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 For Immediate Release Media Contact: Kelly Freeman 212­518­6912 / [email protected] **Texas Contemporary’s Fifth Edition Sees Strong Sales and Significant New Programming & Partnerships** October 1 ­ 4, 2015 George R. Brown Convention Center Houston ­ October 10, 2015 ­ Texas Contemporary's extraordinary fifth edition welcomed over 13,500 visitors to the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston's downtown district from October 1 ­ 4. Sixty galleries from around the world and an exciting program of talks, tours, installations, and parties electrified Houston's art community. The public came out in droves to celebrate Houston's long history of artistic patronage, acquiring significant works of all mediums for important corporate, private, and public collections. Texas Contemporary Preview & VIP Program Over 3,500 people attended Texas Contemporary’s Opening Night Preview. The celebration launched the fair into a weekend buzzing with exhibitions, panels, talks, tours, and conversations with sixty top modern and contemporary art galleries from around the world. Honorary Chairs John and Becca Cason Thrash welcomed a sophisticated crowd of Houston collectors, patrons, curators, advisors, and museum directors, and Texas Contemporary Sponsor J.P. Morgan Private Bank's top clients kicked off the evening with a champagne toast led by the curator of the bank's esteemed private collection. The Preview was a platform for meaningful acquisition. Gallerists mingled with an engaged audience and placed work in important collections. The exciting VIP access continued through the weekend with tours of the esteemed private collections of Barbara and Michael Gamson, Bridget and Patrick Wade, Noble Energy, Brad and Leslie Bucher, and Fayez Sarofim. Important Acquisitions Strong sales continued throughout the weekend. Galleries from the fair’s focus section, The Other Mexico , were very well received by Texan collectors. Galeria Enrique Guerrero placed their breathtaking, and extremely popular, floorboard installation by Miguel Angel Madrigal in the fair’s opening moments. MARSO, Casa Maauad, and Yautepec also saw significant sales through the fair’s three public days. Octavia Art Gallery placed work by Jed Foronda, Charlie James Gallery sold work by Ramiro Gomez and Richard Ankrom, Etherton Gallery sold work by Joel­Peter Witkin, and Other Criteria placed work by Damien Hirst. Moody Gallery placed work by Lisa Ludwig, Gael Stack, and Helen Altman. Morgan Lehman Gallery sold work by Katia Santiba ñe
z and Kysa Johnson, Cynthia Corbett Gallery sold work by Andy Burgess, Jonathan Ferrara Gallery placed work by Skylar Fein and Bonnie Maygarden, DECORAZONgallery sold sculpture by David E. Peterson, and Galerie Nicolas Robert placed ink on mylar by Jim Verburg. Adelson Galleries sold sculpture by Federico Uribe, The Hole sold work by Holton Rower and Ryan Michael Ford to Houston­based collectors, Charles Hartman placed several works from Corey Arnold’s photographic series, and RandallScottProjects sold several photographs by Julia Fullerton­Batten. Revision Space, SPONDER GALLERY, Denise Bibro Fine Art, Barry Whistler Gallery, Alida Anderson Art Projects, and AUREUS CONTEMPORARY all saw important sales to new and existing collectors. The Other Mexico Texas Contemporary's fifth edition marked the launch of The Other Mexico , a special presentation of Mexico City­based galleries built in partnership with The Mexican Consulate in Houston's Department of Cultural Affairs. The innovative and well­received program highlighted Mexico City's ground breaking arts scene, one that reflects its city's constantly churning internal dialogue. Houston and Mexico City have long been connected. The
