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New Annapolitans News
September 2016
New Annapolitans
P.O. Box 5251 Annapolis, MD 21403-0700
GENERAL MEETING: Wednesday, September 7, 2016
PROGRAM: Presentations by New Annapolitan Interest Groups
WHERE: Unitarian Universalist Church, 333 Dubois Rd., Annapolis, MD
WHEN: Social time 9:30-10a.m. Meeting 10:00 am
OPTIONAL LUNCH: Basmati (sign-up desk in lobby)
**Prospective members are invited to check in with the VP-Membership at 9:15 am.**
General meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month except February, July and August.
PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE: Patience Chaplin (410-224-2044)
I moved to Annapolis from Connecticut four and a half years ago and joined the New Annapolitans Club after repeatedly
seeing an ad in the Capital Gazette. I didn’t know what to expect, but came to my first meeting with an open mind and
heart. And I have never looked back with regret!
Hats off to Charlotte Featherstone, Norma Farrell, Bette Henick and Ann Carroll who have been great models for me. I
pledge to honor our welcoming tradition to newcomers, to move our ever-growing organization forward, and to
safe-guard each facet of governance that our fine board represents. I am here and honored to support them and our
thriving club!
Please support us as we do you. Offer to help us as your schedule allows. Make a special and determined effort to look
for those new members with red name tags before our general meeting – reach out to them, introduce them to others
nearby, and be the friend you are to me.
For many, the Interest Groups are the main attraction and help us transition from a big general meeting to small group
activities that we look forward to. Our first general meeting on Wednesday, September 7th at 10 am, will provide a long
and interesting ‘menu’ from which to choose the interest groups of your desire!
Others have talked about being with like-minded individuals and there is certainly truth to that statement. I would
encourage each of you to come to meetings with an open mind and heart and enjoy a variety of programs.
I feel honored to serve as your President this year and give back to this fine organization. I’ll be looking for you ~
Patience Chaplin
Janet Ghetti (301-351-9651)
After December 31, renewals are not
accepted and members are not eligible to
If you know anyone who has recently moved to the
Greater Annapolis area, please share information
about the New Annapolitans with them. The New
Member Application can be found on our website at
Welcome to New Annapolitans! All newcomers
(members for less than a year) are invited to attend
the September Newcomers Coffee at the home of
Ginny Sattler on Thursday, September 15th at 10 am.
This is an opportunity to meet other newcomers and
to learn about activities within New Annapolitans and
current happenings in and around Annapolis. Please
watch for the email from your Big Sister with your
personal invitation and additional details. I hope that
you will join us.
As most of you know, the year before last we
approved a new clarification to our Standing Rules to
admit prospective members who do not fit the
qualification of having moved to the area within the
past two years, but have recently experienced a major
life change such as retirement or the death of a
spouse. If you know anyone like this who you think
could benefit from our organization, ask her to submit
a letter to the Board addressed to me.
Please encourage prospective members to visit the
New Annapolitans' website at
for links to download our current newsletter and New
Member Application.
Patricia Strange (301-509-9522)
September starts the New Annapolitans 2016-2017
Season. During the General Meeting in September
the Interest Groups have the opportunity to introduce
themselves. They give a brief explanation of what
they do, when they do it, and the fun they have doing
it. Members can sign up for any or all of the groups
before and after the meeting.
Maryann Yania (410-224-4401)
[email protected]
The lunch after the program will be at the Basmati
Restaurant on Solomons Island Road. The cost is $20
cash, which includes tax and gratuity. You can sign
up in the Church lobby before the meeting.
Welcome back to a new season of activities. Interest
Groups are where new friendships happen. Our IG
members are anxious to tell you what their groups are
about and what their plans are for the upcoming year.
At September’s meeting you will be able to meet the
chair members and sign up for every activity that
appeals to you.
Kathy Formisano (410-431-7176)
Welcome Back New Annapolitans!
