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Mary Boyle, Countess of Cork and Orrery
Mary Boyle, Countess of Cork and Orrery

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SEASON AGAIN! Homeroom Olympics was first conceived by students
at a Forum meeting in an effort to
foster closer student/teacher connections and build homeroom unity.
It has grown into a lively, friendly
competition that involves well over
two thirds of the school. The hardworking and creative Olympic Committee is comprised entirely of students from all four grades including Lindsay Alter, Sarah Daymude, Chloe Williams, Samantha
Bellier-Igasaki, Katie Clark, Elizabeth Loren, Parker Smith, Cole
Bridges, Taylor King, Madison
Vance, Erin Maxwell, Lane Levin,
Benjamin Loren, Lizzie Waters,
Isaac Rosenbaum, Connor Still
and Lukas Sumabat.
All Olympic events require teamwork
and promote San Dieguito H.S.
Academy school spirit. Each event
taps into the many and varied talents of Academy students. For example, students will compete in a
dodgeball tournament, design their
own homeroom flags, and are currently responding to a survey about
the events they hope to compete in
this year.
Events may include creating a Best
Homeroom Music Video, So You
Think You Can Dance, Synchronized Swimming Without Water, and
Homeroom Olympics 2016 kicked off with
Chopped! Homerooms brought a secret ingredient. Extra points were awarded for dressing like
a chef and spirit!
many others. Homerooms may also
compete in Homeroom Family Feud, a
game-show type format in which
teams of students try to match their
answers to survey questions. Students
will also demonstrate their loving team
spirit in ―Spread the Joy,‖ a Random
Acts of Kindness activity for the whole
school. Additional upcoming events
could include a Draw Your Homeroom
Teacher in Chalk Art Contest, Scavenger Hunt, Star Wars Trivia Contest,
Xtreme Musical Chairs, and other funfilled activities.
Over 47 homerooms competed last
year, and we expect even more to join
in this year. Last year’s winners, the
PALs homeroom, will be tough competitors. Currently, Ms. Siers homeroom is in the lead. Homerooms may
participate in one, none, all, or some
events. Homeroom Olympics embodies the best of SDA – diversity, fun,
teamwork, and acceptance.
Beginning in February 2016, the San Dieguito Union H.S. District will be
conducting its annual residency verifications for all continuing SDUHSD
students and any new students enrolling for the 2016-17 school year. This
process is a legal requirement in California, and it helps our district ensure
that all available resources are spent efficiently and effectively to the benefit
of SDUHSD families. These additional steps will help provide a full and precise accounting of our student population as we review staffing for the coming year. All continuing students in grades 7 through 11 must submit residency documentation by April 1, 2016 in order to schedule classes for the 201617 school year. Forms may be dropped off at the District Office, located at
710 Encinitas Blvd. or at San Dieguito H.S. Academy.
Required enrollment forms can be found at or in the registrar’s office. If you
have additional questions regarding residency verification please email [email protected]
by senior Sarah Hernandez
Every year in the fall, students in SDA’s AVID program
go on a three to four day field trip with classmates and
teachers visiting several colleges in California. The
purpose of the trip is to give students the chance to
visit colleges that they would not be able to visit on
their own. Students and teachers look forward to the
trip every year because it is so beneficial in many
ways. As part of the college application process, it is
very important for students to visit colleges before applying. Unfortunately not everyone can afford these
visits, which is why the AVID-sponsored college trip
means a lot to many. Although the colleges visited
were not as far away as ones from past years, the trip
was just as meaningful.
This year the AVID class visited colleges in Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, and Riverside counties.
They toured UCLA, USC, Biola University, UC Riverside, Chapman University, Cal Poly Pomona, UC Irvine, University of Redlands, Claremont McKenna College, Harvey Mudd College, and Pomona College. The
teachers managed to squeeze in at least two tours with
information sessions per day while still leaving time for
school work and rest. Each campus had something
different to offer and each tour guide enthusiastically
showed love for his/her school.
The students learned about college entrance requirements, meal plans, financial aid, campus activities, and
much more. Every AVID student found something they
liked about each college. The upperclassmen especially paid attention during the tours being sure to take
note of which colleges they would apply to in the near
AVID students at University of Southern California. In November.
by junior Annie Pugmire and Jennifer McCluan
The buildings are gone. Two windowless behemoths were razed to
the ground to make way for a new
two story science and math building
that will open in the fall of 2017.
Demolition began in earnest over the
Winter Break (see pictures below),
our construction team sensitive to
the impact the noise of the tumbling
structures could have on instruction.
