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We the board of directors Najm Petro Oil are as seller agent company, hereby issue our soft corporate
offer/procedure with given terms and condition and confirm our readiness to execute a full corporate
offer and there after a sales and purchase agreement with the end-buyer, for the following product
Commodity: MAZUT M100 GOST 10585-75
Total Quantity: 50,000 METRIC TONS
Price: GROSS $520/ NET $510 CIF
Delivery: ASWP
Payment Term: Upon arrival of the cargo at the discharge port, payment will be made for the
product by the buyer
via T/T Wire transfer / MT103. after CIQ/SGS Inspection at discharge port.
Quality: Q&Q test report will be conducted at the loading port by SGS or Equivalent at the
expense of Seller.
Products Origin: Russia Federation.
Buyer issues ICPO with full banking coordinates and Company Profile,copy of passport of
buyer address it like below:
Attn & Via: Sorena Najmabadi(Najm Petro Oil CEO)
2. Seller issues the Draft contract for all parties review and endorsement.
3. Upon signing the of contract, the refinery pays for legalization and registration of the contract
with the various Government
Ministries here in Russia Federation.
4. Seller Mandate Pays for title change, for the deal to carry the new buyer information.
5. Seller issues the Scanned copy of the Legalized and Registered hardcopies SPA alongside the
Partial Proof Of Product and
Shipping documents as listed below via email and also via courier:
A. Statement of Product Availability.
B. Commitment To Supply.
C. Certificate Of Origin.
D. Company License to Export.
E. Legalizes and registered contract.
F. Product Passport (DipTest Result)
G. Tank Receipts
H. Bill Of Lading
I. Vessel's Q88
6. Upon receive of the above documents by the buyer, buyers pays 50% of the total Vessel
Charter Fees via T/T Wire transfer
directly into the shipping company's account or directly into our refinery's account depending on
which is more comfortable
to the buyer.
7. Upon receipt of the above payment, the sellers bank will swift the 2% PB alongside the SGS
Report and remaining POP
documents to the buyers bank while shipment commences as scheduled+++
8. Upon arrival of the cargo at the discharge port, payment will be made for the product by the
buyer via T/T Wire transfer after CIQ/SGS Inspection at discharge port.
Sorena Najmabady

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