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n e w s
A-berveth / Inside
SWF Review
Haunted Landscapes
The final report is now available to view
MAGA officer delivers a
paper at Falmouth Uni
MAGA Conference 2014
Cornish spoken in public
Delegates hear the case for
Language features strongly
during Pirantide
Pirantide in schools
New class starting in Redruth
MAGA education officers
deliver workshops
An Kylgh Kernewek is starting a
beginners' class in the Redruth area
Cornwall Music Festival
Winners of the Cornish
language categories
Call for Papers
In the areas of Automated
Language processing &
International Day of Sport
Cornwall's Winning Ways
Using sport as a tool to emphasise
cooperation and understanding
The 2014 Gorsedh Kernow competitions
are now open to entrants
mis Ebrel 2014
April 2014
kavadow warlinen
available online
Governans dhe besya kevarhow yn Kernewek
Government continues investment in Cornish
Dy’Yow, 20ves mis Meurth, Is
Pennvnyster Nick Clegg a leveris an
governans dhe gevarghewi £120,000
yn Maga, Keskowethyans an Taves
Kernewek, rag herdhya ha displegya
an yeth kernewek. Yn medh ev:
‘Yma Kernewek dhe golon ertach
Kernow hag yth yw an ranndir ma
arbennek drefen bos taves dhedhi
usi yn few hag owth ynkressya.
An arghans a wra gweres
Keskowethyans An Taves Kernewek
dhe wul devnydh a’n yeth dhe
denna moy vysytyoryon dhe’n
ranndir der avonsya an honanieth
unnik ma.
Gans hemma pobel a yll kenertha
erbysiedh ha gonisogeth Kernow
ha drehevel erbysiedh kreffa
ha kemeneth moy ewn. An
arghans dhyworth an governans
a wra kemeres y le ryb arghans
dhyworth keskowetha leel hag y
fydh usys gans Keskowethyans an
Taves Kernewek dh’avonsya
Kernewek. Aga thowlow a syns
ynna oberi gans negysyow dhe
wul moy devnydh a Gernewek
rag henwel ha marghasa
askorrasow Kernewek
hag oberi gans skolyow
dh’yenkressya godhvos ha
devnydh a'n yeth.
Yn unn dhynerghi an nowodhow
Julian German, kaderyor
Keskowethyans an Taves Kernewek a
“An nodhow ma a wra gasa
dh’agan towlen a ober dhe besya.
Kyn hyllir leverel an governans
dhe worthebi yn posedhek yn hin
erbysek kales ma, diswaytys on
ni bos an unnverheans rag unn
vledhen hepken. Govenek a’gan
beus y hyllyn, gans an governans,
oberi kyns pell war tu ha towlen
effeythus rag termyn hirra.
Nick Clegg announced
funding for the language
on Thursday 20th March.
Y hwren ni strivya dhe gavos
kevarwodhyans adro dhe Gernewek
dres asrannow an governans ha
korfow poblek may hallons lenwel
aga deverow yn-dann an Chartour
Europek rag Yethow Ranndiryel
po Le-usys ha ni a wra hwilas
unnverheans dhyworth an governans
dhe oberi yn tiwysyek genen may
hyllyn kollenwel kampollans yn-dann
Rann III an Chartour yn le Rann II
pesys war folen 2
continued on page 2
pesys dhyworth folen 1
continued from page 1
On Thursday, 20th March, the Deputy
Prime Minister Nick Clegg announced
that the government would be investing
£120,000 in Maga, the Cornish
Language Partnership to promote and
develop the Cornish language. He said:
“Cornish is central to Cornwall’s
heritage and a living and growing
language is what makes the region
distinct. The funding will help the
Cornish Language Partnership use
the language to encourage more
visitors to the area by promoting this
unique identity.
This means that local people can
boost Cornwall’s economy and
culture, building a stronger economy
and fairer society. The funding from
government will sit alongside money
from local partners and will be used
by the Cornish Language Partnership
to promote Cornish. Their plans
include working with businesses on
the use of Cornish in branding and
marketing Cornish products, and
working with schools to increase the
knowledge and use of the language.”
