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Mining Industry Partnerships Support Lofty Goals for Mackay
Barrick Gold of North America Scholarship:
Evan Lynn, a sophomore majoring in geological engineering, is a recipient of the Barrick Gold of North America
Scholarship. “After looking at schools throughout the
country, Nevada impressed me with its strong industry
partnerships and student-centered approach,” Lynn says.
“As an out-of-state student this scholarship made Nevada
more attractive by helping relieve financial stress.”
1 Theresa Danna-Douglas
“The support of organizations making great strides in mining is what allows us to offer the most cutting-edge and directly
applicable education to our students,” said Russ Fields, Director of the Mackay School of Earth Sciences and Engineering.
“With gifts to everything from faculty research to scholarships to department-wide programs, our mining industry partners
are driving us toward our goal of becoming one of the top three mining schools in North America. With their help, all of us
may benefit from and preserve the outstanding natural resources our state has to offer.”
he Mackay School of Earth Sciences and Engineering has a long and
well-deserved international reputation for training engineers and scientists
who excel in the natural resource extraction
industries. In 2015, however, Mackay set an
ambitious goal: to become one of the top
three hard rock mining schools in North
Becoming a premier mining school starts
with outstanding faculty, and the generosity
of our industry partners has helped us to
attract the best mining engineering educators
in the nation. Kinross Gold U.S.A., Goldcorp,
Inc., Newmont Mining Corporation and
Barrick Gold Corporation all continued their
support of professorships in 2015, allowing
Mackay professors to focus on the excellent
instruction and student success that keep the
University on the leading edge of mining
Mining engineering is a constantly evolving field, so industry support of impactful
research at the Mackay School is more important now than ever before. Coeur Mining,
Inc., Summit Mining International, Inc.,
Kinsley Gold LLC, Midas Gold, Inc., the
Au-Reka Gold Corporation and many others
have contributed to the Ralph J. Roberts
Center for Research in Economic Geology
(CREG), which funds research that is directly
applicable to the understanding and discovery of mineral deposits.
Finally, to attract the most talented and
driven students to the school, Mackay has
partnered with leaders like Newmont Mining
Corporation and Barrick Gold Corporation
to create and sustain student scholarships.
Students who receive financial support are
able to focus on their studies and internships
so that they can graduate with the skills and
expertise that the industry demands.
To learn more about supporting the Mackay School of Earth Sciences and Engineering, please contact Donna Knotek, director of development, (775) 682-5952 or [email protected]
Lerudes Strengthen First Amendment Education for Journalism Students
1 Theresa Danna-Douglas
Journalism Professor Emeritus Warren Lerude `61 and his wife Janet recently made a provision in their estate to establish the Lerude
Professorship and Public Forum for First Amendment Studies, which promotes education and discussion of First Amendment issues
on campus. Warren is also a trustee emeritus of the University of Nevada, Reno Foundation, having served as the board’s chairman.
hen Warren Lerude `61 (journalism) first stepped onto the
University Quad in 1955,
he didn’t know what a journalist was. Six
decades, two newspapers and one Pulitzer
Prize later, Warren and his wife Janet (Lagomarsino) Lerude want to ensure that new
generations of journalism students at the
University of Nevada, Reno will not only
learn the high standards in writing, editing
and ethics of the profession but will be taught
to think critically and courageously about the
First Amendment.
The Lerudes, who met while students
at the University, have made a provision in
their estate to establish the Lerude Professorship and Public Forum for First Amendment
Studies. Once established, the annual forum
will engage students, faculty, staff and the
general public in discussions of current or
persisting conflicts related to free speech,
freedom of the press and other First Amendment issues.
“Given the recent culture of threats
against news and freedom of expression as
well as direct attacks on journalists worldwide,
we feel that public understanding through
First Amendment education is needed more
now than ever before,” said Warren.
Warren credits one of his first professors,
the late A.L. Higginbotham, with exposing
him to the rigorous standards of the First
Amendment and their application to the
journalism profession. After graduation, he
rose from reporter to editor and publisher of
the Reno Evening Gazette and Nevada State Journal
newspapers. He eventually led a team of
Reno editorial writers to win a Pulitzer Prize
in 1977 and went on to serve as a professor
of media law, management and professional
internship for three decades in the Reynolds
School of Journalism.
Established in 2001, the Lerudes have
funded the Lerude First Amendment Scholarship and Award Endowment, which recognizes juniors, seniors and graduate students
in the Reynolds School who most embody
the spirit of assertiveness and truth-seeking
contained in the First Amendment. This
year and in the future, the scholarship will be
replaced by a permanently endowed award.
“It is so fitting that this professorship and
public forum will bear the Lerude name,”
said Reynolds School of Journalism Dean
Al Stavitsky. “Through Warren and Janet’s
deep commitment to the First Amendment,
public education and scholarly research on
free expression issues will always be central
in the Reynolds School.”
To learn more about supporting the Reynolds School of Journalism, please contact Laurice Antoun-Becker, associate director of development, (775) 784-4184 or [email protected]
Fans Support Planned Lombardi
Recreation Center Renovations
Ann Carlson `59, `78 M.A., Ron Turek, Roxie and Jerry Enneking and Mae and Walter Minato have taken the lead in
1 John Byrne
funding the renovations of the Lombardi Recreation Center. “Donations from loyal fans are what enable us to move forward with our ambitious plans for the future of Nevada Athletics.
