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William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare

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Tai chi
Tai chi

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Ann Patchett
Ann Patchett

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Alan Bennett
Alan Bennett

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Brian Mullen
Brian Mullen

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Kristin Nelson
Kristin Nelson

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Betty O’Rawe 9058 6439
Paul Trainor 0771 273 1806
Secretary: Arlene Spiers 90812741/07788146398
The AGM will be held on Thurs.28th April at the
monthly meeting. Nomination forms for the
positions of Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary
and up to 3 committee members will be available at
the February and March meetings. Closing date for
nominations is 6th April.
8-weeks of Laughter Yoga starts 2-4pm Tues
8th March in Skainos Centre, 239 Newtownards
Road. Research shows that intentional laughter
provides the same physiological and psychological
benefits as spontaneous laughter. Laughter Yoga
involves yogic breathing and laughter exercises.
Come and join the fun. Sign sheet at meeting or
contact Dominica McGowan: 9064 7410 /
07962424617 [email protected]
Gift Aid Based on completed declarations, a claim
was made to HMRC on 31st December 2015 which
resulted in £1005 being refunded to U3A account.
There remains the opportunity for any taxpaying
member to complete a declaration by the end of the
financial year on 31st March 2016. Forms available
at meetings or from Ronnie Carser tel. 9066 6358
All-weather Walking Group
Thurs. a.m. - Short, flat walks with Amblers
(Veronica Browne) or longer walks with Ramblers
(Brenda McHugh). 1st Thurs. of month Mournes
walks with Scramblers (Brian Bridge) & Not the
Munros (Daphne Bailie & Jennifer Lemon)
Archaeology Group
Mon.11th April, 2.00 pm. Talk and pictures by
Aidan Campbell: East Belfast Revisited (covering the
Stormont, Belmont and Sydenham areas).
Tullycarnet Library. Cost: £2.
Please sign sheet at meeting or contact convenors.
No. 147 March 2016
Gavin Stewart
9066 0499
Membership Secretary: Mavis Turner 9079 8416
Email address: [email protected]
Book Group 1
Mon. 7th March at 7.30pm "Run" by Ann
Patchett. Meet in Anne McGovern's home.
Book Group 2
Mon. 14th March at 10.30 am "The Lady in the
Van" by Alan Bennett. Meet at Florence Davidson's
home. New members welcome.
Book Group 3
Tues. 1st March 2.00 pm Finaghy Library. "Deaf
Sentence" by David Lodge. (Next book will be
"Jubilee" by Shelley Harris) For now the group has
full capacity.
Bridge Group - Informal
Fridays at 10.00 a.m. in a member’s house.
Mondays at 2 pm in the Convenor's home.
Both groups have capacity membership at present.
Bridge Group - Duplicate
Fridays 10.00a.m. – 12.30 p.m. at St. Anne’s
Hall, Dunmurry. New members wishing to play,
please contact convenors beforehand.
Brunch Group
Alternate Saturdays at 12 noon
5th March Neill's Hill, Upper Newtownards Rd.
19th March Acton & Sons, Brunswick Street
(formerly Olio)
Concert/Theatre Group
Sat. 14th May, 2.00 pm "Othello" by William
Shakespeare. Abbey Theatre, Dublin. Tickets
£13.50 (40 reserved)
Please sign sheet at meeting or contact Richard
Craft Group
Wed. at 10.30 a.m. Ormeau Library - for
needlework, knitting and nattering.
Art Appreciation Group
Sat.19th March, 11.00 am Ulster Society of
Women Artists Spring Exhibition. Island Arts
Centre, Lisburn. Conducted tour - donation £1.
Please sign sheet at meeting or contact convenors
Creative Writing Ormeau
Mon. 2-4 p.m. Ormeau Library.
Art Club
Tuesdays 10.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. at Belvoir
Players. All media acceptable. Places currently
available in the Group
Cycling Group Meets 2nd & 4th Wed. mornings.
Contact convenor for details
Badminton Group
Monday & Friday 9.30 – 11.00am Avoneil
Leisure Centre. Racquets & shuttlecocks provided
by the Centre.
Creative Writing Workshop - Belvoir
Tues. 2-4 pm Belvoir Players Theatre.
Exercises for the Body and Brain
1st and 3rd Tues. each month 2 - 3 pm in
Belvoir Players Theatre.
Film Group
Usually meets for cinema visits, and optional postfilm coffee, on alternate Mondays. If the
convenors have your email address, they will keep
you informed of the Group's outings
New drama group meets Thurs 2.00 - 4.00 pm. in
Belvoir Players Theatre. No previous experience
necessary - only an interest in drama. All welcome
- especially a few men!
Glee Club
2nd & 4th Tues. each month 2 pm - 3.30 pm. in
Belvoir Theatre. Come and join the fun, singing
along with well known popular songs. All welcome.
Have Your Say
Fri. 1.30 pm in Newtownbreda Presbyterian
Church Hall. Discussion of topical issues
Intermediate Irish Class
Thurs. 1-3 pm, Ormeau Library. A welcome
awaits those with some previous knowledge of
Irish Conversation for Beginners
Fri.1.30 - 3.30 pm in Finaghy Library. New