Welcoming the news Julian German,
the chair of the Cornish Language
Partnership said:
“This is news which will allow our
programme of work to continue.
Although it can be said that the
government has responded positively
in the current difficult economic
climate, we are disappointed that
the settlement is for one year only.
We hope that together with the
government we will be able to work
towards an effective longer term plan
in due course.
We will strive to obtain Cornish
language guidance across
government departments and
statutory bodies so that they
implement their responsibilities
under the European Charter for
Regional or Minority Languages
and we will seek agreement from
government to work constructively
with us to achieve notification under
part III of the Charter rather than
the current Part II.”
Daswel an FSS
SWF Review
Kesva Daswel an FSS re dhyllas aga derivas hag yw
kavadow war gwiasva Maga lemmyn. Y hyllowgh
iskarga agas dasskrif omma:
The SWF review board have produced their report
which is available on the website. Download your copy
Tirwelyow Troblys
skriforyon teri bos ‘kevrinek’ a-dro dhe Gernow ha’n
tirwel a yll bos konvedhys gwell dre dhyski an taves.
Haunted Landscapes
Yn-medh Mike: “Yn unn vreusi a'n daslev, an kynnik
bos Kernewek moy es taves ertach hogen, a veu
degemerys yn ta”.
On the 8th March, Mike delivered a paper at a
symposium entitled Haunted Landscapes.
Cover image for the
'Haunted Landscapes'
One-Day Symposium
hosted by Falmouth
An 8ves mis Meurth, Mike a dhelivras paper orth
symposium henwys Tirwelyow Troblys.
Gans titel oberi a Cornish: a ghost of its former self,
y baper a dhadhlas bos brassa rann a'n pyth a wra
With a working title of Cornish: a ghost of its former
self, his paper argued that much of what writers insist is
‘mysterious’ about Cornwall and the landscape can be
better understood by learning the language.
Mike commented, “judging by the feedback, the
suggestion that Cornish is more than just a heritage
language was well received”.
Rag derivadow pella/For further information:
mis Ebrel / 2014
An Keskussulyans a glew an kas rag gonisogeth
Conference hears the case for culture
Kanasow dhe geskussulyans Maga a woslowas
yn hwansek dhe glewes fatel yw yeth dhe golon
hwarvosow gonisogethek yn Alban.
Penn arethor Brian O hEadhra, dhyworth Bord na
Gaidhlig yn Inbhir Nis (Inverness), a leveris orth
kanasow an keskussulyans bos res dhe warier
Albanek, po yn fylmow, skrifa, ilow, dons po hwedhla
gul devnydh a’n yeth dhe vos avonsyes avel gwarier
Godhalek. An kanasow a glewas dhyworth Brian
fatel wra an yeth dewana lerghow Ceilidh Albanek,
Rosweyth Drama Alban hag yma hi orth kolon
towlennow Albanek yw kehaval orth Feast ha Carn to
Maga a restras an keskussulyans 22ns mis Meurth
2014 dhe Lys Kernow. Kanasow a glewas adro dhe
ober Maga dres an dhiw vledhen eus passyes hag
ynwedh adro dhe arhwithransow kowsoryon hag
omdhalghow adro dhe Gernewek. Kler yw bos moy
pobel ow tyski Kernewek es kyns, mes ynwedh bos
moy pobel orth y usya pubdedhyek.
Media socyal o kampollys avel neppyth re devis
yn fras, gans lies pobel ow tevnydhya Twitter ha
Lyverenep yn Kernewek. Warlergh arhwithrans
kowsoryon a-dhiwedhes gans Maga, media socyal
avel maynys meurgerys a wrug passya nebes usyow
a Gernewek yw moy hengovek.
An kanasow o gwresek hag i a brofyas prederow
dhe les yn esedhogow byghan, yn arbennek adro
dhe ragwiryow ha keskomunyans, a vydh usys dhe
weres orth towlow rag an vledhen a dheu. An jydh a
worfennas gans Yeth an Werin yn Arvow an Konteth,
Delegates at the Maga conference listened keenly to
how in Scotland, language is central to cultural events.