Our Interest Groups are open to all members. Please
take advantage of this opportunity to sign up and join
in. Remember, sign ups can occur anytime
throughout the year. Just contact the chair of any IG
and you’re in!
We now have almost 700 members - that includes 21
new members since our last General Meeting on June
1st. If you have somehow forgotten to renew
your membership – please do so today! The
July 1st deadline has come & gone. The fees are
as follows:
If you have an interest that you don’t see represented
and want to start a new group please contact me. We
can get it started. I can help answer your questions,
$50 in August
$55 in September
$60 in October
$65 in November
$70 in December
Sharon Boettinger (410-849-2166)
[email protected]
Please forward to the above e-mail any information
about members who would benefit from a card sent
on behalf of all New Annapolitans. No information,
without the permission of the member involved, will
be published in the Newsletter nor announced at the
General meeting. As always, you are encouraged to
offer a more personal gesture or message to members
you know through your Interest Group or in your
neighborhood, who are recovering from a lifechallenging issue.
Pat Casey (410-216-7025)
[email protected]
Donna Gibbons (814-574-2417)
[email protected]
Deanie McCluan (410-451-1322)
[email protected]
Diane Shurtleff (410-975-0346)
[email protected]
Rachael Hammoudeh (240-731-9795)
[email protected]
During the summer, notes of condolence were sent to
two members whose spouses passed away. Also,
cards of encouragement were sent to two members
who recently had surgery at Anne Arundel Medical
Please help us record the 2016-2017 New
Annapolitans year in pictures. Take photos of your
interest group activities, then email them to Pat Casey
or any of the historians. Please be sure to include the
interest’s group’s name, the names of those pictured,
and any other information pertinent to the
Terry Martini (443-221-7260)
[email protected]
Dianne McConnell (304 -281-7397)
[email protected]
Kathleen DuShane (410- 956-2476)
[email protected]
Mary Tarr (443-949-9697)
[email protected]
Paula Caprice (301-367-6930)
[email protected]
Maureen O’Rourke (443-949-0708)
[email protected]
Lin Cunningham (410-956-8808)
[email protected]
All checks for club functions should be made payable
to New Annapolitans. To receive payment, interest
group chairs must submit a yellow “Request for
Payment” form and appropriate receipts. Deposits
given to the Treasurer should be accompanied by a
pink “Checks for Deposit” form. All transactions can
be mailed to Terry Martini, 2156 Chesapeake
Harbour Drive, Annapolis, MD 21403.
Treasurer’s Report July 31, 2016:
Receipts: $11,539.20
Disbursements: $439.18
Community Outreach Monies: $14,633.82
Music Lovers Circle Monies: $218.01
Wine Tasting Monies: $596.91
NA Excess Reserves: $21,107.22
NA Reserves: $20000.00
The House Committee organizes the social hour before
each general meeting. These members are the first
arrivals at the church, the hostesses who arrive early,
prepare the beverages, decorate the buffet table, and
accept refreshment donations from contributing
All New Annapolitans members are asked to take a
turn with a contribution of baked goods, fresh fruit or
other healthy morning fare. A sign-up sheet is passed
around at each monthly general meeting for members
to agree to bring refreshments for the next monthly
meeting. Please share your culinary skills.
The House Committee sends a sincere thank you to
the members who brought the delicious
refreshments to the June general meeting.
Guidelines for Participating in Interest Groups
1. You must be a paid member to participate
in interest group activities.
2. When participating in an interest group activity
in the member’s home, please give the hostess a
minimum of three days’ notice for reservations
or cancellations.
3. No reservations may be taken until an event is
announced in the newsletter.
4. No refunds will be given for cancellations unless
there are replacements from the waiting list.
If there is no waiting list or other replacements
from the membership, no refund will be given.
5. Checks for any event should be made out
to New Annapolitans.
