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New Annapolitans News
March 2016
New Annapolitans
P.O. Box 5251 Annapolis, MD 21403-0700
GENERAL MEETING: Wednesday, March 2, 2016
PROGRAM: “Women in History Month – Women in the Naval Academy”
WHERE: Unitarian Universalist Church, 333 Dubois Rd., Annapolis, MD
WHEN: Social time 9:30 to 10:00 am; Meeting 10:00 am
OPTIONAL LUNCH: Fado at One Park Place, Annapolis (sign-up desk in lobby)
**Prospective members are invited to check in with the VP-Membership at 9:15 am.**
General meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month except February, July and August.
PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE: Ann Carroll (410-224-2753) [email protected]
It was a grey, rainy day but you’d never have guessed it when you looked around the room at Carrol’s Creek on
February 3rd. So many smiling faces! The theme was “First Ladies,” and Kathy Formisano and her team did an
exceptional job carrying it through – from the tables dedicated to first ladies, to the program of first lady trivia, to
the generous selection of related books as door prizes. Diane DiNardo sent us home with two handsome coasters
that she hand-stamped -- a lovely reminder of a happy afternoon. As one member observed, “I had no idea these
luncheons were so lovely! I’ve never been to one before, and I’m so glad I came!”
Our two yearly luncheons are one of the “perks” of belonging to New Annapolitans. Your ticket price only covers
part of the cost, as the club is able to boost the amenities a bit from our treasury, and there is no cost for the
dozens of hours the committee puts in to making the event so very special. And there is another aspect that
endears the events to the hearts of many of us – random, yet assigned, seating.
When applications to the lunch arrive, the committee assigns the tables one by one. This means you are often
seated with people you don’t know – and this goes to the heart of our club. I heard one member exclaim as she
left her table, “It was perfect! Four people I didn’t know at all, and two that I did! We had such a good time!”
This aspect also makes the luncheons ideal for new members, who may worry that they don’t know enough
people yet and so are hesitant about attending.
You’ll have another chance soon enough. Our next luncheon is June 15, and we also have a festive Silent Auction
to look forward to! Join us – you’ll be glad you did.
Ann Carroll
our vibrant organization, ask her to submit a letter to the
Board addressed to me. In addition, be sure to
encourage perspective members to visit the New
Annapolitans website at where
links are available to download our current newsletter
and New Member Application.
Board Information
Georgina Hammond (410-263-4342)
[email protected]
Maryann Yania (410-224-4401)
[email protected]
All newcomers (new members are newcomers for a year
after joining) are invited to alternating coffees at 10 am
or teas at 1 pm on the third Thursday of each month
except August. The March Newcomers Coffee (10
am-12 pm) will be held on Thursday, March 17th at
Conte Lubrano, hosted by Robin Soma-Dudley and
Barb Young. Please join us to meet other newcomers
and learn about events in and around Annapolis. Watch
for an email from your Big Sister, and mark your
calendars for these fun get-togethers.
It’s never too late to try a new interest group. If you
would like to join a group, just contact the chair, and she
will gladly add you to the email list and answer any
questions you may have. It’s also not too early to think
about chairing an interest group or starting a new one
for next year. Please contact me if you have any
Jo Ann Cesari (410-757-5351)
[email protected]
Matty Matzen (410-280-1447)
[email protected]
March is "Women in History" month, and the program
honors women in the military, with a presentation by the
curator, Tracie Logan, on the USNA exhibition "Ability,
Not Gender," opening June 30, 2016. The title comes
from Secretary Carter's recent remarks on the repeal of
the last combat exclusion laws. In addition, Jill Cesari,
current Battle Watch Captain at the Naval Operation
Center and U.S. Naval Academy graduate, will
complement the discussion with real work experiences.
In her recent assignment as Commanding Officer on the
USS Shoup in the Middle East, she led 305 officers and
enlisted personnel on board a Flight IIA Arleigh Burke
destroyer, responsible for executing mission tasks across
18 warfare specialties. New Annapolitans is proud that
Jill is the daughter of New Annapolitans Secretary, Jo
Ann Cesari.
