton-in-Ashfield is
doing so well and we are looking
to acquire nearby land to extend
the facility there to meet demand.”
The Sherwood facility will be open
during normal working hours seven days a week.
Other floors in the building will
remain a business centre with
various tenants using workshops.
These include artist Emma Ball,
whose watercolours are used on a
variety of products.
The Sherwood project has created
two jobs. Each phase of work was
done or will be done by Derbybased Ivygrove Developments, an
associate company of BE Webbe.
Chamber Reacts to Devolution Deal Developments
Scott Knowles, Chief Executive
of East Midlands Chamber, said:
“Business remains supportive of
the principle that decisions which
affect local people are best determined at a local level and while
consensus is still to be reached
about how this might work in our
region, we'd like to see a continuation of cooperation and joint
activity across Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire,
particularly around the logistical
sweet spot which will comprise
the airport and the proposed HS2
hub and Strategic Freight Rail Interchange.
“The East Midlands economy is
a complex ecosystem of sectors
and businesses of all sizes, but it
has two key strengths we need to
play up to. Here, we make things
and we move things, which are enjoyed around the world.
“It’s also important to remember
that devolution is not just about
Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and
Leicestershire. We have the Sheffield City Region to the north and
will also need to collaborate with
the West Midlands and the Northern Powerhouse on issues such as
HS2, where there is a mutual interest.
“The UK economy will thrive only
if the Midlands Engine is firing
on all cylinders and it's vital that
politicians, policymakers and parliamentarians always take into account the important role that this
region plays in driving economic
growth and job creation in the
A Visit For Mindfulness Patients
PATIENTS with long term neurological conditions welcomed
the High Sheriff of Nottinghamshire to the final session of a Nottingham CityCare Partnership’s
pioneering mindfulness pilot programme.
The mindfulness programme has
been supporting patients as part of
CityCare’s community neurology
service for a year. To celebrate
the success of the programme, the
High Sheriff of Nottinghamshire,
Dr Jas Bilkhu, visited one of the
sessions to congratulate the staff
for all their work and to meet the
patients who have benefitted from
the course.
The High Sheriff said: “It’s great to
see programmes like this doing so
well in the community. Hopefully
this is just the beginning for this
particular programme and many
more people can get the support
that they need from this service.”
The specialist behind the programme, Dr Anna Turner, commented on how successful the pro-
gramme had been.
She said: “We’ve been extremely
pleased with how the pilot has
gone and we have received a lot of
positive feedback.”
One of the course facilitators, Darren Buckland, added: “The aim of
the course is to increase awareness
of our own thoughts, emotions and
body sensations and how these
can impact on our lives, relationships and even our health. We help
patients to respond to challenges
creatively rather than with old habitual reactions.
Close relatives are four times
more likely to develop the condition, when compared to someone
without a family history. We believe that everyone should have
regular eye health checks, at
least every two years and will be
working with optometrists, eye
clinic staff, voluntary groups and
people across the country to help
prevent people losing sight unnecessarily.
diagnosed. Globally, glaucoma is
the leading cause of irreversible
blindness and the number of people with glaucoma is increasing.
[64 million people today, rising to
76 million by 2020].
optometrist which is paid for by
the NHS if they are aged over
40, and everyone is entitled to
free testing over the age of 60.
In Scotland, the NHS will pay
for glaucoma examinations offered by optometrists, regardless
of age.
The IGA funds pioneering research into the detection, management and treatment of glaucoma, and provides free patient
information, literature and advice.
If you are interested in helping
us to promote this week, please
contact us by email or phone.
We have posters, leaflets, banners and collection boxes to help
promote the week. Please email:
[email protected]; or call:
01233 64 81 64.
In the UK, it is the most common
cause of preventable blindness,
yet many people are unaware that
glaucoma has no symptoms in the
early stages. But, if left untreated
glaucoma can lead to serious loss
of vision, with up to 40 per cent
of sight being permanently lost
before the effects are noticed.
Once sight is lost it cannot be recovered.
