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Kelly Williamson
Kelly Williamson

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Jack Payne (footballer, born 1991)
Jack Payne (footballer, born 1991)

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Brady Smith (footballer)

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Volume 11, Number 21
November 2, 2016
Harvest Report!
Sunday, October 23, 2016 was “Harvest Sunday” at St. James
UMC! During the month of September, Pastor Dot taught
about God’s economy and how we might re-evaluate value
and provisions. God gives gifts to every one of us, beginning
with the gift of life. Many other gifts are given to each of us and
they may be so common to us that we forget they are actually
gifts that are needed for ministry. On September 25, all
present in the worship service were given a $1.00 coin as an
investment. This investment was to be added to other gifts
God has given to be used for the building of God’s kingdom on
earth as it is in heaven. Through St James UMC many gifts
and investments are made every day. However, we sometimes
get caught in the busyness of day to day life and feel our cash
is the only gift we have to offer. We could not be further from
the truth! While our monetary gifts are needed and greatly
appreciated, there are so many other gifts that God will use for
ministry if we stop, recognize and become intentional in their
3100 Barrow Street
Abilene, TX 79605
Phone: 325-692-0263
E-mail: [email protected]
The Hospitality Team
invites you and your
family to enjoy a feast
of Thanksgiving on
Sunday, November 20,
in the fellowship hall,
immediately following
The menu will include turkey and dressing, gravy,
cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, green beans, fruit
salad, and rolls. St. James members are asked to
bring cut-up fruit (no dressings please) or a dessert.
If you are a visitor or a new St. James member in
2016, come as our guest. You do not need to bring
anything. Please join us for this St. James tradition
of hospitality, thanksgiving, and fellowship.
October 23 was the day of returning the harvest from the
investment made in September. The response was amazing!
After many conversations, questions and prayers… you have
given and been very intentional about sharing your gifts for the
work of the church. Though a monetary value cannot be given
to such gifts as prayer, presence, patience, vision and love, a
monetary value was applied to the use of numerous other gifts
of singing, sewing, delivering, packing, opening of doors,
physical labor, cards, art, commitments to the community and
church that were specifically named. Our estimated total for
the harvest return: $26,185!!
Your gifts of service, teaching and labor matter! Your spiritual
gifts are invaluable! Your love of God is powerful! God’s gifting
and love for you is immeasurable!!!
Pastor Dot
Daylight Saving Times ends this Sunday at 2:00 a.m. Please
remember to set your clocks back one hour before going to
bed on Saturday night!
Conference Worship Service
Monday, November 7—7 PM
Aldersgate United Methodist Church
1741 Sayles Blvd
Everyone is welcome!
Page 2
Hello Parents/Grandparents,
Thanks to
everyone who
invited us into
your home and
prepared food
for the
Dinner for the
Youth Group.
Christmas time is right around the
corner, literally! Our children's choir
has been such a blessing to us and a
wonderful addition to the worship experience. As part of our
annual Advent celebration, our children's choir is going to be a
part of the December 4 worship service.
The children will open up the service with 'Jingle Bells', and
then perform with the Adult Choir for an arrangement of
'Christmastime', a song originally written and recorded by
Michael W. Smith. A recording has been emailed to each of
you (sorry for the quality, I had to record a performance from
the internet with my phone).
Here's our schedule:
Wednesday Nov. 9 - 6:05p - rehearsal
Wednesday Nov. 16 - 6:05p - rehearsal
Wednesday Nov. 23 - NO REHEARSAL (Thanksgiving)
Wednesday Nov. 30 - 6:05p - rehearsal
(rehearse with choir at 6:30p)
Sunday Dec. 4 - 9:30a - warm-up and rehearsal with choir
Thank you:
Dot & Nita Lea
Andrea & Ryan
Alice & Don
Please make as many rehearsals as you can, but if you can't
make them all don't worry. We should have plenty of time to
learn these 2 songs. We want as many children participating
as possible. I so much appreciate you parents/grandparents
and friends of these children that help them get to rehearsals
and have them participate. I think our heavenly father smiles
every time children sing his praises!
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask
Jerry Kingston
Music Director, St. James UMC
The Children’s Ministry Team is
offering a Parents Night Out on
Saturday, November 12, from
6 - 8 p.m. Drop your children off
at the church and enjoy a date
night. Free child care! Go out to
dinner, enjoy a movie, or do some Christmas shopping! Your
children will be in good hands. Our child care providers are
planning games, activities, a movie, and pizza.
Please register your children for this special evening by
contacting Shannon Ives. The deadline is Wednesday,
November 9. Make plans now and get set for a great evening!
The St. James Bell Choir will begin rehearsals
on Tuesday, November 8, at 6:30 p.m. in the
Path Finders/Bell Room. If you are interested in
learning to play bells and would like to be a part
of the Advent celebration this year, please contact Jerry
Attention: All children from 2nd grade
to high school! Are you interested in
being an acolyte? Do you want to be
a vital part of Sunday worship? Does
it look like fun lighting the candles?
Are you willing to serve? If you
answered “yes” to any of these
questions, please contact Kelly
Williams or call the church office,
692-0263. Training is available!