Please forward to the above email any information
about members who would benefit from a card sent on
behalf of all New Annapolitans. No information,
without the permission of the member involved, will be
published in the Newsletter nor announced at the
General meeting.
Terry Martini (443-221-7260)
[email protected]
All checks for club functions should be made payable to
New Annapolitans. To receive payment, interest group
chairs must submit a yellow “Request for Payment”
form and appropriate receipts. Deposits given to the
Treasurer should be accompanied by a pink “Checks for
Deposit” form. All transactions can be mailed to Terry
Martini, 2156 Chesapeake Harbour Drive, Annapolis,
MD 21403.
Patience Chaplin (410-224-2044)
[email protected]
Treasurer’s Report January 31st, 2016:
Receipts: ....................................................$1,330.18
Disbursements: ..........................................$1,581.90
Community Outreach Monies: ..................$6,806.92
Music Lovers Circle Monies: ......................$ 218.01
Wine Tasting Monies:……………………..$ 334.82
NA Excess Reserves: ............................. $11,282.16
NA Reserves: ..........................................$20,000.00
Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Welcome Spring!
We now have 684 members! With 100 new members!
If you know anyone who has recently moved to the
Greater Annapolis area and expressed an interest in
joining New Annapolitans, please ask her to contact me.
As most of you know, last year, we amended Standing
Rule #5 to consider perspective members who do not fit
the qualification of having moved to the area in the past
two years but have recently experienced a major life
change like retirement or the death of a spouse. If you
know anyone like this who you think could benefit from
specialist, talking to a friend with a good experience
with that group will always be the best bet to find
With over 50 New Annapolitans members who have
offered to consider your request, you will find exactly
who or what you need. You will not get advertisements
or multiple e-mails, only a suggestion from another
member of our group.
Pat Casey (410-216-7025)
[email protected] Allen (410-263-1287)
[email protected] McCluan (410-451-1322)
[email protected] Kim Taft (410-349-1891)
[email protected] Gibbons (814-574-2417)
[email protected]
Diane Shurtleff (410-975-0346)
[email protected]
Send your request to [email protected] We’ll
send your question to our volunteers who will answer
you only if they have used the service personally and
had a good experience with it.
Because the answer is to you personally by email, you
can request more information from the member sending
it to you. These suggestions are only between members.
We take no responsibility for any shared information. Please help us record the 2015-16 New Annapolitans
year in pictures. Take photos of your interest group
activities, then email them to Pat Casey or to any of the
historians. Please be sure to include the interest group’s
name, the names of those pictured, and any other
information pertinent to the photograph.
Karen Kelly (703-851-6438)
[email protected]
Send your group interest information to the above
address and contact me with questions and comments.
Interest Chairs’ information about each group’s
activities for the following month is due by the 10th of
the current month. Information for the April newsletter
is due March 10th.
Dianne McConnell (304) 281-7397
[email protected] Cunningham (410-956-8808)
[email protected] O’Rourke (443-949-0708)
[email protected] Tarr (443-949-9697)
[email protected] Caprice (301-367-6930)
[email protected]
If you do not receive your electronic issue, check your
spam or junk mailbox. If it isn’t there, contact Jane
Dutcher at [email protected] to be sure she has your
correct current email address in the Constant Contact
Gently Loved Books
The House Committee organizes the social hour before
each general meeting. These members are the first to
arrive at the church, preparing the beverages, decorating
the buffet table, and accepting refreshment donations
from contributing members.
Wednesday, March 2
New Annapolitans General Meeting
All New Annapolitans members are asked to take a turn
contributing baked goods, fresh fruit, or other healthy
treats. A sign-up sheet is passed around at each monthly
general meeting for members to bring refreshments for
the next meeting. Please share your culinary skills.
