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Introduction to Alternative energy
By: Doug Shannon
Course: Electronics & Computer Technology
School: Heartland Career Center
Objective: The purpose of this lesson is to introduce alternative energy through
discussion, a hands-on activity and group research. Students will research municipal
recycling to determine the relationship between alternative energy and recycling. They
will also develop strategies to improve recycling at school.
Electronics and Computer Technology Standards
ECT-1.2 Recognize and explain the convergence of technologies.
ECT-1.3 Investigate various careers associated with electronics and computer
ECTII-7.7 Understand basic performance characteristics.
Common Core Literacy Standards for Technical Subjects
9-10.WT.9 Draw evidence from informational texts to support analysis, reflection, and
Horizon Alternative Energy Kit,, $249.00.
Intro/Discussion questions: (Day 1)
What is alternative energy?
What are three major sources of alternative energy?
Use the Horizon alternative energy kit and divide the class into three groups. Assign
each group to one of the three energy source models. Each group will answer the
questions below. The group will present their answers to the class.
1. Explain the operating principle of your energy source.
2. What are the limitations of your energy source?
3. What are the advantages of your energy source?
What is the purpose of using alternative energy sources?
Summarize: review major points and introduce the topic for Day 2.
Environmental issues and recycling: (Day 2)
Review previous Day
Recycling Power Point
Recycling Worksheet
Discussion questions/Intro: Divide class into groups and have each group answer/discuss
the following questions:
Can recycling be considered an alternative energy source? Why or Why not?
Are there usable by-products from a landfill?
How does recycling affect a landfill? Make a diagram/chart that explains the effects.
What is the affect of recycling on our economy?
Does recycling save energy? Explain your answer.
Group presentations: Each group is to share the results of their group discussion.
The effects of recycling in Wabash County and what more needs to be done: (Day 3)
Introduce the Guest Speaker: Director of Wabash County Solid Waste
Speaker follow-up: Group students in groups of three. Have them develop a plan to
improve recycling in our school or your home school. It must include a way to
implement the plan.
Discussion of recycling plans. (Day 4)
Each group will present their plan and implementation method.
The class will pick at least two ideas to implement. A student will be selected to direct
the project. Time needed will vary according to the requirements.
The recycling power point and worksheet are proprietary and can not be posted.
Quiz with participation points from the group projects. The Quiz is worth 30% and the
participation points 70%. The quiz questions will be from the discussions and
Presentation Assessment:
Excellent Participation 10 points
Good Participation
7 points
Little Participation
4 points
No participation
0 points

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