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OTCQB Certification
I, Robert Gruder,., CEO of Life Clips, Inc. (“the Company”), certify that:
a. The Company is registered or required to file periodic reporting with the SEC or is exempt from SEC
registration as indicated below (mark the box below that applies with an “X”):
[ x ] Company is registered under Section 12(g) of the Exchange Act
[ ] Company is relying on Exchange Act Rule 12g3-2(b)
[ ] Company is a bank that reports to a Bank Regulator under Section 12(i) of the Exchange Act
[ ] Company is a bank that is non-SEC reporting but is current in its reporting to a Banking Regulator
[ ] Company is reporting under Section 15(d) of the Exchange Act.
[ ] Other (describe)
b. The Company is current in its reporting obligations as of the most recent fiscal year end and any subsequent
quarters, and such information has been posted either on the SEC’s EDGAR system or the OTC Disclosure &
News Service, as applicable.
c. The Company Profile displayed on www.otcmarkets.com is current and complete as of October 27, 2016 and
includes the total shares outstanding, authorized, and in the public float as of that date.
d. The following is a complete list of attorney(s) and law firm(s) who advised or assisted in the preparation of the
Company’s most recent annual report, including in-house counsel: (If no attorney assisted in putting together the
disclosure, indicate the person or persons who prepared the disclosure and their relationship to the company.)
Ken Bart
Bart and Associates, LLC
8400 East Prentice Avenue
Suite 1500
Greenwood Village, CO 80111
e. The following is a complete list of third party providers, including names and addresses, engaged by the
Company, its officers, directors or controlling shareholders, during the period from the Company’s prior fiscal year
end to the date of this OTCQB Certification, to provide investor relations services, public relations services, or other
related services to the Company including promotion of the Company or its securities:
Midam Investor Relations
522 San Ignacio Ave #3
Coral Gables, FL 33143
Atlanta Capital Partners
Peachtree Center - North Tower
235 Peachtree Street, N.E., Suite 400
Atlanta, GA 30303
f. Listed below are the names, legal addresses and % of shares owned by all Officers, Directors and Control
Persons (control persons are beneficial owners of more than five percent (5%) of any class of the issuer’s equity
securities). If any of the beneficial shareholders are corporate shareholders, the name and address of the person(s)
owning or controlling such corporate shareholders and the resident agents of the corporate shareholders must also
be included.
OTC Markets Group Inc.
Address (City and State only)
% Shares Owned
April 28, 2016
Robert Gruder, CEO, Chirman
Robert Finigan, President
J. Wayne Thomas, Director
Charles Adelman, Director
Stuart Posner, Director
233 S. Sharon Amity Rd. Suite
201 Charlotte, NC 28211
233 S. Sharon Amity Rd. Suite
201 Charlotte, NC 28211
233 S. Sharon Amity Rd. Suite
201 Charlotte, NC 28211
233 S. Sharon Amity Rd. Suite
201 Charlotte, NC 28211
233 S. Sharon Amity Rd. Suite
201 Charlotte, NC 28211
Date: October 27, 2016
Name of Certifying CEO or CFO: Robert Gruder
Title: CEO
Signature: /s/ Robert Gruder
(Digital Signatures should appear as “/s/ [OFFICER NAME]”)
OTC Markets Group Inc.
April 28, 2016

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