Announcement - Design Survey Department Reorganization

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9410 – 20th Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6N 0A4
Tel: 780-437-9100 / Fax: 780-437-7787
July 24, 2014
We are pleased to announce the following reorganization and staff
changes in Design Survey.
Djordje Srnic has accepted a new position at ABSA as Manager, Codes
and Standards & Assistant Chief Inspector reporting to Mike Poehlmann.
In this role he will support the Chief Inspector & Administrator by providing
technical analysis and advice to the Chief Inspector and the technical
Po Fok has been promoted to the position Design Survey Manager
reporting to Mike Poehlmann. Lou Petrusevski and Tetyana Onshchenko
have been promoted to new positions of Design Survey Supervisor,
reporting to Po Fok.
B.C. Desai and Jesus DeLeon have accepted roles as Technical
Advisors, reporting to Djordje Srnic. They will be responsible for handling
stakeholder inquiries directed at Design Survey and will also work on
various projects as assigned by Djordje Srnic.
These changes will take effect on August 1st. It will take time for the
department, and the rest of ABSA, to adapt to the new structure. This
restructuring is an important step in achieving our strategic values of safe
and satisfied staff and customers, along with efficiency and sustainability
in our role of registering designs.
We ask for your continuing support as we work to improve our

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