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Mike Hall (basketball)
Mike Hall (basketball)

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Jane Frances de Chantal
Jane Frances de Chantal

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Dan Jones (Mormon)
Dan Jones (Mormon)

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Parish Staff, Ministry Directory, and Contact Information
Parish Staff & Mailing Address
Parish Mailing Address
420 Holland Street, Shillington, PA 19607
Rev. Richard Clement: 610.777.1365
Rev. Gene Ritz: 610.777.1365
Deacon F. Joseph Lombardo: 610.777.1697
Principal of La Salle Academy
Mr. Stephen Mickulik: 610.777.7392
Parish Secretary
Bernadette Yohn: 610.777.1697
Parish Communications Coordinator
Sarah Capato: 610.850.4978
Director of Religious Education
Bernadette Yohn: 610.777.1697
For Bulletin / Website Inquiries or Announcements
Contact: Sarah Capato at 610.850.4978
Outreach & Parish Ministries
Culture of Life
Contact: Bob Peters at 610.775.8965
Bereavement Ministry
Contact: Roseann Kumor at 610.775.7431
Justice in Action Ministry
Contact: Arlene Seeber at 484.794.8027
Breaking Bread Social Committee
Contact: Lois Lombardo at 610.777.2542
Prayer Shawl Ministry
Contact: Joan Yanuskiewicz at 610.777.4646
Nursing Home Visitors for Rosary & Mass
Contact: Billie & Mike Resch at 610.775.3927
Food Pantry / Emergency Meals
Contact: Lois Carrier at 610.777.6947
Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities
Contact: Kathleen Roche at 610.777.4792
Parish Nurse Ministry
Contact: Sharon Shingler at 610.775.9998
Prime Timers
Contact: Larry Shepherd at 610.777.8337
Boy Scouts
Contact: Dan Giesen at 610.777.4387
Girl Scouts
Contact: Britt Kobularcik at 484.256.1782
Daisy: Grade K-1, Brownies: Grade 2/3, Juniors: Grade 4/5
Cub Scouts
Contact: Mitzi Ziolkowski at 610.856.0708
Knights of Columbus
Contact: Mike Hall at 804.212.7261
Altar Society
Contact: Carol Bensing at 610.777.9360
Men’s Recreational Basketball Club
Contact: Russ Baver at 610.507.0627
CYO (Christian Youth Organization)
Contact: Rock Witmer at 610.775.2176
Parish Gardeners
Contact: Chris Hofmann at 610.777.2523
Eucharistic Adoration
First Fridays of each month from 8:30AM-12:00PM
Altar Servers
Students from Grade 4 to Seniors in High School
Contact: Parish Office at 610.777.1697
Adult Funeral Servers
Contact: Parish Office at 610.777.1697
Children’s Liturgy of the Word:
Sunday’s at 10:30AM Mass, between September and May
Contact: Parish Office at 610.777.1697
Eucharistic Ministers
Contact: Lorna Pfeiffenberger at 610.777.4822
Contact: Deacon Joe Lombardo at 610.777.2542
Ministers of Hospitality
Contact: Deacon Joe Lombardo at 610.777.2542
Liturgical Music
Contact: Seth Jacoby at 570-449-4688
Contact: Seth Jacoby at 570-449-4688
Baptismal Prep
Contact: Parish Office at 610.777.1697
Baptismal Bibs
Contact: Parish Office at 610.777.1697
Contact: Elaine Strick at 610.856.7264
Youth Group
Contact: Monica Hess at 484.388.9553
Spiritual Growth
RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults)
Contact: Parish Office at 610.777.1697
Adult Education (Seasonal)
Contact: Parish Office at 610.777.1697
Spiritual Direction
Contact: Arlene Seeber at 484.794.8027
Faith Sharing for Women
Contact: Arlene Seeber at 484.794.8027
Parish Prayer Line
Contact: Judy Peters at 610.775.8965
Charismatic Prayer Group
Contact: Amelia “Midge” Biancone at 610.777.2215
Comprehensive Catholic Education
La Salle Academy: Preschool, Pre Kindergarten, K-8th Grade
Mr. Stephen Mickulik, Principal: 610.777.7392
Berks Catholic High School: 9th-12th Grade
Mr. Tony Balistrere, Principal: 610.374.8361
Parish Religious Education Program: 1st-8th Grade
Mrs. Bernadette Yohn, DRE: 610.777.1697
RCIA: Age 18+
Mrs. Bernadette Yohn, DRE: 610.777.1697
Scheduling Use of Parish Facilities
For those interested in using the Father Lyons room for a meeting
or special event, please contact the Parish Office at 610.777.1697
St. John's Baptist de la Salle
August 7th 2016
Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary
Mass Intentions for the Week
8:00 a.m.