roots of Texas patronage span across the state's southern border into the heart of the booming city. Curated by Mexico City based independent curator Leslie Moody Castro in partnership with Bill Arning, Director of the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston (CAMH), the presentation featured seven galleries and project spaces including Yautepec, Anonymous Gallery, Galería Enrique Guerrero, Parque Galería, Diagrama, MARSO, and Casa Maauad, reflecting Mexico City's rapid materialization as an incredibly unique focal point of the global art forum. Public Projects Special artwork installations activated Texas Contemporary's public spaces. Portland's Upfor presented a portion of artist Rodrigo Valenzuela's Prole series of painted flags, recently exhibited at CUAC, Salt Lake City. Exploring the historical iconography of labor unions, the flags form a departure point for paintings and photographic images that reflect on the dying spirit of the labor union as a force in society. Houston's Barbara Davis Gallery and artist Jay Shinn featured the light projection painting The Silent Exchange . The three­part image of choreographed color constantly changes within a three­minute loop. The transformation of materials is evident in the large­scale neon work, which references early European and modern day architecture. Gallery Sonja Roesch presented steel sculpture by Aldo Chaparro, a sculptor best known for expanding the boundaries between art and other disciplines such as music, industrial design, editing and writing. Through the use of different materials, Chaparro remixes and edits references from the media world pushing aside the notions of past and future to offer a present where simultaneousness co­exists. Montréal's Art Mûr and artist Brandon Vickerd presented Sputnik Returned . Consisting of a replica of the first manmade satellite to orbit the earth, Sputnik Returned , installed as if it has fallen from its orbit and crashed back to earth, presents a metaphor for the failed promises of a future predicated on scientific advancement. The stainless steel orb, resting lifeless in a crater, recalls a modern day Icarus, whose faith in technology led to hubris and imminent demise as he fell back to earth. Market Works Texas Contemporary was proud to present the fifth edition of the fair’s charity art auction, MarketWorks. This year’s online auction incorporated the fair’s focus section The Other Mexico to further new relationships with Mexico City based galleries and cultural organizations. The artwork was donated from the fair's participating Mexico City exhibitors: Casa Maauad, Yautapec Galeria, and Anonymous Gallery. Sales benefited three Mexico City based non­profits SOMA, Cenyeliztli, and Aeromoto and raised over $2,000. 2015 Exhibitors ●
ACA Galleries New York ●
Adelson Galleries New York ●
Alida Anderson Art Projects Washington DC ●
Anonymous Gallery Mexico City ●
Art Mûr Montréal ●
Art Palace Houston ●
Barbara Davis Gallery Houston ●
Barry Whistler Gallery Dallas ●
Cardoza Fine Art Houston ●
Casa Maauad Mexico City ●
Charles A. Hartman Fine Art Portland ●
Charlie James Gallery Los Angeles ●
Cynthia Corbett Gallery London ●
David Shelton Gallery Houston ●
DECORAZONgallery London | Dallas ●
Denise Bibro Fine Art New York ●
Devin Borden Gallery Houston ●
Diagrama Mexico City ●
Duane Reed Gallery St. Louis ●
Edward Cella Art + Architecture Los Angeles ●
Etherton Gallery Tucson ●
Evan Lurie Gallery Carmel ●
FMLY New York ●
FotoFest & Houston Center for Photography Houston ●
Galeria Enrique Guerrero Mexico City ●
Galerie Nicolas Robert Montréal ●
Gallery Sam Oakland ●
Gallery Sonja Roesch Houston ●
The Hole New York ●
Inman Gallery Houston ●
Joseph Gross Gallery New York ●
Kathryn Markel Fine Arts New York ●
Kopeikin Gallery Los Angeles ●
MARSO Mexico City ●
Mindy Solomon Gallery Miami ●
Moody Gallery Houston ●
Morgan Lehman Gallery New York ●
Octavia Art Gallery Houston ●
Other Criteria New York | London ●
Pan American Art Projects Miami ●
Parque Galeria Mexico City ●
RandallScottProjects Baltimore ●
Revision Space Pittsburgh ●
Rice University Art Gallery Houston ●
Ro2 Art Dallas ●
Samara Gallery Houston ●
steven harvey fine art projects NYC ●
TAI Modern Santa Fe ●
UNIX Gallery New York | Houston ●
Upfor Portland ●
wall space gallery Santa Barbara ●
Winston Wächter Fine Art New York ●
Yautepec Mexico City ●
Yvonamor Palix Fine Arts Houston ●
ZK Gallery San Francisco ABOUT ART MARKET PRODUCTIONS Art Market Productions is a Brooklyn­based production firm owned and operated by Max Fishko and Jeffrey Wainhause. Working in concert with a talented and passionate network of dealers, curators, and arts professionals, Art Market Productions is proud to present forward thinking, progressive, and successful events across the country. For more information about Texas Contemporary and Art Market Productions, please visit www.txcontemporary.com For images, or press passes please contact: Kelly Freeman | [email protected] | 212.518.6912 

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