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The diablo Advocate
September/October 2016
Speeding Into Fall
Table of Contents
Join Us For Brunch
Diablo DE—Laguna Seca Flyer
A Taste of Tuscany in the Sierra Foothills Flyer
Articles and Event Reports
Diablo Election Time
Personal Thanks From Ed Won
Porsche Pride
Have You Ordered Your Name Badge(s) Yet?
Watch For EBlasts
My Mid-Engine Porsche Story
Tail of the Devil Wrap-up
Hot Days at Thunderhill DE
PCA Appreciation Breakfast & 718 Tech Session
Miscellaneous Shots
Monthly Items
Diablo Board
President’s Column
Saturday Breakfast
Monthly Dinner
Annual Calendar
Quarterly Event Calendar
2016 Diablo Region Board of Directors
Ed Won
[email protected]
Vice President
Brian Adkins
[email protected]
Ingrid French
[email protected]
Bob Hilton
[email protected]
Adam Cipriano
[email protected]
Special Advisors to the Board
Past President
Steve Jones
[email protected]
Zone 7 Representative
Paul Czopek
[email protected]
Committee Chairs and Other Positions
Advertising Chair
Susan George
[email protected]
Nancy Bocanegra
[email protected]
Charity Coordinator
Nancy Bocanegra
[email protected]
Chief Instructor
Jeff Urnes
[email protected]
Communications Chair
Debby Clary
[email protected]
Concourse Chair
Jack Bean
[email protected]
DE Program Chair
Adam Cipriano
[email protected]
De Website Webmaster
Mike Roberts
[email protected]
Events Chair
Marc Giammona
[email protected]
Eugenie Thomas
[email protected]
Membership Chair
Andre Boursse
[email protected]
Name Tag Chair
Pam Richards
[email protected]
Newsletter Editor
Kay Maloy
[email protected]
Safety Chair
Dale Miller
[email protected]
Sponsorship Chair
Jeff Kreutzer
[email protected]
Tech Chair
Dylan Sawchuk
[email protected]
Tour Chair
Carlos Bocanegra
[email protected]
Track Registrar
Mike Ciopyk
[email protected]
Anthony Mendoza
[email protected]
Club Photographers:
Brian Adkins
Al Arrivas
Carlos Bocanegra
Kelly Guglielmo
Ed Won
Mailing Address:
PO Box 1676
San Ramon, CA 94583-1676
Ed’s Comments
By Ed Won, President Diablo PCA
Hello Diablo Members,
What a summer we had! I hope you enjoyed your summer and the activities we’ve put on. I just came back from
another awesome Thunderhill DE! I want to thank Adam, Jeff, Mike and the rest of the DE team for another great
day! Special thanks to Porsche of Livermore for sponsoring the event and to Hooked on Driving for running grid
for us. Also thank you to Dito Milian at for the great track photos!.
I saw a lot of new faces at the DE event and it was wonderful meeting new folks. I even had the opportunity to
instruct a brand new member to our club. I usually learn a bit about myself when I instruct. I want to give Lauren
Jackson a shout out as she stretched my communication skills in really a good way. In the beginning, it brought
memories back to me when I first tracked my Cayman 5 years ago. Now, I’m seeing it from the other side. I had
one of those moments that reminded me when I was new to the track and the club. I remember that feeling when
I couldn’t seem to execute and didn’t know my way around the track and the club. I’ll admit a few folks gave me a
helping hand and I intend to pass that on to the new generation of Diablo members I’m seeing.
We just had our yearly Oktoberfest celebration. Thank you so much to Judy Huggins for hosting the event at her
place! It was incredible! Thank you to our Event Chair Marc Giammona and VP Brian for helping with the setup!
We capped at 85 and it was a full event! Judy said, I think folks drank more than last year. Good, we hate hauling
it away. Seriously, we had a really nice turnout with a number of new members. We now have a sizable
demographic which was missing, the 20 and 30 year olds. I can now say we truly reflect everyone.
In October, we will begin our election, please be on the lookout for an eblast with a link for voting and
At the December board meeting, your new Board of Directors will take office in the second part of the meeting.
The current board will conclude business in the first half of the meeting. Ingrid French and I will come off the
Board after serving 4 years.