When we returned in January what
was left was one stubborn wall, a
small pile of debris, and a wide open
space that seemed huge when I put
on my hard hat and was allowed to
walk around.
It’s certainly a hard hat area, and
around it on two sides are muralready walls of plywood. On the north
and west borders of our big dig,
where there aren’t classrooms immediately adjacent, is more flexible
fencing, contracted now to give the
students the most possible room.
As construction continues, I’m in
contact with our ASB, listening at
student forums, and out asking questions of our student body. We know
we can’t anticipate all of the things
that might come up, but working together we can respond to anything in
a way that will support the amazing
teaching and learning here at San
Throughout the construction process,
we’ll post photos on our Facebook
page, and I’ll keep a construction
update as part of my monthly coffees
with the principal.
This is an exciting time to be at San
Dieguito, where we’re building the
future in the heart of a campus rich
with tradition. Almost 80 years into
our history, this building is taking
shape that will stand for the next 80
years and beyond. We get to see it
from the ground up (new quad perspective below).
The High School Selection window
for 2016 will begin on February 1. We
are proud to say that the vast majority
of students choose to stay at SDA!
The High School Selection window
closes February 29, 2016 at 4:00
p.m. so if you know of some prospective SDA families, make sure you put
in a good word and remind them to
visit our website for key dates and
Online course selection for 2016-17
current/returning students continues
throughout March.
The counselors offer extensive support in course selection, including
classroom presentations to juniors
and sophomores in English and to
freshmen in Year One PE. These
presentations will be held for students
at the end of fall term or at the beginning of spring term in an effort to
reach all students. In addition, counselors meet with every student and
individually review their scheduling
choices during period 2 registration
checks from late February to late
With spring approaching, SDA’s Young Leader’s In
Health Care (YLHC) Club has been busy preparing
for the YLHC annual inter-high school project competition in May 2016 and learning more about this
year’s topic of ―Teen Health.‖ With the monthly hospital meetings at Scripps Encinitas, students from
12 local area high schools learn more about health
awareness in the immediate community. In its 7th
year, YLHC is an outreach program supported by
Scripps Memorial Hospital, Encinitas, and is directed by Dr. Andrew Accardi.
In the last two monthly hospital meetings, club
members were privileged to hear from two new
guest speakers from the local medical community,
Eric Paredas and Dr. Mary Boyle. The topics addressed concerned teen heart health, and the inner
workings of the teenage brain. New insights and
research from these presentations will be incorporated by students as they prepare their projects for
the hospital’s May competition.
To prepare for the annual inter-high school competition in May, SDA’s chapter of YLHC is currently
brainstorming ideas for its topic within the category
of teen health. The pace will be picking up shortly
for the club and they are excited to begin working on
it and hopefully bring home another trophy! Last
year, the SDA chapter was awarded 2nd place for
their project, ―Bone Cancers.‖
Students in all grades interested in joining the club
should attend the weekly SDA lunch meetings held
on Thursday’s in room 20 or contact the club’s advisor, Jennifer McCluan at jennifer.mccluan@
USCD Professor Dr. Mary Boyle discusses the impact of
marijuana on the teenage brain at the December 3, 2015 YLHC
Scripps Memorial Hospital meeting.
Yes! We have tutoring!
 Extended Library hours tutoring: Monday-Spanish;
Tuesday-Social Science; Wednesday-Science; and
Thursday-English, 3:30-5:00 p.m.
 Math tutoring: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 3:154:15 p.m., flex lab
 National Honor Society peer tutoring, MondayThursday, 3:15-4:15 p.m., Learning Commons
 And more…. Click on Tutoring on Campus under
Quick Links on the website.
Comprised of over 30 members,
SDA’s Japanese National Honor
Society (JNHS) exists for the primary goal of sharing Japanese culture
with the community through various
volunteer projects. As of this school
year, members have started a new
program reaching out to local elementary schools and teaching 5th
and 6th grade students about Japanese culture (pictured below).
By the end of January, JNHS volunteers had visited
classes at Ocean Knoll and Park Dale Lane and taught
a total of nine lessons. The lesson topics taught were
Introduction to Japanese Culture, Christmas in Japan,
and New Year’s in Japan where students participated in
various activities such as folding origami, creating
nengajou (Japanese New Year’s cards), writing shodou
(Japanese calligraphy), and learning how many varieties of Kit Kats exist in Japan (over 200!). In February,
volunteers will lead a lesson about Japanese Valentine’s Day.