Renovations to Lombardi, along with the new fitness center, will improve our programs, attract the most promising student-athletes and ultimately make us better as a university.” - Athletics Director DOUG KNUTH
The Lombardi Recreation Center will benefit from major renovations in 2017 when many of its facilities will be relocated to the
under-construction E. L. Wiegand Fitness Center, which is projected to open early that year. The planned renovations will include a new
basketball practice facility, a weight room and multiple team locker rooms.
Leadership support for the project comes from Honor Court Silver Benefactors and longtime Nevada athletics fans Roxie and Jerry
Enneking, who have been loyal supporters of Wolf Pack athletics programs and student-athlete scholarships for over 15 years.
“We are looking forward to this exciting new chapter for the Wolf Pack,” said Roxie Enneking. “With fitness facilities and athletics
programs expanding, this is a great time to be a Nevada fan. We’re happy to support the teams that we love.”
Significant additional support for the renovations comes from Honor Court Silver Benefactors Walter and Mae Minato, as well as
from Ronald Turek and University Foundation Trustee Emerita Ann Carlson `59 (business), `78 M.A. Carlson is also an Honor Court
Patron and a recipient of the Nevada Alumni Association’s University Service Award.
To learn more about supporting the Lombardi renovation, please contact Lynda Buhlig ‘84, assistant vice president of development, (775) 682-6013 or [email protected]
Capurro Family Foundation Scholarship
Promotes Hands-on Field Experience
Louis J. & Genevieve G. Capurro Family
Foundation Endowed Scholarship:
Nevada student Stacy A. Greenberg is a
recipient of the Louis J. & Genevieve G.
Capurro Family Foundation Endowed
Scholarship. She plans to pursue a career in
riparian restoration and soil conservation.
1 Theresa Danna-Douglas
n 2005, the Louis J. & Genevieve G.
Capurro Family Foundation established
a scholarship endowment in the University’s College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources. More than
10 years later, thanks to the foundation’s
ongoing support, the scholarship continues
to encourage students to pursue hands-on
field work and to make active contributions
to the field of rangeland ecology.
“I’m really working to make a difference
in the northern Nevada and Lake Tahoe
area,” wrote scholarship recipient Stacy A.
Greenberg in a letter to Capurro Family
Foundation trustees in 2015. Greenberg is
working toward a Bachelor of Science in
rangeland ecology and management with a
minor in ecohydrology and plans to graduate
in 2018. Since her scholarship requires a
research component, she spent last summer
working as a field technician in central and
northern Nevada with a group led by Professor Tamzen Stringham, holder of the
Donna Anderson Professorship in Grazing
and Rangelands Management. The group is
studying the effects of various land treatments
on cattle grazing after wildfires. Motivated by
her experience in field research, Greenberg
hopes to attend graduate school and eventually plans to pursue a government career
in riparian restoration and soil conservation.
“The experiences I’m getting from
this work – spending long days in the field,
working closely with a team – aren’t something I could get in a classroom. My training
is preparing me for exactly what I want to
do when I graduate,” said Greenberg.
The Capurro Family Foundation is
named for the late Honor Court Silver Benefactor and Distinguished Nevadan Louis J.
Capurro `40 (economics) and his wife, the
late Genevieve G. Capurro. Louis, a sec-
ond-generation Reno native, worked locally
in the insurance industry for over 60 years
and served five terms in the Assembly of the
Nevada State Legislature. He was also one of
the original founders and board members of
what is now Nevada State Bank. The foundation is now run by the Capurro’s surviving
children and grandchildren.
“My parents believed in the transformative power of education, and they loved
the natural beauty and vitality of northern
Nevada,” said Louis and Genevieve Capurro’s daughter and foundation trustee Corinne
Guio. “Combining those passions into a
scholarship for the benefit of both students
and Nevada rangeland was a natural choice,
and I’m proud to continue that legacy.”
To learn more about supporting students in the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources, please contact Ralph Phillips, director of development, (775) 784-4390 or [email protected]
Lala Placey Supports Science Programs in Husband’s Memory
Lala Placey and her late husband Dale `67 in the University’s
Davidson Mathematics and Science Center. 1 Courtesy of Lala Placey
he late Dale Placey `67 (metallurgical engineering)
had an excellent and academically rigorous experience
during his time as a student in the Mackay School of
Mines. Subsequently, both he and his wife Lala (DiPaolo) Placey
became loyal supporters of Nevada. Since 1983, the Placeys have
given generously to the Mackay School of Earth Sciences and
Engineering, the College of Engineering, the Alice Kellames
Memorial Scholarship (in memory of the Mackay School’s
longtime assistant to the dean), the Davidson Mathematics and
Science Center, Professor Emeritus Esmail Zanjani’s research,
the Discover Science Lecture Series and many other initiatives.
When Dale passed away after a long illness in February
2015, Lala made a gift in Dale’s memory to the University’s
academic boot camp program.
“Dale truly valued the education he received at Nevada,
and he was proud to support future engineers and scientists,”
said Lala. “The ScienceFIT program offers practical tools to
help College of Science students succeed in their studies and
graduate into fulfilling careers.”