Meanwhile, the activities will continue as we plan for new activities for next year. We will change things a bit and
won’t do a Planning meeting as we have in previous years, instead we will move to more emails and smaller but
more focused gathering of folks to plan out the events. Look for changes to come.
Thank you all for coming to events and helping make OUR club the best!
Ed Won
Ed , the Prez, leading the pack at Thunderhill
We had such a great time having brunch at Mexico Lindo in Pleasanton last year,
we thought we would try a monthly Sunday brunch periodically through the rest
of the year.
Mexico Lindo
6690 Koll Center Parkway, Pleasanton
(Off of 680 at Bernal)
Mexican Buffet Brunch Includes coffee & champagne
$17.99 per person
Please bring $22 CASH per person or be prepared to split tabs. No
separate checks unless you are ordering from the Menu.
Scheduled Dates:
November 20
Diablo PCA Drivers Ed
Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca
Sponsored by Porsche of Walnut Creek
Thanksgiving Week
M o n d a y, N o v e m b e r 2 1 , 2 0 1 6
Come join the Diablo Porsche Club and give thanks for this world famous racetrack.
R e g i s t e r a t w w w. M o t o r s p o r t r e g . c o m .
Cost: $315/driver
$50 for Instructors who drive
Cancellation Fee: $75
Shared garage rentals are available on a first -come basis for
$50 a spot
Lunch and bottled
Wa l n u t C r e e k
Deadline to register: November 14th
I t ’ s a 9 0 d b s o u n d l i m i t d a y. Yo u a r e r e s p o n s i b l e f o r e n s u r i n g yo u r
car can pass sound. No refunds will be provided for cars that
don’t pass.
Learn more and sign up for the da y and a garage at
w w w. m o t o r s p o r t r e g . c o m b y N o v e m b e r 1 4 . J o i n u s N o v. 2 0 f o r a n o h o s t d i n n e r a t E m b a s s y S u i t e s i n S e a s i d e a t 6 p m . We h a v e a l s o
r e s e r v e d a b l o c k o f r o o m s a t E m b a s s y S u i t e s , 1 4 4 1 C a n yo n D e l
R e y,
P o r s c he
Free Tech Sessions
Pre-event tech inspections are to be done within 30 days of the event. Mention
Diablo PCA for inspections at:
Kahlers in Dublin—by appointment only
Contact Ash Reddy at [email protected] or by phone at 925-829-2050
Porsche of Walnut Creek—by appointment only
Contact the Service Dept. at 925-280-4363
For questions, email [email protected] and visit to get the current Tech forms.
DE 101 / 201 location and time to be announced soon.
Diablo PCA Region Board of Director elections are coming up. There are
three (3) positions to fill. In the beginning of October you will receive an
eblast that will include a link to a web site where you will complete an
online ballot.
Listed below are the five (5) members who are running for the open
positions on the Board. Please review their information and remember to
How long have you been a PCA/Diablo member? – 7 years.
You have decided to run for the Diablo Board. What skills do you bring to the Board?Enthusiasm, organization, communication, planning.
What would you like to achieve while on the Board? –
Brian Adkins
To continue the growth of PCA and specifically the Diablo Region. I am a true believer
that it IS about the people (with the car as the common link) to promote all levels of
involvement. Understanding that the club can be many different things to many
different members. Help contribute to the decision process. With a clear vision that the
club remain active, vibrant, and enjoyable.
My love of Porsches and even the PCA is quite literally in my genes. My father started multiple regions of PCA
and a member of even more. I would like to continue that passion.
My first car seat was a suitcase in the back of a 356, and my first PCA event was when I was 6 months old in
1959, where my dad won 3rd place in a Concourse (I have that trophy and it makes me proud and happy every
time I see it).
I truly understand the intended philosophy of the club, I have more than a love of the “brand”.
I have been involved in other car and motorcycle clubs, serving as a board member, treasurer, events chairman,
VP, and president, and understand the critical part that a board plays in the success of a club.
I am a proud member of the Diablo region. My passion and the welcoming, dynamic vibrant members of the club
have me excited to do my part to help and continue that.
Currently serving as your Vice President, I am more enthusiastic than before.
I see the direction the Club is going and it is AWESOME.
Truly believing in the PCA tagline “Fueled By Volunteers”.
Our events and membership involvement are on the rise / we have moved to a new era of technology. All while
building great relationships with our partners and sponsors.
