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 LRFFC 6-­‐M: Selects an animal or object from an array of 3, for 5 different sounds made by the corresponding items (T) (**note if learner also tacted) **1/2 pt. – Array of 3 for 2 different sounds Pg. LRFFC Spontaneous Tact? 1. tweet tweet says the 1 (bird) 2. meow says the (cat) 3. which one goes choo choo? (train) 4. quack quack says a 2 (duck) 5. oink oink says a (pig) 6. the one that says ribbit is the (frog) LRFFC 7-­‐M: Selects 5 different foods or drinks when each is presented in an array of 5 (along with 4 non-­‐food or non-­‐drink items) and asked the verbal fill-­‐
ins (T) (**note if learner also tacted) ** 1/2pt. – selects 2 different food or drink items Pg. LRFFC Spontaneous Tact? 3 1. You eat the (apple) 4 2. You eat the (cake) 5 3. You eat the (crackers) 6 4. You drink (water) 7 5. You eat (pretzels) LRFFC Milestones Data Sheet to accompany ALL PICS during VB-­‐MAPP Testing LRFFC 8-­‐M: Selects the correct item from an array of 8, for 25 different LRFFC fill-­‐in statements of any type (T) (**note if learner also tacted) **1/2 pt. – correctly selects 12 items Pg. LRFFC Spontaneous Tact? 1. You throw the (ball) 2. You build with (blocks) 3. You pet the (dog) 4. You drink (water) 5. You brush your teeth with a (toothbrush) 8 6. You bounce a (ball) 7. The one with a tail is the (dog) 8. You draw with (crayons) 9. Pour the (water) 10. You color with (crayons) 11. Put toothpaste on the (toothbrush) 12. You eat (cookie) 13. Peel the (banana) 14. You ride on an (airplane) 15. The one that roars is a (lion) 16. You eat a (banana) 17. Something that hops is a (frog) 18. The one that swims is a (fish) 9 19. You cut with (scissors) 20. The one that flies is the (airplane) 21. The one with a mane is the (lion) 22. You wear a (shirt) 23. Smell the (flowers) 24. Something with sleeves is a (shirt) 25. The one with wheels is the (airplane) LRFFC Milestones Data Sheet to accompany ALL PICS during VB-­‐MAPP Testing LRFFC 9-­‐M: Selects the correct item from an array of 10 for 25 different verb-­‐
noun LRFFC what, which, or who questions (T) (**note if learner also tacted) ** ½ pt. – selects 12 items correctly Pg. LRFFC Spontaneou
s Tact? 1. Who puts out fires? 2. What can you eat? 3. Which one purrs? 4. What do kids ride to school? 5. Which one do you swim in? 6. Which one do you sit on? 10 7. Which one has whiskers? 8. Who do you see when you’re sick? 9. What can you drink? 10. Who watches you swim? 11. Who gives you a check-­‐up? 12. What do you see in the bathroom? 13. Which one has wheels? 14. Who drives a fire truck? 15. Which one can fly? 16. What do you wear? 17. Which one do you flush? 18. What does your Mom drive? 11 19. Who wears red shorts? 20. Who cuts your hair? 21. Which one is in the bathroom? 22. Which one has a slide? 23. Who is Minnie’s friend? 24. What has wings? 25. What do you use to wash your hands? LRFFC Milestones Data Sheet to accompany ALL PICS during VB-­‐MAPP Testing LRFFC 10-­‐M: Spontaneously tacts the item on 50% of the LRFFC trials (E) (use the spontaneous tact data from milestones 6 through 9) **1/2 pt. – If the child spontaneously tacts 25% of trials OR if the child tacts on 50% of the trials but always requires one prompt at the beginning of an LRFFC session # of LRFFC trials # of LRFFC trials with % spontaneous tacts LRFFC Milestones Data Sheet to accompany ALL PICS during VB-­‐MAPP Testing LEVEL 3 LRFFC 11-­‐M: Selects the correct item from an array of 10 that contains 3 similar stimuli (similar color, shape or class, but they are the wrong choices) for 25 different WH question LRFFC tasks (T) ** ½ pt. – Correctly selects 15 items Pg. LRFFC 1. Which one has a trunk? 2. What animal has a mane? 3. What goes on your head? 4. Which one says neigh? 12 5. What has laces? 6. Which one lives in the water? 7. What goes on your feet? 8. Which one lives on a farm? 9. What do you wear on your hands? 10. Which one has sleeves? 11. Which one is a vegetable? 12. What’s a type of fruit? 