6. All interest groups are voluntary and
Terry Martini (443-221-7260)
[email protected]
Whether you've just moved to this area or have lived
here for years, we all need help finding reliable
people for projects or problems in our everyday lives.
With over 50 New Annapolitans members who have
offered to be resources, you will find exactly who or
what you need. You will not get advertisements, only
suggestions from other members of our group. Please
send your request to [email protected] We
will send your question to our volunteers who will
answer you directly only if they have used someone
personally and had a good experience with
them. Please do know that these are only suggestions
between members. New Annapolitans take no
responsibility for any shared information. If you
would like to become a resource to help others, please
let Terry know and you will be added to the resource
Marshall’s Parking Policy: Some interest groups
use the parking area of Marshalls, 152 Jennifer Rd.,
Annapolis, when they carpool for day trips.
Marshalls allows this, but asks that you notify their
management company three days in advance. Call
Beatson Companies at 410-224-3700 and let the
person who answers know of your plans. This policy
applies only to NA groups. Overnight parking is not
permitted. Like all mall parking, you leave your car
at your own risk.
Mary Lou Fultz (410-798-4637)
[email protected]
Send your group interest information to me, and
contact me with questions and comments. Interest
Chairs send me information about each group’s
activities for the following month by the 10th of the
current month. For example, October’s information is
due to me by September 10th.
(4th Wednesday at 2 pm)
If you do not receive your electronic issue, check
your spam or junk mailbox. If it isn’t there, contact
Jane Dutcher at [email protected] to be sure she has
your correct email address in the Constant Contact
Kathryn Libby (410-280-1565)
[email protected]
This first meeting of our book club will be on
Wednesday, September 28th, from 2 to 4 pm. We will
be discussing New York: the Novel by Edward
Rutherfurd. Judy Spiewak will be leading the
discussion at the home of this month’s hostess, Sue
Macal. During the summer, members sent in
suggestions for our reading list that we will vote on at
this meeting. If you plan to attend the September
discussion, please contact Sue Macal at least a week
before the discussion.
(2nd Wednesday at 10 am)
BIBLIOPHILES (2nd Thursday 1-3 pm)
Charlotte Lubbert (410-923-6425)
[email protected]
Ruthie Wexley (410-280-8983)
[email protected]
Bibliophiles will meet on Thursday, September 8th at
1 p.m. at the home of Pat Casey. The book
for September is The Lake House by Kate Morrow.
The discussion leader is Sue Pommers.
On September 14th we will be meeting at the home of
Phyllis Bratton to discuss The Japanese Lover by
Isabel Allende. Please RSVP to Phyllis at
[email protected] or 410-695-5655. New members
are always welcome.
BOOKIES (2nd Thursday 2-4 pm)
Cheryl Fisher (410-798-8470)
[email protected]
Meg Basinski (410-224-4142)
[email protected]
Donna Stackhouse (410-573-6990)
[email protected]
Judy Schwartz (410-266-5439)
[email protected]
Barbara Trotter (410-956-4720)
[email protected]
We are a group that meets every Monday from 1:30
to 3:30 pm in the Park Place party room. We began as
a group of rusty bridge players who had played in the
past but needed instruction in catching up and starting
again. We have taken lessons and a number are still
pursuing improvement with lessons at the Severna
Park Bridge Club. We are low key talking about
bidding, replaying the hands and helping one another
learn. No pressure…just a fun group! You must
however, have a working knowledge of bridge basics
in the current style of Audrey Grant or similar
author/teacher as this group is not for someone who
has never played before.
Bookies will meet on September 8th at the home of
Ginger DeLuca. The meeting will begin at 2:00
pm. We will be discussing the book, The Summer
Before the War by Helen Simonson. All are
welcome, but an RSVP is required. Please call Ginger
at 410-626-0098 or email her at
[email protected] by Monday, September
5th. Space may be limited
(4thTuesday from 2-4 pm)
Deborah Doty (410-757-7050)
[email protected]
Emails are sent out every Wednesday and you must
respond with an e-mail by Saturday if you wish to
play on Monday. You will receive an email indicating
your response was received. We are going to try “first
come, first serve” in signing up to play until we have
full tables. Those who sign up after that will be put on
a sub list and will be contacted. The number of tables
is NOT limited as long as there are 4 people for each.