The ScienceFIT program is an academic boot camp
modeled after the BioFIT program created in 2013 by University Provost Kevin Carman. The “FIT” stands for Freshman
Intensive Transition and offers a glimpse into the University’s
academic expectations and college life prior to the start of the
After graduating from the University in 1967, Dale started
his professional career as a trainee at General Motors. Soon
after, he joined Bell Aerosystems in Niagara Falls, New York,
where he worked as a welding engineer for the Lunar Ascent
Engine. Following reductions in government funding at Bell, he
went to work for Anaconda American Brass, where he spent 33
years in the metallurgical department specializing in product
development and quality control.
Lala understands the value of education, having spent
her career in secondary education as an English teacher until
retiring in 2000. Although she is a life-long New Yorker, Lala
has proven herself to be a steadfast friend of the University of
Nevada, Reno. The Placeys were married for 45 years.
College of Science Dean Jeff Thompson says that the
Placeys’ generosity has made a tangible impact in the college.
“From ScienceFIT, which helps our freshmen hit the ground
running, to vital research to accessible lectures for the benefit
of the whole community, the Placeys’ ongoing support helps to
elevate scientific understanding and education at Nevada.”
To further honor Dale’s memory, Lala has also updated
her estate plan to include a planned gift to the University of
Nevada, Reno on her passing. Lala’s foresight means that the
Placeys can continue to support the University and the projects
they hold dear for generations to come. According to Lala, “I
am happy to be able to honor Dale’s memory by leaving this
legacy at Nevada.”
To learn more about supporting the ScienceFIT program, please contact Donna Knotek, director of development, (775) 682-5952 or [email protected]
Patrick Pilling `97 Ph.D.
The late Patrick Pilling `97 Ph.D., in
whose memory friends and family established a scholarship endowment to
benefit students studying engineering.
1 Courtesy Black Eagle Consulting, Inc.
emorial gifts from family and friends have established
a scholarship endowment in memory of Patrick A.
Pilling `97 Ph.D. (civil engineering), a local leader in
engineering and a founding partner of the geotechnical engineering
firm Black Eagle Consulting, Inc.
The Patrick A. Pilling, Ph.D. Memorial Scholarship Endowment
will benefit students pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees in
civil and environmental engineering with a preference for students
with a demonstrated interest in geotechnical engineering, Pilling’s
chosen specialty.
“Scholarships like this one make a real difference in our ability
to attract exceptional students to the study of engineering and give
them the opportunity to dive into their studies,” said College of Engineering Dean Manos Maragakis. “Dr. Pilling was a great engineer
and this scholarship in his memory will foster future great engineers.”
Pilling was a native of Palo Alto, Calif. and studied at the University of Santa Clara and San Jose State University before beginning
his doctorate at Nevada. He was the recipient of the National Society
of Professional Engineers’ Young Engineer of the Year award in 1996
and was named the University’s Outstanding Graduate Alumnus in
2010. The American Society of Civil Engineers selected Pilling as
the 2014 Engineer of the Year in honor of his life’s work.
Pilling and his wife, KayAnn Pilling `89 M.A., `96 Ed.Sp., raised
their three sons in Reno. Patrick Pilling was an avid sportsman and
enjoyed coaching little league and eventually football at Bishop
Manogue High School, where his sons attended.
“Pat was an outstanding engineer and a great friend and colleague
who truly loved his family and his work,” said Pilling’s partner and
Black Eagle Consulting, Inc. Secretary-Treasurer Remo Osmetti,
who founded the scholarship in his honor. “He was a pillar in the
civil and geotechnical engineering community, and it’s only fitting
that we honor him by continuing to educate deserving students in
the field he loved.”
To learn more about supporting scholarships in the College of Engineering, please contact Keith Emrick, director of development, (775) 682-7696 or [email protected]
Arnoldsen Memorial Scholarship
continues to turn dreams into reality for Nevada students
The Aaron Arnoldsen Memorial Golf Tournament has been one of northern Nevada’s most popular charity golf
events for more than 20 years. The tournament was held for the final time in 2015, but its impact on students
at Nevada will endure. The tournament was established in memory of Aaron Arnoldsen, a 1989 Reno High
graduate and University of Nevada, Reno student who passed away in an accident near campus in 1993.
Following his death, Aaron’s Sigma Nu fraternity
brothers, Ty Windfeldt `95 (health science) and
Mike Dillon, Jr. `94 (political science), came up
with the idea for the event in collaboration with
Aaron’s family as a way to honor his generous and
vibrant personality and his love of team sports
and the outdoors. The proceeds from each year’s
event are added to a scholarship endowment in
Aaron’s name.
“For some time after Aaron’s passing, Mike
Dillon and I would continue to discuss ways that
we could honor and remember Aaron,” says
Windfeldt. “Our goal was to do something permanent and everlasting. All of us were proud to
call him our friend, and using the tournament
to create a scholarship was a way for friends and
family to participate in celebrating his life.”
Since the tournament’s inception in 1994,
its board of directors, which includes Aaron’s
younger sister Alisa Armon `96 (management),
her husband, Brian Armon `93 (management),
and other family and friends, has raised more than
$300,000 for the Aaron E. Arnoldsen Memorial
Scholarship endowment. To date, 104 students
have benefitted from the scholarship, including
1 Courtesy Alisa (Arnoldsen) Armon
2 Friends gather at the Aaron Arnoldsen Memorial Golf Tournament in 1998. From left to right: Mike
Barry `94 (health science), Nicholas Frank `94 (management), Russell Christian `98 (premedical), Patrick
Martinez `98 (elementary education), `12 M.S. (land use planning), Jim Grogan `94 (political science),
Jeff Cutler `94 (resource management) and Jim Krueger `94 (health science).
