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DCS Montessori News
~ Summer 2014 ~
Happy Summer to All!
DCS Montessori hopes all of our students, parents and staff, are enjoying the wonderful
weather that is a Colorado summer. A big “Thanks” to all who participated in making the
many end-of-year events so successful. It really was a great finish to a great school year.
If you’ve stopped by, or participated in one of our teachers’ summer camps, or have a
student receiving summer tutoring, you surely know that our summer events are well under
way. We are updating our facility with a complete HVAC Controls update—a major renovation
project aimed at modernization and implementing more consistency into our school
temperatures. Many walls are being painted while we buff a shine into our tile, and steam
clean our carpets. These aren’t the only changes going on here though. We have many new
staff or staff changing positions—Please read the article on the next page for details.
In the coming year we certainly will be looking for your participation with the following
committees: Board of Directors, School Accountability Committee (SAC) and our Building and
Grounds Committee. Be on the look-out for emails for your opportunity to participate. And
have you noticed?? We finished our NEW Middle School Building, just a block away on Max
Drive! We will be sending formal tour invitations to our parent community this fall. But
we aren't finished yet! We are still in need of additional funds for construction of a “Make
Room” and Greenhouse in the near future. Our Montessori Educational Foundation will be
putting together a few fundraisers and any financial support you can offer will be greatly
Love Montessori? Then you’ll love our DCSM University nights, six new adult learning
opportunities over six consecutive weeks, come to one—come to them all, and learn about
what we are trying to accomplish together for the students of DCSM. Look for our DCSM
University flyer in your email (or check our website posting). In the year ahead, DCS
Montessori’s entire staff looks forward to building on our success, overcoming challenges, and
finding win-win solutions to difficult decisions. With continued focus on our students, and
continuous school improvement, we are confident of our DCS Montessori Community’s
I look forward to working with our parents, teachers, staff and
students in the year to come to keep our success and standard of
excellence a big part of what DCS Montessori, and Montessori
education, stands for. As always, thanks for supporting DCS
Montessori and have a great rest of the summer.
Listen, Work Hard, Reflect, Educate, and Celebrate
Jeromy Johnson, DCS Montessori, Head of School
Staff Changes
Changes to staff…
Ms. Lara Blanchard will now be a Lower Elementary Lead Teacher
Mr. Paul Brannberg will also be a Lower Elementary Lead Teacher
Ms. Erika Tinker will be working at our Middle School as a teacher and counselor.
Ms. Kristina Baxter is changing titles and will be our “Administrative Dean” taking
over administrative and reading duties in the Middle School in the afternoons, while
maintaining support in Reading and Assessment in the Elementary school each morning.
Ms. Debbie Miller will be an Educational Assistant with Ms. Julia
Mr. Troy Legaard will be an Educational Assistant with Ms. Lynn
Ms. Martha Sill will be an Educational Assistant with Mr. Paul
Please join us in welcoming the following New Staff…
Becca Schrank, Health Assistant / CCD
Suzi Hackett, School Psychologist
Tamara Hale, Educational Assistant in Ms. Lili’s Class
Shannon Kittle, Educational Assistant in Ms. Lara’s
Diana Visser, Educational Assistant with Ms. Ryoko
Rachel Bonin, Assistant to our Business Manager
Chandra Ullom, Library Assistant
Lisa Rustad & Kathy Hadeen, Early Childhood Teachers
School Picture Day is Monday, September 8th
We will send details in August. All students will be
photographed on this day.
Make up day is October 24th
Open House—for all students with new teachers
Wednesday, August 13th
On Wednesday, August 13th, we will hold our Open House.
This is a chance for new students to visit their classroom
and meet their teachers. This event can be important to
help relieve those new school / new teacher jitters—
especially for new students to our school. All students with
new teacher assignments are welcome to come to the Open
House. Check our website for specific times for this event.
Arrival and dismissal process
Please be patient during the first weeks of school—our parking lot will be...well, basically a parking lot! Each year it takes about 3 weeks for everyone to learn the process, join carpools, and
move quickly through the line of cars. We promise! Look in your mailbox next week, we are mailing you important documents that you will need for dropping off and picking up your children
along with instructions on our procedure.
Again, please read the information being mailed to you for details.
When in our parking lot, please do not park in front of the school unless you are disabled. Please
help us maintain our Americans with Disabilities Act compliance by keeping the handicapped
spaces in front of our school completely open for our disabled community. There is also one reserved parking space which was auctioned off to all our families in the Spring. This year, the
Hanik Family was the winning bidder and we ask that all our families respect that they donated a
great deal of money for the convenience of having this space.
Access Campus Portal from your Smartphone
A native Campus Portal app is available for both Android and iOS (Apple) devices. Simply search
the app store on your smart phone for Infinite Campus. Please review the details to determine if
your device meets the app requirements. Also note, we are unable to assist with troubleshooting
application issues on your device. When troubleshooting, please ensure your user name and
password work on a traditional computer.