Having complete tables makes playing bridge so
much more fun and challenging. We can keep score
properly which helps our bidding skills. Consider
joining us on Monday afternoons.
The meeting will be on September 27th at the
Annapolis Regional Library, 1410 West Street,
Annapolis, MD 21401. The book is Alexander
Hamilton by Ron Chernow. The book was a #1 New
York Times bestseller and was chosen by the Times as
one of the 10 best books of the year. It was the
inspiration for the wildly popular Broadway musical.
In addition to discussing the book we will talk about
how participants would like the Interest Group to
from the beginning of April to the end of October, at
the Bay Hills Golf Course in Arnold, MD. We have
room for as many as 12 players, and are happy to
expand. Members will be notified by e-mail every
Sunday of the scheduled tee times for the following
Thursday. Members respond by “reply all” with their
intentions to play. We meet a half hour earlier than
the first tee time to pay up and sort ourselves into
foursomes. That way the starters still like us a lot. If
we are having a lousy hole, we pick up after our score
reaches double par, in the interest of keeping the
game moving. That way the people who are playing
behind us (often grumpy old men) still like us a lot,
too. We ante up $2 and the gal who has the least
number of putts, as well as the gal who has the most
number of drives that land in the freeway get to split
the pot. Great for both those who had a decent long
game, and for those whose short game is their strong
point. AND we have a golfing gals’ year-round
monthly happy hour every third Tuesday of the
month. We are always happy to welcome new
members. Call or e-mail either of the co-chairs to
Sue Masten (302-245-5362)
[email protected]
Helen Alspector (703-728-6365)
[email protected]
This is a social bridge game for Intermediate players.
Many enjoy lunch at Café Mezzanotte before bridge
begins. We play bridge where partners change after
every four hands. Each month an invitation is sent via
Evite to determine who will play. You also can
respond by email or phone. Tables are filled on a
first-come basis. If tables are full, you will be placed
on the list of substitutes for that month. Check with us
to make sure your name is on the Evite list and feel
free to contact us with any questions.
(Every Monday, 1 – 4 pm)
Sue Pommers (978-697-8931)
[email protected]
Elaine Cook (410-384-9210)
[email protected]
9 HOLE GOLF GROUP (Thursday mornings)
Elaine Kahn (202-465-5250)
[email protected]
This card group meets year round on Mondays from
12:30 pm – 4:00 pm. We follow the American
Canasta rules and will help you get started if you’re a
little rusty or have played with another set of rules.
We meet in members’ homes and socialize for ½ hour
before we start playing at 1:00 pm.
9-HOLERS is a group of intermediate golfers who
enjoy getting together weekly on Thursday mornings
for nine holes of non-competitive golf, frequently at
Blue Heron. This year we hope to play various
courses. Weekly emails go out to let group members
know the details for the upcoming game. Sign up with
Please contact either Sue or Elaine for the location for
the following week’s gathering. We welcome new
members to come, observe, and socialize if not yet
ready for playing. Come join us even if you’ve never
played before – we’ll teach you.
Barbara Martz (757-818-3126)
[email protected]
18-HOLE GOLF GROUP (Thursday mornings)
Would you like to learn the basics of golf or just
refresh your skills? A Pro from Eisenhower Golf
Course will offer 5 group lessons, which take us
through the game basics, for $99. Lessons begin on
Tuesday, September 13 at 6:30 pm. and continue each
Tuesday through October 18. Minimum number of
students is 4 and the maximum number is 8. First
come, first served. So, if you are interested, please
contact Barb Martz.