It is estimated that there are Close relatives in England, Wales
600,000 people in the UK with and Northern Ireland can have a
glaucoma, but half have not been sight test and examination by an
Working Together
The International Glaucoma Association is focusing on the need
for regular eye health checks
to detect glaucoma, during this
year’s World Glaucoma Week
2016. With 64 million people
with glaucoma in the UK today,
and an estimated rise to 76 million, it is vital that people recognise the importance of eye health.
A visit to the optometrist will
quickly detect whether there is a
risk of glaucoma, and once diagnosed, glaucoma can be treated.
Although any sight lost due to
glaucoma cannot be recovered,
with regular treatment, useful
sight can be maintained for sight.
is detected, who is at risk and the
types of treatment available.
Comments Russell Young, CEO
at International Glaucoma Association: “We are delighted to be
working with Vision Express on
this awareness raising initiative.
We know that people often don’t
have an eye health check, until
they realise something is wrong
with their vision. Unfortunately
with glaucoma, this can mean
that 40 per cent of the vision is
already lost and will never be recovered.
This is tragic, given that a simple eye health check could have
detected glaucoma and treatment
could have commenced. So long
as treatment is continued, most
people in the UK will retain useful sight for life”.
This is particularly true in the
UK, where it is estimated that
there are 600,000 people with
glaucoma, but around 50 per cent
of these people are undiagnosed.
As a charity, the IGA is delighted
that national optical retailer, Vision Express is working with
IGA to raise awareness of the
importance of regular eye health
checks. IGA staff will be supporting the Vision Express state of the
art mobile van which is touring
the UK, offering free eye health
checks during World Glaucoma
Week. Staff from Vision Express
and IGA will be available to offer information on how glaucoma
Introducing iStent
iStent is the first MIGS device that improves your
eye’s natural fluid outflow
to safely lower eye pressure by creating a permanent opening in the
Proven safe and effective, the iStent Trabecular Micro-Bypass is safely
implanted during cataract surgery and spares
important eye tissue that
is often damaged by traditional surgeries without
limiting the treatment
options that could help
maintain your vision in
the future.
iStent is the smallest
medical device ever approved by the FDA. It is
placed in your eye during cataract surgery and
is so small that you won’t
be able to see or feel it
after the procedure is
over. iStent is designed
to create a permanent
opening in your trabecular meshwork, and works
continuously to improve
the outflow of fluid from
your eyes to help control
eye pressure.
For patients with combined
open-angle glaucoma,
iStent reduces introcular pressure (IOP) by improving aqueous humor
outflow. Inserted through
a 1.5-mm corneal incision, iStent is the only
for the treatment of mild
to moderate open-angle
More information on this
revolutionary device can
be found on
[email protected]
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 314380
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 313879
Planning for the future
Why is it important to make a will?
If you die without a will, there are certain rules
which dictate how the money, property or possessions should be allocated. This may not be the way
that you would have wished your money and possessions to be distributed.
Unmarried partners and partners who have not
registered a civil partnership cannot inherit from
each other unless there is a will, so the death of
one partner may create serious financial problems
for the remaining partner.
If you have children, you will need to make a will
so that arrangements for the children can be made
Who are executors?
Executors are the people who
will be responsible for carrying out your wishes and for
sorting out the estate. They
will have to collect together
all the assets of the estate,
deal with all the paperwork
and pay all the debts, taxes,
funeral and administration
costs out of money in the estate. They will need to pay
out the gifts and transfer any
property to beneficiaries.
if either one or both parents die.
It may be possible to reduce the amount of tax
payable on the inheritance if advice is taken in
advance and a will is made.
If your circumstances have changed, it is important that you make a will to ensure that your
money and possessions are distributed according
to your wishes.
If you are in any doubt as to whether or not you
should make a will, you should consult a solicitor
or a Citizens Advice Bureau who can give you
lists of solicitors.
though it is advisable to do
so, for example, in case one
of them dies. It is common to
appoint two, but up to four
executors can take on responsibility for administering the
will after a death.
Getting a copy
of the will when
probate has been
When someone dies, the person who is dealing with their
estate (for example, money
and property) must usually
Who to choose as get authorisation to do so
from the Probate Service. If
It is not necessary to appoint there is a will, this authorimore than one executor al- sation is called a grant of
probate. When probate is
granted, the will is kept by
the Probate Service and any
member of the public can get
a copy.