Serving as Vice President has given me the opportunity to see and understand (some of) the inner workings of
PCA “National”, I understand how those are there to help and guide us for the greater good of the Club and our
Looking forward, I would like to see the club focusing on what works and we do well that many already enjoy,
maybe kicking those up a notch and fine tuning them where needed. With just as much focus (if not more) on
where we can go what we can do. New activities, new and many members involved, embracing an even wider
spectrum of both people and those activities.
I would be thrilled and honored to remain a member of your board.
Thank you for you consideration.
Brian Adkins
How long have you been a PCA/Diablo member? Diablo and Porsche owner since
You have decided to run for the Diablo Board. What skills do you bring to the Board?
Carlos Bocanegra
From a professional level, I have technical, management and supervisory skills. What
I do bring is that I have been involved in one way or another (but not a Board
Director) with the Diablo Board and the club in general. Over the past 5 years, I have
served as a Driver Education Chair, Tour Chair and the Diablo Eventbrite coordinator,
positions that I have earned just by simply showing up and for being willing to
volunteer and assist. I have been a key participant in the Wash and Shine that is now
known as the Diablo Car Show.
What would you like to achieve while on the Board?
I like and approve of the current direction of the Diablo Board. I want to continue the progressive direction that
I witness within the Diablo Board. They dynamics are there within the Board and I believe that I can be a
positive contributor to the 2017 and beyond board.
As stated above, I believe that I can be a positive contributor to the Diablo Board. There are about 1200
members many of whom I have never met for one reason or another. I am a Porsche Boxster fan above all
other Porsche models. I enjoy my participation in Driver Education days and in the many tours and activities
the membership organizes. I have enjoyed reacquainting myself with Porsche racing history and the road
ahead for Porsche. My favorite car of all time is the Dino Ferrari followed by the Boxster.
How long have you been a PCA/Diablo member? – I joined in February of this year.
You have decided to run for the Diablo Board. What skills do you bring to the Board?I am an electrical Engineer. I started at a Research Center then came to the Bay area
in 1975. Having worked in Silicon Valley for Start ups, large computer companies,
and Networking equipment companies I have gained skills as a team player, learned
the values of collaboration, inclusion and rewarding team mates/ club mates. I believe
this maps well into helping Diablo function smoothly as a club serving it’s members.
What would you like to achieve while on the Board?
Mark Imbertson
Knowing that a passion starts from small positive events, I want to help the next
generation of Porsche lovers build their passion.
I bought my first Porsche just over 40 years ago. I drove it for 200k miles over many years. I rebuilt the engine
myself, the machining work done by Garretson garage in the 80’s. That is where my passion for Porsches
started. While raising a family, I had to do without a Porsche (they didn’t have an SUV back then). Now with
both boys grown I have my fun car to drive and a great club to enjoy my passion with.
How long have you been a PCA/Diablo member?
I have been a member of the PCA/Diablo Region since April 28, 2015.
You have decided to run for the Diablo Board. What skills do you bring to the Board?
Pam Richards
I have more than thirty years of experience as a Federal employee in the field of labor
and employment relations. In that capacity, I developed expertise in investigations,
mediation, and facilitation. My skills include, but are not limited to, gathering and analyzing complex factual and legal issues, dispute resolution, and development of creative
solutions to problems. I am a detail oriented individual with excellent listening and
communication skills. Throughout my career, I have exhibited a consistent knack for
being able to get along with people. I have worked on many highly productive teams.
What would you like to achieve while on the Board?
I’d like to assist the membership and Board officials in reaching the club’s goals.
On a personal note, for the past 30 years, I have called Vallejo home. My husband, Danny, is the guy with the
smile on his face driving the 2017 Porsche 991.2 Carrera S Cabriolet that we licensed EZ2NJOY. I drive a 2012
Porsche 911 Carrera S Cabriolet. We have four adult children and ten adorable grandchildren who affectionately
call us “Opa” and “Oma”. I retired three years ago and I’m currently enrolled in an 18-week automotive
technician class at Solano Community College Automotive Technology Department. Some of you may
remember that girls weren’t allowed to take auto tech in high school. No, I’m not interested in working on my
Porsche or any other vehicle – I’m getting useful technical information and hands-on experience.