Sandy Oseroff (240-351-8329)
[email protected]
Barb Jaffee (240-731-6677)
[email protected]
Women who play golf are invited to join us. It is
more important to have a good sense of humor than a
low scoring average. No handicap is required. We
play each Thursday morning, weather dependent,
A couple is two people, one of whom must be a
New Annapolitan member.
Bette Henick (410-267-1507)
[email protected]
Jane Dutcher (610-283-7400)
[email protected]
Judy Sachs (410-280-9422)
[email protected]
Grace Sweeney (585-217-3808)
[email protected]
at 7:30 pm)
Eleanor Huggins (410-849-2798)
[email protected]
We are a group of intermediate bridge players who
enjoy an evening of playing together. We welcome
new members. Grab a partner and join us. On
September 23 we will meet at the home of Martha
Schoenfeld at 7:30 pm. Members on our contact list
will be notified by Evite and are asked to reply on
Evite. For more information please call or email
Our first wine tasting and social hour will be held
Sunday, October 9th from 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm at the
Dodon Vineyards in Davidsonville, MD. Space is
limited for this private wine tasting, so please send
your check made out to New Annapolitans for $30
per person to Bette Henick, 618 Caracle Court,
Millersville, MD 21108. We are all looking forward
to our first event with the theme “Wines from Local
Sheri Reagor (410-266-5266)
[email protected]
We are a group of couples – husband/wife/significant
other – or if you are single, just grab a partner and
come along. We meet approximately eight times a
year, usually the third Wednesday of the month or an
occasional Sunday brunch. We try various locations,
dress styles and price points. We meet for a
social/cocktail hour followed by a fun-filled dinner in
a group setting. Each couple orders from the menu
and pays for their dinner on a separate check.
social at 1 pm, meeting at 1:15 pm)
Tessie Ballard (410-798-8234)
[email protected]
Ginny Sattler (410-295-2910)
[email protected]
Ann Ziegler (410-604-3560)
[email protected]
In order to reserve space we require a one-time
deposit of $40 per couple payable to New
Annapolitans. The check will be forfeited in the event
of a same day cancellation or no-show. Each month
you will receive an email well in advance stating the
venue, the date and time, and where to send your
We welcome back our long time members and we are
eager for new members to join our group. We
celebrate our very successful Silent Auction and
thank everyone who participated. The September
meeting will be at the home of Ginny Sattler. Please
RSVP by September 16th if you will be attending.
– new members are always welcome.
(3rd Friday at 10:30 am)
Pat Casey (410-216-7025)
[email protected]
Deanie McCluan (410-451-1322)
[email protected]
Mary Beth Jones (703-919-7049)
[email protected]
Pat Strong (410-956-1640)
[email protected]
On September 14th from 10:00 am-12:00 pm. Foto
Fun will hold its annual planning meeting at Deanie
McCluan's home 03 Sydney Terrace, Annapolis, MD
21401). This is our opportunity to discuss possible
Foto Fun locations and activities for the coming year
and, review last year for what worked well and what
didn't. Please join us to help make 2016-2017 a great
Foto Fun year. If you plan to attend, please let
Deanie or Pat know. If you can't attend, but have
some ideas or comments, please send them to Deanie
and Pat.
Even if you have only basic school German, think
about joining us for a monthly social gathering that
includes coffee, tea, and snacks. We converse in
German at all levels about anything that interests us,
and always manage to enjoy some good laughs. We
meet each month on the 3rd Friday at 10:30 am.
(except July and August). Contact one of the cochairs if you would like to be on our email list.
GREAT DECISIONS (2nd or 3rd Friday at 1 pm)
FUN LUNCH (4th Thursday at noon)
Judy Harrison (410-849-2117)
[email protected]
Sue Jacobson (410-571-5083)
[email protected]
Norma Farrell (410-573-5323)
[email protected]
Tessie Ballard (410-798-8234)
[email protected]
Great Decisions is a non-partisan, world affairs
discussion group focused on U.S. foreign policy
interests. The program was developed by the Foreign
Policy Association to provide its members
background information and analysis on foreign
policy issues. Each month members read assignments
from the Great Decisions briefing book, which are
then discussed at the monthly meetings.
