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Oak Farm Infant
Issue 1
[email protected]
Welcome back after the summer holiday and we hope you and your child are ready for an exciting term full
of interesting learning. We extend a very warm welcome to the children who are joining us in the nursery,
classes 1, 2 and 3 and those children that also recently joined us in other year groups. We hope you and
your children find our school a supportive environment and that your children learn a lot while enjoying
themselves. We want each child to be happy and learning and the staff work hard to ensure we offer an appropriate learning environment. Please feel free to ask about anything you are not sure about.
This terms topic is “Food Glorious Food” and the teachers plan an appropriate curriculum around
this topic which they will deliver to the children in an exciting and enjoyable way. Topic plans can
be found on DB Primary highlighting the aspects of the curriculum your child will be covering.
The children all spend some of their time working outside so we request each child brings a pair of
Wellington boots and a coat to school. Boots can be left on the rack outside the classroom
so the children can access them to play in the puddles or on the grass when it is wet.
The SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) topic this half term is “New Beginnings”.
This theme focuses on developing children’s knowledge, understanding and skills in four key social and emotional aspects of learning: empathy, self-awareness, social skills and motivation. The
theme offers the children the opportunity to see themselves as valued individuals within a community, and to contribute to shaping a welcoming, safe and fair learning environment for all. Throughout the theme, children explore feelings of happiness and excitement, sadness, anxiety and fearfulness, while learning and putting into practice shared models for “ calming down” and
“problem solving”.
School ethos
Our school motto is “From Little Acorns Grow Mighty Oaks.” We hope we can work
in partnership with you to support and challenge your child to help them grow in
confidence, knowledge and motivation to achieve success, independence and fulfilment. We encourage and respect every child and are aware that the needs of
each one are important. Please work with us in encouraging your child to be aware that
they are valued members of the school community and that their actions count. We want to have
a clean and safe environment and so our few rules are for the safety of the children and adults.
Children learn through example and awareness so we must all encourage each other to keep the
playground litter free, to respect others and think about their feelings.
Planning time
Each teacher has half a day out of class to plan, prepare and assess the children’s work. In the Foundation Stage the following
members of staff will be taking the class on Wednesday afternoon:
* Room 1 - Mrs Nicol
*Room 2 - Mrs Panesar
* Room 3 – Ms Kempthorne
On Friday afternoon the following staff will cover the Year 1 classes:
* Room 4 – Ms Kempthorne
* Room 5 – Mrs Perry
* Room 6 – Mrs Panesar
On Thursday afternoon the following staff will cover the Year 2 classes:
* Room 7 – Ms Kempthorne
* Room 8 – Mrs Holden
* Room 9 – Mrs Perry
Meetings with class teachers
All year groups will have a class meeting where the teacher will explain class routines and expectations. We hope you are able to attend this meeting to meet your child’s teacher and to hear specific details which will help your child settle in their new class.
Attached to this newsletter are the holiday dates for this academic year (2016 – 2017). Please try
to plan your holiday during holiday periods so your child can get the full benefit of the structured
learning opportunities offered. Holiday dates for 2017 -2018 are soon to be agreed by governors
and we will send them out as soon as they have been approved.
The class doors will be open at 8:45 daily so children can arrive and be ready on the carpet for
8:50 registration. Please ensure your child is on time as arriving late is disruptive for your child and
the rest of the class.
I would like to remind all families that the school does not allow holidays in term time. All parents requesting an absence
will need to make an appointment with Mrs Shasha to discuss the reasons why absence from school is necessary for their
child. Parents who do not follow the correct procedures or request a holiday will find that their child receives an unauthorised absence on their school record and report. Following on from this, parents who misuse this procedure may be referred to the Participation Officer and could be fined. Only families who can prove that the reason for absence is due to
“exceptional circumstances, medical or compassionate reasons” will be granted leave. The school will look at each request on a case by case basis and it is important that families are aware of the disruption that holiday leave can have on
their child’s academic performance. Please contact the front office for an appointment before you make a holiday booking
if a request for absence is required.
The school expects all children to be on time and in the playground before 8.45am. Children who arrive late will need to
sign in late at the front office. Late attendance will be recorded on your child’s report and record. The Participation Officer
will be notified if children are consistently late. Children will be rewarded for outstanding attendance each term.