With National Will Month
coming up in March, now is
the perfect time to start thinking about taking the
steps to ensure a
more secure future for you
and your
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 314380
Out & About
Spring Plant Fair Returns
Adapted for the stage
The Birmingham Stage Company, the
acclaimed producers of HORRIBLE
Walliams’ GANGSTA GRANNY to the
stage for a national tour including one
week at the Theatre Royal Nottingham
from 15-19 March 2016.
Dahl Funny Prize in the same year.
“All you can do in this life is follow your
dreams. Otherwise you’re just wasting
your time”
ing crime caper ever planned! Suddenly
Friday nights become the best part of his
whole week!
After penning three popular stories,
Gangsta Granny was published in 2011
and was shortlisted for The Red House
Children’s Book Award and for the Roald
Gangsta Granny is the story of Ben, a
bored 11 year old, who hates having to
stay in with his old, cabbage-obsessed
Granny every Friday night playing
Scrabble while his parents go out ballroom dancing. But when he accidentally
discovers Gran’s exciting secret, Ben
becomes part of the biggest, most dar-
Theatre Royal Nottingham
Tuesday 15 – Saturday 19 March 2016
Tuesday – Saturday evenings 7pm, Weds
& Thurs matinees 10.30am, Sat matinees
10.30am & 2.30pm
£22.50 - £10 plus concessions
Box Office: 0115 989 5555
English Youth Ballet presents an appealing and dramatic production of Giselle set on an English country estate
with an ‘upstairs downstairs flavour’
about a young girl who is betrayed by
the Prince Albert who is also engaged to
Lady Bathilde. This leads to a macabre,
ghoulish scene dominated by Wilis who
are young women jilted in love and who
rise from their graves at night and take re-
venge on any man who crosses their path.
With enchantingly sumptuous costumes,
pretty scenery and spectacular dancing the
production brings Giselle into this century
with warmth, colour and drama.
“English Youth Ballet is a triumph” Dance Expression
“EYB cannot be faulted with sets and costumes of real quality” Dance Europe
Evenings 7.30pm
Saturday Matinee
Band A £22.00 Band B £20.00 Band C
£18.00 Bands D & E £16
(Concessions £1.50 off top two prices)
Sat Mat only all concessions £15.00
Groups of 10 or more, 1 free in every 10 at
concession rates.
TICKET SALES 0115 989 5555
English Youth Ballet
FLOWER POWER FAIRS will be holding their gardeners’ plant fair at Holme
Pierrepont Hall on Sunday 20 March from 11am-4pm.
Set in 30 acres of tranquil parkland just be- Courtyard Garden and the House will also
yond the Nottingham Water Sports Centre, be open (charged separately).
Holme Pierrepont Hall is perhaps Notting- HOLME PIERREPONT GARDENERS’
ham’s best kept secret. However it is famed PLANT FAIR
for its magnificent spring gardens with Holme Pierrepont Hall, Nottingham NG12
magical displays of snowdrops, daffodils, 2LD
tulips, aconites and hellebores. Over the
past few years the family have also planted SUNDAY 20 MARCH 11am-4pm
many specialist winter flowering shrubs so
the gardens are awash with colour in early For more information on Holme Pierrepont
The plant fair will be held in front
of the Hall and brings a mouthwatering selection of specialist
plant growers from the North and
Midlands offering a huge choice
of herbaceous plants, shrubs with
particular emphasis on colour and
shape, climbers, lilies, herbs, heucheras, shade loving plants and
ferns. Many of the nurseries are
award winners from RHS shows
and offer quality plants which are
not normally found in garden centres and other outlets.
“I am very excited to be returning to
Nottingham and Holme Pierrepont
is the perfect location. I have 20
quality stands attending who will be
bringing wonderful plants to tempt
everyone and these small events are
just so friendly with all the growers offering free advice and help.”
