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M E O W S E R . . . S P R I N G
Kitty Quarters
2 0 1 5
Pairing Cats With People To Benefit Both!
News From Your Editor and Founder. . .
It’s been the winter that just wouldn’t quit but then, neither did we.
• Seeking out & summarizing grants daily
• Scouting out facility options
• Making community contacts beyond Burlington
• Giving up on Word for this newsletter and learning new software >^.,.^<
October 17, 2014, we received our Letter of Determination which
is IRS parlance for, “you are now officially a 501C3 not-for-profit”. And so
new doorways will be opening to us.
November 21st we had our first event: Meet the First Selectman of
Burlington, Ted Shafer. 32 people came to our house. Some became
members. All were eager to share with Ted, the need for our rescue efforts. He’s been very supportive & continues to help KQ find a facility in
town. We’re restricted by zoning. But our work continues with the proposal KQ put to the town last fall: converting an abandoned building, the
Annex, to 1/2 public use space & 1/2 Kitty Quarters as a public service
on the way to the dog pound surrounded by dog park. Funding to rehabilitate the building is scarce. It needs at least $75,000 for professional
remediation then we’ll have an old fashioned barn raising for the rest.
December 15th KQ acquires the rights to
January 15th KQ is invited to apply for The Purpose Prize grant.
February 19th We’ve laid out the site plan for the web site and a wonderful young member volunteer is assembling it. It’s a very involved process with legal ramifications and LOTS of “electrical connections”. It will
be worth the wait, so please be patient.
February 21st Our first media exposure. After 36,000 people worldwide signed a petition asking the town of Bristol, CT to care for their
stray/abaondoned/feral cats, KQ’s president spoke to the Bristol town
Council and proposed a plan & an event. To raise funds and awareness
for the cats freezing & starving in New England’s bitter winter, KQ organized and sponsored THE THRIVE DRIVE - in 3 hours, just before the
usual Saturday snows that plagued almost every weekend, we processed
5,742 refundable cans and bottles.Tabs were removed & donated to The
Shriners’ Foundation (children’s hospital), over 100 lbs of cat food & 58
human meals were collected in The BackPack Program. Rare specific
spay/neuter vouchers & $104.28 were donated to the veteranarians of
each of the 3 trappers to care for colony cats.
February 28th we lanched
March 25th We’ve been approved to compete for a local area grant.
You have to ask for permission to apply. The competition is fierce. We
proposed a lecture series on animal cruelty linked to people cruelty.
March 30th We handed in our grant papers. Now we wait!
We Need Your Help
To be our best and build the
organization, we need you, &
others who care to do whatever
you can to help. So far, we have
one person donating automatically
monthly (Thank you Ellen)and
one who nominated us as a charity
that her company would provide
matching donations to (Thank you
Kacy). We’re awaiting approval.
That’s great but we need a
building! Every grantor wants to
see it and the cats we protect. That
means we need to find an angel
donor who wants the tax
advantages of donating to a nonprofit. And we need to raise
money to maintain it & the
inevitable vet bills. Non-profits
have restrictions that profitmaking companies don’t, like a
limit to the personal funds your
founder can add.
You can help by telling your
friends about us and supporting
our events.
Our first fund raiser:
May 7th: Bertucci’s Restaurant, 380
W. Main -Avon, CT in honor of Be
Kind To Animals Week. Eat-in or
take-out, 11 Am to closing. Mention Kitty Quarters to your server
or bring a special ticket. We’ll get a
percentage of the bill.
We Need Foster Parents:
It’s kitten season and cats need
homes. Just because we don’t have a
building yet doesn’t lessen the need.
If you can foster, please write us for
details at [email protected]
Many of our trapper friends need help
preventing more ferals & strays. Where
I volunteer we turn away cats because
there’s no room. Our rescue is needed -
Please contact us to help make a difference in any way that works for you.
Kitty Quarters, Inc. is registered in the state of Connecticut and with the IRS as a non-profit.
All contributions are tax deductible.
100% of our monies go to our mission of pairing cats with people to benefit both.
I Want to Support Kitty Quarters and help it grow to save lives
• General Membership $35. (equals ~1/3 of a cat’s initial vet check/protection visit)
• Senior Membership (age 65 & over) $20.
• Annual Youth Membership $10 (ages 16-18 inclusive plus proof of age) plus 40 hours community service at
Kitty Quarters each year to vote in that year. (Service waved until we have a facility)
• I’ll make a monthly donation – send me information on how to make it easy
• No membership now but here’s my tax deductible donation $____________________________________
• I would like to receive “Meowser”, the Kitty Quarters News Letter, by email. (to save costs & time)
(Your computer will need to be able to read .pdf – Adobe Acrobat file format.)
Members can attend meetings, vote, & get previews of events non members don’t get.
I prefer to be contacted by:(we don’t: text message, share your email address, send junk mail, or quote you)
☐ Email__________________________________________________________________________________
☐ Home Phone___________________________ ☐ Cell Phone ____________________________________
Name ____________________________________How you Know KQ________________________________
Address ________________________________________State____________________Zip_______________
Other info:________________________________________________________________________________
Please email me more information about:
☐ Fund raising events ☐ Finding Grants (read supplied URL/fill form)☐ Helping Find Facility Space
☐ Volunteering at the rescue ☐ Grant Committee & Tutorial
☐ I’ll make or distribute Posters
☐ I’ll send fund raiser ideas
☐ Driving cats to vet visits ☐ Putting KQ events on my Face Book page
☐ Newsletter – Meowser
☐ Starting / keeping a KQ Face Book page ☐ I’ll find celebrity cat lovers
☐ Adoptions
☐ I’ll send Tweets about KQ
☐ I’ll send email updates to my friends
☐ Fostering
☐ I’ll write thank you notes
☐ I’ll trap strays with a HAVE-A-Heart ☐ I’ll build winter protection for outside cats
Trap, transport them for spay/neuter
☐ I want to know about loaning KQ space for a facility
& return them to their colony (TNR)
☐ ______________________________________________________________________________________
Mail this form with your tax deductible donation to:
Kitty Quarters, Inc. – PO Box 1412 – Burlington, CT 06013-1704
Or email your information via: [email protected]

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