This is a casual and fun get together of our
members. We meet at noon on the fourth Thursday of
each month at the home of a generous hostess. The
hostess and co-hostess team select a theme with the
menu and ask all guests to contribute to the buffet
based on the theme. Members receive a monthly
email invitation with the luncheon theme, types of
food requested to match the theme, location and the
email of the hostess for RSVPs. Please reply by the
deadline the hostess defines.
As a group we also watch documentaries on thoughtprovoking foreign policy challenges facing America.
Our goal is to develop awareness, understanding, and
informed opinions on U.S. foreign policy and global
issues. Location of monthly meeting is at the home of
Sue Jacobson, Baywoods, 7101 Bay Front Drive,
Annapolis, MD 21403, Unit #200. Snacks are
provided by attendees. OUR FIRST MEETING
Sue Jacobson. For more information please contact
Interest Group Coordinator, Judy Harrison.
Fun Lunch members are encouraged to host or cohost once every two or three years and in truth that is
only fair. There are several months open for hostess
duties. Please contact Tessie if you would like to
volunteer your home and/or co-hostess talents. Some
enduring friendships are formed over the kitchen sink.
There will be a sign-up sheet at the September
meeting for those wanting to join Fun Lunch. Or
contact Tessie or Norma to be added to the Fun
Lunch database.
15th. Member emails will provide contact
information, addresses, and instructions for parking.
(Every Friday from 11 am-3 pm)
Paula Caprice (301-367-6930)
[email protected]
Ina Bowers (410-268-1012)
[email protected]
(NANAs) (Every Tuesday morning)
Georgina Hammond (410-263-4342)
[email protected]
Jean Phillips (410-757-7774)
[email protected]
Barbara Roussillon (631-219-0208)
[email protected]
We play National rules Mah Jongg every Friday at
11:00 am at members’ homes. We like to play and to
socialize. If you are an experienced player, a
beginner, or you just want to learn, you are welcome
to join us. We teach new players.
Enjoy walking and exploring Annapolis and the
Greater Annapolis area every Tuesday throughout the
year – starting no later than 9:30 am – with
excursions to other areas once a month. The walks
are planned and led by a member of the group,
followed by an optional stop for coffee – lunch for
excursion walks. In inclement weather, we walk in
the Mall.
(No regular monthly meetings)
Linda Russell (845-558-2969)
[email protected]
We are a group of music lovers who enjoy the
opportunity to share musical experiences
together. The group shares information about musical
happenings in the area. Members meet for an activity
if they are interested. The group also schedules
occasional events which generally include a tour,
musical performance, and dining out.
On Wednesdays, a group rotates through three local
locations – The Naval Academy, Eastport and Murray
Hill, leaving at 8:30 am. We do not walk on the first
Wednesday of the month September through June so
that members can attend the General Meetings. In
inclement weather the walk is cancelled.
Thursdays, 9:30 am-noon)
Details will be emailed to everyone on the group list
on the Sunday before the walks are scheduled.
For further information, contact one of the chairs.