In addition to plants, Flower Power
will be playing host to Guide Dogs
for the Blind, a selection of quality garden furniture and wonderful
wrought iron obelisks and plant
Entry to the fair, gardens and
grounds is just £3.00 and parking
is free. Refreshments are available overlooking the Grade II listed
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 313879
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 314380
National Apprenticeship Week 2016.
Celebrating apprenticeships and
the positive effects these have for
both the employers and the apprentices is what is really at the heart of
National Apprenticeship Week and
this year’s event is set to be the most
successful one yet.
This event will run from 14th to
Developing vital practical skills
means that apprentices are given the
opportunity to really experience life
in work and employers benefit from
having a team of trained and qualified individuals who are equipped
with the necessary skills to drive the
future of their businesses.
ment is committed to providing 3
million apprenticeship starts and,
while apprenticeships are available
all year around, the event is expected to spread awareness for the
schemes and in doing so help them
to reach this target.
Last year’s event was a huge suc-
mendous achievements, but I want
next year’s National Apprenticeship
Week to be the best yet. I am looking forward to once again raising
the profile of apprenticeships and
traineeships and celebrating the important role they play in equipping
people of all ages with the skills that
18th March and is co-ordinated by
the Skills Funding Agency with a
whole host of events designed to
highlight the benefits of apprenticeship schemes for the apprentices,
their employers as well as the economy more generally.
Apprenticeships help to really prepare people for later employment.
Showing their support for the national event, businesses, employers,
apprentices and colleges throughout
England are being encouraged to
share their achievements and success stories to give an insight into
the positive impact apprenticeships
have had for them.
In the coming 5 years, the govern-
cess with the launch of degree apprenticeships and an all time high of
23,000 vacancies signed up for and
it is hoped that 2016’s event will be
even better still.
Director of the National Apprenticeship Service, Sue Husband,
said: “Last year’s National Apprenticeship Week saw some tre-
they need to prosper in their lives.”
Information and facts about apprenticeships and how you can get
involved either as a prospective apprentice or employer can be found
on the government website
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 313879
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 314380
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 313879
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 314380
Preparing for the Future
Could You Help Change
Children’s Lives?
Children aged four and over, siblings, children with black minority
ethnic backgrounds and those with
disabilities tend to wait longer for
the loving forever home they deserve. Could you offer the stable,
secure and
can offer a loving, stable and secure home to a child, or children,
currently living in local authority
care we would love to hear from
New flexibility means anyone
over 55 can take all their savings in cash, either all at once or
as and when they need it.
Council is raising awareness of
what is likely to be a growing
problem as hundreds of thousands of 55 plus savers gain access to pension lump sums. Also,
the Flat Rate State Pension comes
into operation in April 2016 and
full details will be explained during the courses. The charity is
partners with the Pensions Service (Department for Work and
Pensions) and the courses will explain any new legislation in full.
The courses aim to be very friendly and informal with an emphasis
on the psychological approach to
retirement and how to occupy the
extra hours of leisure people will
experience in retirement. Many
people sleep-walk into retirement
and spend more time planning a
fortnight’s holiday than their retirement which could last a good
30 odd years or so.
If ever the nation needed a
wake-up call, then this is it.
During the course, each delegate
will be able to have a 1:1 with
the speakers and also full updates will be given in relation to
There are also many
other ways you can
help Faith in Families
make a difference. Faith
in Families is reliant on voluntary income to help and
all the new regulations, together
with calculations on the date men
and women will receive their State
A 3 course buffet lunch will be
provided, plus tea/coffee/biscuits
on arrival and during the morning
and afternoon breaks. A full pack
of information, leaflets, booklets
and magazines/newspapers will be
provided to take home and refer to
after retirement and hand-outs will
be provided by each speaker.
The Beeston Office is open for
anyone to visit as a Resource Centre and for further help after retirement. Places will need to be
booked in advance as a charge will
be made to cover lunches and admin. costs. Telephone NDPRC on
0115 922 3824, mobile 07790 851
584 or visit the website to book a
place on line
Next courses take place on 21-23
March, 18-20 April, then monthly
NUH Rated
loving family life that these children dream of?