Books of all sorts with best
Fiction, Non-fiction, Thrillers NA RESOURCES
Terry Martini (443-221-7260) [email protected]
and More!
(to benefit Community Outreach)
Whether you’ve just moved to this area or have lived
here for years, we all need help finding reliable people
for projects in our everyday lives. If it’s simply someone
to cut your hair, a good yard service or a doctor
BIBLIOPHILES (2nd Thursday 1 – 3 pm)
Jean Phillips (410-757-7774)
[email protected]
Interest Groups
Bibliophiles will meet on Thursday, March 10th at the
home of Barbara Wendell. March’s book is the
Flanders Panel by Arturo Perez-Reverte at the home of
Jean Phillips. Contact Jean to RSVP.
Guidelines for Participating in Interest Groups:
1. You must be a paid member to participate in interest group activities.
2. When participating in an interest group activity in the member’s home, please give the hostess a
minimum of three day’s notice for reservations or cancellations.
3. No reservations may be taken until an event is
announced in the newsletter.
4. No refunds will be given for cancellations unless
there are replacements from the waiting list. If there is no waiting list or other replacements
from the membership, no refund will be given.
5. Checks for any event should be made out to New Annapolitans.
6. All interest groups are voluntary and self-sustaining.
BOOKIES (2nd Thursday 2 – 4 pm)
Cheryl Fisher (410-798-8470)
[email protected] Basinski (410-224-4142)
[email protected] Stackhouse (410-573-6990)
[email protected] Schwartz (410-266-5439)
[email protected]
Bookies will meet on Thursday March 10th at the home
of Betty Creighton We will be discussing the book: The
River of Doubt by Candice Millard. All are welcome,
but an RSVP is required. Please call Betty at
410-571-9388 or email her at [email protected] by
Monday, March 7th. Space may be limited.
Marshall’s Parking Policy: Some interest groups use the parking area of Marshalls, 152 Jennifer Rd.,
Annapolis, when they carpool for day trips. Marshalls
allows this, but asks that you notify their management
company three days in advance. Call Beatson
Companies at 410-224-3700, and let the person who
answers know of your plans. This policy applies only to
NA groups. Overnight parking is not permitted. Like all
mall parking, you leave your car at your own risk.
(4th Tuesday from 2 – 4 pm)
Judy Spiewak (508-877-2686)
[email protected] Green (410-268-2234)
[email protected]
Book Groups
The meeting of the Headlines and History Book Club
for will be Tuesday, March 22nd, and the book is The
Oregon Trail by R. Buck. If anyone has suggestions for
books to read in April and May, please send them to
Judy or Betty. AFTERNOON TEA BOOK CLUB (4th Wednesday at 2 pm)
Deke Kidwell (443-949-8182)
[email protected] Arruda (252-671-0718)
[email protected]
(2nd Wednesday at 10:30 am)
Ruthie Wexley (410-280-8983)
[email protected]
Our book club will meet on Wednesday, March 23rd at
the home of Irene Bise. Linda Cunningham and Joan
Swecker will assist Irene. Deke Kidwell will be the
discussion leader for our book choice of the month,
Lila, by Marilynne Robinson. Please contact Irene at
[email protected] or 410-849-3705 if you plan to
attend, and be sure you are on our email list to receive
final details and driving directions. Contact Deke
Kidwell for updates.
March 9th we will be meeting at the home of Barbara
Miles to discuss The Funeral Dress by Susan Gregg
Gilmore. Please RSVP Barbara at
[email protected] New members are always
Card Groups
Couples Groups
(Every Monday 1:30-3:30)
Marlene Robbins (443-221-7729)
[email protected]
A couple is two people, one of whom must be a New Annapolitans member.