Walter & Diana
Phil & Natalie
Cene’ &
Russell Gould
Youth Group
Bowling and Laser Tag
at Primetime Family Fun
Sunday, November 13 - 6 PM
Bring a Friend!
St. James has been invited to provide
refreshments for the chapel service at McMurry
University on Tuesday, November 8. We are
asking for donuts, cookies, granola bars, muffins,
cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, or other finger foods.
Please bring your goodies to the church by 10:00 a.m. on
Tuesday. If you would like to help deliver the food, set it out on
a table, and serve the students, please meet at the church
about 10:00. Thank you!
“I thank my God every time I remember you, …”
Philippians 1:3
To my church family at St James UMC,
Thank you for your expressions of Pastor
Appreciation the month of October! What fun to find cards,
notes, prayers and gifts on my desk, in the mail and in person.
I tell God thank you for you every day – now I am
telling you too.
In Christ’s Love, Pastor Dot
Volume 11, Number 21
Page 3
Trunk or Treat Extravaganza, October 29, 2016
Thank you, Lindsay and Kelly Williamson, for the selfie frames! So much fun!
Thanks to all of our St. James volunteers who furnished treats, set up, cooked hot dogs, cleaned up,
decorated vehicles and handed out candy! Good job!
Pumpkin Carving Winners: Adult Division: Pastor Dot Lea; Children’s Division: Jocilyn Garrett
Page 4
Kids Craft Night - Cup Spiders
Kids Craft Night - Bird Feeders
Children’s Sermon: Christians Are Like Pumpkins
Thank you, Tiffany
Doan, for preparing
the craft supplies and
painting the cups
orange for our
Due to the busyness of the
season, Forever Young will not
meet during November
and December!
God carves you a
new smiling face
and puts His light
inside of you.
Volume 11, Number 21
Page 5
Share Thanksgiving & Fill the Baskets
This year the St. James Thanksgiving Food Collection
Project will be shared with two groups:
The United Methodist Service Center & Food Pantry and
Southwest Drive Community United Methodist Church
The sharing of these items will help the United Methodist
Food Pantry restock their shelves that have been depleted
due to increased number of families needing assistance.
Southwest Drive UMC will again provide a Thanksgiving
meal and food baskets for needy families in the Abilene
Our St. James congregation can help supply food items or
cash donations.
Please bring your contributions by Sunday, November 13.
Select needed food
items from the poster,
and bring your
contribution Sunday,
November 13.
for the Thanksgiving Meal.
Cash donations also
accepted to purchase
turkeys, other
perishable items, and
large cans of vegetables
which Southwest Drive
Community UMC will use
Remember to take a
“Share Thanksgiving”
reminder from the
Mission Board on the wall
in the foyer.
Check the Mission Board
often for each month’s mission
focus and to grab a reminder
for donations, prayers, or
opportunities to serve.
Please continue to clip those Box Tops & Bar Codes, place
them in an envelope, and bring them to church
on the last Sunday of the month. A collection box is
located on the wicker shelf in the foyer.
Bar Code
Sew and So Projects Group
October 31, 2016
By Carol Waggoner
Sew and So Projects Group will meet on November 7, 2016,
1:30-3:30 PM at St. James UMC. Main project for the day is
to sew and stuff cancer pillows and assorted heart shaped
pillows. Although we had a large stash at last meeting, many
of those have been given away already, so we have to get
Since our last meeting, eight lap quilts and twelve pillows
were delivered to the Breast Cancer Institute at Hendrick,
twelve pink fleece heart pillows and twelve assorted fleece
pillows were delivered to Texas Oncology.
Judy Amthauer has graciously volunteered to be the “little Elf”
to make cookies to be delivered to Covenant Place for the
November treat. They will be delivered on November 21, and
labels wishing the residents a Happy Thanksgiving from
St. James UMC will be attached to the packages. Additional
bakers are needed! Can you help?
Thank you for the many gifts we have received in the past few
weeks, including the monetary Harvest Gift from an
anonymous donor, fiberfill from Pastor Dot Lea, fiberfill from
Delores Borg, and a box of pink plaid fleece sent from Virginia
by Mary Stewart. Without these generous gifts, our group
would cease to function! We cannot thank you all enough.
Please remember the basket of comfort pillows in the foyer
that are ready to take to a hurting friend, neighbor or child
who needs a hug, to let them know someone is thinking about
them and praying for them, or to just bring them cheer. They
are free for the taking and to spread love, joy, and concern. . .
Greeting card fronts are needed for St. Judes’ Children’s
Hospital!! Are you saving yours and dropping them off in the
basket in the foyer?
Upcoming meetings are scheduled for November 7,
November 21, December 5 and December 19. Join us as we
bring joy to others. “The joy that you give to others is the joy
that comes back to you.” John Greenleaf Whittier.