5 The late Aaron Arnoldsen is
remembered for his generosity
and his love for the outdoors.
After his passing in 1993, friends
and family established an
annual charity golf tournament
in his honor. Proceeds from the
tournament have created an
endowed scholarship.
1 Theresa Danna-Douglas
1 Courtesy Alisa (Arnoldsen) Armon
2 Toni O’Flaherty `94 (elementary education), JoAnn Arnoldsen, Judy
Norcross and JoAnn Bowles at the 2002 Aaron Arnoldsen Memorial Golf
1 Courtesy of Alisa (Arnoldsen) Armon
Tournament. 2 Jennifer Emkjer `12 received the Aaron E. Arnoldsen Memorial
Scholarship during her senior year.
Jennifer Emkjer `12 (communication studies), who
received the award during her senior year.
“Receiving this scholarship was one of the most
motivating things that has ever happened to me,” says
Emkjer. “As a senior, I had been feeling burnt out and
a little lost as to what I wanted to do. After I found out
I’d been selected for the scholarship, I was able to focus
more on school, my GPA dramatically improved, and
I pursued an internship at Microsoft. But the mental
impact of people believing in me is what impacted me
the most. The feeling that people who did not know me
had chosen to give me assistance was indescribable.”
Emkjer is now a program manager at Microsoft.
Last year, she was one of seven employees chosen to
devote four months away from their usual roles to help
run the company’s annual Employee Giving Campaign.
“The Aaron Arnoldsen Memorial Scholarship
opened my eyes to the endless opportunities to get
involved and give, everywhere we turn. It unquestionably influenced how much I’m involved in corporate
giving now. I feel that it’s important to find something
you care about and do something about it.”
Since the scholarship is endowed, it will continue
to be awarded to students in perpetuity, even though
the tournament has run its course.
“By creating this endowed scholarship, Aaron’s
friends and family are giving the gift of education
and reduced financial burden to Nevada students for
generations to come,” says John Carothers, vice president for development and alumni relations. “Their
hard work and generosity serves as a true testament
to Aaron’s giving spirit.” N
Cody Mates,
a senior studying mining
engineering and a current
Aaron E. Arnoldsen
Memorial Scholarship
recipient, says, “I rely
on scholarships, grants,
loans and part-time work
to support myself. This
scholarship will enable me
to focus more on school,
decrease the amount I have
to work and overall lessen
my financial burden. I went
from working 40 hours a
week to 20, and I couldn’t
have gotten by without
scholarships like this one.”
1 Courtesy Jennifer Emkjer
To learn more about supporting student scholarships, please contact Keiko Weil `87, director of donor relations, (775) 682-5964 or [email protected]
1 Theresa Danna-Douglas
Darrio Arriaga,
a senior studying civil
engineering, is a current
Aaron E. Arnoldsen
Memorial Scholarship
recipient. “As a small town
kid from Fernley, I knew that
I wanted to go to college
to become an engineer in
hopes of traveling all over
the states,” he says. “Due
to the scholarships I have
received, I am able to live
my dream of attending a
As you consider a gift to the University of Nevada, Reno, you need to balance the wishes
of your family, your personal lifestyle and your financial resources with your love for the University and your desire to contribute to its success.
Keeping this balance requires careful planning, and the University’s Office of Planned Giving can help you make the most informed decision possible. Planned giving provides you with options and opportunities to include Nevada in your overall financial and estate plans. Generally these
are gifts or commitments made in the present with the benefit to Nevada deferred until a future date. Planned gifts may include outright gifts of
appreciated property, including securities, real estate and gifts of tangible personal property. Some planned gifts can provide lifetime income for
you or a loved one.
The Office of Planned Giving assists this partnership between the University and its alumni, parents and friends. For more information on
planned giving opportunities, please contact Lisa M. Riley, Esq., director of the office of planned giving, (775) 682-6017 or [email protected], or Brian
J. Saeman, Esq. ’98, director of planned giving, (775) 682-5938 or [email protected]
Scott Albright ‘09
Nevada State Bank
Robert Hill ‘06
RBC Wealth Management
Kyle McCann ’05, ‘11
KRM Wealth Management, LLC
Gustave Rossi ‘80
Maupin, Cox & LeGoy
John Boyd ‘88
Edward Jones Investments
William Johnson ’81
David & Johnson, Ltd.
Jason Morris
Woodburn & Wedge
Nicole Shrive
Premier Trust
Julie A. Callahan ‘89
Bonari & Co. CPA’s
Cassandra G. Jones
Heritage Law Group
Mark Quinlan ‘78
Executive Insurance Consultants
Jacqueline Surratt
1864 Capital Investments
Gregory E. Crawford
Alliance Trust Company, LLC
Romeo J. Lazzarone ‘03
The Lazzarone Group, LLC
Bryce Rader ‘96
Anderson, Dorn & Rader, LTD
John Tennert ‘05
Fennemore Craig
William Creekbaum ‘95
Morgan Stanley Wealth
Tammy Love ‘02
Ashley Quinn
Thomas E. Rafferty ‘98
Pfrommer & McCune Ltd.
Nicole M. Vance ‘96
Dunham Trust Company
Brian Loy
Sage Financial Advisors, Inc.
