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Jacques Gaultier
Jacques Gaultier

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Who's Afraid of Contemporary Art?
Desk Chair, Etienne Meunier
Desk Chair
Attributed to Etienne Meunier
French, Paris, about 1735
Walnut with leather upholstery
H: 2 ft. 11 3/8 in. x W: 2 ft. 4 in. x D: 2 ft. 1
1/4 in.
Questions for Teaching
Take a moment to describe the objects and
surroundings in the French 18th-century
room in the image below. Look closely at
the desk chair created by Etienne Meunier
(the brown leather chair in front of the
desk). Does the chair visually belong in this
room? Why or why not? Are there other
types of rooms that this chair might have
been used in? Explain.
Focus on the image of the Meunier desk
chair. What material do you think the body
of the chair is made of? What are some
details in it that look unusual? (the high
arms with compartments on top [see image
on next page], and
the legs are not on
traditional corners; there's
a leg in the front). What do
you think the handle
compartments were used
Consider the layout and
design of the room
interior. Use your
imagination to describe
the appearance and
habits of a possible owner
of the desk chair.
18th-century period room.
Jacques Gaultier, furniture
worker, Paris, 1725–1726,
20th-century additions
© 2008 J. Paul Getty Trust
Information and Questions for Teaching
Who's Afraid of Contemporary Art?
Information and Questions for Teaching
Desk Chair, Etienne Meunier
Background Information
Designed to be used at a desk, this comfortable armchair with its high, wrap-around back forced
the sitter to sit with legs apart, straddling the projecting front leg. The small, velvet-lined
compartments hidden in the hinged arm pads were a convenient innovation, allowing the owner
to store personal items such as spectacles, a snuff box, or even money.
About the Artist
Etienne Meunier (French, life dates unknown; active 18th century)
Very little is known about Etienne Meunier. He became a master furniture maker circa 1732. He
established the Meunier dynasty and was its most eminent member. He produced different
kinds of furniture, including daybeds, but is best known for his chairs. He crafted chairs of many
kinds: desk chairs, armchairs with light and graceful curved backs, and chairs with carefully
designed flowing curves.
Etienne Meunier’s style was very simple. He often decorated his chairs with flower heads used
in a very restrained manner to harmonize and soften any severe lines of the furniture.
Detail of Desk Chair by Etiennt Meunier, showing open compartment in the arm
© 2008 J. Paul Getty Trust

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