Arsenal parade FAQs

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Frequently asked questions
When will you know if the parade taking place?
We won’t know until after the match on Saturday 30 May. The match starts at 5.30pm.
You can check TV, news websites, or radio for results of the match.
Why have you decided to hold the parade?
Arsenal are a major part of Islington and the council wants to celebrate their success
with them and their supporters It is highly likely that celebrations would take place
anyway and it means it can be managed as part of an organised event.
Parade day
Where is it best to watch the parade?
You will be able to view the parade along the entire route, but space is likely to be
limited. The heaviest numbers will be outside the Town Hall and in front of Emirates
Stadium and for safety reasons numbers will be restricted. It is best to watch from less
crowded parts of the route like St Paul’s Road. There will also be stewards and police
on-hand to help direct you on the day.
Will I be able to see the parade from more than one location?
Moving along the route will be very difficult. The best chance you have to see the parade
will be if stay in one location. It will not be possible to view the parade along the route or
from the Town Hall and then go to the Emirates Stadium as this area is likely to be full
from early morning.
Where is the best place to travel to the parade from?
If you are hoping to view from Upper Street it will be best to come from the direction of
Highbury Corner roundabout, either from Islington Park Street, or Canonbury Lane. If
you approach from Angel and Upper Street is full, you will be directed along Liverpool
Road or Essex Road to re-enter Upper Street from further up.
I live close to the parade route. Will any special measures be put in place?
Yes, you will receive a letter with full details on how this may impact on you and any
specific instructions.
I live on the route and will need to get access to my property on the day, what
should I do?
If the road you live or work on is closed, access by car will not be possible from 9am until
the parade is over, so please make extra allowances for this. Residents’ parking
restrictions will apply as normal.
Pedestrian access will be available for residents. We ask that you carry some ID with
you, which states your address, so that police and stewards can facilitate access for
I am a business on the route; do I need to know anything in particular?
We will be writing to all businesses along the route and will also visiting some premises.
If you have a specific query please email [email protected]
I have a delivery scheduled for that day, what should I do?
Vehicle access in and around the route will be restricted so you are advised to
reschedule deliveries, or make alternative arrangements.
Further queries
If your query isn't answered here please call Contact Islington on 020 7527 2000 or
email [email protected]

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