Let`s help St. Michael`s Mission, 137 President Kennedy Ave

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Let’s help St. Michael’s Mission, 137 President Kennedy Ave.,
Montreal, Quebec.
The Mission serves the poor and homeless in Montreal’s urban core. In
particular, the Mission serves young unemployed men & women, expsychiatric patients, alcoholics, drug addicts, and ex-convicts.
We will place a box in Montreal , Dorval and Quebec office to
collect donations such as:
Canned foods (preference is the type with the pull tab to open as
street people don’t usually have an opener)
Personal items for men and women (such as deodorant,
tampons, shampoo, soap, shavers)
Reading glasses (from Dollarama, they keep them at the mission
for the people to borrow while reading the newspaper or books.
They need prescriptions of .275 up to .325)
Collections for the donations from March 1 to March 10
We will bring all items collected on March 11th 2016
St-Michael`s Mission web site :http://www.redroof.ca/?page_id=53
Thank you for your support

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