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Animal’s Name___________________ Interview Date ____ ___ Approved/Declined
Pick up Date ____ ___Adoption Fee Paid ________
Save the AnimalsAdoptionCenter
3705 Lancaster Pike
Wilmington, DE19805
Adoption Application
In an effort to ensure suitable adoptions, we ask that you complete the application in full. We reserve
the right to refuse any applicant we consider unsatisfactory. Please be patient, as it may take up to 1
week to process your application.
Adopter Information
First Name
Last Name
Street Address
Home Phone
Cell Phone
Email Address
Name of Employer
*Please circle your preferred form of contact*
Zip Code
Work Phone
Housing Information
Housing Type (circle): House
Do you (circle):
Live with family/friends
If you rent, please list your landlord’s name and phone number: ________________________________
How many adults live in your household? _____
How many children and their ages? __________
Pet/Vet Information
How many pets do you have currently? _____
Please list your animals’ name, breed, sex and age:
Are they spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccines? _____ Do you use monthly preventatives? ____
Name and phone number of your veterinarian _______________________________________________
If you do not have pets, have you had any in the recent past? ___________________________________
Which adoptable/s are you interested in and why? __________________________________________
Please turn over
Policies/Statements to Understand prior to Adoption
 All cats adopted from Save the Animals MUST REMAIN INDOOR ONLY CATS!!
 The adoption fee is $100. This goes toward the cost of housing, food and the medical care
(spaying/neutering and other surgeries, vaccinations, fecal tests and deworming, FEFI & LST
tests, medications, etc.) for our adoptables. You may choose to have a 1 week trial period prior
to paying the adoption fee.
 If approved for adoption, you will receive a complimentary wellness exam to be used at
Windcrest Animal Hospital within the first month of adoption. You will also receive a free bag of
food. All further health care costs are your responsibility. Please understand that there are
sometimes unexpected costs associated with owning a pet, in addition to their recommended
routine bi-annual veterinary care.
 If for any reason you are unable to keep the adopted pet, you must return it to Save the
Animals. The adopted must never be given to a shelter, sold, abandoned or euthanized for nonmedical reasons (to be determined by a veterinarian).
I understand and agree to all policies set forth by Save the Animals Adoption Center.
Signature of Applicant _______________________________________________
Date ___________

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