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New Student Orientation
Newsletter for the Class of 2019
n August 21st, 2015, you will begin your Elon experience with the help of over 100 Orientation Leaders (OLs)!
Orientation Leaders are returning students who will facilitate your Orientation sessions, answer questions, get you
acclimated to life at Elon and even help you carry your belongings to your room on Move-In Day. Orientation sessions
provide you with an opportunity to learn about the academic and social aspects of campus life, as well as any other information or advice that you may need during your first year on campus. You will get a chance to meet your peers, participate
in nightly activities, and much more! Please look through this newsletter for additional information that will help enhance
your transition. Get excited and ready for Orientation 2015!
Message from the
director OF
New Student & transition Programs
s a proud Elon alum, I know that next four years at Elon will provide some of the most enjoyable and exciting times of your life, and
we strive to make them some of the most valuable as well. As a member
of the Elon community, you will quickly become a part of many traditions
and strengthen our community here at Elon. You will create new friendships, define values, discover your passions and accomplish many
academic and personal goals, all the while creating memories that will last
a lifetime.
During Orientation, we have many activities planned for you. Attendance
is required at all scheduled events Friday, August 21st through Monday,
August 24th. Your active participation throughout these events will
greatly enhance your experience during your first few days on campus.
Upon completion of Orientation, you will face several opportunities and
challenges. As you set your course for Elon and the world beyond, strive
to clearly identify your goals and manage your time. Elon stands ready to
aid you in your pursuit of becoming a college graduate and a responsible
community leader.
2990 Campus Box
Elon, NC 27244
Monday - Friday
8:00am - 5:00pm
(336) 278 - 7777
[email protected]
Follow us on Twitter @ElonOrientation
or on Facebook at Elon Orientation
Let us know!
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A detailed schedule of Orientation will be given to you upon check-in at
your residential neighborhood The materials in this newsletter and mailing will provide you with many details in preparation for Elon. Please do
not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. Enjoy the rest of
your summer and get ready for an outstanding fall!
Katie H. Burr ‘07
Director of New Student &
Transition Programs
Move-In Day Schedule & To-Do List
Convocation, Honor Code, Class of 2019
Frequently Asked Questions, Helpful Contacts
For more information for enrolled students,
visit Admissions’ website:
New student orientation 2015
“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe."
~ Anatole France
Where you bELONg!
Elon university
Orientation Day 1:
This schedule is for Friday, August 21st only.
Details are subject to change. Please refer to the schedule
you receive at Check-In for the full Orientation schedule
and complete details.
8:00am - 2:00pm
Residential Neighborhood & Orientation
Note: Please refer to the information on the right concerning
Move-In Day arrival times and other pertinent information.
8:00am - 6:00pm
Orientation Hospitality Center
8:00am - 5:00pm
Campus Offices Open
8:30am - 4:00pm
R.N. Ellington Center for
Health and Wellness Open
8:00am - 5:00pm
Get your Phoenix Card made and
make deposits to your account
8:30am - 7:00pm
Barnes & Noble @ Elon open
11:00am -1:30pm
Lunch: Meal plan begins at 4 p.m.
2:00pm - 3:00pm
Cars & Campus Safety Session
3:00pm - 4:00pm
Cars & Campus Safety Session
4:00pm- 5:00pm
NSO 100: Intro to Elon University
Dinner: On-campus Dining Halls or offcampus locations
7:00pm - 7:20pm
We bELONg: Commitment to
7:20pm - 8:20pm
Neighborhood Welcome
8:30pm - 9:30pm
Welcome Home: Residence Life Session
(Hall & Floor Meetings)
9:30 - 11:00pm
“First Night Elon!”
Opening Night Activities
Orientation Weekend To-Do List:
 Get your Phoenix Card made and make deposits to your
Phoenix Cash in Oaks Commons.
 Meet local bank representatives and open a personal account in Moseley Center (Friday Only).
 If you are bringing a car to campus, be sure to attend one
of the Cars & Campus Safety sessions scheduled throughout the weekend.
 If you pre-ordered a bELONg T-shirt, you can pick it up
Friday or Saturday in the Orientation Hospitality Center
(Oak Room, Moseley Center). You may still purchase a
bELONg shirt at your move-in areas.
 Buy or rent your textbooks from Barnes & Noble @ Elon
University! You may order them on-line before you arrive to campus at http://elon.bncollege.com and pick
them up during Orientation Weekend.
Move-In Day
Arrival Times:
In order to alleviate traffic congestion, we ask you to arrive at the
appropriate time provided below.
If you live on the third or fourth floor of your building:
Check-in begins at 8:00am in your Residential Neighborhood.
Please, do NOT arrive EARLIER.