Congratulations to Zackery Edwards, Luke Fosgett, and Sophia
Liedtke (pictured left, below). These students have been selected to the
All-Southern Honor Band, which performs as a part of the Southern California School Band and Orchestra Association’s Winter Conference. This
is a tremendous honor for these students and our Music Program. Congratulations to these awesome musicians!
Also, congratulations to the 13 SDA band students who participated in this
year’s SDUHSD Honor Band concert on January 10th. This year’s representatives were: Max Opferkuch, Josh Pawlak, Sophia Liedtke, Sofia
Piedrafita-Ortiz, Louis Milne, Zackery
Edwards, Jac Ostrie, Parker Smith, Emma Chang, Alexis Hale, Sarah Parkes,
Luke Fosgett and Sam Goldsmith. Sophia Liedtke, Sofia Piedrafita-Ortiz, Jac
Ostrie, and Luke Fosgett were accepted to
the All State Honor Groups (pictured right,
In the way of group accomplishments, the SDA Band was named ―Best
Marching Band‖ in the Encinitas Holiday Parade (pictured above). Way to
go Mustangs! Be sure to check our website,,
for current information and updates about music activities at SDA.
We also invite you to join our Facebook group – just search ―SDA Music
2015-2016‖ and sign up!
by senior Delaney Ryan
San Dieguito H.S. Academy’s theater department is still going strong as we head
into the new year! We're just about
through with the run of our winter musical,
Thoroughly Modern Millie (pictured right),
which debuted on January 15 and continues through January 23.
Jessica Morilak, senior, as Millie Dillmount and
the female ensemble performing "Forget About
The Boy."
As we head into the third quarter, we welcome our two drama production classes
who will be gearing up to put on an exciting season of plays.
The first production of 2016 will be our annual Theatre For a Cause show, a play in
which we donate all of our profits to a worthy organization tied in with the theme of the
production. This show will also feature a silent auction, containing a slew of exciting
products donated to us by local businesses. We have had abundant success in the
past with this unique and humbling experience and hope to continue this year.
Be sure to please check the Theater Department link on the SDA website or SDA Theater on Facebook for information about upcoming events.
Have you reserv
ed your copy of
the 2016 Hoofpr
int? Yearbooks
are on sale in th
e finance office
every day during
lunch or online at
the webstore: sd and
click on SDA Web
store under
Quick Links. Th
e cost of the
yearbook is $90.
(The cost will inc
rease once the
books arrive.)
Don’t be without
your copy
in June!
by freshman Natasha Gardiner,
ASB community service/public relations
The ASB class has planned many school wide events this school year
and some of the highlights included:
 44 student teams competed in our annual Flag Football tournament
with the teacher team beating the students in the finals
 12 student bands participated in the Battle of the Bands with the group
―Rubenstein Drive-By‖ coming in first place
 Adopt a Family program in December in which 32 homeroom classes
participated by adopting needy families and giving them gifts and gift
certificates for the holidays
 Student body elections were held in December. The results are in:
Zachary Kanzler, president; Devon Maguire, vice president; Camilla
Rishmawi, secretary; Gabi Gjata, treasurer; Natalie Shields and
Skyler McFarlane, School Board representatives; Oceana Haaland,
Camryn Hoffman, Matthew Zounes, senior directors; Josh Lim,
Gibran Mustafa, Rami Ibrahim, junior directors; and Natasha Gardiner, Meagan Glazier, Franchesca Finley, sophomore directors.
Here are our up-coming activities:
Winter Formal, February 6: This year we are having Winter Formal at
the Air & Space Museum in Balboa Park from 8:00 to 11:30 p.m. The
theme is "Fly me to the Moon" (dress is formal). There will be a lot of
activities going on throughout the night: professional DJ, photo booths,
chocolate fountains, flight simulators, 4D theater, outdoor patio with live
music, and most exhibits will be open at this incredible venue! Tickets
are on sale at the finance office or online (SDA Webstore) through February 3.
Dodgeball Tournament, February 8-25: We are hosting a Dodgeball
Tournament for homeroom classes. This is one of our many Homeroom
Olympics events.
Manly Month of March, March 1-31: Coming up in March is the ―Manly
Month of March‖ competition. Males are encouraged to refrain from
shaving for the whole month. Before and after pictures will be taken to
see who has the best beard! We also have professional hair stylists for
anyone who wants to donate their hair to ―Locks of Love.‖ This will take
place at lunch at the end of March.