Collecting children after school
Please remember to use the white board by the door in your child’s class if someone different is collecting your child from
For health and safety reasons the school has a policy which asks children not to wear jewellery to
school. If your child has jewellery which has not
been removed we ask you to send in micropore
tape for use in P.E. Religious bracelets should be
covered by a sweat band which should be brought
from home.
Please ensure the office staff have your updated phone numbers as it is very distressing for
a child if we are unable to contact the parents
in an emergency. We will be sending out the
details we have for you on a separate letter
and would appreciate an early updated return.
Hot lunch
Packed lunch
We are pleased that the majority of children are
taking up the option of a free meal each day. We
are encouraging you to take up this opportunity
because you will know your child has eaten a
cooked nutritious healthy meal during the day at
no cost to you and you do not have to prepare a
lunch box.
If your child does have a packed lunch please note
that staff encourage children to eat what is in the box
but we never force a child to eat. We suggest a sandwich, piece of fruit, a biscuit (not sweets or a chocolate
bar) and a drink (not fizzy or in a glass bottle). In line
with the government agenda we are trying to encourage healthy eating and appreciate your support with
this. Crisps of all varieties have no nutritional value
and ought to be eaten at home as a treat rather than
included in lunchboxes.
I would like to remind you that we are on week 1
starting 12th September. Each day there is a main
meal and vegetarian main meal option as well as
baked potato with tuna, cheese or beans or a pasta dish. There is also a salad bar, fresh fruit,
homemade yogurt and home baked bread each
day. We feel there is a great variety of choice and
would like to encourage your child to try the
meals if he/she has not done so already.
The staff check each that each child is eating and
encourage them where necessary.
We ask that all children in KS1 (Y1 & Y2) have
their P.E. black shorts and
white T-shirt in school every
day. Where possible we will be
doing P.E. outside and ask the
children to bring in a pair of
old tracksuit bottoms to wear
during these lessons when the
weather is cold.
Each class has a drinking fountain in the classroom for easy access to water throughout the
day. You may no longer feel
it is necessary to send your
child to school with a water
bottle as there is cooled
water accessible throughout the day.
Complaints procedure
We wish to work with you in all we do in
school and if you have any concerns we ask
you to discuss the issue with the class teacher.
The class teacher knows our school policies
and your child so they are in the strongest situation to resolve the issue. If however there is
a need it may be referred to the Headteacher
once all avenues have been tried. Please find
our complaints procedure on DB Primary and
the school website.
Each day the children are offered a
piece of fruit which this term will include apples, carrots, bananas, pears,
strawberries, sugar snaps, cucumbers,
tomatoes and easy peel small oranges. Please ensure you
inform the teacher if your child has any allergies and dietary needs to avoid any particular food.
Early morning sports skills club – children may arrive
between 8:25 and 8:35am
The early morning sports club is on everyday unless there
is heavy rain. Please remember the children can arrive at
8:25am, the accompanying adult signs them in and then
together the child and adult practice the skills. If you arrive after 8:35 you will not be able to join in that session
as there will not be enough time for your child to practice properly. We have to start tidying up round 8:40 to
be sure everything is away for 8:45 so the staff and children can get into class ready for registration at 8:50. This
is a regular club so we do not expect each child to attend
every day. Please feel free to attend with your child on
days which are convenient for you. The club is for adults
to work with their child so please ensure you engage with
them as they are taking part.
Names on all garments
Any medicine should be taken to the school office in the
morning where you will be
given a slip to complete giving us permission to administer the medicine. For health
and safety reasons we do not
allow children to take their own medicine to the
office or medical room. We also request you bring
in prescription medicines only.
It is very important to ensure your child’s name is on each
item of clothing including plimsolls, shoes and coats. If it is
written with pen it may wash out so please check regularly to ensure you can still read it clearly. If you find your
child has brought someone else’s garment home please
return it to school as soon as possible. Lost property is
stored in a cupboards at the junction of Acorn Way and
Oak Avenue (beside the junior playground). If your child
loses something, including lunch boxes, plastic food containers & lids, please check in these cupboards.
Birthday books
Some children like to bring in something to share with the rest of the class
when it is their birthday. If you would like to join in this tradition we suggest
a book for the class library. We insert a presentation slip saying who donated
the book and the book remains in the class library after the teacher has read
it to the class. Please do not send your child with sweets or cake as it is not
in line with our policy.