Timothy Riley
Holland and Hart, LLP
Richard Wait
RS Wait, Chtd., CPAs
Marie R. Dawson
Whittier Trust Company
Christopher F. MacKenzie ’90
Allison, MacKenzie, Pavalakis,
Wright & Fagan Ltd.
Michael Rooker ‘89
Wells Fargo Bank
Janice Watson ‘71
U.S. Bank
Heidi A. Foster ‘12
American Wealth Management
Lynda Mahorter
TIAA-CREF Financial Services
Ann Rosevear
Dunham Trust Company
Sandra Wilson
Law Offices of Sandra O. Wilson
Kirk Gardner ’81, ‘84
Eide Bailly
James Marren ‘98
Reno Wealth Advisors
Don Ross
Woodburn & Wedge
Ronald Zideck ‘59
Whittier Trust Company
Leslie Daane ‘89
Barnard Vogler & Co.
Mark Knobel ‘77
McDonald Carano Wilson
David Russell ‘67
Washoe Legal Services
David Bianchi ‘68
Northwestern Mutual
Ken Lynn
Hill Lynn Investment Group - Retired
Vicki Schultz
Schultz Financial Group
Steven R. Brown ‘66
UBS Financial Services Inc. - Retired
Ernie Maupin ‘68
Maupin, Cox & LeGoy
Bryan Sedway
Sedway Financial
Richard Cunningham
Law Office of Hariet H. Roland, P.C.
Michael Melarkey ‘72
McDonald Carano Wilson
Thomas E. Seeliger
Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Company
Harold Depoali ‘69
Whittier Trust Company of Nevada
George ‘Bart’ Mowry ‘74
Maupin, Cox & LeGoy
Soraya Tabibi Aguirre
Holland & Hart
Thomas Hall ‘65
Law Offices of Thomas J. Hall
Joyce Newman ‘73
Newman Appraisal Services
Michael Wallace ‘82
New York Life Insurance Company
Planned Giving Advisory Council Facilitates Legacies at Nevada
1 Theresa Danna-Douglas
The Planned Giving Advisory Council helps connect the University to community members who want to make a difference through planned
gifts. Front row (left to right): Ron Zideck `59, Tom Rafferty `98, Marie Dawson, Julie Callahan `89, Mark Quinlan `78, Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations John Carothers, Leslie Daane `89 and Romeo “Ro” Lazzarone `03. Back row (left to right): Scott Albright `09, Chris
MacKenzie `90, John Tennert `05, President Marc Johnson, Director of Development for Planned Giving Brian Saeman `98, Bill Creekbaum `95,
Director of the Office of University Planned Giving Lisa Riley and Tim Riley.
he University of Nevada, Reno
Foundation’s Planned Giving Advisory Council is comprised of
some of the best and most highly-regarded
professionals in northern Nevada. The volunteer council, which includes accountants, attorneys, financial planners and others in fields
related to planned giving, meets quarterly to
learn about University projects, programs
and initiatives that may be of interest to their
clients as they make decisions about wealth
management and estate planning. Council
members then serve as ambassadors to the
greater community and work to increase
community involvement with the University
through planned giving.
Foundation Trustee Emeritus and Honor
Court Silver Benefactor Ronald Zideck `59
(accounting) has more than four decades of
public accounting experience and is currently
a Vice President and Business Development
Officer for the Whittier Trust Company of
Nevada. He helped to establish the Planned
Giving Advisory Council in 2003 while
working for the University and has served
as a member since 2006. In 2015, Ron and
his wife Mary Liz made a gift to establish
the Ronald Zideck Dean’s Endowment Fund
in The College of Business. The fund will
be used, among other things, to provide
student membership in the Nevada Society
of Certified Public Accountants for junior
and senior students majoring in accounting
or accounting and information systems. The
Zidecks plan to add to the endowment with
an estate gift.
“Including the University in our estate
plans is a natural choice for us as we think
about the legacy we’d like to leave for future
generations,” said Ron. “As a financial professional and a member of the Planned Giving
Advisory Council, I really enjoy connecting
my contacts with projects at the University
that truly represent their own values and
To learn more about planned giving at the University, please contact Lisa Riley, director of the Office of Planned Giving,
(775) 682-6017 or [email protected], or Brian Saeman, director of planned giving, (775) 682-5938 or [email protected]
Nevada Legacy Society
Join those who have chosen to make a planned gift to the University of Nevada,
Reno Foundation, and become a member of the Nevada Legacy Society. The Office
of Planned Giving can also work with your financial advisor or estate planner to help
you customize your gift. To learn more about your planned giving options and the
Nevada Legacy Society, please contact Lisa M. Riley, Esq., director of the office of
planned giving, (775) 682-6017 or [email protected], or Brian J. Saeman, Esq. ’98, director
of planned giving, (775) 682-5938 or [email protected]
Anita Ashurst
Rhonda L. Ashurst ‘88
Joshua A. Bardin & Carol Cheney
Paul ‘62 & Judith L. ’65 Bible*
Gail A. Bradley ‘97
Richard E. Brown
Ritha L. Burroughs
Iain Buxton
Jean Guisti Carbon ‘68
John K. Carothers
Vincent J. Catalano & Sesi M.