members will be most welcome
Thurs.8.30 - 11 pm Bourbon Swing with Bill
Cheney - now back at the Parador, Ormeau Road.
Last Fri. each month 8.30 – 11 pm East Belfast
Jazz Club, Downshire Hall, Cregagh Road
Let’s Go
Tues.12th April 10.30am Tour of historic house,
Drumalis, in Larne. Cost: £7.50 including
Please sign sheet at meeting or contact convenors
Literature Group
Wed.10.30-12.30, Finaghy Library.
Military History Group
11am 2nd & 4th Fri. of month in Belvoir Players.
MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses): Meets
monthly on 3rd Mon 12 noon - 1pm in Cregagh
Library (next time: 21st March). Anyone interested
in starting a MOOCs, or who is already doing one, is
welcome. Bring your tablet or laptop, and library
membership number to access WIFI. Please email
the Convenor if you have any queries.
Pilates Group
Mon., Wed and Thurs. 2.00 – 3.00 pm at
Belvoir Players. Contact relevant convenor Come,
loosen up and get fit!
Plato’s Parlour
A Ramble through Philosophy.
1st, 2nd & 3rd Thurs. of month, 10.30 - 12.30,
Finaghy Library, Finaghy Road South.
Play Reading Group
Tuesdays 10.30a.m.–12.30p.m. at Convenor
Meriel Grant’s home. New members and new ideas
always welcome.
Poetry Group
2nd & 4th Tues. 1.15 pm Newtownbreda
Presbyterian Church Hall. New members welcome.
Rambling with a Sketch Book
The group is not functioning currently as the
convenor is on sabbatical doing an FT art course.
Activities will be resumed in June 2016.
Scrabble group
Thurs. 1.30 - 3.30 pm. in Finaghy Library
Sunday Lunch group
2nd Sun of month at 1.30 pm in Malone Lodge
Please sign sheet at meeting or contact Betty.
Tai Chi
Wed. 11.00 a.m. in Divis Community Centre. £2.
/ Fri. 11.15a.m. Grove Well Being Centre. £2.20.
Newcomers please tel. convenor
The Last Word
Our discussion group meets Fridays 1.30.-3.00
p.m. at Belvoir Players.
Woodburning Pokerwork
Meets alternate Mondays, 10.00 am in Belvoir.
New members always welcome
11.00a.m. Thursday 31st March
VENUE: Belvoir Players Theatre, Belvoir Estate
Speaker: Brian Mullen on
"Singing from the same Hymn Sheet"
Editor: Carol Rusk Either phone 9086 2129
or email [email protected]
Charity Commission Reg. No. NIC101362
All-weather Walking: Veronica Browne 9260
5635 / Brenda McHugh 9096 1579 / Brian Bridge
9263 9568 /0777 0538069 / Daphne B 9260 7004 &
Jennifer L 9061 1665
Archaeology Group: Rosemary Hunter 9048 9704
/ Margery Jennings 9059 4466 / Rosaleen
McNaughton 9065 6348 / Liz Thomas 9752 8241
Art Appreciation Group Ann Hayes 9266 4780
Edna Murray 9048 2157
Art Club
Renee McClory 9543 7530
(asst.con.) Lois Logan 9337 8651
Badminton Group
Drew Lorimer 9062 8200
Have Your Say
Tony Rosato 9064 1569
co-convenors: (
Hilary Scott 9066 6608
( Elizabeth McKeown 9065 2382
Intermediate Irish and Irish Conversation
for Beginners
Sheila Leggett 9064 9639
Jill Warwick 9061 2653
Pat Aldred 9066 6246
Book Group 1
Anne McGovern 9028 3383
[email protected]
Book Group 2 Florence Davidson 9049 1237
[email protected]
Book Group 3
Cynthia Kelly
9267 0296
Bridge,Duplicate Margery Jennings 90594466
Betty O’Rawe
9058 6439
Bridge, Informal
Brunch Group
Pat McNamee
9061 2942
Elizabeth Baillie 9061 4107
[email protected]
Catering Co-ordinator
Maria Maguire
9058 6040 / [email protected]
“Let’s Go” Club
Literature Group
Military History
Meet and Greet
Concert/Theatre Maureen Pimley 07811 944716
[email protected] /
Richard Oldfield 07511540889
Craft Group
Jill Quinn 9260 1525
Heather Irwin 0778 916 3116
Creative Writing
Lena McCann 9060 2826
[email protected]
Creative Writing Workshop - Belvoir
Valerie Goggin 9029 5829
[email protected]
Cycling Group Jackie Mitchell 9042 6020 /
[email protected]
Exercises for the Body and Brain
Ursula Smith 9066 5759
[email protected]
Film Group
Alison Williamson 9082 6331
[email protected] & Betty McCarthy
0771 624 0588
[email protected]
John and Joan Hayes 9061 9449
Garden Group
Glee Club
Golf Group
Joan Hamilton 9262 1771
[email protected]
Sally Cunningham 9262 1829
Wilma Chrusciak 9091 3971
Adrian Ross 0772 949 9671
[email protected]
Clare Devlin 9020 9723
Jennifer Lemon 9061 1665
June Martin 9062 6317
[email protected]
Nuala Zahran 9071 5820
[email protected]
Gwyn Hughes 9086 2001
Pat Aldred 90666246
Pauline Prior 9022 2938
[email protected]
(Mon) Irene Symington 9062 8200
[email protected] /
(Wed) Muriel Patterson 9049 1253 /
(Thurs.) Heather Irwin 07789163116
Plato’s Parlour
Rosie Dargan 07999630059
[email protected]
Play Reading Group Meriel Grant 9064 3686
Poetry Group
Kristin Nelson 9029 3028
[email protected]
(assistant con.) Mavis Turner 9079 8416
[email protected]
Rambling with a Sketch Book
Judith Loder 90650926
Scrabble Group
Bill Duff 0779 267 3846
[email protected]
Sunday Lunch Group Betty O'Rawe 9058 6439
Tai Chi
The Last Word
Pat Graham 9029 1298
Ronnie Carser 9066 6358
[email protected]
Margaret Wills 9263 9158
[email protected]
Woodburning Pokerwork
Shirley Pierce
9066 2246 [email protected]

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