FOOF – Tuesday 4th October. All parents welcome
We hope to have good attendance at the Friends of Oak Farm AGM on Tuesday 4th October. FoOF raise a lot of money each year and the children gain directly as all the money
is spent on items or equipment they can use. The meeting will have an informal start
and it is your opportunity to chat to committee members and find out what FoOF is
Office hours
In order to ensure efficiency and accuracy of work we
wish to have our office staff available to parents at specific times.
Please try to visit the office at these times only:
General enquiries – DAILY - 8:30am – 9:15am & 3:00pm
– 3:30pm
Uniform sales - WEDNESDAY’S - 9.00am to 9.30am &
3.00pm to 3.30pm
Breakfast club
The breakfast club is open from 7:30am daily
however parents must book their child in at
least the day before so we know numbers and
can arrange appropriate staffing. All children
attending the breakfast club must pay in advance. Please call in at the office if you wish
to book your child in, pay in advance or seek
more details.
Reporting illness - VIA ANSWERPHONE MESSAGE by
10am for each day of absence
Adventure Playground/Climbing Frame
Thank you to the parents who keep their children off the adventure playground before and after school.
We appreciate how tempting it may be to use the facilities like a park but, as we have frequently stated,
our insurance does not cover accidents which occur if a member of staff is not directly supervising the
activity. We have signs up stating children should not use the equipment and we regularly remind the
children. We ask you to ensure your child does not use the junior or infant adventure playground.
Eid Ul Adha
We wish families observing a day of celebration for Eid ul-Adha every best wish at this special time. We understand some people are celebrating at the weekend and some at the start of the week. If you are unable
to send your child to school please put it in writing and we will be able to grant your child an authorised day
for religious observance. Unfortunately if we do not receive a letter we are unable to authorise the absence.
As with all major festivals we will be talking to the KS1 children in assembly about the meaning of this festival and we will be inviting children to share their experiences.
French and Spanish classes
La Jolie Ronde language clubs for French and Spanish will take place on Fridays at lunchtime starting week
beginning 12th September. Parents can register interest and receive all relevant information by emailing
their child's name and class to: [email protected]
Oak Farm Children’s Centre - Here for our families…
Music & Movement - please keep an eye out in the Centre for dates of our sessions, these are drop-in’s from 0-7yrs of
age! – No need to book!
Family Support Worker – Diann Powell is available to provide 1-2-1 support and advice on any aspect of family life. We
provide help with finances, benefits, housing, relationships, parenting, child development, sleeping or weaning. We are
available to chat here at the Centre or if you would prefer, in your own home.
Daisy Chain - a group for babies with parents of more than one child.
Breastfeeding Support – we offer breastfeeding support to all new mothers living in Hillingdon.
Adult Learning – Future courses for the Autumn Term – we are currently taking names for ESOL/Maths so if you are interested in putting your name down please come and see Gill or Andrea in the Children’s Centre.
P3 Advice Sessions – from benefits to housing, money to health – we can help. Phone for an appointment.
Parental Courses— please see details of courses available below. Please ring the Children’s centre on 01895-254408 or
come and visit us to find out more information.
Oak Farm Children’s Centre
Parenting Course
Every Tuesday starting on:
Wednesday 5th October - Wednesday 23rd November 2016
9.30am– 11.30am
(no session in half term)
Do you want to find out more about positive parenting?
Are you struggling with your child’s behaviour?
A seven week course for parents/carers with children under the age of six
Each week we discuss a different area of parenting to help you to find realistic solutions to the challenges of family life
Subjects we discuss include, sleeping, eating, dealing with behaviour you don’t like, discipline, listening, talking and encouraging your child
A crèche runs alongside this course for children aged six months and over - PLEASE NOTE: NO SIBLINGS OLDER THAN 5 YRS IN CRECHE
A small charge of £7 for this course which can be paid weekly
No session during the October half term
Oak Farm Children’s Centre
ESOL Course
Every Tuesday starting on:
Tuesday 20th September - Tuesday 6th December 2016
9.30am– 11.30am
(no session in half term)
Course Name
Speaking &
Length and requirements of course
11 weeks @ 2hrs per session
(1st week assessment-followed by 10 week
A minimum of 80% attendance
(For parents/carers whose first language is not
English) – adult focused provision. Creche
available for children aged 6 months –5 years)

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