Jenifer D. Christman ‘92
Charles H. * & Cecil J. Clipper
Peter L. Comanor
Verlita L. Conner ’52, ‘70
Mike Conway ‘69, ‘76
James M. ’70, ‘71 & Jody L. ’71 Copenhaver
Edward C. Coppin ‘62
Ralph W. & Barbara J. ’60 Courtnay
Michael Darcher & Joanne M. Lisosky ‘85
Fifi Day ‘59
Margaret H. Decker ‘84
Frankie Sue Del Papa ‘71
D. Leonard & Sally H.* Detrick
Joseph J. Eberle ‘62
William S. Eddelman ‘58
Harry W. Edwards ‘62
Evelyn Semenza English ‘36*
David H. Fenimore ‘88
Barry S. Frank
Donald Frazier
Wayne A. Frediani ‘72
Robert G. Fregoso ‘72, ‘77, ‘84
Carl T. ’66 & Elizabeth Fuetsch
Alison L. Gaulden ‘92
Bonnie & Michael Gilbert
George W. Gillemot
John G. ‘71 & Barbara ’73 Gonzales
Larry D. & Diana J. ’94, ’95 Haberland
Wilma S. Hall ‘45
John A. Halvorson ‘67
Dyanne M. Hayes ‘61
Michael T. & Barbara C. Heffner
George C. Hill & Ginny A. Knowles ’92
Claudia W. Hoffer ‘61, ‘63
Willem Houwink
Thomas J. ’68 & Ann L. ’63 Howell
James W. ‘52, ‘58 & Betty Hulse
Michael J. Humphrey ‘75
William E. Isaeff ‘66
Christopher E. ‘75 & Mardra M. Jay
Donald ‘50 & Jeannette Jenkins
Paul E. ‘93, ‘95 & Linda M. Jorgensen
Anthony J.* ‘82 & Cathryn R. Karr
Roger H. ‘99, ‘03 & Mary Ann ’94 Keith
Virginia G. Kersey
Babak & Marlene B. ’87 Khosropur
James R. & Mary Ann ’87, ’90 Kidder
John W. ‘82 & Patricia ’74, ’76, ’80 King
Edgar F. Kleiner
Peter A.* & Jessica Krenkel ‘05
Dale & Barbara ’96 Lazzarone
Warren L. ‘61 & Janet Lerude
William R. & Lucille N. ’56* Lindsay
James A. Linebaugh
Sheila D. Linn ’66, ‘91
Aileen Longfellow & Tammy S. Love ‘02
John G. ‘67 & Bonita E. ’67 Madden
William Flagg Magee ‘67
Marshal W. ‘70 & Carole McCurdy
James L. McLennan ‘70
Kevin C. ’79, ’81 & Ann M. ’80 Melcher
Brian D. ’71 & Anne Menzel
Charles J. * ‘94 & Mary M. Merdinger
William H.* & Marian A. Mogel
Robert G. ‘81, ‘85 & Anne O. Nelson
Ronald & Grace Nichols
Terrance W. ‘71 & Linda J. Oliver
Stanley W. Paher ‘69
Merlyn L. Paine
Walter A. & Genevieve ’48 Paroni*
Cecilia Parr-Norton ‘67
Karen Harvey Petroni ‘59
Nadine M. Pillsbury
Dale J. ’67* & Lala D. Placey
Mark ’78 & Diana Quinlan ‘80
Robyn L. Powers ‘70
Glenda M. Price ‘59
John A. Reed
Eric O. Roberts
Ann Ronald
Lloyd L. ’48* & Diane Root
John L. ‘53 & Mona L. ’52 Sandorf
Lawrence E. & Sharon Y. ’70 Schultze
Michael F. Simons
Scott S. & Cassandra L. Smith
Alan G. Stavitsky & Kristin Loebbecke
Thomas E. ’68 & Mati A. Stephens
George W. ’51 & Isabel M. Story
Larry D. ’64 & Colleen F. ’69, ’76 Struve
Ronald L. Turner
Frank R. Wheeler
Arthur H. Williams ‘66
Steven E. & Karen L. ’70 Williams
B. Thomas Willison
G. Wayne and Virginia Wiswell
Hilda B. Wunner*
Joan S. Zenan
Ronald R. ’59 & Mary Liz Zideck
Names in bold are charter members of the Nevada
Legacy Society
Bible Awards Recognize Excellence in Instruction
2015 Judith S. Bible Teaching Excellence
in Education Award:
Special Education Professor Tammy Abernathy
Vineyard `81, `86 M.Ed. received the 2015 Judith
S. Bible Teaching Excellence in Education Award.
1 Theresa Danna-Douglas
o Tammy Abernathy Vineyard
`81,`86 M.Ed., teaching has never
been just a job, but rather a dream
come true. With a Ph.D. from the University
of California, Santa Barbara, Abernathy
Vineyard returned home to Nevada where
she is currently a professor in the College of
Education. She is committed to children with
disabilities and passionate about preparing
quality special education teachers. Based
on her exceptional teaching, Abernathy
Vineyard’s students nominated her for the
2015 Judith S. Bible Teaching Excellence
in Education Award, which she received in
a ceremony that spring.
The award was established by Foundation Trustee Emeritus and Distinguished
Nevadan Paul Bible `62 (economics), `09
(honorary degree) and his late wife Judy Bible
`65 (elementary education), who passed away
in early 2015. The first in her family to attend
college, Judy greatly valued the education
she received at Nevada and went on to teach
fifth and sixth grades in local elementary
schools. The couple created the award, which
is granted each year to an outstanding faculty
member in the College of Education based
on student nominations, to build morale and
enthusiasm among faculty.