Barbara Jaffe (240-731-6677)
[email protected]
September Schedule:
6th Broad Creek Park - Georgina Hammond
13th Naval Academy - Julia Persinger
20th Heritage Harbour - Sally Ehrle
27th Excursion - Jan Ice
If you sew, knit, crochet, mend, darn, smock, or do
needlepoint, cross stitch or tapestry, or need a little
help with interpreting patterns, etc., come to our
needlework group meetings every first and third
Thursday mornings, all twelve months of the
year. We meet at each other’s houses from 9:30 am
to noon. The hostess for that meeting provides finger
food and drinks (because that’s what all NA interest
groups are really all about). Mostly the meetings are
about having free access to therapeutic analysis, and
to kibitz, talk, gossip, and solve all the world’s
This is very relaxing and a great way to step out of
the hustle bustle of our busy lives. If you would like
to join us, notify Barbara Jaffe. If you are already a
member, we are meeting at Janette Jha’s house on
September 1st and TC Magnotti’s on the
RECOLLECTIONS (2nd Monday at 2 pm)
Stephanie Anderson (703-258-2491)
[email protected]
Maryann Gosnell (240-997-0256)
[email protected]
Arlene Gletow (551-427-0533)
[email protected]
Our first meeting of the year will be on Monday,
September 12th at the home of Susann Felton.
Please RSVP directly to Susann.Our prompt is,
“a little white lie.”
The tennis group meets on Mondays at the Brigade
Sports Complex, 64 Greenbury Point Rd, Annapolis,
MD 21402. During the spring and fall, we play
outdoors from 9:30 am to 11 am. In the summer, we
play from 8:00 am to 9:30 am to beat the heat. In the
winter we play indoors at 8:00 am, 9:30 am and/or 2
We meet once a month to share short pieces that we
have written from our own experiences or insights.
The topic is selected by the hostess and members
come to the meeting with 2-3 page written responses,
having interpreted the prompt in whatever way they
chose, and read them to the group. These musings or
recollections from our childhood, adolescence, and
adulthood allow us to share ourselves with others in a
safe environment. All things shared by others are
agreed to be held in confidence.
When we play outdoors, there is no limit to the
number of players. When we play indoors, it is a
maximum of 4 players per court.
We accept all levels of players but ask that you have
experience, as we do not give lessons. The majority of
us play at the 3.0 to 3.5 level.
Although this is a great way to renew your interest in
writing, or further develop your writing skills, the
focus is not on writing style or expertise. There is no
critiquing of the writing, only sharing with supportive
friends. You are not required to write a paper on your
first visit. Contact Stephanie for meeting specifics
and/or to be placed on our email list.
The BSC charges us to use their courts. We share the
cost of the courts among all the players, but guests
(those who are not AP’s) pay an additional guest fee
of $7. Please arrive for play 15 minutes early so we
can calculate who owes what amount to the BGS.
We use to coordinate. For indoor
play, it is first-come, first-serve. We will send out
notices for signing up a month ahead of time.
If you want to join our group, contact Maryann
Darlene Duchene (410-991-2199)
[email protected]
Patti Muir (410-849-2542)
[email protected]
This is a lively group of women, many of whom are
native speakers of Spanish. Others are married to
native speakers of Spanish, have lived in Spanish
speaking countries for several years or want to refresh
their language skills. We meet for lunch at local
Latin American restaurants to enjoy each other’s
company and to speak Spanish. Once on the mailing
list, you will be notified of future get togethers.
Linda King (703-599-9646)
[email protected]
Anne Bastian (301-767-7754)
[email protected]
Women on Water is a group of savvy sailors who
would like to get together for day sails May through
October. If you have a sailboat, we welcome you as a
WOW skipper; if you are an experienced sailor, join
us as crew.
Many thanks to Lorraine Fassett and Ginger De Luca
for guiding our ship so well for the last two years!
Currently we are looking for skippers to join us, as we
have lots of crew, but sadly no boats at this time. New
members are welcome whether they come with a boat
or not!
Dry, Ellen (Robert)
37 Franklin Street; Annapolis,
C: 917-520-8548
[email protected]
Murray Hill from Washington D.C
Some events include a guided kayak tour at
Blackwater Wildlife Refuge near Cambridge, MD, a
Poplar Island Tour, and a Watermark boat ride
roundtrip to St. Michael’s from Annapolis.
Foster, Holly (Ron)
414 Third St: Annapolis MD 21403
C: 240-994-6094
[email protected]
Eastport from Rockville MD
Off season is time for get togethers and planning for
the next year’s sailing season. So join us for some
salty times together on and off the water!