EVERYTHING COUPLES BRIDGE (4th Friday at 7:30 pm)
Eleanor Huggins (410-849-2798)
[email protected]
Beginners Bridge is a group of “rusty” bridge players
who want to play bridge again but need both some
instruction and a group in which to play and learn. We
play every Monday at the Park Place party room. We
often put our hands down after the game and see how
we might have bid or played differently. We are very
low key--lots of laughs and no one gets upset at
anyone. We usually have 2 tables and sometimes 3 if
everyone is in town. An email is sent out on
Wednesday and you must respond by Saturday if you
want to play on the upcoming Monday. We
accommodate extras so no one is left out. March’s bridge evening will be hosted by Kathy Nevel
on Friday March 25th at 7:30 pm.Members on our
contact list are notified by Evite and are asked to reply
on Evite. Space may be limited. Please call or email
Eleanor for more information.
Sheri Reagor (410-266-5266) [email protected]
We are a group of couples – husband/wife/significant
other — or if you are single, just grab a partner and
come along. We usually meet for dinner during the third
week of the month. We aim for Wednesday nights and
occasionally a Sunday brunch. We try various locations,
dress styles and price points. We meet for a social/
cocktail hour followed by a fun-filled dinner in a group
setting. Each couple orders from the menu and pays for
their dinners on a separate check.
ElaineKahn (202-465-5250)
[email protected] Greenberg (410-897-0531)
[email protected]
Bridge begins at 1 pm. We will send an invitation to
those on our Evite contact list; others may respond by
email or phone. If you email or leave a voicemail
message, do not assume you are in until you get a
response from us. Tables will be filled on a first-come
basis. Carpools are recommended. If you need a ride,
please contact us.
We require a one-time deposit check of $30 per couple
payable to New Annapolitans to assure your place in the
group. This check will be returned to you at the end of
the year. Each month you will receive an email well in
advance stating the venue, the date and time, and how to
make your reservation. Note: Reservations are required.
Come join neighbors and your New Annapolitan friends
at the Couples Dining Around monthly event. CANASTA CLUB — MODERN AMERICAN
(Every Monday, 1-4 pm.
Sharon Herr (410-573-9970)
[email protected] Smith (443-458-5123) [email protected]
Barb Young (609-638-2765) [email protected] Strange (301-509-9522) ]l=9
Meg Basinski (410-224-4142) [email protected] Henick (410-267-1507)
[email protected]
Modern American Canasta is played with a group of
ladies every Monday afternoon. We meet at members’
homes and socialize from 12:30 pm to 1 pm.
Afterwards, we play cards until 4 pm. If you have ever
played Canasta and would like to play with us, we will
show you Canasta with a new twist! Contact either
Sharon or Bonnie to be put on the email list.
Our next event is scheduled for Sunday, March 6th,
from 5:00-7:00 pm at the lovely home of Phyllis and
Marshall Bratton, 373 Southport Drive, Edgewater, MD
21037. Space is limited, so please send your check
made out to New Annapolitans for $32 per person to
Patricia Strange, 2626 Quiet Water Cove, Annapolis,
MD 21401.
COMMUNITY OUTREACH (3rd Tuesday, social at 1 pm, meeting at 1:15 pm)
Tessie Ballard (410-798-8234)
[email protected] Crawford (443-223-5398)
[email protected] Sattler (410-295-2910)[email protected]
Golf Groups
18-HOLE GOLF GROUP (Thursday mornings)
Sandy Oseroff (240-351-8329)
[email protected] Jaffee (240-731-6677)
[email protected]
9 HOLE GOLF GROUP (Thursday mornings)
Elaine Kahn (202-465-5250)
[email protected] Shearer (410-544-1803)
[email protected] H. Smith (410-573-0178)
[email protected]
CLOTHES BOX: Please bring clothing for the Clothes
Box donations to our next Community Outreach
FAUST WORKSHOP: Nancie Kennedy is giving a
special informal opera workshop on Gounod’s thrilling
grand opera “Faust” at her home in Heritage Harbour
from 1-3 PM, on Wednesday, March 9th. This
workshop, which is a Community Outreach fundraiser,
will be $15.00 and is limited to 25 participants. Light
refreshments will be served. If interested, please send a
check to Nancie Kennedy for $15.00 payable to New
Annapolitans with Community Outreach on the memo
line. Nancie’s address is 2571 Golfers Ridge Road,
Annapolis, MD 221401. Please confirm registration
with your check by March 7th. “Faust” will be
performed at Maryland Hall by the Annapolis Opera
with the Annapolis Symphony on Friday, March 18 and
Sunday, March 20. Please watch your Community
Outreach emails to register for the opera workshop and
to order 20% discounted tickets.