13. What do you use to make a sandwich? 13 14. What can you talk on? 15. Which one is salty? 16. What do you type on? 17. What do you use to take pictures? 18. What has wings? 19. What do you use to brush your teeth? 20. Which one cuts paper? 21. What’s a type of fruit? 22. Which one has petals? 14 23. What do you use to paint? 24. Which one do you use when it’s dark? 25. What do you write with? LRFFC Milestones Data Sheet to accompany ALL PICS during VB-­‐MAPP Testing Pg. 15 16 17 LRFFC 12-­‐M: Selects from a book based on 2 verbal components: either a feature, function, or class for 25 LRFFC tasks (T) **1/2 pt. – correctly selects 15 items LRFFC 1. red food 2. orange animal 3. red vehicle 4. cold food 5. hot food 6. vehicle that flies 7. vehicle that goes in the water 8. animal that lives in the water 9. animal that goes in the sky 10. vehicle that goes in the sky 11. orange food 12. brown drink 13. orange toy 14. yellow food 15. white drink 16. square food 17. pink animal 18. round food 19. yellow vehicle 20. brown animal 21. breakfast food 22. white animal 23. green plant 24. dinner food 25. green animal LRFFC Milestones Data Sheet to accompany ALL PICS during VB-­‐MAPP Testing Pg. 18 19 20 LRFFC 13-­‐M: Selects from a page in a book or in the natural environment based on 3 verbal components for 25 WH question LRFFC tasks (T) **1/2 pt. – Correctly selects 15 items LRFFC 1. blue animal that flies 2. blue animal that swims 3. green animal that flies 4. gray animal that swims 5. gray animal with a trunk 6. zoo animal with stripes 7. zoo animal with spots 8. hot dinner food 9. hot breakfast food 10. cold dinner food 11. yellow that you wear on your head 12. cold breakfast food 13. yellow that you wear on your feet 14. hot breakfast food 15. hot dinner food 16. black that you wear on your head 17. brown food you eat for snack 18. black that you wear on your feet 19. something red that the firefighter drives 20. the person who helps you when you’re lost 21. the person who helps you when you’re sick 22. the person who helps to put out fires 23. the person who cuts your hair 24. the person who drives the fire truck 25. the person who drives the police car LRFFC Milestones Data Sheet to accompany ALL PICS during VB-­‐MAPP Testing Pg. 21 LRFFC 14-­‐M: Selects the correct items from a book or in the natural environment given 4 different rotating LRFFC questions about a single topic for 25 topics (T) **1/2 pt. – Selects 4 items for 15 different topics Topic Question LRFFC Cow What does the cow eat? Where does the cow sleep? Who takes care of the cows? Which animal gives milk? 22 Goat What will the goat eat? Who feeds the goat? Where does the goat sleep? Where do the apples grow? Birthday Who will blow out the candles? What do you eat at a birthday party? Who will we sing to? Where are the candles? Art What can you use to cut? Who is coloring a picture? What do you use to paint a picture? Where can you color with chalk? Horse What does a horse eat? What animal can you ride? Where does the horse sleep? What does a horse wear? 23 24 25 26 Dog What does the dog play with? Where does the dog sleep? What does the dog eat? Who does the dog like to play with? 27 Bathroom Who is in the sink? Where do you take a bath? Where do you wash your hands? LRFFC Milestones Data Sheet to accompany ALL PICS during VB-­‐MAPP Testing What do you flush? Who is digging in the sand? What can you dig with? Where is the boy? What’s on the boy’s head? 28 Beach 29 Chef Who cooks food? Where do you cook food? What can you cook? What can you cut? Baking cookies What can you bake? Who is cutting the dough? What do you use to make cookies? Where do we bake cookies? Pool What do you play with in the pool? Who watches you at the pool? Where can you swim? Who is swimming? Farm What grows on a farm? What animal lives on a farm? Who works on a farm? What vehicle do you see on a farm? School Who teaches at a school? Where do you go to learn? What do you bring to school? What do kids ride to school? Fire fighter What does a fire fighter drive? Who puts out fires? What does a fire fighter put out? Where does the water come from? Mail What goes in the mailbox? Who puts mail in the mailbox? What does the mail carrier drive? Where do we put the mail? Who can drive the car? What can the Daddy drive? 