I am pursuing a position on the Board because I am a passionate Porsche owner with an eagerness to get
involved in the club’s operates. I have a degree in Business Administration and I realize that it takes more than
participation in club events – it takes involvement. I’m willing to commit my time and I would be thrilled to have
the opportunity to serve on the Board for two years.
How long have you been a PCA/Diablo member? 2 years
You have decided to run for the Diablo Board. What skills do you bring to the Board?
I am a career sales person with over 15 years experience in the tech field. I manage a
Erik Silver
team of support and sales people globally. As part of my job, I am challenged with
solving complex issues for clients and acting as the primary interface. This has taught
me to be an out of the box thinker able to see multiple perspectives and interests and
come up with solutions that represent all parties interest. I would imagine that this skill
set would be applicable in this board member role.
Further, I have P&L exposure with managing a book of business of nearly $100M/year of revenue.
What would you like to achieve while on the Board?
I would like to help our DE chair with expanding our DE program to match the uptick in demand we have
witnessed in the past 18 months. Given my attendance on nearly all GGR and Diablo events in the past 24
months, I have some ideas we can evaluate.
Additionally would like to conduct more polling of our members to gather direct feedback on the kinds of
activities they would be interested in and use this to work with our Events Coordinator to bring new and exciting
activities to the club. Ideas could be the Sonoma Grand Prix race, Concerts and sporting events (access to box
at Levi’s), COTA F1 Race, beach cleanups, charitable events, etc.
Lastly I would like to contribute to making our region the finest in PCA and leave a legacy for those who follow.
I have met many new friends through PCA in the past two years. It is a great organization and I would like the
opportunity to contribute more directly.
Personal Thanks From Ed Won
I want to personally thank Carlos Bocanegra for all the fine work he has done here at Diablo as
a volunteer. He fills in where there's a need and does it without being asked. Here's some of the
good work Carlos has done quietly in the background.
He continues in the Tour Chair role. Did you know he's the one that obtains the insurance from
the National Office for our driving events? He also mentors and helps first time event leaders.
These event leaders are the ones that bring you the Diablo events we all enjoy.
He also sets up the Eventbrite signups for the events. I really appreciates that he does this for the club. In setting
up an event, he has to gather the information from the organizer and translate the event plus pricing in to a
format he can setup in Eventbrite. This can be tricky, I know. Carlos took that off my plate a while back.
Carlos also posts quite frequently on the Diablo FB page. There are a few of us who also post. You can tell
Carlos's post. They are the human interest articles and he occasionally signs them cb. The rest of us, Brian, Al
and I sign our posts as well.
I just wanted to let you all know what goes on in the background. Ingrid our Secretary like's to say, "It takes a
village". Here's a Thank You to one of the best villagers!
PCA is fueled by volunteers.
Diablo members, I want to thank Marc Giammona for all the great work he has done for the club. Marc is one of
those guys that get things done without seeking the limelight. Well, I am going to make him uncomfortable for a
minute. Marc was a past Treasurer for Diablo and moved into the role of Event Chair. Marc has done a great job
over the past couple of years helping us line up the larger events like the Award Luncheon, picnic and the detail
clinics I know many of you have enjoyed these events.
I just want to spotlight Marc's accomplishments and let him know how much I appreciate his energy and leadership in organizing events.
Diablo PCA thrives on the dedication and passion of our volunteers like Marc. Please Thank Marc when you see
Porsche Pride
We all love our cars and enjoy learning what other members own too. We are continuing our series of
highlighting members who have recently purchased a Porsche or joined Diablo Region. If you want
your new passion to be shared with others, contact our Editor, Kay Maloy at [email protected]
Sai Avala
Purchase Date: July, 2015
Year & Type: 2014 Cayman
Exterior Color: Rhodium Silver
Interior Color: Black
Transmission Type: 6 speed manual transmission
Other Comments: I have always wanted a Porsche and so when I saw the listing for this car I jumped
at the opportunity to get it and I am absolutely in love with the car!
Jeff Bracco
Purchase Date: November, 2003
Year & Type: 2001 911
Exterior Color: Silver
Interior Color: Grey
Transmission Type: Manual
Other Comments: Love to drive, play basketball, exercise. Love to drive on highway 4 between
Martinez and Richmond, Niles and Crow Canyons.