Beth Darling (561-633-2270)
[email protected]
All Golf Groups wish you a warm winter and will be
seeing you in the spring!
More Groups
Lynn Moore (571-214-8202)
[email protected] Nash (805-680-8161) [email protected]
SILENT AUCTION: Instead of a basket, Community
Outreach is preparing a treasure chest filled with
treasures from the Chesapeake. Please help us fill it by
bringing items to the next meeting or taking them to
Genie Crawford at 1166 Clarendon Drive, Annapolis,
After Hours Group would like to encourage old and new
members to host an activity any time during any month.
Pick your activity (Happy Hour, play, additional movie,
musical event) and invite our members to join you. We
are a spontaneous group! We plan our events through
email so keep a lookout for many extras during each
month. Please reply to the HOSTESS ONLY, to accept
an event .
TICKETS and THINGS: This is a new fundraiser for
our group. If a member of our group has an extra ticket
to an event, she can offer it to members of our group for
a suitable donation to Community Outreach. Genie
Crawford will be the contact person. We will send out
the entire proposal in an email blast.
Tuesday movie night (discount night at Harbour 9
Theater): Helen Poli will send an email indicating this
month's movie and she encourages all members to enjoy
a pre Academy Award movie. Please RSVP to Helen at
[email protected] after she announces the movie so
she knows to expect you.
Norma Farrell is our hostess for the March meeting. Her
co-hostesses are Renee Ehler, Celeste Peters, Susan
Levin, and Mary Lou Fultz. Please contact Norma to
RSVP or for additional information at 410-573-5323 or
at [email protected]
Friday, March 11th: Lynn Moore will host a Happy
Hour at the Chop House bar in the Annapolis Towne
Center, 5 - 7 PM. RSVP to [email protected]
Sunday, March 20th: Our Maryland Day Celebration
begins with a visit to the William Paca House and
Hogshead & Brice House, followed by lunch at
Reynold’s Tavern. We’ll meet at the Paca House at
10:30 am. Please RSVP to Sandy Nash at
[email protected] to confirm your participation.
Lesley Younes (410-626-8587)
[email protected]
Stephanie Woll (410-571-9345) ;
[email protected]
Lesley Younes has volunteered to start this cooking
group for those with cooking expertise they would like
to share. Email her with your special cooking style,
especially international foods. The group needs
volunteer kitchens, great cooks who want to share their
ideas, and helpers (students?) who want to stay after to
help clean up.
Classes will be limited to about 10 ladies, and we’ll
meet monthly for about 3 hours, 11 am to 2 pm. Costs
will vary according to the menu, but it will be based on
the cost of the ingredients divided by the number in the
class. Contact Lesley to be a part of this group either as
a cook or a student — or both! Details will be sent after
a mailing list is assembled.
On Wednesday, March 16th, we have arranged a tour of
St. John’s College and a visit to the Mitchell Gallery’s
American impressionists exhibit. Lunch will follow,
with an afternoon tour of both the The James Brice
House, the newest acquisition of Historic Annapolis,
and a tour of the State House. Please phone or email
Stephanie by March 6th if you wish to participate.
GERMAN CONVERSATION GROUP (3rd Friday at 10:30 am)
Mary Beth Jones (703-919-7049)
[email protected] Strong (410-956-1640) [email protected]
Even if you have only basic school German, think about
joining us for a monthly social gathering that includes
coffee, tea, and snacks. We converse in German at all
levels about anything that interests us, and always
manage to enjoy some good laughs. Contact one of the
co-chairs if you would like to be on our email list.