30 31 32 33 34 35 LRFFC Milestones Data Sheet to accompany ALL PICS during VB-­‐MAPP Testing 36 Car Where do we keep the car? What do you put on? Police Officer What does a police officer wear? What does a police officer drive? Who wears a badge? Who drives the police car? Baby What does a baby drink from? Who cries? What does a baby wear? Where does the baby sleep? Circus What animal do you see at the circus? Who makes you laugh at the circus? Where do you see a clown? What do you eat at the circus? Winnie the Pooh Where does Pooh live? Who eats honey? Who likes to bounce? What does Pooh eat? Baseball Who is playing baseball? What do you use to catch the ball? What do you use to hit the ball? Where do you stand? 42 Hairdresser Where do you get your hair cut? Who cuts your hair? What does a hair dresser use? Where do you sit? 43 McDonald’s What do you eat at McDonald’s? What do you drink at McDonald’s? Where do you get French fries? Who do you see at McDonald’s? Hospital Where does a doctor work? Who helps the doctor? Who wears a white coat? Where does an ambulance take you? Zoo Who eats bananas? Who takes care of the animals? 37 38 39 40 41 44 45 LRFFC Milestones Data Sheet to accompany ALL PICS during VB-­‐MAPP Testing Where does an alligator live? What does a monkey eat? LRFFC 15-­‐M: Demonstrates 1000 different LRFFC responses, tested or obtained from an accumulated list of known responses (T) Use the red Comprehensive Image book to test this skill ** ½ pt. – correctly demonstrates 750 different LRFFC responses 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Grows on tree Brown Vegetable Food Friends with Genie Vehicle Goes fast Has magic carpet Eat Has zipper Flies Clothes Fruit Animal Bounce Wear on feet Has windshield Fruit Ride in Peel Princess Wears yellow dress Tool Use to fix things Has handle Put gas in Animal Has sharp teeth Food Wear to school Has wings Use when cooking Married Jasmine Toy Lives in sea Has 8 legs Handle bars Throw See in kitchen Has wheels Make smoothie Tastes sweet Round Vehicle Food Sweet Lives in castle Pounds nails Loves Beast Where you sleep Has horn Jewelry Toy Mermaid Lays eggs Red hair Has wheels Vegetable Toy Kick Buttons Ride Cold Green Carrot nose Food Branches for arms Animal Girls play with Has pedals Eat Play soccer with Goes in the air Hang clothes on Blue dress Has a tail Green Vegetable Climbs trees Has long hair Princess Goes in closet Wear on finger Eat Play with Ride in Food Put nail polish on Goes in space Ride in Eat Animal Vehicle From Toy Story Goes to moon Has saddle Has wheels Has hooves Helps doctor Fights Capt. Hook Doctor’s office Wendy’s friend Has mane Breakfast Listens to heart Tinkebell’s friend Loves Woody Put on plate From Toy Story Sharpens pencil Put food on See in kitchen Tool Steering wheel Round Eats bananas Toy Has seats Animal Infinity & beyond! Put sauce on Handle Eat Fixes things Food Woody’s friend Ride in Play with Mickey’s friend Has wheels Food Fluffy Makes you laugh Makes funny faces See at Disney Goofy’s friend See at circus Soft Vehicle Has keys Drive White Eat Play baseball with Has wheels Plays music Brown Wear on hand LRFFC Milestones Data Sheet to accompany ALL PICS during VB-­‐MAPP Testing 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 Lives in dirt Slimy Blows whistle Food Thomas’s friend Woody’s friend Animal Eat Has a hook Has wheels Goes fast Fights Peter Pan Drink Vehicle Fixes your hair Has a straw Wear Ride Says hoo-­‐hoo Yellow See in bathroom See on farm Is a monster Wears helmet Tows cars Is a truck Has finger nails Friends with Sully Has fingers Animal Building Fruit Black spots Dog named Pluto Vehicle Yellow shoes Green Has wheels See in bathroom Chocolate Woody’s friend Wears a hat Takes temperature Throw