Headline speaker Brian Ó hEadhra, from Bord na
Gaidhlig in Inverness, told conference delegates that
whether it is films, writing, music, dance or storytelling,
for a Scottish performer to be promoted as a Gaidhlig
performer then they must use the language. Delegates
heard from Brian how language permeates Scottish
Ceilidh trails, Scotland’s Drama Network, and is central
to the Scottish equivalents of Feast and Carn to Cove.
Maga held the conference on the 22nd March 2014 at
Lys Kernow, Truro. Delegates heard about Maga’s work
over the last two years and the results of surveys into
speakers and attitudes towards Cornish. It is clear that
not only are more people learning Cornish than ever
before, but also more people are actively using it.
Social media was cited as a major growth area,
with many people and groups using Twitter and
facebook in Cornish. According to Maga’s recent
survey of users, social media has already overtaken
in popularity some of the more traditional areas of
Delegates were enthusiastic and provided useful
input in breakout sessions, particularly around
priorities and communications, which will be
used to assist with plans for the coming year. The
day was rounded off with a Yeth an Werin (pub
gathering) at the County Arms, Truro.
above left
Brian Ó hEadhra explains
the links between
language and culture in
A talk on communication
methods at the MAGA
April / 2014
Kernewek kewsys yn poblek
Cornish spoken in public
The Pirantide procession
travelling through the streets of
Processioners gather
outside Truro cathedral for a
presentation by the Grand Bard.
Prys-Peran yw treveth a solempnyansow
meur; gans keskerdhow ha donsya dres an
dhuketh dhien. Ny ylli den vyth mos dhe bub
a'n hwarvosow, hag yth esa nebes hwarvosow
moy nag esa gorrys y’gan lyther-nowodhow
Yth esa mayni MAGA owth oberi yn kales orth
hwarvosow liesek, kyn nag o mar gales poran avel
an ilewydhyon esa ow seni orth keniver hwarvos
dres Kernow.
Yn fenowgh an taves yw ankevys kynth yw rann
deythyek a’gan gonisogeth ha rag henna yth o da
gweles dhe’n lyha unn popti gorra gid treylyans
uskis war aga homptyer. Orth an hwarvos yn
Resrudh, Chi Murdoch a ostyas bardhonieth
kernewek gans Pol Hodge ha Konseler Bert Biscoe,
gans an keskerdh Truru ow synsi ynno arethyow
diwyethek dhyworth Bardh Meur Maureen Fuller,
Konseler Bert Biscoe ha Stephen Gainey, neb a
ros an piwas rag an gwella fenester gwerthji dhe
Trevails. Hwarvosow erel a synsas ynna an taves
dhe efander brassa po le.
Unn kamm troha us ledanna o an gwari bingo
Prys-Peran MAGA hag a gennerthas tus dhe wul
devnydh a lavarennow sesonek ha goslowes yn
arbennek rag tus erel orth aga usya. Hemma a
brovas bos gwerinek war agan folennow media
kowethasek hag y feu degemmerys gans nebes
skolyow rag usadow gans studhyoryon.
Pirantide is a time of major celebrations; with
parades and dancing all over the duchy. No one
could possibly attend all of the events, and there
were some additional events not listed in our last
MAGA’s staff were working hard at multiple events,
although perhaps not quite so hard as the musicians
playing at so many events across Cornwall.
The language often gets forgotten even though it is
integral to our culture and so it was good to see at
least one bakery post a quick translation guide on
their counter. At the Redruth event, Murdoch house
hosted Cornish poetry by Pol Hodge and Cllr Bert
Biscoe, while the Truro parade included bilingual
speeches from Grand Bard Maureen Fuller, Cllr Bert
Biscoe and Stephen Gainey who presented the best
shop window award to Trevails. Other events also
included the language to a greater or lesser extent.
One step towards wider usage was the MAGA
Pirantide bingo game which encouraged people to
use seasonal phrases and listen out for other people
using them. This proved popular on our social media
pages and it was picked up by some schools for use by
mis Ebrel / 2014
Gool Peran yn skolyow
Pirantide in schools
re weressa dhyn seulabrys dre dhyski dhe’n flehes an
pennrewlys kynsa a “omvetya ha dynerhi”.