7:00 p.m.
8:00 a.m.
7:00 p.m.
8:00 a.m.
AUG. 8 – St. Dominic
AUG. 9 – St. Teresa Benedicta of the
AUG. 10 – St. Lawrence
AUG. 11 – St. Clare
AUG. 12 – St. Jane Frances de Chantal
AUG. 13
4:00 p.m.
John Hricisak
AUG 14
8:30 a.m.
People of the Parish
10:30 a.m.
Clerv Artz
Upcoming Liturgical Ministers
SATURDAY, AUG. 13 - 4:00PM
Lector: Leslie Curran
Cantor: --Servers: Ben Mulholland, Luke Bennethum
EM: S/J.Baddick, C/G.Legezdh, K.Becker, L.Katzaman,
M.Melniczek, L.Asgari
SUNDAY, AUG 14 - 8:30AM
Lector: Al Candelaria
Cantor: --Servers: Brigham & Baylor Kobularcik
SUNDAY, AUG. 14 - 10:30AM
Lector: Lori Reilly
Cantor: --Servers: Jacob & Ben Makosch
EM: A.Krick, D.Berletic, J.Bradley, M.DePaul, S.Artz,
L.Lombardo, S/M.Dietrich
Away from home? Find a Mass
wherever you are at
Upcoming Events
Sunday, August 6
6:00 pm
Youth Group
Tuesday, August 9
7:30 pm
Charismatic Group Mtg.
Wednesday, August 10
8:30 am
Church Cleaning
Todays Readings
First Reading: Wisdom 18:6-9
In this excerpt, the Israelites are reminded that they
were warned before God sent an angel to slay the first
born of the Egyptians. God called on them to have
courage, and then rewarded them by punishing their
enemies and leading them from captivity.
Second Reading: Hebrews 11:1-2, 8-19
Faith is described as true belief even toward things we
cannot see. Abram's faith in God was so deep that he
wandered through a foreign land, convinced God's
promise of a homeland was sincere. God honored his
promise to give Abram many descendants, and was
proud of the deep faith Abram and his people
Gospel: Luke 12:32-48
Jesus encourages us to be prepared for his return at
all times, for he will come when we least expect him.
He tells of a master who entrusts his home to his
servants, and fully expects them to be awaiting his
return. In the same manner, Jesus can arrive at any
moment and expects us to be prepared for his return.
Weekly Stewardship
7/24 - $9,812.50
Altar Bread for Month of August: In loving
memory of: Pauline & Russell Calabria
(requested by Gloria & Nick Calabria)
Please direct all bulletin and website inquiries to the Parish Communications Coordinator,
Sarah Capato at 610.850.4978 or [email protected]
Bulletin submissions are due Thursday, ten days prior to the Sunday of publication.
Parish Happenings
It's a brand new year for the music program! Our ensembles are meeting, and we want you to consider
being part of our ministry.
Chancel Choir: Leading the congregation at approximately two masses per month, especially in the
learning of music. Our anthems will be in a mix of styles. Singers of any age are welcome. Everyone
who's interested, please come to the first organizational meeting and rehearsal, Wednesday, August 31st
at 6:15 PM in the sanctuary.
The Revelation Ensemble: A praise band and choir playing at approximately one mass per week.
Singers, guitarists, drummers etc. make up this lively group. Everyone who's interested, please attend the
first organizational meeting and rehearsal, Wednesday, August 31st at 7:15 PM in the sanctuary
(come at 7 if you have an instrument to set up).
Cantors: If you are interested in being a cantor, please call the church office or my cell at
Special music is always needed, and other ensembles may be added in the future...but
I need people, and you're the people! Thank you for considering being part of the
Seth Jacoby, music director
Food Pantry Update:
Thanks to all who remember the pantry with
weekly food donations. Your generosity and caring
are very much appreciated by the both the staff
and families served by the pantry.
With the start
of classes just a
month away, it
is already time
to start making
back to school
preparations! The pantry is once again asking for
your help through donations of school supplies to
be distributed to students within the
GMSD. Binders (preferably 3 or 4 inch), backpacks
(especially elementary girl and generic older teen),
folders, glue sticks, calculators, colored pencils,
crayons, etc. are needed to help get our
youngsters off to a good start. The pantry
currently has a large stock of pens, pencils and 1inch binders so please try to choose other items to
purchase. Donations may be left
at any church entrance from now through the end
of September. Monetary donations are also greatly
appreciated and may be placed in the collection
basket in an envelope marked "school supplies".