Our District Code is QKKYJL
School Lunch Program
Our Preschoolers—8th graders are eligible to purchase school lunches. Here’s
how you start. Students have an “account” for school lunches. Parents write a
check or pay online to add funds in that account. Then as your child purchases
lunch at school, funds are withdrawn from their account. You will be notified
when the account is low.
Students can choose whether they want to purchase a school lunch on a daily basis—they will let their teachers know each morning. When packing a lunch for
your child please keep in mind that we cannot refrigerate nor heat their lunches.
Visit and click “Parents” at the top of the page, then
“Lunch Info” for more information!
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Applying for Siblings
Do you have other children you’d like to enroll at our school? Please remember, every new
student must apply via our Lottery process. Applications for the 2015-2016 school year will
soon be available online and at our school. Sibling priority will be given to siblings of current
DCS Montessori Charter School students who enter the lottery.
A new application is required each year until your child is accepted at our school, as we do not
“roll over” our lottery lists. Students already enrolled at our school do not need to reapply via
the lottery, they will simply re-enroll in December/January.
Elementary Tardy Policy—Updated
Simply put, school starts at 8:30. Our staff is outside to help with the drop off process,
but must return to the building at 8:30 to begin working with students.
Students are late after 8:30 and will be marked tardy at 8:30. Parents must sign tardy students in at the school office. NEW: Elementary students who are tardy will
miss 5 minutes of recess that day.
Preschool parents must always either drop their children off before 8:30am
during the arrival process, or sign them in at the office after 8:30am.
Habitual Tardiness, more than 10 tardies in a school year, may result in
disciplinary action, as this provides a consistent interruption to our classroom environments, limiting our ability to be successful with all of our students.
Checking a student out before the end of school is an “Early Dismissal” this
will be treated as an unexcused Tardy, and NEW—Elementary students will miss 5 minutes
of recess the following day.
For our entire Tardy Policy please read our Parent Handbook which you can download from our
website under “Parents”.
Observing your child’s classroom
Obviously, as parents, you have the right to observe in your child’s classroom by appointment or
unannounced at any time. School policy asks that you refrain from observing during the first six
weeks of school. Individual children and classroom communities are in the process of orientation
and adaptation during this time.
Start Dates for Students
Pre-3 (three year-old) students will begin on Monday, August 18th.
Pre-4 (four year-old) students will begin on Tuesday, August 19th.
Students who are in Kindergarten and higher grades (K through 8) will
begin on Thursday, August 14th.
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Add us to your Contacts
DCSM Attendance Line—
DCSM Weather—
DCSM Teacher— Add your teacher voicemail phone number too! You can find those on
our website under “Our People.” Then just go to the appropriate grade level and find your
teacher. Their email address links are there as well along with a short biography for you to
First days of school information for parents
You are welcome to walk your children to class on their first days of school without signing in as a
visitor. So that your child may participate with their class, please leave promptly. After your
child’s first day of school, please drop your child off in the appropriate arrival area in front of the
After August 25th ALL VISITORS to our school, including parents,
must sign in at the Front Office.
PARKING: We do not always have adequate parking here for all our visitors – we ask that
you park at nearby businesses and use crosswalks when crossing the street.
Medication Policy
No medication, including over-the-counter and homeopathic medication, can
be administered without a school medication form completed and signed by
both the parent and the doctor. All medications must be in their original containers. Preschool and Elementary aged children are not allowed to carry overthe-counter medication or prescribed medication with them. Never send
medicine and/or vitamins to school in your child's backpack.
Middle School students can carry one day’s worth of medication; however, WE
MUST HAVE a form on file for them to do this. Again, the paperwork you need
can be found on our website (see information below).
Medication Forms can be found on our website under Parents >> Health Forms. Pleaseontact our
Health Assistant, Becca Schrank, at [email protected] with your questions.
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Online Check-in—Required for each student
Each year parents complete their annual registration forms online. We will send you
an email in mid July letting you know how to do
this for your children. Our Online Check-in process will begin on July 22nd and end on August
As part of this process you will:
Verify your contact information
Input your child’s health history
Complete District required enrollment forms
For Preschool, Kindergarten and Child Care students, you’ll print off and complete a
form required for your child’s enrollment.
Order Yearbooks
Purchase Security Key Cards
Sign up to Volunteer
And more!
What to bring the first day of school...
Primary Students: The following are the only supplies we ask you to provide:
A backpack for your child to bring to and from school every day. This backpack should be
labeled clearly with the child’s name and should be light enough for them to carry. Also,
please do not purchase a “rolling” back pack. Children should carry their backpacks to and
from school every day.
A change of clothes (pants, shirt, underwear, and socks) labeled with your child’s name.
Please put these clothes in a ziplock bag that is clearly marked with the child’s name.
These clothes should be updated as the season requires. If your child will also be in Extended Care (preschool child care from 11:30-3:20) please bring an extra set of clothing.
(feel free to bring these to the Open House).
Two small (wallet sized up to a 3”x5”) current, recognizable photos of your child.
Elementary & Middle School Students:
In order to save you time and the headache of shopping, our Class Fees now cover student school
supplies. This also allows our teachers to purchase exactly the items they need as they are needed. Therefore; your elementary and Middle School student will simply bring a backpack to school.
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