Meur ras dhis Mike Trounson!
Pirantide saw MAGA heading east, to Saltash and to
Bishop Cornish School.
There Pol met with a young class and led the children in
learning a bit of Cornish and singing in the language,
which was enjoyed by one and all.
Afterwards they made pasties – not easy for children
aged five or six. The following Friday Rob Reynolds
went there to follow-up with more work on Cornish
with the children. A good way for children to
experience Pirantide!
Another school MAGA visited on St. Piran’s Day was
the Halwin primary school.
Gool Peran hag yth esa MAGA ow mos dhe’n est
dhe Essa ha dhe Skol Epskop Cornish.
Ena Pol a vetyas gans klass yowynk hag y ledyas an
fleghes dyski tamm a Gernewek ha kana y’n yeth hag
omlowenhas gans onan hag oll.
Wosa i a wrug dalleth gul pastiow – nag yw es rag
fleghes, pymp po hwegh aga oos. Dy’ Gwener
a-wosa ha Rob Reynolds eth ena rag sewya gans
moy ober a-dro dhe Gernewek. Fordh dha rag
omlowenhe Gool Peran!
Following in the footsteps of Cllr Jenkin (Chair of the
Governors), children of all ages learnt basic phrases
with ease and seemed genuinely delighted at doing
arithmetic in Cornish. The day was made all the easier
for us by one of the parents lending a hand… as it
happened he could speak Cornish and had already
helped us by teaching the children the basics of ‘meet n
Thank you Mike Trounson!
Skol aral o vysytys gans MAGA Dydh Peran o an kyns
skol Halwynn.
Yn unn sewya olyow treys Konselores Jenkin
(Kaderyores an Wovernours), flehes a bub oos
a dhyskas lavarennow selvenel gans es hag
omdhiskwedhes delitys yn hwir yn unn wul
niveronieth yn Kernewek. An jorna a veu gwrys
liesgweyth moy es ragon ni der onan a'n gerens ow
ri gweres… Del hwarva, ev a ylli kewsel Kernewek ha
A bilingual welcome
sign at Bishop Cornish
School in Saltash.
top left
Halwin School in
Helston welcomes
MAGA Education officer.
Klass nowydh yn Resrudh
New class in Redruth
Y fydh klass nowydh dallethoryon An Kylgh
Kernewek yn Resrudh mis Gwynngala. An Kylgh a
garsa godhvos: Py dydh ha py eur a vya an gwella
There'll be a new An Kylgh Kernewek beginners' class
in Redruth in September. The Kylgh would like to
know: what day and what time would be the best for
April / 2014
Gwrewgh kestava mar pleg orth Pat Parry /
Please contact Pat Parry:
[email protected]
01209 215917
Gool Ilow Kernow
Cornwall Music Festival
redya 4a gradh hag ughella ha dhe Dee Hunt ha
Jakki Love neb a waynyas Skoos Mighal an Gov rag
Yn kesstrifow rag ilow, Keur heb Hanow a sowenis
gans towlen a garolow Kernewek kenys yn Kernewek
The Cornish Language competitions in the Cornwall
Music Festival were well supported this year.
In the speaking competitions there were some excellent
entries and a wide variety of reading material from the
Bible to Winnie the Pooh!
Kesstrifow an Taves Kernewek yn Gool Ilow
Kernow o skoodhyes yn ta y’n vledhen ma.
Yth esa nebes ombrofyansow marthys da yn
kesstrifow kewsel ha dewis efan a daklow dh’aga
redya dhyworth an Bibel dhe Winni-an-Pou!
Keslowena dhe Ros Peskett neb a waynyas Hanav
Morgarer rag kewsel bys dhe’n 4a gradh; Delia
Brotherton neb a dhegemeras Piwas John Eaton rag
Congratulations go to Ros Peskett, who won the
Morgarer Cup for reading up to Grade 4; Delia
Brotherton, who was awarded the John Eaton Trophy
for reading grade 4 and above and to Dee Hunt and
Jackie Love who won the Mighal an Gov shield for
In the music competitions, Keur heb Hanow triumphed
with Cornish carols sung entirely in the language.