Please contact Lois Carrier at 610.777.6947 with
any questions or for information about
PARISHIONERS…Please take a moment to
read the back page of our bulletin and
please consider patronizing these
businesses. These ads pay for the
publication of our weekly bulletins.
Attention All CYO Coaches:Online registration for
the 2016-2017 CYO Coaches Clinics is now open.
The first clinic will be held on Saturday, August
27th at the Cathedral of St. Catharine of Siena,
Allentown. Future clinics will be held in October,
November and March. The cost for each clinic is
$25.00/person and coaches can register by visiting and clicking
on the selected date. NO WALK INS WILL BE
PERMITTED. If you have any questions regarding
registration, please contact Dan Jones at
[email protected]
Host families are needed for the 2016-2017
academic school year for international students
attending Berks Catholic High School. A tax-free
monthly reimbursement is provided. Call AnB
Education 267.263.2481 or email
[email protected]"
Justice in Action Ministry Meeting
JAM will hold its monthly meeting
on Monday, August 8 at 7:30 pm
at the home of Sue Goodwin (16
Alpine Drive, Mohnton,
610.777.5827). Come share your
thoughts on the upcoming United Nations
summit on migrants and refugees, and related
excerpts from the compendium of Catholic
Social Teaching. All interested parishioners
are most welcome to join in this discussion.
• August 15 - College Athletic Recruitment Info
Night 6-8pm/ Auditorium/ All Grade Levels
"Coach Said I'm in...." Well that's great...but
Coach doesn't make that decision. You wouldn't
ask the Director of Admissions if you were
guaranteed a starting spot - would you? (say
NO). Learn about the interconnected roles of
coaches and admission officers in the athletic
recruitment process so you can be informed and
more smoothly navigate the landscape of
college athletic recruitment.
• August 18 - College Essay Workshop Pt. 1.5 *
10am-12pm / Library Seniors Good writing takes
time and care. Don’t miss this opportunity RSVP
to [email protected] to see first hand
the difference a good essay can make and to
attend a brainstorming
or essay editing session with college admission
officers. * RSVP's are REQUIRED for Essay
Workshop. Seniors who attended the July
Workshop may return for editing or
brainstorming in the last hour of the August
Constructing Powerful, In-Depth College
6:30-8:30pm / Auditorium / All Grade Levels
Yes, everyone has to complete applications to be
admitted to college- BUT what makes a few
stand-apart from the thousands and tens of
thousands being reviewed? Join BC College
Counseling and a panel of college admission
officers for an informative evening discussing the
nuts & bolts of the process as well as the more
nuanced aspects of what makes a strong college
Please RSVP to [email protected]
Homeless Children of Reading Need Our Help
Donate Supplies to the Reading High Resource
Reading High has asked St. John’s parish to help
provide a year round resource room of provisions
to fill basic needs such as food, hygiene products,
clothing, and school supplies to children in the
school district who experience being homeless.
Justice in Action Ministry (JAM) has recently
learned that these children need portable usable
kitchen items that they can take with them for daily
needs. Throughout the months of July and
August you may leave donations in the designated
boxes located in the Father Lyons Room before or
after weekend Mass.
Items need not be new, but need to be clean and
Requested products include:
Small, single pots and pans to heat soups, etc.
Cooking utensils, can openers, etc.
Eating utensils (sets of silverware, some plastic)
Small containers of dishwashing liquid
Dish sponges
Tea towels
Disposable plastic plates and bowls
Ziploc (seal-able) bags) large and small
Laundry detergent (pods) so they can be given out
in Baggies
Towels and washcloths
Tote bags (not backpacks) that can be used to
carry these supplies.
The generosity of our parishioners to the request
for hygiene products in the spring was abundant.
Thank you in advance for your generous response
to this additional project.
Fall Prevention Workshop
The Parish Nurse Ministry, in coordination with the
Berks County Area Agency on Aging, is presenting
a workshop on FALL PREVENTION. The workshop
will evaluate your risk for falling, how falls can be
prevented, safety in your home, side effects of
medications, and many other issues that could
affect your chances of falling. The workshop is
approximately 4 hours in length. It will be held in
the Father Lyons Room on Wednesday October
19th starting at 9:30 AM. Bring your own bagged
lunch. Bottled water, coffee, tea and dessert will be
provided. Seating is limited. Please call Sharon
Shingler at 610.775.9998 to register.