Fruit Mater’s friend Wears a diaper From Cars Tastes sour Red Animal Loves Shrek Breakfast Has headlights Red Is a puppet Hit Instrument Sticky Jewelry Baby sucks Vehicle Has horn Green Put on sandwich Princess Works at pool Dinosaur Watches you swim Insect Read Eat Has pages Princess Put syrup on Striped tail Wears a crown Goes on tracks Eat Sharp teeth Has wings Clothes Food Blue Lights up Long tail Farmer rides Vegetable Grows on trees Has siren Police man drives Loves Minnie Candy From Toy Story At doctor’s office Catch Rip Use to wipe Throw Ride in stroller Catch Yellow Food Drinks from bottle Food Climb Ride in Tall Vehicle Prints pictures Uses paper Has whiskers See at zoo Jumps Rip Wear on ears Lives in sea Has pouch Headlights Filled with air Long hair Gray Put in hair Oval See at Christmas Firefigher drives Has a string Fruit Goes on water Has sail Rectangle Animal Has siren Cardboard Tastes sweet Plays music Long neck Has a stick Pooh’s friend See at zoo Fruit Animal Gray Furniture Pull Take on a trip See at McDonald’s Blow nose with Sit at Eat Food Climbs trees Drink Food Fixes things Wear White Eat Use with iPod Bug Says ho ho ho Drink from Sticky Tool Insect Put on feet Put on sandwich See at playground Bake cookies in Sit on See at Disney Soft LRFFC Milestones Data Sheet to accompany ALL PICS during VB-­‐MAPP Testing Loves Mickey 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 Food From Little Mermaid Bug Build with Wear Use with pencil Has a roof Hot Square Toy Bug Plant See at doctor’s Eat Vegetable Has antennae Sharp Feels sad Mickey’s friend Put dolls in Wears blue hat Gives check up Listens to heart Has pillow & blanket Vegetable Minnie’s friend Green Unlocks door Keeps feet dry Turn Loves Shrek Has lens Has icing Tastes sweet Blue Looks in your ears Wear on eyes Lives in sea Wear on head Put on tree Eat with fork Has shelves Thomas’s friend See at zoo Write with Tastes sweet Cold Cook with Has strings Put sprinkles on Color with Draw with Has cone Red Loves Aladdin Cuts your nails Wear to bed See in bathroom See at party Has wrapping paper Fruit Curly tail Princess Drives tractor Swim in Friends with Buzz Cowboy Has boots From Lion King Says roar Sit on Red Rides Bullseye Yellow Wear Eat Pooh’s friend Ring Play baseball with Put in mail Put in toys Hot Push Clothing Girls wear Instrument Camp with Train Animal Princess White Takes pictures Monsters Inc. Food Food Has books On bed See with Wears hat Pink Eat Works on farm Animal Has lashes Has eyebrow Says oink Has stem Wear Furniture Candy Is a tiger Likes to bounce Vegetable Has hood Cook on Is a train Wear See at Disney Put on food See at zoo Shake Has keys Vegetable Sticky Crunchy Sit on Eat Policeman wears Animal Furniture Put stamp on Swims Piglet’s friend Puts out fires Tigger’s friend Watch Animal Use when hurt Bounce Plays music Instrument Splashes Art supply Eat Has fins Eats honey Eeyore’s friend Plays music Toy Throw Swims Put on boo boo Turn on Has tail Girls wear Has buttons Listen with Eat for breakfast Hot Dogs eat Has numbers Put in hair Instrument Blow See on a shirt Lives in water Animal LRFFC Milestones Data Sheet to accompany ALL PICS during VB-­‐MAPP Testing 41 42 Food Erase Has a crust Has paws Has stripes Carry lunch in Write on Cuts your hair Is a person Drink Rings Snack Talk on Paint with Animal Play with Hot Has buttons Draw with Has stripes Blow Eat Bug Has 8 legs Drink Pour Food Animal Wear Dentist uses See in bathroom Loves Peter Pan Baby sleeps in Put on pancakes Has rail Eat with fork Wear on teeth Green Keeps you warm Food Has sleeves Game Animal Salty Has buttons Eat Yellow Loves Fiona Food Pushes dirt White Put dishes in Green Has antennae Hang on wall Write on See in sky Long nose Food Put picture in Clip on paper Use when it’s dark Has speakers Grows outside Green Type on Play games on Blows air Spins Eat Put plates in Put on food Shake Put CD in Has buttons Has handle Insect Bug Has toenails Crunchy Eat for breakfast Has handle Has antennae Has pages Drink