Richard DeCarlo
Purchase Date: July, 2016
Year & Type: 2003 911 (996.2) Carrera Targa
Exterior Color: Black
Interior Color: Black
Transmission: 6 Speed Manual
Other Comments: I bought the car as I have always wanted a 911 to play with on the weekend, and
was looking for a Targa specifically. This car has just 36,000 miles and has had the IMS bearing
replaced, so I should have peace of mind to drive it and have fun without too much worry. It's in super
clean condition. The one bit of trivia we didn't know before I bought it is that legend has it that it was
originally purchased by Madonna and spent the first 3 years of its life in Beverly Hills. Not really why I
bought it, but it makes it more interesting. The other Porsche I have owned was a 924 back in the day .
Lowell Haky
Purchase Date: June, 2016
Year & Type: 2016 981 Boxster S
Exterior Color: Dark Metallic Blue
Interior Color: Black leather interior with grey seats
Transmission Type: PDK, PASM, Sport Exhaust
Other Comments: This is my first Porsche, and so far it has exceeded my expectations. It replaces my two-wheel weekend
joyride, a Triumph Sprint ST 1050 motorcycle. My wife and I have been enjoying weekend trips through
the Sierra Foothills and along the coast. We also love exploring East Bay back roads on crisp weekend
mornings. I'm looking forward to participating in PCA events and becoming an active member of the
Diablo chapter.
Christopher Hopkins
Purchase Date: July, 2016
Year & Type: 2001 Boxster S
Exterior Color: Arctic Silver
Interior Color: Black
Transmission Type: 6 Speed Manual
Other Comments: I have been working on getting all the little items sorted on it as I like to have things
pristine. I drive it a few times a week. This is my first Porsche and it won’t be my last.
Jason Johnson
Purchase Date: May, 2016
Year & Type: 2017 911S
Exterior Color: Graphite Blue (new color for 2017)
Interior Color: Black
Transmission Type: PDK/Sport Chrono
Other Comments: As a child I was always a fan of the Porsche 911 for it’s simplicity, engineering and
raw power. I have owned several models over the years. My favorite drive is up to Big Sur or Calistoga.
And I recently took a more ambitious trip with my oldest son Austin to the Grand Canyon. It’s an
exciting time and I look forward to meeting other local Porsche fans.
Mark Kress
Purchase Date: March, 2016
Year & Type: 1999 911 C4
Exterior Color: Red
Interior Color: Black
Transmission Type: Manual
Stephanie Moore & Emily Burn
Purchase Date: October, 2014
Year & Type: 2015 Macan S
Exterior Color: White with carbon sideblades
Interior Color: Agate Grey
Transmission Type: 7 Speed PDK
Other Comments: We needed a vehicle that could fit us and our 2 greyhounds, but didn't want a big
SUV, and had just learned about the Macan being available in the US and thought it would be perfect.
We have not been disappointed! The hounds love the ride too. This is our first Porsche, but we're hoping to add another one to our garage someday (hopefully a Targa). We take lots of trips to Palm
Springs with the dogs, and the Macan helps make the drive down the 5 more fun (and tolerable!).
Anthony Pagliri
Purchase Date: September, 2016
Year and Type: 2011 911 S Cabriolet
Exterior Color: White
Interior Color: Beige
Transmission Type: 6 Speed Manual
Other Comments: I’ve owned a few other Porsches –1984 944, 1990 944S2 Cabriolet & a 1995 968.
This is my first 911& I love it. I think I’ve washed it more than I’ve driven it. I retired from the Air Force in
2011. I enjoy playing golf and I’m a big sports fan & of course, I love driving my 911!
Jen Strasser
Purchase Date: April, 2016
Year & Type: 1967 911
Exterior Color: Aqua Blue
Interior Color: Black
Transmission Type: Manual
Other Comments: I grew up with a father active in PCA. He had a 1967 911S. I had a 1975 914 1.8. I
bought an old car with plans for classic restoration. Looking forward to “Sunday Drives” on California’s
scenic roads.
Ferhan Tunagur
Purchase Date: 2014
Year & Type: 2006 911 Carrera
Exterior Color: Seal Gray
Interior Color: Black
Transmission Type: Manual
Other Comments: It is my daily driver. It is my first Porsche. I was looking for something more engaging
to drive than my then daily driver. I am new to the area, so I don't have yet favorite places to drive, but I
am looking forward to meet and learn from PCA members.