Faithful Citizenship and
How to Contact Your Elected Officials
You can now find contact information (office address, phone number, website and
e-mail) of your federal, state, and local elected officials on our parish website. Go to
WWW.STJOHNSFAMILYOFFAITH.COM and click on Resources, then click on
Elected Officials Contacts. Now it is easier than ever to let your elected officials
know your thoughts on important issues.
Keep in mind that:
“As a nation, we share many blessings and strengths, including a tradition of
religious freedom and political participation. However, as a people, we face serious challenges that are
both political and moral. This has always been so and as Catholics we are called to participate in public
life in a manner consistent with the mission of our Lord, a mission that he has called us to share. As Pope
Francis teaches,
An authentic faith . . . always involves a deep desire to change the world, to transmit values, to leave this
earth somehow better than we found it. We love this magnificent planet on which God has put us, and
we love the human family, which dwells here, with all its tragedies and struggles, it hopes and
aspirations, its strengths and weaknesses. The earth is our common home and all of us are brothers and
sisters. If indeed "the just ordering of society and of the state is a central responsibility of politics," the
Church, "cannot and must not remain on the sidelines in the fight for justice." (Evangelii Gaudium, no.
The Church's obligation to participate in shaping the moral character of society is a requirement of our
faith. It is a basic part of the mission we have received from Jesus Christ, who offers a vision of life
revealed to us in Sacred Scripture and Tradition”. (Forming Consciences For Faithful Citizenship - Part I The U.S. Bishops’ Reflection On Catholic Teaching And Political Life, # 1 and #9.)
Prayerfully Reviewing Your Day
The Daily Examine
Part of the rich tradition of the Catholic Church is recognizing the need to reflect on the day's
activities—to remember God's invitation and our response or lack of response. Saint Ignatius of
Loyola developed a simple method by which you can review each day in a way that will help
you grow in self-understanding and free you to follow God's will. This practice is often called
the Daily Examine. Many people choose to practice this prayerful review of their day before
going to bed at night by following the five steps below.
Stillness: Recalling God's Presence
Relax in God's presence in your favorite prayer place and posture. Be aware of how God shows
his love for you in all his gifts to you. Be thankful as you think of God the Father's love, the love
of his Son Jesus, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Ask the Holy Spirit to come into your heart
and to help you to look honestly at your actions this day and how you have responded in
different situations. With the Spirit's inspiration you can recognize what draws you close to God
as well as what pulls you away from God.
Gratitude: Expressing Thankfulness
Review your day and give thanks to God for his gifts. Try not to
choose what to be thankful for but rather to see what springs to
mind as you reflect. Think of the concrete details of your day—
the aroma of coffee brewing, a smile from a co-worker, or a
beautiful rainbow. Recall the gifts that God has given you that
you can share with others—your ability to help in a crisis, your
sense of humor, or your patience with children. Pause and
express your gratitude to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
Reflection: Looking Back on Your Day
Again review the events of the day and notice how you acted in the many situations in which
you found yourself. Recall your feelings and motives to see whether you considered all of the
possibilities and freely followed God's will. Ask yourself when you were conscious of God's
presence. Think about opportunities you had to grow in faith, hope, and charity. When we think
about why we did or did not take advantage of these opportunities, we can become aware of
how we might change our actions in the future. Be grateful for the occasions when you freely
chose a course to help others. Perhaps you let a shopper with a small order go ahead of you in
line or did not join in a conversation critical of a co-worker. These are examples of responding
freely as God wants us to. When we reflect on the times we did or didn't act with God's grace,
we can be more sensitive to developing habits of positive responses.
Sorrow: Asking for Forgiveness
After you have asked for the Holy Spirit's guidance in recalling and reflecting on the actions of
your day, spend time talking with God or Jesus. Express sorrow for the times you failed to
follow his direction and ask him to be with you the next time you encounter a similar situation.
Give thanks to God for the grace that enabled you to follow his will freely. Feel the sorrow and
gratitude in your heart as you converse with God.
Hopefulness: Resolving to Grow
Ask God to help you as you look forward to a new day tomorrow. Resolve to cooperate and
trust in the loving guidance of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Conclude the day's
prayerful review with the Lord's Prayer.
By prayerfully reviewing your day, you will experience the difference it can make in the way you
live. If you make a habit of practicing the Daily Examine, you will grow closer to God in your
thoughts and deeds and will be free to choose to follow him.

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