Pat Casey (410-216-7025)
[email protected] McCluan (410-451-1322)
[email protected]
On Wednesday, March 16th, we will visit the National
Building Museum (401 F Street NW in Washington
followed by lunch in Chinatown. Museum admission is
$10 for adults and $7 for seniors. We will meet in the
parking area to the left of Marshall’s (152 Jennifer
Road) at 8:30 am and carpool to the Metro. If you plan
to participate, please let Pat Casey and Deanie McCluan
GREAT DECISIONS (2nd or 3rd Friday at 1 pm)
Matty Matzen (410-280-1447)
[email protected] Fitzgerald (410-991-3972)
[email protected] Fitch (410-571-5018)
[email protected]
FUN LUNCH (4th Thursday at noon)
Norma Farrell (410-573-5323)
[email protected] Ballard (410-798-8234)
[email protected]
This is a non-partisan, world affairs discussion group
(national) focused on U.S. foreign policy interests. This
month’s topic is “The Rise of Isis” What is it, and what
danger does it pose to U.S. interests?
The group will meet on March 18th at Sue Jacobson’s at
1:00 pm. Her address is Bay Woods, 7101 Bay Front
Drive, Annapolis, MD 21403, Unit #200. Please RSVP
to Sue at 410-571-5083.
Our lunches are casual get-togethers of our members.
We meet each month on the 4th Thursday at the home of
a member who volunteers to be hostess. The hostess
chooses the menu and/or theme. She may select the
number of people she feels she can accommodate. This
hostess also may select other members as co-hostesses.
This is a relaxed and enjoyable get together. You will be
informed by email where the fun lunch is being held,
the theme of the luncheon, the phone number of the
hostess, and directions.
The 2016 foreign Affairs book may be ordered by phone
(800-477-5836) or online at If you have
not yet paid your $5.50 for teaching materials, please
bring a check or cash to the meeting.
Just add your name to the fun lunch list and phone or
email the hostess to let her know that you are going to
MAH JONGG — NATIONAL (Every Monday from 11 am-3 pm)
Paula Caprice (301-367-6930)
[email protected] Bowers (410-268-1012)
[email protected]
Wednesday Walkers take morning walks in local
neighborhoods only. They alternate their walks between
the USNA, Eastport, and Murray Hill/Downtown
Annapolis. Pat Casey is the contact person for
Wednesday Walkers.
Once on the NANAs’ email list, you will receive a
detailed email a few days before the walks, specifying
time and meeting place. If you are not yet on our
mailing list, contact Ginger, Gloria, or Pat before the
walk for the current itinerary.
We play National rules Mah Jongg, meeting at
members’ homes, where we like to play and socialize. If
you are an experienced player, a beginner, or you want
to learn, you are welcome to join us. An email with
information will be sent to members each week.
RECOLLECTIONS (2nd Monday at 2 pm)
Stephanie Anderson (703-258-2491)
[email protected]
MUSIC LOVERS’ CIRCLE (No regular monthly meetings)
Linda Russell (845-558-2969) [email protected]
We will meet on Monday, March 14th. Contact
Stephanie for the prompt and the name of the hostess
and directions.
We are a group of music lovers who enjoy sharing a
variety of musical experiences (classical, jazz, opera,
international and popular). We share information on
musical happenings in the Annapolis, DC, and
Baltimore areas. Members can decide to meet for an
activity, if interested. We also schedule occasional
events that may include a tour, musical performance and
dining out. An appreciation of music is the only
requirement. Please let Linda Russell know if you
would like to be added to our mailing list.
We meet once a month to share short pieces that we
have written from our own experiences or insights. The
topic is selected by the hostess and members come to
the meeting with 2-3 page written responses, having
interpreted the prompt in whatever way they chose, and
read them to the group. These musings or recollections
from our childhood, adolescence, and adulthood allow
us to share ourselves with others in a safe environment.