Talent Show in the PAC, March 24: Students that are interested in
participating should sign up in room 70.
For more information regarding activities and events at SDA,
please visit the SDA website under “ASB.” Also, follow us on Facebook “SDA ASB” and Instagram “SDAStudentLife.”
ASB students pose before loading up the truck for Adopt A Family deliveries.
The winter sports season is underway. The boys’ basketball
team has played in some high level tournaments to start the
season, the Santa Margarita Christmas Classic and the Under
Armour Holiday Classic. With only two seniors on the team,
they have taken their lumps but are playing hard. Playing this
level of competition will only make them better come league
play. The girls’ basketball team hosted its own 12 team tournament, and it was a rousing success. They also played in
the So. Cal Prep Holiday Classic and did very well bringing
their record to 4-4. The boys’ soccer team is off to a great
start with a victory over the number one ranked Cathedral
Dons to open the season. They have continued that success
to a 4-2-1 record. The Lady Mustang soccer team took the
winter break off but is excited to start league
Closing the book on Fall Sports, Jennifer
Kerr won the CIF championship for singles
tennis—(pictured left) a first for SDA! The
girls’ tennis team made it to the second round
of the playoffs. The girls’ volleyball team was
the number four seed in the open division but
lost in the semi-finals in a hard fought five
game match to LaJolla. Boys’ water polo lost to El Capitan in
the first round of CIF, and girls’ field hockey qualified for CIF.
Art Fest 2016, the Opening Reception for the End of Term Art
Show and Creative Exhibition, took place in the Mustang Art
Gallery and Mosaic Café on January 12. In addition to the Art
Show in the Gallery, the evening featured four singer/
songwriters—Kennady Tracy, Cordelia Degher, Maddie
Blake, and Lizzy Waters, performing their original songs and
cover songs on the stage in the Mosaic.
Another highlight to the evening was when Mrs. Jackson's AP
Art History class performed a "flash mob" in which the students recreated Velázquez's painting "Las Meninas." Two
theater students took the stage to perform a skit from the
school musical Thoroughly Modern Millie. Video Film students
showed their work on a continuous loop projected outside the
gallery. Students also ran a booth in which they painted people into portraits and photographed them within a frame, inspired by the artwork of Alexa Meade. In addition, students
invited attendees to participate in their "group comic." Artwork
from Oak Crest and Diegueño Middle School students was
also displayed for the evening. Thank you to the Visual Arts
Council parents for helping out with the event. It was a fun
filled evening celebrating the Arts at SDA!
Counseling Corner
Money for College — Financial Aid at a glance
Financial aid is money that is given, earned or lent to help pay for a student’s education. Financial aid is available for career or technical schools, two or four year colleges and universities. It is given in four types: grants, work study, loans and scholarships. All seniors applying to college should complete the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA). Students and parents complete the FAFSA to determine how much
the family can pay the following school year for college and to help determine what
kind of financial aid package the college will offer the student. Many private colleges
also want the CSS PROFILE to be filed in the fall of the senior year.
San Dieguito Academy students will soon
register for their classes for the 2016-17
school year! Our registration process includes many opportunities for students to
learn about their academic needs, to incorporate plans for their future after high
school, and to find out about the many elective options offered in the coming year.
Scholarships may be awarded by colleges, companies, organizations or through San
Dieguito Academy and the San Dieguito Academy Foundation. Many local scholarships can be found on the Naviance website or through online scholarship searches.
Scholarships may be for all grade levels as well as for seniors, and we advertise
scholarships all year long. Therefore, all students should check their Naviance account regularly as well as our counseling webpage for more information. Parents of
seniors should consider joining us on January 28 at 6:00 p.m. for Financial Aid
Night in the Media Center. Laura Trax from Cal State University San Marcos will
present detailed financial aid information. Ltza Vilaboy from MiraCosta College
will present a similar workshop for Spanish speaking parents in the Conference
Center (in the B building) at 6:00 p.m.
Current SDA students will participate in our
In-School Elective Fair on February 2 during homeroom. Teachers and upperclassmen will present displays and answer
questions about such exciting electives as
Architectural Design, PALs, Sculpture, Guitar Manufacturing, Yoga, Video Film, Photography, Culinary Arts, Symphonic Band,
Yearbook, and Biotechnology. Additionally,
counselors and teachers share their insights into course selection.
Plan ahead for the AP Exams
Throughout the month of March, counselors
will meet with each student to be sure they
signed up for the correct classes. On-line
registration closes for current students
on February 19. A detailed instructional
video will be available online on the counseling website. All registration materials are
posted online.
