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Be a force of nature
Nutrition Scientist – AFI
Our innovators move fast and draw strength from their
natural curiosity as well as their specialist knowledge.
You love to put your intellectual skills to the test every
day and you feel like exploring the frontier of your field
and inventing new standards.
Are you ready to use your expert knowledge of
how nutrition affects the human physiology and
biochemistry? Arla Foods Ingredients (AFI) is an independent company within the Arla Foods Group, with
an ambition to become the true global leader in valueadded whey. By identifying, developing and promoting
nutrition science you are supporting the development
and trends within nutrition. Your new work place is
in Aarhus.
You secure our nutritional evidence base
As Nutrition Scientist you secure the evidence focus on
sports nutrition and functional food products. It will be
your responsibility to manage a series of clinical trials
within this area, and you will be overall accountable
for securing the nutritional evidence base supporting
our ingredients. Moreover, you are an essential part of
the development of sales and marketing material and
provide input to the development of new ingredients.
As such, you contribute to fuelling our product pipeline
with innovative ideas and a basis of valid knowledge for
the further development of new products.
You can foresee an expert role and a challenging job
where you will have an extensive network of universities and researchers within sports and health nutrition,
highly professional stakeholders in Arla, the industry
and relevant research communities.
Skilled Project Manager
with nutrition background
You hold a Master’s degree or a PhD within Nutrition,
Sports Science, Molecular Biology or the like. This
means that you are experienced producing scientific
evidence and understand how nutrition affects the
human physiology and biochemistry. This requires that
you have a keen eye for the scenery of research and
keep yourself updated on recent trends.
You use your scientific approach and background to
bring nutrition evidence forward and consequently
support the sales of our ingredients. Also, you are
an experienced project manager who knows how to
define goals and achieve them. You have an open mind
and the skills to get your opinion and ideas across, and
it comes natural to you to manoeuvre in a major matrix
organisation where you build relations to colleagues.
Finally, you are a great communicator with strong
English proficiency and the ability to make your field
accessible to non-specialists.
Application and contact
Send your application to [email protected] no later
than 11 August and include “3450714” in the subject
field. For additional information, please call Troels
Nørgaard Laursen, Head of Health & Performance
Nutrition at +45 8938 1157. Please state in your
application where you have seen the advertisement.
At Arla Foods, we turn milk into innovative products and strive to bring consumers
around the world closer to nature. We are united and empowered by respect for the
natural source that keeps us in business, and we share a determination to continue
our ambitious development and growth. It will be a journey of a lifetime and to
succeed we work together – to Lead, Sense & Create.

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