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La Cañada Thursday Club
Presidents’ Corner
Greetings from London, dear Thursday
Club ladies! I so appreciated our "fond
farewell" luncheon, and look forward to
a great year ahead with Sheri Morton as
our new President.
We have much to be proud of at the
Thursday Club. Our Scholarship Tea was
a beautiful tribute to our 14 recipients
whose accomplishments are
astounding! You can read more about
their future endeavors on the next page
of this newsletter. And, our lovely 2016
Provisional Debutantes showed us how
stylish and graceful they are at their
fashion show. They did an amazing job!
The evening wine and cheese event was
a grand success, and I’m sure there will
be more like it in the future.
I will metaphorically raise a gin and
tonic to all of you and wish you a safe
and restful summer with your families.
– Jeanie Kay
Greetings from Paulette Place! Unlike
Jeanie, I am home getting organized for
the first Board meeting in June where I
take the helm of the “good ship”
Thursday Club. The Board and I will
endeavor to keep the Club on course.
We too shall raise our champagne
cocktails wishing Jeanie a safe trip and
restful summer with her family and
I look forward to a wonderful year and
a new adventure!
– Sheri Morton
June/July 2016
Gale Caswell
(818) 790-7740
[email protected]
Please note the following changes in your
Page 23: Hennessy, Mary
951 S. Fair Oaks Ave., #221
Pasadena, 91105
If you have any changes to your personal contact
information, please contact Gale Caswell.
New Members
Please welcome our new member and add her
contact information to your yearbook (see page
100 for Notes and New Members).
Marcie Haug
Address: 1617 Del Valle, Glendale 91208
Home phone: (818) 243-2616
Cell phone: (818) 427-5560
Email: [email protected]
Sponsored by Clay Kempson/Rosemarie Lossone
At the May Tea, Cara Green presented a $1,000
scholarship to Roshawn Davis from Youth Moving
On. Roshawn was selected by the staff of YMO to
receive this scholarship. Congratulations!
La Cañada Thursday Club
Sharon Combs
(818) 248-5300
[email protected]
The Thursday Club held the first Scholarship Tea on May 1
where we honored our La Cañada Thursday Club Foundation
and Greenawalt Scholarship recipients. A very special Thank You
with great appreciation to all our members that made the Tea
special for the recipients and their families and friends.
Our 2016 recipients and the colleges/universities they plan to
attend in the fall are:
June/July 2016
We awarded scholarships to 14 very deserving
students. Each one is academically outstanding –
the average GPA is 4.3 which was calculated using
only academic courses such as math, science,
English, and foreign language classes. They
completed numerous Honors and AP classes. Their
academic success alone was outstanding, but they
accomplished so much more. They earned
academic, athletic, and community awards. Their
interests and talents cover a wide spectrum such
as photography, playing the violin, piano and
guitar, singing, writing poetry, public speaking and
debate, drawing, hiking, skiing, swimming,
volleyball, crocheting, ice skating and travel. They
volunteer regularly in our community. They started
up campus clubs, online newspapers, and musical
groups. They are employed, and interned at JPL
and USC. They are our future doctors, politicians,
researchers, engineers, consultants and
counselors. They are smart, talented, articulate,
and poised; they are ready for the big step –
leaving home to attend college!
Greenawalt Scholarship:
 Gabriella Lopez, Baylor University
 Michael Pearson, University of Pennsylvania
Foundation Scholarship:
Naomi Berhane, Harvard University
Mica Bernhard, Georgetown University
Jenna Dorse, University of California, Berkeley
Sofia Menemenlis, Yale University
Jack Nagel, Northwestern University
Deborah Oh, University of Pennsylvania
Giancarlo Orlando, USC
Riley Owen, Princeton University
Megan Reilly, USC
Shuchi Sehgal, Johns Hopkins University
Emma Tapp, Swarthmore College
Selena Zhang, Harvard University
Scholarship Committee (L-R): Kathy Leonard, Becky
Lankey, Jean Chubb, Donna DeMond, Sharon Combs.
Not pictured: Maureen Staley
La Cañada Thursday Club
Board of Directors
We are so grateful for the women listed below who
have volunteered their time to run our lovely club!
June/July 2016
Debutante Program
Kim Ortiz
(818) 269-6114
[email protected]
The 2016 Provisional Debutantes put on a fabulous
“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” fashion show on May 7. They
were poised and beautiful, and showed us all their
Audrey Hepburn style!
Sheri Morton
Vice President
Sharon Combs
Donna Jones
Recording Secretary
Alma Tycer
Alice Ryan
Debutante Program
Kim Ortiz
Financial Secretary
Jari Faulkner
Linda Pebsworth
Yvonne Elleri
House and Grounds
Gracella Gibbs
Jody Platisa
Alison McQuay
Aline Kuhnle
Joani Bartoli-Porto
Cara Green
Ways and Means
Yvonne Marchosky
Gale Caswell
La Cañada Thursday Club
June/July 2016
This section of our newsletter is dedicated to sharing fun, interesting,
exciting news about our members and their family members. If you
would like to submit an article or photos, please contact Sharon
Combs at [email protected], or Alison McQuay at
[email protected]
The Altadena/Pasadena chapter of Soroptimist
International recently honored Catherine "Grace"
Rickert with the Violet Richardson Award. Grace is a 17year-old La Cañada High School Junior and daughter of
Thursday Club member Peggy Sheridan.