Advanced Placement (AP) exams will be administered May 2 through May 13, 2016.
The specific dates for each test as well as AP exam registration is posted on http:// and linked on the San Dieguito H.S. Academy website.
San Dieguito Academy will be administering 18 exams which help students earn college credit or placement while still in high school. Each college determines their policies regarding whether or not they will award credit for advanced placement. You can
register now for these exams. Regular registration now through March 18 is
$110.00. Late registration is March 19 to March 31, 2016 and the cost is $138.00.
Registration closes on March 31. Since each exam is $110.00 and some students
take five to six exams, it is helpful to budget and plan ahead. For AP registration, go
to February 15, 2016 is the deadline for students
with disabilities to submit requests for testing accommodations.
We are confident that this registration process will offer students every opportunity to
have their academic needs met for the coming school year.
Grade Level Registration Presentations
Counselors have begun to meet with all students on registering for classes for the
2016-17 school year. We start with juniors who get an additional Junior Audit where
we go over their transcripts and grad status, post secondary options and college planning. We make sure they have a Naviance account and encourage researching college options now. We also go over SAT/ACT testing information. The Junior Audit
Presentation is available on the counseling website under "Presentations.‖ We will
meet with all sophomores and freshmen next going over registration options, graduation and A-G requirements. All students will be given a Course Selection Contract to
be signed by both student and parent. All students will need to register their classes
online between February 4-19. Complete instructions are on the counseling website
under "Registration 2016-17.‖ All students are encouraged to:  attend college fairs,
 go to college visits on campus,  use their Naviance account and the counseling
webpage, and  see their counselor for help or questions.
MiraCosta College Matriculation in a Day
Transportation to Matriculation Day on March 24 will be provided to seniors who are
interested in attending MiraCosta for the Fall of 2016. Students may take the placement exams in English and math here at SDA before going on the trip to MiraCosta.
During the day, students will receive academic advisement, and be given an orientation to the college. Interested seniors should sign up in the counseling office where
they will also receive more detailed information.
Counselor Vicki deJesús meets with sophomores
about course registration. Counselors will meet with
all students before registration begins.
5th Annual SDUHSD College Night & Fair
Tuesday, April 19, Del Mar Fairgrounds
6:30-9:00 p.m.
Over 200 Colleges and Universities from
across the nation will participate in this
event, as well as test prep, interviewing
strategy, summer program, and financial
aid companies. For more information, go
or the homepage of our website and click
on College Fair.
Course Selection and Naviance as a Pathway to College & Career Readiness, 5:005:45 p.m., Learning Commons (Media Center)
 Parents of all grade levels, especially parents of current 11th grade students, are encouraged to attend.
An SDA counselor will share the importance of utilizing SDA courses and resources to prepare students to
meet post high school goals. Naviance is a web-based service that assists students and families with the
college preparation program and time is allotted to review the program.
AP/Honors Information, 5:00-5:45 p.m., Gym
 Parents of 9th, 10th and 11th grade students will be able to get information and find out what it takes to
succeed in an Advanced Placement/Honors Course. There will be a panel of teachers, counselors and students sharing their advice. Bring your questions.
MiraCosta College Options and Programs, 5:00-5:45 p.m., Clayton E. Liggett Theater
 Mira Costa College — It's got more than you think. Come and learn about all that Mira Costa offers: Honors Program, transfer programs, certificate degrees, careers and more! Open to all grades.
Back to School Night visitations begin at 6:00 p.m. Most of our students have new
courses and new teachers. This is your chance to acquaint yourself with your student’s
spring schedule. (A flyer is on the website.) Join the SDA Foundation at 4:45 p.m. in the
Mosaic Café for a snack and meet and greet. See you there!
Dear SDA Parents,
Happy New Year! First, thank you, we
met our goals for our annual appeal and
007 Mustangs are Forever! Your generous contributions have supported:
You can make a directed donation at
indicate your department preference in
the special instructions.
 Writing Lab tutor
 Extended library hours and after
school tutoring in all subjects
 Enrichment opportunities in core and
elective classes
 Support for the publication of the student newspaper
 Campus Pride projects
 Department donations for classroom
materials and supplies
I also want to thank all of the parents
who have volunteered their time this
school year to help with events, the
councils, 007 Mustangs are Forever,
and many other tasks. Your presence
on campus helps shape the unique
culture of SDA. I would especially like
to invite freshman and sophomore
parents to join one of our councils
(especially Grad Nite) to learn from
the strong cadre of junior and senior
parents who will be moving on.
