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Sacramento, CA Race Info
Hello Beat the Blerch Runners! First, congrats on signing up for this adventure! Second, here is a bunch of information that you have been patiently waiting for regarding the event as well as reminders of some details that you may forgot you knew. Grab a comfy spot on your couch and enjoy some light reading! Pre-Race:
Pre‐Race Packet Pick Up – Date: Friday, Nov 13th Times: 11am‐7pm Where: REI Sacramento, Community room 1790 Expo Pkwy, Sacramento, CA 95815 (916) 924‐8900
BYOB – Bag, silly! We do our small part to help out mother earth and ask you to bring your own bags to packet pickups. That saves a lot of bags going into the trash shortly after you get home. So grab your favorite reusable bag on your way out the door. We’ve actually seen folks bring Rubbermaid packing tubs and pick up for their entire team! Picking up for others – If you are the unfortunate one who gets elected to pick up all your friends’ packets on Friday, that’s okay. We’ll help make it easy on you, just make sure you have their Eventbrite ticket with the QR code either printed on paper or pulled up on your smart phone. Make sure you grab YOUR ID (they can keep theirs) as well so we can confirm you are who you say you are. What to plan on for packet pickup – When you get to REI, find your way to our check in…there will be signs and flags. Once you get there, have your ID and the QR code from your Eventbrite confirmation email/ticket on your app/printed ticket…we’ll have your stuff ready. If you’re picking up for others, just make sure to have their confirmation information with you. Remember to bring your own bag. The Oatmeal Himself ‐ The Oatmeal will be on site for autographs! We will have Oatmeal merchandise for sale including Blerch books and Exploding Kittens. Race Day!
Location – Raley Field 400 Ballpark Drive West Sacramento, CA 95691 Getting There – Best advice – Google Maps! There are lots of great ways to drive right to the park. Do note that Tower Bridge is part of the course and will be closed at 7:30am. If you are coming from Sacramento side, Kiline Street Bridge or the 305 are open. Please be kind to the police officers that will be closing the streets for our runners’ safety and use one of those bridges to access Raley Field. Free Parking at Raley – You will enter parking lots via 5th Street. Huge thank you to Raley Field parking staff who will be helping you get to your spot quickly and safely. Please follow their directions. With one main entrance and lots of you, this may take longer than you’d like. Plan on giving yourself some extra time and worst case scenario, you will have more time for pre‐race photos of your good looking self! Day of Packet Pickup – If you can’t make it on Friday (you’re missing out, but that’s okay), we’ll have your stuff for you on Saturday morning. There is a $5 convenience fee for day of pick up per packet. Please have $5 cash ready to keep the process speedy. We’ll be ready to check you in starting at 7:00AM on Saturday at Raley Field on the right field side. Look for the large white tent with registration flags. You will still need your Eventbrite QR code, found on your confirmation, either printed or pulled up on your phone. Day‐of pickup for each distance will close 15 minutes before its start time to give the timers the time they need to be ready for your run. Start times – 7:00 – Venue opens 8:00 ‐ Marathon 9:00 ‐ Half Marathon 10:00 ‐ 10k 10:30 – 5k Start Waves ‐ Each distance will be broken up into smaller groups in the start chute with a wave leaving every couple of minutes. If you want to be in the same wave as your buddy, stand next to them in the start chute. If you are trying to win, line up toward the front of the chute. If you are beating your Blerch by enjoying the scenery, couches, and cake, head toward the back of the chute for your group. Bag Check – There will be race day bag check. Simply write your bib number on the tag ‐provided at the tent‐ and attach it to your bag. Drop it off at our Gear Check tent (there’s a big flag that says “Gear Check”) and we’ll keep an eye on it for you while you go enjoy the course. Don’t forget to high five the lovely volunteers who are babysitting your gear. Photos – Blerch loves photos, so we will have photographers out and about to capture you in all your running glory. We will have a photo area in the village and encourage you to arrive early to take advantage of it before you run. Best part: all photos will be available for free after the event. Thanks, Blerch! Courses – We have approved courses for all 4 distances, but are working with Sacramento, West Sacramento, police departments, and the plethora of other affected parties to get final approval on what we believe to be a better option. We will hopefully be able to publish these new routes next week after another round of meetings. Trust us when we say we are as eager to get courses confirmed as you are to see them! Either way, the course will be a combination of city streets ‐ over the iconic Tower Bridge and near the capitol ‐ and trails within the county parks system, mostly the American River Bike Trail ‐ a paved 10+ foot paved path along the river. The half and the full will run through Discovery Park. Courses are flat and fast (at least until you grab a seat on the couch with Blerch and some cake, but we won’t judge.) Start and Finish Lines – Start line will be on Ballpark Drive outside of the stadium. Restrooms are available inside the stadium for your pre‐race ritual and there will also be portable restrooms near the start line for last minute needs. All distances will finish inside the stadium along the warning track. Note because of the turf: you will need to climb up the stairs after your run to get to the finish aid stations. We will have volunteers directing you where to go for your cake. Aid Stations – Throughout the course there will be both Blerch stations with couches and cake and more traditional stations with hydration. Locations are roughly 2 miles apart. Stay hydrated, gel fueled, and frosting filled. 5k runners will have one aid station about half way. Spectators – Three cheers for the folks that cheer us on! Spectators are welcome at the stadium to see your start and finish. Once the course is official, we will provide information about how to see you in your gazelle like glory on the course. The stadium seats along the first base line will be open for spectators to cop a squat while anticipating your arrival. Volunteers – There are great folks who have already signed up to help with this event. Please let them know how much we appreciate their help as they get you water, cake, and all the other ways they help make your run possible. If you or your buddy wants to become one of these awesome people (all the cake without the running, anyone?) click here‐beat‐the‐blerch‐sacramento‐
registration‐16622850393 to register as a volunteer. Other Questions? – If you have other questions, you best course of action is to either reply to this email or send one to [email protected] This email has been set up specifically for your Sacramento event questions. More info to come! Keep beating the Blerch in your training runs (to the refrigerator) and we’ll see you in just over a month! 

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