Read Animal Wear Fruit Vehicle Green Has wings Animal Drink from Sweet Long Sweep with Toy Uses scissors Orange Animal Wear Has shell Put on feet Color with Write with Use at school Has sauce Can fly See at zoo Feels angry Stinky Play with 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 Paint with Hot Messy Sit on Furniture Insect Food Blow out Animal Put drink in Orange Has screen Plays music Write with Has a point Has heel Carries things Has toes Baby wears Sharp Put in DVD player Food Plant Yellow Has cover See at school Hot Peel Sun out of eyes Animal Pour Is digging Fruit Flies Is drawing Cook with Crunchy Has stem Food Put on nails See at zoo Has spots Carries things Eat Horse wears Drive on Paper Eat Food Bug Flies Has handle Waters grass Sprays Make cookies with Build with See at beach Write with Use at school LRFFC Milestones Data Sheet to accompany ALL PICS during VB-­‐MAPP Testing Rectangle 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 Food Put mail in Puts out fires Has wings Makes movies Eat Clothing Clean with Wear Has pockets Drives fire truck Shiny Listen to Get at McDonald’s Has lens Wear Eat with Piglet’s friend Food Eat Dog sleeps in Flies Babies ride in Push Has wheels Wings Pooh’s friend Animal Has wrapper Play with Swims Has wheels Pull Brown Sharp teeth Finding Nemo Says grrr Tastes sweet Keeps food cold Step on Use when lost Comes in can Roll & squish Has handle bars Has antlers Pour Has a seat Has stem Part of a lamp Has wheels Orange On a door Put on stove Smell Can lock Food See in sky Lives in woods Use to make tea Kiss with Tastes sweet Blue Where doctor works Animal Says tweet tweet See in bedroom Chirps Sleep with Has wings Go when hurt See at birthday Has beak Has icing Catch things with Soft Goes with a key Something you fold Put candles on Use to fix things Bake in oven Has claws Eat Put lipstick on Where nurse works Flies Ambulance goes to Makes a nest Sharp Wears a bib Fix hair with Has roof Orange Eat Food Grows in the ground Put food in Turns TV on Has chimney Animal Vegetable Plays music Live in Has rooms Lives in sea Plays with rattle Has handle Has ears Wear to swim Boats go under Clothing Has stem Play with in pool Paint on Carve Ride Flies Has antennae See at Halloween Has wings Has drawers See in bedroom Put paper on Insect Furniture Cars drive on Has a tag Goes fast Jewelry Has beads See at zoo Put keys inside Push Animal Slice Use to light candle Kids play on Goes around neck Has slide Has light bulb Women carry Food Cuts grass Turn on Has hump Climb on Wear Plug in Drink Has straw Get a hair cut Spray Food Eats bugs Has wings Green Says ribbit Makes food Has sticky tongue Goes in sky Flies Clean with Tastes sweet Hops Turns on light Has palm trees Animal Put on sandwich Wear on broken leg Eat for breakfast Fruit Keeps food cold LRFFC Milestones Data Sheet to accompany ALL PICS during VB-­‐MAPP Testing Orange 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 Pink Go on vacation Yellow Wear See in car From Finding Nemo Open Put on lips Food Is playing music Sit in Make-­‐up Put on hands Get at McDonald’s Bug Close Has a bun Orange Has cheese Lives in water Get fries Has wheels Helps when lost Get burger Ride to school Has numbers Has whiskers Says meow See in a tree Purrs Drives police car Has fins Swims Wears a hat Vegetable Furry Green Has handle Sharp Eat Pet Wears collar Put in glass Has pond Wear on feet Tool Has tail Barks Crunchy Says woof woof Drink Toy Cut with Play with Round Put on marble ramp Has paws Put on floor Bees make Animal Put on bread Has buttons Keep in fridge Cut with Bears eat Has sleeves Sew with Gray Has trunk Has wheels Ride on Has handle bars Has claws Long nose Has tusks Eat Snack Clean with Eat on stick Wear headphones See in dirt Throw in water Clean ears with Red Birds live in Rakes leaves Tells time Windshield wipers Long handle Crunchy Has thread See at beach Stem Green Shaves with White Lives in water Eat on stick Has stem Candy Spread Has bread Goes with jelly Yellow Wear after