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(London) 16 June 2015 – Ling Ling, a new experience from Hakkasan, will open in Mykonos,
Greece 1 July. Located in the centre of the old town, Ling Ling will borrow from and subvert the
key elements of Hakkasan to create a dynamic, social experience perfect for island living and late
night revelry.
Inspired by the izakaya concept, Ling Ling encourages guests to discover Hakkasan’s cuisine
differently. Reinvented presentations of smaller plates provide the opportunity to share and try a
variety of the Cantonese-style dishes. The perfect accompaniment to a superlative drinks menu;
the bar is being invigorated with summer cocktails such as the Ling Ling Collins and a wine list
from the award winning team in London. The sound design is being mastered and perfected by
Hakkasan London resident Pathaan, bringing eclectic, high-energy beats to the island and its late
night party scene.
The Ling Ling experience is designed to evolve throughout the night taking you from dining, to
drinking to dancing, in no particular order. The Mykonos location is the perfect setting for this fluid
escapism compromising an open-air restaurant and bar, private dining and a lounge.
In celebration of this opening, Hakkasan restaurants around the world will be featuring a taste of
Ling Ling with a limited edition menu and signature cocktail throughout the summer months. Each
location’s offering will vary and offer a slightly different twist tailored to each city.
For more information, please visit hakkasan.com/lingling or discover us on our social media
channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and SoundCloud.
Notes to Editor
Ling Ling will be a unique experience in Mykonos offering food from Michelin-starred Executive
Head Chef Tong Chee Hwee alongside award winning wine and cocktail menus catering to all
tastes. The menu will range from sharing plates at €8 for the Crispy duck roll to €18 for the Dim
sum platter or €36 for the Grilled crab skewer with salt & pepper, and guests will be welcomed to
come by for drinks in the bar or the lounge. The only barrier to entry will be availability.
About Hakkasan
Founded in 2001, Hakkasan is one of the world’s most recognized restaurants known for its
modern approach to traditional Cantonese cuisine. Since the original London offerings at Hanway
Place and Mayfair, Hakkasan has expanded internationally and now holds a collection of 12
restaurants across North America, Europe, United Arab Emirates and Asia. Hakkasan offers a
distinctive dining experience where modern Cantonese cuisine, world-class mixology and dramatic
design converge. Cinematic Energy is at the heart of everything at Hakkasan, from the design of its
interior and the execution of its Michelin-starred modern Cantonese menu to its impeccable style of
About Hakkasan Group
Hakkasan Group is a worldwide dining, entertainment, and hospitality company with
establishments located across the United States, Europe, Middle East, and Asia. Its namesake is
taken from its Michelin star restaurant that set the high-level standard for the group’s collection of
diverse brands. Its ‘brand first’ philosophy builds restaurant, nightlife, daylife and soon-to-be hotel
concepts into world-class lifestyle brands, all with a focus on service, design, innovation, and
experience. For more information, visit www.hakkasangroup.com.
Press Contact
Jackie Oribello
Hakkasan Group
Email: [email protected]
Office: +44 (0)20 7297 8965

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