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Dr. M.G. “Pat” Robertson
Founder, Chancellor, and CEO, Regent University
1000 Regent University Drive
Virginia Beach, VA 23464
Dear Dr. Robertson:
We, the undersigned, are proud alumni of Regent University School of Law. We are of diverse
backgrounds, political persuasions, races, and faiths, but we all came to Regent Law in pursuit
of a quality education in a Christian environment. We take seriously our duty as Regent Law
alumni to represent the school in our careers, as well as in our personal and political lives.
That is why, in light of Saturday’s rally for the Donald Trump campaign on the Regent University
campus, we feel it necessary to make our position clear: we oppose Mr. Trump’s candidacy and
consider his character and conduct incompatible with the mission of Regent University.
The mission of Regent is to “serve[] as a center of Christian thought and action to provide
excellent education through a biblical perspective and global context equipping Christian
leaders to change the world.” Mr. Trump is antithetical to this mission. He brags about sexual
exploits and assault, degrades women habitually, proposes that all Muslims be excluded from
entry into the U.S., encourages violence by his supporters, and promotes killing terrorists’
innocent families. His arrogant, hyper-sensitive temperament is unbecoming a serious
candidate for the President of the United States and contradicts the biblical teachings of
humble, servant leadership. In short, many of Mr. Trump’s attributes, activities, and positions do
not align with the Christian principles taught at Regent University, and we reject them. We urge
the administration, faculty, and students at Regent to do likewise.
We understand and are glad that the University has not officially endorsed Mr. Trump, but we
are concerned that the circumstances surrounding Mr. Trump’s rally on Regent’s campus may
lead observers to conclude otherwise. Mr. Trump is not merely coming to Regent to speak to
the students and faculty; he is using the campus to hold a rally. To be sure, the University
invited all candidates to hold rallies on campus, and we applaud that gesture, but it is doubtful
that any other presidential candidate would have taken them up on this offer. Moreover, Regent
is known as a conservative, religious institution, founded by a politically active, high-profile
individual who has been far from critical of Mr. Trump's candidacy. Finally, an email sent to
many Regent alumni plainly conveys that the University is delighted to have a Trump rally on its
campus. These circumstances, taken in their totality, are easily—even if inaccurately—
construed as an endorsement by the University.
We are careful not to urge the University to exclude or un-invite Mr. Trump or any other speaker
from campus. The free flow of information and the open exchange of diverse, controversial, and
even offensive ideas are essential in higher education. We believe that these principles apply to
all institutions of higher learning, even though the First Amendment does not control private
universities. We join with those who are concerned that these principles are in danger on
college campuses nationwide and urge the University to continue to foster open and civil debate
in a Christian environment.
In sum, we are proud to be affiliated with Regent University but concerned that Saturday’s rally
will be construed as an endorsement of Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign. By signing this open
letter, we publicly and earnestly reject Mr. Trump’s candidacy for President of the United States.
We also urge the University to publicly and clearly state that despite Mr. Trump’s rally on
campus, the University does not endorse him for president. The integrity of the school’s mission
and values are at stake.
Andrew B. Kartchner, class of 2013
Elizabeth Beavers, class of 2012
Holly E. Ortiz, class of 2014
Marques S. Goetsch, class of 2013
Thomas A. Miller, class of 2012
Rachel Kamoutsas, class of 2013
Patrick McKay, class of 2012
Beau A. Hoffman, class of 2014
Travis P. Hughes, class of 2013
Anastasios Kamoutsas, class of 2013
Steven Scordalakis, class of 2013
Jeremy M. Smith, class of 2014
Paul Davis, class of 2015
Jillian H. Reding, class of 2013
Ann LeBlanc, Vice President of Alumni Relations and Special Events
Sherri R. Miller, Vice President for University Marketing & Public Relations
Michael V. Hernandez, Dean, Regent University School of Law

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