Through continued gifts from the Bibles,
the award became endowed in 2012. Since
Judy’s passing, friends and family have contributed to the endowment in her memory.
The couple also established the endowed
Paul and Judy Bible University Teaching Excellence Award, which recognizes outstanding faculty throughout the University, and
the Alan Bible Teaching Excellence Award
Endowment, which was created for faculty
in liberal arts and sciences in honor of Paul’s
father, Nevada Senator and Distinguished
Nevadan Alan Bible `30 (economics), `70
(honorary degree).
“The Bible family is committed to honoring education as a profession and providing
encouragement and recognition for educators who are pushing the field forward,”
says Abernathy Vineyard. “I am honored to
have my name associated with a family and
a woman who understood the essential role
of teaching and teachers.”
College of Education Dean Kenneth
Coll added, “Paul and Judy have been making
a significant impact at Nevada for decades,
and the awards they have created will continue to bring out the best in our educators for
generations to come. The generosity of the
Bibles has simply made us a better university.”
To learn more about supporting excellence in instruction , please contact Kristen Kennedy, director of development, (775) 784-6873 or [email protected]
Class of
Endows Scholarship
very spring, the Nevada Alumni Association welcomes
a very special group of alumni back to campus to
celebrate their Golden Reunion. In May of 2015, the
Class of 1965 gathered to reminisce about their experience
at the University, and to share their experiences over the past
fifty years. And in coming together to celebrate its past, the
Class of 1965 also made a commitment to the students who
are following in their footsteps.
In the months leading up to the 1965 Golden Reunion,
Student Body President and northern Nevada community
leader Keith Lee ’65 (physics) came forward to help rally the
Class of 1965 to accomplish a very important goal – to fully
fund the Class of 1965 Scholasrship Endowment.
Nevada’s tradition of creating a fund for each graduating
class provides alumni with an opportunity to make a gift that
embodies their pride in the University of Nevada, Reno.
Once a class fund reaches $10,000, it becomes a permanent
endowment with the promise of helping current and future
students for generations to come.
When Keith took it upon himself to lead his classmates
and friends to this important objective, the 1965 Class Scholarship Fund was only halfway to its initial goal. Within weeks,
the fund doubled in size, and the Class of 1965’s legacy at
the University was solidified. Starting in 2017-2018 and
continuing on in perpetuity, the students at the University
of Nevada will benefit from the Class of 1965’s generosity.
The Class of 1965
celebrated its Golden
Reunion May 2015.
1 Theresa Danna-Douglas
Community Steps Up Support for Special Collections
4 Albert Lazzarone `47 and his
son, Dale Lazzarone, look through a
scrapbook dedicated to Nevada athlete
Glenn “Jake” Lawlor in Special Collections.
3 Ann Ronald’s Earthtones, a collection
of essays reflecting on Nevada’s
magnificent landscapes, is included in
Special Collections.
1 Theresa Danna-Douglas
he vast holdings of the University Library’s Special Collections received
a boost of support in 2015 thanks to significant gifts from individuals,
corporations and foundations.
University Professor Emerita, Foundation Trustee and Honor Court Silver
Benefactor Ann Ronald added to her endowment for Special Collections, which
was established in 2014. Ronald, who was formerly the Dean of the College of
Arts and Science, created the endowment in recognition of the role Special Collections played in her own scholarly endeavors, which include books and essay
collections centered on literature in the American West.
Some have created Special Collections endowments as a way to memorialize their loved ones. Marian LaVoy `71 (English) established the Colonel John
and Marian Hennen LaVoy Endowment for Special Collections in memory of
her husband of 69 years, the late Col. John H. LaVoy, USMC, and as her own
legacy to the libraries. The endowment will provide flexible funding to support
the growth and success of Special Collections now and in the future.
Director of Development for Libraries Millie Mitchell, Marian LaVoy
Dale Lazzarone and his wife Bobbi `96 (human development and family
‘71 and head of Special Collections Donnie Curtis.
studies) pledged to establish the Dorothy Lazzarone Endowment for Special
1 Theresa Danna-Douglas
Collections in honor of Dale’s late mother, Dorothy. Memorial gifts from family
and friends also contributed to the endowment. Dorothy was a lifelong lover of
libraries, having met her husband, Albert Lazzarone `47 (economics) while working in a naval base library in Rhode Island during World
War II. In her later years, Dorothy was enthralled by the University’s Book Arts Collection, which the endowment in her honor will be
used to support.
Local businesses and foundations value Special Collections, too. Honor Court Philanthropist and President’s Medalist IGT, a steadfast
supporter of Nevada students and programs, has provided essential support for exhibitions throughout the Mathewson-IGT Knowledge
Center, including Special Collections. In September, a collection funded by the Orchard House Foundation opened to showcase the
papers of activist, philanthropist and women’s rights champion Maya Miller.
“Special Collections is a leading resource for students, faculty and community members studying the culture and history of Nevada
and the Great Basin,” said Dean of Libraries Kathy Ray. “The generosity of our donors allows Special Collections to maintain and build
the unique and varied collection of historic materials which chronicle the rich story of Nevada’s heritage.”
