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Max Dudler
Max Dudler

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Iwan Baan
Iwan Baan

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Portrait Space Exhibition views Events Network Activities Exhibitions from 2009 Publications Floor plan
Architektur Galerie Berlin was founded in 1999 by architect Ulrich Müller and moved to its present location
on Karl-Marx-Allee in Berlin-Mitte in 2006. Within the multifaceted Berlin exhibition scene, Architektur Galerie
Berlin serves as a unique venue to examine architecture, distinct from conventional exhibitions. Designs and
buildings are presented in conceptual exhibitions developed solely for the gallery. Issues, in terms of content
and aesthetic, are often presented in experimental scenography. An additional focus of work lies on contemporary architecture photography.
In addition to contemporary architecture from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, other international developments in architecture play an important role. An important component of our exhibitions are renowned guest
critics, who address the public at exhibition openings and moderate our gallery talks.
Exhibitions we developed, such as Architecture Landscape Photography and Architecture + Art – Dialogue were
also traveled to renowned institutions including the ETH Zurich, Architecture Biennale Venice and Kunsthalle
Wien. We have presented solo exhibitions by well-known architects as Benthem Crouwel, Tatiana Bilbao, Gigon
/ Guyer and Philippe Rahm and showed works by the internationally renowned architecture photographers Iwan
Baan, Hélène Binet and Christian Richters.
The gallery maintains lively exchange with numerous leading institutions and an extensive media network.
Since 2010 we publish the AAB – Architektur Ausstellungen Berlin calendar about current architecture exhibitions. As of 2014 we also publish the website AEX – Architecture Exhibitions International. We design catalogues about selected exhibitions under the imprint of renowned publishers. Furthermore, regular architecture
reviews in the daily and specialized press enables wide-reaching communication about architecture.
The gallery is located in a listed building on the legendary Karl-Marx-Allee. Access via public transportation
(three subway stations away from Alexanderplatz) allows visitors to reach the Architecture Gallery Berlin easily.
Experiencing extraordinary architecture, as well as the discussion surrounding it, becomes an indispensable
component of one of the world’s most exciting cities’ cultural scene.
View from Karl-Marx-Allee
Interior view
Exhibition views
Holzer Kobler Architekturen, Mise en scène <ex 545>
AllesWirdGut, Weg schauen
Behles & Jochimsen, Universe Condensed
kadawittfeldarchitektur, Added Value Space
Caramel, Fahrt
bogevischs buero, Live
Morger & Dettli, Trancauna
Tatiana Bilbao, Under construction
Philippe Rahm, Constructed atmospheres
Burkhalter Sumi, Sensual density
Cukrowicz Nachbaur, Die Komplexität des Einfachen
Opening Annette Gigon / Mike Guyer
Panel „How does architecture photography work?“ with Nils Ballhausen (Bauwelt), Jens Ludloff and Jan Bitter
Exhibition: Architecture + Photography² - Iwan Baan / Hertha Hurnaus / Jan Bitter
Network Activities
Calendar „AAB - Architektur Ausstellungen Berlin“ Issue 07-08/2014
edited by Architektur Galerie Berlin since 2010
Website „AEX - Architecture Exhibitions International“
edited by Architektur Galerie Berlin since 2014
Exhibitions from 2009
07 November – 20 December Heike Hanada
05 September – 18 October Pool
04 July – 16 August Cukrowicz Nachbaur
16 May – 28 June Burkhalter Sumi
14 March – 26 April Architecture + Photography 3
Joerg H. Gleiter
Juergen Tietz
Otto Kapfinger
Regula Luescher
Roger Frei / Andreas Gehrke / Stefan Oláh
17 January – 01 March Benthem Crouwel
Christina Graewe
Dirk Laucke
30 October – 14 December Philippe Rahm
Anh-Linh Ngo
06 September – 19 October Tatiana Bilbao
Andreas Ruby
05 July – 17 August BCQ Baena Casamor
17 May – 29 June Casanova + Hernandez
16 March – 27 April Morger & Dettli
24 January – 02 March Caramel
Micheal Braum
Claus Kaepplinger
Hubertus Adam
Ivo Ismael