Adopt Together is Faith in Families’ Adoption Service and we believe that every child has the right
to grow up as part of a loving and
nurturing family. If you feel you
“They really listened to us, making sure we were central during
our adoption journey and we know
they’ll support us for life. When
our children joined us it was just
amazing; Adopt Together have
made our dreams come true.”
Adoptive Parent
support vulnerable children and their families throughout
the East Midlands and beyond.
Every donation made to Faith in
Families goes directly to helping
the children, through adoption,
children’s support groups, community outreach and school social
work. Last year, Faith in Families
Fostering… Is it for me? How do
I go about it? What is involved?
Lots of people have questions
about fostering. At Team Fostering, we are committed to guiding
and supporting you through your
journey at every turn.
Opening up your home, heart and
life to take care of a child or young
person is not an easy job. It takes
dedication, strength and patience,
but there is no reward like knowing you have made a real difference to someone’s life. If you
enjoy looking after children and
young people, and have the space
in your home and life to offer, then
fostering may just be for you.
Team Fostering is an ethical, nonprofit organisation who put young
people at the heart of every decision. The children and young people we support come from many
different backgrounds and we
need diverse foster carers to meet
a range of needs.
With an ever-growing foster carer
network, we are proud to announce
the opening of our new East Midlands office in Papplewick, Nottingham. In what is remembered
fondly by many as ‘the old icecream parlour’, Seven Mile House
on Mansfield Road is now home
to a team of Social Workers supporting our foster carers in the
East Midlands. On Thursday 17th
March at 6pm, we will be opening the doors of our new office so
that you can have your questions
answered about fostering. Our recruitment team and foster carers
will be on hand to give you advice
on how to start your fostering journey. Join us… and see if you can
make a difference.
For more information, please visit, our Facebook
and Twitter pages, or call 0115
The Open Event will be held
on Thursday 17th March at
6pm, at Team Fostering, Seven
Mile House, 1 Mansfield Road,
Nottingham, NG15 8FJ.
worked with
over 600 children and young people, and placed 33 children with
lasting, loving homes. Could you
help make a difference?
Find out more and call
0115 955 8811, visit or email
[email protected]
The Care Quality Commission
(CQC) has published its inspection report of NUH (Queen’s
Medical Centre, Nottingham
City Hospital and Ropewalk
House), rating the trust as ‘good’
NUH was rated as outstanding in
the well-led domain, and good in
the caring, effective and respon-
sive domains.
CQC’s Chief Inspector of Hospitals, Professor Sir Mike Richards,
said: “Overall, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust provides good care to the population
it serves. The trust can be proud
of the services that it manages and
we were impressed by most areas
we visited.”
KAM Servicing.
A name that has, over the years,
become synonymous with a quality service of main dealer standards
at a fraction of the cost, and the
Sawley centre has long been at the
forefront of setting the standards
for the other centres to follow. It
is the teaching centre where nearly
everyone within the company has
started their KAM career there.
Many of you may remember it
as Sawley service station and the
petrol station at the junction of
Tamworth road and Lock lane and,
while it has been within the company the longest, it isn’t the first
KAM Servicing centre that was
opened by the Bhardwaj brothers from Long Eaton. That honour
goes to our Heanor Site which has
been successfully run now for over
15 years by Raj Sharma.
The transformation from Sawley
service station to KAM Servicing
happened back in 1992 after the
Heanor site had been open for two
years starting the KAM Empire.
The Sawley Site is run by Som
Bhardwaj. One of the four brothers and a well known face around
the Sawley and Long Eaton areas,
Som runs a very tight ship as any of
the regular Sawley customers will
testify and believes in leading the
company by example, with everything he does carried out with
military precision.
Som is an apprentice trained mechanic and an MOT tester of many
years plus, with many years now
working behind the counter, he is
a skilled man manager with organisational skills second to none.
His belief is that it should not be
a chore for anyone bringing their
vehicle to KAM for repairs and
has set the customer care bar very
high for the rest of the centres to
His right hand at depot level is
Paul Gregory who has been with
the company for over 10 years
now and even ran the Belper
branch for a year while others
were being trained for the job.
Paul is a level 3 mechanic and recently became an MOT tester as
well and there is an almost seamless change when Som needs time
to get around all his centres and
Paul takes over.