Please attend our open house before
Back-to-School Night on February 18th
to learn more about your parent foundation and how we can work together
for the benefit of all SDA students.
However, we are still below our goal for
classroom donations. Many of you have
responded generously to appeal letters
from teachers to fund specific class and
department needs, and I urge everyone
else to follow their example.
Patrick Mock and Bjorn Paige at the 007
Mustangs are Forever fundraiser.
As always, I look forward to meeting
you, and I welcome your ideas and
questions. SDA is a great school with
a unique culture – one that develops
involved and compassionate students
prepared for their future. Please join
us in supporting them.
Patrick Mock, President
CC = Conference Center in Student Support “B” Building
MC = Mosaic Café
HR = Homeroom/LC = Learning Commons (Media Center)
January/February 2016
ELAC, 6:30 pm, LC
Grades are availa-
Thu ble on the Aeries
28 Parent Portal
Second Term begins
Academic Council,
6:30 pm, Sm. CC
Financial Aid Night,
6:00 pm, LC/En
 Español, CC
Mustang Minds,
6:30 pm, MC
No School—Inservice Days
High School Selection Window opens
Sports packets due
In-School Elective
Fair, homeroom
Music Council, 6:00
pm, CC
Athletic Council,
6:30 pm, LC
22 Reunion Commit-
tee Reception,
5:30-7:00 pm, CC
SAT Boot Camp
Foundation, 5:00
pm, CC
Visual Arts, 7:00
pm, room 60
Comedy Sportz, 7:00
pm, Liggett Theater
Mock SDA, 9-1
First Friday w/Mr.
Paige, 8:00-8:45,
Club Fair, lunch,
SSS Council, 9:00
am, CC
Alumni Committee, 5:30
pm, CC
Mustang Minds, 6:30
pm, LC
9:30 a.m.
HR: Senior Meeting,
Winter Formal, Air and
Space Museum, 811:30 pm
President’s Day—
No school
President’s Day—No
H.S. Choice Information Night, 6:00 pm,
AP honors info sessions, 5-5:45 pm, Gym
18 Course Selection/
College information, 5 5:45 pm, LC
MiraCosta Options &
Programs, 5-5:45 pm,
Dodgeball—Homeroom/Lunch Theater
Second Term Back to
24 LATE START DAY, 25 School Night, 6:00 pm
Theater Arts Coun-
cil, 6:00 pm, CC
ELAC, 6:30 pm, LC
9:30 a.m.
19 HR: Senior Java
20 Spring sports tryouts begin
Alumni Event,
6:30 pm
SAT Boot Camp
Comedy Sportz,
7:00 pm, Liggett
Stu. vs. staff kickball game
February/March/April 2016
First Friday w/
Principal, 8:008:45, LC
4 SSS Council, 9
am, CC
 Comedy Sportz,
7:00 pm, Liggett
High School
tion Window
Manly Month of March
Senior Out begins
Grad Nite Council,
5:30 pm, CC
Alumni Committee,
5:30 pm, CC
8 ble on the Aeries
Mustang Minds, 6:30
pm, LC
HR: Senior Java
Senior Out ends
Odyssey of the Mind,
8:30 am- 4:30 pm
Grades are availa-
Encinitas Arts Festival,
9-5, PAC/Band room
It is the policy of the San
Dieguito Union High School
District to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex,
disability, race, color,
national origin, religious
creed, age, marital status,
or sexual orientation in its
educational programs and
the activities which it
9:30 a.m.
ACT Boot Camp
Theater for a Cause, 7:00 pm, Liggett Theater
Red Ribbon Week
Theater Arts Council,
6 pm, CC
Family Forum, 6:308:00 pm, LC
9:30 a.m.
Talent Show, 6:308:30 pm, Liggett
30 Students vs. staff
softball game,
New Student
Orientation Night
ELAC, 6:30 pm, LC
Faculty and Staff
Reunion, 3-5 pm, LC
Pi Day activity, lunch
Music Council, 6:00
pm, CC
ACT Boot Camp
Parent Portal
Foundation, 5:00
 pm, CC
Athletic Council,
6:30 pm, LC
15 Visual Arts Council,
7:00 pm, room 60
Manly Month of March
ends/Locks of Love,
Spring Break
quarter ends
1 First Friday w/Mr. Paige,
8:00-8:45, LC
SSS Council 9 am, CC
Senior Olympics, after

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