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Calypso FX - Deal Station
Meeting the needs of the global FX marketplace
Global foreign exchange markets continue to take advantage of technological
innovation to revolutionize the way FX is traded. The market is embracing
electronic trading, automation, and the globalization of the FX business, all of
which present challenges within organizations actively trading FX.
The technological changes taking place are all part of achieving a common goal increasing volumes in FX and managing those volumes. However,
handling explosive spikes in volumes, managing market risk on a huge
portfolio of trades, real time integration with the global FX market environment,
providing dynamic GUI customer access, while remaining cost-efficient can
strain many system environments.
Institutions seeking to increase revenue through client service differentiation
require efficiently executed FX trade lifecycle actions to avoid the erosion of
margins. Many legacy systems are often in silos and cannot meet the requirements of cross-asset position, connectivity to disparate platforms, risk and P&L
management, or STP in a single back office environment. Global foreign
exchange has become a market based on advanced technology, requiring an
organization’s FX business to run on an advanced solution.
Calypso® FX
Calypso® FX provides a highly scalable and customizable front-to-back FX
solution for banks, hedge funds, corporations and asset managers. It
provides traders, sales traders, fund managers, middle office, operations and
support staff with the required tools to effectively and efficiently do their jobs.
Calypso® FX lowers the cost of doing business by offering traders and risk
managers a consolidated global view of positions and risk using the Calypso Deal
Station to monitor and manage multi-asset trading portfolios.
Operations are able to leverage flexible workflow tools in the Deal Station to
achieve significant gains in real-time, straight through processing (STP) which
enable traders and risk managers to identify opportunities and threats more
quickly – a significant competitive advantage.
Calypso® FX offers the best of both worlds. It offers all the benefits of a
best of breed, out-of-the-box FX platform namely stability, robustness,
open API connectivity, scalability to high-volume throughput, and market
standard functionality and product types combined with the advantages of an
in-house build including ease of integration into existing systems environments
and interfaces with market standard liquidity. Calypso® FX accomplishes this with
a system benchmarked to ensure optimal reliability and performance at highvolume trade throughput on an unrivalled robust architecture. The platform is
built to support the coexistence of both FX and non-FX trading desks, and to meet
and exceed customer and market demands.
The objective of this two-day course is
to provide you with a comprehensive
understanding of the Calypso FX Deal
Station features and functionality. You
will gain hands-on experience using the
Calypso Deal Station’s robust automation
and user preference tools to process FX
trades and manage FX portfolios. This is for
V13 and above and contains a discussion of
the Risk Routing in version 14.
On completion of this course, you will
be able to:
• Explain the main features of the Deal
Station Window
• Determine the appropriate Role and
Persona for a particular user
• Configure productivity tools such as
speed buttons
• Configure User Preferences and Plugins
• Perform basic setup troubleshooting
• Enter all types of FX trades that
Deal Station supports
• Demonstrate how Cross Rates are
calculated and can be ‘solved for’
• Demonstrate how to take up an
Option Forward trade
• Set up the Forward Ladder for
Viewing Positions
• Configure FX Rate Definition and
Rate Reset Pair
• Demonstrate how to apply Rate Resets
on NDFs and NDF Swap trades
• Configure all automated operations
and risk routing
• Explain how certain products
support Back to Back Trades to two
different products (Spot and Swap)
• Use the Position Rollover window
• Execute all types of FX Lifecycles events
• Set up templates for Trade Allocation
Calypso FX Deal Station
Module 1: Introduction to the Calypso FX Deal Station
Module 2: FX Trade Capture
Module 3: Configuring FX Trade Routing
Module 4: Executing FX Lifecycle Actions
Final Assessment
In addition to the hands-on exercises, participants will be given a final assessment in order to
measure their level of comprehension of the subjects presented during the course. Participants
who satisfactorily complete the final assessment will receive a Calypso University course
completion certificate.
Calypso FX Deal Station
To enroll, it is highly recommended that participants have basic FX industry knowledge (minimum 3 months to
1 year of experience) in addition to a minimum of 3-6 months of basic Calypso system experience.
Registered participants of this course are also encouraged to complete the following Calypso University
Learning Library prerequisite readings and introductory course eBooks:
Calypso Basic Introduction
Holiday Calendars and Rules
Currency and Currency Pairs
Trading Books
Trade Capture Window
FX Curves
Calypso Workstation
Introduction to the Calypso Platform (eBook course)
Training Center Locations
London, UK
Calypso University scheduled trainings in London will be delivered at a
state-of-the-art London training facility. The training facility will be fully
equipped with the latest IT solutions to ensure you have access to all the
resources needed to make your Calypso experience a memorable one.
San Francisco, CA
Calypso University is pleased to announce that beginning in 2014,
Calypso classes will be scheduled quarterly at the Calypso Headquarters
in San Francisco, California. The Calypso office is located in the heart of
the Financial District in downtown San Francisco.
For more information about Calypso classroom training, or for registration
assistance, please contact Calypso University:
[email protected]
global • dynamic • world-class
©Copyright 2014 Calypso Technology, Inc. Calypso is registered trademark of Calypso Technology, Inc., in the United States, European Union, and other jurisdictions. All products and services referenced herein are either
trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies

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