Join Us For Breakfast!
Start your Saturday with good food and conversation!
There is a breakfast gathering EVERY SATURDAY in
Walnut Creek. Meet other Diablo members and get your day Porsche powered!
Where: Buttercup Pantry
660 Ygnacio Valley Road
Walnut Creek
Located between N. Broadway and N. Civic Drive
The backroom is where you will find the fun brewing.
Diablo Region Dinner
Join other Diablo members on the 3rd Thursday of each month to enjoy good food
and conversation. A great way to spend an evening!
Where: Faz Restaurant
600 Hartz Avenue
Next Dinner: October 20, 2016
2016 Diablo Proposed Activities Calendar
1/23 – Drive to Go Carting- Malcolm
1/24-Awards Luncheon-Marc
7/17 – Diablo Sunday Brunch
7/16 Tail of the Diablo Tour-Carlos
7/16-17 GGR DE @ Thunderhill
7/17 LPR Carmel Valley Concours
7/31- Member Picnic/Car Show
2/7-Super Bowl Party-???
2/20 DE Golden Gate TH (Instructor instruction)
2/27 Diablo Detail Clinic
2/27 Zone 7 PCA Awards
8/7 GGR Concours @ Carlson Porsche
8/18 – Diablo Dinner
8/19-Werks Reunion-Marc
8/21- Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance
3/5 - Movie Night
3/9 – DE 101/201
3/12-13 GGR DE @ Thunderhill
3/25 –Diablo DE @ Thunderhill
3/26-27 AX School and Event @ Marina
9/3-4 GGR DE Location TBD
9/7-11 Treffen Lake Tahoe, Resort at Squaw Creek
9/16- Diablo DE @ Thunderhill
9/18 – Redwood-Ledson Concours
9/18 – Diablo Sunday Brunch
9/24-25 Zone AX @ Marina
4/2 Movie Night
4/16-17 Zone AX @ Marina
4/23 Bocce Ball - Kay
4/29 – 5/1 Porsche Platz
10/2 Grand Island Tour –Frank
10/20 Diablo Dinner
10/29 Horses not horsepower Golden Gate Fields- Brian
5/13-15 Zone CRAB Event
5/14-15 GGR DE @ Button Willow
5/21-22 Zone AX Redwood
5/29-Wash ‘N Shine- Brian
5/30 (activity) Bombers @ Livermore Airport- Naomi
11/5-A Taste of Tuscany in the Sierra Foothills
11/17 Diablo Dinner
11/20 Diablo Sunday Brunch
11/21 Diablo DE @ Laguna
6/5- -Diablo Sunday Brunch
6/5 Parts Heaven Concours
6/11 Gimmick Rally Paul and David
6/11 -12 GGR DE @ Laguna
6/11 – SVR Concours @ Niello Porsche
6/17-19 – Mammoth Tour
6/19-26-Parade Jay, Vermont at Jay Peak Resort
6/25 Wine tour and chocolate - Kay
12/4 Holiday in the vineyard - Paul
12/10-Christmas Party – Bob
12/15 Diablo Dinner
Have You Ordered Your Name Badge(s) Yet?
It is always nice to have people know your name and how easy to know their name too! Ordering
and customizing your name tag is so quick and simple to do.
Go to the Diablo Region website:
Click on the Diablo Name Badges button on the left
Select your quantity and style of Name Badge (You can never have too many)
Select your payment method and your shipping information and you are done!