To learn more about supporting Special Collections, please contact Millie Mitchell, director of development, (775) 682-5682 or [email protected]
swimming and diving wins conference title
1 Jack Dempsey, NCAA Photos
First-year coach Neil Harper led the Wolf Pack to the school’s first Mountain West Conference championship in
February with a dramatic comeback on the final day of competition.
s the four-day Mountain West Swimming and Diving Championships
neared its end, an upstart Nevada
team with hopes of its first conference title found
itself trailing by more than 40 points with just
four events left to go.
The scenario looked grim, especially after
a controversial disqualification in a relay event
had cost the Wolf Pack as many as 28 points.
But Head Coach Neil Harper was confident,
because he knew exactly what Nevada had left
in the tank – the best depth and the best divers
in the conference.
“I told the girls, ‘We might be down, but our
best events are to come,’ because I knew we still
had a chance,” said Coach Harper.
“Our girls still had to perform, and they
did exactly what needed to be done. They were
Nevada took three of the top five spots in
the 200-yard breaststroke, with senior Yawen Li
winning, Arantxa Medina-Alegria placing third
and Riley Hilbrant taking fifth. Then, junior Sita
Kusserow swam the third-fastest time in school
history to bring home the title in the 200-yard
butterfly, and teammate Erin Fuss took fourth
place, setting the stage for a furious comeback.
The penultimate event was the platform dive
finals, and Nevada simply dominated the event.
Senior Krysta Palmer won the event going away.
Nevada then claimed three of the top four spots
in the event as Zoe Lei took second and fellow
freshman Sharae Zhang took fourth.
The diving result gave Nevada a tentative
lead over Boise State, but one event remained
and Nevada needed a strong finish to complete
the comeback. The Wolf Pack’s 400-yard freestyle
relay team gave just that with a school-record time
to finish second and claim the championship.
The Wolf Pack climbed atop the podium with the
first Mountain West Championship in program
history and its second conference title.
“These ladies have worked their tails off to
reach this goal, and on top of that, they’ve worked
hard in the classroom and in the community,”
Harper said. “This is a well-earned title and I
couldn’t be prouder of the team. I think they’re
the best ambassadors you can find of the athletic
department and our University.”
During the course of the meet, 20 Nevada
swimmers and divers scored points, and 16 of
those team members – an astonishing 80 percent
and a program record – earned All-Conference
accolades. Diving Coach Jian Li You won an unprecedented fourth-straight Diving Coach of the
Year award for Nevada to cap another sensational
Pack diving performance.
Concessions/Program Sales
Other Operating Revenue
Media Rights
Institutional Support
Total Revenues
Direct State Support
Student Fees
NCAA/Conference Distribution
Ticket Sales
two alumni from each team who will help organize and
plan new events and activities for each team.
If you are a former athlete and want to learn more
about alumni activities for your team or how you can
help your team, please call Tina (775-682-6940) and get
Wolf Pack athletics is conducting the inaugural This
Is Still Your Team fundraising challenge this spring. Each
Wolf Pack team is contacting alumni athletes to ask for
their support with a donation of any amount until April
30th. The team with the highest percentage of former
athletes giving back during this challenge will receive
Wolf Pack athletics created a new
position held by Tina Ruff to serve
and support alumni athletes with
regular news and updates about
their teams, reunion planning
for each team, and a concierge
service for any former athlete who
has questions about Wolf Pack athletics or the University.
Tina created a former athlete alumni council with at least
a $5,000 grant provided by former Wolf Pack football
player John Shepanek ’86 (management). Second-and
third-place teams will receive $2,000, and $1,000, respectively. Also, the team with the highest percentage of new
alumni athlete donors in this campaign will receive a
$2,000 grant to support their program. All funds raised
will be used to support the teams and be used at the
discretion of the head coach.
Doug Knuth
Athletics Director
Mark Knobel ’77, President
Chris Aramini ’88, Vice President
Butch Anderson, Secretary
Ryan Dolan, President Elect
Jim Bauserman, Immediate Past President
Bob Armstrong
Mountain West Community
Service Challenge
Nevada won the 2014-2015 Mountain West
Community Service Challenge which is organized
by the Mountain West Conference Student-Athlete
Advisory Committee (SAAC) and run on campus by
Nevada’s 38-member SAAC.
Krys Bart
Roger Bergmann ’70 MBA
Mike Micone ’91
2014-15 winner with 5,837 hours of community
service from April 2014 to Feb. 2015
Nevada’s cheer team led all groups on campus
with nearly 1,900 hours, followed by women’s
cross country/track and field with 1,264 hours.
John Morrey
Sonny Newman
Brigid Pierce
Roger Primm
Rick Reviglio
Len Stevens
Donated more than 1,846 items of clothing and 295 pairs of shoes to our local
Sent more than 90 boxes filled with toys
and clothes to Kenyan orphans
2015-16 more than 9,400 hours of community
service from October 2015 to Feb. 2016
Collected 5,467 cans of food for the Food Bank
of Northern Nevada
Raised more than $48,000 for various
causes, including Each One Tell One, the
Food Bank of Northern Nevada, the Pat
Summitt Foundation and the Reno Rodeo
Denim Drive
“The Wolf Pack generosity and commitment to helping the community that gives so much to us overwhelms and humbles me.”
- Senior Associate Athletics Director and Senior Woman Administrator RHONDA BENNETT
Debt Service
Medical Expenses
Indirect Institutional Support
Fundraising/Spirit Groups
Other Operating Expenses
Game Day Expenses
Total Expenses
Direct Facilites/Administrative Expenses
Team Travel
Student Financial Aid

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