The workshop controller is none
other than Ben Hudson whose
technical knowledge is one of the
best in the company responsible
for much of what happens at Sawley and on constant call from the
other sites for his expertise. Ben
is an apprentice trained mechanic,
MOT tester a Mastertech of some
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 313879
note and, as stated previously, trouble shoots diagnostic problems
around the company. He has been
with us for nearly 5 years now and
has become an invaluable member
of the KAM team.
Andy Davies the “Welsh Wizard”
is a long serving member of the
workshop staff of over 15 years
who originally came to us with a
fast fit background from the national repair chains but has worked
tirelessly over the years to better
himself and become an irreplaceable asset in the workshop as an
MOT tester, clutch, timing belt and
welding expert with a work ethic
that is hard to beat.
Top Trainee at Sawley is Tyla
Cross who came to us from school
and is working his way to a level
3 NVQ which he will need to become fully qualified and progress
within the company. He is in his
last year of exams and is already
proficient in service, brakes, tyres,
suspension & steering etc. and has
his certificates for gas handling of
air conditioning as well.
As I said earlier, Sawley is a training centre and you will often find
Operations manager Kev Allen
there along with any one of a number up and coming managers, MOT
testers, mechanics, apprentices
from other centres before they go
out into the KAM family, or even
work experience schoolchildren
who, like Tyla or Trev Birch (who
is now the manager at the Belper
centre) want to become a mechanic.
So if you want to experience the
best that KAM Servicing has to offer in MOT’s (class 4 & 7) servicing, tyres etc. look no further than
the Sawley centre of excellence
where you will find them on the
corner of Tamworth road and Lock
lane at postcode NG10 3FB or give
them a call on 0115 9460879 or
9463268 it’s open 7 days a week
362 days a year ready to keep your
cars on the road. Alternatively go to to find one
of the other centres which are situated at a convenient location for you.
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 314380
Good Garage Scheme
Over 40% of motorists put off getting
their car serviced due to cost
Good Garage Scheme’s Spring
Check offers an expert vehicle assessment
Research by the Good Garage
only means that many drivers are
putting themselves and others at
risk of accidents, but they are also
creating larger car maintenance
their vehicle’s condition. Available from member workshops
across the UK, the 21-point check
covers all essential areas including
unpleasant bugs into the car.
The research also found that some
45% of motorists said that they
would have their car serviced more
MOT requirements by spreading
the cost throughout the year in
interest-free monthly instalments
– just like any other household
money is completely safe.
Visit www.GoodGarageScheme.
com and enter your postcode
to find your local Good Garage
Scheme has revealed that more
than two in five motorists, some
42%, are putting off getting their
car serviced because they find it
too expensive. Furthermore, one
in ten drivers (11%) admitted that
they only get their car serviced
when it has its MOT test. This not
costs for themselves by not addressing minor faults before they
develop and become more costly
to repair.
The Good Garage Scheme’s
Spring Check aims to help motorists address this problem by
providing an expert assessment of
the condition of the tyres, wiper
blades, windscreen and lights, as
well as the coolant and engine oil.
The Spring Check also includes
checking the car’s air conditioning
system, as harmful bacteria and
mould builds up in the ventilation,
posing a health risk by circulating
regularly if they could spread the
cost, rather than having to pay
out at once. With this in mind,
the Good Garage Scheme, which
celebrates its tenth anniversary
this year, has introduced Service
Plans to provide a simple, flexible
way to budget for servicing and
bill. The new plans are available
to suit each driver’s needs, with
a choice of plans for interim and
standard servicing, with or without an MOT. All plans cover the
cost of parts, labour and VAT according to clearly defined Terms
and Conditions and customers’
Scheme workshop offering the
Spring Check and to find out
more about the new Service Plans.
Smartphone users can also download a free iPhone or Android app
to help them locate a nearby Good
Garage Scheme member anywhere in the UK.
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 313879
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Fascias & Gutters
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you like
Kitchen and Bathroom fitting
Fruit Trees
Plumbing & Heating
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0115 9313 879
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Self Catering
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