Galow rag Paperyow
Call for Papers
ma yw onan a niver a geskussulyansow usi ow
hwarvos y’n termyn ogas a dheu hag a dhel gans
materyow yeth.
The Network to Promote Linguistic Diversity’s
website holds a comprehensive list of events and
conferences. For example the first Celtic Language
Technology Workshop will take place in August and
they have issued a call for papers on the Dublin City
University website.
Gwiasva an Rosweyth dhe Avonsya Diverseth
Yethoniethel a syns rol olldhalghus a hwarvosow
ha keskussulyansow. Rag ensompel an kynsa
Hwelji Teknegieth Yeth Keltek a hwyrvydh mis Est,
hag i re dhellos galow rag paperyow war gwiasva
Pennskol Cita Dulyn.
An HTYK a dhynnergh ombrofyansow tybiethel hag
ynwedh hewul a-dro dhe yeth keltek pypynag a vo
hag a gevre dhe hwithrans y’n park a argerdh yeth
awtometegys, teknegiethow yeth po asnodhow rag
an keth tra. Kyns oll i a gennerth studhyansow hag
a vir orth fowt a asnodhow kavadow rag neb yeth
henwys y’n park ma.
Sewyewgh an gevren gynsa dhe weles an gidyans
rag ombrofyansow ha’ga linennow marow. An hwelji
The CLTW welcomes both theoretical and practical
submissions on any Celtic lang uage that contribute to
research in the area of automated language processing,
language technologies or resources for same. They
particularly encourage studies that address the lack of
resources available for a given language in this field.
Follow the first link below to see the guidance for
submissions and their deadlines. This workshop is one
of a number of conferences occurring in the near future
that deal with language issues.
Rag derivadow pella/For further information:
mis Ebrel / 2014
Dydh Keswlasek a Sport rag Displegyans ha Kres
International Day of Sport for Development
and Peace
An 6es mis Ebrel yw an Jydh Keswlasek a Sport
rag Displegyans ha Kres.
Sport, avel toul rag adhyskans, displegyans ha kres,
a yll avonsya kesoberyans, unnveredh, perthyans,
konvedhes, synsyans kowethasek ha yeghes orth
an nivellow leel ha kenedhlek. MAGA re oberis dres
nebes bledhynnyow gans kowethasow sportys kepar
kag An Vorladron Kernewek ha'n Kowethas Omdowl
Kernewek dhe surhe bos kernewek rann a'ga ober. Ni
re presentyas on ober ma yn Keskussulyans Europek
rag Yethow ha Sportys yn 2012 ha ni a ways pesya
dhe gesoberi pella gans sportys yn termyn a dheu.
Mars esowgh hwi ow mos dhe fyttow sportek, an
jydh ma po re erel, na ankevewgh y hyllowgh hwi
klewes fatel leverel lavarennow kernewek war'n
wiasva MAGA.
The 6th April is the International Day of Sport for
Development and Peace.
Sport, as a tool for education, development and
peace, can promote cooperation, solidarity, tolerance,
understanding, social inclusion and health at the local,
national and international levels. Over the past few
years MAGA has worked with organisations such as the
Cornish Pirates and the Cornish Wrestling Association
to ensure that Cornish is part of their activity. We
presented this work at a European conference on
Languages and Sport in 2012 and we hope to work with
more sporting organisations in the future.
If you are going to any sporting fixtures, on this or
other days, don’t forget you can hear how to pronounce
Cornish phrases on the MAGA website.
Rag derivadow pella/For further information:
Fordhow Budhek Kernow
Cornwall's Winning Ways
Mar kerydh dres dha vewnans oll an tybyans
a skrifa, lymna po kemeres skeusennow, prag
na wre'ta gweytha an tybyans na hedhyw ha
kemeres rann yn kesstrifow Gorsedh Kernow?