M e m be r s hi p Re p o r t
Membership Summary
Primary Members: 843
Affiliate Members: 452
Total: 1295
Armpriester, Andrew
2011 Panamera Turbo
Bracco, Jeff
2001 911 Carrera, Silver
Colpo, Timothy
2007 Boxster S
Feng, Victor
2016 Cayenne
Hardy, Robert
2004 911 Carrera Cabriolet, Silver
Hopkins, Christopher
2001 Boxster S, Silver
Kress, Mark
1999 911 Carrera 4, Red
Moore, Stephanie
2015 Macan S, White
Moros, Marco
2012 911 Carrera S, Platinum Silver
Oberlaender, Uwe
2017 718 Boxster, Miami Blue
Pagliari, Anthony
2011 911 Carrera S Cabriolet, White
Raghavan, Naren
2008 911 Carrera S
Richter, Jaroslav
1998 Boxster
Uyeyama, Nathanael
1973 911T, Silver
Eldridge, Timothy A. Transfer from St. Louis
1980 911 SC
Tunagur, Ferhan Transfer from Riesentoter
2006 911 Carrera, Seal Gray
TO T A L : 1 6
2016 Quarterly Event Calendar
10/2 Grand Island Tour-Frank
10/20 Diablo Dinner
10/29 Horses Not Horsepower Golden
Gate Fields-Brian
11/5 A Taste of Tuscany in the Sierra
11/17 Diablo Dinner
11/20 Diablo Sunday Brunch
11/21 Diablo DE @ Laguna
12/4 Holiday in the Vineyard–Paul
12/10 Christmas Party—Bob
12/15 Diablo Dinner
DE 101/201 location and details will be sent out soon
Election information and a link to place your vote
Monthly Thursday Dinner
A Taste of Tuscany in the Sierra Foothills
Join us on Saturday, Nov. 5, 2016
Your Host : Ron Erickson – Winemaker, Chef and Instructor At The Yankee
Hill Cooking School
11755 Coarse Gold Lane, Columbia CA
Yankee Hill Winery and Cooking School is located in the Sierra Foothills in the Historic Gold Rush
Town of Columbia, CA. The winery is the oldest winery in the Sierra Foothills. It is a small winery
and a cooking school with Ron Erickson as the winemaker, cooking instructor and Chef extraordinaire. The cooking school runs year round.
Cost: $48 (non-refundable unless a wait list is generated) The $48 fee includes the 3 hour cooking
lessons, food ingredients and gratuity to our instructor and staff at Yankee Hill Cooking School.
Attendees may bring their own wine if desired.
Maximum 36 participants due to facility size and parking constraints.
Registration: Sign up on the Diablo website (
Deadline to Sign Up: October 22, 2016
This event is being organized by Jerry & Ilona, Al & Peggy, Tom and Suzie.
Al and his crew are planning a blind poker raffle during this tour with great prizes. Details to follow.
Please Note: This is an approximately three hour long class and is NOT Gluten-free. Those with
dietary restrictions may not want to participate. Not all participants are required to cook, but are
encouraged to cheer, observe (or heckle) their partner or fellow PCA member. No food fights
The school offers a variety of cuisines. The kitchen is well equipped and has large ovens for baking
breads, pizzas and other wonderful savory and sweet items. Each item selected to prepare normally
contains no more than seven ingredients. Natural ingredients are used and if you can’t purchase the
ingredients at your local supermarket, they will not be part of the ingredients used. The food is
delicious and fun to cook. After preparing the food in class, the class is invited to partake of their
creations. Attendees are invited to bring their own wine to pair with their creations, share with others
or sample a side of wine that Ron may offer. No beer or other alcoholic spirits are allowed. Please
note: This winery does NOT have a tasting room. This is a cooking class.
Quote from Ron, “In class we have more fun than one should be allowed to have”.
We are excited that this tour will provide PCA members an intimate and relaxing social gathering in
our beautiful Gold Country. I am confident that our host Ron, will provide an educational and
entertaining event. I expect it to fill up fast so look for official E-Brite sign up soon. The Historic Gold
Rush Town of Columbia is a few blocks away for those that want to extend our visit to tour and walk
off our indulgence that Ron had us prepare. If you have not been to Columbia, I highly encourage
you to visit it.
Parking instructions will be given at the Driver’s meeting at 8:15AM at IHOP on First Street in
Livermore. Note: The venue is located in a very rural location and your car WILL get dusty. We will
leave IHOP at 8:30 AM with break at the Denny’s in Oakdale.
On this particular tour, the PCA Diablo participants will be learning how to prepare various Tuscanystyle cuisine.
Final Tuscany Menu items are still being defined with Ron
Great Food, Great Friends & Great Memories
Don’t miss it!
My Mid-Engine Porsche Story
By Mark Imbertson
I had a ski buddy that introduced me to a Porsche 914 in the mid 70’s. I had that 914 for 200k miles and I grew
to love the feel of driving it. I would describe it like wearing your old comfortable slippers. The way it handled was
amazing. With the flat engine, the center of gravity was low and cornering had virtually no sway. With the midengine, initiating a turn took no effort at all. The low moment of inertia with the engine in the middle and good
balance of the weight made the handling very responsive. Raising a family, I had to part with the Porsche.
