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Potential new customers arrive at
The Client
Case Study
Mr Green is one of Europe’s leading online casinos, offering over 200 games in
seven languages and is carving out a reputation as an eGaming provider that
offers a personal service which makes every customer feel like a VIP.
Mr Green is licensed and regulated by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority in
Malta and since its launch in 2008 has posted an annual growth in excess of 70
%. The online Casino Mr Green is 100 % owned by Mr Green & Co AB, which is
listed on the Swedish stock market.
The account authentication process asks
for identity documents to verify an account
The Challenge
As a fast growing company with annual growth rates of 70%, Mr Green was faced with the challenge of how to maintain
their reputation for treating every customer like a VIP and providing a personal service. Secondly, Mr Green was acquiring
customers from many countries and was faced with the challenge of meeting regulatory requirements of checking
customer age and identity.
The Solution
Mr Green had been asking customers to email or upload copies of their identity documents and was manually reviewing
a range of ID documents from different countries. Jumio worked with Mr Green to integrate Netverify, Jumio’s automated
ID document scanning and authentication solution, into the Mr Green website. Netverify authenticates ID document
security features such as fonts, holograms, microprint, and customer details coded in the ID document data.
The customer holds up their ID document
to the webcam or mobile device camera
The Result
With Netverify integrated in the site, Mr Green’s customers are now able to use their webcam or camera phone to scan and
authenticate their ID documents for instant identity and age verification. In the first week of being live with Netverify, Mr Green
was able to receive the same amount of authenticated ID documents that they previously would have received in a month.
The key result is that Mr Green has been able to welcome and verify their customers much quicker than before whilst
providing a great customer experience and meeting regulatory age and identity check requirements.
Jumio scans & authenticates customer ID documents
In the first week of being live with
Netverify, we received and validated
more customer ID documents than we
would have previously in a whole month
Jumio is easy for customers to use
and their document validation solution
travels better across borders than
database-led identity checking
Luke Gauci, Head of Payments
& Fraud at Mr Green.
Luke Gauci, Head of Payments
& Fraud at Mr Green.
Learn more at
Or contact sales on [email protected]
Turn your customer’s smartphone
into a credit card scanner
Enable your site with real-time
ID document scanning & validation
Why ask your customer to enter payment data
when their phone camera or webcam can do the
work for them?
Use your customer’s phone camera or webcam to
scan ID documents
Scanning a card takes about 5 seconds while
traditional data entry takes nearly 60 seconds
Reduce fraud, save time & money and eliminate
manual document handling
[email protected]
Innovation in payments solutions
Fraud & compliance solution
of the year

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