“Kesstrifow a yll bos mayn may hyll piwpynag a
vettro bos skrifer po lymner gwaynya prevyans hag
aswonvos, hag y hyllons i diskwedhes an gwella
yn tus, an nessa henath yn arbennek,” yn medh an
Bardh Meur a Gernow, Steren Mor.
Re dhallathas seulabrys kesstrifow Gorsedh Kernow
2014. An kesstrifow ma yw ygor dhe onan hag oll,
tevesigyon ha tus yowynk magata. Yma klassow
yn Kernewek ha Sowsnek, bardhonieth, yeth
plen, studhyansow kernewek, ilow, lymnans ha
Kavadow yw war worholedh derivadow leun
a'n klassow oll, keffrys ha rewlys-ombrofya ha
furvlennow-entra; ynwedh y hyllir aga iskarga
dhyworth gwiasva Gorsedh Kernow.
Dydh-degea rag ombrofyansow yw dy'Lun an 28ns a
vis Ebrel 2014 ha gwaynyoryon a wra degemeres aga
piwasow dhyworth an Bardh Meur orth solempnita
bardhek Gorsedh Kernow yn Penntorr dy'Sadorn an
6ves a vis Gwynngala 2014.
April / 2014
If you've always liked the idea of writing, painting
or photography then why not put that thought into
practice today and take part in the Gorsedh Kernow
“Competitions can be a means for aspiring writers
and artists to gain experience and recognition and
can bring out the best in people, especially the next
generation,” said Grand Bard of Cornwall, Maureen
The 2014 Gorsedh Kernow competitions are now
underway. These competitions are open to one and
all, adults and young people alike. There are classes in
Cornish and English, poetry, prose, Cornish studies,
music, art and photography.
Full details of all classes, rules for entry and an entry
form are available on request; you can also download
them from the Gorsedh Kernow website.
The closing date for entries is Monday 28th April 2014
and winners will be presented with their awards by the
Grand Bard of Cornwall at the Gorsedh Kernow Bardic
ceremony in Torpoint on Saturday 6th September 2014.
Rag derivadow pella/For further information:
[email protected]
Darvosow / Events
mis Ebrel / April 2014
Yeth an Werin, Royal Standard, Gwinear, 8pm - for further
information contact [email protected]
Celtic Media Festival, St Ives
Pennseythun Gernewek, Newquay
Yeth an Werin, Wig & Pen, Truro - for further information join
Gorsedh Proclamation, Torpoint
Yeth an Werin, Cornish Arms, St Ives - for further information
contact [email protected]
Yeth an Werin, Coldstreamer, Gulval - for further information
contact [email protected]
Pan-Celtic Festival
Yeth an Werin, Wig & Pen, Truro - for further information join
Yeth an Werin, New Inn, Mabe - for further information contact
[email protected]
Trevithick Day, Camborne
Yeth an Werin, The Blue Anchor, Helston - for further
information contact [email protected]
Yeth an Werin, Wig & Pen, Truro - for further information join
Yeth an Werin, Bridge Inn, Bridge - for further information
contact [email protected]
Kestavow / Contacts
Dyghter Displegya
Development Manager
Jenefer Lowe
Sodhogyon Adhyskans
Education Officers
Pol Hodge & Mike Tresidder
Sodhogyon Skoodhya
Support Officers
Matt Blewett & Sam Rogerson
Trigva / Address
Cornish Language Partnership
Cornwall Council
Dalvenie House
County Hall
Pellgowser / Telephone
01872 323497
E-bost / E-mail
[email protected]
Gwiasvaow / Websites
Derivadow Pella / Further Information
For further information about any of the articles in this newsletter, please
contact the MAGA office using the contact details above.
If you are organising a Cornish language event and would like to have it
publicised in this newsletter please send us the details.
Arhesans Keskowethyans an Taves
Kernewek yw dhyworth:
If you would like to subscribe to receive this newsletter free of charge
every month please send us an e-mail or letter and we will add you to our
distribution list.
The Cornish Language Partnership is
funded by:
Please feel free to pass this newsletter on to others.
Deadline for contributions to March newsletter: Monday 21st April 2014.

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