Now that the 2 boys are grown an opportunity to get a Boxster came along & when my wife said yes, it was a
done deal.
Recently with the Porsche club, I was
able to repeat a drive, up the curvy road
to Mt. Hamilton, I did 30 years before. It
was no surprise to me, the mid-engine
feel that I love so much is there in the
Boxster. Winding up the hill with the
switchbacks and hairpin turns was a
driver’s delight. The balance through the
curves and hairpins was amazing. With
the mid-engine balance, the tires were
able to do their job giving the sense of
being glued to the road and ability to turn
as if you were on a merry go round.
One of the things I used to love to do on Sunday was to pack a picnic and grab a bottle of “Blue Coral Wax” and
head to the Marina with my girlfriend.
She must have enjoyed the time
also, since 39 years later she is
riding in the Porsche with me, still
my girlfriend and also my wife.
Tail of the Diablo Tour
by Carlos Bocanegra
Article by Mark Imbertson
Photos by Pam Richards
On Saturday, July 16, 2016 we met at the Safeway off Bernal in Pleasanton. It was a nice sight to see so many
Porsches gathered and ready to go so early in the morning. The drive started out nicely heading down forested
back roads to Calaveras Blvd.
From there, the drive became livelier with all the turns and shadows. Since it was a very nice day, we needed to
share the road with many bicyclists. Of course, this meant paying closer attention to the road. Carlos had done a
nice job of planning the route and testing it before the run. There were walkie talkies in the lead car and the
sweeper. A few of us in the middle also had radios to listen in. The idea was to keep track of the group even
though we didn’t have the radio communication figured out, this was not a problem since these were mainly onelane roads.
Winding our way up to Mt. Hamilton was a spectacular
driving experience with all the hairpin turns and switchbacks. At one point, the cars were backed up. As I looked
up at the switchback lined with bright shiny Porsches, I
wished I had my camera. Since parking space is limited at
Lick Observatory, we did not stop, but I could tell the views
of the whole Bay Area were spectacular! I had driven this
portion 30 years ago in my 914 so it was a treat to drive it
again, allowing me to relive past moments.
Heading down the back side, you could see the change
in terrain as the temperatures started to become
“Diablo like”. The ruggedness of the Mountain terrain
really surprised me for some reason. Maybe it was the
dry golden grass in contrast with the rugged rock
textures. Along this stretch, one car did have a fuel
pump issue, which as far as I know was the only issue
on the trip.
Carlos had a well-planned bio break at the only place
possible on Mines Road. From there, a jaunt over to
Diablo Grande Golf Course for lunch. There was an
event going on so there were 100’s of cars parked in an
area close to the clubhouse and of course many Safety officers close by. Food was ordered and served in an
outside area that even with a limited shade structure was rather hot! I guess that is what Diablo would expect :>)
Hot Days at Thunderhill DE
Imagine hot wind blowing through your hair with your windows down, but
wearing mandatory long sleeves and long pants in a hot car traveling at
a fast rate of speed around 5 miles of winding track. That recently was
the scene for many Diablo and other region members at a track event
sponsored by Porsche of Livermore.
The picture may sound like a grim way to describe fun, but if you could
only witness the “miles of smiles” that were being displayed , you would
understand how much pleasure was being experienced lap after lap.
Here are some photo provided by Dito Milian from
Discs of pictures of each drivers’ day were provided and paid for by
Diablo Region.
PCA Appreciation Breakfast & 718 Tech Session
Hosted by Porsche of Fremont
Recently Porsche of Fremont invited Diablo and Loma Prieta Regions to a hosted Appreciation Breakfast and
718 Tech Session. As usual, there was a warm reception, good food and plenty of information. Here are some
shots of the morning’s activities and some of our members who were able to attend.
Miscellaneous Shots
Several Detail Sessions from Mark Spindler from P & S Sales have been held at Porsche of Livermore. Thank
you Kevin Hanschke for hosting and our own Marc Giammona for setting them up. There will be more in the
Trefan was recently held in Squaw Valley and was attended by a few of our members. Anthony Mendoza took
some great pictures and put them on the Diablo website ( Here is just a sample:

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