St. James UMC’s list for the United Methodist Service Center
and Food Pantry includes the following foods and personal
hygiene items:
Corn bread mix
Canned chicken
Macaroni & Cheese
Toilet Tissue
Bath Soap
Body Wash
Shaving Cream
Diapers (any size)
Place your donation in the grocery basket in the foyer or in
the picnic basket at the east door. Remember to bring used
books, magazines, and plastic bags! (travel sizes work great)
You can help by donating food or cash to purchase
food from the local food bank, or you can volunteer
to work a two-hour shift on the second Tuesday of
the month, 4-6pm or 6-8pm. Contact: Vicki Cullar.
Thank you to our food pantry volunteers who
faithfully work a 2-hour shift every second
Tuesday of the month and to those who act as
backups when one of the regulars can’t be
there. We couldn’t do it without you.
Page 6
Family of Barbara Swonger, Ricky Barringer &
family in the loss of his stepdad, Mark Cortez
(Ryan Leech’s friend), Linnie and Winston
Brown (loss of Albert “Bud” Brown, GM-KXTS),
Dave (cancer) (Misti Kingston’s friend), Brandy Bishop
(Janice Garrett’s friend), Jessica Rieger (knee surgery), Larry
Sparks, Grace Bright, Nita Lea, Ricky Barringer’s step-dad,
LaDon Blair for healing (Nita Lea’s sister), Margie Shuler
(knee replacement), Teulah Earl (Mary Welch’s friend),
Matthew Moore (Sydnye Moore’s grandson), Courtney
Ramsey (stage 4 cancer) (Zach Kennedy’s friend), Joana
Agerton’s husband, Tom, diagnosed with ALS, Rosie Evans
(cancer), Isaac Dunn (Global Mission Fellows-Detroit), Martha
Murphy, A. C. Sharp, Donald Phelps, Becki & husband (Rob
& Shirley Olson’s daughter), Meg Wadlington (Bill & Paula
Hughes’ friend), Elaine McCuistion (Janice Garrett’s friend),
Ginny, Debbie, & Betty in the loss of their husbands ( Sydnye
Moore’s friends), Lindsay & Cody Savage (Paula Hughes’
daughter), Charlie & Ruth Fish, Jean Wilkinson (Lynn’s
mother), Cindy Turner (Janice Garrett’s sister), Wanda
Yarbrough (Jo McWhorter’s niece), Esther Snyder and Isaac
(Esther Enos’ daughter and grandson), Brooke (Paula
Hughes’ friend), Jack Treffinger (Bill Hughes’ nephew), Millie
(waiting for a transplant), Sissy Thompson (J. B. Denson’s
friend), Sean Woods, Kenneth Yockers (Jo McWhorter’s
nephew), Bruns Family, Ron and Sally Frick (Bootsy
Norwood’s friends), June Cho (Jo McWhorter’s friend), Gerald
Bennett (Dottie Woods’ uncle), Teeny Dunnam, Mike Brehm
(Betsy Graham’s father), Sheri (Dick & Annette Evatt’s
daughter), Sara Bradford (Christensen’s granddaughter),
Lady Jane Young (Nancy Wilkinson’s mother), Trish & Carole
(Beth Bryson’s friends), Joe Becker (Don Christensen’s
friend), Brady Smith, Mark Woods, Pillow Recipients,
St. James' Homebound, Our Military Personnel, Unspoken
Dear Church Family,
Thank you for the calls, cards, and prayers
during my recent surgery. I am recovering
and feeling better than I have for some
time. Your concern means so much.
In Christ’s love,
Grace Bright
“Celebrating God’s Love!”
Sunday Services:
Sunday School
Manna Bible Study
Y.U.T.C. (Youth under the Cross)
Fellowship Meal
Y.U.T.C. (Youth Under the Cross)
Choir Rehearsal
Finance Team Meeting
Thursday, November 10th - 6 PM
Church Library
Food Pantry Duty
Tuesday, November 8th - 4-8 PM
2626 N. First Street
Volunteer to work a two-hour shift!
Join us for Wednesday Evening Fellowship
Meals each week at 5:30 p.m. in fellowship
hall. Here’s what’s for dinner for the next few
November 2nd - Soup
November 9th - Chicken Spaghetti
November 16th - Hamburgers and Hot Dogs
Cost: $5 per meal; children under six eat free.
College students eat free!
Come out and join us for good food and great fellowship.
Budget for 2016……………………..…..……...$305,600
Needed Per Month…...………….….……...……$25,467
Received in October..........................................$27,913
Total Deposits…………………………………..$262,702
2016 Shared Ministries…………………………………..$35,635
Special Offerings for 2016:
Imagine No Malaria……………………………….…....…….$178
Human Relations Day………………………………………..$177
One Great Hour of Sharing………………………………….$261
Native American Ministries…………………………………..$386
Peace with Justice Sunday………………………………….$172
UMCOR-Ecuador Earthquake………………………………$230
World Communion Sunday………………………………….$192
Harvest of Coins……………………………………………$1,293
St. James UMC Staff:
Donita Lea, Pastor
Elaine DeWitt, Secretary
Jerry Kingston, Music Director
Lora Lynn Christensen, Pianist
Jack Payne, Youth Director
Shannon Ives, Children’s Ministry
Raven Jackson, Nursery
Katy Garcia, Nursery
Rachel Parr, Nursery

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