02 November – 15 December Roger Boltshauser
07 September – 20 October bogevischs buero
06 July – 18 August kadawittfeldarchitektur
11 May – 23 June Gigon / Guyer
Regula Luescher, Wilfried Wang
16 March – 28 April AllesWirdGut
Tex Rubinowitz
20 January – 03 March Architecture + Photography ²
Iwan Baan / Jan Bitter / Hertha Hurnaus
Otto Kapfinger
Almut Gruentuch-Ernst
Angelika Fitz
Andres Lepik
05 November – 18 December Christ & Gantenbein
Georg Vrachliotis
10 September – 23 October Behles & Jochimsen
Joerg H. Gleiter
02 July – 14 August Mueller Sigrist
13 May – 19 June Schulz & Schulz
19 March – 24 April Gruber + Popp
22 January – 06 March Architecture + Photography
Hubertus Adam
Christian and Peter Brueckner
Jan R. Krause
Hélène Binet / Christian Richters / Friederike von Rauch
Regine Leibinger
05 November – 18 December Holzer Kobler Architekturen
10 September – 23 October Kleihues + Kleihues
02 July – 14 August Joung Talents No. 5: UdK Berlin
Professors Wiel Arets / Martin Froehlich / Bettina Goetz / Enrique Sobejano
07 May – 19 June Fuhrimann Haechler
19 March – 24 April 03 Architects
22 January – 06 March Project BEH3D
Christoph Buerkle
Arno Lederer
Jutta Kalepky
Regula Luescher
Andreas Hild
Juergen Mayer H.
06 November – 19 December Architektur Galerie Berlin 2006 – 2009
04 September – 17 October European Prize of Architectural Photography 2009
17 July – 15 August Joung Talents No. 4: Hochschule Bochum, Prof. Jan R. Krause
28 May – 04 July EM2N
17 April – 16 May Anderhalten Architects
27 February – 04 April AFF Architects
16 January – 21 February Riegler Riewe
Andreas Ruby
Hilde Léon
Andreas Ruby
Peter Kulka
Ulrich Mueller
Eike Becker
Gerd de Bruyn
Selected publications, designed and edited by Ulrich Mueller
published by Ernst Wasmuth publishers Tuebingen Berlin
Casanova + Hernandez – Scale & Perception
Editor: Ulrich Mueller
with images by Christian Richters Schaerer and texts by: Claus Kaepllinger and Ulrich Mueller
Ernst Wasmuth Publisher, Tuebingen Berlin 2013, ISBN-Nr. 978-3-8030-0766-7
Roger Boltshauser – Transformator
Editor: Ulrich Mueller
with images by Philipp Schaerer and texts by: Otto Kapfinger, Ulrich Mueller, Martino Stierli and Martin Tschanz
Ernst Wasmuth Publisher, Tuebingen Berlin 2012, ISBN-Nr. 978-3-8030-0761-2
Kleihues + Kleihues – Art at Architecture
Editor: Ulrich Mueller
with texts by: Johann Fehn Krestas, Johannes Kressner, Ulrich Mueller and Walter A. Noebel
Design BND-Headquarter Berlin: Kleihues + Kleihues, Art: Ulrich Brueschke, Anette Haas / Friederike Tebbe, Antje Schiffers / Thomas Sprenger, Stefan Sous
Ernst Wasmuth Publisher, Tuebingen Berlin 2010, ISBN-Nr. 978-3-8030-0728-5
Architektur Galerie Berlin – Introductions 2006 – 2009
Editor: Ulrich Mueller
with texts by: Hubertus Adam, Olaf Bartels, Gerd De Bruyn, Martin Burckhardt, Oliver Elser, Helmut Geisert, Falk Jaeger,
Claus Kaepplinger, Martin Kieren, Peter Kulka, Hilde Léon, Andreas Ruby, Steven Spier, Juergen Tietz, Konrad Wohlhage and Gerwin Zohlen
Ernst Wasmuth Publisher, Tuebingen Berlin 2009, ISBN-Nr. 978-3-8030-0716-2
Uwe Schroeder – Building Work
Editor: Ulrich Mueller, Foreword: Gerwin Zohlen
Gebr. Mann Publisher, Berlin 2007, ISBN 978-3-7861-2556-3
Architecture + Art – Dialogue
Max Dudler / Guenther Foerg, Adolf Krischanitz / Gilbert Bretterbauer, Peter Maerkli / Hans Josephsohn
Edtior: Ulrich Mueller, Foreword: Verena Formanek
Gebr. Mann Publisher, Berlin 2005, ISBN 3-7861-2524-4
Architecture Landscape Photography
Heinrich Helfenstein, Stefan Mueller, Paul Ott, Hans-Christian Schink, Margherita Spiluttini, Ruedi Walti
Editor: Ulrich Mueller, Foreword: Martin Kieren
Gebr. Mann Publisher, Berlin 2001, ISBN 3-7861-2430-2
City Building Architecture
Klaus Theo Brenner, Morger & Degelo, Riegler Riewe, Hild & Kaltwasser, Bétrix & Consolascio, Adolf Krischanitz
Editor: Ulrich Mueller
Gebr. Mann Publisher, Berlin 2000, ISBN 3-7861-2399-3
Floor Plan
Founder and owner Ulrich Mueller
10243 Berlin, Germany Karl-Marx-Allee 96
+49 (0)30 788 974 31 [email protected]
Images: Silke Helmerdig (p. 5,6), Jan Bitter, Marcus Bredt (p. 9), Katharina Wendlandt (p. 18,27) Website: Konstantin Klatt Issue: September 2014

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