If you live on the second floor of your building:
Check-in begins at 9:30am in your Residential Neighborhood.
Please, do NOT arrive EARLIER.
If you live on the first floor of your building:
Check-in begins at 11:00am in your Residential Neighborhood.
Please, do NOT arrive EARLIER.
Arrival Process:
Please check in at your Residential Neighborhood during the appropriate time. New Student Orientation and Residence Life staff will
be working together to assist and provide you with necessary information. You will receive a complete schedule and your own Orientation Handbook. Your handbook includes the academic schedule
and other helpful Orientation information.
Once you are settled, visit the Moseley Student Center to stop by the
Orientation Hospitality Suite, talk with local bank representatives,
and pick up your pre-ordered bELONg t-shirt.
For a smooth Move-In Day, Orientation & Residence Life have
designated five Residential Neighborhoods. Please use the information below to locate your Residence Hall and find your Neighborhood. This will be helpful with directions and following signs to
your Neighborhood on Move-In Day. Note that directions for MoveIn Day are specific to each area in order to reduce traffic congestion
as we welcome over 1500 students to campus. Directions have been
sent to parents; they can also be found on the Orientation website.
Danieley Neighborhood:
Danieley G - N
The Colonnades Neighborhood:
Story, Moffitt, Kivette, Staley, Harper
Historic Neighborhood-East:
Carolina, Smith, Hook, Brannock, Barney,
Isabella Cannon International Studies Pavilion, &
William R. Kenan Jr. Honors Pavilion
Historic Neighborhood-West:
West, Virginia, Sloan
The Global Neighborhood:
Houses A, B, C, D, & E
Floor plans & dimensions can be seen at www.elon.edu/residencelife
New student orientation 2015
Elon university
New Student
New Student Convocation, held Under the
Oaks (front lawn of West Residence Hall) on
Saturday, August 22nd, is your first function
as a college student. Please be seated by
8:40am as the ceremony will begin at
8:50am. As one of the greatest traditions at
Elon, it is a time in which students, parents
and faculty are introduced to each other as an
entire community.
Honor Code
As a member of the Elon Community you are expected to
uphold the ideals of Elon University and be familiar with
Elon’s core values as outlined in the Honor Code.
Every member of Elon University has the right to live and
learn in an atmosphere of trust and support. Responsibility
for maintaining these values in our community rests with
each individual member. Values that promote this
atmosphere include:
You can look forward to hearing an address
from President Leo Lambert (right) and the
Student Government Association President Avery Steadman.
Additionally, each student will receive an acorn, symbolic of
Elon’s history and your beginning as an Elon Student.
Due to the importance of this tradition, proper dress is
emphasized for all in attendance. Attire is dressy-casual.
Class of 2019
Top States Most Represented:
North Carolina
New Jersey
New York
Be truthful in your academic work and relationships.
Be trustworthy, fair and ethical.
Be accountable for your actions and learning.
Be civil. Value the dignity of each person. Honor the
physical and intellectual property of others.
N e e d B o o ks ?
In order to find out what books you will need for the fall visit
https://www.ontrack.elon.edu and login under OnTrack for
Students, using your username and password. Once you are
logged in, click on My Class Schedule (under the Academic
Profile section), select Fall 2015 from the drop-down menu and
click on the View or Buy Textbooks button.
This will provide you with a complete list of books your professors
would like you to have for your courses. Students have the
opportunity to rent or buy textbooks through Barnes and Noble @
Average SAT:
Barnes and Noble @ Elon is located in the Elon Town Center at
130 N. Williamson Ave. and is open Monday -Thursday 8:30am 7:00pm, Friday 8:30 am - 5:00pm, & Saturday 11:00am - 3:00pm.
The bookstore will be closed on Sundays. Order your books online
and pick them up during Orientation Weekend! You can contact
them at (336) 278-5400 or friend them on Facebook at
Average GPA:
Projected Class Total: 1497
Support our Division I Colonial Athletic Association Teams!
Listed below is the first home football game!
Phoenix Football
Sept. 19th (time TBD) vs. North Carolina A&T
Visit www.elonphoenix.com to view full schedules for all of
our Division I athletic teams!
The Student Government Association provides an interest-free
$200 loan to any full-time student. Please visit the SGA Office in
Moseley 213 in the fall for more details. Feel free to contact SGA
for more information at [email protected]
Common Reading
Why We Can’t Wait
By Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
(Signet Classics Version)
Remember to complete the
reading before classes begin!
New student orientation 2015
Elon university
New At Elon
Inman Admissions Welcome Center
The new, 32,000 square foot Inman Admissions Welcome
Center, located adjacent to the Moseley Center, brings new
life to Elon’s admissions and campus visit operations. Housing
both the offices of Admissions and Financial Planning, the two
story building serves as the starting point for campus tours
with a spacious lobby, presentation theater, and staff offices.