New folks and ideas always welcome!!
Goodwin, Debra “Debbie” (Rob)
2 Chase Road; Annapolis, MD 21409
C: 603-686-0767
[email protected]
Pendennis Mount from New Hampshire
Alcott, Rosemary
2504 Eastern Point Ct.; Annapolis, MD 21401
H: 410-266-3712
[email protected]
Heritage Harbour from Saratoga Springs, NY
Montessori teacher (ret)
Hochradel, Mary (Hans)
1007 Mastline Drive; Annapolis, MD 21401
H: 973-222-3740
[email protected]
Heritage Harbour from New Jersey
Allen, Diane Shields (David Bruce)
166 Spring Place Way; Annapolis, MD 21401
H: 410-573-6461
[email protected]
Riva Trace
Holman, Kay (John)
3139 Catrina Lane; Annapolis, MD 21403
C: 703-989-5642
[email protected]
Annapolis Cove from McLean, VA
Tax Attorney (ret)
Black, LaDonna (Ed)
2815 Mockingbird Ct.; Annapolis, MD 21401
H: 443-775-5148 C: 410-508-1466
[email protected]
Riva Trace from Chicago, IL
Jarboe, Kathleen M. (Joe Schilling)
777 Eastern Point Road; Annapolis, MD 21401
H: 703-356-6321 C: 202-288-1316
[email protected]
Heritage Harbour from McLean, VA
Corsini, Gemma (Antonio)
2560 Helaine Hamlet Way;Annapolis, MD 21401
H: 301-570-9540 C: 301-580-9614
[email protected]
Heritage Harbour from Rockville, MD
Teacher (ret)
Maher, Maria (John)
1712 Woodlore Road; Annapolis, MD 21401
H: 630-542-8097
[email protected]
Epping Forest from Chicago, IL
Executive (ret)
Cosper, Laura (Gee)
1917 Carrollton Road;Annapolis, MD 21409
H: 410-971-5726
[email protected]
Pendennis Mount from LaJolla, CA
Teacher (ret)
Malone, Maureen (Steve)
613 Second Street; Annapolis, MD 21403
C: 703-945-5011
[email protected]
Eastport from Vienna, VA
Teacher (ret)
Stratton, Anne K. (Tom Hutchison)
2785 Rudder Drive; Annapolis, MD 21401
C: 240-593-4559
[email protected]
Heritage Harbour from Bethesda, MD
Federal Government (ret)
Panagopulos, Kay (Jerry)
2500 Summers Ridge Drive; Odenton MD 21113
H: 410-672-6247 C: 443-994-9044
[email protected]
Piney Orchard
School Administrator (ret)
Taylor, Wendy
1107 Lake Heron Drive TC; Annapolis, MD 21403
C: 480-737-0751
[email protected]
Annapolis from Los Angeles
Fundraiser – Reading Is Fundamental
Pearson, Rebecca
2178 Chesapeake Harbour Drive East.; Annapolis,
MD 21403
C: 410-919-8617
[email protected]
Chesapeake Harbour from Denver, CO
Sue Pilsch has a new email:
[email protected]
Linda Clinch’s correct
Zip code: 21409
Phillips, Ginny
217 Riverside Road; Edgewater, MD 21037
H: 202-740-3889
[email protected]
Edgewater from Washington, DC
Foreign Service (ret)
Preece, Carol A.
5 Park Place, Apt. 216;Annapolis, MD 21401
H: 410-626-9749
[email protected]
Park Place from Washington, DC
Roberts, Virginia (Ralph)
2 Leeward Court; Annapolis MD 21403
C: 908-812-0692
[email protected]
Mariners Landing from NYC
Snell, Laura (Bill)
500 Tulip Road; Annapolis MD 21403
C: 972-977-5102
[email protected]
Wild Rose Shores from Richardson TX

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