Dotty Greenawalt
(626) 793-5491
[email protected]
2nd Tuesdays at 10:00 a.m.
June 14: Hostesses are Dorothy Freiborg and
Eleanor Bunn. On the menu: Grilled herb lemon
chicken skewers, Dijon potato salad, summer salad
with romaine, watermelon, feta cheese crumbles,
and mandarin oranges, and apple crumble pie
martini in a disposable martini glass.
3rd Monday evenings at 7:00 p.m.
June 20: Hostesses are Gail Merchant and Marian
Christiansen. Dessert is served at 6:45 p.m.
Grace Rickert with her mother, Thursday Club Member Peggy
Sheridan (left), and with Brenda Sharp (right), Voilet Richardson
Award Chair.
Soroptimist International is a global organization with
over 80,000 club members focused on improving the
lives of women and girls through programs leading to
social and economic empowerment. The Violet
Richardson Award is given to a teenage girl whose
volunteer activities make the community and world a
better place. Grace was selected for the 2016 Award
because of her Girl Scout Gold Award project. She gave
sewing classes for women and teens living at a Door of
Hope residence for families fleeing abusive situations.
She also organized three fundraisers in La Canada to
fund a sewing center so the residents could continue to
use their new skills.
Monday Morning Book Group
Mary Alice Wollam
(626) 357-9720
[email protected]
The Monday Morning Book Group will be meeting
during the summer months. On June 13, Phyllis
Trueblood will lead a conversation about what books
the members are currently reading and recommending.
Phyllis is graciously doing double duty by also bringing
Join us the second Monday of every month at
10:00 a.m.
4th Thursdays at 10:00 a.m.
June 23: Chairman is Pat Crowe. Bring your own
lunch. Coffee and tea will be provided. If you can't
attend, please call Pat at (626) 795-1899.
Round Robin Bridge
Contact Dotty Greenawalt if you’re interested in
joining this group.
Wednesday Evening
Book Group
Kathy Leonard
(818) 438-4337
[email protected]
Marla Thornton
(818) 790-6491
[email protected]
Our May meeting was postponed, so we will be
discussing The Nightingale on June 1. Our July 6 book is
The Island by Victoria Hislop. And on August 3 we will
be discussing Lisa See's family memoir, On Gold
Mountain - an excuse for a dinner meeting at New
Moon in Montrose!
We meet on the first Wednesday of every month. Social
at 6:30 p.m.; discussion from 7:00 to 8:30. Contact
Kathy or Marla for more information. Please join us!
La Cañada Thursday Club
Contemporary Interest
Rose Manning
(818) 790-0938
[email protected]
June/July 2016
Happy Birthday!
Birthday Wishes for June and July!
June babies are born during a wonderful time of the
year, with new beginnings all around. These lovely
women are polite and well-spoken, and have lots of
ideas because they have very active minds. They are
always thinking about new beginnings! They have great
debating skills and are talkative. They love to joke and
are very humorous. They are wonderful friends and
make friends easily. These wonderful ladies are:
6/2 Gale Caswell
6/11 Pat Huber
6/12 Joy Sellman
Front (L- R): Rose Manning, Ruth Dale, Bobbie Hemphill,
Bev Albright. Becky Lankey, Bev Holt
Back (L- R): Alice Ryan, Fay Hall,Jean Zink, Patti Wickersham
It was a beautiful day on May 12 when the
Contemporary Interest Group joined for lunch on the
patio of Brookside Country Club. The driving range was
a lush green complimented by the hills in the
background. The food was tasty and the conversation
lively. It was so much fun!
After lunch, we took the shuttle bus to the Pasadena
Showcase House in La Cañada and enjoyed going
through the newly decorated house, gardens, and
shopping stalls. It was a nice way to cap off the year!
Joanne Gilson
Martha Moore
The ladies born in July during the heat of summer are
fun to be with, have a witty sense of humor and are
very approachable. They are very concerned about
people's feelings and are extremely sensitive to others’
needs. In addition, they are hardworking, honest, tactful
and sharp. These ladies are usually quiet and take great
pride in themselves. Our ladies born in July are:
Yvonne Elleri
Maren Wynton
Kathleen Goodwin
Jody Platisa
Eileen St. Amand
Maureen Staley
Helga Van Herle
Sue Tutt
Phyllis Trueblood
Marilyn Bunn
Aline Kuhnle
Elizabeth Whitfield
Rhonda Johnson
Betty Sheridan
Dee Fisher
Cheryl Tichon
Happy Birthday to All and Many, Many More!!
If you have not submitted your birthdate (day and month),
please contact Sharon Combs at (818) 248-5300 or
[email protected]
June 1
June 13
June 10
June 16
June 26
Book Group at 6:30 p.m.
Book Group at 10:00 a.m.
Bridge at 10:00 a.m.
Bridge at 7:00 p.m.
Bridge at 10:00 a.m.
June/July 2016
Save the Date
September 25 Welcome Back Party!
Alison McQuay
(818) 388-3764
[email protected]
If you would like to include an item in the newsletter, please
submit it to Alison McQuay at the above email address no
later than the 15th of the previous month.
La Cañada Thursday Club
La Cañada Thursday Club
P.O. Box 282
La Cañada, CA 91012-0282

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