bath Red Has Has lettuce Put money in See in car Shaped like oval In a bowl Mixes food Has horns Put together Bird lays Toy Crack Has pages Mickey’s friend Minnie’s friend Write in Oval Plug in See on road See at Disney Red Yellow Sticky See on farm Furry Clothing Put on hot dog Has feathers Has wrapper Eat in bowl Says cluck cluck Eat with spoon Has icing Animal Has bread Has feathers Crunchy Has handle Has pieces See in bathroom Clean with Comes in a bag Has beak Put together Look at yourself Green Has zipper Red Clothing Scoop with Has tail Sew with Use when it rains Sharp teeth Wear on feet Princess lives in Animal Vegetable Has keys Goes with computer Vegetable LRFFC Milestones Data Sheet to accompany ALL PICS during VB-­‐MAPP Testing On cob Shiny 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 Gets angry Soft Eats grass Has diamonds Has ripped pants Put on Sharp Watch movies Has ears Has fur Lives in sea Has seats Roll with Lace up Swims Food Bake cupcakes in Runs Sweet Clean with Measure with Long tail Black & white Has lettuce Has feathers Has whiskers Dip fries in See at night Red Click on Goes with computer Goes on water Ride on See in sky Vehicle Has skull Fry in pan Has bones Eats grass Shave with Makes milk Swims Fruit Has fins Has sleeves Eat with spoon Licks Meat Clothes Has handle Has wheels Has nipple Eat Has bristles Clothing Has buttons Paint with Dig with Put milk in Ride on Food Stand on Throw Has lid Round Baby drinks from See at Christmas Put ornaments on Has lights Meat Candy Sweet Wears a backpack Slimy Sew with Sharp Goes exploring Has wings Says hola Has shell Shaped like circle Insect Friends with Boots Red Eats nuts Measure with Candy Animal Has sprinkles Brown Wears cape Do in the winter At grocery store Waddles Clothing Lives in sea Has ladder Has fins Slide down Has bun Has wheels Cold Push Girls wear Cook with Eats banana Hops Wear to swim Eat with spoon Has long ears Eat for breakfast Use to eat soup Measure with Spider makes a Crunchy Hot Green Put in toaster Has beak See at Disney Berry Doctor uses Has stripes Use when it snows Has crust Eat with spoon Dip in ketchup Green Has cheese Has stem Cold Drink Eat Put on a letter Black Has tail 88 Has seeds Meat Has chocolate chips Ski with 89 Wears a blue dress Has feathers 90 Has sauce Shaped like fish Use to fix things Get at McDonald’s Tool Has pepperoni Has stripes Change the Has straw Baby wears Has sand Alice in Wonderland Candy Animal Has handle Feathers Wear on face Chocolate See at beach Has wheels Sew with Use at store Flies Ride in Use to buy things Lives in pineapple Rectangle Candy 93 94 95 LRFFC Milestones Data Sheet to accompany ALL PICS during VB-­‐MAPP Testing Flowers grow in Has a tray Has wrapper Patrick’s friend Has waves Baby sits in Has square pants Yellow Fruit Green Vegetable Yellow Police man uses Birds eat Wears cape Happy Shake See in bathroom Has faucet Princess wears Queen wears Makes noise Instrument Put in the oven Eat Put cookies on Has drain See in sky Wears cape Snack Drives batmobile Shiny Roll Square Iron on Helps you swim Hit with club Play golf with Fruit Round Buy things Knock down Berry Black dots Wears a bow Wear on a boat Has net Throw ball in Skate with Wear in the water Yellow Spins Fish live in Round Wear on feet Rectangle Sponge Bob and Grows outside Has laces Throw Has wheels Pink Use in pool Ride on Has hook Catch fish with 96 97 98 99 100 Is a starfish Catch Hit ball with Skate with Has trunk Long handle Put on present Blue Sharp Green See in sand Has a door Draw with Wears glasses 101 102 Write with See in bathroom Bees live in Hit with hammer Red Breathes fire Push See outside Sit at Flies Wash with In hospital Has wheels Has a pump Has roots Sit in Wear Has X’s and O’s Vehicle Yellow Shake Has wheels 103 104 Instrument Has buckle 105 Jump on Sleep in Bowl with Fixes things Pink Floats in pool Tool Has holes LRFFC Milestones Data Sheet to accompany ALL PICS during VB-­‐MAPP Testing 

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