Danieley Commons Expansion and the Danieley Recreation Center
Opening in the fall of 2015, a multipurpose recreation facility
will be built between University Drive and the residence halls.
The building will feature a gymnasium and a fitness center. A
4,000-square-foot extension will be added to Daniel Commons. Einstein Bros. Bagels will join Qdoba in the Commons.
Expansion to the School of Communications
Construction will begin the summer of 2015 on the new facilities at the School of Communications. The new building will
connect to the existing Communications building with a Communications Commons atrium. The existing television studios
will be opened at ground level to provide sidewalk views into
the production space. The building will frame the historic area
of campus known as Under the Oaks.
Helpful contacts
Academic Support & Advising
Barnes and Noble @ Elon
Belk Library Information Desk
Campus Safety and Police
Campus Recreation
Center for Service Learning
Computer Services/Technology Help
Center for Race, Ethnicity, & Diversity
Financial Planning
Fraternity & Sorority Life
Health Center
New Student & Transition Programs
Phoenix Card Office
Residence Life
(336) 278-6500
(336) 278-3566
(336) 278-5400
(336) 278-6600
(336) 278-5300
(336) 278-5555
(336) 278-7529
(336) 278-7250
(336) 278-5200
(336) 278-7243
(336) 278-7640
(336) 278-7326
(336) 278-7230
(336) 278-7000
(336) 278-5436
(336) 278-6677
(336) 278-7300
F r e q u e n t ly a s k e d q u e s t i o n s
Q: How much “spending money” will I need per month?
A: Everyone is different. Some students survive with $75 per month and
others spend $400. It is important to think about how much you typically spend at home. Factors include whether or not you have a car, if you
decide to eat off campus, go to the movies or choose to do other activities that require additional money.
Q: What can I do if I do not get along with my roommate?
A: Having a roommate is a significant part of the college experience!
Every neighborhood has a Resident Assistant (RA) living on each hall
to help assist you in your new home. They will be available to speak
with you throughout the year if you ever have any questions or concerns.
Q: Where can I find employment at Elon?
Q: Do I need to have my own computer?
A: Jobs are available campus-wide. Find job opportunities on E-Net and A: Not necessarily. There are computer labs in every academic building
online: www.elon.edu/e-web/students/employment.xhtml
and in every residential neighborhood on campus that offer both Macs
and PCs. If you wish to bring your own computer, visit https://
wiki.elon.edu/display/TECH/Purchasing+a+Computer for helpful inforQ: When can I start taking an active role on campus?
A: The Organization Fair is Friday, September 4th and is a great time to mation!
discover organizations that are right for you. Visit http://www.elon.edu/
e-web/students/activities to find out more about campus involvement or Q: What is Elon 101?
stop by the Center for Leadership, located between the Moseley Student A: Elon 101 is a one credit-hour seminar course that integrates
Center and the Loy Center. First-year elections for the Student Govern- academic advising with other academic orientation elements. Over
ment Association will take place the beginning of September. Contact 98% of incoming students complete Elon 101 as part of their firstSGA at [email protected] for more information and view the Elections semester coursework. Your Elon 101 group is the same as your
Packet online at www.elon.edu/sga. If you are interested in Fraternity Orientation group, whom you will meet prior to classes starting.
and Sorority Life, Elon has a deferred recruitment process which occurs
after your first semester; visit www.elon.edu/greeklife for more infor- Q: What are College Coffee & Numen Lumen?
A: Elon has many traditions that you will soon be a part of, and
College Coffee & Numen Lumen are just two of them. College
Q: How does the Phoenix Card work?
Coffee (Tuesdays from 9:40am-10:20am) allows Elon faculty, staff and
A: The Phoenix Card serves as your student identification card, meal students to meet at Phi Beta Kappa Commons and enjoy a
plan card, Phoenix Cash, and also as an optional link to a complimentary breakfast. Numen Lumen (Thursdays from 9:50amWells Fargo bank account. Your meal plan and meal dollars can be used 10:20am) is held in the Numen Lumen Pavilion and is a weekly
at any of the on-campus food service venues. Phoenix Cash works like a reflective service open to the entire Elon community.
debit card and is not part of the meal plan, but it can be used at the onand off-campus venues that participate in the Phoenix Cash program. Q: Can I still take my World Language Placement exam?
Your Phoenix Card will also allow you to get free tickets to both cultur- A: Yes! The test will be available from August 25th to October 1st in
al and athletic events on-campus! For more information please visit the Language Media Center (Carlton 221). If you have any questions,
please contact the Department of World Languages and Cultures at
[email protected]
New student orientation 2015

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