Dear Travel Partners, Seasons Greeting. Spite the tough

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Dear Travel Partners,
Seasons Greeting.
Spite the tough times that many regional and global countries passed through this
year, I want to really thank you all for your business with us & your loyalty to
Amadeus during 2015.
It feels as if the year has gone very quickly. However, we have achieved so many
great things this year, and because it is impossible to mention all of such
achievements, let me again focus my THANK YOU on your efforts to give Amadeus
system the biggest attention during 2015!!
2015 was another challenging year, yet Amadeus in Jordan is changing & growing
Our change and growth is particularly evident in the biggest share of wallet that
Amadeus in Jordan won during the last quarter of 2015. It means that we have
steadily and surely maintained a healthy growth month after month, spite the very
negative impact on the overall airline industry business, and the tough competition
environment in Jordan.
Unlike previous years, 2015 also witnessed a different level of business tools
diversification. On the traditional level, we have seen the birth of new tools like
Amadeus Selling Connect Platform (SELCO) & Amadeus Automated Refund (ATR),
especially with key airlines like Qatar Airways. We also noticed a higher adoption
ratio of other key products, like Amadeus Master Pricer Expert (FXD), Amadeus
AllFares and Amadeus Ticket Changer (ATC).
On the E-Commerce level, we have also witnessed the birth of Amadeus Mobile
Traveler application, and also the higher adoption & increase of both the Amadeus EPower and web-services requests.
So with your support we can say that success is our game, and you agree with me
that it is ALL for the great asset that we at Amadeus Jordan has, Amadeus Jordan
great team!!
While we are about to pay farewell to 2015, we wish that 2016 will bring with it all
the peace and safety for all the people in the world. Such peace and safety will
definitely be the key driver of more business opportunities and economic prosperity
for all.
Nothing left but to wish you, your families & all the beloved ones a Happy New
Year full of health and joy.
Fadi Asal

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