All things shared by others are agreed to be held in
NEEDLEWORK GROUP (1st and 3rd Thursdays, 9:30 am-noon)
Barbara Jaffe (240-731-6677) [email protected]
Although this is a great way to renew your interest in
writing, or further develop your writing skills, the focus
is not on writing style or expertise. There is no
critiquing of the writing, only sharing with supportive
friends. You are not required to write a paper on your
first visit. Contact Stephanie for meeting specifics and/
or to be placed on our email list.
If you sew, knit, crochet, mend, darn, smock, or do
needlepoint or tapestry, or if you want to learn these
crafts, come to our meeting. We talk, eat, solve the
world’s problems, and laugh.
Terry Martini will host the meeting for March 3rd, and
Betty Henick will host for March 17th.
Ginger Kauppi (203-249-1585)
[email protected]
(NANAs) (Every Tuesday and Wednesday mornings)
Ginger Kauppi (203-249-1585)
[email protected] Wagner (808-936-3009) [email protected]
Pat Casey (410-216-7025) [email protected]
This is a lively group of women who are native speakers
of Spanish, married to native speakers of Spanish, have
lived in Spanish speaking countries, or are “wannabes”
who have some background knowledge and would like
to brush up on their rusty skills. We have been meeting
for lunch at local Latin American restaurants to eat and
chat. Once on the mailing list, you will be notified of
future meetings.
Tuesday NANAs enjoy walking outdoors and exploring
Annapolis and the greater metropolitan area. Walks are
usually followed by an optional stop for coffee or lunch
at a local restaurant. Each week’s walk is planned and
led by a member of the group.
If it rains on a Tuesday, we walk in the Westfield
Annapolis Shopping Mall at 9 am. We meet at the sofas
in front of the interior Nordstrom entrance.
Kim Taft (410-349-1891) [email protected]
New Members
Winter continues, so our tennis group is playing indoors
at the Brigade Sports Complex every Monday. We are
limited by the number of people per court when we play
indoors, so we take sign-ups on a first come, first served
basis (pun intended!). If you are interested in joining
us, please contact Kim Taft.
Brown, Mary Doran (Mark)
H: 301-774-0721
[email protected]
Heritage Harbour from Montgomery County, MD
Lorraine Fassett (410-573-1030)
[email protected] DeLuca (410-626-0098)
[email protected]
Forge, Elaine 'Laney'
1572 Ritchie Lane; Annapolis, MD 21401
H: 909-964-1395
[email protected]
Southwoods from Claremont, CA
High School Principal & Family Therapist (ret)
Women on Water continues to be a group of wonderful
women who love to be on the water. We are looking
forward to spring and a chance to be on boats, kayaks,
or anything that moves through the water. There will be
a meeting in April to express suggestions and plans for
the upcoming season. See you there!
Giblin, Mary (Michael)
5 Park Place, # 129;Annapolis, MD 21401
H: 443-714-8989
[email protected]
Historic District from Wisconsin
Educator (ret)
Langman, Kathleen
2737 Yeoman’s Lantern Ct.; Annapolis, MD 21401
C: 410-353-8852
[email protected]
Heritage Harbour from Edgewater, MD
General Meeting Cancellation
When the Anne Arundel County
Schools are closed or on delayed
opening due to inclement
weather, the General Meeting
will be cancelled. Please
monitor local media for
school closing announcements.
Manning, Lisa
1321 Farley Ct. South; Arnold, MD 21012
H: 713-542-3634
[email protected]
Barksdale in Arnold from Houston, TX
Craniosacral Therapist
Stein-Aaron, Ann (Hugh)
66 Franklin St., Unit 302; Annapolis, MD 21401
H: 410-224-2862
[email protected]
Acton's Landing from Cushing, ME
Diane Voshell has a new email:
Karen Rees has a new email: [email protected]
Sharon Furrow
123 Kendal Drive; Oberlin, OH 44074
(440) 774-6798
[email protected]
Post Office Box 5251
Annapolis, MD 21403

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